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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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developed indications of radicalization by the killers hrforeign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: they found no direct link to a terror group there is evidence tashfeen posted on facebook pledged allegiance to isis and its leader. evidence that they tried to destroy and conceal from us that we have. >> we ever uncovered evidence digital footprints. for óbhlexample, we found two c $f7se cell phones were -- were crushed. >> reporter: after 2:00 p.m. attorneys representing the families of the shooters met with the media to say there was
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no warning. gfoí:::%ñbrother and cent shooter had no idea to the point where when they got word zeçan incident that ñ/hworrie gpand safet syed farook and tashfeen malik. >> reporter: they said they are not convinced 4:zajsyed farook to isis despite the facebook posts. to any affiliation, a facebook name that just visited a site, to the person who purchased two of the guns used x,,,jkin the a that person is not a suspect. àcxú/have we lear his other person or the guns.
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purchased ox.ncthe two rifles. the fbi is playing this close õk to the vest. >> thank you. ó0yyand photographers were allowed to go inside the apartment of the two shooters in san bernardino. the attack. á÷tthe husband and wife syed farook and tashfeen malik lived at s ( fñthis !í%(gf-np6h not far from san bernardino. the landlord allowed reporters and photographers to 5.ppigo in and see for themselves what it looked like. what they saw included fbi receipts j58 mfrom evidence, d auditions in the sink -- dishes pink and a crib. >> we executed a search warrant >> we executed a search warrapa we turned that over 6a
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residents. called calle the apartment an ied factory because lkpmof all the pipe bo materials. uc riverside is remembering the victims of the ejvsan bernardino massacre. of the university. stadium last night for a candlelight vigil. the children of one of the victims spoke out about their mother and how they are trying to cope with this senseless act of violence. >> she was my best friend. i told her everything. it is kind of hard to see all that. pepi have to be strong. she would want me to be strong. she would want me to be strong. that is what i o# >> family members say she was fleeing her homeland in iran as a teenager. she was a health inspector in san bernardino county and other victims and for the latest on the investigation k%(t
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stay with and twitter. a teenager connectedane killing of a '0( p5paramedic -- connected in a killing of a 40 jp=years in prison. he was off duty in 2013. in his cars when teens pulled up, got out of their stolen car and shot him. prosecutors said they wanted to steal his car as well. he was convict of first degree murder, he was 15 at the time. he was sentenced to ?jnnwañ48 : life. guilty. xp÷serving 15 y for carjacking after a mistrial in his murder trial. calling for an over haul of the santa clara jail after racist text messages. 7,bh ktvu's ann rubin joins us now. this is the latest 77k,,çzin an
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incident at that facility that for the death of an inmate. >> reporter: that's right. the sheriff says she has known in question are on administrative leave. leaders are saying if the texts reflect what they think then éícould be a dangero place. >> this building is a crime scene. >> reporter: community leaders gathered g::6xexpress their an that guards in the jail were sending racist text messages about the inmates. >> this is an outrage. absolute outrage. that we have people sending nazi swastika and making statements about hanging black people. >> reporter: there are thousands of text messages. some printed in the san jose mercury news. one talks about the number of shooting deaths by police. if they are black, it doesn't
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count. iñsaying think of all the lamp shades we could make from the hide. it was sent by this man president of the correctional officers union. who >> no comment. >> reporter: she says the texts the arrest z-e(a of another officer jlwand a fir has been brought into investigation with the fbi. >> no one that would be involved in any kind of thoughts like this, text law enforcement. it is appalling to me. haul of the jail. the sheriff says she agrees that something needs to change. >> by us sticking around we are look @pñvçworse. but we are dicking around dick -- we are digging around. >> reporter: the sheriff says at her urging the national
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institute of corrections will administrative leave but they could be fired pending the outcome of the investigation. >> thank you. in pacifica a man is behind bars accused of sexual assault. %(9 along gypsy hill road when they receiverred reports of a woman screaming and -- received creening and woman. ó2a man saw j@19-year-old. he is now charged with attempted assault, attempted qñand d3 sentenced today for killing a $a 14-year-old 8 years ago. he was c%( áñkilled in union ci december 21, 2007. after he died classmates paid prosecutors charged four men in connection li"@ñwith the kille
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the shooter was sentenced to 15 murder. ow 12 years each. his mother said he was bullied híhe was murdered that he told a friend he was tired of running from the mexican guys. they were going to have to kill him. >> she told us she wants to start a foundation in her son's name to help kids who are bullied. she is not sure how to go about it but it needs to be done. the police shooting in san francisco. the death of a e%(v;ñ26-year-o p&so we are who shot this video that captured the shooting as it ae: happened. ktvu's cristina rendon is in san francisco where there is a town hall meeting to discuss this. just about to start an hour from now. >> reporter: in the last few
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minutes we learned from the police chief that he plans to bring four photos to the xá÷ moments before mario woods died. z an hour. who shot cell phone video of gone viral. ing and now it has - >> give a little prayer. prayer %lnngoes a long way. believe in it. you will feel it. >> community heartbroken. >> sad. sad. >> reporter: over the death of a 26-year-old, mario woods was killed by san francisco police officers after he refused bags couldn't subdue him. >> when i heard the shots where started to panic. >> reporter: he went home but didn't share the video till the topic was brought up in his class. >> he raised his hand.
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he said i was there. i took video of it. the video as a topic of conversation. watching the video. n >> my phoj6saxis going crazy. a thursday night protest. >> a lot of my neighbors are upset. they are angry over what happened. >> reporter: he is glad he was recording knowing how powerful the video is. >> the larger lesson is j9lthat is -- none of this is new. we shouldn't speculate it is new. it is just now being covered more. we have video. >> reporter: that professor may attend tonight's meeting. he says if he shows up he doesn't want to hear from police, he wants them to listen to what the community has to
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say. the chief is expected to be here and present four photograph said in the moments before -- paragraphs in the moments before he died in san francisco. he already said he expects this we have already seen a heavy police presence. back to you. >> we will cover that and have more coming up at 6:00 p.m. thank you. oakland police showing 9k,rp signs of progress in the fight against crime. authorities put recovered guns imposing stricter gun safety laws. >> @jp02now that the attack in bernardino has been linked to urthere is a renewed focus on ñpjdthe fight against and a shake up for the 49ers. the change in management coming to the front office. first. obñthe weekend forecast. there are showers in the forecast. i will let you know what day of the weekend could be damp.
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square. an hour away from the tree lighting. it will happen about 6:25 p.m. will show it to you live. there are y"( ía lot of people there. already a big crowd.
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breaking news from fremont. rider. street and stevenson boulevard. no word on. >> the o::extent of injuries injuries. they have the road taped off and directing traffic around fv
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the situation. there is a ambulance there. as soon as @i9k,u>g get more information we will bring it to you. rough season for the 49ers. today we learned a big shake up is coming to the team's front office. >> the president is being demoted and ktvu's scott reiss is here now. this season has been a disaster. and now this. >> the last thing the 49ers needed is more bad pr but today the news. a shake up m%( 0tonce again rai questions about the direction of the franchise. multiple ru be demoted because he is believed tgjpebe the source of leaks to the media. a memo from the ceo obtained by espn states paraag marathe xorganization's ventures, specifically plans for a minor league soccer stadium in sacramento. head coach asked about it today. >> no, i don't ever any
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knowledge. don't have any comment. don't have anything. i don't -- i don't -- i don't have any clue. the salary cap and be the contract negotiator. been with the team for the 15 years. last two as president. >> barry bonds back in the game. the new hitting coach of the marlins. the giants as a spring training instruct. gig. stopped playing in 2007 a tearroid allegations. -- steroid allegations. >> he spent time the last couple years at the giants spring training complex. >> what do you think about helping his chances about 9çhall of fa
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>> it doesn't appear that is úasjust wants to be back in baseball. associated with the game, around the game. look, he could be an asset for  the marlins. :?man can hit. >> hope he likes teal. >> his new color. >> thank you. "2( &all right. our weather now. smartin because, well, another aynnjubm out -- okay day out there. [ talking at the same time ] >> wasn't raining. [ talking at the same time ] >> didn't %g[ózseem like there much going hckmzon. on the weekend we have showers -- thinking monday and tuesday -- [ talking at the same time ] >> sunday rain and more rain --
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thursday. progressive patterns. good. today had that vibe. it was nice. cloudy. at times. not that warm. look at this system. this is a big system. right? nice looking weather system. again, what is el nino about? it is not el nino. into the atmosphere from the warm waters. coming off typhoons or tropical÷ storms. is this a big el nino event? no. i see all that white. that is ñçj:fa u)( çlot of mois into december and january, december, january, february ::ñinto play. ÷san francisco 4$(
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clouds &g+vs%tout there. 37 tomorrow morning in y vqsant rosa. next system, a nice looking weather system. we will get rain sunday morning. not a ton. maybe n99k,tihalf inch. maybe more. saturday a mild 9k,#day with increasing clouds. tomorrow will feel like today felt. very similar. into the afternoon, showers begin in the north bay and the morning hours. for san jose. 6:00 a.m. saturday morning. cloudy. and here we are, clouds all [nn÷ day, thickening up, low 60s at noon. here we go into the e2'ñlate afternoon. clouds. yeah. model throws more clouds in here. over night, saturday night into sunday morning we will see the rain.
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jpadza morning. when i come back i will show idea being the weekend is -- jp m a wash as you think. it will rain in this slot. sunday. right? most of the day on sunday is going to be not too bad. that is how it appears. good thing is progressive, more rain. more rain on thursday. that. something, every 5 days we will have rain. >> not brown and ugly. >> talking about the fall colors -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. some employers offering a free course to employees. time. k,3n
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drills. >> why they feel they could become normal in businesses now around the country. 6:00 p.m. increased security at ..( #áu÷4 school at one san francisco school. what thieves got away with over the thanksgiving break and what students and the district are >> at 6:00 p.m. an update to a story we told ñ protective services, her mother told her to fight rity so she could escape from a target store.
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georgia offering a free course shooter situation. drills. they want to empower people and >> we want to run away. if they are still coming after you in your hiding %=( íñplace, back. already offered this : police officers. he says parents need to talk to themselves.
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>> stuff can happen. there are bad people everywhere. doesn't matter what zip code you live in. they are everywhere. if you are not prepared that may be the last mistake you make. >> he said he knows the material won't stop an assault rifle but it may g2( slow down  bullets. the e.coli outbreak expanding. new safety procedures include testing of all produce before it is shipped to restaurants. training for food dsk,,q6safety handling. a spokesperson has said some of the local produce suppliers may standards. the e.coli outbreak is hith jg+s chipotle hard. -- p ÷is hitting chipotle hard. chipotle stock dropped 7%
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today. four cases of people shooting at each other in carsane month. now police are -- cars in a month. now % is a link. and more on bernardino. a reporter has been covering the story since it first happened. we will talk to him live after the break. >> and a ::xsqpolice officer tracking down a thief. instead of arresting the suspect, how he was able t%( ñ hend a happing hand. >> live to jack london square. people ç(p.m. ü#gasia mikaelian is emceeing. we will talk to her later and we will show you the tree lighting as it happens.
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xthe fbi says it is now seg isdying investigating the -- bernardino as an act ó2pvof terrorism. the female suspect pledged allegiance to isis. latest. >> the pledged allegiance to isis, we have been told ( mby authorities that don't count out al-qaeda in this. they are trying to find the iwp trail of money. ]ñconn
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the investigation continues across southern california, globe. 6]ytnn]xwife was myster they had a hard time following her trail. omfortable normal. there is a lot of information. talking about so much places. it makes this a tedious process. we are only two days removed 9ywhat ps tlrx inside. on dcx time. there was a lot of things in shouldn't have been available
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to the media to see. people said they went u7( throu the place, inch by inch. they uo::4hñhad everything they needed. it back. owner d jqhá9: looked through that window and saw the evidence sheet left by ulled out d ç)np#qv shooting targets as well as go pro packaging. xnya xcuhaul receipt. here. and there is a digital footprint they are following. 'nz:ñajp couple thumb drives. >> talk, if ínní+ñyou will, abo the couple's baby. the mother lived up stairs. she lived with the couple? now their actions?
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>> reporter: yeah. you heard the family attorneys w press conference. she qú( v÷was interrogated for hours. authorities had a lot of questions for her because there inside this apartment. -- pipe bombs, remote control cars. the question g3( o÷was did you  see any of this. she said. young six-month-old child. still a5::túywith jrjp2÷protect ñthe baby they have been told y%("zprobab th=::z=mon >> reporting from san vepi; bernardino, thantxjpcyyou. the announcement h=( ethat shootings in san bernardino are
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urgency to x< m2yfight isis. against isis in [e::,p east. great britain will conduct air hjinside c6( t'syria germany will provide non-combat support, intelligence gathering >> these haven. we are united. fgermany's deci to provide support came after people. united states.
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appeared reluct tonight increase u.s. 3jp,involvement inside syria and iraq claiming working. >> they are embadled. need t economy and our military to works. >> reporter: they msjpjp÷oare life as normal. - venues djg:í[uto reopen. weeks to the dayer -- three attacks. today ptthe president visited :blthe only airc the middle east immediately following the sjpbparis terror attacks. +ñoakland çjnnnfleaders ktvu's rob roth spoke with the
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chief of police %f magazine. reporter: on the steps of magazines they have gotten off multiple high capacity hand gun. htreporter: undera propos -- under a proposal gun owners zones with more than 10 rounds. rounds. >> these are the weapons that w mass shooting. they have no place here in oakland.
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several proposals. owners to safely store their guns in their homes or vyjm>par tor face a fine and six months in jail. that applies to police officers cops from leaving their çá::
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will support laws like this. >> reporter: if the city counsel approves the proposals news. 8 people out of their homesl after a mobile home caught fire today and spread to :2 i7ñnearb the fire %( !xxjñstarted in a m home that was parked in the driveway and spread to the house and a four 7c::é;unit ap building next door. >> we had a power line down. a live power line. the other challenge the mobile i,jtime we a were on fire. >> the cause of the fire is still under q::dnvestigation. . holiday events taking place
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emcee. a and real reindeer, it runs till 7:00 p.m. but the tree lighting takes place around 6:30 p.m. live. ook at what else is going on. >> the fantasy of lights is saturday on union street u?::x:i francisco. street for santa. ñjugglers, poinies, and -- pone keys and ÷ live entertainment. season celebration. a parade, snow, santa claus and a special light show will be starts at 10:00 a.m. the mill valley winter fest ,3 starts at 10:00 a.m. celebration is sunday.
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a snow slide, entertainment, drinks. santa will arrive, a tree áéñ and coat and toy drive from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. hanukkah begins uw::n4ñthis wee the festival of right in the north bay. food, live music, a bounce house. 11:30 a.m. to trg::::::]a2:30 p.m. at the jewish community ts%( r raiders host the chiefs. warriors and 9ers on the road. sharks are way friday and -- home saturday. that is your weekend watch. . effect on jpothe business of christmas trees. the issue. >> next, a kind act by police
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officer. he found a woman guilty of shoplifting but he didn't arrest her.
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interstate 80. worried? -jurú
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four shootings together. >> reporter: police are asking another drive-by shooting along i-80. i-80. the latest happened l%(úñ>óí'n>8 hilltop mall about 1:40 p.m. thursday. >> vehicle accident. po=:: >> reporter: a 20-year-old who was in the front passenger seat was killed. not the intented wwj1!çtarget - intended target. reeway has been the scene of three shootings over the sl( 6y::j&past month no %w%( links have been made b they are considering the possibility because all were drive by shootings. determined true motive.
5:44 pm
zthe »care related this incident, however the method of operation is similar. >> reporter: november 2 a man xxishot and wounded by dr on i-80. 8 days later a man died. riding with nn@ítheir family wh the window was shattered by a bullet. >> disappointed. especially during the holiday season. you have to be concerned when danger at all. >> youngsters that haven't been >> youngsters that haven't been educated a? >> reporter: police are saying give them a call.
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henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. now to a nice story out of new hampshire. shoplifter but decided he wasn't going to arrest her. she took baking supplies to make a birthday cake for her daughter. ook yucouldn't af it. >> the officer, a 19 year veteran of the force talked to the woman about the theft and paid for the stolen items out of his own pocket instead of arresting her. a man said it was one of the 8ywh seen. condoning theft.
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charged. the stock market is up coming up we look at how some areas of the private sector are old christmas tree. brought to you in verse and ce:v poetry. >> tracking the showers for the bay area weekend. i will time them out for you. see you back leer. see you back here -- see you back here.
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many people will head out
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this weekend to buy their christmas tree. but the drought stunted many >> reporter: some of us choose to go to the farm, to harvest their own farm. doubt. say holy cow. a live tree for purchase or rent. rent. now here is a tree with no thirst, never dries out because it is fake. fake is a word some call prejudicial. they sell with pride. shipping locally, nationally
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and now world wide. they truly look real. some to perfection and the more than traditional trees trees, unfold them fast, wonders sights and prewired with lights. for all of that price should cause you no tears, though natural scent they cornered the market 80%. for 1-5 it is the traditional lot. definitely not. some folks l%(elive traditional scents the entire space. where not a creature is
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stirring, not even a mouse. so whatever you want it is you who must choose, i am tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> okay. that is so vintage tom. >> that was great. >> the whole time i was trying to come up v -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i didn't even try -- [ talking at the same time ] >> well done -- [ talking at >> very nice. >> made it fun. t3jpgñokay. the weekend is here. that will be fun. the weather is going to be half fun, half not so fun. saturday is like today. talked about that. sunday morning showers in the forecast. this is that system i am tracking. main impact is seattle, portland, those areas. for us filtered sunshine tomorrow with clouds. tomorrow, ::.xclouds increase. over night on saturday into sunday morning early, showers
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in the forecast. let's check on your over night lows. osa. 35 napa. cloud cover. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies. there is the next system. a big one. not going to hit us that hard. most of the energy goes to the north. saturday there is your saturday. here comes sunday. clouds increasing sunday. rain in the forecast. saturday morning, the clouds. 8morning. here is saturday afternoon. then this is what is coming. over night saturday. into sunday morning. this is 4:00 a.m. i will be in bed, santa rosa, i will be in bed, santa rosa, you will be p= is clear. starting to dry out by 7:00 a.m. fast moving system. similar to the one we saw the other day. half inch of rai 10:00 a.m., santa rosa is cloudy. scattered showers in san jose.
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4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. g: morning hours. sunday morning. not a sunny day on sunday but you can do stuff. you can do it. the morning will be teu÷wet, though. 4:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. tomorrow's highs -- still working on a rhyme? >> i am too. >> future cast is going to be a blast. [ laughter ] >> 62 santa rosa. [ laughter ] >> the five-day forecast -- funny -- yeah. >> true test, just give pmppit rest. >> there must be a website. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter cjp9] >> thank you. a solid job's report for november. we will break down the numbers and what it meant for the stock market next. >> at 6:00 p.m.
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increased security at a san francisco high school after thieves made off with equipment the thanksgiving break. >> just really sucks. now we have to find a way to get new computers. and you can choose fromrs brand-namealth plans, insurance companies you know. we help you compare apples... to apples. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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♪ when you don't want things to break down, you take care of them. that's why free preventive care comes with all health insurance plans offered through covered california. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st.
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the labor department issued november. there were gains in hiring and 8#in hourly wages. from new york city now, the
5:57 pm
numbers. >> the u.s. economy added 211 xkin november. added in october but it was $estimate callin for 200,000 jobs last month. steady at 5%. lowest level since april 2008. >> let's look at last year. was 260,000. 211,000, i think we are sustaining. i think it is important because i don't think those numbers are the ones that are required to pull people off the sidelines. >> reporter: main street has #( its eye on other pieces of the report, wages. 4 cents éjpjpjaxin november. down from 66( +the six year hi october. as for the jobs themselves they are taking it sector by sector.
5:58 pm
zú1 construction is up and healthcare. but you need sustained growth rallying =::f÷ rally on wall street. the dow is up 369 points. the nasdaq is up 104 points. ñ+÷up 42 points. its best day since early september. the one sector that lost ground was energy stocks. p.m. starts now. oíare now investigatin these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> new details from the fbi as officials announce one of the am pain started. started. i am julie haener.
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>> and i am frank somerville. ùis a picture of tashfeen malik. she posted support for isis shooting began in san bernardino. facebook says she posted under an alias at 11:00 a.m. on wednesday about the time the first (%( 4911 calls came in fr the scene of the shooting. tashfeen malik and syed farook opened fire on syed farook's co- workers, killing 14 and injuring 21 others. the fbi says they found two cell phones thrown in a trash can. the phones were smashed but investigators may still be able to access the data on them. ktvu's john sasaki has been following the developments from southern california. >> reporter: along with the photo of tashfeen malik here are details. she met syed farook when he took a trip to saudi arabia two years ago. tashfeen malik was born in pakistan. ashfeen malik came to the u.s. in july 20 14 on a pakistani passport and a so-
6:00 pm
called k&( tifiancie visa. the fbi says they have no ñ a larger terrorist cell. >> reporter: during the briefiryd!.in san bernardino th fbi made an announcement. >> as of today based on the information and the facts as we know them we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the fbi director in washington explained what led them to the terrorism connection. >> the reason is that the investigation so far has developed indication of radicalization by the killers and a potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. uzreporter: while investigators found no direct link to isis, )ñ'nn';there is e tashfeen malik, wife of syed farook posted on facebook, pledged allegiance to isis and its leader. >> we are


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