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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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some of the businesses that say they will reopen today. "mornings on 2" continues. thank you for waking up with us. is just about 6:00. we are live in san jose this morning, sacred heart handing out holiday food boxes as usual. to thousands of families who have signed up for this. janine de la vega down there this morning but guess what. they still have a very big need . they need donations. they're asking for something in particular and we're going to check in with janine in just a little bit. thank you for joining us. monday morning, november 23, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. you're going to want to hear the forecast. steve paulson has got a lot to tell you. >> today's the day we start to see things change. that fog is pretty thick out there. don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. that is true, really cold air on the way especially wednesday, thursday. tomorrow, a cold rain in here.
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then some of the coldest lows we've seen in a long time will settle in thursday, friday. today though, we start a little cooling trend, more of a little onshore push. a weak system is brushing in fog and lots of reports of thick fog. some of it reducing visibility, 40s and 50s, a few 30s, fairfield 39, sum up in mendocino county, the little spin right there in the atmosphere is enhancing that fog bank. the big guy is up here, going to drop in here starting tomorrow. it will give us rain and snow in the mountains, very low snow levels. mostly sunny, fog will give way slowly but i don't think it's going to go too far. that means 50s and also 60s. 50s for everybody the rest of the week starting tomorrow. sal, 6:01. things all right? things have picked up, steve but still okay. we haven't had any major crashes. i'm beginning to see signs of thanksgiving light, if you will pick this week i don't think is going to have as much volume as other weeks do. let's go to interstate 880 in
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oakland. traffic is moving well and as steve has mentioned, there is low clouds -- there are low clouds, there is fog. and you might see at as you drive to work. it keeps moving around and it will keep moving around, we'll keep watching it for you. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, looks like a normal monday, 18 to 20 minute delay at the toll plaza before you make it onto the bridge. i have noticed slow traffic here on highway 4. coming in from pittsburg and they point to the concord area. so that looks normal. but -- let me try that again. boy, that's awful. okay. here we go. much better. you can see the slow traffic. rest of it looks pretty good as you drive through. this is a look at 580 westbound. some slow traffic from the alt pass as you drive into livermore. 6:02, let's go back to the desk. following a developing story out of brussels, belgium this morning where the city is on lockdown for a third straight day. all the schools, the city subway system are all shut down. soldiers, you can see,
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patrolling the streets, carrying out raids. so far they have detained 21 people. belgian government says it has information of an eminent terror attack similar to those carried out in paris. they are also searching for the one paris attacker who escaped. and reportedly crossed the border into belgium. british prime minister david cameron is visiting paris today. he and francois hollande visited the scene of one of the terror attacks. they vowed to increase cooperation in fighting terrorism. prime minister cameron says this week he will ask parliament to approve britain joining the u.s.-led airstrikes against islamic state targets in syria. tomorrow, president hollande will meet with president obama at the white house. firefighters in berkeley investigating a fire that badly damaged dozens of apartments. 30 people were forced out of their homes. ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus, you are in berkeley now. there's actually some good news this morning about a well-known
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bookstore affected by that fire? >> reporter: that's right, dave. the fire happened in the building here behind us. this is on dwight and telegraph, a four-story building, about 100 years old, mixed-use apartments on the top floor, you see the windows and as a handful of businesses here on the ground floor, one of those businesses is the popular moe's books. it's been a staple for decades. firefighters initially said some of these businesses had water damage after the fire. moe's books sent out a tweet overnight letting customers know they only have some -- minor smoke damage and they planned to open as scheduled. the residents who live on the top floor of the building were not as lucky. 30 people were displaced by this fire. a fire investigator is supposed to be going through the building later this morning to figure out how exactly the fire started. we know it didn't begin in one of the apartments in the back of the building. the man who lives in that department is wheelchair-bound and his neighbors actually ran in and helped him escape. no one was seriously hurt in this fire, but according to a resident we spoke with these are rent-controlled apartments and a lot of the residents have
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been living in this building for many years even decades. so especially around the holidays, in the really tough rental market as we know in the bay area, there's a lot of concern for neighbors and residents that it's going to be very difficult for the people who live in these apartments to find another place to stay here nearby in berkeley. the red cross was out here helping people find a new place to stay. back to you. >> we'll talk to you later. thank you. today is the last day for victims of the wildfires in lake county, to register with fema. survivors can register to get housing or other assisting grants until midnight tonight. it is also the deadline to apply for disaster recovery loans from the small business administration. you can do that online or over the phone. orcs until 6:00 tonight at the disaster recovery centers in clear lake and in middleton. time is running out -- running out for a south bay charity that wants to make the holidays a little happier for many families. janine de la vega down in san jose this morning. says this group needs more than
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1000 turkeys in the next the couple days, janine? >> reporter: it is a dire situation here at sacred heart community service. they do have one refrigerator that's full of turkeys, but this one is practically empty. there's only two bins full of turkeys. and we're being told they are short 1700 turkeys. this charity has been to go to charity, they've been doing this , given away to low income families for the past 51 years. they are hoping people really come through today with donations because they are going to be giving away those turkeys with one of these boxes. a holiday food box. they are hoping people come donate. let's show you some video of those families that they are going to help. they are going to be receiving this food for thanksgiving. they lined up in front of community service, huddled in blankets a few weeks ago. some spent the night with their children on the street.
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that's how badly they needed this holiday food program. sacred heart ended up registering 4200 families. that's a few hundred more than last year. many work but they still struggle to pay bills and rent. today as well as tuesday and wednesday, those families are going to be coming to the pantry to receive this food. >> a really urgent situation. we did sign up all 4200 families, who are coming through and we still need some turkeys. a lot of people came through over the weekend and we are reaching out to the communities to be able to reach those numbers in the next day or two. if anyone can come down today or tomorrow or if you don't have time to come down, you can definitely donate online. >> reporter: besides low income families, this charity is also giving away these holiday food boxes to the homeless and they are packing food where you don't need an of them. canned ham and other food. they do need canned items as well as really, the turkey. families are going to start coming here a little before -- before 9:00 a.m.
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holiday food boxes and for the next three days, if there's any chance you might be able to donate, you might be able to do that by dropping off a turkey to first and elma or you can donate online. you can go to our website and click on web links which is on our homepage and that will give you information on how to do that. >> thank you, jenni. the time now is 6:08. with winter weather coming, the bay area seasonal shelters are opening now. in san francisco, the auditorium at saint boniface church opened its doors to the homeless. about 60 then are able to spend seven nights there. the shelter moves to another church for a week after that. they also get two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, served by volunteers, from 40 different churches. people we spoke with say they are very grateful for this program. >> a spirit that people care and they are more concerned
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about being hospitable, welcoming you, people here in the shelter seem to be more friendly, then some of the other shelters. >> at least 15 to 20 people are turned away every night. they only have so much room. not enough beds for the estimated 6000 homeless in san francisco. typically the interfaith winter program runs through february this season depending on the weather. it could continue through march. san francisco's legendary nightclub entertainer carol doda was remembered over the weekend at a special memorial. it was held at the tupelo club in north beach. carol doda recently died at the age of 78. she's best known for her star performances at the condor club. known as america's birthplace of topless dancing. she had an eye-catching stage entrance, she arrived on a piano that was lowered from the ceiling. 6:09.
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another controversial remark by donald trump. what he says he witnessed on 9/11. but this is a rumor that has been debunked many times before. coming up at 6:30, the warriors just one win away from making history. ♪
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♪ come on-a my house welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 6:12. there are reports of the u.s. military helicopter crashing in south korea, killing two people. both police and military officials say the pilot and another crew member died. south korea's news agency says that helicopter may have hit power lines or a nearby steel tower. so far the u.s. army has not confirmed that crash. we are also learning of a possible motive in the attack on a hotel in mali where at least 20 people were killed last week. the radisson hotel was attacked on friday by two gunmen. that hotel was getting ready to host a meeting on peace talks between the government and northern separatist groups. ahead of the united nations mission in mali says it's likely the hotel was targeted by terrorists who do not want to
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see peace in mali. presidential candidate donald trump told thousands of supporters he wants surveillance on anyone who comes to the u.s. as a refugee and he's also calling for surveillance of mosques. trump's comments came during a rally in birmingham, alabama saturday night. he claims he saw people in new jersey quote, where you have large arab populations celebrating on september 11, 2001, when twin towers were falling. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. so some things going on, we've got to find out what it is. >> jersey city mayor says trump quote, has memory issues or willfully distorts the truth. he also says no one in jersey
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city cheered on september 11. the time is 6:14. a medical student who was shot when he stopped an attempted kidnapping is still in guarded condition this morning. we have surveillance video to show you that may be hard to watch. it shows him stopping his car to come to the aid of a woman. the video shows a man grabbed a woman, you see him dragging her down the sidewalk. the driver of a car passing by sees what's happening, he stops. witness says he saw peter gold step in to try to help that woman. >> i saw the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. i saw the guy fall and i saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him, looked like, in the face a couple times. >> police say the gun jammed. they've now released this photo of the man they're looking for, 21-year-old york came. he's facing charges of attempted murder and kidnapping. investigators say the woman cane allegedly tried to kidnap had been drinking, and there
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doesn't seem to be a connection between her and the suspect. she's being treated now for minor injuries. gold is still in the hospital as we said, the good samaritan -- his family says he is improving. san francisco is failing to meet its goals when it comes to emergency calls. accidental dialing may be partly to blame. according to the examiner, the controller says dispatchers answered 72 to 83% of calls within 10 seconds. the goal is 90%. the controller cited a recent study by google that found emergency calls have spiked since 2011 including a large percentage of calls made accidentally, many from cell phones. it's not highly publicized but there is a government account that takes donations to pay down the national donate -- national debt. someone recently made a very large gift. the $2.2 million donation in september is actually the biggest on record the public debt reduction fund. still, doesn't put much of a dent in the national debt which
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stands at more than $18 trillion. that's 18 with 12 zeros. >> why don't you just write a check and pay it off, pam? >> i have a lot of other people to help with my trillion dollars. >> just an idea. sal, you are trying to help everybody with the commute. how does it look? >> 80 is having trouble. between carquinez bridge and richmond. we have some slow traffic and a couple of crashes, two of them actually westbound near highway 4, near san pablo dam road. the couple motorcycle incidents and the traffic is going to be slow. if you're driving here, down the east trophy way, you will see a lot of slow traffic and give yourself plenty of extra time on those commutes. if you happen to be getting on the freeway after that, let's say you get on the freeway in berkeley, it looks pretty good getting down to the macarthur maze because the traffic before you is being held up, so please get your -- give yourself extra time. bay bridge toll plaza is backed
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up for a 15-20 minute delay. we are beginning to see signs that this week is not going to be difficult because it's a little bit less volume out there. not going to be really obvious today. i think it's going to start being more obvious tomorrow and certainly on wednesday. of course thursday and friday, most people have the day off. this is a look at northbound 280 up to highway 17. that traffic is moving along okay. 6:18, let's go to steve. >> we have a lot of fog out there and some of that is sick, but i know people travel so we wanted to give you a heads up, tuesday and wednesday look pretty dicey in the sierra nevada. going to be a very cold, dynamic system coming in here. above the crest or some of the passes, eight to 16 inches, for to it, but also sell -- snow levels will go down to 4000, 3000, and even down to around 2000 feet. the sooner you go the better. high cloud deck, big increase in the low cloud deck, a little system in advance of a bigger
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system. that is giving us a good little increase in the clouds, 40s, 50s, a few 30s, fairfield, ukiah was, 25 in truckee, 35 sacramento, 44 down in las vegas. there goes our high clouds, out of the picture. our little system is getting bumped in by the stronger system. looks like it's having a little more overwater trajectory. that should help on the totals. i think we will lean on a wet or amount, a quarter to a half inch tomorrow for us, isolated amounts of more than that. the big news continues to be not only the rain developing but very cold air coming in, especially towards the end of the week when come -- tuesday and wednesday looks like a cold rain. here is our cloud rain forecast. the timing can be tricky sometimes but it looks like by tomorrow, -- will start to have some rain. then the front will sweep through about 2:00. then here comes the cold, unstable air, a very showery pattern, thunderstorms out of that and even snow around our hills here. by wednesday morning, that's our best bet. snow will continue in the sierra until wednesday night,
6:20 am
then thursday looks good, but cold, patchy fog, some of it is thick there, partly sunny today, higher clouds, cooler today, breeze will pick up a little later. 50s and 60s on the temps. these will be the warmest temps by far for the week. i mean, most temps will take a good plunge starting tomorrow tomorrow and stay there. cloudy, cold rain tuesday, showery on wednesday, then a cold morning thursday, looks dry, same for friday, freezing temps on friday, maybe another system sunday and monday. >> maybe pension grab her scarf. >> scarves, gloves, the whole 9 yards. you're going to need it. >> nice time of year to do that. the time is 6:20. remembering an oakland teacher gunned down on one of his favorite hiking trails. the memorial held in his honor as his family pleads for information in this one -year-old murder case.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 6:23. you may be able to buy food -- you may soon be able to buy food at san francisco's coit tower. amendment was approved for the
6:24 am
coit tower gift shop. the change will allow a restaurant -- a refreshment kiosk as well as the sale of prepackaged food items, and a few people expressed concern over allowing food to be sold there. they worry about possible damage to the recently restored murals inside the tower. san francisco city leaders celebrating a new project to make mclaren park safer. a groundbreaking is set for this morning for the manziel street corridor improvement project. it includes a new pedestrian and bike path. also traffic signs, flashing lights and raised crosswalks. a little boy in michigan born with two rare medical conditions is beating the odds. >> who am i? >> mommy. >> who are you? >> me. >> before grant was even born he was diagnosed with a rare obstruction in his airway that would have prevented him from breathing properly. doctors gave him a one in 100 chance of survival.
6:25 am
surgeons created an airway for him though, and grant was delivered. but then when he was 1-year- old, doctors found out that he didn't have any vocal cords. after several surgeries, a voice box was created. although the little boy's voice will always sound raspy. >> it doesn't even matter what it sounds like. the fact that he can even begin to speak is something we never anticipated. >> the next big step is taking out the tube that helps him breathe easier. grant, by the way, now almost four years old. >> we love him too. 6:25. taylor swift lead all artists, winning three awards last night. but celine dion performed a moving tribute to the victims of the paris terror attacks. >> [singing in french]
6:26 am
>> you can see people in the audience with tears in their eyes. she sank "hymne @ l'amour," a popular french song. she honored the hundreds of people killed or injured in the paris attacks earlier this month. the crowd was very emotional as she sang. 6:26 is the time. a california bound flight had to be diverted because of suspicious behavior. the reason authorities say three passengers were removed from the plane. the warriors are red-hot and they are on the verge of history.
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good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us, monday november 23, i dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve talking about the very cold weather expected. tuesday through friday or saturday. no doubt about it. 50s. today all about the fog. some of that is very thick. there are a -- just a little cooler, but i'll tell you that fog, leading edge of a system getting pushed in, that enhanced the fog bank. some of it up around petaluma, i know there's a lot of reports
6:30 am
around the day in san francisco as well, but really it's the colder air, this will be the warmest day of the week by far. cold rain on tuesday, cold showery pattern with low snow levels wednesday and darn cold as we head towards thursday and friday. low clouds are there, that will mean upper 50s, low 60s for some, coast and they, 40s and 50s to start on the temps. there goes our little system right there, swinging in. that's what's doing it. hitting bumped in by the bigger one, up here starting tomorrow. boy, will snow levels go way down and so will attempt. patchy fog's, cooler and breezy, both showing up later today care -- it will be 50s and 60s. a big change tomorrow. sal, 6:30. a little better compared to normal. >> a little bit better, guys. slow traffic, a couple motorcycle accidents that have thrown a wrench into the 80 commute. i want to tell you where they are. one of them is westbound highway for, westbound 80 near highway 4 in the left lane. then just down the road,
6:31 am
another accident, so this commute hear from the carquinez bridge into richmond is very slow. after that, we see also some more slow traffic in berkeley heading down into the macarthur maze -- maze. more slow traffic although just a touch lighter than usual. some people will notice it, may be some won't. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, still looks somewhat ordinary, backed up, now it looks like there could be something on the bridge and whenever you see the carpool lane, backed up, which is normally not, something is going on here on the bridge. that is not a normal site. you see the far right there, the carpool lane is usually moving through no matter what unless there's a problem. i'm looking at the chp list here. we'll find out if something is going on. i think something is. let's move along and take a look at the 237 commute. this commute looks okay heading out to milpitas. let's go back to the desk. thank you. in berkeley, 30 people were forced out of their homes after
6:32 am
an apartment fire there. it also damaged a well-known bookstore in berkeley. ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus is there now. there was also a dramatic rescue to help someone. what happened? >> there was a resident inside the apartment where this fire started. >> reporter: in the building where this happened, right behind us on twice and telegraph. it started in an apartment unit on the back of the building. very hard to see some of the damage from where we are but apparently that resident was in a wheelchair, had difficulty escaping the fire but neighbors came to his rescue. but for now, fire investigators are going to be going through the building later this money to try and figure out how this started. again, on telegraph and dwight, called the chandler apartments, residential units on the top floors and several businesses on the ground floor. the fire broke out here around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. 30 people who lived here were displaced. firefighters say most of the people inside had already evacuated. including the disabled man we
6:33 am
told you about a little while ago, the man who lives across the hall from him says he helped rescue his neighbor out of the apartment. >> the whole front door of his apartment exploded off of its hinges. and i obviously got a little singed from the fire there. he did manage to get out before the smoke got too bad. it was filling up the entire fourth floor. >> reporter: luckily, nobody was seriously hurt. some of the businesses on the ground floor include a couple of cafes, art shop, and the popular moe's bookstore. taking a look at the storefront, this morning, it looks like it's perfectly fine and actually in a tweet overnight, moe's bookstore told its customers they had overnight smoke damage but that the damage wasn't that bad and they do plan on opening as scheduled later today. the future is a lot less certain for the 30 or so people who lived in this apartment building. the red cross is out here
6:34 am
trying to help them find a place to stay, but as this is a top rental market as we know, also over the holidays it can be very difficult. a lot of concern about where these residents are going to end up. tape? >> i can see also behind you, traffic is moving through so the street is not blocked off. is that correct? >> reporter: traffic moving through. just fine. you can see some of the yellow fire line tape, but pretty much restricted to the sidewalk adjacent to the building not the street. >> we wish them well. allie rasmus in berkeley, thank you. oakland writer shot to death on one of its favorite hiking trails was remembered this weekend at a special church service. that mass was held at our lady of lourdes in oakland yesterday to remember 60-year-old david renz al. he was gunned down on november 25, 2014 in the huckleberry botanic regional preserve in the oakland hills. one year later, the murder is
6:35 am
still unsolved and his family is left searching for answers. >> why would such a warm and gentleman be heard? someone who has never hurt anyone. and would give the shirt off his back if he had the chance. >> investigators believe there are people out there who can help lead them to the suspect. police released sketches of two men who -- one, slender with dreadlocks, the other is described as out of shape and overly friendly. 6:35. there is a new development in the syrian refugee crisis. families of syrians are showing up at the border between united states and mexico asking for asylum. the department of homeland security says the family of three along with two other men turned themselves in to immigration authorities in laredo, texas on friday. that follows two syrian families who identified themselves to border officials in laredo last tuesday.
6:36 am
they were turned over to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement for temporary detention. there are a few of the thousands of people who fled syria to get away from the war there. we are not sure how they got from syria to mexico. also a new poll out showing a majority of american voters are against president obama's plan to allow 10,000 syrian refugees into the country. in the latest fox news poll, 67% of registered voters say they oppose the president's plan. just 28% said they favor it. last week the house voted overwhelmingly for tougher screening procedures. the senate could vote on a similar bill after thanksgiving. senator marco rubio also a republican presidential candidate says enhanced screening is necessary because we have limited access to information about refugees. i believe that the vast majority of refugees that are trying to come here are people we will not be able to vet. there is no reliable database
6:37 am
we can rely on. >> the white house says congress should be concentrating on enhancements for the visa waiver program that allows people from certain countries to visit the u.s. without a visa. the obama administration says it could create an easy entry point for terrorists. a los angeles-bound southwest airlines flight made an unscheduled stop. the fbi says three passengers refused to follow crew instructions that -- at takeoff from from indianapolis. authorities say the three continued to act unruly during the flight but officials would not say exactly what they were doing. after landing in kansas city, police cleared the plane and used bomb-sniffing dogs to search it, but one passenger says the situation seems blown out of proportion. >> i was probably like like a few rows ahead of where, like, they were. immediately, i knew, like, i didn't think it was a threat at all.
6:38 am
i mean, the whole thing just seemed a little overblown. >> police found nothing during the search. the three detained passengers were allowed to take another flight and no charges were filed. 6:37. go in-state warriors are off to an incredible start this season. they have won their first 15 games. they have tied an nba record and one more win against the lakers would make history. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge in walnut creek walnut creek for us this morning talking about what all this means two bands. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a big deal. i can tell you that for warriors fans here in the bay area around the country. we have a lot of warriors fans who have joined the bandwagon, if you will. after a lot of teams win the title, sometimes they can come out flat the next season. warriors instead have come out on fire. no one has been able to stop them so far. that was in the case last night as they beat the denver nuggets on the road 118-105. that win last night matched the
6:39 am
best start in nba history. the 1948 washington capitals and the 1993-94 houston rockets, the only other teams to start 15-0. now of course the warriors have the chance to set the record when they face off against the lakers tomorrow night at home at oracle arena in front of that noisy home crowd here and setting an nba record tomorrow night would mean a whole lot to the players and for the fans. >> if you were talking about we got lucky last year, they didn't get lucky. people forget, they're the best defense in the nba. and defense wins championships. right now, they're undefeated. so unless, barring horrendous injuries, they've got a good shot to repeat. >> reporter: right now on the verge of making history with the start to the season, they are the team to watch in the bay area and across the country for that matter. even when they are playing on
6:40 am
the road for instance last night in denver, there are plenty of warriors fans on hand in the crowd. steph curry jerseys, the most popular in the nba, sales for the mvp jersey are up nearly 600%compared to last year. and basically after winning the mvp last season, steph curry has somehow found a way to improve his game. the warriors won the championship. they found a way to get better. all they have to do, dave, is beat the l.a. lakers. the lakers, 2-11 so far this season. but it cannot be overlooked. am i right, dave? >> you've got to do it. got to do it. i'm with you. >> pam won't let me say anything at all. i can't jinx it. >> all right. >> reporter: pam got on you? okay. we'll talk to you later. thank you. warriors forward jason thompson, a great guy right here, he's going to help deliver turkeys and other holiday food items today to families in oakland and he'll be joined by marianne mitchell,
6:41 am
a civilian employee who works with the oakland police department every year to help needy families. earlier this month, jason surprised ms. mitchell with a $5000 check for her food drive. his donation is expected to help more than 150 families. saint anthony's in san francisco, they need turkeys. this thanksgiving holiday, volunteers are accepting curbside donations at golden gate and at leavenworth every day now through thursday. they hope to collect 1500 turkeys. donors can also drop off canned food and other pantry items like socks and toiletries as well. you are needed. >> everything. everything needed. buy a little extra. heightened security in europe and in the u.s. in the wake of the paris terror attacks. coming up in 20 minutes, the massive drill in new york over the weekend ahead of that city's big thanksgiving day parade.
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welcome back. police in indianapolis have arrested an 18-year-old in connection with the murder of the pregnant wife of a pastor. story made national headlines earlier this month. police say amanda blackburn was shot in the head during a home invasion. she was found by her husband when he returned from the gym. blackburn died at the hospital two days later. the couple of a young son who was home at the time of shooting -- he was not hurt. 6:45. more than 100 people reported dead in a massive landslide at eight mine in myanmar. they are pulling bodies from the mud down there. the collapse early saturday swept away huts where people were asleep. local official says more than 100 people are missing in this disaster. that area produces some of the worlds highest quality of jade. the watchdog group says most of the money goes to a few wealthy families. the workers are
6:46 am
desperately poor. president obama is back in the u.s. following an eight day trip overseas. the president's agenda included summit in turkey and asia but the terrorist attacks in paris overshadowed a planned economic agenda. the white house is now getting ready for a visit from french president francois hollande tomorrow. president and world leaders are set to gather in paris next week for long scheduled climate talks. let's check in and see what's coming up in the next hour on "mornings on 2." we here in california are in a way looking forward to the drought relief, strong el nino rains could bring. the l.a. times is reporting that same system could bring floods, famine and sickness too much of the world. why there's also an increased likelihood of war with el nino elsewhere in the world. also using twitter to show defiance in the face of a terror alert. brussels is under extreme security measures, people are
6:47 am
flooding twitter with these pictures online. how these cat photos are a response to a federal police request. see you in just a few for more "mornings on 2", pam. >> thank you, gasia. the 49ers still winless on the road this season after dropping another one to the seattle seahawks. with marshawn lynch out with an injury, undrafted rookie thomas rawls rushed for 209 yards in seattle's 29-13 win. that is the most ever by any player against the 49ers. 49ers now 3-7. they host the arizona cardinals on sunday. the raiders also have now lost three straight. they were beaten by the detroit lions, 18-13. matthew stafford scored the go- ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter. the raiders were held to seasons -- season-low zines -- in yards and first downs. they play the titans in nashville on sunday. 6:47. let's go to sal. you are watching 80, the toll
6:48 am
plaza, already a busy morning. >> busy, yeah. a little busier than we thought it would be especially since something is going on at the bay bridge pier, to show you the picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. pay special attention to the right-hand side. those carpool lanes on the very, very right there, are usually not stop. something is going on but i keep looking at the chp list and now i'm listening to the scanners. i don't hear anything but traffic is very, very slow especially in the carpool lanes. i'm a little concerned about that. we'll probably find out what it is anytime now. we don't -- there have been several crashes on adidas morning between hercules and richmond. a couple of motorcycle accidents, a couple other crashes, traffic is slow. one of the things i noticed, the volume is little bit lighter. so these backups could be a lot worse but there are -- they are already bad enough. let's look at the south bay or some of the other commutes. northbound 280 not looking bad out of downtown san jose getting up to--
6:49 am
high clouds, week low brushed aside, that's moving inland by a much stronger system which will be here tomorrow for a cold rain along with some rather cold air. temps this week, bottoming out thursday and staying there for a little bit. william tweedy in vallejo, happy turkey we. vallejo currently 46, clear, no wind. get out the jackets. i would agree. sierra nevada, if you can, leave today. if not, as early as you can on tuesday. 8-16 inches, very low snow levels tuesday, wednesday night, everything should calm down. there might be a little bit lingering wednesday into thursday. tuesday and wednesday are the
6:50 am
main days for the snow. snow level at of the passes could be higher but could get down to about 2000 feet by late wednesday night. maybe snow in our hills, low clouds being helped along here, a few 30s but a lot of 40s and 50s, 44 in concord, 49 sfo, san jose at 46, livermore 40, look at the water temps, 55, 56, 57. i would expect this to go down 51 or 52 by thursday or friday. that's the coldest we've seen in a long time. 25 in truckee, 40 ukiah, here is the spin in the atmosphere enhancing fog, why is it moving in? this system is moving in from the north. that's going to sweep in and there's a lot of cold air feeding into it. that's going to funnel in here over the next few days. today, the tweener transition day, cooler, partly sunny today, a few high clouds, rain develops tomorrow, half inch could be, isolated areas heavier than that, very cold air and a possible
6:51 am
freeze warning as we head towards thursday and friday. especially once the wind tails off and clouds move. our system moves in about 11:00 or noon. here comes the low, the cold unstable air wrapping income of those will be showers, very cold showers, best bet for snow levels around here, that continues to early wednesday morning, then on the dryer, colder side, i mean much colder as we head towards thursday. mostly sunny, partly sunny, a few high clouds, the breeze will pick up a little later, in anticipation of the system park -- 60s on the temps or upper 50s, low 60s, did go with a few mid-60s but i don't think they will stay there very long. on their way down, heading into the 50s on the high side, low to mid-50s, thursday, friday, maybe another system sunday into monday. looks good but called on thanksgiving. >> okay. i'm looking at the turkey on the screen. >> he's trying to get one. all right. >> look at him. he looks a little chilly. shivering a bit. >> that's cute.
6:52 am
he is taking a tail feather too. >> okay. >> beat you to it. >> got me. the time is 6:51. amazing story. a 7-year-old big performance before a baseball game. it was ruined by backups. >> [singing] >> that's unfortunate when that happens. coming up in 15 minutes, how he reacted that earned him a standing ovation and a lot of praise. come on in pop pop.
6:53 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 6:55. a happy homecoming in napa for members of a church that was badly damaged during last year's earthquake. do you hear that? for the first time in 15 months, there was music at the 99-year-old napa methodist church. the big earthquake back in august of 2014 destroyed the church organ and the roof of the church. it cost $2 million to rebuild. and about a quarter of the money was donated by the
6:56 am
community. >> i don't think there will ever be a thanksgiving where we will be as painful as we are on this thanksgiving, to be back home. >> it's really nice to be home. it looks beautiful. really looks great. >> the seventh-day adventist church across town allowed the displaced methodist church congregation to worship in their building until their church was repaired. the busy holiday travel period continues today across the bay area and the airports were packed over the weekend with people trying to get to their destinations. sfo is predicting more than 3 million travelers will come through the airport between now and january 4th, which is a jump of nearly 8% from last year. people are urged to take public transit since the parking lots are filling up. today, kicks off the busiest week of the year for amtrak as well. the train is adding more service to lines here in the bear area -- bay area to accommodate the big crowds. last year amtrak carried a record 772,000 passengers during the thanksgiving travel period. that number is expected to be
6:57 am
about the same this year. two very lucky california turkeys will head to washington, dc this morning to be pardoned by president obama. tom one and his alternate tom two are both from foster farms in modesto. they were handpicked based on their appearance and their behavior. they are actually going to be flown out from sfo on a united airlines flight called turkey one. the two birds will be escorted by a presidential turkey motorcade, and they'll even have mock security detail. after the pardoning ceremony on wednesday, both turkeys will live on a farm in west virginia. we are coming up on our 7:00 hour. just days ahead of thanksgiving, dozens of people in berkeley are looking for a new place to stay. up next, the investigation into a fire that damaged an apartment building and a well-known bookstore.
6:58 am
a are juice
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7:00 am
for the third day in a row, the city of brussels is under lockdown. the threat of a terrorist attack that had the government taking drastic action. this ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a monday morning, november 23rd. >> it's cold. good morning. i'm dave clark your forecast is waiting for you. >> it's going to get cold. >> right. i've been listening to you. you're talking about it for days >> you stepped outside yet? >> i did step out. it's chilly tomorrow it will be cold. cold rain on tuesday. we have the fog. there's a lot of low clouds and fog helped along by a weak system. your forecast headlines, something to talk about. more fog, cooler,


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