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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on cbs starts now. rescue crews return it -- returned empty-handed tonight. good evening i am denton. >> the accident happened
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between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. an area with treacherous currents. port mac -- >> reporter: one man is dead, one is in the hospital, and another is still missing. the search for the third boater will pick up in the morning. out of the darkness and fog, the volunteers went back to their command post. after hours of searching on foot along the rugged coastline. a 20 foot fishing boat set out about 7 am and within a few hours, came the call, it had site.>> -- it had capsized.
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>> reporter: the boat crashed into rocks. one man was dead in the water. one was airlifted to the hospital and he is expected to survive. >> that water is often treacherous. >> reporter: the conditions were not particularly bad, but even the experienced could have trouble navigating. >> there was a lot of current action. that current can be very wild and unforgiving. 4 where -- >> reporter: where the road and, there was increasing fog. volunteers stand out over a five over a 5 mile stretch. they looked for the man in tough terrain with poor visibility. >> with these current fog
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conditions, being really thick, we are being optimistic and we will continue to search. >> reporter: more searchers will be added tomorrow. there were like best on the boat -- there were life vests on the boat. they were not warned. there are a lot of rocks use -- there are a lot of rescues. four people died in the same area earlier this year. we do not know where this boat was based. clear skies tonight. what a beautiful shot there, the sixth and final super moon for 2015.
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the weather is starting to change. there is some rain in the forecast. when we can expect this first rain. what a good sign. >> it is. moisture at the upper elevations, a chance of rain as we head into the bay area wednesday. this area here, that hurricane is dying rapidly. that is a lot of tropical moisture swinging in. the activity has been on steroids because of the strong water. you will see showers develop, you can see showers developing onshore, but the real showers will be tomorrow night.
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about 10 pm, it will be rainy. 7 am wednesday, we will let you know how long it will stick around. we have more great opportunities in the forecast. >> download the app for access to live radar and up-to-the- minute forecasts. they are trying to figure out what caused this apartment fire. market street in san onfrancisco's mission dolores neighborhood. dispatchers received report of a fire at 5:47 p.m. a person is in custody tonight a woman's body was discovered this morning.
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on monday morning at 10:21 a.m., officers responded to 25 s. 3rd st. on a welfare check. officers arrived and discovered a deceased adult female. the woman's name has not been released. the earthquake was in northern afghanistan. the magnitude of 7.5, that is considered a major earthquake. monitoring developments. >> reporter: that was in a sparsely populated area in afghanistan. it shook more than 130 miles below the surface.
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on a steady stream of the wounded was rushed to the hospital. hundreds were injured and more than 150 are dead including schoolchildren who were trampled in a stampede to get outside. the digging up has already begun, countless homes crumbled. >> we offer our deepest condolences who were affected by the earthquake and afghanistan. >> reporter: video posted to social media shows the impact of the jolt. photos show up her car and an impressive landside. >> we came down, running. >> the jolt were strong, the whole building was shaking and
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the windows shook. >> reporter: it was felt as far as northern india. >> i initially thought i was feeling dizzy, but when i saw the watcher bottle on my desk shaking, i realized it was an earthquake. >> reporter: looking for victims in areas that are remote. a double rainbow was posted to social media after the earthquakes aftermath. >> there was one 10 years ago, it was 16 miles below the surface, and it left many people that. >> this is in a sparsely populated area and it is hard to get to.
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>> they have resources in the area, shelters and first aid, and storage areas. >> that is there if needed. it has now grown to 182 cases. the health department said that the outbreak happened two weeks ago. that restaurant is still shut down. 144 cases are in santa clara county. other cases are in waco and other counties. talk -- process meats, hot dogs, bacon, and other processed food caused cancer -- causes cancer. >> reporter: he is surprised that the help group did not
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take this -- it shows that red meat had higher incidences of colon cancer among women. today's new -- today's news is not new news. people are talking. sharp knives are the tools of the trade. they are slicing through a new report that says eating processed meat can raise the risk of getting calling cancer. >> i do not recommend processed meats for anybody. >> reporter: he has been telling people to avoid processed meat and to cut back on red meat for a while now. the world health organization equation should give people more reasons to limit bacon,
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hot dogs, etc. >> the fat is saturated. that increases the risk of cancer. >> reporter: one of the mechanisms with the process, causes cancer. >> might just like ribs. >> reporter: the san francisco mom says that with this new report, they're going to cut back on the beat. >> we are trying to eat more vegetarian food. >> reporter: should we become vegetarians? >> read me, if consumed, -- red meat, if consumed, should only be consumed once a day, if not want to week. >> reporter: these findings are controversial. they have been called dramatic.
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coming up, the world champion warriors get their rings, at tomorrow's game. very impressive on how the rings made it here, they were in a briefcase and the man's briefcase was cuffed to his arm. it has been 20 years since the original oyster hit -- the original toy story hit theaters.
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the story of two toys. >> i loved that movie. tonight the makers of toy story are celebrating 20 years. the first fully computer animated film. >> they came together in san francisco to mark the anniversary. they are at the castro theater. the movie is now a classic. >> reporter: the event is still going on and fans are so excited. they were sharing laughs, inside stories, and some rare photographs.
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>> we are code red. >> reporter: they are simple characters that have touched this generation. it made history two decades ago. >> back 20 years ago, computer animation was just flying logos. >> reporter: renewed the limitations of the computer, and it ended up being a perfect fit for a story about choice. >> it looked as though the characters were made of plastic. >> reporter: to use the technology to tell the story with heart. >> we were over in point richmond, no one knew who we were, when it was 1995, we saw the reaction from everyone.
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>> reporter: he remembers watching it in a theater for the first time. >> et al. worldly. so long -- it felt worldly. other people watched it and enjoyed it. it was, while, it was -- while -- wow it was mind blowing. >> reporter: they viewed the art that led to the film and shared stories. >> and had this profound effect on culture as a whole. it was of universal story and the characters were amazing. >> just looking to see how they created movies in my childhood, is really amazing.
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>> with making computers at apple, what is the lifespan? three years? five years they are a doorstop. if you do your job right and make this animated film -- it could last for ever. >> reporter: the toy story characters continue to move on and they are working on toy story four. president obama is getting standard -- standardized texting, the white house once a on testing, no more than 2% of class time is used for test taking. they are talking about it across the country to get new ideas and on the table.
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congressional negotiations are still on the way and still no deal on a budget. he's trying to get it passed this week before he turns his job over. congress is reportedly close to $80 billion deal that ends december 11. a must pass increase to the federal borrowing limit. that deadline is november 3. stocks were mixed today. earnings from apple are said to be released tarell the dow finished lower at 23 points. the nasdaq a little above two. who will sit on the blue ribbon commission to evaluate the county jail system?
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it was in regards to the recent beating death that brought this up. >> reporter: 25 members and one alternate member, three deputies , they are accused of beating him to death. >> the tragic death must mean something. as to how our society treats men in custody. >> reporter: current and retired judges, mental health experts and inmate rights and community activists. >> the tax payer of santa clara county pay the salaries of the correctional officers and the officers salaries. the citizens in our county have
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a right to know what is happening in our gel. >> reporter: having services for the mentally ill and training for the officers. this calls for the sheriff to be removed from the commission. 350 people have signed this. the sheriff said that she has not seen a. >> i have not been asked to be not on the commission. i have a valuable part and i need to be the voice. >> reporter: we want excessive punishment to stop before another death occurs. >> we are happy for the commission, but we think it is too late, the top did not need to happen. >> reporter: -- the death should not have happened.
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a nice day out there today, temperatures where a little bit warmer than yesterday. there is a little bit patchy fog and we have some clouds overhead. we were talking about the tropical storm being pulled into this weather system. it will bring and showers. tomorrow will be increasing clouds, we are already seeing that. we are seeing a few areas possibly getting a little bit of a drizzle. as we look at the forecast model for tomorrow it will be mostly cloudy for the day. daytime highs, those yellows are 70 degrees, so you will see a lot of mid-70s, and some 60s. there will be a little bit of fog. on wednesday, the morning commute will be a wet one. when i come back, we will talk about the weather coming up.
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a family is in mourning after the death of a man after a night out with friends. >> he is extremely missed. >> reporter: they are looking for clues in the case. 30 teams down to two. the world series and the starting lineup for the royals. the finger pointing and the call for action over the problematic project.
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and of course, bottle service. fewer carbs, less calories, exceptional taste. michelob ultra, the superior light beer. new developments. san jose police released this booking photo of a man arrested and of homicide.
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he was arrested after a woman was found dead in an apartment this morning. the woman's name has not then released pending notification of her relatives. a night out celebrating ended up in the death of the real estate agent. >> reporter: family and friends came to pray where his wife was taken. his dreams and plans were cut short. >> he was loved. he is extremely missed. he had everything to look forward to. >> reporter: a beloved brother, husband, he was found here, it
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was a celebration for our friends that they he was sitting on the curb waiting for our ride home. >> it was like a drive-by and they took off. >> reporter: the cameras are broken at the business next her. >> family and friends are coming together. >> we need to find out who did this. >> reporter: he grew up in hawaii. he then went to college in san francisco and then became a real estate agent. he considered every stranger family. >> he welcome everybody. >> reporter: those are coming
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-- those people are coming together to grieve and they want answers. they are planning a fundraiser. it will happen this thursday at 5 pm to 8 pm. chambers creek the world champion warriors. precious cargo being delivered here. we spoke with the music legend. leaders and their little helpers. breaking ground at a children's hospital for a major expansion project.
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back. another great season work during up for. >> tomorrow is the big season opener, before that, there will be a ceremony with some serious bling. >> reporter: we can feel the excitement and anticipation among fans. >> this afternoon, a briefcase was handcuffed to a man and inside was russia's cargo. -- precious cargo. it was flown to oakland and then taken to oracle arena at 5 pm, the rings will be given to the players and coaches at a pregame ceremony tomorrow night.
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this is a new commercial launch by the worst. -- launched by the warriors. she plans to attend the season opener. >> born and raised in oakland and for them to ask me to be a part of it, i was so happy, you have no idea, i was screaming and yelling. >> these are our season tickets for the year. >> reporter: she says she would not miss a game for anything. >> this is my dad's name and how old he was on his birthday. the year that the one there
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first championship in 1975, she says that her father taught her everything. >> i felt my parents and especially my dad on my shoulder when they one point -- when they one. it is still emotionally touching to me. >> reporter: these signs will be on display. happy hour will be extended because of the warriors gave. if fans do not have tickets they will be watching from a bar or from home. >> i am keeping my fingers crossed. >> reporter: the warriors will play the new orleans pelicans. the team tells me that tickets are still available. >> tickets are still available, seriously?
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i thought it would be sold out. it was interesting to see how they brought the rings up from southern california. the transit agency you about the aging bridge rail. that structure was inspected back in february, there was no immediate action and they felt it was not an immediate threat to safety. it has been removed and offense has been put up to keep people off the overpass. >> it may be a 12 month -- 12 months that it may have lasted, i'm not sure those barriers are going to work. >> reporter: they declined to comment about the report. they are planning to replace the rail and they start taking bids next week. this is a temporary fix.
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the bridge will be replaced over the next five years. the man led them on a wild chase and two officers were injured. police say he faces a number of charges. officers initially responded to reports that the man with a knife. that is when the suspect hopped into a patrol car and raised through a city and to the bay bridge. he rear ended a car there treasure island. he jumped out of the car and tried to carjack another car. it is under way and ktvt was there. the ground has now been looking for the new outpatient center. >> reporter: political and healthcare leaders were here.
10:35 pm
the stars were clearly much younger. this five-year-old and other patients were able to break out. >> that is a bunch of third there. >> he had two strokes. >> reporter: he says this hospital is key to his sons recovery. here is the main hospital, the new building is going to go across the street, it is going to be six stories and 89,000 ft.2. they will allow the hospital to -- accommodate other services in the hospital. >> so that there is a place to stay when you come with their
10:36 pm
child for a treatment of -- for a treatment on a child with leukemia. >> reporter: they host many patients each year. >> doing it in a modern billing -- building is incredible. >> whether it is huge upgrades to our hospitals, schools, working to get the homeless off the streets and into homes, these are our three major goals. >> reporter: this investment is important for the city. >> one more example of the incredible momentum in oakland right now. >> reporter: the new building will open in 2019.
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new developments in a corruption case. we talked about the tuesday forecast and we will talk about the wednesday commute. we will talk about how much rain you could see in your neighborhood and how long it class. the oklahoma state homecoming parade, were learning about the suspect.
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federal prosecutors said today they will not seek the death penalty. he was charged with murder and racketeering earlier this month. he was already facing racketeering and money laundering charges.
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jeb bush had strong words for his rival. he met people at an event in houston. he has scaled back his campaign and resources. today, he says he is set up with the rhetoric.>> is this election is how we're going to fight about how not to get anything done, i don't not want any part of it. i could find other things to do. it is a joke when people put people down. elect trunk if you want that -- elect donald trump if you want that. some unsettling words from an attorney of an oklahoma woman who plowed her car into a crowd.
10:41 pm
she was arrested on dui charges after the incident. she was not in court for her arraignment today. police are waiting for the results of the blood test. her family and boyfriend said that she is kind and loving and may be suffering from a mental health issue. >> she seems to lack in her ability. i mentioned to her that there are people that died, her face was unmoved, unchanged, no sign of emotion. >> the last two years she was in a zombie like state and she was given medication to bring her back to normal. five catholics in just six
10:42 pm
months. >> our people safe? -- five gas leak in six months. >> are people safe? weather coming our way. a close call for a tree trimmer in southern california. what it took to get him down from 25 feet up.
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10:44 pm
cbs weather report. breaking news, a 2.7 magnitude earthquake came in. there have been hundreds in that area. a little shaking going on in
10:45 pm
the san ramon area. there is plenty of finger-pointing going on in our construction project. a supervisor is being called . >> we heard the noise of a big faucet. >> reporter: a restaurant1428 haight was filled with the smell of gas. i had frantic employees calling >>relatives because the smell of gas was so strong, nobody knows what's going to happen. are we going to blow up? get it under control? it was very scary. >> reporter:business owners, residents and city leaders went public with their concerns over a project meant to beautify haight street. but underground repairs have
10:46 pm
been a near disaster. supervisor breed is calling for >>hearings at city hall. >>the bigger issue is, are people safe? what is going on? what is being done? >>the city blames the subcontractor on the multi- million dollar project, a san francisco company called synergy project management. >> they did under $1 million. >> reporter:synergy told ktvu by phone that pg&e's maps detailing the underground gas pipes are inaccurate, some off by as much as six feet. they also say that some underground pipes were improperly installed >> reporter: they maintain that their maps are accurate. the project has been shut down temporarily. the city wants to fire them from the project but the process is not easy. >> there is a process we need
10:47 pm
to follow. >> reporter: the city says that they plan to take the unusual step by holding an administrative hearing. it could end up in court. temperatures today were about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. 83 degrees. morgan hill 84 degrees. tomorrow's highs will be in the mid-70s. there will be a lot of clout cover -- cloud cover. there are high clouds that we talked about earlier that is coming from this moisture. showers will come in from the
10:48 pm
south, and wednesday morning will be the best chance for some showers. this hurricane is being sucked into this, but it is falling apart. el nino's create tropical disturbances. we will then get a setup like this, we will see some showers on wednesday. i do typical non-el niño year, we usually just get drizzle, but with this enhancement, we we -- we may get an inch of rain. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, here is a wednesday morning at 7 am, at 9 am, it is raining, and there is wednesday at 10 am, 11
10:49 pm
am, that is the first one. here is another system as we had in two-year bay area next week. halloween will be nice. temperatures will be in the 60s. 74 in napa tomorrow. halloween will be dry. some showers on wednesday morning, we may have some significant rain next week. we may have a couple inches in some areas. wednesday morning we will have some showers. a big scare for a southern california tree trimmer. it all was caught on camera. rescuers tried to get him down from 25 feet up.
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rescuers in southern california worked to free a man. the tree trimmer was buried, 25 feet above the ground. eventually, he made it down the trunk. he was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in fair condition. the 49ers are having a bad
10:53 pm
season, how about the ravens? >> it has been a long start of the season for the baltimore ravens. they think they have arizona's chris johnson tackled here, johnson is not down, he's going for 62 yards all the way to the ravens eight. a field goal. arizona leads. he is not a happy guy as a result of this. carson palmer to john brown in the fourth quarter. 26-10, the ravens were not finished. butler back to put, here he comes, his punt is a block. it is recovered at the 1 yard line. they made a two point conversion, the game came down
10:54 pm
to one play, it was this, the ravens at the arizona nine, the cardinals hang on for a 26-18 win. raters are three and three. they are a division behind the broncos. -- the raters are three and -- the oakland raiders are three and three and the are a division behind the broncos. he made that inter-section, the raters had a pair of inter- sections -- the oakland raiders had a pair of interceptions. the blockers are there, look at the moves by cooper in the open field. the raters when 37-29. he was happy with the effort. >> there is more there.
10:55 pm
it is not as though we arrived or anything. it is the best football we played today. we are going to acknowledge what was good. and then we will point out the things that were not as good and we will talk about the growth opportunities in front of us. >> the kansas city royals vowed that they would get into the series. the role of the starting pitcher was that question. they won one and lost one against toronto. the mets will be wearing visitors gray. matt harvey will be on the mound. harvey was on a pitch count as he recovered from arm surgery. the mets had a chance to win it all. he was in. >> all those doubts, all those
10:56 pm
thoughts, especially negative thoughts. i knew that i was going to see the best surgeon in the world. and have the best staff had me, from then on it was a no doubt are that i would -- it was no doubt that i would be back. >> the warriors opened their season against the new orleans pelicans tomorrow night. kenny smith, shakeel o'neill, berkeley, they kicked off the reception today in san francisco. berkeley talked about challenges . he said a thing about a slap on the back is not far from another part of the body that could be kicked. thank you for joining us tonight.
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see you later .
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