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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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officially there were about about three or four. santa rosa was in there, fairfield, napa but this morning still cold. there are 20s, yet running a little bit warmer because there's a system coming in. as weak as it may be, that doesn't matter. cloud cover to northbay, toward san francisco, east bay, somewhat to the south bay. since we have a freeze warning up. there are some 20s popping up until 9:00, marginal now, to northbay, speaking of, good morning, steve. it's just darn cold here in windsor. please tell me it's going to warm up some. it will warm up some but i went about 49-50 degrees. too much cold air up there. santa rosa has gone up from 29 to 31. napa airport 33. cloud cover will do that. may be light rain or snow. higher elevations, mendocino county into lake county, increasing clouds. not a lot to this system but there will be a lot coming in on thursday. until then, clouds roll roll
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in, may be light rain there, cool for some north, mild to the south, upper 50s, but upper 40s santa rosa and also napa. 5:00. sal, things still pretty quiet, i hope? >> they are, steve. a lot of people are back. welcome back. a lot of people are back from thanksgiving weekend. most people already on the road, you can see it here. let's take a look at some of these pictures. almost everywhere you look, traffic is moving along well, but there's more people coming through. this is a look at the bridge toll plaza. some of those left lanes beginning to get a little bit crowded. coming into san francisco. nothing you can't handle. traffic still looking pretty good. also looking at the community in san francisco, traffic is moving along nicely on northbound 101. as we go to the maps, you can see already some stop and go traffic where i'm pointing out, westbound on 580. right at 205, heavy traffic
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from tracy in the central valley, headed this way to livermore and dublin. so far looks good in livermore and dublin but remember, it is going to get more crowded as the minutes where on. 5:01. the san francisco police officer known as the "hot cop of the castro" is facing charges of felony hit and run. chris kohrs was arrested yesterday, now free on bail. his distinctive orange dodge charger car was found abandoned in north beach near where two men had been hit while walking in a crosswalk. those men are in the hospital in serious condition. police could not find the car's driver at the scene. they say they later found him. san francisco police are not commenting about the incident. ktvu fox 2's brian flores we'll have a live reports with the very latest on this story in our next half-hour. san mateo police are searching for a man accused of stabbing and killing his girlfriend. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega
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joining us live now, in san mateo to tell us who the police are looking for. janine? >> reporter: dave, police are meeting the public's help on this one. they are trying to find 22-year- old anthony kirincic. they say he killed his girlfriend at a home in this neighborhood. take a look at his picture. kirincic is wanted for allegedly stabbing his 34-year- old girlfriend to death at her home on south b street. the mercury news identified her as colleen straw. police searched several addresses associated with kirincic and they also alerted police and sfo. neighbors say in the past they had called police before because the couple fought. >> it's been quiet for close to two months, but before that, probably close to a year, just going on all the time. screaming, yelling. threats, you know? >> reporter: police records show
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kirincic had been arrested a half-dozen times on drug and assault, attempted murder charges on a cohabitant. authorities haven't said if straw had a court order to keep him away. if you have any information or see him, you are asked to call police. because he is considered armed and dangerous. dave? >> janine de la vega, thank you. following developing news out of afghanistan. the u.s. embassy has issued an emergency message for u.s. citizens there. saying it has received credible reports of an imminent attack within the next 48 hours. the statement says there are no details available regarding the attack, time, target or method. however it does urge americans to exercise extreme caution in afghanistan. terrorists have stepped up attacks on government facilities in recent months. president obama is in paris this month to help kick off a
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global climate change summit. the president is joining 150 other world leaders for the climate conference. this is video of president obama arriving today. the u.n. says it is the largest gathering of world leaders in the same place on the same day ever. they hope -- they helped open the summit by a moment of silence in honor of the people killed in paris and in other parts of the world. doug luzader has the latest developing's from washington. >> reporter: this gathering was seen by the white house as a real legacy event for president obama. a chance for him to tout his climate change credentials and urge the world to do more. but not everything has gone has -- but not everything has gone as planned. president obama lays a single flower at the bataclan, one of the site of the terror attacks that claimed 130 lives. it is not how he intended this conference to begin. >> [yelling] >> reporter: paris itself has been conflicted.
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there have been clashes with protesters over the weekend. they have sought to define emergency rules against demonstrations. the president met with china's president xi this morning to stress common goals. >> our leadership on this issue has been absolutely vital. i appreciate president xi's consistent collaboration on this issue. >> reporter: both countries have promised to make large cuts in emissions but there is the question of cost. with the fight against isis dominating the headlines, president obama has sought to portray the talks as a matter of national security. an idea backed by democratic presidential candidates, it -- promising to do more on climate change but rejected by republicans. >> that's delusional. it is delusional for president obama and hillary clinton and anyone else to say that climate change is our near-term most severe security threat.
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it is isis. period. >> reporter: security for these talks has been intense. not just because of the paris attacks, but also because there's some 151 world leaders in attendance. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. bill gates is also in paris for the climate change summit. today he will announce a new coalition of silicon valley heavyweights along with the university of california to develop new clean energy technology. >> modern lifestyles we lead, depend on a huge amount of energy. >> that's a video that gates released announcing initiatives by the u.s. and other governments along with private investors to fund the research and development of clean energy. gates says he has commitments from mark zuckerberg, salesforce ceo marc benioff and billionaire environmentalist thompson among others. the system with three national energy labs will also invest in clean energy innovation along
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with the other members of the coalition. as you know, it's cold and more cold weather shelters were open today in the south bay to give the homeless a warm place to sleep as the temperature drops. shelters in san jose and gilroy will have more beds available every night starting today through the end of march. according to this year's homeless census, more than 6500 people were homeless in santa clara county. some shelters opened ahead of schedule last week because of the cold temperatures. supervisors reportedly are speeding up a vote on a new jail. a key committee vote could take place as early as wednesday. according to the san francisco examiner, that could set up a vote by the full board as soon as next week. instead of the end of the month. supporters say the city needs to replace the current jail at the hall of justice because it is considered seismically unsafe. but critics say the city doesn't need a new jail since the inmate population has been
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dropping in recent years. today is cyber monday. the special deals have been underway for more than a day already. walmart and target started offering cyber monday sales yesterday. they say those deals match or are better than the discounts from black friday. analysts say today could be the honest -- of the biggest shopping day in u.s. history, especially good news for amazon. alex savidge is at the amazon warehouse in tracy. he's going to have a live report coming up in just about 30 minutes. all of the online shopping is cutting into black friday shales -- sales. black friday sales were down $1.2 billion this year compared to last year. thanksgiving sales also dropped -- thanksgiving day sales also dropped compared to 2014. some of that may be because shoppers didn't want to be in the crowded areas like them all. drone deliveries by amazon may be closer to reality. here is amazon's promotional
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video showing how deliveries will be made. the drone that weighs 55 pounds is designed to deliver packages weighing up to 5 pounds in less than 30 minutes. amazon says the service will launch once the amazon company gets approval from the federal aviation administration, but not clear when that will happen. 5:10. a tragic story. a girl killed, two others hurt after a deadly police chase in the east bay. coming up in 20 minutes, the reason police say they were chasing that young driver. new details about the victims of the shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. up next, what happens today with the accused gunman.
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sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. welcome back to "mornings on 2." a charter bus crash -- bus crash has left 34 with minor injuries. 51 people were on the bus, mostly college kids heading back to school as the holiday weekend ended. virginia state police say the charter bus crashed on a ramp.
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the driver is facing a charge of reckless driving. the investigation continues. now we know the names of two more of the victims in that planned parenthood shooting rampage in colorado springs. this is a suspected shooter -- as the shooter will be in court today for the first time. family members confirmed jennifer makovsky was killed in the attacks, she was helping a friend. also killed, iraq war veteran pierre stewart. the third shooting victim was university of colorado police officer garrett swasey. he was a competitive ice skater, grew up skating with the biggest star nancy kerrigan who says swayze joined the police force when his skating career ended. >> he was literally, like a little brother to me. always putting someone else first. yeah. not surprised at the career path he took. >> the suspected gunman, robert lewis dear, is due to make his first court appearance later
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today. there's no word yet from police about a possible motive but planned parenthood says he was opposed to abortion. an online threat of a shooting has canceled today's classes at the university of chicago. the fbi tipped off the university about that threat which school officials say targeted the popular campus quad this morning. the university of chicago students are advised, stay in their dorms, university employees are told to stay away from the campus. because of that threat, classes are canceled through midnight. family and friends will pay their respects to a southern california police officer who was killed in an attempted robbery. officer ricardo galvez was fatally shot almost two weeks ago as he sat in his car in a parking lot next to the downey police department headquarters. he was not in uniform and investigators say three suspects have it to do shooting him during an attempted robbery. today funeral services for galvez will be held in downtown los angeles. the three suspects have been
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charged with murder. jury selection starts today in the trial of one of the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. william porter who you see in the bottom right of your screen there is the first of six officers to go on trial. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say great died of injuries while in police custody in april. and officer porter ignored his cries for medical help. the time is 5:16. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, have you taken care of things at the toll plaza? >> yes, i am, dave. just got a funny conversation -- i know it's like the little light had to go on -- a conversation with nelson. he asked me, let's go to the toll plaza. the toll plaza, he asked me, is this still the east bay? the toll plaza? yes. but i see what he's talking about. it feels like by the time you've got to hear you've made that commitment to be in san
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francisco. westbound traffic is looking good. if you're going to san francisco, it does look okay but still oakland here at the toll plaza. so still the east bay. let's go to 880 north and southbound. theft moving along nicely. today is going to be a day when most people are going to be back although there's always that one guy or gal who has the extra good benefits package who gets to take even an extra day. that person won't be there. the rest of us will be working. westbound 580, i drew a line on the altamont pass traffic because you see stop and up the road. that means a stop and go traffic at the tracy triangle. after that, looks good to livermore and dublin on westbound 58. let's go to steve. we have very cold temps out here, also rain, snow mix. especially up towards lake county. freeze warnings out, but marginal. too much cloud cover started come in. our system approaching, a lot of cloud cover but now getting
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reports of a little snow right there in lake county. again, some of this may be around 1300 feet. so from ukiah to cloverdale, to clear late, lakeport, right there. ricky says, good morning. it's snowing with a mix of sleet in lakeport. elevation 1357. 30 degrees. that will do it. also freeze warnings to the south. cloud cover hasn't reached him. upper 20s for a few until 9:00. 25 to 32. very cold readings yesterday. the numbers are coming up in the north bay to to cloud cover. fairfield still 29. plenty of 20s around and a lot of 30s. northbay temps because of the cloud cover are now 30s to even near 40 degrees. so that's a huge difference compared to yesterday. truckee is one. the loneliest number out there in truckee. 1 degree. 33 down in las vegas. how about that. ukiah 32. i would think upper 40s for our high today. too much cloud cover coming in.
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it is making it, from mendocino county, santa rosa north, you are in the mix for natalie cloud cover but even rain-snow mix to the south of that. the system will fall apart but spin in cloud cover the next couple hours. late wednesday, more likely thursday, a rather robust system for everybody coming in. so looks like rain is back in the picture here. for today, to the north. still very cold out there. 40s for napa, upper 40s santa rosa, even mid-40s for some, up into lake county, mendocino county, too much cold air. upper 50s to 60. santa cruz in there, also gilroy. mostly sunny tuesday, on the chilly side, then the system rolls in thursday, rain and wind producer into early friday, the weekend should be okay. late sunday and monday. >> all right, steve. thank you. anger over a holiday candy. coming up in 15 minutes, more
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on the controversy that has a lot of people talking about this year's reese's peanut butter christmas tree. also the big announcement by kobe bryant. ♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... samsung ultra hdtv on sale at
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cyber mondat with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday. shouldn't have said that on air. get 15% off, cyber monday only. welcome back to "mornings on 2." after 20 years in a laker uniform, kobe bryant has announced he is retiring at the end of the season.
5:23 am
he made the announcement before before the lakers faced the indiana pacers last night. the crowd cheered as he came onto the court. bryant helped the lakers win five nba championships during his career. he says he's excited to see what the future has in store for him. >> i don't want to do this anymore. you know, i'm okay with that. once i accepted that, then it became time to let everybody know. >> bryant, who is 37, went straight from high school to the lakers in 1996. he has had an amazing career. he won two medals, five championship rings, and an 81- point game that ranks as the second-best in nba history. kobe also scored more than 32,000 points in his career. >> what a career. tonight warriors putting their perfect 18-0 record on the line again. kicking off a seven-game road trip against the utah jazz.
5:24 am
they'll do it without harrison barnes again. harrison expected to miss at least the next three games. he has a sprained ankle. barnes had started 101 straight games for the warriors before setting out saturday's win over the sacramento kings. the oakland raiders bounced back from three straight losses. they won yesterday, 24-21 over the tennessee titans. all of that reign, the raiders looked like they would fall short. derek carr's fourth-down pass to andre holmes knocked away in the end zone, but the titans were penalized for holding. derek carr had another chance. this time he threw a 12-yard touchdown to seth roberts, who was incredible. nate allen secured the win with this interception right there. the raiders will be hosting the kansas city chiefs on sunday. the 49ers play too, they were in it to the end, but they
5:25 am
couldn't come up with a win over the cardinals. they tied the game at 13, but cardinals quarterback carson palmer scored the go-ahead touchdown right here. he ran it in from 8 yards out. late in the 4th quarter. the 49ers got the ball back but they couldn't complete the scoring drive. blaine gabbert's 18-yard fourth- down pass to anquan boldin, 2 yards short of a first down. so the cardinals won 19-13. the 49ers play at the bears next weekend. we are getting a new look at 6-month-old princess charlotte of england. kensington palace released a new image yesterday. the princess looks happy playing with a cuddly toy dog. this photo was taken by her mom , the duchess of cambridge. the photo was taken earlier this month at andrews hall. the family home in eastern england. this photo has now gone viral. time now 5:25.
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he is known as san francisco's "hot cop of the castro." now he's in trouble with the law. up next what he's accused of doing over the weekend that landed him behind bars.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." monday, the last day of november. >> that's right. >> i'm dave clark. >> just like that. it's going to be december. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. it's almost 5:30. did you guys do any shopping? >> online. >> pam, you know what my m.o. is. christmas eve night. >> i know. [laughter] i won't tell you that i'm almost done. >> are you really? >> it's so easy now. >> it's fun. >> you don't have to leave the house. >> you can do stuff online.
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how is the weather? it is cold out there. even some rain and snow up into lake county. still that will keep the lows up especially in the northbay, many clinical minimums yesterday but the northbay had low 20s. now they have 30s because the cloud cover is coming in right there by lakeport, moving out pretty quick but reports of rain-snow mix, also hail, rain, just near cloverdale up towards hidden valley lake, cloud cover on the move, not going to make it in time before temperatures dip into the 20s. a lot of mostly cloudy skies here today, still a freeze warning out, northbay isn't going to apply anymore but for others it will. until 9:00. there are a few 20s popping up but more 30s now, fairfield 29, mountain view 33, they were 31 yesterday. walnut creek at 27. danville 29, antioch 30. 31 for lafayette. east bay peninsula and south bay, cloud cover holding those temps up in the northbay.
5:31 am
however, high temps as well will be very cold there. upper 40s, mid-40s for some. a cold morning, clouds rolling in, rain-snow mix to the north, cool to mild, upper 50s near 60 santa clara valley, upper 40s santa rosa and also napa. 5:30. everything okay so far on a monday? for the most part. a couple glitches out there but right now you can still get a decent commute. let's take a look at what we have. first of all with the east shore freeway and traffic is going to be busy as you drive on westbound 80 but still only 18 minutes. so a lot of people out there but not stop and go as you drive through this area. traffic is going to be getting more crowded for sure by the minute. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go. traffic here is now filled in. metering lights are on and we do have slowed traffic. also slowed traffic on westbound 580 from the tracy triangle. slow traffic, not quite reaching livermore just yet. northbound 101 in morgan hill
5:32 am
near bailey road, right there, an accident and unexpected back up here on northbound 101 from morgan hill to san jose. give yourself extra time if you are getting on the road. a little bit farther up, this will not affect you. 5:32. the act the desk. san francisco police officer known as the "hot cop of the castro" is now in legal hot water. fox 2 reporter plan -- brian flores in the city this morning. officer chris kohrs faces felony charges from a car crash . two pedestrians were hurt. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. the 38-year-old, chris kohrs, san francisco police officer known as "hot cop of the castro" as you mentioned, under some hot water this morning as you mentioned as well. facing felony hit and run charges stemming from an incident over the weekend. as we go to video, according to san francisco police, this happened at 2:20 a.m.
5:33 am
on sunday near montgomery and broadway. two men in their 40s were crossing broadway when they were hit by the driver of a dodge charger which was traveling westbound. police say in the investigation the driver fled the scene. he later identified the driver as chris kohrs. the two men were thrown about 20 yards. we understand they have serious but nonlife threatening injuries. >> pretty disturbing to begin with. so i was really disturbed to hear there was an off-duty cop. he must have been going really fast for how bad the impact was. >> reporter: as for chris kohrs, he's been with san francisco police for seven years. his beat is the castro district. he is a local celebrities and fans have formed a facebook page for him. other than the information we have received, they have not released a statement or commented on the arrest of chris kohrs, but ktvu's debora villalon did go to and addressed listed and there was no comment
5:34 am
by the person who answered the door. back to you. >> thank you for that update. a high-speed chase in the east bay ended with a 19-year- old driver dead and two others in critical condition. the chase started early yesterday morning in danville. speeds reached up to 90 miles per hour on interstate 680. it ended with a crash in san ramon. police say at first they were trying to stop the car from driving recklessly. later found out the car was stolen. that pursuit continued for about 15 miles on 680 until the crash on bollinger canyon road near the canyon lakes golf course. danville police chief says the time of day was a factor in continuing that high-speed chase. >> had this been 2:00 in the afternoon instead with a lot of cross traffic, this pursuit would have been discontinued by the supervisor. on behalf of the police department, our thoughts are with the family of this young woman. >> the driver, 19-year-old
5:35 am
hannah meecham of livermore, died. her passengers were seriously hurt. another hearing is scheduled today for the man accused of shooting and killing an oakland muralist in september. it will be the first time 20- year-old marquise holloway will be back in court since he lashed out at a judge last week and he was forcibly removed. holloway is being charged with murder and robbery in the death of antonio ramos. ramos was an artist working on a piece mural when he was shot and killed. holloway is a known gang member trying to steal a camera that ramos was using to photograph that mural. investigators say the gun used was stolen from a federal agent's car two weeks before the killing. at this point police aren't saying how holloway got that gun. lock up your cars. that is the warning sent to visitors to the golden gate national recreation area. officials say there's been a rash of burglaries recently. especially in the marin
5:36 am
hedlund. thieves are targeting tourists traveling with luggage but rangers say everyone should lock up their cars and leave valuables at home. the park service says it will increase police patrols throughout the holiday season. police in fairfield say two men are under arrest on suspicion of stealing mail. he noticed a suspicious behavior along concorde court yesterday morning. two men were caught with male from five different homes. residents say they were surprised by the thefts, but police say package that often spikes during the holidays. >> i think we're going to go to one of the lot mailboxes now and have the mailman drop it off. >> the two men arrested are 34- year-old michael anderson, charged with criminal conspiracy, and 30-year-old korey smith. the time is 5:36. if you like drinking eggnog during the holidays, you may
5:37 am
have a hard time finding some this year. the avian flu is causing an egg shortage, causing problems for eggnog producers. some companies are not not letting the shortage ruin the holiday tradition. instead, producers are reworking their eggnog recipes. it's also going to cost you about $0.50 more a gallon for that eggnog because of the shortage. some people said they felt deceived after they opened up one particular holiday candy. take a look. it's the reese's peanut butter cup christmas tree edition. several people have been tweeting the candy doesn't look like a tree at all. greases said, this is not the perfect experience we're going for. -- reese's peanut butter cups. if you can use a christmas carol as an economic gauge, there's not much risk of inflation. the cost of the items on the final verse of the 12 days of christmas will cost you 0.6%
5:38 am
more than last year. that adds up to a little more than $34,000 this year. the price for nine of the 12 gifts held steady but the cost of a partridge in a pear tree is up $7. prices are up $30 for two turtledoves and the cost of 10 lords a leaping, that's increased $16 per lord. >> per lord? >> per lord. >> i'll just get one. 49er fans showing just how much they don't like the team's ceo. the crowd funded effort to have that banner flown over levi's stadium before yesterday's game. a newborn baby girl found buried alive in los angeles. how police made the shocking discovery.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." the search continues for the person who abandoned and buried a newborn baby along a bike path in los angeles. pictures show the baby was wrapped in a hospital blanket when she was found on friday afternoon. deputies say the newborn girl had been placed in a whole in the pavement and then deliberately covered with about a foot of degree. a woman and her sister who were walking nearby heard the baby crying and called the sheriff's department. >> we do know that if the child had spent the night there in
5:42 am
those conditions, the baby wouldn't have survived. >> officials think the baby was less than 36 hours old when she was found. she is said to be in good condition at a hospital. a suspected burglar died after he got stuck in a chimney and the homeowner unknowingly lit a fire in the fireplace. it happened in fresno county. sheriff's deputies think the man tried to break into the home friday night and got stuck. the next day the homeowner lit a fire and heard screaming. firefighters smashed the chimney to get the man out but he later died. the search in san francisco goes on for whoever put dozens of baseball bats with spikes around the city last week. police say since friday they haven't found any new bats but 27 of them have been found so far. the bats were attached to telephone poles and parking meters around the city on thanksgiving day. the police want to know if these are considered a piece of art or something more. if you
5:43 am
have any information, call the police. bay area researchers found surprising ways to keep people alert while behind the wheel of self driving cars. there's a new stanford study that shows cars that steer and stopped by themselves can load the drivers into feeling a sense of security. that feeling is so strong, more than 25% of the people tested actually fell asleep while in the drivers seat in the simulator. but only 6% did when they were told to read or watch a movie but -- while behind the wheel. there's no agreement on the best way to keep those off-duty drivers alert. that's something to think about there. >> that is. we've talked about the idea of having a self driving car. uk back and relax. right? maybe take a nap. but no. don't do that. you don't get to be chauffeured to work. >> i guess the only thing that
5:44 am
would be good for is they say you can watch a movie. >> the whole thing seems crazy to me. having self driving cars. and drones overhead delivering -- >> as ross mcgowan used to say, someday when we're in the home -- >> [laughter] >> that's going to be a whole new world. >> traffic is going to be busy out there. let's take a look at highway 24 westbound. you can see traffic is getting busier from walnut creek to oakland. but not stop and go. as you drive through the tunnel, looks pretty good. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. wanted to mention traffic is crowded act up for 10-15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. northbound 101, transition between morgan hill and san jose. there's a crash blocking lanes and a big backup unexpected. people hate unexpected backups. the traffic and the rest of the south bay area is not all that bad. the rest of the south bay freeways are looking pretty good. let's go to stephen the weather
5:45 am
center. we still have some crazy cold temperatures out of this morning. freezing but for some in the north bay, clouds were rolling in. some rain up in mendocino county. then hit and miss rain and snow up into lake county. for the peninsula, east bay, still under mostly clear skies, yet a weak little system is toppling across. that is producing cloud cover and temps have gone up. santa rosa was 29. now 31. heatwave. you can see the little cell turning into snow, clipping parts of lake county. a couple reports saying nothing here. others saying yes, there's been some. freeze warning until 9:00. i don't think it applies to the north bay anymore because of the cloud cover but for others, still some 20s popping up here, 30s and 40s for some now. a lot of 30s, palo alto is one observation. 29 not far away. concorde, 32. fairfield in there as one. woodside says 29. san mateo, cold 34.
5:46 am
menlo park, all around 29 or 30 degrees. zero now now up in truckee. oh, my gosh. 32 ukiah, high today probably 45 because the cloud cover coming in, trapping the very cold air, the lowest drifting northward. it is bringing increase in the clouds. so sunny in the money but then cloudy in the north bay. system will drag across, very, very light rain but more likely staying to the north. so we'll keep an eye on that for the coast. it's the one coming in on thursday, looks like rain for everybody. cloudy to the north, partly cloudy elsewhere, light rain possible but overall, morning freeze is the big story for most. northbay, it's not. thursday looks like a strong cold front and maybe a pretty good wind producer on thursday. today, cold, clouds rolling in. light rain or snow mix, very low elevations for that. cool for some, northbay because of the cloud cover trapping colder air. to the east bay, then south bay
5:47 am
upper 50s to near 60 degrees. santa cruz and killed right in there as well. overall, looks like a mostly sunny tuesday and wednesday. pretty good on wednesday, one and done. maybe another system late sunday monday. >> decent amount of rain? >> three quarters. really cold front. >> that's for sure. maybe a big wind producer especially up in the north. >> i bet you a lot of people bought bought coats. i saw a lot of people with luggage. i went black friday shopping as you know. i saw a lot of people buying suitcases. >> they are being optimistic. they're going to take a vacation. >> i guess. 5:47. today is cyber monday. speaking of shopping. not everyone including the at the retailers wait. target and walmart started offering sales yesterday saying deals today will match or even be better than the discounts they offered on black friday. this is the 10th anniversary of cyber monday, created when
5:48 am
fewer people had high-speed internet at home so they would use work computers to shop online on the monday after thanksgiving. >> these days, every day is cyber monday because online retail has taken off and that's where the growth is for the retail industry. very focused on it. >> she thinks this year's cyber monday could be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. online shopping does present some special challenges including avoiding hackers and scams. fbi agent malcolm palmer talked with henry lee and says shoppers are more vulnerable during the holiday shopping season because they may be more distracted than usual. cyber criminals around the world depend on that to make their jobs easier but he has some suggestions to make online shopping safer. >> what they should do is stick to the more well-known retail entities. also, exercise good shopping practice. for instance, only utilizing
5:49 am
one particular credit card when you conduct online shopping. or even going through one of the sites that transfers your authenticated credit card information, such as paypal. >> he also says if you get an e- mail that claims to be from a company such as paypal or amazon that doesn't seem quite right, you should call the company to see if it actually sent you that message. >> good info. if you drink beer, the fda wants you to know how many calories are in the peers you order. by next december the fda will mandate that restaurant chains offer full nutritional information for beers on tap. this is going to affect more than 4000 craft breweries all over the country. ceo of a you knock craft brewery says finding out the calorie count is not the hard part. the bigger issue is that the fda goes to the next step and starts requiring the nutritional panel. most breweries are not set up
5:50 am
with that kind of equipment to produce a back label. >> he says the equipment to produce those labels cost about $100,000. he also says the cost will hit some of those breweries really hard. the new rules apply to restaurants with more than 20 locations around the nation. they will be required to provide calorie information for everything on the menu. the gingerbread house inside san francisco's fairmont hotel is officially open for business. two-story structure stands more than 22 feet high, 23 feet wide and it includes thousands of home they gingerbread bricks, more than a ton of icing and candidate tour. also pet friendly gingerbread dog houses located right next door. hundreds of people come out to see that display at the fairmont every year. a lot of things to see around san francisco. >> for sure. some wild weather danger for people living in the southern part of the u.s. this morning. up next, a new round of severe weather, look at this. adding to an already deadly we
5:51 am
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so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. welcome back to "mornings on 2". more rain is expected today from a deadly storm system causing flooding in parts of the southern plains. it was terrible over the weekend. that storm has been blamed for at least 14 deaths in texas and kansas and oklahoma. some roads are slick after the
5:54 am
slow-moving storm actually dropped ice and freezing rain in the region. ice storms also caused power outages for more than 78,000 homes. >> the day before thanksgiving, in that one year we've experienced three floods now, a tornado, hurricane and a terrible ice storm. >> the national weather service says heavy rain could also lead to flash flooding and several other states including alabama, georgia, tennessee and kentucky. two lifeguards saved a woman swept off a sonoma county beach. press democrat says the state park lifeguards noticed the woman walking near jenner yesterday afternoon. the paper says they were worried because of the strong current where she was walking and at the time they got to her, she had been swept out into the ocean. the woman from novato was about 50 yards offshore when rescuers reached her. she was reportedly conscious when she was taken to a santa rosa hospital. later today a man who jumped over the white house fence last week is due in
5:55 am
federal court. the lawyer for 23-year-old joseph caputo, a college student, says his client was committing an act of civil disobedience and didn't intend to hurt anyone. he says caputo was not suicidal, which the secret service had alleged. caputo jumped over the fence on thanksgiving day while carrying a binder with a quote, rewritten constitution. the attorney says his client wanted to deliver a message of change. for the second weekend in a row, paramedics in san diego treated people who were sickened by a synthetic marijuana drug. on saturday 16 people in downtown san diego reported overdosing on what's called spice. last sunday eight people became ill. paramedics say the symptoms range from nausea, fast heartbeat and trouble breathing. >> it doesn't even take a lot of spice to get someone to fall. i've seen people where they take one hit or whatever, and they hit the floor. >> police are still trying to
5:56 am
find the source of this drug. they did make two arrests last week in connection with the selling of spice. medical marijuana dispensaries in san jose face a deadline to meet city regulations and are pushing for more time to either meet or change the rules. a new report says the city of 19 pot clubs -- working to meet requirements by december 18 including limitations on where dispensaries can do business and where there products come from. san jose mercury news reports their biggest concern is a rule that requires pot be locally grown. the city council will hear a request to extend the deadline until next spring. tomorrow, people all around the globe will come together to observe world a.i.d.s. day. the annual event aims to raise awareness as always of the hiv and a.i.d.s. epidemic. this year's theme is the time to act is now. remembrances are planned around the bay area. the time is 5:56. search goes on this morning for a san mateo man suspected of
5:57 am
killing his girlfriend. what neighbors are saying about the couple's history and about several calls made to the police. ♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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5:59 am
police are trying to track down a killer. and they need your help. we'll tell you what we know about the suspect's past. san francisco police officer known as the "hot cop of the castro" is in trouble with the law. the hit and run over the weekend that has him facing felony charges. "mornings on 2" continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. monday, november 30. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk weather and traffic. get your coat and gloves, get a scarf maybe. for some people. >> umbrella to the north. >> all really? >> generally, it's the code. >> the gloves.
6:00 am
yes. >> i'll tell you, it is there. but it is being moderated to the north bay because the system is moving in. spreading cloud cover, light rain as well. a few reports up in mendocino county and lake county. a little snow mix at higher elevations. i'm not surprised. sunday was much, much colder. reigning up in fort bragg, mixed precipitation around lakeport. clouds won't arrive for most. -- until after 9:00. we do have a few 20s to show. san jose, 35 to start. you can find colder readings not far away. increasing clouds moving in. but mild days i don't want to say warm but much different compared to the north bay where the cloud cover is already in place. for san jose, partly sunny, mostly sunny. 36 right now, upper 20s, but they have been coming up a little bit, fairfield and santa rosa had 20s. 29 palo alto, woodside,


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