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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 26, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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they start off talking turkey this thanksgiving, then these gobblers get mean. they have a lot of fight in them. >> hey. >> how they warned a driver to keep out of their hood. >> hey, dude, stay out. >> try noose, sweaty palms, and join hands. the spectacular place to go base jumping this holiday. santa comes early to an auto shop where kids are wondering, who's sleigh is that? >> it brought christmas in november. and your turkey dropping me? >> i am not turkey dropping you. >> it's thestone break up. >> get that turkey before thanksgiving. you're free. >> why the sooner, the better. >> you're just telling me now
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while we're buying groceries. >> i didn't do it for that reason. >> it worked out perfectly. >> i don't think i need to tell you, the most popular attraction at thanksgiving table. right, he's invited to pretty much everyone's celebration. a group of turk yis gathered around. they could get mean. is in i don't think i ever thought of wild turkeys as mean. >> right. >> this guy, if he didn't close the windows, i feel like this turkey would have started plucking eyeballs out. instead at this point, something out of jurassic park. he loses his footing. they have a lot of fight in them. this guy captured a lone turkey out in the woods and began to follow it. soon the turkey got in a tussle, now it's an all-on brawl in the wild. first it looked like that here. >> i think this is more fe call
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e fe call -- >> i don't know what that means? >> beak to beak. >> got it. all right. beak. >> when you say pico i'm eating chicken. >> yeah. yes. >> i don't really know what that means. >> our lone turkey seemed to get the upper hand. the other turkeys started to break it up. this isn't all fun and games. this got serious. our lone turkey down on the ground, gasping for air, didn't realize turkeys kind of fight this seriously. so, the guy feels bad, he says he knows he's not supposed to get involved in animal behavior, but he put the camera down and as soon as he does, the turkey's leg, and the turkey jumped up. he eventually shook this off. and ran back out into the wilderness like nothing happened. >> gobble, gobble, gobble. let's all join hands, we're going to give thanks, the norway.
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norway's awesome when you consider this. yeah, you could jump off a cliff where there's a water fall and just go proximity flying with your buddies. i heard it, but what a reveal that shot is. ridiculous. then incredible proximity flying. arking its way to pull it. now this together is sustaining. what he's doing is part of a travel show. a wing suit, space-jumping theme travel show. and basically every wednesday, another one of these videos land. he goes to like ten different countries, norway, greece, venezuela, spain, turkey, and more. not doing it alone. faces and names wie going to be recognizing, all turning up in the travel show, and i'm sorry, but i'm standing up right now. >> describe -- >> i might be behind you in a
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bit. >> we've seen the pilots jump from this exist point, but it never gets hold. it's amazing. this one in itself stands alone. just think, weekly, seeing venues like this from around the world. you know, when they built this mountain, you think they had in mind base jumping? do you think they realized how good it would be to -- >> yeah, one thing, and engineering were carving into the rock, they made sure they left a ledge that they could jump off of, for sure. >> and that perfect landing spot. >> yeah, certainly. the holidays are upon us, and christmas came early for some kiddos in london. and you'll see these kids hop in the car with their parents and say why do we have to do this? when suddenly -- zblant's here!
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>> who's sleigh is that? >> well, it's the big guy. >> he's in the waiting room. i love it. this is great. >> like, why there? >> this is cool. >> and the sleigh's full of that. you see all the kids faces like hold on, wait a minute a, this is not funny. that dude looks real familiar. >> luckily santa is actually there, with the other parents for their free winter safety check. something that quick stick is offering to all of its customers. >> was he just there? >> it's all i ever wanted. >> what a great, sweet-natured prank. these kids are going to remember that. >> thank you, santa. >> it's a pleasure.
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francis west was at the overland park, kansas, chick-fil-a when she got this beautiful show. ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa >> that's the 25-year-old ontarius young singing "god bless the usa." he wanted to sing that song on veteran's day. ♪ from new york to l.a. >> and when i became a citizen, this is the song they played, and it was nice and made me emotional. >> it's so powerful. ♪ at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the man who died who gave that right to me ♪ >> he's a humble cashier who
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wanted to be patriotic on veteran's day. this isn't his first time singing for a crowd. he sang at one of the obama inaugurations so we have him here right this minute, via skype, welcome to the show. >> yeah. >> how do you feel about this video getting 15 million hits? >> feels great to have a dream since age seven to sing and be heard around the world and then to have something like this happen all of the sudden, just, it feels amazing and i'm so honored. >> is singing just a hobby for you? want to do professionally? >> i would say, it's kind of like a hobby and my profession. it's also just a way that i channel feelings, whether they're happy feelings. i am able to express myself more, than through anything else. >> how did you get the restaurant? >> we have a cow bell at chick-fil chick-fil-a. we had veteran's stand up and we
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gave them gift backs, i was introduced and i stepped out to sing the song. >> what was the restaurant's reaction? >> it went up in flames. many veterans there, we had families there as well. many people coming up, hugging me, there were so many tears there. expressing their appreciation for what we did. it was a wonderful experience. >> you said you've been singing since i think a seven, what made you realize you have a gift? >> i have a mother that loves me. sometimes she had me out so much that people would beg her not to make me sing. >> we all know carving a turkey did can be a bit challenging. but, why not use power tools? the message that may solve your problems. >> i want to know who's going to clean up the rest of that mess. >> don't be a killjoy. >> and can the cat, the turkey. >> they didn't put a sweater on
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the name your price tool, abdominal pain?ressive. you may have ibs. closed captionings provided by -- you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. that goes to the patriarch of the family, why not, ramp it up a bit? >> of course. >> why not use power tools? specifically in this case, craftsman power tools. this is the down and dirty show with frank montana. it's a radio show all about craftsmen tools. >> this is our thanksgiving tools, not yours. >> they decided to bring in a comedian to test out is it possible to carve a turkey with power tools? >> chain saw. >> okay, everybody. >> chain saw is a resip dating saw. >> does it take all of that for
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a turkey? >> i think if you work at the local lumberyard and you invite everyone over, why not just bringing out the big tools? >> let's cut this turkey up. >> that was a big turkey. you do need power cools. >> 30 pound bird right there. here goes the chain saw. >> you can do it, john. >> okay. i need one of those. >> it's a small, electric power chain saw, not throwing exhaust and gas and oil over everything. it goes right through all the bone and cartilage. >> meat flying around, which isn't bad. >> i want to know who's going to clean up the rest of the mess. >> don't be a killjoy. >> honestly, this is all silly, of course, but tell me that you just wouldn't want top try them. >> i can't believe that we're.
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>> i heard before that folks break up around the holidays, christmas specifically so they don't have a to buy a gift. don't be with that person if you're willing to break up with something for such awe lame reason. >> well, according to that, the turkey drop. water chesnutts. oh my gosh, how are we going to do this? why did we agree? >> we didn't, you did. >> the couple in this parody's been together six months, got to impress the family. six months is still too soon to be hosting dinner. >> boston market, perfect for a six-month relationship. >> excited to meet you, and this way, there's lots of pressure for christmas -- >> yeah, about that. >> i know, i already talked to my parents and told them that we're sleeping in the same bed and leaving in the morning to be with your family. >> she's just so high strung, she doesn't have time to hear it. >> so i was thinking db. >> i was thinking you look cute
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in flannel. >> now they're at the checkout stand. >> i was thinking we should take a break. >> what? >> we have a great time together, this is just too much for me. >> you're turkey dropping me. >> i'm not turkey dropping -- >> what would you call it? >> just a break. >> i never understood the break thing. >> what i am going to tell my parents? >> you're going home for thanksgiving? >> oh my gosh, wow, skpaktly the wrong spot. >> honest, right? girls always want honesty -- >> you want honesty, just not in the freaking grocery store at checkout stand with other people around. >> let us give thanks for honesty. >> u, no, ali. >> 125.96. >> he's paying, and i'm taking this. >> he can have that. >> counteract that one. >> she's just stolen from you. >> tommy, he's a pit bull, and tommy really likes turkey.
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>> you want turkey? we're not going to give you any turkey, buddy. give me turkey, i want some turkey. >> no, we're not giving you turkey. >> this video's from last year. they said tommy saw them put the turkey in the oven and county move. and that's why they're having this discussion with tommy the dog. >> just staring down the oven. >> no telling him, you're not getting any turkey. >> the hell i'm not. >> looks like a turkey. >> little butterball. beautiful. but i just love how, you know, what, i'm just going to wait you out. you could hear the begging in there. it was a bark of desperation. >> and then there's the cat. >> no. oh my god, that's humiliating. that's humiliating for the cat as cones are for the dogs. >> look at the cat leaving it on. most cats would just freak out. this cat is very, very well behaved. >> that cat is getting a treat. >> i'm sure i would lose an arm.
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>> i love how good it is. the treatment is really good. >> all about what mom's like when company is coming. >> just grab the couches. we can't let people know that. >> why this one is one we can all relate to, spaeblly during the holiday season. >> santa's work? >> christmas cancelled. >> not the only one popular at the the holiday party. we filled them twice. like indulgent lobster ravioli, freshly filled with lobster and cheese in a lobster alfredo sauce with sautéed jumbo shrimp. or chicken marsala ravioli, a new twist on an old favorite. bursting with roasted chicken and italian cheeses. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. enjoy double the deliciousness.
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we all know how mom gets when company is coming. >> clean the house, now! now, now, people! i want this mace looking like disney on ice. it's too late to make it now. grab the couches. we can't let people know we sit! >> let me introduce gayle. gayle is the name of a web series that was brainchild of chris and melissa. chris is actually gayle, and he's the one that stars in these episodes. ahh! we need more pillows. >> i cannot stress this enough. i need those things looking pumped. i need those looking fluffed. i want the poilt looking like one of the chairs with the men in black headquarters.
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>> that's true, come becoming drill sergeant before company coming over. >> deaf con five right now. >> chair in the middle, you can tell because the grain is down the middle. it looks like 4.95, willie wonka. it cannot be in the middle. there cannot be any sign of living in this house. i don't care if we have to throw everything out. i want this place looking like a mediterranean fusion restaurant by noon. let's go, you losers. i want these things looking like microwaveable popcorn. >> what is this? based on these two videos, you're going to realize that there's a scene when it comes to christmas this year, the first one, this ping, and, but it's not just any penguin, look at
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how much gets in the trunk of that penguin, and look at what the penguin does with it. ♪ yeah, this is a penguin that apparently is available for you to purchase, and it twerks. >> let's face it, at least it's a penguin, and and not like a doll. ugh, it's bad. >> the penguin, nick, is not the only one. >> no! >> santa twerks. >> christmas is cancelled. >> santa apparently is also a twerker. >> running through the list of people on my list and thinking, who do i hate? >> merry christmas. >> there's something really bad about this, but there's also something really comical about it. even if you did send it to someone you don't like, they're going to get a laugh at it. >> judging you, period.
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>> well, i know that. twerking santa for. you're coming in one day, and that thing's going to be popping on your desk. i'm going put you on there. >> miles is having a heart to heart with his turkey. >> truth is power, you no what, you can't handle the truth, but even a child can. >> why this convers er you go, there's your
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turkey. >> i love it.
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i feel like if i showed up to a party with those, i would be a hit. ♪ >> holidays we have christmas, a day we all get together and eat turkey, thaix, a day when we all get together and eat turkey, but what would nap they combined, like in this video, all things turkey. comes face to face with a christmas. >> oh. >> because as you can see, this turkey is popping outside the house of someone rather notorious at the end of december. >> we finally meet. >> exactly. it's like, you're wondering when it's going to go down, if there's a full on rumble. but it looks like santa, he is a jolly fellow. >> you guys are reading this completely wrong. these are companion holidays. one is a harbinger to the other. when kids see the turkey, they have to be extra good for the
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red guy to show up. >> i do have another video for you, honestly, it's got a small animals, those things are always so cute. and this one is cute. and traumatic. >> i'm going to put you on the dinner table, and i'm going to eat you. >> truth to power, truth to power, baby. that's right, truth to power. you know what, you can't handle the truth, but ian a child can. >> i'm going to eat you. i'm going to put you on the dinner table, and i'm going to start eating. >> happy thanksgiving weekend this everyone, we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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