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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 25, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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it's a sobering view from behind the wheel. >> this is your dash cam when you're drunk. >> how a driver's good judgment goes right out the window. rescuers go inside a rundown old house to find -- >> a mama and her puppies. >> why it came just in time. a young man makes a plea to steer clear of party drugs. >> he says he should have been dead. >> what put him in the hospital that he wants you to stay away from. plus bonus give away day means your chance to win a new
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ipad mini or flat screen tv. now meet the rtm guinea pigs who prove it's not as simple as it looks. you guys in the states had a pretty famous psa from back in the day, "this is your brain on drugs." well, this is your dash cam when you're drunk. the car is veering off to the right and running into a pole. at this point not particularly shocking. but as he continues down the road, this guy is confident in his ability when he starts to increase, and so does the speed. >> you can see we're approaching a bit more of a builtup area. the speed getting crazy. straight across this intersection without even looking. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> you can hear him drunkenly singing a song to himself as the speed gets faster and faster and faster. now they say he got up to speeds of over 80 miles per hour. you can see the destruction to his own car. you can see some of the damage to the car he clips. nobody was hurt. the driver was arrested, totally shocking video, something that should really stick with people. i do have a second video, this one from poland, everyone very lucky as well. both lanes going this way, sort of like a minor highway. as we come around the corner -- wrong way driver with a trailer. >> everybody's giving this guy a bit of a talking too. what are you doing? we know backing up with a trailer is not the easier thing to do. this guy makes a complete pig's ear of going to the left, going
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to the right. eventually this guy moves his car and the trailer off the road there to the side. i would be amazed he's able to stop and nobody was hurt. as you can see in this house in southwest detroit, that is no place for any living creature. but a mama and her nine puppies were found living underneath that house by some people living nearby. >> they was getting in and out right here. >> this man and his wife noticed the mama had been in the neighborhood about three years. she had the puppies for about a month and a half before he even knew they were there. he went down to get the puppies out and he turned five of them over to the detroit pit crew dog rescue. there were nine that were rescued. he and his wife were debating whether they should keep them
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and give them a good home. what did they do to lure the adult dogs in? >> hamburgers? >> turkey, chicken. the dogs smell it from a mile away. we're trying to cause them to come to us. >> the dogs lured by the chicken. the papa is caught. that's a 6-foot-long cage. mom is still on the run. >> the only way to catch the dog was to her motherly instincts. so he had one of the puppies in the abandoned house and they lured her in. >> the good thing is they were found and rescued and now it looks like they'll all have really great homes. time for the european bike
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championship. >> a busy main street in each of the cities, and a musical band nearby for celebration. >> did they get a sponsor for this third annual event? >> we, >> oh, my gosh, people are standing by, contemplating it. >> in prague it only took 30 seconds for somebody to come up and check it out. >> maybe he didn't like the model of bike. >> 20 minutes later we've got an interested man in amsterdam. >> the pyrotechnics go off and the band starts to play. >> oh, this is good. >> it's so good.
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sadly, amsterdam in just under 63 minutes. bronze and silver are available. >> that guide keeps going. he takes off. in the end he gets the bronze medal. nobody wound up taking the bike. >> one of the best championships in recent years. next year, who knows, london, maybe. time to give away another i mad mini. we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> that means two winners today. you'll need wednesday's buzzword. you need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzzword coming up in just a little bit. many anti-drug campaigns out
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there are very effective. probably not as effectively as this video. >> this young man in australia decided to record this video. his name is jordie and he says he's recording it because he wants to create awareness. >> doctors can't believe i'm still alive. i'm so grateful. >> he says his current condition was caused by some of the party drugs that he took while out with his friends partying. >> please don't get sucked in. it all seems like fun and games, a $25 pill. it's not worth it. >> oftentimes you found drugs available for very cheap, you really don't know what you're
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taking, and he was left in the hospital for several days with some brain damage. and at this point he says he should have been dead. >> i'm a strong person. >> sometimes parents say one night of fun can cost you the rest of your life, but this is living proof that one night of fun can literally affect the rest of your life. >> please don't do it. it's not worth it. they've got the go pro rolling to catch -- >> all those everyday things that make us feel like indiana jones. why being epically average never looked cooler. and the magnificent scene when a whole lot of reindeer cross the road. >> are they by any chance heading north for the winter?
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targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. the rtm video app, the best way to watch videos. download it now. the go pro camera changed everything for what we do. some of the craziest and most talented people do the best things and we can experience it vicariously. for the everyday heroes of the world, us. >> yes, that looked so good! >> there's another one we've all done before. no hands! >> when you do the laser hop thing, you're like, i was good.
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>> all kinds of things in this video. they gave it a title, "no pro." >> these guys are epically average. they're carrying the supermarket shopping, kick the doors down behind you. >> all of these severely unappreciated things now look a lot more extreme. >> for guys being amazingly average, we head over to someone else who is trying to be oh, so impressive. adrian keyes likes to torture himself. he's torturing himself with an ab workout. he wraps his legs around. quite clearly a terrible idea. anyone who has been close to hugging a palm tree knows it's torture.
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beards for the holiday season will be shining. i do mean that glittering-ly. these guys figured out that you can make your beard really shiny by putting glitter on them. >> you don't have to get crazy. >> you want it to fully encompass the beard. >> as you can see. >> i want to see him sneeze now. >> right? >> this is a tutorial video if you want to do it. >> there is an art to creating a glitter-licious beard. it's unfortunate that you guys don't have big old bushy beards. it is very fortunate that we have editors who do. we'll invite doug and brad on set so we can glitter-fy their
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beards. we have three different colors, a green, red, and gold. like the guy said in the video, we need oil. >> there are people all over the internet so jealous right now. >> you're enjoying this way too much. >> essentially, you saw the video, you just drop it on. >> we should oil your chest hair. >> because of the oil, the glitter is actually sticking. >> there we go. >> wow. >> get it all in there, come on. there we go. >> are we going to do a tricolor? >> this is the most christmas decorating i've done in years. >> there you go. >> dude, you look dope.
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>> do not shower until new year's eve. >> i wasn't really planning on it. >> shall we do the eyebrows? >> you know what, you can do the eyebrows. go for it. >> i look like david bowie. >> you're like big hairy elves. >> happy holiday. wild turkeys. >> kind of looks like something out of jurassic park. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, he lost his best friend and an unfortunate washing machine incident. >> as a man of the cloth, he took it to jesus. >> why this video is proof that -- >> hallelujah! plus the b bonus day buzzwo if you want to win an ipad mini. you totalled your brand new car.
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promotional considerations provided by -- >> like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. these reindeer had places to be and it looks like hundreds of them crossing the road. >> is there a gigantic sleigh at the end of that? >> are they by any chance heading north for the winter? >> i don't know.
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>> do you see the white one? >> one magnificent view caught on camera. new zealand's first seals are wallowing and flipping about. >> they're frolicking. >> that's something you don't typically see. seals playing in a waterfall. we were first introduced to miller when he was in the parking lot of food lion. >> getting ready for easter sunday. jesus going to rise up and whoop the devil right out here in the parking lot. >> he has some sad news to report. >> i lost the best friend i ever
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had. >> because of his sister. >> i lost him to a homicide. >> his best friend was j.j. he said he was cool. all the girls liked him. but his sister thought j.j. was dirty so his sister put j.j. in the washing machine. >> all of him, with his clothes and everything. >> he's been upset for 34 years. as a man of the cloth, he took it to jesus. >> today is not about lazarus. today is about j.j. >> girl, you've been to church. it gets better. he preaches a sermon about lazarus coming back from the dead and if jesus did it for lazarus, he can do it for j.j. >> jesus, with the ebay search for the j.j. doll. >> and told j.j. to come for there. >> hallelujah! >> he said, j.j., j.j., come
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forth. and let me tell you, if j.j. didn't come out of ebay! >> it was a j.j. doll from "good times." and in one could talk. >> dynomite! >> this guy might be the only thing that might get me back into church. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you'll need the buzzword. you'll need to be at least 18 years of age and you need to be a legal resident, like oli. >> you can enter for the ipad
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mini or the flat screen tv every day. >> go to, and the buzzword, f-a-t-h-e-r. >> today is a bonus give away. the winner will also be entered to win a flat screen tv. >> good luck. frank pulls a fast one on mom. >> but see why this stunt ends
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but boy, that lit up for about 30 seconds. then everything goes dark. >> over the years on "right this minute," we've seen so many insane videos. >> we're not the only ones. guess what, vitalli and his mom happened to be in dubai. what's he going to do, enjoy a vacation with his mother? >> no. >> no. he'll put his poor mother in this car and they're going to go drifting. >> a shocking amount of people
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not looking. >> here's the first indicator. >> the first indicator is vitalli. the second indicator is the car. >> oh, my god. >> she starts freaking out. >> oh, my god! >> i'm going to take my mom to dubai. >> welcome to dubai. >> and he gives the driver the key to do it again. >> watch what happens. >> mom? >> she's gone. >> she's out. he's like, mom? >> mom? >> they stop the car. they're back on four wheels.
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they put water on her. she is out. >> mom? >> god, mom, wake up, you're busting up my prank. >> ha, got you! >> the apple does not fall far from the tree. that's it for today. we've got tons more content 24/7 on see you next time. narrator: when you see this truck,
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rescuers try to reach three cars underwater. >> inside one of those cars is a groom. >> how a member of the wedding party saves himself. if you're going skydiving -- >> what's the one thing you don't want to forget? >> this guy does. >> you've got one job. >> they say the postman rings twice. >> did you see him ring the doorbell? >> the outrageous video for anyone who's ever missed a delivery. and bonus day means your chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. why these


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