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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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pitiless, first time in the city of paris as we are in a new world with a new future. what we have planned is how we should see how our leaders deal with it. we are following two major breaking news stories tonight. 20 people have been hurt in a crash involving a double decker tour bus. >> but we begin with those explosions. paris under attack. after several attacks tonight they continue to rise as we have been warning the coverage as they have been unfolding.
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>> our coverage continues at 6:00 as they would happen in at least three locations, the soccer stadium with at least 158 people are confirmed dead. >> and they are all pouring in that they were killed, some of the quotes are horrifying as it looked like a battlefield. there were at least two gunmen as they went on to say that i thought i was finished as they shoulded out that it is for syria. joining us with the very latest. >> and the crisis right now at
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this moment, that 158 people were killed. both of those numbers are expected to grow they claim that this is an isis attack and still loose across the city, that it will be for hours. and not the crime where they would have reports of the gunmen opening fire. that this is for syria as they would fire shots, with the gunmen. and that they would storm in killing two gunmen, bringing in at least 12 people alive and
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that they were actually inside performing. that we have conflicting reports. and that right now they are making every effort, describing the horrific images, calling it carnage as there were other scenes, believing that there will be six other locations across paris tonight with explosions and their gunmen firing in to crowds. and that they were shot there in paris, just about lying on the street as you can see here that bystanders, they were seen stepping in to help them. and a popular restaurant. along with a few summary scenes across the country.
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three explosions went there, that there were two bombers, one planted that bomb rushed out to the cabinet meeting as they were crossing the borders, declaring a state of energy, now allowing them in as they were screaming on out of the stadium, telling the world what they saw and heard. >> and it was very noisy, all confusing inside that stadium. >> the crowd started to move as everyone was panicking, impossible to leave as they were blocked. that it is very stressful and chaos in paris. >> all possible forces that they could neutralize their
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threat and secure all the other areas to make sure that the attack could not take place. and that it is not just on the people of france, but the attack on human and that we stand prepared for what they need to respond. >> he says that he doesn't want to speculate as one has told that he is a part of isis. whether that is true or not that it is still a guess and that of course that they have
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used the strategies like these in the pass. you can still tell that they have moved in and just about every agency is on the ground out there that as soon as we get anymore information for you. >> thank you. this is all going on stretching all the way to america where they are also on the heightened state of alert tonight. that there are no specific threats, that we will bring it to you. when they opened fire inside charlie hebdo where 12 people were killed then, including the policeman as they tracked down
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the suspect in a building north of paris. another attack in france that would claim the lives, they were all jews. they say that the man was armed with the machine gun when he took 15 people hostage. he pledged allegiance, then shot and killed by police. that he first learned about their attacks on social media, saying that he and his friends, that they are both sad and angry, bringing back memories. >> that it is less than a year on the attacks, the same place in paris that we are angry and
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we cannot really understand what is going on in why. they said that everyone has been ordered to stay inside. a lot of people are keeping a close eye on the situation here in paris, speaking to the professor from paris. she was in paris when that massacre happened. >> reporter: yeah, the professor here, he says that it felt more like the isolated incident where she spoke by phone to her family and friends in paris that are okay, but that they are terrified about what it means for their future. because there is no way that one can say that this is over now, that it is just the beginning. the beginning of the new era that we don't know anything
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about and it is very scary. that she has now even begun the process. >> the band is called eagles, from palm dessert, california. we have conflicting reports on whether or not that they were safe. it was praying a sold out cancer at the bataclan. >> after the terrorist attacks there in paris. as they talked about it a couple of minutes ago.
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in all of our entertainment districts. we don't have any stadium activity that's going on over the weekend. and that they will be a -- be paying special attention to at&t that if you see something to say something and that 911 is on alert as they have been in touch with the french consulate. >> the congressman was in paris just last summer as a part of their work on the congressional committee on homeland security as we spoke to him this afternoon about what it was like to hear about the attacks. >> this is like a brother being attacked, the attack on paris like this is an attack and a big concern for every american. >> stay with us for continuing coverage as we'll have updates for you throughout this news cast and posting the latest
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online. more breaking news in san francisco and where right now, crews, they are still on the scene of the crash involving a double decker school bus, that it all happened on those streets this afternoon right on the corner. she's spent all afternoon covering this. what have you learned? >> that these are just terp fying moments for those, that they are trying to figure it out and how they came to rest there and crash in to this scaffolding to take a look at what we have shown you earlier and what happened around 2:45 in the afternoon. and right now that we'll want to update you that there are six people in critical condition. and one of them is the driver of the tourist spot. and that a couple of blocks
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before the post and sutter that they were speeding and that it appears that they were driving erratically and that they were also in critical condition. the z with a lot of wires and commotion as they would move on and off on the tour guides. >> yes, they were. >> this is pretty horrific. gut wrenching when i came up that it was really gut wrenching. did you hear it? >> and they argue that it was like a bomb going off. just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. we noticed that they were taken
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and that it is a block away. and that they would work together to try to put them there and to get them out of the back field and that there were two people underneath bus. so not per se that they would climb up. but something that they are
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doing. a majority of them have six critical conditions, back to you. >> not just the people on the bus that were injured, but the cyclist and the car. and that they will be around. >> and that after earlier that they would be shut down. and so it is not a good idea. and that they were taking mass transit with a lot of them that they would notice and their shopping bag and so there is still activity here. and that they have closed early for the evening. and that again it will be six people fighting for their
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lives. let you know how they would receive that information. that the cable car would run through that area. and operating right now. and that it will be a big area. and where there will be a lot of traffic and that is blocked down. and that they will be investigated for some time and that they were told just several hours. and that it will be downtown, not a good idea. just a horrible situation. >> and that they were injured in that crash and how six of them are now fighting for their lives. and that they were taken to san francisco general.
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and that they started to arrive here. and that it will be 60 years old and a reminder to work their way on the news app. and also those terrorist attacks that they will be posting updates around the clock. >> we'll have more on these breaking news stories throughout the newscast. also, you're getting a first look at the suspect in a deadly police shooting near a san francisco hospital. and plus what police just told the public in the town hall meeting about that shooting. and also the implosion that is planned for tomorrow to bring down a huge underwater section of the old bay bridge and how that implosion could affect your plans. and we are tracking that opportunity for some rain in the weekend. i'll have the details on what you can expect.
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breaking news from france. a state of emergency is in effect and the french borders closed. no one in, no one out following the series of the coordinated terrorist attacks in and around paris. police ended the hostage siege out of the concert hall about two hours ago. at least two of the attackers were killed and a number of people were inside that concert hall also killed. the numbers are changing initially where we had 158 people that were killed in all. now those numbers were downgraded to 120 people that have been killed but those numbers could fluctuate as they go on. there are more deaths in the five other attacks in and around paris. one person was arrested, reportedly claiming to be from syria and said that he had been recruited from isis. joining us now on the phone is
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mckuan to the air bnb conference, where are you right now and how close are you to the attacks and what is it like being there? >> well, it's 3:00 in the morning here at the moment and i got off metro about 10:00 p.m. and i was quickly escorted by police and a number of other people off the streets as they were saying that there was a shooting. so anyway that we, that i quickly got out my phone and took a video, not thinking that it will be anything serious whatsoever. and not that a shooting isn't serious, but that i never thought that it was a terrorist attack and that it is not just something on the front of, you know, your mind. and so anyway that i am now in my flat in the 11th district about that 10-minute walk from the theater. i don't have a television, so i have counted on my friends and
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family, you know, from the bay area in particular. and that they have been updating me on what has been going on. and that it is just terribly sad that you can still hear the sirens outside the windows. that they have not stopped all night. when i arrived that my apartment building, that there is a bar right next door and that people, they had been let in to their building because they did not have glass windows and that there are probably close to 40 people standing in the corridor of our building. and thinking that it is a better shelter area than the bar where there is a big glass window. and so that it is very quiet right now and that nobody has been allowed out on the streets and that businesses, they were shutting quickly as they were running down the streets. and that it is quite chaotic. >> karla, i know that at least one other woman and their husband that are from the bay area going to attend that airbnb conference. is there a big group or are you
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all staying at the same hotel? >> no, we are not. in fact that it wouldn't surprise you that we're all staying throughout paris in airbnbs. there are 6 00 airbnb employees and 5,000 hosts that are from around the world actually. i'm not quite sure how many are from the united states, but many are from the united states. so we're staying throughout paris. i'm actually staying with two other airbnb employees who were actually held up in a restaurant probably a 10-minute walk from where i am right now, that they were held in that restaurant for probably two and a half hours until it was safe for them to leave and they went about a block away to the other airbnb. and that everyone, they would find them at that moment. p and that they were glad to be inside and that they think that it is sad.
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very sad for france and the rest of the world. >> i know it's the middle of the night there. >> if i'm not making any sense. >> certainly. >> that i'm just wondering. have they told you to stay outside and could you if you wanted to or were they ordered to stay inside their homes and apartments? >> from what i have heard from what i'm getting is that i said that i have my telephone here and that i'm glued to the charger. but they have told us all to stay inside that it is not that, you know, i don't see any police outside my windows right now. the streets are absolutely empty and the sirens as i said that you can just hear them throughout the city that they have not stopped since 10:00 tonight. >> and karla, when are you suppose to return to the bay area? i know this is still so fresh. has it affected your travel plans to return home? >> yes, i hope not. i have heard and you probably
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have more updated information than i do, that some airlines have canceled their flights for tomorrow. a large number of people from airbnb are due on the flight on sunday morning. it's one of the l.a. direct flights back to san francisco. so a lot of us are hoping still as we will just wait and see. >> i remember during the september1 attacks when they happened that everyone was very nervous. once the attacks were over, that they were wondering if there were more attacks on the way. is it the same kind of situation there in paris where they appear that the worst is over, but that you are still wondering could there be more attackers out there, more planned attacks either later tonight or tomorrow? >> reporter: and i guess that i'm just speaking for myself and again that i feel a little bit isolated up on the 7th floor. of my apartment and where my cell phone and the others have information. and so that i'm just speaking
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for myself that i guess that i don't know. that it is just a complete feeling of uncertainty. you know, that you just don't know. it's an uncomfortable feeling that i have no idea. >> we are certainly glad that you're safe. >> thank you. >> and we hope that you get home in a timely matter and to be careful out there going through the horrible situation. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> all right, we appreciate it. all right, now back to breaking news in san francisco. and where that double decker tour bus crash injuring 20 people, six of them critically. and that it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon at the intersection of stockton at their square. witnesses reported seeing the bus speeding, moving erratically before knocking down their power lines, plowing in to scaffolding where three people were trapped underneath that bus. again as many as 20 people injured, six critically including a cyclist. people are being told to stay
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out of the area. and several streets there, they are expected to remain closed well in to the evening as investigators, they would try to piece together what happened. and now to new developments involving the other story out of san francisco. and today police, they confirmed that their officer was shot and killed on wednesday, right across the street from st. luke's hospital that it came at the town hall meeting today in which police explained that they were leading up to the deadly encounter as they would say that the 25-year-old lopez garcia that he climbed to the top of the building that was under construction, way across from the hospital carrying a shotgun and a handgun. police chief greg hurst explained what happened next. >> we don't know if they were injured or the shots fired, hearing for the lives of the construction workers trapped on the site. and that hospital patient and other hospitals in the area and as well as their own lives. from the ground floor.
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and that shot themselves and that they didn't know why garcia chose that construction site. and that they met with them today and more details about the arrest of the man that was wanted in connection with the shooting death of the ice cream vendor as the police chief, they said that their department, they would work with the fbi and the u.s. marshals office to find the suspect, joevan lopez who was arrested on tuesday. lopez made his first court appearance today and that they did not enter a plea and that they haven't yet determined a motive in that october shooting. and of the east oakland on east oakland street that it was not robbery. now less than 15 hours until caltrans has their first opportunity to implode the massive five-story pier structure that once held up the old eastern span of the bridge. tom vacar has our report now. >> reporter: for a few minutes before after the implosion, bridge traffic will be halted at the toll bridge westbound. on the island eastbound just
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before the tunnel. and that they will also help translate their service for a few minutes leading up to the following blast. this is the closest that they will be able to get to that blast site. 1,500 feet and that there will be many official buzz kills with police. safety crews, environmental monitors and engineers. that they would block most of their little view of the way to the water and under water event. >> this is an active demolition site. that we want to encourage that public to stay clear and to stay away and that they will have their opportunities for you to see and whatever there is to see on the live feed. >> reporter: the implosion with the five-story concrete and pier that they could only occur in november. >> and that it is always to be the identified month where there is the least amount of that wildlife in their areas. >> reporter: the air bubbles, they will help lessen the shock of the implosion of the old pier that once held up the
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eastern span of the bay bridge. strategically placed charges. 25 to 35 pounds each that they will take just six seconds to bring that massive five-story under water structure down. >> and technologies, they have improved significantly with the underwater charges. >> reporter: after the devices, they will scale them away from the blast zone. and passive noise devices will ward off the sea mammals such as seals, dolphins, or whales. >> and if they did come up. then that there would be a time frame in which to determine if that mammal is then out of thearea and then a decision would be made as to whether that we would move to our second window of opportunity. >> and for whatever reason that they missed tomorrow's 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. opportunity, then they could always go again on sunday or monday, but in this case sooner really is better. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news.
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a nice looking night out there, another chilly one as you might expect. numbers get down there back in to the 30s with a little frost in the inland valleys with a live shot of san francisco. checking out this moisture plume that is extended out over, well, over 2,000 miles easily out in the pacific. that it will be a foot of rain on the south end. just encouraging with more incumbent weather coming our way. saturday night and sunday morning and that is the main event for the showers. and currently that they are in a situation where they will have them as they will be chilly again tonight. clouds increasing tomorrow. okay, it will be cooler tomorrow and that you'll have cloud cover. overnight lows, it will be slightly warmer just because you would get a little cloud cover for you, 42 up in the north bay and some upper 30s. that nice forecast for the event right now and most of the rain is


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