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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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we begin with breaking news. of as part of highway 101 in san francisco is closed and expected to remain that way for several more hours. good afternoon. the chp says the garbage truck slammed into a car and a pole and dumped its trash on the highway below. it happened of just before 9:00. two people are in the hospital and that traffic mess lingers. it happened on silver avenue above the highway in the southern part of the city. let's get right to tara moriarty live at the scene. >>reporter: the truck driver
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says that his brakes weren't working and that's what caused him to go out of control. he actually slammed into a car four blocks prior to where we're standing. you can see behind me where the truck actually slammed into a light pole. it's kind of wilted and tilted up there and then it was on its side. it's been uprighted. you can see where the driver was able to escape by crawling out that broken windshield. trash is strewn all over the freeway. the truck was inches from the edge of the freeway. the truck was heading eastbound on silver avenue when it lost control. it hit a car on somerset street. two people were hurt. they had to be extricated and taken to the hospital. the truck then plowed into the traffic pole on san bruno avenue and went right through the overpass fence and railing.
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>> out of control, trying to stop a vehicle and it's not stopping and that thing, as you know, does not stop on a dime. full of debris, big vehicle. we're lucky that this was not something worse. >>reporter: sky fox 2 is overhead and you can see where the backup extends all the way to treasure island to okay taif i can't. several of the of the art wreez -- octavia. several of the side streets are shut down until 3:00 this afternoon while crews pick up the garbage. silver is closed until 4. they've already upright the truck. the driver is fully cooperating with police and police are not sure about the extent of the injuries to the two victims we told you about, but they are expected to survive. back to you. >> what a story. it could have been so much worse, tara. >>reporter: this really reminds me of the union square bus crash. again in that case it was a
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malfunction with the vehicle. the driver claimed that the brakes weren't working and that seems to be the case here. we'll have to see what investigators have to say after they inspect the vehicle. >> tara moriarty live at the scene for us. let's give you another live look. this is the backup not far from the closure. you see there hospital curve lanes on the left of your screen. traffic is flowing beautifully into the city, of course. however, all those lanes backed up on the right-hand side, traffic piling up on 101 because of the closure. taking a look at the traffic maps, another way to tell the story. you see here problems right there by the exclamation points. that is 101 at silver. i see green around it. a lot of people were using 280 as an alternate. keep this in mind as you make your way around the city this afternoon. we'll let you know when it reopens. that closure has a lot of people
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using san francisco streets to get around. one woman shared these pictures of another accident on silver avenue a few blocks away are from that original dumptruck crash. it appeared the driver of this overturned sedan lost cautiousness and ran into a white truck. then sedan hit a tree and flipped over. paramedics did respond according to the witness. we are working to get information from san francisco police, but we are told it appears that no one was killed. today concord police are searching a park for evidence after a body was found. police say there has within a recent spike in -- been a recent spike in homicides and now looking at any possible connections. >> we've seen investigators this morning combing through the southeast section of hillcrest park where this homicide happened. they're looking for shell casings and other evidence now that the sun is up. police got a call after midnight after someone walking through the park noticed a man unresponsive on the ground. police arrived and discovered
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the man died from a gunshot wound. investigating it as the city's fourth homicide since september. november 21st another man was shot and killed. two other homicides this year happened in october and september. police say it is possible the crimes could be linked. >> that's actually something we're going to look into. it's unclear if it's gang related or not. but i can tell you that this park is a safe area. this part of concord is a safe neighborhood. the prior three shootings happened down on the monument corridor. >> i walk past here at 4:45 in the morning when it's still dark and it makes me a little nervous. >> police have not identified the man who died. he's in his 20s or 30s. police say they don't know what led to the shooting, no idea about a motive. and what's unusual is this area of the park is close to a lot of of homes and residences and no one called to report hearing any gunshots or fire crackers in the
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area. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. the southeast section of the park will remain closed to the public as investigators continue their work here. man accused in the deadly stabbing of his ex-girlfriend in san mateo is in custody. 34-year-old colleen straw was killed. officers spotted him at his parents' home last night. after a two and a half hour long standoff, he was taken into custody on a $5 million arrest warrant. she was a woman with a passion for art who always saw the good in people. in a statement they say with all the sorrow of losing our colleen, we also feel of pain of his parents. family is planning a private memorial certify serious. demanding -- service.
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demanding transparency as san francisco gets ready to he equip officers with body cameras. cameras can result in fewer complaints by citizens and hold promise as a training tool. they say in a nearly year long study, they talked with police around the country including san jose and oakland and concluded that officers should not be allowed to review camera footage before making a report of use of force incidents. >> we cannot afford in use of force cases to contaminate an officer's memory. >> the san francisco police commission is set to meet tomorrow to discuss regulations for body worn cameras when officers begin to use them next year. officers in the city of hercules are expected to be equipped with body cameras next year, but a group which includes the police chief, city attorney and city manager must first draft regulations on how they'll be used. one of the city council men
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thinks it should come from the council. an effort is now underway against human trafficking ahead of super bowl 50 next february. santa clara county leaders this morning and valley transit authority announced the launch of the kaept's human traffic -- county's human trafficking awareness campaign. it's especially timely m in advance of the super bowl. law enforcement authorities say they see a spike in human trafficking around events such as the big game. from now up until game day, there will be signs and posters telling people how to get help. >> vta will be transporting tens of thousands of passengers who may never have been in our system before, so we'll have a number of reminders, signs, posters on every one of our fleet, light rail and buses, to make them aware of the problem and provide information on how to seek help. >> the human trafficking awareness campaign begins today.
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it will continue through the new year. today san francisco police released the mugshot of off duty police officer chris cores, arrested for felony hit-and-run after a crash on sunday morning. ochly could not n was found in -- oxycontin was found in the car with a prescription to him. an orange dodge charger hit two people walking in a crosswalk. look carefully at the video. you'll see a person running away from the area. police say that happened just moments after the crash. this case is bringing unwanted attention to the entire police department. >> he did experience a certain amount of notoriety, internet sensation, if you will, so it brings more attention to the case. but bottom line, he's a police officer and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. >> he was dubbed the hot cop of
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the castro because of his looks. he's on medical leave after being hurt on duty. if if he returns from leave, he'll be suspended while the case is being investigated. today is world aids day. all across the world, people are commemorating the lives lost to aids. according to the centers for disease control, 36 million people worldwide have the disease. medical advances in hiv treatment have led many to live longer, but the concern here in the bay area is how to provide care for those who have h ooishgs v and are 50 years -- hiv and are 50 years old or older. >> we need to educate, we need to put faces to the numbers. we need to understand it's a health condition. it's avoidable, but once you it, you can get help and support. the who hopes to eliminate hiv/aids in the next 15 years. pushing for high risk people to
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use a preventative hiv drug which was recently backed by san francisco supervisor scott weiner. we could learn about the future of the bay area's crab season. when the next round of test results is expected. going outside may be hard to tell for some, but it's slightly warmer around the bay than it has been. meteorologist rosemary is here. can you win coach of the year before the end of the year? turns out you can. part of highway 101 is closed right now. a dumptruck overturned, spilled its load. the cleanup is underway, but this area of silver avenue is going to be closed for at least a couple more hours, we're told. e're told.
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. two children are dead and a firefighter has first and second degree injuries after an early morning house fire in south sacramento of the the 6-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl were trapped on the second floor of the house when the staircase collapsed. crews tried to get them out through a window but were
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unsuccessful. 5 other people on the first floor were able to get out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in the east bay, several families were forced out of their homes after a fire. alex savidge reports neighbors helped other neighbors escape. >> investigators say it started in the kitchen at this apartment behind me. apparently one of the burners was left on on the stove. thankfully the family that lives in this unit, they made it out safely, so did everybody else in this building, although there was one woman treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics this morning. here's cellphone video of this fire. it started just about 3:30 this morning at the complex on jones vista street. you can see flames were shooting from the roof when crews got here. inside that original unit where the fire started, a mother was sleeping with her two young daughters, a 7-year-old girl and a 7-month-old baby. a neighbor had to rush into that
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burning apartment to make sure the mother and her kids got out. and that man told me that his dog woke him up this morning barking, that's when he says he saw the fire just across the way. >> my dog was barking and barking and barking and i was telling him hey, be quiet. so i look out there and my neighbor and her kids are yelling and screaming and i just got out there with no shirt, no shoes on, man, took them out. >> there was a major response from several fire departments this morning. contra costa county and richmond crews were out there. at one point they did face a challenge with water pressure because of an accident just a couple blocks away where a car sheared off a fire hydrant. >> the fire was still actively burning at the time that the hydrant was sheared. that essentially takes away water from being able to do it. if that had happened in the very early stages, it might have been a different story. >> in the end a total of four
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units were damaged by the fire or smoke and as many as 15 people will have to find another place to live, getting help from the red cross. the woman told firefighters once she got out that she never heard smoke detectors going off in her place. firefighters are going to investigate and figure out if the smoke alarms were, in fact working properly this morning. new developments on the golden state warriors historic winning streak. luke walton has just been named nba coach of the month, but the record books will not credit him with the team's 19-0 start. they go to the head coach of record. kirk calls the rule the dumbist thing he's ever heard. he says walton should get the credit. the warriors advanced to the 19-0 record after a nail biting win over the utah jazz.
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less than a minute to go and the score tied at 101. steph curry hit a three to give the warriors the lead. the jazz got one 1, but epded up sending curry to the line and the warriors hung on for 106-103 win. a utah reporter accused the warriors of disrespecting the jazz, laughing at a fan's tweet saying the jazz played like champions. this morning green fired back on twitter calling the reporter a mad, corny dude and coward. says media privileges should be revoked and kusaed the reporter -- accused the reporter of lying and says he should report on something worthwhile and true. now to the nfl where there are reports out today that the refs from sunday's 49ers game are being reassigned. fans blasted them for ruling a play illegal touching although it should have been incomplete pass. the coaches said the referees lost track of the number of downs. sources are reporting that the
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officiating crew has been reassigned from a nationally televised sunday prime time game to a less watched afternoon game. the topic of an nfl team relocating to the la area is expected to be discussed at the league's annual december meetings. of course as we've been reporting, raiders, chargers and rams are all exploring moves. roger goodell wants the owners to vote in january or february. sunny skies out there helping us feel better. high clouds in the forecast for today. plenty of blue sky in between and we'll actually have this in place today as well as tomorrow before the next storm moves into the bay area. take a look from up above. you can see where the clouds are coming up. we have a system over areas of northern california. it shouldn't get any farther
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south than about mendocino. a few sprinkles reported for the northwest corner of california today. we'll continue with the high clouds today and into the afternoon. tomorrow they begin to thicken up just a bit ahead of the system that will bring us some rain by thursday. as far as the temperatures, slightly warmer today. up by eight degrees in concord, fairfield. by ten in livermore. around the bay, 2, four, seven degrees warmer in hayward and mountain view. to the north bay, six degrees warmer outside in napa. on to the numbers. 57 concord. 57 walnut creek. low 50s oakland. n bay 59. san jose 56 at your lunch hour. loose' a look at the sis -- here's a look at the system coming through thursday. look at tuesday first. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. wednesday increase of clouds at the second half of the day and thursday by the afternoon we've got rain in the bay area. right now if it stays on track, it looks like thursday morning
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commute will actually be mainly dry. it moves in after the commute and then sticks around for most of thursday. a few lingering showers possible on friday, though not looking at much. quarter to half inch, three quarters in the wetter spots. for the sierra, looking at a good amount of snow for the higher elevations and snow levels dropping to 5,000 feet. if you are traveling thursday, you'll need the chains or snow tires in the sierra. for us at home, wind and rain, gusts at 40 miles an hour, maybe faster or stronger than that along the coastline. afternoon highs today mostly sunny skies, 58 degrees. to mid to upper 50s in hayward. south bay location 59 san jose. saratoga 61. along the peninsula today, 59 redwood city, 58 san bruno and 56 expected for san francisco.
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the extended forecast there. temperatures the continuing to warm slightly into wednesday before rain returns to the bay area. few lingering showers on friday. weekend looks dry, mostly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles possible. >> not much of a warmup at all in store? >> no. remaining in the low 60s. >> happy december, right? >> absolutely. take another live look from sky fox taking a look at conditions in san francisco. highway 101 is closed right now because a dumptruck had an accident and overturned, spilling its load. we've been watching traffic on 101 southbound. it's been a mess all morning long. we'll give you a closer look at the overpass in question where the accident happened. it is still shut down. caltrans telling us it could be closed well into the afternoon. stay on top of it letting you know what's going on around town. stay with us.
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to find free, local, in-person help visit four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas... but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. . live look at the new york stock fl exchange. dow is up about three quarters of 1% and percentage wise the story is the same for the s&p and nasdaq. californians failed to meet the state's mandated 25% goal for water conservation in october. the state saved 22% over last year. the first month since enforcement began in june that california has missed the target. the state says people likely used more water on landscaping during warm weather.
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over the five month period, californians have saved an average of 27%. we could learn more about the state of the crab season laterer this week at a state senate hearing in santa rosa. experts are set to unveil new test results on the toxins in crab. it's from a large algae bloom in the ocean. hearing set for thursday at 3 p.m. in santa rosa. before we go, an update on the breaking news we've been following for you since the 9. the closure of a portion of highway 101 in san francisco. officials say the southbound lanes of 101 could be shut down at silver avenue until 4:00 this afternoon. in fact the chp just sent out a notice reiterating that it will stay closed until 4 p.m. no early opening here today. crews have uprighted the dumptruck, but are still busy cleaning up construction debris that spilled on to the highway
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are from the over-- highway from the overpass. thanks so much for choosing us this noontime. always here for you at as well as facebook and twitter. see you back here for the 4. [ end of realtime captioning ] ioning ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> kendall jenner, busted on a horse. >> so kendall jenner posted this photo. no caption, no nothing. so you think it's kendall jenner. it's not kendall jenner. she ripped off someone else's modeling shot. >> either way, i never wanted to be a horse more than when i saw this photo. >> you got to find better videos online. [laughter] >> we got michael b. jordan. we asked him, of course, huge sports news -- >> did you hear about kobe's retirement, bro? >> just heard about it. >> he goes, do you think they should make a movie about kobe's life. here's the thing, not every single great sports career needs a biopic. >> i do want to see the tiger woods movie but don't care about golf at all. i just care about the part like right before he got caught. >> erykah badu is throwi s


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