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. president obama delivers a rare oval office address to the nation, following the san bernardino shootings. his plan to combat isis fighters and increase gun control. >> plus, details on a near-miss between a highway patrol helicopter and a drone hundreds of feet in the air. . good evening. i'm ken wayne. heather holmes is off tonight. we begin tonight with president obama's oval office address on terrorism. he just wrapped up his speech to the nation, where he laid out america's strategy to try to defeat the islamic state. the president reassured americans, saying he's taking every measure to combat
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terrorism. he said the u.s. will not give in to fear. >> let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear, that we have always met challenges, whether war or depression, natural disasters or terrorist attacks, by coming together around our common ideals as one nation and one people. >> the president's address comes less than a week after 14 people were killed and dozens injured during a shooting rampage in san bernardino. he called the attack an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. during his speech, the president reiterated his conviction that isis will be destroyed. >> we will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousands of iraqi and syrian forces fighting isil on the ground so that we take away their safe havens. in both countries, we're deploying special operations forces who can accelerate that offensive. >> the president also called on congress to make it harder for
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americans to buy assault weapons. he also wants lawmakers to also ban anyone on a no-fly list from being able to buy weapons in the u.s. the investigation into the san bernardino shootings continues in southern california and overseas. today, the interior minister of pakistan launched his own probe into the masacre and offered assistance to u.s. authorities. shooter tashfeen malik lived in pakistan before marrying syed farook and moving to california. the act is considered terrorism, apparently inspired by isis. however, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is urging americans not to jump to conclusions about the couple's potential ties to isis. a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the san bernardino shootings got under way about 30 minutes ago here in the bay area. organizers tell us it's a small step they hope will lead to larger change. ktvu's ann rubin reports from fremont.
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>> reporter: packed with antique stores, it looks quaintly rooted in the past, but concerns of the shop keepers are quite new. the recent san bernardino shootings have left them shaken. >> lot of people just are afraid. they don't want to be involved as it's been said many times. but nowadays, we have to be involved. >> reporter: that sentiment has led community leaders in fremont to plan a candlelight vigil, to stand in solidarity with the victims of san bernardino, to honor the first responders, and to promote peace. they say it's important to acknowledge what happened. >> it's almost becoming something that we tend to ignore because it's so frequent, and i wanted to make sure that we didn't get into the point of being totally helpless and giving up. >> it's for peace, as well as call for action that enough is enough. we need to do something, stand up as community leaders, get the community together. >> reporter: they are hoping small steps will lead to larger ones that community leaders will challenge politicians to do more. >> but to me, if we don't take
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those small steps, we've given in to the terrorism. >> that was ann rubin reporting. stay with ktvu for the latest on the san bernardino shootings. we're posting updates on and on our twitter and facebook feeds. a suspicious device that prompted an evacuation at a cvs store in mountain view turned out to be nothing dangerous. the device was found inside a cvs store on west el camino real around 1:00 this afternoon. a bomb squad arrived to examine the device. firefighters were on standby as precaution. a short time later, the all- clear was given and people were allowed back into the store. no word on what that device turned out to be. a wet weather system moved through the bay area today. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has a look at where the rain is right now. mark? >> well, ken, a few clouds out there, even spotty drizzle. that's just about it across parts of the bay area. of course the main rain area us a focused in the north bay. here's the radar over the past 12 hours. you can see the rainfall distribution focused up to our
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north, also approaching parts of sonoma county as well. santa rosa picking up 0.85. a rapid drop-off in amounts as you work your way south. san francisco, only 0.05. concord, only 0.04. could not find any measurable rainfall in san jose. here's our live camera outside right now. we do have just lingering clouds out there with mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay area. in terms of the radar coverage, not a lot of activity out there. you can see showers to the west of mendocino county. there is a slight chance we could have a few sprinkles or light showers for tonight. there's still plenty of moisture in place as you take out the clouds over the bay area. we'll hold on to the clouds into the forecast for tomorrow. here's the bigger perspective in the pacific. a big change in the overall weather pattern. we have traced in the upper level winds. you can see we point out the big area of high pressure here. that circulation is setting up a very active weather pattern with rainfall up to the north of the bay area, but that will gradually spread to the south.
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with that, we could be talking about a stronger storm in our five-day forecast. we'll have more on that, coming up in a few minutes. a martinez man could be facing serious charges after the highway patrol says his drone almost hit one of its helicopters. this is video of a similar chp helicopter. authorities say the near-miss happened last night as the pilot was tracking a stolen vehicle over highway 4. the pilot was flying at an altitude of 700 to 800 feet when he says he had to suddenly veer to avoid that drone. the pilot then followed the drone to where it landed and radioed martinez police. officers found a man carrying a drone in that area, but so far, that man has not been arrested. the highway patrol is looking for a hit and run driver involved with the death of a man on interstate 80 in richmond. the accident happened on the eastbound side near carlson boulevard just after 4:00 this morning. it's not clear what the man was doing on the highway. police believe a red honda sedan hit the man and the driver fled the scene. the man was found in the far
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right lane and died later at the hospital. authorities have not yet released the identity of the victim. the chp says a man struck and killed early yesterday morning on interstate 880 in hayward was walking on the freeway because he had abandoned his car after a crash. the oakland tribune reports 27- year-old bryant molojeha rear ended a van on the highway. the chp says he got out of his car, jumped the center median and tried to run across the southbound lanes of traffic when he was struck. concord police are still looking for the gunman who shot and wounded a driver yesterday on highway 242. it happened in the southbound lanes between the grant street and concord avenue exits. police say someone pulled up alongside a man driving a gold mercedes suv and shot him twice in the upper body. the victim underwent surgery and is expected to recover. the suspect car is described as a silver suv. police shut down all southbound lanes of the freeway for about two hours while they processed the scene. so far, there's no word on a
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motive for that shooting. sunnyvale police are trying to identify a package thief seen in surveillance video. the thief drove up in a dark gray sedan and parked in the driveway. he got out and as you can see, he took an amazon package from the porch of the home. before leaving, he also swiped a few oranges from a small bush in the front yard. the theft happened yesterday -- thursday, rather, around 3:30 in the afternoon. it appears there may have been another person driving that getaway car. yahoo!'s future and ceo marisa meyer's role in it is being debated this week. the company's board is considering selling off all or part of yahoo!'s core internet business. meyer's role is being discussed. she wins, no matter what happens. meyer has a lucrative severance package in place if she is terminated without cause. if she is forced out, she'll receive a compensation deal worth $157.9 million. a san francisco judge ordered pleasanton-based
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safeway to pay $42 million to customers who bought items on the company's website because they were unaware online prices were 10% higher than store prices. safeway denied misleading customers and argued adequate notice was given about the price difference. the supermarket chain says it plans to appeal. coming up, was a stabbing in britain linked to terrorism? what counterterrorism officials are learning about a knife attack inside a london subway station. >> former president jimmy carter releases new details about his cancer fight. hear what the 91-year-old is now saying about his prognosis.
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. in london, british authorities are trying to determine if a knife attack inside a subway station yesterday was a terrorist attack. as connor powell reports, the latest incident is heightening
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concerns about terrorism in europe. >> reporter: british counterterrorism police are investigating a stabbing at a metro london subway station. a man brandishing a knife attacked two people on sunday. >> he was screaming run, run. people wanted to go forward and try to help the guy, but the guy is standing next to him brandishing the knife. >> he fell on the floor. then he was speaking to him for a long time and i called the police and then he took the knife and he was using his knife on the victim's body. >> reporter: the attacker reportedly saying "this is for syria" before he was subdued by officers using a stun gun. police arrested the 29-year-old suspect and they say they are treating this as a terror incident. >> this was a violent, unprovoked knife attack. we're not sure yet precisely
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what the motive was that lies behind the attack. >> reporter: a london mosque is condemning the attack, saying the perpetrator was not a member of the congregation. >> he does not now and does not have anyplace for violence and terrorism. >> reporter: british national threat level remains at severe, meaning authorities believe an attack is highly likely. the incident comes just days after parliament approved british airstrikes on isis targets in syria. connor powell, fox news, jerusalem. former president jimmy carter announced today he no longer has signs of cancer. just last august, the 91-year- old carter said he had been diagnosed with cancer in the liver and the brain. this morning while teaching sunday school at his georgia church, he said he is cancer- free. he is taking a new drug, an autoimmune treatment to help his body seek cancer cells in his body. the justice department this week is expected to announce an investigation into the chicago police department following the fatal shooting of a black
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teenager. the chicago police department has come under intense scrutiny since a video was released last month, showing last year's fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the officer is charged with first degree murder. the associated press reports that civil rights probe will be similar to those launched in baltimore and ferguson, missouri. the us supreme court this week is set to consider a case that could have far-reaching effects on how people vote. tuesday, the high court is expected to hear arguments challenging the constitutional requirement to make electoral districts roughly equal in population. the court will have to decide whether states must count everyone when determining voting districts or just eligible voters. analysts say if the court decides on the latter, that could diminish the influence by the growing latino population. two republican presidential candidates are headed to the bay area this month to round up voter support. senator marco rubio is scheduled to speak tomorrow at the mozart automobile foundation in mountain view.
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ticket prices range from $1000 to $2700. on december 14, fellow gop presidential candidate carly fiorina is scheduled to attend a fund-raising lunch at the home of robin and boris feldman in palo alto. tickets for that event range from $500 to $2700 per person. bart is raising parking fees at four stations starting tomorrow. they will rise to $3 a day at millbrae, $2 a day at concord and north concord-martinez and $1.50 a day at the colosseum station in oakland. the rates will be in effect six months. fees rise for lots are often full, while others that are 95% full may see a decrease. bart fares are also going up. starting january 1, the price of a ticket will increase by 3.4%. the new pricing is part of bart's automatic every-other-
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year fare hike. the money will go towards a new maintenance facility and train cars. dozens of harley-davidson riders helped make christmas more cheerful for kids today at san francisco general hospital. it was the 32nd annual toy run, organized by the dudley perkins harley-davidson company from south san francisco. the bikers arrived shortly after 10:00 this morning with a lot of gifts for kids who are going to be stuck in the hospital on christmas. a member of the perkins family says it's a great way to celebrate the holidays. >> every year we have a great turnout. our customers like to give back as much as they can. lot of people think of bikers as these tough, intimidating guys. they got the biggest hearts you could ever imagine. ♪ >> the group also sang christmas carols and shared snacks. some of the gifts will be given to low income families living in the neighborhood. 3, 2, 1! go!
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>> and they are off! runners, joggers, walkers all participated in the run wild santa francisco toy drive today at crissy field. it's also known as the santa hat run, because each participant wears a santa hat and donates a toy to the san francisco firefighters toy drive. the 5k run started around 9:00 this morning. the san francisco firefighters toy drive distributes toys to about 200 families a day throughout the holiday season. let's check in now with mark tamayo in the weather center. rain around the bay area this morning. maybe more on the way? >> yeah, in fact we are expecting a big change in the weather pattern over the next few days. could be fairly productive in the bay area. right now, though, just clouds, spotty drizzle out there. there's still a chance of a shower in the short-term. but for the most part, things are winding down. by the way, the south bay did not pick up much rain at all as the system was focused up to the north. here's the overall weather pattern. there's the organized storm track, as you can see heading up toward the pacific northwest and the northern portions of
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the state, up toward eureka, humboldt county. not a lot of activity on the radar right now. lots of clouds in place, but enough moisture you might encounter drizzle, especially crossing the bay bridge or any of the bay area bridges for this evening. current numbers out there showing you the 61 in san jose. santa rosa, mid-50s. fairfield, 59. livermore checking in at 60. here is our live camera in the south bay, where we do have lingering clouds out there with partly to mostly cloudy skies across the bay area. actually made a storm door because the weather pattern will be changing quite a bit. looks like it could be opening. we'll bring it open for you right now. as you can see into monday, timing worked out perfectly there. the rain is mainly focused to the north of the bay area on monday. north bay showers expected into wednesday and then rain and wind into thursday, as this energy in the pacific gradually moves to the south and possibly to next weekend we could be talking about another system and beyond next weekend as well. looks like december could be fairly productive as this door closes a little bit, but opening up, producing more
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significant rainfall. now, keep this in mind with all the storms in the pacific, the waves really pushing up there. in fact, looking at current buoy reports, 12, 13, 14, 15 feet. we have a high surf warning kicking in for monday. waves could be on the order of around 15 to 20 feet. so be extra careful in the immediate coastline. waves will be very dangerous for tomorrow and even into tuesday morning as well. mostly cloudy skies for your monday morning. temperatures will be in the 40s to 50s. lots of clouds out there and possibly drizzle to start the day. in san francisco, 6:00 a.m., 52. then into the afternoon hours, a few breaks in the clouds with partly cloudy skies, 58 degrees. and then into the evening hours, partly cloudy. we talked about the active weather pattern primarily focused up to our north. it will remain that way for monday and tuesday. slight chance of a shower up in the north bay. then the main action moves in on wednesday. first up in the north bay, then best chance of a few showers there. but the organized rainfall is set to move into the bay area. that will be on thursday with
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gusty winds as well. some clouds to start out the day for your monday. partly cloudy skies into tuesday. then here we go with the rain line pushing into the north bay neighborhoods on wednesday. then everybody picking up more significant rainfall later in the week. 50s and 60s for afternoon highs. actually feel mild out there over the next few days. san jose, 64. and looking ahead at your five- day forecast, off and on clouds monday and tuesday. chance of a few showers into wednesday. rain and wind, keeping an eye on that thursday morning commute. maybe more showers into friday. then saturday and sunday, possibly more rainfall as well. you can see, ken, lots to talk about in the five-day forecast, as the little storm door i created might stay open over the next few days. >> i like that door. hopefully we were all born in a barn and you can leave the door open. >> keep it up, right there. it will be perfect. >> looks like it's open most of the week. >> but we also need the breaks as well. we don't want too much rain at one time. >> thanks, mark. coming up, not how you start, but how you finish. you have to see the finish
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between the 49ers and bears in chicago. >> plus, the warriors with another tough test as they go for win number 22 in a row.
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. young raiders fans got to spend time this weekend with famous players. the oakland raiders alumni association hosted local students today, all part of the 1st and goal program where kids get to attend a home game for free. the day started with a bus ride to the coliseum, followed by a pep talk from some football legends, including hall of famer willie brown. >> so focused on wanting to be a professional football player. all kids growing up playing football today, they think they are going to be a professional football player. i try to go back and tell them, you may not play professional football, but get your head together and you can play with anybody. >> after lufnlg, students watched the oakland raiders take on the kansas city chiefs. this is the third year the raiders alumni association has hosted local students. we'll talk about the chiefs and the raiders in a minute. but first, warriors, scary for a bit. >> the streak will end sometime, but let's enjoy it while it lasts. for three quarters tonight, looked a little tough. but with the streak on the line, the warriors appeared fatigued for the first three
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quarters in brooklyn, understandably so. fourth straight game on the road coming off a tough, emotional win last night in toronto. once the fourth quarter started, the warriors left no doubt the streak would live on. second quarter, klay thompson knocked down the baseline three- pointer. warriors up 14 early. thompson had 22. warriors would trail by five midway through the third. that's when curry and company heated up the three-pointer for steph, tied it up. then seconds later, the alley- oop. end of the third quarter, steph pulls up to beat the third quarter buzzer with another three. warriors up by seven. curry, 28 points, a quiet night for him. fourth quarter now, warriors really pull away. running the floor, layup and the foul. warriors win 114-98. they improve to 22-0, 12th
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straight road win to start the season. that ties the all-time record there at indiana on wednesday. now, it's been a lost season for the 49ers, but if you're looking for a silver lining, they may have found themselves a quarterback. blaine gabbert dinked and dunked all game long, but jim tomsula says get them, blaine! niners were down seven under 2 minutes. look at him take off running, doesn't slide, taking it to the house. 40-yard touchdown, first of his career. now we're tied at 20-20. robbie gold, this could have won it for chicago, but he shanks it, looks it to the left from 36 yards out. we go to overtime and gabbert airs it out, really the first time all game, big reception by torrey smith, their fastest wide receiver. he takes it in for the game- winning touchdown. gabbert, 196 yards, that touchdown, no interceptions. niners win 26-20 and it's their first road win of the season. raiders hosting the chiefs,
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two teams battling for a wild card spot. derek carr, just six interceptions all year, but he threw three today. that would cost him. tied at 7-7, 25-yard touchdown pass here to crabtree. look at crabtree, concentration, hangs on, as carr threads the needle. 31 of 48, 283 yards was carr, two touchdowns. but as we mentioned, three interceptions. the chiefs take the lead in the fourth quarter, 27-20 on that pass from alex smith to jeremy maclin. then here's one of three picks and it would be a costly one, as branch picks it off and returns it all the way, 38 yards for the touchdown. the chiefs win their sixth straight game. they beat the raiders 34-20, and that's going to be tough for the raiders to make the playoffs, but they are still in it. january 1, the rose bowl, pretty good consolation prize for stanford who had their sights on a possible national championship. stanford's 15th rose bowl appearance. and cal will play in a bowl
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game, too. it's the armed forces bowl. it's a rematch of the 2007 armed forces bowl and that was against the air force falcons on december 29. cal, 11:00 a.m., playing in the armed forces bowl. >> what about the warriors? let's keep this train going! >> i mean, everyone's running out of things to say! it's unbelievable what they are doing. >> it really is. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we told you about the near-miss between a drone and chp helicopter in the east bay. at 10:00, we'll talk to the helicopter pilot about that close call and the dangers drones can cause. thanks for making ktvu your source for news. we're always here for you online at, facebook and twitter. we'll see you tonight at 10:00.
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