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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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from where the car was stolen two other cars hit in the police chase to where it came to end right here. what started as a stolen car just before 1:00 this afternoon in san jose turn into a car chase and officer involved shooting. it ended here at the toys "r" us store off watsonville road. >>your friends car hezbollah holes in it. >>i saw that when i came up. there are for all holes. >>reporter: christina said her bosses boyfriend use ipads in the suv to check the vehicle and of followed it and tell police took over. the suspect ran -- ramped two vehicles and a police car on the way. >>the suspect vehicle proceeded forward eastbound on blossom hill road and stopped here in the parking lot. >>reporter: than the suspect ran into toys "r" us and police
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followed. >>all of a sudden i looked over and saw a gun was drawn. after that he told us all to go out to the front of the store. >>reporter: frank within the baby i'll shopping for his grandkids. he ended up taking photos of police leaving the suspect out of the store and being treated in a parking lot and wondering what could have been. >>he could have taken us for hostage.>>reporter: during what should be a busy time of the year the toys "r" us store is closed. the drama is over that as christina showed photos of the suspect being led away it was not released. >>it was a child. he was 21 years old. i have a 21 year old, you have to make decisions. to steal. it was sad it is a child.>>reporter: police will not confirm that the suspect driving that car was hit in the officer involved shooting, they
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will only say he was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, but witnesses did see him being let out by police under his own power. the employees of the store just when in a short time ago, we are not sure if they are going to reopen this store at some point tonight. one police officer said they were talking about it. >>that is a scary thing for so many people. there are new developments from san francisco were a key freeway just reopened within the past hour. all lanes of southbound 101 was shut down for eight hours today after this dump truck crashed and spilled his load. the crash sent debris from the bed of the dump truck and pieces of the overpass spilling onto the southbound lanes. two people were injured but police say it was incredible no one was killed. all of this happened right during the middle of morning rush hour. it all took place above the highway just south of where 101 and 280 cross over each other
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in the southern part of the city. here is a live look at the traffic now on 101 from sky fox 2 it looks like traffic is moving along just fine on the freeway. it looks like the overpass the shutdown of both erections. the truck was dangerously close to falling off that overpass and right into the traffic low. -- below. >>reporter: it was this broken windshield that the driver crawled out when this garbage truck flipped smashing through a fence and spilling garbage onto southbound 101 traffic. >>as you can see behind me the truck is mere inches from going over onto the 101 which would have been a disaster.>>reporter: two people are in the hospital and are expected to survive after the driver lost control of the semi. for boxer for the overpass he slammed into this car which crashed into a house.
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his brakes, he says, not working.>>we believe due to some kind of mechanical failure, it was out of control and it is not stopping.>>reporter: according to the driver his truck hurried hitting a traffic light pole, flipping on its side and dumping debris all over the roadway. >>we are lucky this is not worse. >>reporter: it all unfolded this morning. chp rerouted traffic. >>i've been sitting in traffic for an hour.>>reporter: cars bumper-to-bumper all the way to treasure island on various city arteries. meanwhile the truck driver is cooperating with authorities and investigators will be inspecting the truck to determine what went wrong. >>highway 101 reopened just in
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time for the evening commute. traffic in the area is moving. everyone is tried to get out of san francisco had to be re- wider -- rerouted. because of that there is an accident on the freeway. as you can see there is a lot of green, the only tough spot is right there downtown san francisco. i want to give you another look from above. live pictures over the accident scene. it is finally cleared up and authorities have reopen highway 101 after that truck overturned spilling its contents onto the freeway below. again, traffic looks like it is moving while. for killings in four months ago that is the reality for detectives right now. the most recent killing a young man found dead in hillcrest park early this morning. we are at the park with more a what we know what happened.>>reporter: we heard from concorde police they say
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the victim's name is luis estrada. he was found shot to death right on the other side of that bridge it is steps away from where families bring their children to play. >>this is a very safe neighborhood. >>reporter: on any given day at concorde hillcrest park you will hill -- here children having fun. >>this is a very family oriented park.>>people can bring disabled children here.>>reporter: police say no one heard gunshots in the middle of the night. just after midnight homeless person found a man shot to death under a light post next to the playground.>>it is sad but it does not surprise me. >>reporter: this is the fourth homicide in september in concord. >>we fail we have a safe community. >>reporter: detectives are working on making an arrest and
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all four cases. >>right now we have to identify the victim. those cases are in surrounding cities.>>reporter: right now there is no motive or no telling if it is gang-related. the victim is in his late teens or early 20s.>>i don't see myself canceling this park out is because it is a better park. >>detectives spent the morning checking underneath that bridge just to see if they could find any clues. so far they have not found a murder weapon, and no motive. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. >>thank you. a task force of illegal organizations is offering [ indiscernible ] by these of body cameras by semper cisco police. the bar association, public defender, aclu as well as
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islamic groups say they have studied body cameras and they don't think police should be allowed to use it [ indiscernible ] incidents or before making a report. to brother semper cisco police commission is going to discuss roles for body cameras ahead of their use. let's talk about the warriors and the nba. luke walton is the western conference nba coach of the month even though his official record is actually 0-0.>>the warriors interim coach has been on the bench for the record 19- 0 start while the nba is not giving him credit for the winds but the nba is giving him awards. >>it is all uncharted territory. 19-0 the warriors, this is great stuff. luke walton coach of the month, not getting credit for any of the wins. he is not getting credit for the wins, those go to steve
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kerr. the nba discuss giving a win to walton that they reiterated their policy which the head coach gets the win not be an term itself. the coach says he thinks it is ridiculous. he is the watching the games on tv and not traveling with the team and he said it is quote the dumbest thing i've ever heard. steve kerr wants him to get the wins as well. it is easy to forget last year was his first as an assistant head coach. he is only 35 years old. he is tonight years removed from being a player. here is walden a short while ago. >>whether the winds go on my record or steve's record, the two of us don't really care. what is nice is we have the best record in the nba and we feel like our guys are playing at a high level.
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obviously winning coach of the month is an honor but it is more of a reflection of what steve has set up in what our players are doing and the way they approach the game. >>he has shown maturity at age 35. this is the first time he has been a head coach. the way he has handled this whole thing it has been fun to watch, plus he has a deep voice. kerr has a hand in the team, he goes to practices, but as far as who gets credit you can tell the warriors don't care. >>i say this facetiously but i'm sure there are people wondering how hard can it really be to coach the golden state warriors? >>i would say frank, you could go 15-4, but 19-0 is 19-0. i think the bottom line is talent
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wins. he is in there pushing buttons and diagramming plays. >>he is still doing the coaching work. >>you got to give him a lot of credit. i get what you are saying that have so much talent i think one of us could coach the team to 15 wins. >>it was nice to hear him say that him and steve kerr don't really care who gets the credit.>>thank you. the referees from last sunday's 49ers game have been demoted from last week. fans and players are very critical of the rest during the game against the cardinals. the cardinal coaches even said the refs lost track of down's. now leak sources say that crew has been taken off of the nationally televised game next sunday night and will work a regional afternoon game. if you have not heard what 49ers lyman said after the game, he was furious. >>i thought those refs sucked.
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you call running into a player when no one touched you. if you don't like what we say don't go 54. that's why i'm sick of this leak. we have to deal with it. >>the same crew has been evolved into other high-profile mistakes. one of them was suspended for a game after allowing the game clock to run when it should have been stopped. oakland mayor is on his -- on her way to paris tonight. new at 5:30 who she is expected to meet with and why oakland is being highlighted as a model for others. two big announcements today from mark zuckerberg one involves this picture, a picture of his newborn baby. the other is what he plans to do with his entire fortune works -- which works out to be
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$45 million. >>i look out and my neighbor and her kids are yelling and screaming.>>it is a neighbor helping neighbor in the east bay. how one man helped save a mother and her two children. >>i have got rain in the five day forecast to talk about.
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several families were forced out of their homes early this morning after a fire tore through their apartment complex. it happened near murphy elementary school. as ktuv alex savage tells us neighbors helped neighbors
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escape.>>reporter: investigators say this fire started in the kitchen in this apartment behind me, apparently a burner was left on. thankfully the family that lives in this unit they made it out safely so did everyone else. there was one woman treated for smoke inhalation this morning. here is cellphone video of the fire. it started about 3:30 this morning, you can see flames were shooting from the roof when crews got here. insight that original unit where the fire started a mother was sleeping with her two young daughters, a seven-year-old and a seven-month-old. a neighbor had to rush into that burning apartment to make sure the mother and kids got out. that man said his dog woke him up barking and he saw the fire.>>my dog was barking and barking and barking. i looked out and my neighbor and her kids were yelling and
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screaming. i got out there with no shirt, no shoes and took them out.>>reporter: there was a major response from several fire departments this morning. at one point they did face a challenge with water pressure that is because of an accident a couple blocks away were a car shirt off it fire hydrant.>>the fire was still active at the time of the fire hydrant being sheared. if that had happened in the early stages it might have been a different story. >>reporter: in the end a total of four units were damaged by fire or smoke and as many as 15 people will have to find another place to live, they are getting help from the red cross. the woman who escaped told firefighters she never heard any smoke detectors going off. firefighters are going to
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investigate and figure out if the smoke alarms were working. two children died in an early morning house fire. they were sleeping on the second floor when a fire started about 2:30 this morning. firefighters went into a window because the staircase had burned out. a boy and a girl were six and 11 years old. >>by the time they got inside the interior stairwell had burned through. >>reporter: another child and father were among five people who made it out safely. two people had been on the second floor. a firefighter suffered burns to his neck and ear. california has missed the mandated goal for water conservation in october. the water rhesus -- resource board said we say 22%.
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3% short of the 25% required by the state. it is the first month since enforcement began in june that california has missed the target. people likely used more water on their landscaping during warm weather. over the five-month period california has saved 27%, no word on if any penalties will be enforced. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to do social media to announce the birth of his daughter mac. in the post he announced they are planning to give away 99% of their facebook shares. that is an estimated $45 billion. they made that announcement in a letter to their daughter that was posted on facebook. in the letter the couple said they will give away shares over the course of their lifetime in order to better the world. >>when you look at him and the
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ceo of salesforce and what he has done for hospitals in the bay area, great work. let's talk about the weather.>>the clouds came in, that is what happens when the clouds come in things warm-up. there is rain in the forecast. with that temperatures warm-up more. tomorrow we will be back in the mid-50s and low 60s. does it look like winter? sure is a beautiful night in san francisco. it is a bit warmer instead of the 40s we are in the 50s. on the eastern seaboard if you're traveling you know what i was talking about last night it is pretty nasty from chicago, and atlanta north. you will still have issues in chicago out towards st. louis as that low spins. chicago might have issues
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tomorrow, maybe a bit in dallas. for us you see the jet stream coming in off the pacific, you see a lot of moisture out there, this is a signature of el niño increased activity. there is moisture in the pacific ready to be latched onto by this next weather system that gets here on thursday. that is how it stays pretty much all day tomorrow, they will get some rain and get wet up in this area, partly cloudy conditions, as we go into thursday and thursday midmorning and afternoon we have a lot to talk about. the green is 60, you will see lots of 50s, the around the bay it is a little warmer, this is opposite of the summer months,
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it is cooler inland at night so they do not warm-up as quickly. oakland you wake up at 43. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in oakland tomorrow. same deal in san francisco for the bay area about 50 degrees for your daytime high. this next system, this thursday system, will impact the midmorning commute and early afternoon commute. it is a quick mover but we will get snow in the mountains and we could see about half an inch of rain if we are lucky. a good sign. weather coming on thursday so tomorrow is a transition day. there is more weather to talk about coming up. it is a signal of change in us policy
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in the middle east. where the us are sending troops to fight isis. the right toy for the right child. see how a mother of a biracial child who is trying to collect dolls that look like the kids. the local crab season is it finally getting underway? the testing that is being done.
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despite president. obama's pledge there will be no troops on the ground, us troops
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are heading to syria. the secretary of defense announced the deployment of special forces in syria. >>reporter: president. obama repeatedly said there would be no us boots on ground in syria. ash carter told congress the president is sending a special forces expeditionary team into syria to help with the fight against isis. >>american special operators bring a unique set of capabilities. it will help us learn are valuable ground, intelligence, further enhance our air campaign.>>reporter: he announced the special ops in iraq. this is at a time when russia has been stepping up its own attack against isis. they are now pushing to increase the us military role in the region. >>we are providing additional
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aircraft, special operations personnel. >>we will be aggressive in looking for ways to reinforce success.>>reporter: deployment is welcomed by many republicans. some take it as a signal that the white house is re--- ready to re-examine it tactics. >>it is a hopeful sign. isil is a cancer that continues to spread. they do not want to admit to the change in strategy. >>reporter: in 30 days they have destroyed more than 40% of the terror groups oil revenue. a group of former top republican and democratic officials sent a letter to congress calling for approval of a program to settle syrian and iraqi refugees in united states. the country must offer refuge to the world's most vulnerable
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regardless of religion or nationality. the letter comes after the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly to make it difficult for syrian and iraqi refugees to enter the us. the city of oakland becomes one of 12 cities to be invited to the climate summit in paris. >>oakland has and proud, since 2000 and proud, since 2005 we have seen a 10% reduction. >>who mayor libby schaaf is expected to meet with. new details from the felony hit and run arrest of the san francisco police officer. what was found inside the car left at the scene. coming up, names on the sidewalk to remember those who died far too young. the touching message from local schoolchildren on world aids day. ok, we're here.
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oakland mayor libby schaaf is heading to paris to take part of the global climate change summit. mayor schaaf is expected to show how her city is making a difference.>>reporter: this is just one of 12 cities from the united states invited to present at the paris global warming conference. mayor schaaf trip funded by nonprofit groups will present a
5:32 pm
message for the planet. >>oakland since 2005 we have seen a 10% reduction in our greenhouse gas emission. >>we are 60% lower than the us average. we are 40% lower than the california average. we are among the leaders out there. >>reporter: what they do is crucial. 70% of all energy-related carbon emissions come from them. what cities do often change or determines what national governments do. >>we know our community. we know what changes they are willing to make and we have the authority and power to affect those changes.>>reporter: in oakland case the achievements are varied and many. they have some of the best recycling and composting programs. east bay mud site uses sewage to make electricity to run the
5:33 pm
treatment plant. it has an efficient transportation system powered by cleaner renewable fuels. it urban agricultural program provides locally grown food requiring little or no transportation. at the port cargo ships are hooked up to shore power instead of running their own diesel generators cutting down on asthma. >>this is not just a greenhouse gas emissions issue it is a public health issue. >>reporter: even the mayor as she carries her message and accomplishments to paris, the fact of the matter is oakland airport is raising and reinforcing it levies so the runways don't become inundated with water as water continues to rise. >>it is nice to see oakland the shown as a positive model. only 12 us city mayors were invited to the climate change
5:34 pm
summit. there are some in california oakland, chula vista and santa monica. others include atlanta and pittsburgh. california governor. jerry brown is also heading to paris and we will hear what he hopes to accomplish at 6:00. we're getting our first look at the mugshot about officer who was arrested for felony hit-and-run. officer chris chorus was driving a car that hit and injured two people early sunday morning. sources say oxycontin was found in his car along with a prescription. he left his brother who was a passenger in the car. we have also shown you surveillance video from a parking lot camera, that is where the orange dodge charger hit the people as they were walking in the crosswalk. if you look carefully in the upper right-hand part of the screen you can see a person running away from the crash.
5:35 pm
officer earned the nickname hot cop because of his looks. sales figures are in from cyber monday endless are reporting a big increase on cyber shopping. sales are up 16% that adds up to more than $3 billion. analyst that we spoke with said shoppers using smart phones spent $100 million. >>we can think samsung and apple for introducing this. consumer still markable buying because they can see things better and it makes it easier. >>figures show a buying surge late in the day when stores offered more and deeper discounts. marion wright got a big round of applause for her work. she has been years advocating
5:36 pm
for children by fighting poverty and supporting education, health and justice. it is done through literacy and health programs. >>it is common sense and decency you want to help children get the early start they need and the care every parent wants. did not make two classes of children. >>she has also been honored with the medal of freedom, the country's highest civilian award. she was the first african- american woman admitted to the mississippi bar association. she also worked with start and dr. martin luther king jr. dr. martin luther king jr. a special remembrance for people who died of aids. >>i think it helps other people and the memories so they could filled joy.
5:37 pm
>>how students at a bay area elementary school celebrated world aids day today. more follow -- fallout from the police killing of a teenager.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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the mayor of chicago fire the city's police chief in the midst of an uproar over the controversial police shooting.
5:40 pm
officers said 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was holding a knife when officer jason vandyke opened fire. a judge ordered video of the shooting released last week and officer vandyke was arrested and charged with murder. at first the mayor said police chief garry mccarthy would stay. >>now is the time for fresh eyes and new leadership for the department and community and city. >>the mayor also announced the creation of a new task force for transparency, accountability and training. the figures are in. they show volkswagen has been hurt badly by the emissions gano. they are reporting sales dropped more than 25% in november compared to the same time last year. this was the third month of sagging sales. overall auto industry sales rose 6% last month.
5:41 pm
vw is no longer selling those models. the dow gained 160 points, nasdaq up 47 and the s&p rose 22. increases were fueled by positive economic news from japan and europe. beatles fans will have a chance at rock 'n roll history. we go -- ringo starr is auctioning off these drums. it is a ludwick black pearl drum kit and appears in good shape. they are also auctioning off one of john lennon's guitars and a copy of the beatles white album.>>very historic drum kit used in over 200 performances, many recordings, all the famous recordings are played on the drum kit. we estimated 300 we estimated
5:42 pm
300,000 -- 300,000 up to $500,000. the auction is set to run from thursday through friday and all of the proceeds go to the lotus foundation. they had a few hours to honor everyone they could. the special to be created by local school children. a family of six stranded in the sierra. cya crews had a hard time finding their vehicle. tracking a chance for showers. i will let you know when they get here.
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us lawmakers are returning to capitol hill with a long roster of unfinished is this -- business. they're less than two weeks to wrap up work on the budget and prevent a government shutdown over the christmas holidays. if they fail to agree on a budget they have to approve to the last minute funding major. there is sure to be an intense debate over planned parenthood funding and the issue of syrian refugees. >>the refugee issue is likely to be dealt with in some way. >>we have a lot to do and a lot to worry about. refugees is not one of the top priorities.>>in the house paul ryan will face his first big test to avoid so many key republican issues and energy bill, and appeal to obama
5:46 pm
care. some students and reading are exploring though world from the comfort of their own classroom there being transported with the help of google virtual-reality tool. this is the first time they tried this technology. cardboard, a lens and a smartphone they can expansive landmarks, wonders of the world and depth of the sea. >>it is really cool. we get to see the ocean. >>they can put these on and take a trip to egypt. stand on top of the pyramid and look around. it makes that connection and more real. >>with just a tap of the finger the teacher can take them on 170 different adventures. google expeditions is not available yet, they are still testing it. >>it reminds me when you are kid -- >>the kaleidoscope. >>those are still around.
5:47 pm
temperatures warmed up a bit. we had numbers in the upper 50s low 60s. it was 60 in santa rosa, 61 in fairfield, 62 in san jose. remember yesterday temperatures were in the 40s and low 50s, today we got back up into the upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow we have a good shot of being in the low 60s. another warm day as the clouds approach, overnight will be cool but not down into the 20s and 30s. some areas might but most areas will be in the low 40s. this does not get to us tomorrow but it drops south as we head into the bay area thursday. 53 in napa, 56 in concorde,
5:48 pm
highs tomorrow will be back in the low 60s. a warm, mild day with this weather system teed up for thursday with a chance of a quarter inch of rain to an inch of rain. the timing of this lays out like this, here we are tonight, here we are tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon not much, then see the front? 7 am on thursday, a little bit of weather for the morning commute and then about lunchtime, mid-morning commute, early afternoon commute. this will be good rainfall. this moves through about 1:00 on thursday and then 4:00 it is at the mountains where we will see a splinter -- see a winter storm warning. it is a fast-moving weather system which will bring about half an inch of to an inch of
5:49 pm
rain and then it is out of here. it will linger in the mountains all night with perhaps a foot or more of snow. here we are wednesday into thursday we have a chance of showers on friday morning but for the most part it is the thursday event. that will bring us much-needed rain and snow. >>bring it on. since 1988 december 1 has been world aids the day. the white house mark today with the giant red ribbon. it is estimated 1.2 million people in the us are infected with hiv and about one in eight you not know they are infected. a drug can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. >>approximately 1.3 million people in the united states who are currently not infected should be taking the drug. if they took it and continued
5:50 pm
with their high-risk behavior that would eliminate approximately 90% of the new infections. >>since hiv was identified in 1984 more than 35 million people have died. today some 34 million people worldwide have the virus. even though the aids epidemic had its darkest years long before they were born some elementary students created a touching student -- tribute to those who died from aids. as the children began creating the project something unexpected began happening.>>reporter: on the sidewalks names of the dead written in truck -- chalk by the hands of children. >>just so people can see it when they walk down the street and it would mean a lot.>>reporter: this 10-year- old is one of dozens to write
5:51 pm
the names of people who died of aids. >>i think it is sad that people were scared of this disease because there was no cure for it for a long time. and people constantly died.>>reporter: the names were provided to the children from the community. children wrote as many as they could in a few hours. >>passersby saw what they were doing and requested names of their own.>>reporter: there was gibri who died 20 years ago. >>he was my best friend. i believe once he passed on part of his spirit has led me to go on. >>reporter: one student asked me for a name so i gave him one. stand schaefer. he was a longtime partner of a
5:52 pm
editor. the idea came from longtime hiv patient who volunteers at the school. >>i think it is good is education in the school.>>reporter: the darkest days of aids in san francisco past long before any of these children were born. and as sad as this is the students fill a connection to it. >>i think it helps other people and the memories and so they can feel joy.>>reporter: the talk memorial may not last through the next drizzly day at the memories survive. in san francisco ktuv news.>>i will add a name to. lars cummings. a family of
5:53 pm
six stranded. >>the way the truck was positioned the left rear tire was about 3 feet away from the cliff.>>the rescuers knew the family was in bad shape. why the rescue crews had a hard time finding them. also new figures are out on sexily transmitted diseases in california. what we are learning about a sharp jump in one disease. and details on a unique toy drive where organizers are looking for a specific dollar.
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take a close look. this is video from a helicopter searching for a stranded family of six in the sierra. you might see why it was so difficult to find a. they were stuck in a white truck in a road covered in snow.>>fox reporter doug johnson walks us through the surge and rescue.>>reporter: from the air finding a white pickup truck in the snow-covered here in nevada is no easy task. >>there was a stranded motorist on isolated road high terrain.>>reporter: he and his partner were lucky. the people they were looking for had cell phone service.>>we would call them on the cell phone and asked them can you
5:57 pm
hear us and they said yes. let us know if we get louder or further away. they said you're right over top of me.>>reporter: this is the moment they found the. they could tell the family of six were in bad shape.>>a chain from the wheel flew up and hit the glass and shattered the glass so they had a hard time keeping warm. the way the truck was positioned their left rear tire was about 3 feet away from the edge of the cliff.>>the father had both feet pressed to the brakes for hours. they were able to guide other officers on the ground but even those men had trouble. >>they were slipping a bit. they got in the truck and sat down and slit to the truck because of the ice. >>reporter: eventually the officer strapped the truck to a nearby tree. >>once they did that and secure
5:58 pm
the truck the driver was able to take his feet off the brakes and get out.>>that was dug ronson reporting. the driver told officers he been four wheeling in the area for 15 years which is what officers say this could happen to anyone. a scene unfolds at a south bay toys "r" us store as police opened fire on a suspected car thief. >>that shooting happened this afternoon after officers tried to pull over a car. the driver took off, smashing other cars and eventually ended up in a toys "r" us parking lot. we talk to witnesses who saw the suspect.>>reporter: what started as a stolen car before 1:00 this afternoon in san jose turn into a car chase and
5:59 pm
officer involved shooting. it ended here at the toys "r" us store on blossom hill road. >>your friends car has blowholes in it. >>i saw that when i came up. that is one of the first things i said to her.>>reporter: her bosses boyfriend used ipads in the suv to check the vehicle and then followed it until police took over. the suspect rammed two vehicles and a police car.>>shots were fired in the direction of the suspect vehicle. the vehicle proceeded forward eastbound on blossom hill road and stop here at the parking lot.>>reporter: the suspect ran into the toys "r" us and police followed. >>i looked over and saw his gun was drawn. after that he told us all to go out to the front of the store.>>reporter: frank was in the baby i'll shopping for his grandkids. he ended up taking photos of police leaving the suspect out of the store.
6:00 pm
>>a lot of things could of happened. he could've taken us for hostage.>>reporter: during what should be a busy time the toys "r" us store is closed so police can investigate. the drama is over, but as christina looks at her photos it was not released she felt. >>the sad part was it was a child. he is 21 years old. i have a 21 year old. to make decisions like that, to steal. >>reporter: police will not confirm whether the suspect that was driving the car was actually hit in the officer involved shooting. they say he was brought to the hospital to be treated for injuries. we are getting new information about the off duty san francisco police officer who was arrested for hit and run. he has been officially charged with two counts of felony hi


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