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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. a close call hundreds of feet up in the air for a chp helicopter. the hazard flying high above highway 4 that could have brought down the chore. good evening i'm julie haener in for heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. there have been safety concerns
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about drones ever since they started flying sometimes in the same airspace used by planes and helicopters. the drone operator was found. that near miss happened about 800 feet off the ground as a helicopter was flying along highway 4 in martinez. it was the more oil and alhambra exits. just how close that drone came to the chopper. >>reporter: 30 feet apart, ken, way too close. this story might have had a much different ending if not for the quick action of the flight crew. when the highway patrol helicopters rescue people as they often do pilots know and expect the dangers. the lives, wind, waves. >> there's a drone out here altitude 1,000 feet. >>reporter: but a drone, an unexpected hazard. >> almost hit this thing. we're keeping an eye on it here irk that's the voice of pilot pete gaffe it talking to an air
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traffic controller in concord after his near miss saturday night. >> i saw a red light out there. we couldn't identify it at first. >>reporter: a red light appeared the size of a golf ball on a drone like this one he banked the helicopter hard to avoid it. >> very easily could have caused us to crash. >>reporter: he and his flight officer beamed their bright light at the drone and tracked it back to this house in martinez a quarter mile way alerting police as they d. the young man flying it was caught picking the drone off the ground. >> the lights from the chp copter and three martinez police cars came around the corner. >>reporter: the drone other than is an international student from china attending college and his host family says he meant no harm. he hasn't had the thousand dollars drone very long it has a three mile age as high as
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4500 feet putting it in the flight of planes. >> it could go right through this windshield. >>reporter: with the helicopter going over a hundred miles an hour the 2.5-pound drone could have gone through the windshield or into the rotors bringing it down. >> luckily it had lights if it didn't have lights we wouldn't have seen it at all. >>reporter: the pilots have seen drones before but there is the first time they have had to take evasive action. what's alarming 1 million drones will be given as christmas gifts this season. >> anyone from 6 to 60 with zero regulation with recommendations and no way of guaranteeing that they know what they are doing with it. >>reporter: what the drone operator was doing wrong was flying too high. they are supposed to keep within just a few hundred feet off the ground and he let it get too far away.
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they are supposed to keep them within their own vision. he was not cited but that could certainly happen in the future depending on what the investigation shows. >> deb, that's right by concord buchanan airport so there's other aircraft in the area as well. do you know if the drone operator had anything to say about this? >>reporter: i'm told he was very hour sorry. he was very shaken up. he's an exchange student so of course it was very intimidating to have the chp and the cops coming down on him and completely unexpected as he told it. but these are toys that literally can kill when they are in the airspace. so, chp hopes that his lesson serves as an example for others to learn from. >> we hope all drone operators understand that. deb live in contra costa county thank you. new developments in san bernardino shooting rampage i the investigation is expanding
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overseas. the interior minister of pakistan launched his probe into the massacre and says he will work with federal authorities. the female suspect tarbthey killed 14 and injured others. president obama said this was an act of terrorism designed to kill people. in his speech the president reassured americans that the country is taking every step to stop the islamic state. and he said the u.s. will not give in to fear. >> let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. that we have always met challenges whether war or depression, natural disasters or terrorist attacks by coming together around our common ideals as one nation and one
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people. >> the president also said his strategy involves hunting down terrorists anywhere and at any time. he pledged to continue working with allies to disrupt plots and stop the recruiting of terrorists. >> we will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousands of iraqi and syrian forces fighting isil on the ground so we take way their safe havens. in both countries we're deploying special operations forces who can accelerate that offensive. >> the president also called on congress to make it harder for americans to buy assault weapons. he also wants lawmakers to ban anyone on a no fly list from being able to buy weapons in the u.s. it's been a weekend of tears and vigils for family and friends of the shooting victims. there was a number of prayer services and syringe else ills to honor the 14 people who lost their lives. the shooting has tested their faith but believe the community will pull through the tragedy. the san bernardino county board of supervisors is planning to
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hold a memorial service. there was also a candlelight vigil in free month. organizers tell us it's a small step they hope will lead to larger chain. ann ruben was there. >>reporter: packed with antique stores niles boulevard and fremont looks quaintly root touchdown in the past. the concerns of the shop keep keepers are quite knew. the recent san bernardino shootings have left them shaken. >> a lot of people they are afraid. they don't want to be involved as it's been said many times burks now days we have to be involved. >>reporter: that sentiment has led community heaters in fremont to plan a candlelight -p vigil to stand in solidarity for the victims b to honor first responder and promote peace of they say it's important to acknowledge what happened. >> it's almost becoming something we tend to ignore because it's so frequent. and i wanted to make sure we didn't get into this point of being totally hopeless and giving up. >> it's for peace as well as call for action that enough is
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enough. we need to do something, stand up as community leaders, get the community together. >>reporter: they are hoping small steps will lead to larger ones that community leaders will challenge politicians to do more. >> but to me if we don't take those small steps over and over again we've given up, we've given in to the terrorism. >>reporter: and considering the vigil immediately followed the president's speech organizers say they were pleased by the turnout. ann ruben ktvu fox 2 news. some light showers around parts of the bay area today and into tonight. right now here's a live look at san francisco from the east bay. it didn't rain a lot today. we got a little drizzle and it was gray for most of the day. >> let's check in meteorologist mark tamayo what's going out there mark? >> just lingering cloud cover the south bay nothing just some clouds out there. in the north bay we had significant rain. the rainfall make a big come
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back for areas north of the golden gate bridge towards sonoma county. lingering clouds and drizzle as well. take a look at the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. up towards santa rosa picking up .85. hillsborough three quarters of an inch. san rafael san mateo few hundredths. concord .04. here's a live look outside as we saw a few seconds ago with all the clouds pay us a visit and all that moisture in place you can see in the satellite right now we can still have drizzle out there for tonight and once again for tomorrow morning for the monday morning commute. but right now the bulk of the rainfall is up to our north up toward the north cold front and there's not much australia can see up toward eury contact but we expecting some more storms to push to the south over the next few days and with that rain chances going up by midweek. at least for tomorrow though for the most part it will be dry but here's the overall flow kind of traced the upper level wind pattern and the jet stream
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the clouds. you get an idea of the clouds moving along this flow this is pointed toward the north coast up toward oregon and washington. but there will eventually spread to the south and with that we're talking about more significant rain back in the bay area forecast over the next few days. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk more about the timing and also a big warning if you're heading to the coast. we have very big waves hitting the shoreline right know now. two people are dead after a small plane crashed east of los angeles. it happened at apple valley airport in san bernardino county just after takeoff. authorities say the small jet caught fire causing explosions. the faa is now headed to the scene to investigate what happened. the airport will remain closed for at least 24 hours. so far no word yet on the names of the victims. cvs store in mountain view was evacuated for a few hours because of a suspicious device. that device was found inside the store on west el camino real
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. bomb squad was called to the scene. firefighters were on stand by as as a precaution. no word what that device turn out to be. the highway patrol is looking for a hit-and-run driver involved with a the death of a man interstate 80 in richmond. happened on the eastbound signed carlston boulevard after 4:00 this morning. it's not clear what that man was doing on the freeway. police believe the red honda sedan hit the man and fled the search. the man was found in the far right lane and died later in the hospital. authorities have not released the identity of the victim. the highway patrol says a man was struck and killed on interstate 880 on hayward. he was on the freeway because he had abandoned his car after a crash. the oakland crib union reports 24-year-old bryant lolo hey a of hayward rear-ended a van this the northbound lanes of the freeway. he got out of his car jumped over the center median and try to run across the southbound
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lanes of traffic when he was struck. a motorcyclist is dead tonight after a collision in hayward. the accident happened this morning near the intersection of jackson and amador streets. 59-year-old charles fulbright was driving his suv when he complieded with the biker. the crash sent the motorcyclist flying on the roadway. he suffered massive injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. fulbright could face criminal charges police say he was driving on a suspended driver's license for driving under the influence. they rushed in to help on 9/11 and many of those first responders ended up getting sick. the fight to renew health benefits by the end of the year. the 49ers started slow but finished strong. highlights on the walk off win in the windy city. counterterrorism police investigating a stabbing at a london metro station. witnesses describe the panic.
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. nooners about terror attacks in london. british authorities are trying to determine if a knife attack inside a subway station yesterday was in fact a terrorist attack. as connor powell reports it's lightning concerns in europe. >>reporter: they are investigate a stabbing at a london metro station. a man brandishing a knife injured two people on saturday.
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>> he was screaming run run. people like wanting to go forward to try to help the guy, but the guy standing right next to him brandishing the knife. >> he was i called the police then he took knife and he was using his knife on the victim's body. >>reporter: the attacker reportedly saying this is for syria before he was subdued by officers using a stun gun. police have a arrested the 29- year-old suspect and they say they are treating this as a terror incident. >> this was a violent unprovoked knife attack. we're not sure yet precisely what the motive was that lies behind this tack. >>reporter: an i am ma'am at a london mosque condemning the attack saying he was not a member of the congregation. >> this does not allow or have any place for violence or terrorism. >>reporter: british national terrorism threat level remains
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at severe meaning the authorities believe an attack is highly likely. the incident comes just days after parliament approved british airstrikes on isis targets in syria. as isis grows bolder the global fight against terrorism is grog stronger. the u head the fight against isis since august of la year when it began airstrike in i. since then they have launch had more than 20,000 missiles and bombs in isis targets in iraq and syria. the u.s. central command estimates that 23,000 isis supporters have been killed. there are currently 3,000 troops on the browned in iraq and defense secretary ashton carter announced he's sending a special operations task force to iraq. >> we have the long reach that no one else has and it puts everybody on notice in syria you don't know at night who's going to be coming in the window. >> in the wake of the paris attacks france is putting its
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only critic carrier into play. british warplanes have gun airstrikes in syria. germany voted last free to send 1200 troops to the middle east. a man suspected of stealing a golf cart in san bernardino county was killed in an officer involved shooting. it happened around 11:30 yesterday morning in the city of end yo. several miles east of palm springs. the officer says the man had a gun. police say he started shoot when an officer tried to arrest him. the officer was not hurt the suspect died at the scene. they are looking for a gun hahn who shot and wounded a driver on highway 242 it happened in the southbound lanes between grant street and concord avenue exits. police say someoned occupy alongside a man driving a gold mercedes suv and shot him twice this the body. he's expected to recover. the suspect vehicle is described as a silver sue have. police shut down all southbound lanes of the highway for 2 hours while they processed the scene. so far there is no word on a
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motive for that shooting. first responsibleers and supporters gathered for a -- they want to put pressure to review healthcare fund for heros of the september 11th terrorist attacks. >>reporter: today a passion and urgent plea from first responders and delegation of politicians including player bill deblasio and senators charles supplier and kirsten jill brand calling it i am morning unethical scandal that congress has allowed medical benefits for sick 9/11 responders to expire on october 1st. more than 33,000 americans from all 50 states who rushed to ground zero in the days and months following 9/11 who breathed in toxic fumes digging through the rubble in the recovery efforts after the government said it was safe, have now become sicknd oar are dying from 50 different types of cancers an other chronic illnesses u. more than 1700
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have died since 9/11. the drug act passed in 2010 provided five years of hell treatment and health monitoring no cost up to 72,000 people exposed to ground zero. congress you, however let that bill expire and it was supposed to be renewed and included in last week's transportation bill. but it was not. today new york democrats first responders blame senate majority leader mitch mcgary come urging congress to pass a bill providing permanent medical help before they go out on their holiday recess urging them to put politics aside. the hope is this 9/11 health bill will be added to a spending bill. crowd gathered in union swear this evening for the first night of hanukkah light of a giant men opera. the 22-foot tall structure has been displayed during hanukkah for 40 years. today it's also bill graham
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menorah day as declared by frank jordan. the legendary rock promoter was a german boy refugee. german refer you refugee. right now just lots of overcast conditions out there. closer inspection from san jose to live moore to santa rosa and ukiah reporting mostly cloudy skies. current numbers showing checking in at 54. hayward 59 livermore 57. actually relatively mild in the warm sector of the overall warm pattern we're not talking about extremely cold temperatures. take a look at some of the buoy reports wave heights bridge ranging from 12 to 17 feet. they will continue to go back
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up in the monday forecast. high surf warning for tomorrow. waivers on the order of 15 to 20 feet. typically we talk about a high wave advisory. when they get the 20-foot range they issue the warning. it's going to be dangerous near the immediate coast line for tomorrow. overnight lows first thing monday under mostly cloudy skies and possibly some drizzle we've thinking of 40s all the way to the mid 50s. here's the plan at san francisco. cloud cover out there and into the afternoon hours by 12:00 partly cloudy skies and same deem when you head home by 6:00 partly cloudy skies temperatures around 50 degrees. so here we go with the clouds tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. and skies becoming partly cloudy for the and how were. with exception of drizzle we're expecting dry cbs conditions in the month monday forecast. coming up the timing of a stronger storm that will really impact one part of your morning commute. the college football final
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4 is set. this is the second year of the college football playoff system. 3 telephone hour teams had to game winn games yesterday to make the final 4 including michigan state which scored a last minute touchdown to knock- off undefeated iowa and earn a place in the final 4. here are the matchups. number one clemson plays number 4 oklahoma in the orange bowl new year's eve that will be followed by number 2 alabama and michigan state. that game is in dallas also on new year's eve. the winners then move on to championship game january 11th in glendale, arizona. the win streak on the line the war controversy yours are are put to the nest in brooklyn. can they add another w to the history making start this season. >> an ongoing investigation following the terror attack in san bernardino. what the gunman's father has to say about his son's actions before the attack.
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. a special holiday treat
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for young football fans. oakland raiders alumni association invited students to the coliseum today. it's part of the first in goal program they get to attend a home game for free. it stared with a bus ride followed by inspirational talk including hall of famer willie brown. >> so focused on being a professional football player. a kids think they are going to be a profession football player. i try to they will them you may never play professional football. >> the students got a chance to watch the raiders take on the kansas city chiefs. it's the third year they have hosted this event. >> great program there. jason apple ball. >> the warriors are sow good we expect them to blow everybody out. it doesn't happen every take way. after a hard fought win last
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night in toronto the warriors putting their 21 game win streak on the line in brooklyn this afternoon. warriors started out hot looked like they were would runway with this 17 point lead early. klay thompson knocks down 3 from the corner. warriors up 14 at this juncture she extend the lead thompson with 22 points but the warriors would trail by 5 midway through the third and curry breaks the 76 all tie with three-pointers seconds later it's curry the alley-oop to festus seely. 12 points 20 minutes for a seely. into the third curry as he frequently does knocks down the buzzer beater. change his location a little bit then drops in the 3 five three-pointers for curly 28 points. the fourth the warriors pull way. if they had tired leg they didn't show. mo bucket off the turnover run the floor layup and the foul. warriors won. it looks like they won easy but it wasn't 114.
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that also ties an all time nba record. not a lot of positives s surrounding the 9ers this year but as unlikely as it seemed before the season blaine gabbert could be a positive quarterback of the future maybe gabbert very conservative most of the day this particular. but he came alive when it counted like right here. drops back from the 50 with the 9ers down 71:00 ha the go. doesn't fly he takes all the way in for the touchdown they are tied at 20. after long bears kickoff return robe gum gold that would have stay alive. rehead to overtime and it's gabbert off the play fake. he had been dinging and dunking all game long but it's torrey submit he's father and he's gone. 26 two. the 49ers win grab earth 196 yards that touchdown no interception and after the game
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all the talk about blaine grab health. >> plain can play i've been saying that tints say one i think people don't believe in his 80 lety station he can run too. i'm happy forum easel done a great job we feel like no matter what the score is up or do you remember down we're able to make a play. you saw the peaks and valleys of nfl foot hribal there but our guys did a tremendous job on both sides of the football. the raiders needed a win but they may have played themselves out telephone playoffs hovered hosting the rival chiefs at the coliseum. derek carr actually before the car we see tim brown honored he got his fall of fame ring and derek carr just 6 interactions all league. he thousand three what. there was a25-yard touchdown to protectal cornerback tree. 4th quarter game tiled at 20. alex smith 13-yard touchdown to jeremy maclin they take the lead car and the raiders get the ball back they are trying
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to drive for the winning touchdown bucar is picked off. that's thought knot really his fall. the ball tipoff his receivers and look what happens here. die von branch takess it the other way for the touchdown. they ron their 26 straight game beat go raider 34-20. here's carr after the game. >> i get truck straighted any time we don't went or i opportune 0 taken like that. it's frustrating but you have to move on. >> i'm not going to say anything. 0 that's not what we're all about here. there's not any plan play that's coined of make it abuse down our legs. going could keep we lost the game. kansas city he cbs. >> stanford not playing for the national championship but they are going to play in the 202 rows bowl game january 1st
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against iowa. it's their 5th rose bowl parent and also keep also to go to the ball game they are going to play in the armed forces drive ray match of the 2-7. that game by the way 42-36. zap yo state when fight their 5 -p 07 record they are going to play in the care bowel against georgia state. >> lee smith telling it like it is. >> let's home the rape is legs stay drive. how many have more games many. they are 4-0 on this road trip they got 3 more tough one is going to be indianapolis. you know, a just roll and we kept talking about the warriors. they wound 8 more in a o. they break the record three-game schwinn streak. you take the 3 games they follow now third at 26 straight if you take those four they get to get to 33 that was to happen
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the game after christmas 28th if we heard against had 4. we'll see. >> incredible run. thanks jason. 6 months after announcing he had live in his brain jimmy carter reveals new details about his show the to hire gun pan's father talks to an italian inspect. come up next in he says his responsibility plant am l
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. federal investigators are combing through every detail surrounding the suspects in the san bernardino attack. attorney general loretta lynch says not to assume that the apparent terrorist attack was directly linked to the islamic state but there are new details about contacts one of the
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shooters had made. doug mci will way reports. >>reporter: while the white house says there's no evidence the two terrorist its were affilate billion dollar any specific group or plot. farook's father told an italian newspaper his son declared allegiance is the two were acting on behalf of isis that while fbi agents yesterday raided the home of a neighbor of the two terrorists. enrique a marquez was a childhood friend of farook. there are some indications he bought the assault weapons the couple used in the attack. marquez has not been charged with any crime. while the fbi continues its investigation some are criticizing the fiance' visa program which tashfeen malik gained access to the u.s. he the fearsome terrorists massacre ate aiding a syrian refugees trying to get into the
10:35 pm
united states may be well found. >> 2% of all refugees going into the europe were jihadis you run the math on that it's a frighteningly high number. >> president obama has been pushing for the acceptance of as many as 10,000 refugees in the coming year. loretta lynch is getting push back for comments they she made on friday any islam comments edged towards violence would be dealt with aggressively. kiss concerned aftermath of islamic terrorist attacks there's an uptick in threats and hate crimes against muslims. governor jerry brown spoke out about global warming today the conference in advance but that wasn't the only thing on his mind. the governor also talked about terrorism saying the federal government has the responsibility to fight isis. but that local governments have a role to play as well. brown arrived in terrace a day late after traveling to san bernardino in the wake of the mass shooting. said had there been an active
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shooter he would have canceled his trip to paris all teague. >> there's obviously a global terrorism all over the would. so. >> the governor said california has some of the strict heest gun laws in the country he criticized arizona and nevada. he spoke before a group of governors and other local leaders who indiana cord to reduce meetings iss and protect populations from global warming. jimmy carter announced he no longer has signs of cancer. last august 91-year-old kathy said he had been diagnosed with cancer in the liver and brain. while teaching sunday school his most recent scans slow is he cancer free. two republican
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presidential candidates are headed to the bay area hoping to rally support. senator marco rubio is set for an event in mountain view. ticket prices range from 1,000 to $2,700 a piece. the next monday carly fiorina is scheduled to attend a fundraising lunch at the hospital of robbie lynn and borris feldman in palo al to. >> palo alto police are looking for a man who attacked an elderly woman inside her home. a woman in her 70s says the suspect knocked on the door of her home to ask baltimore ravens gardening work. police say they couldn't come to an agreement so he offered to give her a massage. she refused but she told police he started touching her neck and shoulders and grabbed her breasts. she elbowed him away and threatened to call police. the suspect drove away in a green pickup truck with writing on the side. he's only described as hispanic 5'7" and 170 pounds. some law school students
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in san diego are suing their university over the school's claims of available johns and salaries t. tom an jefferson school of law said they inflated figures to attract students. they are alleging a lack of trans party by the universities. the school denies it. they say they followed rules set by the american bar association those rules require more detail. it is that time of year when ups and post office trucks are filled with packages to be delivered. a search fire suspect caught on camera stealing a package in our crime file the post office talks about how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. more rain is on the way to the bay area. mark will tell us when and how much come up in his week long forecast. ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice...
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. >> an poor cargo is on its way to the international space station tonight. a rocket carrying more than 7,000 pounds of food and other supplies blasted off today from cape canaveral. the weather finally cooperated for nasa. three days of high winds and cloudy skies kept the rocket on the ground. the 6 astronauts have been without american supplies since april. a previous attempt to deliver food failed seconds after lift off back in october. if all goes as planned the supplies should arrive at the space station by wednesday. the work week about ready to begin so should we bring the umbrella or not let's check in with mark tamayo and we talk about that storm door mark you have something to say about that. >> i made storm door graphicly i thought i would install a door into a weather graphic.
10:42 pm
we are talking about a series of systems that will impact the bay area over the next few days we have clouds out there the rainfall today really favoring the northern half of the bay area. on live storm tracker 2 you can't make all the clouds out there the main axis not much up to our north right around cape mendocino. not much on the radar but lots of clouds out there. these clouds will be here first thing tomorrow morning to start out your monday. and possibly some drizzle out there as well lots of moisture out there might have some drizzling. we're in the warm sector of this overall weather at that time person temperatures actually fairly mild. santa rosa 53 degrees. san francisco upper 50s 59. here's a live look outside toward the coliseum mostly cloudy skies a good portion of the bay area and here is that storm door we have installed in this graphic and we finally have a weather change out there. we'll go a aid hand gate the
10:43 pm
timing right. and northbound showers wednesday favoring the north bay next organized system at that time set to move into the region on thursday. then more rain possible into saturday. it's safe to say the storm door is opening the only details we have to figure out exactly where the storm tracker will be point bud the main axis up to our north we have that continuous know that could be the approaching the bay area over the next few days. in san jose mostly cloudy skies 6:00 a.m. temperature 52 degrees you'll see the clouds moving across the skies partly cloudy by 12:00, partly cloudy conditions 60 degrees. partly cloudy for monday as you head homely 6:00 temperatures in the mid 50s. active weather patent we've been talking about stow killed up to our north. few scattered high clouds monday and tuesday we're in a warm sector. as i mention. the jet stream will be generated by a difference in air temperature and cold air to you our north warm air to the
10:44 pm
south. the warm air will be in place over the next few days. by wednesday we bring in chance i of north bay showers. the frontal band pushes to the shot here's our forecast model tomorrow showing you clouds out there same deem into tuesday as well. and then into wednesday more more clouds at the inch showers graduately spreading to the south. take a look at some of the projections parts of the north coast have 8 inches of rain. though apartments begin to paperer awful 1 to 3 inches in parts of the nor base. pretty mild out there. zap yo 6 o. san mateo 62 here's yu five-day past. partly to through mark for tuesday wednesday. showers he cheryl any the nobody bound wednesday. few showers of on bring another sell for saturday.
10:45 pm
this is what we've been waiting for. that storm trying to open out a its bit i did my part tonight 6789. >> good along door but so far the rent have by at lot of rain but over the next week -- >> so far it's been up to the north around you're recar could be shift to go closer to the south as well. a lot of people are busy this time of year ordering i don't know line. coming up we're going to talk about the post office what you can do to prevent package thieves from stealing your holiday deliveries. pwhrapl
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10:47 pm
school police are trying to identify this package thief. the thief arrived in a dark
10:48 pm
gray sedan. takes an amazon package from the porch of the phony swipes a few oranges from a small tree in the front yard. the theft happened on thursday 3:30 in the afternoon. it appears as though someone else was driving that vehicle. how can you protect yourself from package thieves? henry lee talks to the law enforcement arm of the post office about what you can do. >> i'm joined by jeff fits u.s. postal inspector are of the san francisco division. we're all getting packages we're sending packages out tell us why this is a year round issue about package theft. >> the thieves are opportunistic. they are looking for way is attractive inside the different parcels they don't care if it's us or other carriers they are looking for what's quick and easy to take. >> what's a good way to guard against this? we all know go to the post office to send things out what about the packages left outside our houses. >> it depends. that's all based on the shippers instructions as to how the packages are left. but if it's family heirloom
10:49 pm
something of value ensure it. require a signature and work with the shipper. if something is taken report it. >> we were talking about how mail theft pack an theft happens year round of thieves are stealing mail in the mailboxes or from your porch doesn't matter what time of year it is right. >> yes. unfortunately we have mail thieves that work year round. they target mailes attached mailboxes attached to the side of your porch. it's a federal offense five years federal prison up to $250,000 fine but that reporting is what makes the difference. due have to indicate till monday if it happens on saturday night or sunday. we get contacted any time day, night holiday. >> we have viewers out there wondering what can i do to protect myself i i can b can go to the post office but what is the postal service doing to get the thieves off the street. >> postal inspectors with
10:50 pm
alarm arm of the post office we conduct investigations we arrest individuals for mail thet we work closely with our partners with the police departments and sheriff offices and making these informational reports working with your neighborhood watch groups if somebody's operate national guard your neighborhood if they have taken mail from you they have probably taken mail in your neighbor. >> things like catching license plates suspicious cars anything you would ordinarily do about suspicious activity if it's mail related report to your division. >> please. give us a call and we do have people to contact us as well as contact you with video and that is critical. they many times it does like you say give us a license plate we see look the individuals are. we coordinate with the different law enforcement agencies and identified these individuals and work to arrest them. >> send it back to you. >> the future of of silicon valleys prominent companies
10:51 pm
yahoo is planning to sell a portion of their internet business. time may be running out for have ceo marissa mier she was brought in 3 years ago to turn around yahoo but it has continued to struggle. she has a lucrative severance package. she will receive a compensation deal worth more than $157 million. a san francisco judge has ordered pleasanton based safe way to pay $42 million to customers who bought on the company's web site because they were unaware online prices were 10% higher than store prices. safeway denied misleading customers and argued adequate notice was given by the price differs. the u.s. market klain plans to appeal. the goal is to put smiles on young faces dozens of motorcyclists did just that. the special goal lind this toy drive in san francisco.
10:52 pm
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. harley davidson riders
10:55 pm
brought christmas cheer to children at san francisco children's hospital. dudley perkins harley davidson held its 32nd annual toy run. they brought lots of gifts for kids who unfortunately have to be spending christmas in the hospital. a member of the perkins family says it's a great way to celebrate the holiday. >> every year we have a great turn out. our customers like to give back as much as they can. a lot of people think of bikers as these tough intimidating guys but they got the biggest sets of hearts you could ever imagine. >> the group sang christmas carols shared some snacks. some gifts will be given to low income families in the neighborhood. sr. 3, 2, 1. >> they are off and running. runners walkers support the san francisco firefighters toy drive. the run wild santa francisco
10:56 pm
toy drive started at 9:00 this morning. it's known as the santa hat run because each participant wears a santa hat and donates a toy to the firefighters toy drive it distributes toys to 200 families a day throughout holiday season. looked like they had wet roads to run around in. >> mostly stayed dry and should be mostly dry tomorrow. >> maybe a little drizzle tomorrow morning but for the most part clouds and breaks in the clouds same deal on tuesday. but later in the week wednesday chance of some showers especially north bay and you can see on thursday that's our next organized system moving on shore that's on thursday and possibly some more rain showers into flex weekend as well. also heads up if you are heading to the coast be very careful high surf warning in place be very dangerous out there just trying to check out the entire coast. it will be very dangerous. >> don't turn your back to the ocean. >> good advice. >> thanks mark. thank you for making ktvu source for news. sports wrap is coming you. >> we're always here for you
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at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us, good night.
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. the perfect season lives on. >> as if there were think doubts. coming up how the doubles capped off an impressive weekend double dip. car trouble in oakland why a 4th quarter meltdown cost the raid ers more than just a game. >> there's not one game to make you me down our legs. >> play anything but brands in shy town how the niners qb put his staff on an impressive win. >> it's definitely a huge honor. >> why christian mccaffrey could and should win the heisman. sports wrap getting you fired up turned upside down now. de down now.


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