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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 27, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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to come up with a huge hit for the mets. chased hip right there. cuddyer. you can see how quick granderson is right here. this is where you are seeing the ball good. believe it or not. how quick he was able to get out of the way of the ball. not diving in. might dive into that and get hit. here comes the 2-1 pitch. 3-1. i don't think ryan madison or the royals care at all if granderson takes a walk. the way he got out of the way. the pitch all most hit him. come back now you put him on. seek the ba seeing the ball too well. thank you. i think the royals are flirting with danger here with granderson if they challenge him. 3-1.
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that's a walk. two on. up to david wright. two for his last two. granderson is locked in right now. david right back to back hits. starting to swing the bats. got a couple of fastballs. able to turn the bat. looked like he started swinging. little bit too. i think between the two. you want to take on -- david wright. that last pitch on 3 and 1. ball four. and it's two on for david right. playing in his first world series game. and the mets are looking for the go-ahead rbi from their captains. ryan madison a ton. madison's time in philadelphia. 8 out of 26. three home runs --
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david wright. ball one. wright's first full year in the big leagues, 2005. 306. 311. playoff team in '06. one win short of the world series. here he is. nine years later. ball one. ball two. 2-0. that looks good. looks good at the plate. looks comfortable. franklin morales. getting loose. the left-handed hitting. second baseman on deck.
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takes the strike. and think about david wright. >> tom: long history with the club. what it takes for him just to get on the field every day now coming back from the back injury. hours of work. even on the off day yesterday. getting here at 11:30. for a 3:00 workout. two outs. 2 and 2.
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97. madison. same story. velocity. keep it away. temptation is to go with the change-up. i think he has to stay hard away. i keep looking. let it go. keeps moving to second base. the right side. hit the wall through. now it stand back. with you. moving around. before the pitch. you can see wright. having a huff time getting around. even though on the last pitch. 91 mile an hour pitch. looks lack he is up there shooting at the right. >> yeah. that was, counted in my head. i can hear, dick williams right now going "leave him alone.
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leave him alone. get back." the 2-2. and we always talk about the players. how familiar you have become. also the same thing with the pitcher too. the numbers, we always look at. great success. look at the other side of the pitcher. saying i have got him out. the pitch coming. got himself -- 2-2. and game one will stay tied into the bottom of the 11th. with morales, moustakas and
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n niese. in the 11th. trying to send it to the 12th. and going to the right. granderson has got it. what a catch by curtis granderson. rob dyson. his first at-bat of extra bases. one loud out. >> harold: it didn't like granderson had a chance at the ball from our vantage point. dyson putting the gap on hip. because heap is playing no doubles. giving him the angle to run the
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ball down. had he been playing earlier in the game. see, barely off the glove. earlier in the game. probably playing him in more. the way dyson can run it. the ball, wrapped around at all at the wall. we would have another inside-the-park home run. >> tom: for sure a three. and possibly a fourth. by the way, came in to pinch-run for morales in the firninth aft his walk. watch this guy just fly. oh, man. doesn't he look like ozzie smith? that number one. he runs look ozzie. what a catch by granderson. what a play. here's one to the left side off the bat of moustakas. side arm. making it across. david wright. two quick outs.
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glad you bring up the side arm from david wright. because of all the back problems he had. that's the delivery he had to go to. to be able to get the ball over. without putting a lot of strain on his back. he has done a lot of things to try to make sure he can stay on the field. that's within of them. instead of getting on top. puts it down the side. here is salvador perez. we had the first game tying world series home run in the ninth inning or later. since scott broscius. yankees, diamond backs went deep. last one to do it. game five. broscius. tonight. al, gordon. one out in the ninth. tied at 4. two out. perez. ball one. salvador one hit tonight. four home runs this postseason.
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ball two. the first swing. he will swing. will be a home run swing. two outs. bases empty. let him loose. here is chris young. scheduled starter for game four. that is down. three and owe. 3 and 0. the latest hero appearing in game one on deck. >> harold: i was wondering where the royals might go. you have niese can go for the mets. 3-0 pitch. swinging. >> harold: they're aggressive. 3 and 0. i think david wrightout
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out outen -- out in order. if they do not hit the base. lack of speed. they're out. end of inning. >> joe: warden has been with the organization, big league level, pitching coach since '08. eighth year. meanwhile, terry collins in his fifth year as the manager. he was with the organization, player development prior to that. coming into this, his fifth year. it had been, four straight losing seasons for terry collins. albeit with an undermanned roster. and now it is all blossomed in front of everybody's eyes with this young pitching. and collins is really handled this 2015 season well. lefty on lefty.
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niese against gordon. winning run at first. salvador perez. doesn't really have the big breaking ball. unless you see on left on left situations. gordon homered in the ninth to tie it up. familia. niese pitched a scoreless inning on his birthday. now here he is on the 2th. here in the central time zone. strike one. here is the home run. well here is the home run. for you. this ball. extra velocity. 107 is excellent. 438 feet. that's a long home run.
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and in this night we are in right now. hit the ball pretty hard. that is strike two off the bat of gordon. off the foot. >> harold: he had the balls ricocheting everywhere this week. earlier batting practice in the week. he hit a ball off the cage. back off his nose. last series hit another ball. bounced up and hit him. this one out off the toe. the mets really don't have a match up left-hander in their bullpen. niese just misses outside. bartolo colon is up right now. and time to call over to first. jeremy blevins. a left-hander. not that well known.
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earlier in the year went down with an injury. and, really haven't been able to fill that lefty on lefty role. what a job niese has done. here tonight in game one of the world series. and we will play at least 12. but how about the play by granderson to start this inning. a ball hit by dyson. the appreciation of the pitcher niese. tied at 4 into the 12th. carbs to compete, ♪ electrolytes to replenish. ♪ everything you need to keep sweating. ♪
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>> joe: a little extra rest going into game two. and johnny cueto, who has been equal parts fantastic and not so fantastic. to put it nicely here in the postseason. great in game five. division series against houston. it really is. murphy strike one. >> harold: sneak preview of kansas city. >> tom: there is the hair battle to be continued in game two. i dent know how long he has been growing his, degrom, but, cueto has been growing his for seven years. >> joe: met by daniel murphy. after his last at-bat. barring extra innings. that streak of homering in six consecutive postseason games was over. here we are in the 12th. here he is at the plate.
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strike two. from the tall, 6'10", right-hander. heard mur. talk murphy talk about it. >> joe: here's the 1-2. by the way. i am sure -- will tell me if i did. it is locally. now, 20 after 11:00 or in that neighborhood. 20 after 12:00 in the east. and, still pitching here locally. here is the shot foul. this game has, say it, tide. seen everything. seen pretty much everything.
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starting with an inside-the-park home run to start the night. off of the bat of escobar. and 2 and 2 on murphy. going to say, can't blame you for losing track of time. i think stephen king called in and said i can't belief how imaginative this game is. >> joe: it has. we even lost power at one point during the middle part of the game. but it has been more than made up for. here is the 2-2. and a swinging strike three. the ball bounced right back. one out. >> tom: what a play. >> harold: this ball, barely misses the umpire. barely misses the bat. it ricochets back. so many things could happen on the ball.
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comes off the ball. comes off the wall. >> tom: are you kidding me. stephen king is shaking his head. that one caromed back to perez. come back to him perfectly. mr. perfectly than that. crazy stuff going on. >> joe: one out here in the 12th. the batter is cespedes. you bring a guy like chris young out of the bullpen. after you have seen madson, all throwing, 95, 96, 98, 99, 100 for herrera. this is the guy, bed type you thing would be here with him that's as hard as he will throw tonight. 90 miles an hour. one ball. one strike. >> harold: if anybody profiled some body that will throw 100 mild an hour.
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it's a 6'10", pitcher. right. the end of the game. vel os team. vel os team. velocity. here we are. niese and chris young, if they break 90. that would be a lot. 1-1. skips in. and cespedes, looks froggy right now. a good swing early. dancing in the box. >> joe: froggy is a good thing? >> harold: good thing. >> joe: 2-1 pitch. 3 and 1 from the 36-year-old right-hander from dallas, texas. didn't get a decision. didn't go to five innings. big part of the 14-2 win for the royals. alcs.
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really do a nice job. up and in. cespedes. in this game tonight. tremendous on the fastball. and fight graph tecvity. the ball doesn't sing as muk ass hitters expect. another 3-2. strike him out. two down. excellent pitch. the other thing, tom, what happened with him being 6'10." change the eye angle. that's what happened to cespedes. you think high release.
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you will get a fastball. next thing you know. the ball is dying before it gets to the plate. one of the few pitchers that worked on changing the streak zone. most pitchers horizontally, stretching in and out. wants to change the eye level. work up and down. this to me is -- a good match up for duda. he had two hits. hit the ball hard twice. he homered in game four of the nlcs. and, first one bounces in there from young. got to be careful with that slider. make sure it is away from duda. to have it break in and becomes a very dangerous pitch. could hit them a long way. 2-0. on deck is the right-handed hitting catcher. travis d'arnaud.
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looked like. along. didn't want any part of duda. orlando. right field. he is warming up. mid comes the 3-0. he's swinging. time to walk him into camp. let's see if that guy backs into this battle with duda. 3-1. 3-2. duda yet to take a hack. young could strike out the side. and nobody is sitting in this stadium.
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bullpen with ten strikeouts tonight. struck out the side. craig young comes in out of the bullpen. after all of the flame throwers, young striking out the side in the 12th. back after this from your local fox stations.
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>> joe: when, when they're saying out there. the guy at our desk. raul ibanez, a-rod, welcome to the world of television, alex rodriguez, and kevin burkhardt, out there in this gorgeous ballpark as we go to the bottom of the 12th inning. and here is, bartolo colon. he has been good out of the pen this postseason in four games. the ageless one. first up, paulo orlando. colon. strike one. 12 days between postseason wins.
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longest gap by any pitcher in major league baseball. history. he has been, a good middle man for, terry collins. in october. the 42 your old brings it. hits outside corner. he can do that with the best of them. his control. you watch him. time and time again. over, a fourth of the season. it's mind-boggling how good his control can be. here is the 1-2. and he can run right. too late. orlando is on. >> tom: talking to orlando yesterday. he was on the


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