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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 13, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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on fox stations across the nation, our coverage will continue now on fox news channel, on satellite and cable. i'm shepard smith in new york with this update on attacks in paris. we continue a woman plunges down a dark well -- >> 20 feet deep. >> see the rescuers who refused to give up to get her out. at first you're thinking, way to go zach, that's a big, gutsy move. >> what happened that might change your mind. >> oh! my friend said -- >> the rap to his unborn child went viral, now it's time to meet her. >> that's alexandria. >> hear alley-cat's latest letters to his daughter. plus bonus give-away day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat-screen tv.
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and want to order about anything off the internet and get it in one hour? let's have a little amazon prime now race. see the fierce competition. >> go, go, go! >> as we reveal who got what and most importantly, who got first. > . [ speaking foreign language ] >> you're watching video in china of rescuers trying to save a 67-year-old woman who has fallen no a well 20 feet deep. >> that's scary. >> and 67 as well. danger of broken hips, broken legs. >> you'll see them go into the well with their ladders, they'll tie the rope around her and start to pull her up. >> so this could have happened it to just about anyone. she was cleaning the glass and clearing out garbage around some shrubs and stepped up on a floorboard and fell through it. so glass, shrubs, rubbish fell
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on top of her. >> these neighborhood wells are common in parts of china. that's where people go to get their water. it's sad they're not more protected from people falling in. it's just basically a hole in the ground. >> the other folks there cleaning up with her called the fire department and they brought her above ground. no reports of injuries, which is shocking because of the way she fell and her age. but they pick her up and take her over to a bench and sit her there. >> she looks relieved to be out of there. let's be honest. dirt bikes are a ton of fun to ride. we've got lots of suspension and that makes the riders feel like they maybe can do a little bit more than they should do. zach here, his friends say has more guts and that brains, because here he comes off this big ramp -- zoom! >> i believe i can fly! >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> i know, i know, it's like way to go zach. that's a big, gutsy move to
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fling yourself and your bike off that ramp. >> and the great way to discard the family jewels. >> oh bang. there he goes. he goes off-track, somehow just drifts right into that big metal ramp. >> dude, are you good? >> zach seemed to be okay but did he have some damage to the front end of his bike. >> this next video is of a bike bouncing over this rhythm section here. >> ooh! >> it's like it turns into a catapult than a dirt bike. that's a pirouette, like a little ballet. >> as gloria estefan says, the rhythm is going to get you. >> it did. >> he's bouncing around there, the back tire left right left right turns into like a bucking bronco and -- >> oh. >> that's not good for his back. >> he did suffer a mild concussion on that accident. but otherwise he's okay.
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wouldn't you rather spend all of those dismal co-pays on a ticket to hawaii? this guy is in kona, hawaii, opens his mouth while under the water and lets the feeder shrimp give him a teeth cleaning. >> just like in finding nemo. >> yeah, it's clean! >> how do they know it's not a fish? >> there's something about when a human opening its mouth it's like oh, okay, i'll go in and clean it. >> maybe there's filthy individuals in the ocean. >> wouldn't you rather do that than go to the dentist's office? >> this is from hawaii to california. redondo beach, a bunch of people in kayaks, all in a circle because there's something really big in thee. they're looking at humpbacks, dolphins and sea lions all in one spot. these people got a wonderful view of the humpback whales moving right along. >> i think it's incredible how
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many kayak videos we see with whales going by and how many times do people get dumped over, very few, they might get wet when they breach the water to me, that's incredible. >> if you get dumped, go to the bottom of the sea and open your mouth. >> make a dentist appointment. lauren little, who watches us in pennsylvania is our latest "rtm" ipad mini give-away winner. >> plus today is bonus day, meaning somebody is going to win a flat-screen tv. >> all you need to do is enter, be 18 years of age or older, a legal u.s. resident and have friday's buzz word. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming right up. >> stand by for the give-away! everyone owns a car. this is a dash cam video that's going to confirm our biggest fears. it started because rosso james was having problems with his windshield wipers. sent the car in for service. when it came out, he noticed his
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parking sensors didn't work. his electric mirrors didn't work. he was a bit suspicious. he decided to check his dash cam and he recorded this conversation. >> i can make it suffer as well. >> what? >> you can hear them saying oh, this doesn't look quite good. the story continues. >> if this is off, yeah. >> can you hear one of the guys saying well just pull the fuse out. >> lost the power. >> you see the guys having the conversation like they're confused. >> it must power something else. this is why so many people in my opinion do not trust mechanics. >> it continues. >> the guy is saying -- >> in guy is just trying to hide the fact that they've screwed up and they're like well look, pull the fuse and no one will know and we'll get the car out and we won't get blamed. >> either way, that's shady. >> the other guy knows what's
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going to happen, because it concerns the suspicion of the owner because he says my parking sensors don't work. he sees the video, sees that the guys have screwed something up in his car. for us and for him fortunately the dash cam was rolling. >> if he didn't have this audio, what a headache, you did it, no, we didn't have anything to do with it. who blames who, this video is getting attention for very much this reason. let's hope these guys don't service any more cars. this guy's got serious bike skills. >> his riding is almost god-like. >> see the divine stunts that are sure to impress. >> okay, okay. and it's the hot new way to order from amazon, buy it now, get it in an hour. >> i say, we put this to the test. >> see how we're making it
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interesting when our shopping carts are full. +a;'
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>> announcer: closed captioning provided sorry. get a free quote at this is alley-cat. i'm going to do this letter to my beloved. >> in the summer we heard from this rapper, he was expecting a little girl. [ rapping ] >> a number of kicks for my baby girl. >> the name of the song was "letters to my daughter" he's back with "lyres to my daughter part 2." >> look at this gift god brought to me. she's as beautiful as i thought she'd be. >> that's alexandria, the little girl he was expecting. one that he said made him change his ways. the only time he will say never
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is he says he will never stop loving and caring for her. >> you turned a young kid into a young man. i'm doing things now that i never thought that i 0 would do and every day i'm making myself better for you. >> i want this video to go everywhere. everywhere. >> and she's a cute little bundle of joy. >> he's doing it to the tune of "good times." i love the very end of this. he lets his know when he's going to drop his next beat. >> i love you, my baby girl ♪ >> andre burton is an epic mountain bike trials rider, which is probably why epic tv got ahold of him. he's one of the uk top riders, his riding is almost god-like. literally. the reason i make such a bold claim is straight from the get-go, he does this. ooh!
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>> okay, that's blasphemy. >> this is really, really cool trials rider. they put him in this pond in the middle of the uk. they have this underwater thing for him to ride on. he pulls off these incredible transfers. >> those bounces from pipe to pipe, what is that? a two-inch diameter pipe that he's landing on? i mean he cannot miss that. otherwise you're going to be smacking your teeth against the rest of the scaffolding. >> he gets to the other side, he has a play, he better sponsor of this video. and he's like -- >> reverse. >> it's even more difficult going up the other way. almost like going up a ladder. >> he's belted in like the bike is his actual feet. >> these guys are next level. >> his riding is miraculous. >> it gets more miraculous when
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he gets to the other side. because he goes down the ramp and back across the water for a dinner of fishes and loaves. >> he can turn the water into wine. we got something. today's consumer society, sometimes you just need things right now. and the convenience of not having to go to the store makes it even more enticing. there's a thing out there called amazon prime now. it's an app where can you just order stuff on your phone and the delivery will happen within two hours. in some cases if you pay a few bucks more, $7.99, you'll get it within an hour. i say we put this to the test. let's have a little bit of an amazon prime now race. let's all order something. at the same time, click buy and we'll see who gets their stuff first. the winner gets his stuff paid for by the rest of the crew. >> yes. >> does everybody have something that they a absolutely need to have within an hour?
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>> yes. >> okay, three, two, one, order. >>, go, go, go! >> oh! >> delivery window, the next 60 minutes, that's what it says. >> 2:24 p.m. >> let's see what happens. >> i wish i could like spur my driver on somehow. >> has anyone, i've got a pin for my driver. >> i have a pin for my driver, too. >> i'm anxious to see what kind of junk y'all ordered. ♪ ♪ >> hey, what's up? >> trying to look cool on a hoverboard, not so easy. >> that's going to leave a mark. and still to come, taking the snowmobile for a spin. what happens when side-hilling takes an unexpected turn. >> ooh, ooh! plus get ready for the bonus day buzz word.
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you'll need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini or a mini flat-screen tv.
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lancaster,caramel reimagined. it appears. >> announcer: promotional considerations provided by -- results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it just started to cool off in many parts of the country. some parts of canada getting cold enough to have some snow. but not quite enough snow. guys on snowmobiles are anxious to get out there. guy goes up and around the berm. disappears behind a tree. hey, buddy, trying to do a little side-hilling, here's the view from the snowmobile that disappeared into the sticks. ooh, ooh, ow! >> that just didn't quite work.
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i think he was trying to go around that hill and kind of u, stations across the nation that are about to join us for a brief report from them. stay with us. and good evening from fox news in new york. i'm shepard smith and unprecedented series of attacks have happened in paris tonight. and right now, it is unknown whether there are more gunmen and bombers out among the city streets. a live look in paris now, we can tell you there were simultaneous attacks that happened sometime in the last hour or so. at a restaurant, at a bar, outside a stadium and in addition, at a concert hall. the death toll at this moment is said to be 35. scores injured. the scene described as following to us, multiple people inside a restaurant standing while masked, beginning to fire. multiple people killed there, as many as 11. in the stampede to exit the place, more killed and injured. nearby at another similar place, more nightclub, an attack that
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happened there as well. said to be a suicide bomber. by other accounts, said to be men with grenades. at any rate, a number killed there as well. and at a concert hall nearby, an american group performing, the eagles of death metal inside a very popular concert hall, with what appears to be many, hundreds of people inside, this band, the eagles of death metal from palm desert california, touring and playing at a concert hall tonight. many people killed there as well. a number of people shot. and right now a hostage situation is unfolding with as many as 100 people held hostage inside a concert hall. and authorities working to restore calm. at the same time, as all of this was happening, the french president, francois hollande was at a stadium just around the corner from the restaurant and bar where the shooting attacks and the bombing happened, inside a friendly match between the
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germans and the french. tens of thousands of people inside. an explosion heard there. but unknown of what it was at the time. we have some pictures that came from inside that stadium. the friendly match eventually ended as the attacks were going on outside. live pictures coming from sky news inside the stadium. if we can look at those, you can see a number of people are still on the ground, the live feed from sky news on the stadium floor where the soccer match had taken place. authorities have asked people to evacuate quietly and calmly, you can see them all on their cell phones trying to figure out what happened. so many learned about this from twitter. and two of these attacks happened outside the stadium. the french president has said to have gone to help manage the information regarding all of this. we've just gotten from a police official here in the last 15 seconds, a police official in paris now confirms to the "associated press," around 100 hostages are being held now. at the paris theater.
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and 35 people are now confirmed dead. we don't know exactly what the situation is with these hostages. authorities are a number of people killed at the theater as well. in addition, at least 35 people now confirmed dead. the u.s. homeland security department, we've just gotten word, officials say they are monitoring the attacks and no known credible threat against the united states at this moment. the "associated press" reports one thing, and "reuters" news agency reports another. i've gotten from police 100 people held hostage at bataclan concert hall in the hostage situation under way now. the bbc editor has tweeted that and police have sent out that message as well. what is this? we cannot know with certainty. we know that all of this
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happened within moments of each other. it appears that a coordinated, a coordinated terrorist attack has taken place. with a shooting and multiple shootings with semiautomatic weapons happening inside a restaurant/bar, with an explosion that may have been a suicide bomber. with people with grenades. we cannot know for certain yet. and separately at the bataclan concert hall shootings and then hostage taking. the british prime minister david cameron has just said we will do whatever we can to help. the "reuters" news agency reports u.s. security believed the series of attacks that took place on paris in the last hour were likely coordinated based on initial reports. according to a person familiar with the intelligence assessment, quoting now, this looks like a coordinated series of attacks. "associated press" citing police officials as well on the hostages.
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i would like to go to catherine herridge, our, who works intelligence for us out of washington. catherine, what is homeland security and beyond telling you at this hour? >> what we have this evening is homeland security, the u.s. intelligence community as well as what's called the national counterterrorism center or nctc, the hub for threat analysis. the gathering of information here in washington. are monitoring events in paris. based on my experience, they're really three threads that are of central interest to investigators. as you mentioned, the simultaneous nature of the events, unfolding within an hour or less of each other. the bar, also the stadium and then also the concert hall. i would also note that the concert hall had a high-profile gig going on there with an american band and the french president was at the football stadium. secondly, the location. this was a time of day and a
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part of paris, which would be an attractive target for any organization who wanted to launch an attack. it's a high-density urban environment, it's a place with a vibrant night life and it was a place that not only drew parisiennes, but also tourists as well. number three, look at the multiplicity of weapons that were reportedly involved here based on the initial information we're getting from the ground. the kalishnakov, that's a weapon that's typically used by individuals who travel outside of france to get training in a place like afghanistan or yemen or syria. number two, grenades. the reports of a suicide bomber as well. finally, when you look at the numbers that we now have confirmed from the french authorities, 35 dead, and 100 hostages, this takes a significant number of people working together, to have murdered so many innocents in such a short period of time and
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to also hold them hostage at this hour. this is not a pick-up game. what is going on in paris at this hour. this speaks to premeditation. it speaks to coordination, shepard. those are the three big threads that they're looking at. >> katherine, this happens in a context of france and paris specifically being in the middle of the highest terror alert. >> on the issue of french nationals traveling overseas to get foreign training. cazenueve. said he had identified 400 individuals from their country who had gone overseas and
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obtained training from foreign terrorist groups. he was discussing the difficulty of providing the kind of surveillance and tracking that was necessary. we don't know who is responsible, but certainly the amount of operatives it would take to do this. the coordination, the style of the weapons, the target placement here. as well as the simultaneous nature go to the idea of a terrorist attack. >> at the top of the screen, the stade de france, that's the stadium where it happened. that's bar outside where one of the attacks happened. >> these are two separate areas that appear to be at minimum, catherine, you've got a number of gunmen at one location, a number of hostage-takers at another, you have a suicide bomber. the number of people involved is not small. and to think that all of this happened, while at the same time authorities in paris are at the
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highest alert possible, it makes one wonder what is possible test pist best efforts. >> one of the things that's going to be important to pay attention to as the evening develops is the locations and the number of minutes between these attacks. the standard play book is to launch one attack. and almost in effect, stake them out or block them out by launching an attack in a separate area. it appears that's what happened. they had a maximum drain on the french security forces all in the same time period which at this stage goes to the point that they were able to kill so many people at once and take these hostages. >> we're setting up for a live report and we'll go to that reporter as it happens. from the timeline that we can get right now and everything will change however slightly. from the timeline that we get right now, there was a shooting
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and an explosion that happened pretty much simultaneously and then shortly thereafter, don't know how long, that's when the attack at the concert hall happened. that's when 100 hostages got taken. to your point it's easier to take hostages when the maximum drain has happened on authorities. >> you make an excellent point, shepard, which you have three distinct, discrete events, each one you can think of as an independent cell or operation, right? part of moving the checkers on the board, if you will. for whatever the plot was or whatever the thinking was. what we know at this point is that there are three distinct threads here. the simultaneous nature. the location involving high-profile targets. and third, the amount of weaponry that was involved. and finally, all of this speaking to significant premeditation and a significant
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number of operatives. this was not again, this was not pick-up game that was going on in paris this evening and that's still playing out. this took considerable manpower and considerable planning. >> people who have escaped the concert hall and many did, have now given the following description of what happened inside. as the concert was under way, a loud concert, eagles of death metal, a u.s. group from palm desert, california performing. a packed house inside. among those doing the shooting was a man with a pump-action shotgun. who would just shoot one after another after another. and as people filed out, bodies dropped and the rest, eventually the hostage, they were able to take what we now believe to be 100 hostages. and because it is such a small world our own heralda rivera's daughter was inside that concert hall and he has just joined me on set. i know that s


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