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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 18, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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a driver doing some serious drifting suddenly catches fire. >> he has no idea. >> what finally clues him in to the danger behind him. >> stop driving. he is not going anywhere. >> it's the rescue of a stray. >> it's been in the making for five years. >> the remarkable story of a momma dog who got out just in time. a washed up boxer decides to change his way. >> and tries to become a champion once again. >> now world peace reveals why he is behind. >> you're going leave it and you want to make sure that message
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is powerful. >> plus, the buzz word for a chance to win a new ipad mini. then the search for a male spokes model for chubby shorts. why the final candidate lists makes for one. >> put that guys picture on anything. >> anything with with peanut butter. we're in the size and then it comes drifts around the corner. this guy has the skills and is on fire until he is. comes around the corner if the car backs fire and the whole back end is in flames. he has no idea and continues on his drift run as people are shouting at him. stop driving fast. >> i don't think that he figures it out until they start to chase him around the court. >> how do you miss that?
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there's fire, the seat and the color. >> i wonder if he did actually see it and thought yeah. love it. >> that's crazy. you could die in the fire trying to be cool. >> that's okay. >> very hot. >> he did not notice until the end of the run. they're going to be so focused on what they're balancing, accelerator, brakes. he did not see what was going on and it over fild the fuel. you saw that go around the corner. that caused it to go off the catch and that's why he ended up with that. that shows you you how focused had he is. i am on a hot run this time. i can feel it. >> anybody was hurt, and in fact the damage to the car was minimal. they figured out what they were doing wrong, and won't do it again. you're watching a rescue by the stray rescue and by the
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shelter and it's been in the making for at least five years. they have not been able to capture and rescue this dog. it's just eluded them in the woods for ever. >> this dog has been living in this burned out home for five years, and they just have not been able to catch it. >> every time that they set out to get it, she gets away. >> why do they feel the feed to rescue it? is it a stray or you causing trouble. >> it's a ferl dog. they do not that she is not fixed, and looks like she has having puppies. >> how do they subdue the dog. >> they shot it with a tranquillizer gun. they pull her out quickly and approximate final and then pull pups that are quiet cute. >> and then i am guessing that
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they're going to fix all of them and put them up for adoption. >> yeah, i feel that they do make mention of trying to find homes for the pups. this is a rescue. >> yeah, needs to happen. it needed to happen. >> yeah, kudos to the folks for the hard work and dedication. >> wow guys. great. you have to give some guys for being problem solve ers. these guys did not consider the danger of the problem that they're solving here. somehow the people decided to transport this small band. it's a good idea to put it on to have of the ford focus instead of getting it towed. it's not a mattress dude. >> it could have been just get a rope and move it again. >> we don't know. the only thing that we do know about the video is that two guys have been arrested, and they face fines of about $530 for the
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you stupidity here. >> why though? it's their car. it's not like they're going too fast. they're going two miles an hour. >> interesting commercial for the ford focus. it carries a way as well. the dash cam video and narrow two lane road and this truck seems to be in a bit of a hurry as it goes by this car on o the left. now, watch what happens. >> oh no. >> for some unknown reason it drifts to the left side and to the small pick up truck and just keeps ongoing on. >> a little distraction maybe. >> does not look like he was trying to avoid anything. >> you know sometimes they drift, and they can not whip it back quitly because if they do, they will cause a jackknife.
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it's give away time, and we're giving you achance to win another ipad mini. >> you're going to need another buzz word and going to be 18 years of age. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a moment. >> stand by for the rti ipad give away. we love and encourage second chances. sometimes you try something and one thing that maybe if you try hard enough, you can do it again. >> why am i a mess up that i had to really dig deep and find who i am. >> this documentary follows a former amateur middle weight. he was a boxing champ but was derailed by a shooting. now at 40, he decided to get back in the ring. >> i can't go by another 20 years saying that would have been me. >> and try to become a champion
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once again. >> cannot bring back 20 years. there's no way possible you know what i mean? it's gone bro. this is a collaboration between nba star playing with with the lakers and something creative. >> really nervous right now. >> its also documents his attempt to recheonnect with his son that he does not have a connection with. the movie premiered this week, and it's available online at november 24th at 12:00 a.m. to tell us more about this, we have him via skype right this minute. welcome to the show. [ applause ] >> i love the story. tell me why you decide to take this on as a project for you? >> one of the main reasons is that when you leave this earth, you're going leave the kids with a bit of a message and it's
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powerful. i felt this is a good chance and adults to see a man trying to get back into his child's life, and also trying to get back the glory of what he had years ago. >> what do you think that people will take away from the film? >> well, it shows that if you put your mind to something, you can do it. 20 years ago this guy was an amazing athlete, and then he got out of shape and then back in shape. you see a father separated and then you show getting back in the life. it showed me a lot. >> tell me about the fundraise er event. >> we gave way the ring and raise $700,000. you now we're joining the defensive player and the campaign is call canned defense and it's about defending your pamly and it is a good part of.
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this fish is about to come in for cosmetic surgery. >> on the eye. >> wait a second. what. >> how going under is giving him a better look and life. plus when trimming the tree gets cut short.short. >> timber. [ laughter ] >> yep. classic caramel reimagined into buttery rich creams. so surprisingly soft, they melt in your mouth, while you sit back and say, "wow." lancaster,caramel reimagined.
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being free from dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. you are looking at a rare fish. this fish is about to undergo cosmetic surgery on the eye. this man is a fish surgeon, and
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this fish suffers from droop eye syndrome. >> wait a second. what? >> think wanted it done so the fish could have a better look to it. it's in an aquarium. when they get it, the eye tilts down, and it's better for the fish if it does not. we're only going to see surgery on one eye of the fish. you see him there getting the fatty tissue, and they believe that it's a high fat diet. >> this is giving me the close your eye syndrome. >> what is going through the mind. >> do they sedate this poor thing? >> i think that it's sedated or gets moisture in some warter because you can see the fish is still alive and you see him can you telling that out of the eye ball. >> something seems cool about this. at the same time there's no pain census in the eye ball.
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that's why they can do it on our eye and there's no idea. >> they put him back in the middle. >> that's only when they started to put the boobs on fish. fellow i present to you the worst ideas ever. >> does it feature men by the chance? >> oh you know. fe these fellows captured this guy up in a tree with a chain saw. >> do you see where it's going? >> you sound like an idiot. >> what part does he plan to cut? i am watching because -- i am watching this [ bleep ]. >> the guys on the rail find
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this funny. >> and one, two, timber. [ laughter ] >> yep. dude is done. lucky he did not trim off his limb. >> more men with ladders please see if he had this up in a tree, and he is going to take a few steps down. >> okay. no larger power tools here, so safety check number one. [ laughter ] >> safety check number no no. if you don't have someone holding the ladder for you, what do you think is going to happen? >> who are are you going to call? no one is good. ♪ meet a 7 and a half foot cuban crocodile.
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2:19 pm this minute. gone are the days of the standard male model. you're out of there. >> okay. i just -- >> google it. >> my time is done. >> the folks over at chubby shorts say that. >> iteveryday average man has h time. >> they're conducting a male model search and they're looking for the athlete, the father of three that has the time and they want the dad bob. they're looking for dad bods and harry chest. >> even though that it's lowered according to that, i still don't qualify. >> well, even if you don't qualify, the contest is over. here is a look at the guys that made the cut so far. these dudes don't seem to meet the qualifications that are on the list, because this dude has
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a six pack and this can call me. there's only a few dudes that look like the guy that they're looking for. >> what's special about chubby shorts? >> there are the shorts for the average joe. >> wait. school down just a little bit i am voting for that guy. that guy wins there. >> he is the human -- >> but his picture on everything and it will sell. >> human ware wolf peanut butter. >> if you love him, there's going to be a winner. it does not matter if you're hot or not, you could show up the president the chubby guy. [ laughter ] there's only one mode to watch this next video in.
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that's slow motion and motor cross and watch these two guys just barely connect in midair. dude, landed on the back. that's stefan and then a punt that's touched by the front wheel continues to race on and watch it in slow motion. compresses and he continues on complete and wins the championship. >> yeah the man card looks like he got crushed. you see how they leaned in it and won. >> yeah, good job of racing. now the next guy and downhill mown tape biking, but that has crashes to it. you're going to be down at some point and they have the buddies setd up and posted up on the
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corner here. rust root and all kind cans of other stuff. >> yeah, it's downhill. >> yeah, downhill fall. >> okay. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word and be a legal residence. >> head over to "right this minute." >> enter the buzz word on facebook and twitter and you can enter twice everyday. >> let's reveal wednesdays buzz word. >> get over to and click on wednesday buzz word force. >> one day later this week we're going to be having a bonus give away and someone will walk away with a flat screen tv. let's the force be with you. they're pumped to unwrap the
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new toys, but dad has a surprise in store. >> what! >> again.
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in the family home dads have two roles and one being awesome and two stirring the pot and causing trouble. >> a couple of excited little boys waiting for boy to get home. >> dad comes back and he has packages and they're so excited. >> that's fun to get a package in the mail that age. >> everyone this is christopher and today we're going do something pretty cool. we're going to get a transform er and put a review on it. >> they have been doing great on the homework and because of that you're going get a trans fornl
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. they're like great and like it's christmas morning. they want to get them in the hand and rule number one is awesome and rule number two is awesome. >> what! [ crying ]. >> looks like a bag of beans and immediately you see his heart explode. but the older brother finds this amusing. >> yeah baurkecause he has not opened his own box. >> how they return ten seconds later and listen in his voice. [ laughter ] f. >> no i worked so hard. >> this is why dad is like chill
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out. >> talk about crocodile tears. >> that was like a switch. >> so the only one that was totally cool with it was the younger one. >> look at dad's reaction and has no sympathy at all. that's why we become dads. i love this guy. thanks for watching. for more videos cooler than a walk in freeze er, catch us on a
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it's dinner time is rudely interru interr he is like that's tasty. >> see if the bold move pays off. >> yeah, i need some of that dinner dog. the windows just blew. >> it's a mustang melt down. the story behind one explosive road show. >> wow. that thing is fully in gulfed. santa is getting the season greetings on. christmas is cancelled. >> why saint nick is not the only one poplar at the holiday party. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new


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