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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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hostage. the friday before thanksgiving week is our busiest single travel day. >> hitting the sky and the road for the holiday. what you need to know if you're leafing town today. >> good morning, welcome to the mornings on two. we begin with the breaking news overseas, gunman have stormed the hotel in west africa. they originally took 170 hostages, 20 were freed a short time ago. at least three people were killed but it's unclear who they were. the spokes map said 10 gunman stormed the radisson hotel and
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shouted in arabic "god is great." thanksgiving is next week but many people are getting out of town. there will be extra security in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks. passengers know people may be fearful but being scared doesn't help anyone. you can't live in fear. >> after something like that happens we need to ban together and pull to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> air port officials say there will be strictly enforced safety screening. whether you're traveling by airplane or car expect more company. 47million people will get out of town for the holiday.
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that's an 8% increase. the defense behind the surge is a drop in prices. the chp will be stepping up patrols. officers will be on the rook out -- look out for people breaking the law. the maximum ins forment period starts -- enforcement goes through thanksgiving. let's check in with steve. >> today or next thursday. >> today, nice, warm. >> next thursday. cold. every die we've been dealing with cold. >> it's breezy out there. except for the fog everything stays to the north and the temperature bump up quick.
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a lot of 70s. 40s right now and 50s. 54 santa rosa. 57 in the city. there's a breeze, stronger the coast and the higher elevations. easterly compoint for some. everyone is plowing to the affect northwest. patchy fog, lots of sun. 70 for some. 60s to mid-70's. 75 santa rosa. continue cord 70. 70 in downtown oakland. it's friday, here he is. >> thank you for that wonderful introduction at 4:03 on a morning on friday. happy friday to you and everyone. we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see
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traffic looks good coming up to the pay gates. the commute looks good continuing into san francisco. we're looking at the commute on 880 north and it southbound past the coliseum. san jose we don't have any major crashes. stevens creek had a crash earlier but no slowing. >> today marks one week since the paris terrorist attacks, french prosecutor announced that a third body was found in the apartment they raided. it was a woman. the other two bodies is the man suspected of orange treating the attacks and his cuss up.
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they recorded abdelhamid abaaoud boarding the subway. in the u.s. the obama administration is trying to calm fears of an attack here, the terrorist group released a video promising to attack the white house. >> the threat half focusing primarily troubled souls in america being inspired or enabled online to do something violent for isil. americans can expect to see a larger presbyterian -- presence. the president is in mill's
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an. there's unconfirmed reports of threats. at least 2000 soldiers are at strategic points. on capitol hill the house passed a bill that adds new restrictions for ref ooh gees -- refugee trying to enter the u.s. the bill would require new fbi back ground checks and force -- >> our own law enforcement experts are telling us they don't have confidence they can detect and block with the
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current information that isis won't infiltrate. the white house opposes the bill. the obama administration has referred 23,000 to the u.s., 7,000 have been interviewed, not one ref gee has -- ref gee has been removed. we interviewed a family in oakland. they live in a one bedroom apartment. the father is learning english, they fled syria after they lost their home and printing business. through a translator they fear backlash from the paris attacks. >> our fear is something will feel we shouldn't be here.
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>> the father has been going to school and working as a janitor, the family believes the u.s. will provide a new life they hope to go back to syria one day. at the motel six near the coliseum a suspect barricaded himself in a room. when the officers entered it they found the suspect had died. they believe the man is jason brown, he's 18 and from oakland. he was wanted for connection of at least two killings. we have calls into oakland police and livermore police to get up dates. we'll bring you new information as we get it. a convicted sex offender out of prison has been evicted
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from a motel. frasier smith is designated as a violent sexual predator. rental houses in fairfield and continue cord fell through. a judge ordered him released as a transient. he rented a room at the motel six and that did not sit well with people in vallejo. we don't want to be a dumping ground for someone who's been convicted of violent sexual predator activity. >> the mayor said motel six gave him a room because one of his guard booked it in his room. >> cam pus police at -- pam pus
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police -- a woman was walking yesterday morning, the man walking ahead of her turned around and exposed himself. anyone concerned about their safety can call campus police for an transport. a latino man with shaggy hair. he wore a black pull over shoulded sweatshirt. ed lee will give an update on the safety campaign. the city added new traffic signals and resigned streets. many safety improvements are ahead of schedule, he will talk about future projects in the works. the goal is to have no traffic-
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related deaths. it was looking like the warriors would suffer the first loss of the season. they came back from down 23 points to beat the clippers. 124-117. steph curry had 40 points, they are two wins away from matching the best start of any season. steph kerr traveled with the team. luke wall son said confer spoke to the team. he's recovering from two off seats on back surgeries, there's no timetable for hits return. a crack down on guns in san francisco. that one gun off the streets can save a life.
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>> the first of its kind proposal. we're looking at the south bay commute. it looks good. mostly clear, temperatures have been warming up. lots of 70s, but the breeze has kicked up.
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