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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a san francisco dentist is arrested in york and the cross- country drug operation he is accused of running. all over the tv screen and broadway, live with actor john o hurley as he brings his one- man show to the bay area. we get into the holiday spirit, taking a tour of one of the scariest attractions in the bay area. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 to the 9, and we
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just got to meet john doe hurley. -- john o hurley. he looks just like the character, j peterman.>> the catalog man in town for his one- man show. we will talk a little bit about that in san francisco just in case you do not want to send pictures, we have done it, this is the 49er. show us the next picture. who is that? father and son. this is an aruban -- anna ruben, and she is cute.>> we
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have the entire slideshow on>> my mom had one particular picture when i was three years old back in the day. it is like an old polaroid. i had a pack of smoltz -- pack of smokes rolled up in my sleeve. we have an idea of how the parents can enjoy some of the candy that is going to be coming into the house. >> i take my candy straight, but these guys were show you something different.>> it is caring -- pairing. we want you to send us your pictures, you can do that by using
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tvuthe9 . you remember when you were the fonds, -- "the fonz" and share with us your best costumes in your favorites. and of course, we love pictures. a lot of people are talking about this long time san francisco dentist that promoted his practice to marijuana smokers, and he has been busted on trafficking charges, and his son is currently serving a drug sentence.>> we have been in contact with the new york authorities throughout the morning. >> reporter: for 33 years, doctor jerome weitz has been a fixed figure in the san francisco community, and he founded the mission dental health. we spoke with employees off- camera, and they say this is simply shocking. this is video of the 63-year-
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old jerome weitz and he was arrested in your heirs, new york, just north of new york city on wednesday. we just obtained a court documents, and they say was on his way to meet with another man in order to receive payment for marijuana. when he was arrested, he had more than $3800 on him, $6800 in a separate suitcase. they have accused him of shipping 20 to 30 pounds of pot to new york city each month and he was reportedly targeted in an undercover investigation with two other men, and they say he was part of a drug smuggling operation that started with this son joseph that is serving a sentence. he is also currently being held in new york on a $75,000 bail. we're getting reports this morning that the u. s. and president obama specifically
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will authorize a small number, fewer than 50, u. s. special ops forces to be sent to syria, and they will be working with the local ground forces and there will be a formal announcement in about a half- hour. this comes after secretary of state john kerry is indiana meeting with a 19 world leaders in hopes of bringing an end to the war in syria. most western nations are calling for the syria president to step down, russia and iran are supporting the regime hauling it a legitimate government. this is the first time that representatives from iran are taking part in these talks. the u.s. senate gave final approval of the deal that would prevent the government shutdown and raised the debt limit and it is making its way through the senate, there were a few holdouts. ted cruz and ran ball -- rand
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paul spoke out against it.>> should we give congress more money, l no. congress is bad with money, and they are not good with money, and did not trust them with any more money. the government spending cap would allow more domestic spending, and the democrats to support it, and the republicans want more money for the pentagon, and the $18 trillion debt will be rising faster now. this will give us two years of relative peace for the budget.>> paul ryan says he wants to wipe the slate clean and that he is not interested in settling scores, and he says his colleagues need to prove themselves worthy to the job in which they were elected. he will make changes to how that house operates giving everyone a chance to contribute.
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>> if you know the issue, you should write the bill. open up the process and let people participate, and they might change their mind to. a neglected minority will come up the works. -- gum up the works. you can see romney was at the capitol to congratulate paul ryan on his new position. something controversial in san francisco is proposition f, and a coalition of tenant's rights advocates and hotel and union workers held a rally at the union square urging the voters to back this measure. a debate was held on the issue at the university of san francisco law school, and they have spent about $8 million to persuade the voters to vote no, and the backers have raised just short of $300,000.
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raider fans of trying to keep the team in oakland, and hundreds gathered for the town hall meeting to hear about the raiders potential move down south, and noelle walker was at the meeting where even the raiders owner chimed in. >> we will be listening, i promise you. you meet them and i want you to meet them, and we are passionate.>> reporter: the fans are raucous and passionate.>> we need to get this done. >> reporter: alternating pleased to stay in threats if the raiders leave. >> mr. davis, with all due respect, if you think the grass is greener and you choose to take the team, if you return here again, you will probably come back to a no trespassing sign. >> we have been trying for the
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past six years, every day, hundreds of hours, the people working in this organization, trying to get things done here in oakland. >> the fan base does not go on family vacation, and we purchase season tickets. >> we have had to back for two years and do you have our back now?>> the nfl has been botching this process, and you have four different cities in each other's>> reporter:'s -- each other's throats. we're ponds in your little game -- pawns in your little game.>> there is nothing wrong with the oakland area.>> reporter: the raiders in oakland belonged together was the feeling of the crowd.>> oakland is an up and
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coming area, and it is weird, and you are a weird owner, and that is okay. that is no offense.>> we have the oakland raiders and 38 teams in the nfl.>> it was raucous, just like we expected. we have learned that the oakland mayor met with the raiders owner and representatives from the nfl yesterday before the town hall meeting, and we caught up with the mayor to see how that wind. -- that went. >> it is a complex deal, and it was productive. the ultimate goal is telling a new stadium for the team, it is complicated. >> the mayor says that she does not believe it is too late to get the deal done, and she expressed confidence that the raiders would stay in oakland. >> a lot of disappointment that the raiders fans were not able to go to the meeting, and
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tickets were spoken for, so they had to watch it on live screen.>> i saw the video, and it looked like there were a lot of empty seats. >> the nfl did not want to fill the place with capacity. >> the mayor said it was productive, but what was productive about it? she has been on record with us saying she does not want taxpayer funds going to the stadium. money for the infrastructure, but not for the actual stadium, and the owner wants us to champion. give the green light if the raiders want to go south. coming up on mornings on 2 and the recommendation from the police as they search for information for this drugging incident. more on the chemical scare
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welcome back. we will check on the stocks, as we always do. not good, but not too bad. the dow is down a handful of points, less than a 10th of a %. that really is the story across the board. s&p and nasdaq are also down, but just a couple of points each. there's a warning going out that some people may have been drug at a uc berkeley fraternity, but they are not saying which fraternity. the uc berkeley police say that one or more people could have been victimized recently. they recommend that anyone that thinks they were drugged to seek out treatment and to consider filing a police report. what penalties the
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communities will face for failing to cut back on the water use that was ordered last june, and the cutbacks amounted to 27% in august. the state water resources board says that some parts of the state have failed to meet the mandated cut back. 66 warning letters have been issued to the water suppliers and they could race finds. -- face fines. maybe patchy low clouds, but no other problems. we do have system moving in that could bring us some clouds and rain. this will be the first of the snow in the sierras, and if you have travel plans, get out by sunday afternoon. it will be sunny and cold for some in the 40s and 50s, but looking good for friday and saturday. increasing clouds on sunday and rain developing sunday afternoon and into monday. cold and windy next week.
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>> the best scenario is when you have rain for few days, comes back and stops, and then more rain. >> that is the way it was once.>> 4500 feet for snow. coming up, mornings on 2, a spooky tour and we will give you a history lesson. the behind-the-scenes look at the oldest historical home. you love tim on seinfeld and the family feud, coming up, actor john doe hurley will join us live.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. welcome back to mornings on 2 to the 9. we're looking at some pictures of our viewers
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here. if there is a special song you would like to hear on a friday, we will play the request, just # ktvu. >> i like monster mash. boo do -- voo-doo is another favorite. thank you all for sending in your pictures of your halloween costumes. >> jamie sent us these pictures of a little girl from two years. here we have freda and this is her daughter dressed up as freda lilly. here we have mona lilly, and look at her expression, she has that smile with a bit of mystery behind it.>> she looks like the real mona lisa. she said this to us.
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clearly mom is very creative. if you want to send us your photo or tell us about your best halloween costume ever and live in the newsroom.>> here are some of the stories we're following this morning. there are new developments in the overnight hazmat situation in palo alto where people became sick because of that strange odor, and the palo alto hotel is back to normal. the suspicious odor caused 12 people to go to the hospital with reading problems, but it has dissipated. the garage and first-floor were briefly evacuated, and the guests on the other floors were told to stay in their rooms as a precaution. has met brought in -- hazmat teams brought in air monitors but found no cause for the odor. they say they may never know what caused the
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shigella outbreak linked to the restaurant that made almost 200 people sick and they became ill after eating at the restaurant in san jose. all of the restaurant workers tested negative for sabella with the exception of one shigella -- shigella with the exception of one, and they believe the worker caught the disease but is not the source for it. the search is on in san mateo, looking for three juveniles that escaped from the camp. about 11:30 pm, three young latino men walked away from the juvenile camp on log cabin ranch road, and they may be in the law honda area and wearing burgundy sweatshirts, white t- shirts and jeans, and one of them could actually be missing his shoe. if you see him, call 911.
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it is 9:22 am. halloween is tomorrow and everybody is looking for a good scare. you could find a scare in the form of a history lesson.>> we take a haunted look at the past.>> reporter: this old big taurean is known as the cameron stanford house, and these days as you walk in the door, you may find ms. cameron sitting by the crib mourning the loss of her two- year-old daughter that died in 1877.>> of the five families that lived here, the first family had a two-year-old that died. she died in this house. you would late the loved one out in the parlor upstairs because they did not have humoral parlors back then. you would lay them out for weeks at a time. >> if you are a little bit creeped out, this new eit
9:24 am
called "morbid desires" does not start in the parlor, but starts one floor down.>> we want to break them in easy.>> reporter: what you find here may fascinate and shock you as they toured the morning rituals of the victorian area -- era.>> these pens having human hair in them. they have him propped up to look like he is alive. this gal is propped up with the guitar. some of the photographers would say before you bring in the deceased relative to us, try to get the eyeballs open. we think it is gross, but they did not.>> it is kind of disturbing to think about it now, someone doing that and
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propping someone up on a chair that is passed away. >> but if your child died and you never had a picture, you might like that.>> reporter: that could be arguable, but the law inspired maggie since some -- maggie sent some -- simpson adams decided to do this piece. morning -- mourning has become taboo. >> women mourned their husband for two and half years, and you were not going to give up ashton altogether. a second wife for the husband's first wives parents. a mother who had married children would mourn for the child's in-laws when they
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died.>> when you talk about meeting fashion, you could be in morning for -->> forever. these fashions are from the macy's museum here in book in berkeley. >> this is one of the last cool old houses in oakland. history is an important element here. all you have to do is walk in to be transported back in time, just for a moment you can watch the mother, 135 years ago mourning the loss of her baby.>> thank you. we have household tours every sunday through november 15. we will take you through another haunted site that could be a fun option for your family
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this holiday weekend. getting a chance to spend the time with the golden state star steph curry. we played monster mash, and we will talk about the first monster dad that was on tv. we will talk to the ceo and great causes. we have a major hollywood star, and that is all i'm going this day.
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coming up on 9:30 am, the man behind the most loved television characters. -- be loved television
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characters. j peterman, named the winner of the first season of dancing with the stars. >> he is the man that killed the seinfeld. with a badly lip-synched version of the yellow rose of texas. he is managed to kill three series of his own since then. he has killed four so proper us -- soap operas, and guest starred on more than 50 shows none of which are still on the air. he managed to take three shows off of the air in one week. ladies and gentlemen, the grim reaper of television. [ applause ]. >> now we only have 30 seconds
9:31 am
left. [ laughter ]. i feel welcome. thank you.>> talk about the jay peterman character. you turned the roll down. >> my series have been canceled the day before on abc. larry david's office called while i was out trying to take the cancellation is personally as i possibly could. i ended up saying no that i did not want to guest star. and the next morning he said the goal get up and have some fun. so i did, and now i'm glad i did. i had a fun time. >> you lost something, and did you have different frame of mind had you not been left, do you think you could have approached this differently? >> it was not an audition, and
9:32 am
they basically gave me the data peterman -- jay peterman catalog and said they wanted him to sound the way the catalog was written like an oxford button-down.>> you guys were having so much fun, you cannot fake that.>> you knew you were part of television history, and i used to tell people it would be the peterman assistant, and i would tell them to save everything because one day you will be watching this show with your grandchildren. i told them i cannot promise them about every other show but i could about this one. >> was there talk about of spinoff, a jay peterman spinoff?>> there was discussion about it, and jerry was smart in the fact that he wanted to preserve the series. anytime you do a side character, it chips away at the value of the series it self.
9:33 am
he was smart to leave intact.>> do you still talk to those guys? >> sure, it is a small world. very often, jerry will be in the night before i open, and we will find the tidbit, and sometimes it will flip-flop. i will leave him a role of dirty socks.>> and you are in san francisco. >> it is called "a man with standards." i've always wanted to have my own show, and this is a show about standards, the great american songbook, and a show about standards and manners. i grew up in the shadow of a gentleman, and i listened to this great music, and the manners and music is
9:34 am
indistinguishable. it is about style and swing.>> and you are fantastic on the piano. >> today we relate to each other differently, and all you have to do is keep punching a button for a friend and then eventually you will meet kevin bacon. it is a issue of manners, and that is what i'm trying to re- create on the show. >> what drives you about this?>> it is 90 minutes of a floating monologue of music. my crazy perceptions of when i grew up, putting this all together, and you realize when you get to a point in life you begin to understand why you began in the beginning. as elliott said, the end is my beginning, the beginning is my end.>> do you have a favorite
9:35 am
song?>> absolutely. moving river -- moon river. it doesn't really mean anything, it is a painting, and a great melody. it is in the show, and it was my mother's favorite song, and she would always hum it. later on they added lyrics. i remember sending -- singing it to her over an intercom and there was an intercom on the third floor, and i remember pressing the button when i was nine years old and singing that to her down in the kitchen.>> you enjoy your time coming out to the bay area? >> i love the bay area. i have been here so many times. i am happy to be premiering probably the show that means the most to me "the man with
9:36 am
standards". we were so affected by the fires, and so many friends of ours lived in the northern napa area, and they were affected by that fire. we decided with a group of friends, guy pierre he is going to be my -- guy fieri is my partner, and we will have a concert that you will not believe. it is going to be like woodstock, and every penny will go to the fund for them. it is called "things giving for middletown -- thanksgiving for middletown.>> if you want to go to the show, you can go to and find it. if you
9:37 am
cannot get enough of the warrior start steph curry, you can see him as a wax figure. this is video of the artist from the museum measuring the mvp for his wax figure. they took more than 250 measurements to make sure that it is as true to life as possible and it will be unveiled early next year. if you are a dog lover, you may want to head over to the london square for this howling celebration. there are activities, and even a pet psychic. there are spooky specials from the local restaurants and retailers in it goes from 11 am to 4 pm. we have your monster mash 5k run in oakland.
9:38 am
it is being put on by the oakland food pantry, and it is the monster --. -- monster dash.>> let's talk about the pantry. is there a connection in your eyes with regards to the drought in the supply that you have currently inside that pantry?>> yes there is. we have a lot of fresh produce and we get it from the food bank and we have noticed a change in the size of the fruit and vegetables for lack of water and the quantity that we get as well.>> how does your food pantry differ from other agencies. i just don't get a bag of something that i did not choose, and you allow the clients to shop for free.
9:39 am
>> we do, and we collect client choice. a lot of our clients don't have a home to go to to cook something on a stove. if i give them a bag of beans, there's no way they can go home and cooked that. it cuts down on waste. we like to give the clients something that they can use at the time.>> doing this fund raiser by making a 5k is unique. you think it will bring attention to the food pantry in a way to get people that may not ordinarily be involved in the effort?>> kenny repeat that. >> -- can you repeat that?>> this is a unique way to bring attention, and you anticipate this will get more people to participate?>> that is what we hope. we think that going on channel
9:40 am
2 will help us. the publicity, and this is something that oakland really needs. we thought about what holiday could we link up to make this a family-friendly event, and we decided that halloween would be the best. >> we hope that a lot of people lace up the tennis shoes. in this monster dash will begin at 8 am and it will cost you $45 to register the day of, and it is a great cause. you can free register on kelsey dresses as share on wednesday, -- sherrod -- sheriff on wednesday, and this is very cute.>> this picture
9:41 am
was tweeted, and she says that her baby was a share of -- sheriff and thanks for sharing your pictures. coming up on mornings on 2 trained to. >> we're at the fear overload scream park. as i walked through this house of horrors, you can come with me and see what i see.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2 on the 9 . look at these pictures, and we are playing thriller. this is the number one requested song on halloween. this was requested by chris and thank you chris. michael jackson, of course. if you go to a halloween party you will hear this song. if you have special song, let us know when we will play your request every friday morning. use the #ktvu. and here we are, eating popcorn.>> we are taking you around the bay area for the best haunted houses.>> this is the scariest in the state, p or overload scream --
9:45 am
fear overload scream park.>> we have our tour guide. one quick note. generally there are actors that will make this even scarier, but we will walk through to get a sense of this.>> reporter: what i see you see, and you were saying this was the seven deadly sins. >> this is based on the deadliest sends, -- sins, based him the serial killer that kills his victims based on their sins.>> i brushed my head against something. there's lots of stuff that can
9:46 am
scare you easily.>> this is horrifying when we have live show going on.>> in coming up now is in the. -- envy. this is gross. we're lighting this up so that we can see it with the camera, but it is generally peach -- pitchdark.>> reporter: he will make me open the door. when you're going through a horror movie, opened the door fast. >> yes, and if i'm watching a movie, i am screaming "don't open that door.">> reporter: if we're going through a haunted house, i would definitely make you go through first. >> i would have to go first
9:47 am
with someone else.>> reporter: we could huddle up. which room is this?>> this is sloth.>> reporter: this is gross. you said last night was not that busy but you anticipate that tomorrow night will be busy?>> tonight and tomorrow night we will be packed.>> reporter: we are in a shopping mall, but you have transformed this into something completely different. >> we have been working on this for seven years in a row, and issues to be a macy's.>> reporter: you think it is haunted by the ghost of macy's shoppers. we will end this tour here, but keep in mind we have not shown you all of the scarce, and it
9:48 am
is pretty dark and spooky. there are change in all kinds of things. -- chains and all kinds of things. come on out. ktnv -- has all of the information you need. you may want to snag some of your own candy, and i prefer sneakers with the sight of twix. -- sneakers -- snickers bar with the side of twix.>> what pairs up with this?>> thank you for having us. we will start with this. we will pair chocolate with
9:49 am
chocolate. go ahead and swirl that around in your mouth. this is a dark roast malts. and a lot of this is pairing the malts with the actual candies. we will now try twix with the alaskan amber. and chocolate goes great with a nice red wine, but that was better than i thought.>> we will pair this malt with the care meal twix. -- caramel twix.>> we get the wine passed out to the adults, so we do the candy for the kids.>> next of this is nerdy. this is a pale ale and candy
9:50 am
corn. you will try this. this has a special fermentation process. you are putting this candy corn with it.>> it tastes like a starburst.>> this is from petaluma. we will pair this with the sour patch. the sour patch will balance this out a little bit. >> is this healthy?>> completely. this is classic. you go to a bar, and they always have an orange or a
9:51 am
lemon garnish. we will try the starburst.>> you are drinking beer, sal.>> you can see it combines really well. the nut bag -- nut mag and the wheat making a great pairing.>> this is a fantastic idea, and make sure you have a designated driver.>> or you can stay home and let the kids bring on the candy. when they go to bed, you can enjoy the extra candy.>> i like the ita with the sour patch.>> my favorite is the twix with
9:52 am
the amber.>> thank you for coming in. showing us the pairings of beer and candy, and who would've thought. we will be right back. ck babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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welcome back, and we have some breaking news, the outbound 680 is closed because of a tanker truck accident, and this is southbound on 680. there was a tanker spill that was carrying hazardous material. it appears to be leaking at the not. -- ethanol. they have cones set up, not players. -- flares. do not bother going on 680, this could go into your morning commute. getting into the halloween spirit by delivering zombies on demand. >> if you and have a insatiable
9:56 am
hunger for human flesh.>> this is a tongue-in-cheek ad, and they are working with the walking dead comics and dropping off zombies free of charge to liven things up at the party. >> he has one step -- sip of fear -- beer. the ad says to scare your friends. no more for you. put that down. all morning we have been looking at costumes that you have made for your kids, and we love that. this dad created a #about halloween, and he says that girls should be more than cute,
9:57 am
and these are little girls love comic books and superheroes, and generally there are tutus and tiaras, and he created a or girls. he is showing that girls can be cute and strong, a lot of things to be in addition to being cute.>> speaking of fathers and little girls, that is our show today. we will have more on that accident and we will have more news, and thank you for sharing with us. happy halloween everybody. i am totally blind.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit announcer: live from new york city, the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? my girls are always turned out. announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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