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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a powerful earthquake hits afghanistan. we are following the latest developments as rescue efforts continue across the country. >> and from the battleground to the board room. we hear from two u.s. navy seals that wrote a book about passing their military knowledge on to office managers. >> plus he's the creator of trx suspension workout. we are talking with randy about his new show sweat inc.. >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us for the 9. happy monday as we take a live look right outside our studio. taking a peek at the oakland estuary. a cool gray day and fog. 63 degrees right now. don't worry it will clear up. we will talk more about the period of time, a little bit of rain expected later on in the week as well. good morning. and welcome again i'm gasia
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mikaelian alongside sal castaneda and mike mibach. >> good morning everybody. >> talking about the days news of course. and we will talk about that earthquake that was hit in afghanistan and pakistan and the fact where the earthquake was depth wise may be helping people there. here at home the three of us share concerns over the new study over bacon, sausage. >> not good nows for my household. >> or mine. >> or anyone that loves breakfast. >> we vowed not to change our eating habits in we learn more about it. first let's talk about the big earthquake in afghanistan. more than 100 people. almost 200 are dead after that powerful earthquake rocked east asia. >> it was felt in afghanistan and parks of pakistan and
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india. >> alex savidge is here. he is joining us with the latest information. you have been following this all morning long. have you learned anything new in the last hour? >> you know you touched on it here. the depths of this earthquake was key. the damage it was not massive destruction. at least according to one official in pakistan because the quake was so deep. it was 130 miles deep. it was so deep and that meant that there was not as much destruction as there could have been in that immediate region there which is a remote region of northern afghanistan and it's about 160 miles north of kabul and that is where the 7.5 earthquake struck. still important to keep in mind a lot of people have lost their lives. 180 people that is the latest over all death toll we have that number obviously could go up. hundreds of other people as you see here were hurt. >> i was curious about the depth. i looked up the napa quake.
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seven miles deep. seven miles compared to 130. >> and it makes all the difference in the world. so this was a very deep quake. so the destruction not as wide spread but it's felt over a broader region. so those waves travel a farther distance. this was felt obviously in northern afghanistan across afghanistan, pakistan, as far away as new delhi and india. >> that is a lot. that is a lot of dead people we hate to hear that. do you think it's because of where they are they don't exactly have earthquake proof or safe buildings? >> yeah. that certainly comes into play. a lot of buildings collapsed and we're also talking about where most of the deaths are being reported in the more rural areas, north eastern afghanistan. these are rural areas. there are landslides being reported as well associated with the earthquake. >> what about after shocks? >> and there have been some
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after shocks too. 4.7 and 4.8. so people are trying to assess the damage at the same time the shaking is continuing. but yeah. the latest death toll 180 is where it stands. they are having trouble with communication. the the land lines, the phone lines. many of them have been cut off. we can't get solid information from these rural parts of these countries they are still waiting to get an accurate assessment of how bad the damage is. >> here at home fremont is very large afghan population. so no doubt people here in the bay area concerned for their loved ones. >> and to that end i soak with a gentleman i worked with on stories before. he is from afghanistan originally. and part of the afghan community we have in fremont enthe enthe-- and in the east bay. he was just waking up. hadn't even heard about the
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earthquake yet. >> what kind of help are they getting? is there any aid coming in yet yet? >> the prime minister of pakistan was saying that country is not seeking aid from outside from anyone outside of pakistan. which is interesting. meaning they don't necessarily think at this point that they need outside help. >> but it is very, very early. alex savidge, thank you for joining us on the 9 this morning. >> the ground keeps shaking in san ramon. this image from the usgs shows that in the last 24 hours there have been at least four small quakes in that area. the latest was at 2:48 this morning. it was a magnitude 2.6 over the past few weeks more than 200 small quakes have been recorded in the area and it may continue. experts blame the calveras fault as it releases tension. >> firefighters are looking for hot spots in an area where a brush fire has burned.
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that fire scorched six acres along a county park. this is not far from santa theresa boulevard. it's just after 3:00 this morning. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. san jose police looking for the motive in a friday night killing of a bay area realtor who was shot to death. he was out celebrating a birthday with friends and they ended up at lou's beer club. they were waiting for a ride home when there was gunshots. he died right there on the pavement. he says there was no fight, he wasn't robbed. a friend that wasn't there that night says he was the kind of person that was friends with everyone. >> very, very compassionate guy. very happy. very out going. built relationships very, very fast. he was the kind of person that was very infectious. the positive thing was we have
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so many good memories because he was that good of a person. >> people have put candles and butterflies outside the restaurant where he died. today at the real estate office where he worked employees will gather to remember him. we have new information about an oakland man suspected of a deadly shooting in livermore. he is also wanted in connection to homicides in fresno and sacramento. police from livermore and oakland surrounded the suspects home at center and eighth street for hours yesterday morning. they saw the same bmw spotted at the shooting scene in livermore that was parked behind the house. when the stand off ended the suspect was not inside. >> they have released this photo of the gunman. a second man was involved in the shooting but they have not yet identified him. >> brown is suspected of shooting at a car with two people inside at the cvs store in livermore on first street. a man in his 20s died. another man also in his 20s was
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hurt. investigators are waiting to talk to him about a possible motive. we will have that for you during the course of the 9 or coming up on the noon. police say if you see brown, consider him to be armed and dangerous. don't approach him. call 911. we are switching to political news. as the candidates prepare for another debate this week, some of the republican front runners are turning on one another. among democrats bernie sanders is fixing his fire on hillary clinton. doug luzader has a wrap up from washington, d.c.. >> reporter: we are within 100 days of the first nominating contest in iowa and tamp. and with that in mind they are doing what they can to claw their way to the top. after a lively weekend hillary clinton will celebrate her 68th birthday today with a fundraiser. but she probably shouldn't expect any gifts from her rival bernie sanders who after weeks
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of refusing to criticize clinton unleashed at a gathering of democrats in iowa. >> i'm the only democratic candidate for president who does not have a super pack. now today some are trying to rewrite history saying they voted for one antigay law to stop a first. >> reporter: among republicans donald trump has been bare knuckle for awhile. he just took another shot at ben carson. he is leading trump in recent iowa polls. >> i'm presbyterian. that is down the middle of the road folks. >> i really refuse to get into the mud pit. hillary clinton was right when she said republicans are there trying to destroy each other.
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>> reporter: but while carson wouldn't go after trump, jeb bush is another matter. >> i have a lot of cool things i could do than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize me. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> reporter: speaking of donald trump. there is a new ap poll out. doug luzader fox news. >> this is the third republican debate and it will be on wednesday night in boulder, colorado. >> are you a political junky like i am and watch the whole thing? >> it will not be three hours because it will be a two hour debate. that is with commercials. so don't expect another three hour long debate. >> someone told them this is getting a little too long. >> i think donald trump and ben carson both hinted they wanted a shorter debate. not sure if that is the exact reason it's a two hour debate. >> we'll be talking about it
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the morning after with our own ross palombo. if you don't have a chance to sit down with your popcorn and watch the the whole thing, we invite you to join us. chris christie is apologizing for being too loud on an amtrak train. he was riding in a designated quiet car yesterday when passengers started complaining that he was talking too loudly on his cell phone. a train crew eventually told him to hang up or move to another car. a spokeswoman says christie did not realize he was in the designated quiet car. he apologized and moved to the cafe car where he continued his calls. >> so no one is above being sured apparently. from the battleground to the board room. we hear from two navy seals and the author of a new book that is aimed at office managers.
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>> and guys we are live in the haight where recent gas leaks and water main breaks are causing concern for merchants and residents out here.
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taking a live look at stocks as we check in. not a lot of movement on wall street this morning with the major indexes. you see here the dow is down 34 points. nasdaq and s & p shedding a couple of points at this point. >> here is something kind of interesting. navy seals. battlefield leaders applying their skills to the board room. they released their book the extreme ownership. how u.s. navy seals lead and win. last week i spoke to them about the book and asked how middle managers could follow in the footsteps of the lead members of the navy. >> whether you in the military and leading a team in combat or in a business world leading a
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team to accomplish your mission and business leadership principles are the same. you have to take a bunch of individuals who have their individual viewpoints and you've got to take those people and get them to accomplish a mission and a most efficient and effective manner. >> what kind of things are appliable to what happened in combat to what happens in a board room? >> i think one of the things they have to do is a principle we call simple. it's been around for a long time. we talk about simple. people over complicate things. i think that is human nature. and we see that in the seal teams where folks that the less experienced combat leaders will put together a plan that is just too complex. the folks there don't fully understand how it works together. when things actually happen, that breaks down. and communications are the same way. you have to communicate in a
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panther is simple, clear and concise. >> what i have taken iaway from the book that it applies not only to your job but business situations. how are you going to in this book get people to realize that hey, what we did out there is not that different. you can do it at your workplace. >> one of the ways we wrote the book is to display that very plainly. each section of the book starts off with a story from combat. and then we explained the principle we learned in combat. and we show another example in the civilian sector opinion >> those guys looked like a bunch of exfootball players that look like they could still play. you see those guys that have had such success. you think they would be
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successful in every walk of life. >> i like how they said keep it simple. execute the plan. >> people try to make it too complicated and people don't know what they are doing. >> thanks sal. a construction project to fix up aging infrastructure has really turned into a mess. a series of gas leaks and water main breaks has one looking for answers. brian flores is live in the city. brian. >> certainly a blame game. good morning. caught in the middle at the residents. later this morning supervisor london breed will hold a press conference in front of the haight street market. searching for answers on how the construction continued after repeated accidents. we've been reporting on this ever since the beginning of the month. there have been five natural gas leaks and two sink holes. some merchants and residents had to be evacuated as a result. one of the most recent leaks happened on october 6th.
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a construction crew broke through a one inch gas line. according to the chronicle, the city has sent notices to contractor giladi brothers incorporated and synergy saying the work has been unsatisfactory. the chronicle reports the contractor has in friday top outline a plan. speaking with management business, the accidents have had an effect on business. >> sales are down right now. there is definitely you know when the strucks are parked out here they are parked over night. they are taking up parking spaces. you know blocking off sections. entire blocks almost. making it hard for people to come to this neighborhood. >> and it has become a blame game. pg&e blames the construction companies for using heavier equipment instead of hand digging while the contractors
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are providing utility. as we were back out here live you are taking a look at market where the press conference is scheduled to take place. the other issue is the construction caused a lot of traffic. it's pretty quiet now. so far so good in terms of traffic. a lot of people concerned here. residents and merchants and they say because of the delays, at least according to the paper these delays could cause the construction to last in 2017. brian flores live in san francisco. coming up a little girl running in pain after bomb attack. the treatment she is getting in the united states to ease her pain more than 40 years later. >> oracle's open world conference is under way right now in san francisco. the areas you may want to avoid this week. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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now we know the cleanup efforts under way after patricia. it wasn't exactly as bad as it was forecast to be. remember on friday we were using terms such as the strongest storm ever. catastrophic and a lot of people were trying to get to higher ground. it turns out the massive storm did leave thousands of homes destroyed and wide spread flooding. at this point, we have reports that six people died in this storm as devastating as that number is, six projections it could have have been much, much higher. patricia was forecasted to be one of the strongest storms. what happened is it was broken up by the countries high mountains. president obama has offered help to mexico if needed. the main campus of the united states of mississippi has stopped flying the state flag. that includes the confederate
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battle emblem. that is seen as a reminder of slavery and segregation. in 1962 the school known as ole miss -- state leaders prevented james meredith for entering the school for a week. and then he was escorted on to campus by u.s. marshalls. the little girl who symbolized some of the pain of the vietnam war is on a journey of healing. this is kim fook. she appears terrified and trying to run away. the burns covered a third of her body and she still survived but she still carries those scars from 30 erasion. she's been in pain ever since and now a miami doctor is donating her services to fix the scars and nerve damage.
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>> i thought i have no more scar, no more pain when i'm in heaven. this is heaven on earth for me. i cannot wait. >> why are you crying? >> so happy. >> her first laser treatment took place under the watchful eye on the man who took that historic photo of her running down the street. the two have stayed in touch all of this time and he's documenting this part of her life as well. the doctor says it will take about a year of painful laser treatments. fook says the first treatment was difficult but she is thankful for this opportunity. it's 9:24. we're following some of the top stories in the bay area. dave clark is live in the ktvu newsroom. >> here are some of the top stories we're following for you today. san francisco police need help. they need to track down a man
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caught on survey -- surveillance cameras burglarizing an office. you can see the man smashing the front glass door. he walks inside, wonders around the office stealing several laptops. if you recognize that man, call san francisco police. the three drifters accused of killing a hiker in marin county and a backpacker in san francisco they just appeared in court. they were supposed to be arraigned on murder charges but we just found out that has been postponed to thursday. prosecutors say the three people shot and killed 23-year- old audrey carey in golden gate park and steve carter near fairfax. court documents are alleging that lampley fired the gun in both cases. some more concerns about cracked rods on the bay bridge. the san francisco chronicle says new documents reveal more tiny cracks in the rods
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throughout the new eastern span. experts interviewed by the chronicle says the cracks mean the rods could fail over time. caltrans engineer told the chronicle he doesn't think the tiny rods are a problem but caltrans should conduct more tests. those are just some of your morning headlines. gasia, mike, and sal, back to you. for the first time ever the city of san jose, the city council will consider stiff fines for illegal dumping. city leaders say dumping has risen sharply in recent years. according to the news, the cities planning department is urging people be fined $1,000 for the first violation. goes up to $1500 for the second and $3,000 for a third violation. currently san jose is the only major bay area city without fines for illegal dumping. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, they were the first same sex couple who refused a marriage license by a kentucky clerk her name was kim davis. up next the weekend of
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celebration as they were finally able to tie that knot. >> and a disturbing new study about hot dog meat. what else could be hidden inside that you would least expect. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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life is eating outarer. of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic.
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dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. all right welcome back to the 9. a little fog making its way into walnut creek on this monday morning and taking a peek from mt. diablo. a little cooler on the coast inland and also a little cooler this morning. steve paulson saying a little hazy and sunny out there. 70s and 80s across much of the bay area. here's a look at your five day. i always wanted to do this. the five day forecast. you can see looking forward to friday and halloween sunshine. we've got to get through the next few days.
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thank you very much. i should say thank you very little. >> there was a time weather people had pointers. >> yes the stick. and everything is backwards. i would be mortified because it's this mirror image. >> they are professionals. >> not a lot of people talking on twitter about weather. they are talking about raiders and the big win. kimberly saying hey twitter peeps i hope everyone is having a great day after raiders win. >> one gentleman after you read the stock says you expect the stock market to be rocky for the next few -- expected to keep going up. that is just one of our viewers saying it will be rocky. >> i think right now dow is up 30 something points. >> that is on twitter. you can county ktvuthe-- you can #ktvuthe9 and we will see it. this is going to be the
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second out patient center at the hospital. you may remember last week an old house was moved from that site to make room for the project. it was the home featured in the movie up. the pixar movie. governor jerry brown is at this event. we know construction of the new center is the first step in what is expected to be a ten year expansion project. you ucsf says they will modernize the hospital to improve facilities for their children and families. we're all parents of young children. any time i see my boys rough housing i say i'm far too busy to take you to childrens hospital. knock it off. >> and a guy like mark ben yo that dropped $15 million for the hospital so they can reach this point. it should be a beautiful facility. >> we will be watching that throughout the day. chuck schumer was joined by his cousin before the story started happening.
9:32 am
that is amy schumer. they are cousins. the two are pushing for tougher gun laws. he is getting help from actress and comedian amy schumer. just yesterday they teamed up to talkn't the pop. they want to expand background checks. you may remember during the movie train wreck a man in louisiana killed two people and wounded nine others. >> we acknowledge there is a right to bear arms. it exists, we accept it. no amendment is absolute. april miller and karen roberts were the first that refused.
9:33 am
the couple sheafed a license while davis was in jail. they were married on saturday for let's head across the bay. tara moriarty is live in the hall of justice. >> reporter: they got caught. they got busted. this is a pretty big sign. this is $7400 for the landowner and tenant. so they will have to cough that up. it's interesting. because as you know we've had this big huge conversation and debate about prop f and all the things that go with that. we know back in february the city created this office and said we will really crack down. let's give it some time to see how things pan out. that is obviously what the air b & b folks are saying. but of course it could be
9:34 am
argued the other way that of course we need more restrictions on short term rentals in the city. >> let's move to mass transit. they were tweeting themselves on muni. now the supervisor scott weiner his subway master plan is getting another look. >> he has been progress guessive about san francisco. where they declared they had no vehicles that were allowed. while some say that is too extreme, weiner has really been trying to make san francisco a mass transit friendly city. he says one way to accomplish this is by expanding the central subway system. we though in north beach we know one of the lines will end there. a lot of folks have been saying let's extend it. let's take it down to fisherman's wharf.
9:35 am
at 1:30 supervisors will be discussing this and putting forth this plan. how we could make this system work for everyone. it kind of takes a lot of effort. >> it is interesting in new york where they have subways those were built in the early 1900s. we already have the digger in the ground. in san francisco the oracle world conference is under way. thousands of people from around the world are coming to moscone center. allie rasmus says that effects a lot more than people just
9:36 am
attending open world. >> reporter: manage to give yourself extra time if you are driving or sickling through the city. this is howard street between third and fourth. completely shut down. you can see we have sound stages set up, tents, fancy lighting and it looks like they are getting ready for a concert. taylor street will also be closed for the week. this conference will bring in tens of thousands of attenkeys. during the oracle world conference there will be sessions and demos going on. 18 different locations around the city. and with the influx of people coming into town, there is an inconvenience and chick benefit as well.
9:37 am
>> a lot of business. a lot of extra business. >> how much work do you expect to get this week? >> 50 person more. >> the road closures impact not just vehicles but cyclists and people taking public transit. there are bicycle detours. this to that more than a dozen muni lines will be detoured by the conference. you can also expect extra traffic over by treasure island later in the week and that is because the conference wraps up with a conference for conference attendees only with elton john and beck. allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. now talk about a story we were upset and surprised by this morning. high protein diets have been popular for years.
9:38 am
but if you are on one of those diets or love bacon, you may want to hear about this new study. pam cook is joining us on the 9 to talk about this new research. >> everybody is getting upset with me. this new study comes from the world health organization. it show there is is a strong link between certain meat and cancer. now most of the risk comes from eating processed meats such as hot dogs and ham. the international agency puts processed meat in its group one list. which also includes tobacco, asbestos. there is sufficient evidence showing there is enough evidence to link processed meat and cancer. the group of health experts estimate each 50-gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colon
9:39 am
cancer by 50%. red meat which includes beef, lamb and pork should be classified as a probable carcinogen. 50 grams we were talking about this earlier, what is that? it's about the size of a hot dog. or two slices of regularly sliced ham. not thinly sliced ham. as you can imagine the meat industry is reacting to this think report. groups are arguing that meat is part of a balanced diet and they say you should consider other factors when talking about your risk for cancer. things like lifestyle and environmental factors. other things you are doing in your diet. it's one of the things you don't use this as a definite role but it's something you consider. we've also talked about the pail owe diet a lot of people are on it. if you don't have a history of high cholesterol you don't think you have to worry about
9:40 am
it. but cancer you now have to think about it. >> i sense you are weighing. >> what about you mike? >> i put five hot dogs down at a giants game. i remember the game. it was jason schmidt had 16 strike outs. i was down by the right field pole. and a buddy of mine was with me. he was the witness. >> and of course with all of those hot dogs you had to wash it down with some. >> i eat hot dogs because my kids eat hot dogs. >> i have one little piece of information mike you may want to listen to. we are talking about hot dogs and what is in them. an interesting new study came out. a company that analyzes what is in food says more than 14% of
9:41 am
hot dogs is tested have problems. and 2% of them contain human dna. now the company chalks that up to hygiene issues. but the company also says that most large scale and small companies scored well on the analysis and adds there was no correlation between test scores and the prices of the 343 brands of hot dogs and sausages it tested. i maybe have two hot dogs a year if that. it's like a free day for me. it doesn't count. it's not on the books. i figure if we grill them it kills whatever is inside. >> i looked it up before coming up here. something else to consider they do, do studies on landfills. and there are certain foods that don't biodegrade they call it mummifying. they found hot dogs intact after ten years. >> and twinkies probably are 20 years. >> probably.
9:42 am
>> can we stop talking about this? moving right along. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9. this is kind of related. the search for the new fitness craze. up next we talk live to one of the judges of the new show sweat inc.. >> this guy does not eat hot dogs. also a new video of unconventional method of repopulating the animal kingdom.
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alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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we are going to talk to a guy that will make you feel out of shape. let's take a look at what he
9:45 am
does. >> fitness is fueled by innovation. around the world aspiring entrepreneurs strive to claim their piece of this $30 billion industry. >> i do an exercise program with nutrition program online. >> sweat inc. it's a new reality show on spike tv look for the next big idea in fitness. the winner of the competition receives $100,000 and the opportunity to develop their brand. >> one of the judges on the show is a bay area resident. rabbity hedrick. he developed a suspension training exercise trx. he made his first prototype on a $39 sewing machine. today it has an annual revenue of more than $50 million. randy is joining us live onset this morning. thank you for coming in. >> nice to be with you. >> former seal. stanford mba. >> when i was a seal i created
9:46 am
this system you could use in the field using body weight to train hundreds of exercises for every different mission we have. it's great to see the seals on i had earlier today. >> to put that in when you think about an idea and the business aspect was that the hardest part to get it out there and get it in people's hands? >> i think so. we had a great tool and still do. we focus on trainers in the pros and used those guys to help us carry the message. because getting your message out is the most challenging part. >> you know what is interesting is how huge the fitness industry is. people want to lose weight. they want to be fit. are you using something that will connect with trainers and people that want to lose weight? >> we cut our teeth with the pros. but the great thing about the trx we have them for your house. we will convert you before you are done. >> let's talk about the fact everybody says i have a great
9:47 am
idea. what we need is a help all of those out there wed l it dupe. what makes an idea special verses an idea that falls by the wayside. >> with sweat inc. that was the exact question we were answering. with all the competitors. we have five criteria. it was first of all does it have the potential to have mass appeal? second of all sit effective? does it deliver results? is it innovative. is there a business model that can scale it? those are the fie criteria. >> that is a lot of work and research. is it already on the market? how much can i charge? people don't always do that leg work. >> everyone says i had that idea. i have an idea of my own. which is great. that is the first step. but beyond that it's a huge casim between idea and product. >> what about personality? what have you noticed about the
9:48 am
competitors on the show in regards to personality being one of those five criteria. i would think that would drive the product. >> that stuff came out in the whole under lying theme was the entrepreneur has to be the one to carry this concept forward to win over both the judges, the test subjects that were involved in it and make them successful and ultimately the audience. because that was a big part of who will win the show. who had the potential to take it to the masses. >> can you tell me what are some of the ideas you have seen that you say wow, this guy or this gal has something here. this might actually work. >> well, we had innovation was a big part of what we were looking for. it didn't have to necessarily be the new secret thing no one has ever seen. look at soul cycle. they took indoor cycling that has been around for 100 years. but they put a whole new experience around it. if you go to soul, it's more about how you feel when you are there than what you are doing.
9:49 am
we saw a number of concepts that brought new takes on things you've seen before. or new combinations that have not been mixed that way before. it's a really exciting competition. i will tell you, i will guarantee you will not be able to predict who is going to win. >> anything really bad? really ridiculous? stuff that made you laugh? >> there was a lot of stuff that made me laugh. i won't say there was anything that was bad. there was poor execution from folks you expected to execute well and unbelievable execution from people you thought were dead on arrival. that is what makes that competition so real and fun. >> what about your cohost? >> that gal is fast. being a seal officer that prepares you to think and operate faster on your feet. and i needed it to keep up with her. she is the tasmanian devil and she was great.
9:50 am
she brought all kinds of magic to the show. obie as well. it was a blast working with those guys. >> is it hard to do reality tv? >> our average shoot day was probably 14-15 hours. per season. i put a whole bunch about seven weeks worth 18-20 hour days. >> what is wrong with going to the gym? i had this conversation earlier. i know you want me to trx more. >> i want you to trx in the gym. that is where we built our business is in the gyms and training rooms. what we want is more fitness. so you do it in the gym and the park and at home, that is what is going to give you a healthy life. >> for the person who sees someone who looks like you or julian michaels scene says i'm never going to look like
9:51 am
jillian michaels. how do you motivate? >> at trx we are all about moving great and feeling great. because if you do that, the by- product is is you also look the best that you can possibly look. and so i think the wrong question is how do i get six pack abs. the right question is how can i feel great in my life? how can i play better golf and tennis. by the way i'm looking better than i have ever looked before. that's the goal. >> randy thanks. appreciate it. sweat inc. airs tuesday night on spike at 8:00. coming up it's their first regular season game since winning the nba championship. coming up the big celebration tomorrow before the warriors tip off. >> we have heard black cats are bad luck. but we have fun facts that may change the way you think about that old person assistance.
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she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades. her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today! the oakland raiders in second place in the afc after really handling san diego. the score is misleading. they won. carr threw for three touchdowns. the raiders were up by 24 points at the half. the chargers did score 23 points in the fourth quarter but it wasn't enough. the raiders came away with a 37-
9:55 am
29 victory. they host the jets on sunday. the first seven possessions the raiders took the ball and scored. i don't think i have seen the raiders play that well. >> they looked great. spot on. it was nice to see cooper as well have 133 yards. and he has more than 500 yards already. >> no more talk about firing the general manager because apparently he's chosen some good players. >> it will be nice to see them take down denver. let's talk about basketball. the new nba season starts tomorrow. golden state warriors host the new orleans pelicans. the pelicans is coached by former warrior aassistant allen gentry. there will be a special ceremony where warrior players will get the championship rings and the team will unvail the new championship banner. tickets still available through the warriors website. we'll have those festivities for the banner as well as for the ring. >> that is right.
9:56 am
let's show you pictures that are almost hard to believe. fish and wildlife officers repopulated parts of idaho. fish and game officers tying a beaver in a box, attaching a parachute to it and dropping that beaver out of the plane. the idea was to get beavers away from areas where they were overpopulated and into remote areas. by the way a beaver nameddier on moe was the first test sky dive. halloween is almost here. we thought we would take a look at the superstitions of black cats being unlucky. scout surveyed more than 1500 people in the u.s. and found out 46% of people who own a black cat say they have won a contest or lottery. that is lucky. verses 40% of people who have
9:57 am
not owned a black cat. so maybe black cats are good luck. 59% of people who think black cats are bad luck have black hair themselves. and 35% of women surveyed say they dressed up as a black cat for halloween. as we are just days agray halloween in a couple days we will be popping up pictures of ktvu reporters and anchored dressed up for halloween. i want you two to contribute. >> i have one. i'm the fonz. i can't find the picture. thank you for joining us on the 9. i'll see you coming up on the 4. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing sweetie. life is loving nature. wait, where's the... i can't remember... and a place to grow it in. got it.
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spothe good stuff!ves!
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or the one that does all three! the good stuff! hot sauce! how hot? (both) lava. life is eating take-out at home. dessert! and a home that embraces take-out. happy anniversary. happy anniversary.


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