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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 26, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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. a rider gets ready to cross a busy san francisco street. he grabs the throttle on his scooter and goes. it's what he goes into that's the problem. catching dinner, then building a dinner table. >> can you imagine -- oh. >> why all he needs to stay away from the ax. >> can somebody hand me my hand, it's on the floor. >> when an owl gets trapped in a house. >> almost looks like an exhibit. >> see the commotion when mom tries to set it free. plus the ipad mini giveaway is back, along with the buzz word for your shot to win. and a new take on a drake
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hit -- now meet the college football player turned viral video star, but not for his singing. >> do you own a shirt? >> oh far sure, yeah, of course. >> no. commuting in a large city, like our friends have to do in san francisco, california, can be a little bit difficult. you have a scooter like mark here, you might be able to zip through traffic earlier. as soon as he sees the green light, off he goes. >> what are you doing? >> oh. >> almost made it until that girl -- >> oh. >> he had the clear right of way. there is no denying in this video that that light is green, giving him the go. that bus that was trailing through the intersection blocked his view of that rutter. also blocking her view, but, come on, she just goes sprinting out into an intersection. >> looking the wrong way.
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>> yep, immediately got up as soon as she could. went and checked on her. mark is describing that she was transported to the hospital. he says she did not appear to have any broken bones on the scene. he just had minor bruising. head over to germany where these motorcycles are cruising along. this guy appears to me that he's riding a dirt bike, not for street use. he's not alone. he has other riders with him. they claim this this guy here just doesn't like motorcycles. watch what he does. >> tries to run down the pair of people on the motorcycle. the guy in the car obviously agitated. >> look at that. he swerves and tried to overtake it. just goes crazy. then he pops the wheelly. erin's to blame, everyone go home and think about it. >> you know what, we have to share the roadway. i think people forget that.
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the gift that nicole walker found when she came home was an owl trapped in the chimney. >> who? >> well, it looks like a glass display. >> and that's exactly what he says. came downstairs, found the owl, so she called the wildlife saying where they instructed her to leave it open until the owl came out on its own. >> leave it open into your living room, then what? >> i'm glad you asked because it came out. >> why not just open the window? >> i'm not sure you can. >> wildlife sanctuary told her to get a blanket. she tries three times. >> i love she thought to get the camera out and capture it. probably awe worried about the owl, house, all that stuff, but she had the wherewithal to start
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the camera. >> it went well, i was waiting for it to be left and right. >> it's a wise out. >> ah. >> hard enough to know, i can't get out. going to need your help. >> and quite at the lifeboat institution are back at it again, this time off the coast of ireland, they're ready to -- >> who? >> you're right, nick. there are several cows there. stuck in the rushing water. one is even trapped in a cage. >> you are kidding, that's like full on in the cave. >> how in the heck did they get there? >> caught out by the incoming tide. >> they were able to go in and pull them out and you would think it covered cow. >> all right, guys. let them provide -- >> ridiculous situation. >> trying to milk it for attention. >> this shouldn't happen. but unfortunately, sometimes it
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does. when it woman is alone, she has to be aware of the things around her, you never know what the intentions of other people are. take this woman for instance, she's getting on an elevator. followed in by two men. i don't think she knew these guys. watch the guy in the white t-shirt. he elbows her and runs away, watch the other guy. this is a team. the other guy grabs her purse. doesn't to want let go. he drags her. the other guy kicks her in the back. and you see the doors close, but watch what happens later because the doors do open back up. you see the guy with her pink handbag, he's going through there, looks like a cell phone and maybe her wallet until his hand -- >> what a cowards. >> scum bag cowarded. >> now in the next video, the bad guy didn't get away with it. >> why do you think these people are laughing? >> he is in his fwoxers, that's not why they're laughing. >> that man has his finger stuck
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in a gas tank. >> it's the best laugh around for a month. >> and the officer has a nice little chat with him. >> can you to anything other than stland? >> you can hear the guy moaning because his finger is caught. >> why is his hand in the gas tank. >> there's a gas can on the ground. >> i can hear the fire enjib. here comes the fire engine right now. >> i think he was trying to steal the gas. maybe this was his first time, first attempt. >> and fell off how? >> pants still on the ground. >> imagine that was girl, you are such an idiot.
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iowa lay and a half brooklyn, new york, won an i. a in the last series. >> keep watching, you could win too in the ipad mini giveaway. >> you need monday's buzz word, 18 years of age, and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word is coming up. >> stnd bay everybody for the rpm ipad mini giveaway. ever since the first assassin landed, the game of love. and new one new gadgets. well, it is a the new gadget, but they're not real, right? they're just in a game. >> this is a fully functioning road launcher. >> oh. >> this is collin. >> of course it is. this guy is an absolute technical ninja. and obviously teamed up with him to see if he could create some of the new and some of the classic gadgets that you get in
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the game. one that's really impressive is this one. and when it's a fully functioning game, it's fully functioning. >> it's secure. attach it to the launcher, and this has also got the switchen to which controls. >> so with that rope there and the at the timer, when he presses the button. he's got something to help him sort of have the strength, and then look at thmt power of that motor. it holds him up. >> and the motor is not that big, that's pulling him up. doesn't have the great engine. look at nick's face. >> i had exactly the same face. >> well, he's not done there either because ever since the very first time, the most classic, iconic weapon you have is the hidden blade. >> that's crazy. he'll slice his finger off. >> no longer are they imaginary. these things are -- >> just remember guys, dangerous. >> dangerous. dangerous.
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>> yep. >> joseph is flying back home -- >> and he told his family, oh, something happened with my paper, so, i don't know when i'm going to get home. >> witness the heartwarming moment once he walks through the door. and extreme foil racing at its best. >> foiling, not when you do with a little sword of sorts. the fascinating technology behind these sailboats. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. [ screaming ] rate suckers! [ bell dinging ] your car insurance goes up because of their bad driving. people try all sorts of ways to get rid of them. [ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share...
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closed captioning provided by -- he was serving in afghanistan and flying back from kuwait and told his family, oh, something happened with my paper. so i don't know when i'm going to get home. but, he's going to surprise them. he shows up to his brother's house and the next day, they drive to moms. and the first thing they do is get on skype in front of her house. >> what's up?
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where's mom? >> they haven't figured out hooegs in front of the house. now, he's at the front door. and then -- are you sure, you can't hear me? >> mom freaks before she sees him in the flesh and does the mom dance. >> and right here, this is the moment i love, the brother goes like this. and man tears, i love man tears. and he earned those because his brother's home. >> soldiers coming home never gets old. >> it's so much emotion and so much concern, and they kind of hold it all in, it's that moment when you get to touch them again that it's all just is worth it. >> oh my god! oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. oh! >> hey everybody, this is chris. >> chris, good to be back. >> he scared me. >> it's an act. >> he is here to teach us how to
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catch, prepare, and serve it. >> preparation about how to get this. >> fish on, fish on. >> catch himself a fish. >> didn't get one in that one, that one either, oh, dropped that one. oh. >> yeah, the one that got away. >> don't worry, eventually he does hook himself a pretty good trout. >> yes. >> that's how you catch a lake trout. >> next, start preparing the rest of the meal, and it does look delicious. >> wild rice, cajun mix, satayed pep percent. >> yeah, starts making gumbo on the fire, very good. the fish frying away. where are we going to serve it, guys, we need a table? i'll just build one. >> of course you will. >> walk us out in the middle of a forest, goes to work. he uses absolutely nothing but manual tools to do this. just that. flips it in half, then using a tloe. ping.
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>> can you imagine anyone -- >> oh! >> are you all right? >> can somebody hand me my hand, it's on the floor? >> last time he was allowed to bring the ax on set. >> he gets holsters. two halves together and create holes for the leg. hammers them and his brother, ta-da. dinner is served. >> this guy impresses me so much. and dinner also looks great. zblifl like prehistoric man would look at chris and go oh, well done. mommy has a surprise for her daughter. >> pulls out cell phone and writes a message. >> see what has this little one in tears. >> oh my gosh! plus, the moment you've been waiting for is finally here. get ready to enter for your shot to win an ipad mini. the monday buzz word is coming your way. other skin. no worries. now, there's new chapstick® total hydration. its 100% natural,
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it appears.
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is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at three, two, one. >> the red bull foiling generation racing. >> these are able to lift the boat up and out of the water, and fly right over choppy water. >> it's like a wing for underwater. >> yeah. >> use juices are dragging. >> but it's smaller than a wing because you realize that is just the one cylinder holding the whole thing up thanks to aerodynamics and some engineering genius.
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>> it's fascinating to watch them man listenedle the boats. they get out of shape right there. looks like it's going to be a collision, but no, they think fast and slide right around them. this put out by red bull, of course, it's got that dined of edge. you know those guys aren't behind it. >> the neat thick, its open used 16 to 20-year-old talent. and racing the flying phantom class. these are just young guys throughout learning to sail at a very high level. >> courtesy of red bull to make anything great. i love lifts. >> the gift of a lifetime. >> that's a jewelry bag. there's something else inside.
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>> is this a joke? >> what? what did it say? >> a little birdie told me that you're going to grandmas. >> this is a joke, what kind of a -- >> oh, look at that. >> it was just too much. >> got something from the telegram. she was a little wondering what is this? it was like her own stock machine. >> that was genuinely sweet. >> and simple. >> a little birdie told me that you're going to be a grandma. >> this is a joke, what kind of a grandma. >> well, sweet and simple is where it's at, this little girl reminds me of myself at her age. >> i'm going to be a big sister. what does that mean? >> you are? >> it says it. what does that mean? >> what does that mean? what do you think that means?
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>> you're pregnant? >> yeah, you're going to be a big sister. >> oh my god! >> aw. >> this mom says her six-year-old daughter had been praying to god to poof a baby into her tummy and it looks like she's going to get her wish. >> you're pregnant! >> it's time to giveaway another ipad mini. >> enter the buzz word and be 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head on over to right this click on win ipad. >> into the buzz word and you can wonder on each every day. >> let's reveal monday's buzz word, it's empire. >> getton to right this, and click on the win ipad button and enter empire. >> one day later this week, we'll have a bonus giveaway day, you can win a flat screen tv.
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keep on watching everybody. fuchbt had enough of drake's hit, wait until you get a taste of this. >> trying to look for one of the girls from the sorority to to be his queen. >> see if this landed his queen. >> how many dates have you gotten? >> i've edge prank, man, one
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day, one day it'll be real. >> if you're the kind of person that spends a lot of time on the internet and there's one or two of them. there has been a meme outbreak based on the latest video dropped by drake, hotline bling, and its been catching his imagination. tennis rackets in his hand, seen all kinds of stuff. i think he's going to be super happy, because i'm pretty sure most of it is going to shift to this. a cover of the song by connor gillboy. i'm just going to let you enjoy it. >> king of queens. he's so hot. don't you think he's hot?
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>> oh my god, i'm so excitinged he's, he's going to win. ♪ >> and that is pretty much the reaction of the entire internet to this video. >> toen deaf much? >> he's a member of the fraternity. and it's a submission video to the sorority for this king of queens thing. basically, he's trying to look for one of the girls from the sorority to be his queen. and this is the video he posted to attract attention. >> we've got to go to the man himself, his majesty, connor gillboy. live with us. >> with a hoo. >> what's up, guys? >> straight up the back, what's your reaction been to this? the world's reaction to this video? >> oh my gosh, got way more attention than it should have
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got in the first place. >> what was your attention? >> some members in the fraternity, hit me up like a day before and they asked me, said that a sorority is having selection coming up and we need a guy to be in this video and we thought you'd be the right guy for it, i guess. i'm doing more explaining than ever in my entire life. >> how many dates have you gotten out of this? >> i've got an lot of stuff out of this. two clothing companies, two tv shows, hit me up about this. and i guess, i don't know, some girls hit me up. >> connor, this video is the gift that just keeps on giving. but brother, do you own it? >> for sure, yeah, of course. >> no. >> what's been the reaction on campus? >> a lot of people who do know me understand i did it for a good cause. i did it to help to raise awareness about breast cancer.
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people who don't know me have been like literally roasting me. i'm so glad i don't have a twitter. if i had a twitter, it would be such a mess. >> thanks for starting your week with us. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." ♪
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♪ ♪
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome talk "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so we're going to teach you a little bit about hollywood really works. take a look at this. charles: we're going to tell them the whole thing? harvey: not all of it, but the juicy part. take a look at nick jonas. this was nick jonas over the weekend. we got him out. he had performed a concert here in l.a. he is really hot right now, so hot that demi lovato decided that she was going to 86 the person that she was supposed to do her world tour concert with --


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