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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit afghanistan overnight. it shook buildings from kabul and killed dozens of people. >> expect heavy congestion in san francisco this week as the oracle brings an extra 60,000. road closures and detours from driver's cyclists. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and thank you for joining us monday morning, october 26th. glime dave clark. we're ready. let's check egg weather and traffic. can steve paulsen is redirect examination i did. >> when you sign up in an old domain name, that is where everything is stored. now when you don't have that. >> it's out in because i autopsy not responding. it's because i can't. we're working on it.
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we'll figure it out. we do have a lot of fog. there are some areas that really seem to be thickening up here. mostly sunny skies. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. maybe that system to the left will give us some rain on wednesday. i'm not really sold on it yet. so forecast headlines. thick morning fog. hazy sunshine. increasing clouds tuesday. cloudy, cooler. maybe some rain. if it does happen, it looks like it will be wednesday morning. olaf's remains not getting really entrained. i think it will split off and the southern end of that will lift up over us. we'll see tomorrow and see if the forecast models will latch on better. fortys and 50s. a lot of 40s. some near 60. fifty-five mill valley. forty-nine in windsor. bozifa bay, 55. there are some areas of really thick fog. sunny today, but we'll cloud it up on tuesday. morning clouds. mostly sunny. hazy skies. thick fog. nice to mild to warm. not much of a breeze here yet. tomorrow might increase. sixtys or 70s or very low
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80s. 6:01. are with still okay or usual slow traffic. >> as a matter of fact, we're still okay. there is some slow traffic. we don't have any major problems. let's take a look at what way have. traffic is going to be busy in san francisco. we are looking at the south bay. you can see traffic on 101 h. 101 h. 880. eighty-five. this is a good start to this morning's commute. let's go to the bay bridge teleplay z so. you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive through the area. westbound 580. all of a sudden, we have a lot of slow traffic from livermore almost all the way through livermore and then 680 is very slow leaving the dublin interchange and heading down through most of pleasantton. it's going to be slow. and here on the east shore freeway on 80. about a 25-minute drive between those two spots. it is getting a little bit busier. you can tell just by looking at it. at 60 #, let's go back to the
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desk. there was a big earthquake in afghanistan. a massive 7.5 quake. dozens of people killed throughout asia. now, this was centered in afghanistan. they felt it across much of south asia. ktvu fox 2 amex savidge. you have the latest information coming not. >> good morning to you. with the latest figures we have, at least 79 people have been kimed across that region. the number potentially could go up as we know. now, this strong earthquake was felt across afghanistan, pakistan, and parts of india. we want to show you new video from a hospital. doctors there are treating at least a hundred people who were hurt in this earthquake. officials in pakistan say 62 people were killed in that country alone. in afghanistan, at least 12 students in a girl's school were all killed during a campaign -- stampede that --
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knew, the shaking started just around 2:00 in the afternoon on monday. the usgs says this was a 7.5 magnitude quake that was centered in northern afghanistan 1606 miles north of kapul. testify epicenter was 130 mimes deep which may limit the destruction. some reports say that the shaking lasted for at least two minutes or so. many people poured out into the streets after the shaking began. the quake cut power in some areas as well. and officials in pakistan are still assessing the damage in that country. but if usgs has issued what it calls an orange alert. there are significant casualties that are likely, and they also say that the damage potentially could be quite widespread. a lot of people felt the shaking this morning. the shaking does continue still. there have been at least two significant aftershocks. a 4.8 and a 4.7. so an area already rattled after the huge quake
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this morning still shaking. >> and do you know if they have an organize noised system like we do with the yellow tagging or the red tagging about buildings for people to go back inside, or are they just kind of waiting to figure this out. >> i am not quite sure about that to be honest with you. it seems as though the standard procedure is everyone spills out into the street and sort of just stays there. >> so many people are outside. yeah. >> that all the impanels -- image is coming in this morning is everybody in the they major cities at least is out in the street and waiting until the shaking stops. the aftershocks are still continues. we'll check back with you u. back here at home, a swarm of small earthquakes in the san ramon vale lee continues to shake that area. take a look at this image showing that since yesterday, there have been at least four small quakes in that area. over the past couple of weeks, manier than 200 small quakes have been recovered in the area, and they may don't. the experts say the fault is
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releasing tension. well, the 2015 oracle open world conference is underway in san francisco. nows of people are expected to be there for the event. and ktvu fox # reporter allie rasmus is there talking about how it affects a lot more people attending. right, allie? >>reporter: yeah, and it's going to affect anyone who lives or works or drives through or walks or bikes through this area. i'll show you an example. it is completely blocked off. the street is build -- with load equipment ahead of the 7:00 a.m. conference. now, this street along with bailor street. they will also be closed for the week of this conference. now, the conference is expected to bring in tens of thousands of attendees. as many as 60,000 by some aaccounts. this is video of the area around the conference last year. during
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the open world conference, there's going to be sessions and demos. the center is the epicenter. with the influx of people coming into town. there is an economic benefit to the city as well. one of the conference attendex-es told us how much he'll end up spending every day to be here. >> between the hotels and all, you're looking at 8 to $900, maybe. >> just as we finish talking to him, he hopped into an uber to get to his next destination. we had aer a chance to ask if a conference this big is a boom to his business. >> that's true. >> how much more work do you expect to get this week? fifty%. >> the road closures impact not just vehicles, but also cyclists and pedestrians. there are bicycle detours for cyclists traveling westbound. they'll have to turn north at second and use market to continue
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west, or they have the option of walking nary bike across howard. and in addition to that, people taking public transit may see the impact of this conference as well. there are about a dozen muny lines that are going to be detoured by some of the road closures in aaffect because of in conference. pam, back to you. >> i think that's going to surprise a lot of cyclists. they're not used to getting stopped. we are in our car, but maybe not on a bike. >> it's unusual that you see a sign that says bike detour or walk your bike. and i bet a lot of people taking their bikes won't want to take that option. they'll probably go around the detour. >> i any so. i think so. thank you, alelie. 6:08 is the time. the search continues this morning for an oakland man suspected of a deadly shooting in livermore saturday night. police from both livermore and oakland surrounded at center and eighth. the same bmw was parked behind that house. when the stand-off ended, the suspect was not inside.
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investigators released this photo. eighteen-year-old jason alexander brown. police say a second man was involved in the shooting, but they have not identified him yet. brown was suspected of shooting in a car with two people inside at the crvs store. a man in his 20s died. another was injured. investigators are waiting to talk to him about a possible motive. anyone who sees brown should consider him armed and dangerous and calm 911. we're following developing news from canada. a whale-watching boat capsized killing at least five people. it sank off the coast of british colombia yesterday afternoon. twenty-seven people were onboard. one person still missing this morning. many of the survivors were taken to the hospital. some have already been released. canada's transportation safety board is investigating that incident. a woman accused of driving a car into a crowd of people at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade is due in court today.
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four people were killed in that crash including a two-year-old boy. forty-seven others were hurt in this crash on saturday. many of the victims were children. now, the driver, 25-year-old chambers was arrested on suspicion of dui. her lawyers say she suffers from mental illness and that she was not drinking before that crash. a periglider sent to the hospital after an accident over the weekend. a 27-year-old woman was about 100 feet in the air when she slammed into the hill justice of the peace side. sunday afternoon just before a rocky ridge. rescuers were able to hike to her and get her to a medivac helicopter where she was flown to the medical center with serious injuries. responders say she's lucky to be alive. >> the pilot was launched prematurely and not prepared. >> witnesses say she hit the mountain first.
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so it could have been far worse. no loss of consciousness. we're willing to accept the risk because of how. >> a park ranger supervisor do respond to half a dozen perigliding. time is 346 # 1:00. police searching for a bag of what turned out to be human waste, paint, and rubbing alcohol into a market. police say he threw that bag towards the meat counter at the harvest market at about 6:00 last night, and then he ran away. the hazmat crew was called in to check out that bag. the building was evacuated. >> no exposures to it. no one was splashed with the liquid. there were no inhalation injuries. no one was transported or treated here at the scene. >> now, a man who says he is connected to a store employee there says the incident may have been an act of revenge by a man who was caught shoplifting at the market the day before. fire officials are
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investigating that report. it is 36 # 1:00. we are following a developing store story. a grass fair fire in san jose. how crews hand it will fire and the reason they are waiting a few more hours before leaving the scene. the clean-up continues along mexico's pacific coast after hurricane patricia. why some say there's still not happen in you help coming from the government. we're looking at a commute in the east bay where traffic is still pretty slow. we'll tell you a little bit more about that coming up. lots of fog starting to pick up. over in the bay. even in san francisco. we'll talk about that. maybe some rain wednesday. ♪
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a 2016 campaign trail got a little messy over the weekend. now, we're within 100 days of iowa and new hampshire. senator bernie sanders who at one time refused to attack hillary clinton. he went after her at a gathering of democrats in iowa staying he's the possible democrat who. whitt comes to gay marriage. in the meantime, donald trump is not leading the polls in that state for the first time since he announced he was running for
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president. ben carson took a 9% lead over trump in the latest poll in iowa. donald trump was not quiet. he attacked ben carson's religion. >> i am presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean 7 -- i don't know about i. i just don't know about. >> you know, i really refuse to really get into the mud pit. you know, hillary actually was right when she said that republicans are there trying to destroy each other. >> it's also a new ap poll out saying republicans saying donald trump is their best bet when it comes to the general election. a same sex couple whose lawsuit against kentucky click clint davis sent davis to jail celebrated theirnd wedding. april miller and carol roberts were the first refused by davis who stopped issuing marriage licenses after the u.s. supreme court legalized same sex marriage. miller and roberts along with
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three other couples sued. the couple received the license while davis was behind bars. they were married on saturday. our time is now 16:16. six deaths blamed on hurricane patricia. the storm destroyed thousands of homes and caused flooding. kelly wright shows the damage that is left behind and what is being done to clean it up. >> the business was destroyed by the winds of the hurricane. new construction about two and a half months ago. >> clean-up efforts are well underway after the major storm named patricia brought heavy rains and windigos. mexican president toured some impacted areas. he says the storm left behind flooding and damage to thousands of homes. >> er. >>reporter: an evaluation has been done on partially or completely affected homes. it's estimated that more than 3000 homes were affected.
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>>reporter: despite that, the damage could have been much worse. patricia was one of the strongest storms ever measured in the pacific. experts say it was broken up by the country's high mountains which in the end limited its power. >>reporter: was more quiet. we expected more ways, but no, the dangerous thing was the under with. >>reporter: now skies are clear, and major infrastructure is up and running across mexico's west coast. >>reporter: all the federal roads and impacted zones all operated normally. >> >>reporter: but some say that's not enough and are expressing a sense of frustration with what they say is a lack of government assistance in the storm's aftermath. >> at this moment, we have nothing. there's no running water. some electricity is cut off. and authorities haven't come. >>reporter: president obama has offered aide to mexico saying disaster experts are on the ground and ready to help. kelly wright, fox news. >> kelly, thank you.
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>> 18 minutes up to 6:00. let's check in. >>reporter: all right. it is getting busy. we are looking hat a commute on highway 4 in the east bay. we're going to start there. with e have a lot of slow traffic here. it is pretty slow through most of pass burg -- pittsburg and all of bay point. 242 is where a lot of people split off. that ride is also getting very busy on the way down to highway 24. bay bridge toll plaza is also slow if you are driving that far. twenty to 25-minute delay before you actually make it on to the span. and 580. not to take a backseat. we have a lot of slow traffic over the pass. through most of livermore. some of dublin. if you're on 680, it's going to be slow. if you are looking at south bay, this is off to a good start. freeways do not show activity so far. and it still looks good. and 6:19. let's go to steve in the bay area city. >> a lot of fog not only
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around the coast but on the pay and inland. stretching from reports to santa clara. some of that is right down on the deck. and we'll have increasing clouds. hazy sunshine. we'll see if in system can bring us some rain on wednesday. i wouldn't hold my breath. thick morning fog. hazy sunshine. on tuesday, cloudy and cooler. maybe some light rain on wednesday. the remains of hurricane olaf really not getting any. in fact, it looks like it will break off and hold back or dive more towards southern california. host and 50s. a lot of 40s. windsor. low 50s for some. mid 50s for mill valley. it looks good today. we'll start to increase on tuesday. that will give us a cloudy tuesday. here is your cloud and rain forecast. the cloud cover is on its way rolling in. tuesday looks cloudy to mostly cloudy.
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right now, that does not look promising. after that, clears out. morning clouds mostly sunny. hazy. sixtys, 70s. some low 80s. a lot of upper 70s. napa went even 80. low 80s. pittsburg, antioch. pleasantton. it will be closed to others. not that much of a difference between oakland and walnut creek. seventy-nine. to 82. saratoga at 81. cupertino. seventys. upper 70s or very low 80s on the peninsula. looks like a cloudy, mostly cloudy day. light rain wednesday morning. the wind turns northerly. going into saturday. >> and i approve. i want rain all the time. >> maybe next week. >> all right, steve. time is 6:21. a
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ferrari on fire at a south bay gas station. then it just rolls away. coming up in 15 minutes, the mystery surrounding this that had people running. >> and next, a ferry in hong kong collided with an unknown object in the ocean. where the ferry was headed and how many people were injured. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future.
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talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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well, this morning in hong kong, a high speed ferry crashed into the water injuring nor man -- more than 120 people. the ferry was traveling to hong kong yesterday evening when it crashed. investigators don't know exactly what the vessel hit in the water. only saying that it was an unidentified object. the ferry did lose power after the collision, but authorities say it is not in any danger of sinking. >> time now is 6:25. on a lighter note happening today. a new challenge to the affordable care act heads to washington. this time, the pacific legal foundation group is filing an appeal to the u.s. supreme court. it says the healthcare law vie lits -- violates a port of the -- part of the constitution that requires tax-paying bills to originate from the u.s. house. credit says say if they lose this appear, -- appeal, they'll keep filing more of them. two other major challenges to the
6:26 am
affordable care act. it's that time of the year when people head to bay area pumpkin patches. there's one in the north bay visited by hundreds of school kids every day. they leave with a lot more than a couple of pumpkins. the kids go to visit peter's pumpkin patch. they learn something about their food and where the food comes from. a lot of the students come from san francisco, oakland, and beyond. a very patient cow there gives them a chance to learn where their milk, their cheese, and ice cream is coming from. >> it feels sort of funny just because you're sort of squeezing something that is really mushy. >> you have to grab it with your whole fingers and squeeze it. >> so do you have new appreciation for cows now? >> yeah, but i'm lactose intolerant. >> on top of that, the kids get to do this. ride on a tractor and even dig up potatoes. peter's pumpkins patch is open every day through halloween.
6:27 am
>> that's one of our favorites. you get to taste the ice cream that comes from the cows up there. >> i may have to go too. i think you do. 6:26 is the time. a sad story. a pay area realtor shot and killed outside a bar in san jose. in 20 minutes, reason police are having a hard time figuring out a motive. a fast-moving grass fire started in the hills of south san jose this morning. we'll tell you what county parks is affected and how much it burned. we're looking at the morning commute. right now, it doesn't look bad. on 280 northbound. however, we're beginning to see signs that this commute is changing. well, the fog is changing. changing places all over the place. in fact, the coast bay and inland. but it looks okay after the fog lifts. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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thank you for joining us for mornings on #. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for joining us. it is coming up on 6:30. steve was talking about a very mild week. like it or not, not going to get any rain. >> maybe wednesday morning. >> maybe a little bit. next week looking better though. >> looking colder from the north. we'll see if that holds. the one wednesday will give us a lot of cloud cover. today we start off with fog. overall mostly sunny. increasing clouds coming in on tuesday. tuesday looking like a cloudy day. we'll see if this system can hold together. inthink there's a lot of holes in it. and the possibility as we head towards wednesday for maybe some light rain. sixty in san francisco to start cloudy and mostly cloudy. a high of 70 today. the remains of hurricane olaf actually at the southern edge. of some of that moisture looks like it will hold back and split. that makes a
6:31 am
challenging forecast. fortys, 50s, to 60s. mid 50s. liver machineoe --more at 51. after the fog lifts and some of that thick hazy sunshine. temperatures to 70s to very low 80s inland. highs today 67 by the water. upper 70s. eight 0ás inland. anything on your screen there, sal. >> we have a lot here, but not a lot of serious crashes. we do have times that are getting robust. here is a look at 80 northbound. it's taking about 40 minutes, so we do have people who are getting on the road. the commute is being woken up. it's already woken up in many areas. let's take a look at the commute here on westbound bay bridge. you'll see that traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. 580 is now solid from the
6:32 am
pause u. it's a very rough commute there. 680 is also heading slow or getting slow down to pleasantton. the south bay. eighty-five is getting slow as you drive northbound 85 from just north of 87 to saratoga. i want to mention an accident in the northbound southbound 10 # in east washington. that is on the shoulder, but traffic may be slow. 632. let's go back to the desk. we're still following a developing story in the south bay. fourfighters are deal being an early-morning grass fire. janine de lavega. i know you are wrapping things up with which area has been act first degree -- affected by this. >>reporter: we're on santa teresa boulevard north of bailey road. behind me is the southern end of santa teresa county park. it looks like that might be smoke in the air, but we have been told no, it's just fog rolling in. look at all that tall grass
6:33 am
there. that is what is burning this morning. and the two lines of fire burning on a ridge from this video that we took earlier. it started just after 3:00. san jose fire and cal fire worked quickly to contain the flames p. 65 firefighters and a bulldozer. fire officials were able to get it under control, but it still ended up burning an estimated 5 to 6 acres. it never roached any homes. the closest are a half mile to a mile away. the captain told us they were concern concerned aen the dry conditions. >> the grass is about four to five feet high and you very dry. this the end of october. this is the driest part of the year. the fire moves extremely quickly. what we had to do is establish a place to start putting the fire out. from there, we put resources into it. water and hand tools. and to establish a perimeter the. >> fire officials don't know the cause of the fire yet.
6:34 am
as i mentioned, the area is basically is wildland. so, they're not sure if it is a campfire that not out of control. a homeless encampment or some sort of piece of unintended equipment that was left there. firefighters are pulling back their personnel. it's just too foggy and dark. a crew is going to return here once it gets righter -- light or outside to should have watch that region. firefighters have decided to open up santa teresa. it was closed from bailey to baillis. now it's open. there's no need to necessarily avoid that anymore. back to you. >> janine de la vega. thank. you. a san francisco supervise area long with several business owners are searching for answers after a series of gas leaks in the area. ktvu's bryan florez joins us with a debate over who is to blame. bryan? >> yeah e. caught in the middle are the residents and business owners. this construction project started in april, and it was supposed to repave some old
6:35 am
roads and replace some aging suer lines and a water main. there have been a series of gas leaks and other problems in are, at the very least, concerns for people who live, work, and visit here. now, there have been five natural gas leaks and two sink home associated with the construction project. one of the more recently happened on october 6th in between ashbury here on. a construction -- haight street. according to the san francisco chronicle, the city has sent notices to contractors and some contractors sinner gentlemen project management saying that the word has been unsatisfactory so far. the paper also reports that they have requested that sinner gentlemen be removed from this project. the chronicle says that the contractor has until friday to outline a plan to remedy some of these issues. now, who is blaming who? pg ande blames the construction company for using heavy equipment. in the meantime, the contractors are flaming the utility for providing outdated maps and blueprints toward where this easy gas lines are
6:36 am
located. as we take it out here live, what is going to happen later this morning at 10:00. the supervisor will hold a press conference in front of the hate street market which is about a block from here. she's calling for answers on how these gas leaks and other violations happen. pam? pack to you. all right. thank you, bryan. time is now 6:36. san francisco police need some help. they want to find a man who was caught on a surveillance camera burglarizing an office. now, take a look. this happened earlier this month at a building on harrison street. the man did something he smashed the glass front door. he walks inside, and then just wanders around the office. police say he stole several lapstops -- laptops. if you recognize him, call san francisco police. the three drifters accused in the killings of a hiker in merin county and a backpacker in san francisco are due back in court this morning. today, shawn angold, and lyla allgood will be assigned lawyers. the burn suspect, morrison lampley
6:37 am
already has a lawyer. the three are also expected to be arraigned on murder charges. the prosecutors accuse them of shooting and killing 21-year-old audrey carrie in golden gate park but also killing 67-year-old stive carter on a hiking trail near fairfax earlier this month. court documents are alleging that lampley was the one who fired the gun in both cases. five people were killed near yosimite after an suv registered out of san jose collided with another car head- on. the driver and three pass spadgers in the suv died at the scene on highway 120 saturday night. another passenger, a 50-year-old woman from saratoga suffered major injuries. the driver of the other vehicle, a 2-year-old man, also died at the scene. his passenger was sent to the hospital. officials are looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role in that crash. san jose police aring looing for a motive in the killing of a bay area realtor who was shot to death on friday night. mikea was out with friends celebrating a birthday.
6:38 am
they all ended up at lou's beer club and restaurant in san jose they were waiting for a ride home when they heard gunshots. orsega's friends say he died right there outside the bar. they say there was no fight. he was not robbed. a friend who was not there that night says orsega was the kind of guy who was friends with everyone. >> very, very compassionate guy. very happy. very outgoing. built relationships very, very fast because he was just that kind of person. he was very infectious. the positive thing was we have so many good memories because he was that good of a person. >>reporter: ive. >> people have put a few candles and butterflies at the spot outside the restaurant where he died. today, the same carlos -- the real estate office where he worked will gather employees to remember him. 6:38. more concerns about cracked rods on the bay bridge. according to the san francisco chronicle, some new documents revealed more tiny cracks in the rods all throughout the new eastern span of the bay
6:39 am
bridge. the crack can say mean those roads frail. he doesn't think the microcracking is an issue, but says cal tran should do some more testing on the rods. we can only hope the owner of a 1978 ferrari has good insurance. that is after the ferarri burst into flames in a gas station in martinez last night. there is the car. the contra costa times says the car caught on fire as the owner was gassing up. the gas station worker shut down all the gas pumps. everybody just ran away. that is when the car somehow rolled away from you the gas pumps. now, this is a ferrari, a model 308m like the one on magnum pi. you can see how bad mri it's burned. morello road near that gas station had to be closed down for more than an hour, but no one was hurt. also, the chp broke up into
6:40 am
a legal side show in contra costa county. police on patrol near rodeo early yesterday morning. they spotted several cars spinning tires and doing donuts in a parking lot near franklin canyon road. seventeen of those cars involved were impounded. the drivers were cited. well, there will be a groundbreaking this morning on a anew facility at the ucff antioch children's hospital in oakland. it will be the second outpatient center at the hospital. you may remember last week, an 80-year-old house was moved from the site to make room for the project. governor brown will be there at today's groundbreaking, and construction of the outpatient center is the first step in a ten-year expansion project. the ucsf center says it will include rebuilding and modernizing the hospitals to improve facilities for children and their families. all right. time is 6:40. still ahead, piles of trash just abandoned on streets. illegal dumping really becoming a problem in san jose. in 20 minutes, the city will consider doing for the
6:41 am
first time ever. >> thousands of firearms found in one spot. being kept by one man. up next, the reason red flags are raised about this large weapons casche and where others might be. good morning. we're looking at a commute in the south bay that is still okay. but getting a little bit slower heading west on 237. we'll tell you a little bit more about the south bay commute when we come back. a lot of fog out there this morning, but we'll look all the way ahead to the weekend. why not saturday and halloween? that looks good. it's wednesday that we are concerned about. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. what was he going to do with all those guns? temperature hunting story inventory. rifles, shot june guns, and a lot of ammunition. the sheriff says there were actually up to 10,000 firearms found on the property in pageland near the north carolina boarder and they are still looking ifer more weapons. the property owner is under arrest, and search warrants have also been issued for his farm, his father's home, and a liquor store that they both own. orificials belief most of the guns are stolen. >> and tougher gun control laws. and he's getting health from his famous cousin. actress amy schumer. yesterday, he teamed up talking about the proposal.
6:45 am
and background checks and also close loopholes and let people buy guns online or gun shows. back in july, at the showing. a man in lose louses. and killed two people and injured nine others. >> we acknowledge that there is a right in the second amendment to bear arms. and we accept it. no amendment is absolute. >> now, 60 votes are needed to pass this bill in the senate. so far, senator schumer says he has the support of at least 40 other senators. police are searching for three men accused of sexually assaulting a uc davis student. now, the victims in her early 20s. she met the three suspects thursday night at a restaurant. investigators say the men took the woman to davis community community park where all three suspects sexually assaulted her. >> and they have an open mind about where they could have come from. it could be somebody local from davis.
6:46 am
and our downtown. two of the suspects are described as white males in their 20s. another is described as a mixed rate man in his late 20s to early 30s. and your time is 6:36. let's check in with gasia and see what's coming up in the next hour. i want to join you guys in the next hour. and the cancer agency of the world health organization has classified processed meat. hotdogs, hams. cars general inic to humans. it found in processed meats and just how much of an increased risk the agency says it carries. and take a look at this next video. halloween game gone wrong. and the chewbaca wasn't out gathering candy. while his support for darth vader lead to
6:47 am
his arrest. that's a real arrest. i'll have more on that story when i join you guys for the next hour of mornings on 2. pam and dave. >> thank you, wow. and it is 6:46. we want to check in traffic. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. it's very slow. and highway 4. it's going to start now. and this is pittsburg and baypoint. and coming over the hill to concord where a lot of people are using 242. that's crowded. out to the bay bridge toll plaza. and maybe a 25-minute delay. not unusual. things getting into it. northbound 10 # h. # 80 and 105. and we begin to see the time. what will be a pretty decent or dense commute i should say getting up into the valley. and now, 6:47.
6:48 am
let's go from 47. >> and not only just on the coast but also around the bay. from the north bay to the south bay, some of that low cloud deck is up a little bit. some of it is right down on the deck. be careful. once that burns off. hazy sunshine today. a little bit of a breeze to the north. not too bad. thing morning fog. hazy sunshine. turning cloudy tonight into tuesday. cloudy. maybe some light rain on wednesday, but i would rather tack on tomorrow. and 43 in lakeport. breezy. out of the west southwest. and there is a little breeze for some. not that bad for others. it will turn southerly. it's going to give us a little cloud cover. and wednesday morning. and san francisco. seventy, 60 forecast and high or low. way above the low. and 92. 2003 the record high. not that long ago. and not many of high clouds continue to filter in.
6:49 am
and hold on to train into that. it looks like that is going to break off. fortys and 50s on your temperatures. santa rosa at 48. a lot of 50s. as some of that fog is holding up the temperatures. morgan hill and gilroy. and two bets in trucky. fifty-one. and sunny today. the high clouds are on the way for tuesday. thick morning fog. hazy. sunshine. nice to mild to warm. and cool lows. a few high clouds. sixtys. seventys by the way. seventy-one alameda. pleasantton in the mix. some low l 0s. saratoga, ce -- cupertino. about 80 for wood side and upper 70s redwood city. sixtys. seventys. coast. and you turning cloudy on tuesday. cloudy. maybe some light rain. don't hold your breath though.
6:50 am
and it clears off thursday and friday. halloween looks fine. >> sounds great. this morning, texas starting to dry out though. flooding in roads. and roads reopened in austin. flooding values at houston. they have started to receive and a san antonio man was swept away. the demand was washed out of the waterway. he was found by passer byes taken to the hospital for treatment. time is 6:50. toyota again is the world's top auto maker. toyota sold sold 7.5 million vehicles between january and last month. and pushing ahead of vw which had been the busiest during the summer. all car makers are seeing sales drop because of the soft global economy in china and russia. vw may not catch up. and stop selling disease l models when it was caught cheating
6:51 am
from those emissions test. >> a little girl who symbolized pain. and the pulitzer prize-winning photo. that little girl, nine years old, terrified. trying to run away as napalm sticks to her skin and burns her. the burns covered a third of her body. she survived, but she still carries the scars. look at that. for more than 40 years hag, she has been in pain ever since. now, a miami doctor is donating her services to fix the scars and nerve damage from the burns. >> for so many years, i naught that i have no more scar, no more pain when i am in heaven. this is heaven on earth for me. i i cannot wait. >> why are you crying? >> i'm so happy. yeah. >> oh gosh. >> wow. >> her first laser treatment took place under the warnful eye of the man who took that
6:52 am
historic photo of her running down the street. the two have stayed in touch all the time. he is documenting this part of her life as well. the doctor says it will take about a year of painful laser treatments, though, but she says that first treatment was difficult, but obviously, you could see she's so thankful for this now, and it's been quite a journey. >> what an incredible historic story. and i was telling you that is my friend, the photographer. >> you've met. >> that is my friend who took that picture. we worked together for many years. time now is 6:52. new jersey governor chris christie kicked off an amtrack car. in 15 minutes, what he was doing that made passengers complain. >> but first, the jetliner that made a special appearance in the bay area airport, and it came from a destination far, far away.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. the president of ireland is here in the bay area this week as part of his west coast tour. today, president michael higgins will speak to u.c. berkeley students about global hunger. on wednesday, he will honor the six people killed in that berkeley balcony collapse near the campus back in june. five of those students were from ireland. president higgins is expected to personally meet with the first responders who help them in the aftermath of the collapse. later in the week, he'll also travel to silicon valley and tour the headquarters of google.
6:56 am
well, the star wars character, r2d2 made a smooth landing in san jose over the weekend. the dreamliner was painted to look like little r2d, the. part of a deal with walt disney company. an advertising. that comes just ahead of the release of star wars, the force awakens. hitting theaters december 18th. all six star wars films were available for in-flight viewing. that's pretty nice. the jets in san jose will be shuttling passengers for various international. >> he even had the sound effects too. >> all right. high-flying daredevil robbie canievel made a big leap in palm springs this weekend. i saw him. i was there. he's the son of evel. here he goes again. completing a 30-yard ramp-to-ramp jump saturday night. now, this was the scene at the spa resort casino's
6:57 am
barbecue festival. robbie celebrated months of sobriety with that motorbike jump. his last stunt was actually four years ago, and he is best known for jumping the grand canyon. >> well, it was an unusual weekend at the movie neaters around the country. the top three movies were actual tooly holdovers from last weekend. >> i've got to fig your out a way to grow three years' worth of food here on a planet where nothing grows. luckily, i'm a botanist. >> the martian held on to the top spot earning nearly $15 million in its second week. the movie stars matt damon. the story of the mission to rescue a u.s. astronaut who was accidentally stranded on mars. "goosebumps" which is based on the 1990s book series stayed in second place. "bridge of spies" starring tom hanks are e mained in third. there were several new releases that didn't do well. one of the big dins a--
6:58 am
disappointments was "steve jobs" which opened in seventh place and earned little more than a $7 million ticket sales despite strong reviews ifer that movie. the death toll of the big earthquake they felt in afghanistan, pakistan, and india. up next, major challenges as they search for survives -- survivors. >> and protecting young athletes from injuries. up next, new recommendations for coaches to avoid concussions.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a fire in south san jose charred part of the hills near a county park. 7:00 on this back to work monday, october 26th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather an


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