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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 3, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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a truck is pulled over. >> we're having a heavy load. >> his plot buried a problem. >> out doing a little bit of those in the small play boats. >> too bad that the ocean is not playing ball. >> a guy goes in sir. of something. >> somewhere in here. >> his friends are calling him crazy. >> what he finally found after five long months. >> plus the buzz word and your chance to win an ipad mini. >> and pranksters picking up.
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>> while adding a puppy makes the difference. >> that's a little bit dangerous. >> she is down on the ground getting buried a live. >> now, this is a ved owe. >> yeah, it's a workplace. this is a body cam video in china and this truck driver tried to kick rocks when the officer pulls him over for having a heavy load. what you see on the back end is the officer approaching the guy, and he starts to knock at the latch. that's the opposite and getting buri buried. >> they're saying it's an attempt. >> yeah, they don't get away and say that they catch him. they were arrested and then the same charges that they pull them over for because the load was too heavy. >> yeah, how a chronic.
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>> yeah, we have the stone. >> just stand there officer while i lighten my load ♪ you want to go kayaking and you you don't have a river at your disposal. no problem. you can use the ocean. they're playing around in the surf and they're in the small playbooks and the stunting kayaks and the ones that are removable. does not like lie they're catching action. until this guy turns around and catches a face full of. >> man, those things do not warn you. >> with this video he should not go anywhere with the video. they're really going mess them up. he gets knocked out and the boat is full of water and sand and
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whatever else is in the water. he is not hurt and chuckles soon. >> yeah, that looks like a fun ride when you stay in it. >> yaerk these guys are going to launch the kayak. you know where this is going go. >> the same crew of guys and this one nailed it. >> okay. >> no. no. >> do it. >> when it works, it works. this stop in brazil and this is a dash cam of a chase that's taking place in the back streets as it turns left and right as
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the criminals in a stolen car try to shake behind them. we get to another road and it's a road that keeps ongoing straight and that put the foot down and actually managed to open up a bit of space between them and the cops. as the car comes to a fork in the road they go to the left and the police car follows around the turn and then it ends up on the root and then scrapping along because it comes to a halt. the place inside is fine and what it's done is that he is opening up and talk about it. america and in the uk they're souped up. in brazil, they don't have any of that. it's off the lot suspension and sometimes they're using their own cars and this is people saying this is why stuff like this happens. it did not have the right kind to take the corner and rolled over and the chase was done. >> so the guy got away? >> he did get away by the looks of it.
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>> you don't always see that. you see cannot run from police. hopefully they catch him, but in this case he got away. he shook the cops. >> yeah, he did that because the equipment is not ready go go. now, to a second video and they have picked the worst possible equipment. >> that's a keeper. >> pull over. you're not going to go far. >> you're right. the left front wheel falls off. >> yeah, usyou should get out a go. >> yeah, he stops the car and tries to make a run for it and you does not get very far. there were a number of signs of intoxication. >> that was not the first time. he was stripped off the license before after a medical examination. let's hope that he stays off of it. casey watched and won an ipad mini. you can too.
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>> all you need is today's buzz word and 18 years old and to be a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word is coming up in a beat. this in canada and this man was recording when a sequel came up. >> i am looking for a camera that he dropped in here. how many months? >> it's been green before winter. >> they have emptied out the water, and i got a nice pair of rain boots.
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>> you all said that i was mad. what is that? what is this? >> the question was opening it up and you see that it's dirty and wet inside. >> look at that. it's just wet. it's going to be perfect and going to work. >> give it to me. give it to me internet. >> you got it nick. there's no sound but you see the moment that a se gal picks it up and you can see the little feet. then it falls in the water. >> look at that. what a jerk move. the bird was like this and then
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ditched it like a bird. that burglar thinks that he is alone until the owner shows him the hammer. it's the hold up and the hammer down up next. this little guy has something to say and it's you news. >> did you use today d do that. sn. >> sigh what the breaking news is all about on "right this minute." a natural way to power down. with melatonin, plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz, power down to power up. now, let's talk about lancaster. classic caramel reimagined into buttery rich creams. so surprisingly soft, they melt in your mouth, while you sit back and say, "wow." lancaster,caramel reimagined. well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball.
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closed captioning provided by. so this guy goes into a super market and he thinks that he is alone. unknown to him the owner is in there. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> so he keeps ongoing like it's the game on chuck cheese. that guy got a way with the money. >> yeah, and a jammed up face. >> they tracked him down. >> did they identify him we the
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hammer shaped dent in his head. >> he works for the county sheriff's office in tampa, florida. >> he soon nailed down his name and located him and hit him with some felony charges. >> that's called crime and punishment in the sheriff office way. >> now for ten months police have been looking for these guys. three men armed with a pistol and a shotgun broke into a pawn shot and notice what they do here. when they break in, they tie in the guy with the tape and while one of them is taking jewelry, another one has a gun to that employees head while he is going through the cash register. >> now, this happened ten months ago and authorities just released the individuvideo beca have taken the case and they're hoping that releasing it somebody will come forward and
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say something. maybe they know something or see something like the big hunting knife in the video. guys we have some breaking news. for that i am tossing it over to the breaking news correspondent. >> this is breaking news and the video put together by the appearance and maximum and they actually met while working at the station's in south dakota. she was a reporter and it looked like this is the absolute most obvious way to break the news to their family about their second baby. >> tonight i am here to tell you i am going to be a big brother. the baby is coming in april.
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>> that's the news this i have ever seen. >> thanks carson. that was a great report. >> did you see this at the end? >> i did. >> see. he is a pro. i have never thought that i have to put this out there. you should not mix the pumpkin and when they do come together, it's bad. >> that looks like a giant cannon. >> yeah, to shoot it out in the field and it's fun. this guy decided to take the drone and hoover it. he asked where do they land the guy. he went way over into a different area. this would not happen.
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we have a direct hit and it's a park of 500 damage and damage. this is apart of the drone crash and that's what they titled it. >> now he has a really good viral video. hopefully it will make him for than $500. >> now the drone crushed these guys and know a thing or two of crushing in a slow moisten. they're going to try to empty a tube of go gurt. they're going do it with more than one tube. they donated a little bit with the help of bob villa. they try with with 10,000 first and then one is going release skpit stand in front of it and hope to go get hit with it.
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>> he was the crash test dummy for these two. >> did not go so well. >> too much because of the part. >> a center layer may yield a better result. >> yes, i would say that's a better result. >> mission accomplished. >> he got some yogurt but got some a lot of it. this golden retriever is on a rescue mission. can she find what she is searching for. >> there it is. >> see what she saves on "right this minute." and someone is goi is going ipad mini today. get ready to write down the buzz word next. company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ you guys may not have been aware but over the weekend was the rugby world cup final. it's because o of the sportsmanship that you get. they won there on the victory lap around it went a young 15-year-old fan and charlie makes a v line for one of the players. as charlie runs in, he gets absolutely floored. he gets rugby tackled by the security and right in front of sunny and a key player. now what happens is that they get thorown out of the. he is like what are you out of your mind? everybody starts to cheer and
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where is mom and dad. i will take you back over to them. >> this is the moemth that has the whole world talking. >> well this player is realizing this kid what a set of stones he had. >> you almost think that he deserves a medal. he takes this world cup winner's medal and puts it around the kid's neck and gives it a kiss and then after a couple of more hugs he leaves the medal with the 15-year-old. look at the face. it's absolutely amazing. you just won the world cup, and you give the medal to a 15-year-old kid. it's going around and everybody is standing up on end for the sweetest most. christy is ready for the pool.
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>> is that your pool? it is. did you want to go swimming? you do. okay. :these videos are cute, but they show you how they are. this golden retriever smells bacon and they set up the video camera because they wanted to know if she would go and look for it. >> there it is. >> in this golden moment this golden kitty was babied to go to sleep. no sleep sleepy time.
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>> the cat is getting the claws out. >> he is like i am the cat sitter, and i need you to go to sleep. >> he is like i do not get pet until you go to sleep. >> that's funny. well it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter all you snead the buzz word. >> head over to and click on the ipad. >> go to both and you could view all day. >> and one day later this week we have a bonus and we're giving away a flat screen tv. tune in everybody and good luck. he is getting the girl's phone numbers. look you know.
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this was posted online in 2013 but just catching fire online in 2015. >> news and time. >> tell us if you need to help picking up and they might have the thing for us. they get out like a nerd and a cute puppy with the name of bear. they were puddy in their hands.
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>> yeah. >> you want to have a play date. >> one girl calls him out on it. >> you see how many girls that you can pick up? >> yeah. >> what is that. he wants your phone number. >> he does? >> can he have it by any chance. >> you see he starts to take down the phone number and setting up play dates. >> like how adorable. look at that. how can you resist. >> yeah, she getting away with things that he would not gateway with normally. >> yeah, and the nickname is booty slay er. some guys tried to get in on the action. >> get your hands off. >> yeah.
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that's it everybody. for more videos fresh er than cut grass, catch us on the next "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] ♪ harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so chris brown -- there are a lot of people in his life that are extremely worried about this guy and it has to do with something that has permeated hip-hop and is a real danger and it is sizzurp. in case you don't know what that is, it is coe dane, usually mixed with soda. it is a dangerous combination and has caused all sorts of problems. highly addictive and


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