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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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one man that said he got a text message from his wife inside the building telling him that there was a gunman. that she saw her coworkers hiding. that there were at least 10 or 12 people shot.>> you are listening to the reporting of ktvu as this coverage continues. you are looking live at san bernardino california where the mass shooting incident is underway, multiple people have been shot and multiple fatalities. at least 12 people dead, but that is not been confirmed. as many as 20 people have been shot, and the victims are being taken to the area hospitals. witnesses have described the perpetrators as one the three men, and most often they have said three, multiple reports of
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the perpetrators being described as white men wearing masks and body armor. this all began about 45 minutes ago at the inland regional center. it is said to be a place where the developmentally impaired people are served, 32,000 in and around the area, 670 regional city staff members provide services there, 670 staff members are in that facility, which is now on lockdown. buildings two and three, it is still underway, building one has been evacuated. they have now got an active shooter situation, and a standoff with the s.w.a.t. teams underway. this is the trauma center area where they are treating the wounded, and some of these are shooting victims, and some may have been hurt in an effort to escape. we have seen dozens, possibly
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hundreds coming out with their hands up, being frisked by the police, and they're trying to make sure that none of those coming out as victims are part of this may lay. we have no motive yet. the county municipal golf course is a stones throw away. the international airport is about a half-mile away. from the map we are looking at, it appears to be about 2000 feet away from the planned parenthood center, but that is not to say that has anything to do with this, but just letting you know what is around this area. you can see people with their hands up. the authorities appear to be working to mount an entrance of some sort. the authorities have ordered all emergency personnel out.
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we're looking at this live look from the helicopter or fox 11. you can see the fire department in the yellowed uniforms -- yellow uniforms, and you can see the authorities there as well trying to figure out what their next step is. again, an active shooter situation that began about 45 minutes ago. we are waiting for further tweaks and official -- tweaks -- tweets, and official information.>> reporter: there is a planned parenthood facility around the corner, but there could be a facility on that same campus. the sheriff did not that down, and said that has nothing to do with this. you can see the parking lot is set up, and we are being told
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that they are separated people into two separate groups. those that may have been hostages, and others that were witnesses, trying to go through each group to find out what happened. the main focus is to find out if there is still an active shooter situation inside one of the buildings. they are actively looking for an suv that left the building shortly after this happened, and the police are looking for three different shooters carrying rifles, wearing ski masks, protective gear. it is unclear whether they are still in the building, and a witness said earlier that someone tried to camouflage the gear to force the way out of the building, and could not get outside, so turned back and went back inside. they have found at least one
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suspicious device. the goal is to either detonate the device, to water it down as they often do, to make sure it does not pose a threat before they put people back into the building. one of these buildings has been cleared, the north building. i take that back, the south building has been cleared. the north building, second floor, has been cleared. the exact number of those held hostages, if any, or if in fact, the people inside the building sheltering down have been taken out. you can see, everybody, standard procedure, checking everybody that comes out to make sure that they were not involved in this.>> reporter: according to our station in los angeles, the possibility of the explosive device, tracing the
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latest we have received from the local media is that they are not sure. is that how you understand it?>> reporter: the whole thing is not sure. in the early stages, we never know exactly what is going on, and we try to avoid giving an exact number. we just don't know. it could have been at least one, and there could've been more, but they are going to detonate the explosive device, or exploded in some fashion before they allow the authorities to go back inside the building. it is 12:06 pm, and apparently they have witnessed this device, and we have no way of knowing exactly what it is, multiple people as the authorities entered solve this rain, that appeared --
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solve this -- saw this thing, that appeared to be a explosive device. do not put too much emphasis on the word "hostage" because anyone coming out of the building, anyone that came out may have been considered as being held by these people, whether they are sure about that or not. we do have confirmation from the authorities, three confirmed shooters, all three shooters are armed with rifles, and none of the three shooters is in custody. this is breaking now. this mass shooting situation in san bernardino california which begin sometime after 11 am, about 11:15 am, less than one
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hour ago, the three perpetrators are still at large. all three are armed with rifles, multiple witnesses have reported to fox news and others that they saw three men in what appeared to be body armor and max -- mass -- masks. and when you are not accustomed to seeing people in this body armor and masks, you can make mistakes, but we were told that the suspects -- authorities have confirmed that there were three men armed with rifles. authorities are searching for an suv seen leaving the facility. this is not to say that they believe the suspects are in the vehicle, but it is possible. if we were using the police lingo, we would call them
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"persons of interest." when we get a description of the suv, we will bring that to you right away. the authorities did not like the looks of the vehicle, and they are looking for that vehicle. three shooters confirmed, and it is still active. the number given was 20, but there is no way to know and we've been watching as people have exited the building. i am pleased to say that no one else's gone to the triage center. the first people exiting the buildings, walking past bodies, in other words, people that were shot or incapacitated, walking past bodies that had been killed as they exited the building. we have an active shooting situation in san bernardino.
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they call this the inland regional center, 670 employees. the locals had spoken to the media and said that there were 2 to 300 employees that would have been on shift at this time. so there could be some 600 employees, it would make sense that about half of them would be on the premises at one time. this building is a widely used, heavily used facility with a lot of space. they have been in this position for many years. just coming to us from cbs news, and our network news affiliate, this him from just a few minutes ago, the bomb squad is in the process of attempting to neutralize.
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[ lost transmission ] nbc 4 there is now reporting he aw a pickup truck come out with six people wounded. loaded up on there, very familiar with this building, says it is a center always filled with people at all hours of the day. a lot of people in that building. quoting now, i've been there where the line has been outside the door. not sure where the active shooter may have entered, wouldn't be surprised if it was a building filled with people at this hour of the morning. shortly after 11:00 when this started. the center building of three buildings. this to us from the white house, the president has been briefed on the matter.
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we don't know the details of that. we can tell you the president has been briefed on a mass casualty and mass shooter situation happening now in san bernardino, california. the police were able to move in very quickly, according to local media reports, part of the reason for that is very nearby there was a police training exercise which was under way. so this call for help goes out immediately. and very quickly, large number of first responders were on scene. we're led to believe now that -- we're led to believe now upwards of 150 emergency medical personnel on scene. we're working with local hospitals to find out how many people have been transported to local medical facilities. there is a level one trauma center. not far from this place. and history tells us if you can get a wounded person to a level one trauma center alive, that normally they can keep that person alive, the work normally they can keep that person alive, and the first
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thing these responders do, it is remarkable, to say the least. they will be very busy today, and the initial report said that there were 20 victims, and it has been reported that 12 people have been killed. they have had to evacuate the building because they have what they believe to be a and -- and explosive device, so that they can deal with this before they can deal with this and move forward. we don't know if there are more victims away from that explosive device, and more importantly, we do not know where those active shooters are. we have confirmed that there are three shooters armed with rifles, and no one is in custody. here's a graphic of the inland regional center. you can see that there are three large buildings, all part of one complex with this many
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as 600 employees. you can see this entire area is the conference center, i mean the inland regional center. it is my understanding that one of these buildings would except patients in and out, and the other one would be administrative. for now, it is under complete lockdown in and around the area. we have trace walking around for us.>> reporter: it appears that the police still believe there is one shooter still inside, and they are calling for the battery rams and bolt cutters, as well as mirrors so that they can open the stores, and then look around the corners so that they do not run into oncoming higher. -- fire.
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we believe the robot is still inside the building, in the process or waiting to neutralize or detonate the device, that they are calling "out of the norm" before they send more officers inside. we are also being told that there's not one custody -- suspect in custody, and there is a strong indication that they know the name and birth date of at least one of the shooters. we do not know how they know that, and again, very unclear, but the police are gleaning more information about the people that may have been responsible for this, even though they have no one in custody. no one has been neutralized at this point.>> reporter: want to bring some context to what we are saying.
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early on, there were multiple shootings happening in rapid succession, and our owned and operated station in la said that the first of three suspects walked into a conference center at this building, and began shooting. that was the initial report. now kabc has confirmed three shooters. a police officer told them on scene, and i reported on this issue be, and they said they saw this leaving the facility and they had questions for the driver and passengers, a black suv. according to the authorities, there is concern that the shooters may have left the facility in a black suv and may not be there anymore. the shootings happened rapidly across the area, according to
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kabc there were three shooters. and then nothing. they have set up a triage area, number people been brought up, we've seen as some of the people were treated and put into ambulances, and we have watch the victims, and if you were in this building, you were definitely a victim. those people have been frisked one by one to make sure they were not carrying weapons are dangerous in any way. we are told this is an active shooter situation, and they have what could be an explosive device inside the building. there has been no more reports of any shooters, or shootings. no reports of anybody injured in any way, and yet the authorities still say this is an active shooter situation, so i guess that could mean any number of things. maybe the shooters are held up waiting somewhere, or maybe they have left the building.
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the truth is we do not know. it is very concerning to those doing the reporting and to the authorities that these three shooters identified witness after witness, encountered by the s.w.a.t. team, and the visualization of the suv leaving the facility, no reports of anything other than the possibility of an explosive device inside the building. we can only hope that that shooters have been neutralized. normally, when that is the case, an organization like the san bernardino county sheriff's office, normally if this situation had been contained and they were neutralized, they would tell the local population very quickly. instead, they have said this is an active shooter situation, but to our knowledge, there have in no more shootings. we have can confirmed -- we have confirmed by kabc that the
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shooters may have gotten away. this could present many possibilities, the like of which is not worthwhile to even speculate on. it is a concern for authorities and others. >> reporter: they are taking great precautions because they do not know. they are preparing to go back in the building, and they want the bolt cutters, and the mayor's to make sure that they do not run into anything -- and the mirrors to make sure that they do not run into anything that could injure them. the bomb squad has enter the building, and we do not know what that means they have neutralized.>> from what i understand, there were three shooters that went in. the reports that i'm getting is that there are three shooters.
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supposedly, they have taken off in a black suv, and supposedly they found a package that they believe could be a bomb and so they are investigating that right now. there are multiple wounded, and multiple fatalities.>> reporter: what is he telling you about what is happening up there right now?>> they have extracted them out of the building and getting ready to escort them off the site, the police are.>> reporter: [ inaudible ]>> no, i've not heard anything like that.>> reporter: can you describe with you for any shots or can you describe the suspects? >> no, i've not seen any.>> reporter: what was the text message that you received? >> that the alarms went off and
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they have received word that there were active shooters on the site, and the police were there and they were trying to get a handle on it.>> reporter: what were you doing? >> i happened to be in the area, and so i swung by in case they needed something, or someone needed to go to the hospital.>> reporter: [ low volume ]>> he said there were three, or 20 or so victims.>> reporter: this is what we are receiving so far, and on total, more than 600 employees. the la times reported that there was a christmas party underway at the time. this came from a sergeant, a spokeswoman for the san bernardino police department, telling the reporters at the scene that the shooters were reported inside the place. officers had not secured the
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building, and they were going door-to-door. according to the police sergeant, the suspects are armed, heavily armed, and possibly wearing body armor. it is an active scene, according to the police sergeant, very fluid. the news footage has shown the police officers and firefighters, officials said they got the call just after 11 am this morning. one person speaking to kabc said that he saw bodies on the floor as he exited. the shooting according to the la times has rippled across san bernardino. the customers at the san bernardino golf club were on lockdown, and they are searching for one or more gunmen right now. there is concern about the suv which has left the scene. i want to be very clear about
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this suv. they said it left the scene, and they have an interest in speaking to the person or persons in the suv, and no one inside that vehicle has been called the suspect, and they are a person of interest at this moment. we have a witness to this on the line. what did you see? >> heavy artillery the -- helicopters landing and a lot of cop cars.>> reporter: is the area still cornered off? >> yes it is. everybody around here.>> reporter: everybody is told to shut down? >> yes, shut down completely.>> reporter: had the police said anything about the suspects? >> no, they have not said anything yet, nothing to us.>>
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reporter: are witness works nearby, and the fbi is taking us for our patients, responding to the situation in san bernardino, and no further information at the moment. this is from the los angeles times, a man that was held up inside of a paralegal's office where he works with his wife about one block from the scene, he said they were standing outside as the helicopters swooped in the area, and they went back inside because they thought there could be stray bullets. they said they thought the better plan was to stay inside, and the authorities said the same thing. they said that one suspect is heavily armed, walked into the building, went straight into the conference room, and started shooting. the police are still working to clear the buildings. according to the reporting's of the officers on scene, agents from the atf are saying that
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the los angeles field office is also responding. every major police and firearm agency is reporting now. one person said they were there for a christmas party. we're not sure if that was in the conference room. you can imagine with the building of this size, more than 32,000 people being treated annually. lines out the doors on many days, it would not be unusual that they would be doing one thing and one area, and then a christmas party going on in another area. this time of year, that would be a normal working situation. about one hour 20 minutes ago, the first call came in for the active shooter situation. the fire department was the first to confirm that there were as many as 20 victims on scene. we've been told there are as many as 20 people down, three
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suspects are believed to be involved. they have been described by the police as three heavily armed men, and have been alternately described by witnesses as wearing what appeared to be witnesses to be body armor, and potentially masks . there is a question about the suv that left the facility, and after the victims have been taken away by ambulance after being treated, after they were treated, the authorities found what they believe to be an explosive device. they have cynthiana robot to detonate the device. a police interview happening let's listen.>> they are clearing the building to make sure that the area is safe,
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making sure that we do not have victims hidden someplace. it will be a very methodical process of looking through the buildings, making sure that everything is secure. we do not know if the suspect is still on the scene, outstanding. we have no reports to confirm any of that information.>> reporter: are we talking one, two, three suspects at this point? >> we are not sure. >> reporter: we heard reports of a shooter, and we have been told what he was wearing, and a dark suv, is that the case?>> i think if it were definite that we had that information, we would get that out. four rumor control, we do not have anything that is confirmed. we will get that out because obviously we cannot police the community without the help of the community. it would help us to have that information, and as soon as we are able to confirm, we do not
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want to cause scare when we do not have the information confirmed. our main desire is to ensure we do not have victims that need medical attention inside. life is our most important priority, and we will worry about the criminal stuff on the end. our victims are what we are looking for.>> reporter: are we hearing 20 victims? what about people have -- that have been killed?>> i cannot tell you how many fatalities or victims, or the extent of the injuries. those are still being confirmed, and no one has confirmed any numbers. have not been able to confirm that. we're not confirming any numbers right now.>> reporter: you are hearing the same numbers we are. we are hearing everywhere that
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20 people have been shot, 12 people killed, and that there is a hostage situation. is any of that possibility?>> anything is a possibility. the hostage situation is a new thing.>> i want to confirm what we are reporting. they are suggesting that the shooter got away, but that is not what we are reporting. we are reporting that the authorities on scene, not this particular spokesperson, but the police on scene have told people, told the reporters that an suv went away, and they would like to speak to the people in the suv. not that they are suspects, but they would like to speak to them about what just happened. we just received an interesting phone call from a glenn will work -- wilworth, and he is on
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the line, and it is my understanding that you heard shots. >> that is correct. there was a guy in a water truck filling up in front of the regional center, and he came running into our place, seeking shelter.>> reporter: what did he say?>> he said it sound like a shot, and i grabbed my weapon in holstered it.>> reporter: what did you hear?>> several shots going off, probably 50 yards away.>> reporter: did you see a gunman? >> i could only see the shape of a body, no description. but i did see a person enter into a black suv, and slowly pull


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