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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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talking about. the golden state warriors closing in on nba history. "mornings on 2" starts now. we are all talking about those fabulous warriors. good morning. thank you for joining us. november 23, i'm pam cook. >> i'm so -- i'm alex savidge. the warriors' amazing run continues still. they are one win -- one win away from the best start in nba history. they beat the nuggets last night 118-105. they moved to 15-0 to start this season. klay thompson led the warriors with 21 points. they have now tied the record for the best start to a season joining the 1948-49 washington capitals and the 1993-94 houston rockets. and now the chance to breathe -- break that record will come tomorrow night. >> that's a big deal. we are here. 15-0. to be 16, that's a big
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deal. >> the joy they had when they play basketball, for teams like that that have success is great. we congratulated them on it after the game. and we'll try to go break it next game. >> they certainly will. the warriors will try to make history tomorrow night when the lakers are in town at oracle arena. another hardwood classics night. the warriors will be wearing the throwback, the city, uniforms. >> hopefully. no pressure. right? >> no pressure on them. the fans may. >> they are so fabulous. they make it look easy. fun to watch. >> they play with ease. >> just like you. it's nice to have you here. brian is off for the thanksgiving week. that is what people want to know, steven. a lot of people are going to be driving and flying the next couple days. >> much, much colder here. >> but still no rain this week?
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>> maybe a little bit. the sierra will see 1-2 feet. >> alex, always a pleasure. >> thank you, steve. >> appreciate that. a little system is already moving through. that's wrapped up load cloud deck. this time of year we are usually not talking about coastal fog. 40s and 50s on the thames. these are going to take a good plunge over the next few days. again, low clouds, high clouds are thinning out, the breeze isn't much now but it's going to pick up north at napa airport, one system moving through, that little spin is what's enhancing the low cloud deck but this is what we're waiting for out of the gulf of alaska. very cold cold and active we get at least through wednesday and staying cold but the cr could get clouds out of this. a few high clouds to the north, breeze picks up, temperatures on their way down, these are near average. they are going way below. 4:02.
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here he is, mr. sal castaneda. right now doing very well. we don't have a lot going on, which this week we are going to get a little bit of a break because a lot of people do have the entire week they've taken. must be nice, right? we'll see, monday will be a workday for most people. then tuesday, wednesday and obviously thursday and friday will be different. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along pretty well in both directions here in front of the oakland coliseum or i should say in front of oracle arena, home of the warriors. that's what it should have said. traffic on northbound 101, 280 and 85 all doing very well in the south bay. let's go back to the desk. firefighters in berkeley are investigating a fire that damageddozens of apartments and a well-known bookstore. it started on the fourth floor of the chandler building at child -- at telegraph and dwight way.
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it's right above the bookstore and other businesses. a man who lives across the hall from the apartment that caught fire helped rescue a man in a wheelchair. >> the whole front door of his apartment exploded off of its hinges. i obviously got a little singed from the fire there. and we did manage to get him out before the smoke got too bad. it was filling up the entire fourth floor. >> crews monitored hotspots overnight and residents will need to find another place to stay. the red cross is helping them. books and other ground-level businesses also sustained water damage. no word yet on exactly how that fire started. cold, wet weather is on the way as steve mentioned. winter shelters are opening up to help get homeless people inside. debora villalon has a look at the challenges shelters face every year. >> reporter: they stood in this line for a few hours before it stanley -- finally started to move. each step closer to a warm meal
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and a blanket. >> all right. five more. >> reporter: 60 minute each clutching a numbered ticket, assuring their spot. >> we were turned down, maybe 15-20 a night. >> reporter: just 1% of the estimated 6000 homeless in san francisco. >> there's so many homeless people. they just can't get everybody if they don't have the beds. >> reporter: this church auditorium becomes a homeless refuge every winter. the men are able to spend seven nights here, then the shelter moves to another church for a week. >> it's not like being in the rain. >> reporter: it doesn't trouble this man, but he welcomes the continuity. >> a week helps you relax, relax your body, relax your mind, and get your thoughts together. back on the road again. >> you check in. track the rules are few here
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and the food better, client say. dinner at night, breakfast in the morning, all prepared and served by volunteers from 40 different churches. >> trying to make a human connection. there's comfort in that. >> reporter: do you see that when you're serving? >> i hope for it. >> reporter: this youngster has been helping with his parents since he was five. >> we talked a little bit about that. what that would be like to sleep on a mat in a room with 100 other people. i think it definitely provokes some thoughts. >> reporter: their backgrounds run the gamut. but all are grateful for this overflow program. this retired truck driver, homeless three months, worries about the winter cold. >> i've been out there two or three times. and it was extremely hard. i've slept in front of the library before. >> reporter: he finds this smaller setting safer and more
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personal. >> people care and they are more concerned about being hospitable, welcoming you, wait in line and they took me in. very grateful to be right here tonight, right here right now. >> reporter: the interfaith winter program traditionally starts the sunday before thanksgiving. and it goes through february. >> if el nino makes for an extreme winter, it may extend through march. the city of brussels, belgium entering its third day under high alert for possible terror attacks with schools and subways shut down. heavily armed security forces are now patrolling the streets carrying out raids. so far 21 people have been detained there. the belgian government says it does have information on what it calls a serious and imminent threat of attack similar to those carried out in paris. doug luzader has more from washington, dc. >> reporter: good morning. terrorism is now the number 1 concern for voters here at home
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as there are real concerns in europe that another attack could be imminent. it is an all-out manhunt in belgium. schools there are closed in the capital of brussels as police search for suspected terrorists who may have fled there. they are looking for others who may be planning new attacks. just one part of the european response to the isis assaults. this morning french president francois hollande and david cameron visited the paris concert venue where most of the victims were killed. >> the united kingdom will do all in our power to support our friend and ally france to defeat this evil. >> reporter: france has stepped up against isis targets in syria. police in new york staged a massive terror drill over the weekend. it had been planned before the paris attacks, but took on a new urgency. >> these exercises are vitally necessary particularly in light of what's going on in the world. >> reporter: a new poll shows
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that 83% of registered voters think an attack here at home is either somewhat or very likely to happen soon. president obama warned against an overreaction. >> that's part of the overall message that i want to very clearly sent the american people. we do not succumb to fear. that's the primary power of these terrorists over us. >> reporter: president obama will be playing host to french president francois hollande tomorrow at the white house. ethics? >> thank you. learning of a possible motive in that attack on a hotel in mali at killed at least 20 people. the radisson hotel was attacked by two gunmen back on friday. the hotel was preparing to host a meeting on peace negotiations between the government and northern separatist groups. the head of the united nations mission in mali says it's likely the hotel was targeted by terrorists who do not want to see peace in mali. it has been battling extremists
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since -- with the help of the united nations and also french forces as well. presidential candidate donald trump told thousands of supporters that he wants surveillance on anyone who comes to the u.s. as a refugee. trump's comments came during a rally in birmingham, alabama on saturday night. he claims he saw people in new jersey quote, where you have large arab populations, cheering on september 11, 2001, when the twin towers were falling. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheeringas that tilting was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. so some things going on. we've got to find out what it is. >> jersey city's mayor says
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trump, quote, has memory issues or willfully distorts the truth. he says no one in jersey city cheered on september 11. for 10:00 is the time. thanksgiving week of course. that means we are just days away from the big holiday shopping rush. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll show you where shoppers already are camped out trying to get their hands on some hot deals. first, a medical student in louisiana was shot trying to save a woman from a kidnapper.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 4:30. a louisiana medical student remains in guarded condition this morning. we have the surveillance video. it may be difficult to watch because it shows him coming to the aid of a woman. the video shows a man grabbed a woman and dragged her down the sidewalk there. the driver of a car passing by sees what's happening, stops, a witness says he saw 25-year-old peter called step in and try to help that woman. >> i saw that the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. i saw the guy fall and i saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him, looked like in the face a couple times. >> police say the gun jammed. they now released a photo of 24 -- 21-year-old yorick cane. that he was on your screen. investigators say the woman had
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been drinking and was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time. they say they didn't know each other. she's been treated for minor injuries. gold is still hospitalized, but his family says he is improving. a young man was killed, two others injured in a troubleshooting in antioch over the weekend. just before 9:00 saturday night, they found an 18-year- old man in pittsburg lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. this was on sycamore drive near manzanita way in antioch. the man later died at the hospital. police found two other victims at the scene. they are expected to survive. investigators say the shooting happened right outside the victim's apartment. police have not arrested any suspects. it's not clear what led up to the shooting. investigators looking into the reported abduction of a teenage girl in martinez. now say a crime did not occur. saturday night contra costa county sheriff's deputies received a call from someone saying they saw three men
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forced a 17-year-old girl into a car at gunpoint near pacheco pro -- near pacheco boulevard. a few hours later the girl was found safe at a home in walnut creek. authorities say they do not believe the girl was kidnapped. two of the three men originally suspected in the incident remain in custody, though, on unrelated charges. it is for 16:00. as a sal alluded to it's probably going to be kind of light this week. more and more people will take up time as we get closer to thanksgiving. >> we're hoping for a light commute for those of us who have to stick around. >> absolutely. >> right now, though, traffic is light because this time of mourning, it usually is. take a look at the east bay, highway 24 doesn't look bad as you drive between walnut creek and oakland. it is pretty light here in lafayette as you can see. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic continues to move along very nicely with no major issues. traffic also looking nice if
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you are driving in the east bay, westbound 58080, we have a good-looking commute. on the peninsula, this is a nice look here at the 101 freeway, all the freeways are good leading up to the san francisco international airport. at 4:16, let's go to the weather with steve. >> pretty quiet today, today we'll be that transition day, it's the next few days. we talked about this very cold system coming in. it will start to move in tomorrow. looking ahead towards thanksgiving and friday, the end of the week, there are going to be very cold temperatures around here. high temps in the mid-50s at best for some. not only that, but if you are traveling, there will not be a lot of rain. the sierra will get more. 10-15, pretty good snow up in the sierra most of the week. the system will hang back there. for us, low clouds have moved in, yes. no. i can't. can we go back to the desk? >> what's happening, steve?
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>> can you go? >> we'll take it from here. >> i've had nothing but problems since 4:01. >> all right. we'll get it sorted out and get back to you. there are new developments in the syrian refugee crisis. families of syrians, now showing up at the border between u.s. and mexico asking for asylum. the department of homeland security says the family of three people along with two other men turned themselves into immigration authorities in the town of laredo, texas, on friday. that follows two syrian families who identified themselves to border officials in laredo last tuesday. they were turned over to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement for temporary detention. they are a few of the thousands of people who have fled syria to escape the war. it's not clear how they got from syria to mexico. and a new poll shows that a majority of american voters are against president obama's plan to let 10,000 syrian refugees into this country. in the latest fox news poll,
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67% of registered voters said they oppose the president's plan, just 28% are in favor of it. last week the house voted overwhelmingly for tighter security screening procedures. the senate could vote on a similar bill right after thanksgiving. senator marco rubio is also a candidate, says enhanced screening is necessary because we have limited access to information about refugees. >> i believe the vast majority of refugees trying to come here are people we will not be able to vet. there is no reliable database that we can rely on. >> the white house says says congress should be concentrating on enhancement for the visa waiver program, that allows people from certain countries to visit the u.s. without a visa. the obama administration says it could create an easy entry point for terrorists. 4:19. there was a touching tribute to the victims in paris. up next the performance by
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celine dion that brought the crowd at the american music awards to tears. ♪
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the time is 4:22. a memorial san francisco's legendary carol dover. at the tupelo club in north beach where she sang, she recently died at the age of 78. carol doda was best known at the
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condor club. she had a striking stage entrance, arriving on a panel that was lowered from a season. she was one of the first performers to have silicone breast implants -- enhancements which were said to be insured by lloyds of london for $1.5 million. a coast guard cutter returned to the bay area after spending more than three months at sea. the cutter sailed into the oakland estuary today as it returns to its home port in alameda. the crew of 120 completed weapons training, patrolled the arctic ocean and enforced safety laws in alaska and the bering sea. they left back in august and they've been gone 106 days, back of course just in time for thanksgiving. vallejo natives and nascar driver -- he is officially retired. >> jeff gordon! >> [cheering] >> he was the center of attention at homestead raceway
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in florida this weekend as he jumped in his car for his final race. showing a little bit of the race there. many of the drivers shared stories about how they looked up to him growing up. gordon ended his career finishing his final season with third-place in driver standing. kyle busch was crowned champion following yesterday's race. the 49ers are still winless on the road this season after dropping another one to the seattle seahawks. marshawn lynch out with an injury, undrafted rookie thomas rawls rushed for 209 yards. that's the most ever by any player against the 49ers. scored two touchdowns in the seahawks' 29-13 win. 49ers now 3-7. they host the arizona cardinals on sunday. the raiders have no lost three straight. they were beaten by the detroit lions 18-13. lions quarterback matthew stafford scored the go-ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter. raiders held to a season low in yards and first downs. they play the tennessee titans
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in nashville on sunday. >> going through a tough stretch. the dodgers are expected to make a big announcement later today about the team's future. there are several reports that dave roberts will be named the new manager of the ball club. he played for the doctors from 2002 to 2004. he also played for the san francisco giants before retiring in 2008 after 10 years in the majors. roberts was most recently the bench coach of the san diego padres. the 43-year-old will be the first minority manager inductors history. celine dion performed a moving tribute last night to the victims of the paris terror attacks during the american music awards. >> [singing] >> celine dion sang a popular french song. she honored the hundreds of victims who were injured or killed in the attacks earlier this month. the crowd, as you can see there,
4:26 am
some of them left in tears, very emotional during her performance. >> [singing] >> and there he is, justin bieber closed out the night. >> my daughter's favorite. >> not your favorite, sam, too? >> the rain pouring down on him although i'm not sure that the actual rain as he sang his hit song song, sorry. not only did he win the award for best collaboration, but bieber's new album hit the number 1 spot -- the number 1 spot last night as well. a good spot. >> he's making quite a comeback. sorry to his fans for things he's been doing lately. >> you'll have to fill me in. >> [laughter] california-bound plane diverted because of suspicious behavior. up next, the reason some passengers say the whole thing
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was blown out of proportion. just a couple days ahead of thanksgiving, dozens of people are looking now for a new place to stay.
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welcome back. "mornings on 2", monday, november 23. i'm alex savidge in today for brian flores. >> thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. i know it's going to get cold. kind of nice today. >> it's only 50 degrees driving
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in. >> today will be kind of nice. >> thanksgiving is going to be downright cold. >> the bay area is really cold. >> by our standards, relatively speaking. >> highs in the low 50s by thursday or friday. the coldest air is set to arrive on tuesday and wednesday. we have a system moving now, a system ahead of the main system and it's going to give us some increase in the patchy fog, concord, livermore, and a little bit on the coast as well. some of that is very thick. 40s and 50s on your temps. even to the north, 40s and 50s. i friday, we may be finding 20s and 30s. want to give you a heads up. there's the first little system, a spin in the atmosphere that will can -- increased onshore push. this is the main system tomorrow, it is looking wetter, with time, that's a good sign. patchy fog, mostly sunny, cooler, breezy, picking up this afternoon. mid-60s, but by tomorrow looking at a lot of 50s. what d


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