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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll take you straight to san bernardino where county leaders speaking. -- are speaking. let's listen in. >> first off i want to talk about the work the jttf has done. the joint terrorism task force and our local state and federal partners through the week. this is noes been a restful weekend nor should it be. continue the investigation at breakneck speed as long as we need to do that and we will do exactly that. i want to correct something because it continues to come
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up. there was a search warrant that was executed at the center street address in redland last weekend. this past weekend. in that search warrant i want to make it clear because we're actually getting a lot of calls about misbehavior. the reality is, when the fbi or any other law enforcement organization executes a search warrant, we obtain legal process that's signed by a federal or a state judge. we then make entry into that -- those premises and we will take the items that can be seized under the scope of that warrant. that is exactly what was done that day. when we leave the residence, we will either hand the keys to the owners. we will hand -- or we will secure the residence if it was breached as was exactly what the case in this incident. we secured it with screws and wood. and left the premises. once the fbi and our local
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partners left that premises -- those premises, anything that occurred as far as forced entry or if anyone was allowed into that residence has absolutely nothing to do with us whether they were allowed in by the residents or by the landlord. i want to make that clear, maintain confidence in the law enforcement professionals. secondly i want to clarify. we -- we briefed you a couple of days ago about the pipe bomb components that were taken and some of the pipes and some of the components of pipe bombs that were removed from the house on center street. if you recall, we gave you a number of 12. i don't want to get too technical because i'm not an expert on bombs. however, we do have experts that did that search. they did some removal. of all those devices from that house. and ultimately, it appears there are 19 types in that house that we have removed. somewhere in a bag, we're not going to unpack them one by one and they had to remove all
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these components and these devices and take them out to a range and then they began to safely extract them from the bag and safely pull them apart and count all the components, photograph all the components and ultimately admit them into -- submit them into our evidence. so the number has changed from 12 to 19. that's not 19 pipe bombs. that's 19 pipes that could be turned into pipe bombs if all the components are there and present for them to actually be construed that way. next i want to talk about the radicalization issue. many of you had concerns -- or questions rather about did the female radicalize the male in this case? the answer is we still do not know. but i will say this -- as the investigation has progressed, we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. now how did that happen? the question we're trying to get at is how did that happen. and by whom and where did that
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happen. and i will tell you right now, we don't know those answers at this point. next thing i want to -- along those lines is foreign contacts. we are working with our foreign counterparts to determine as much as we can. it's like any other investigation but this one is incredibly large. we are attempting to expand that investigation out and build it and build a picture of each person the timeline, and ultimately the crimes that they committed. that takes time. we are in day five and i want everyone to recognize that. but we're working with our foreign counterparts and we're also working with the fbi's legal attache offices all around the world and they are assisting in those efforts with our foreign counterparts. next thing i want to mention has come up already. yes, we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some target -- participated in target practice in some ranges
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-- within the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event. the scope of this investigation i want to discus very quickly. this investigation is massive in scale. everyone knows that. we have conducted between -- i would say well over 400 interviews by now of people around this city and i know some of them have called you and said they've been investigated -- or interviewed rather. that's fine. we -- that's what we do and we'll continue to do as many interviews as necessary for this. finally, there's been some questions about the total -- total station, the recreation of the crime scene. what we are essentially doing is applying survey technology to the crime scene. and when i talk -- when i'm talking about the crime scene, i'm talking about the initial crime scene at the irc. where all the victims were. i'm not talking about the officer-involved shooting. yes, we are still holding that
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location because we are continuing to be extremely methought cal and we have -- methodical and we have actually brought in a reconstruction team to apply the tools, the survey tools to ultimately paint that picture of why -- of how everything transpired that day. we have transported over -- we have collected over 320 pieces of evidence in this investigation so far. and we have transported a number of those pieces of evidence to washington, d.c.. primarily to the fbi laboratory, to the bomb lab back there, the terrorist explosive device analytical center. the last thing i want to talk to you about very quickly before i open it up for questions and then i'm going to introduce some of my counterparts up here to address you as well. we have found evidence of planning, participation, financing. what i will tell you this -- i'm sorry. we have found evidence of preplannings, let me correct that. what i want to say is i want to make sure the public rest
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assures again, we are an apolitical organization and we will get to the bottom of this and we want to find out everyone who has -- who participated in the preplanning. if there was anyone else. we don't know everything yet. we want to find out everyone who profited from it. financed it and i'm not saying there is anything like that. but we will leave no stone urn turned. just like -- unturned. just like i said in the past. the last thing is we have to remember this is a human interest -- this is a human tragedy. this is truly a tragedy what occurred. we have brought out office of victims' assistance personnel from washington and this is what they do. they're very familiar with this. we are going to at some point hopefully this week, meet with the family members of the victims. both the decedent's victims and the injured victims. and that is crucial part for us to allow them to and questions and so that we can address them
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face-to-face and talk to them about our full commitment. if they don't want the meet with us, that's -- to meet with us, that's their choice and we understand. if they want to meet we're there for them. very, very important. i'm going to take a few questions, not as many as as i did the other day. yes, ma'am. [ inaudible ] >> who was in control during the attack and malik fire the first shot? >> we don't have any sense who was in control and i will tell you i want to be -- i want to be crystal clear here. we do not see any evidence so far of an oconus plot. outside of the continental u.s. plot. we may find it someday, we may not. but right now we're going to focus -- beginning to focus to build it out from there. >> questioning the grandmother at this point? >> i'm not sure if we're done questioning her yet. yes, ma'am. [ inaudible ] >> i've heard those same reports and aim aware of them and we are continuing to work as i said earlier with our
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overseas parters ins and our legal -- partners and our legal attache officers -- pardon me? [ inaudible ] there's -- i'm not going to get into that at this point. yes, sir. [ inaudible ] >> several years ago -- >> i'm unaware of this. what i can tell you is we did not have an open investigation into mr. farook at the time of this incident. >> thank you. >> listening into the assistant director of the fbi in los angeles, detailing the newest information into the investigation into the mass shooting in san bernardino last wednesday. that left 14 people dead. we understand now investigators found 19 pipes that could have been turned into pipe bombs at the couple's home in redland. if fbi assistant director also said he has now found that both people, both of the shooters, were in fact radicalized and even said that's been case for
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some time in his words. and of course the fbi is promising a thorough investigation. wanting to reassure the public that the agency itself is doing all that it can to find the so many answers that are still outstanding. as we learn more from the news conference in san bernardino, we're of course monitoring it in the newsroom and we'll have any new developments for you right here. but it has been five days now since the county restaurant inspector and his wife killed 14 of his co-workers. the reopening of the county government offices came today and many say that signals an effort to return to normalcy. for a community that's been in shock and mourning since the killings last wednesday. following the attack, all county offices were shut down except for those offering essential services. as workers returned this morning, san bernardino county supervisors spoke at a news conference to reassure workers who may be nervous about their safety and to honor those who lost their lives. >> these were dedicated public servants.
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they weren't politicians. they weren't celebrities. they weren't law enforcement officers. they weren't soldiers. but they became the front line in a battle against terrorists. >> while most county workers are returning to work today, those at the environmental health services division where the shooter worked will be off for at least another week. president obama made a rare oval office address to the nation last night. about the san bernardino shooting. the president vowed to destroy isis and called for new gun control measures as well. in particular, mr. obama said congress should pass legislation that bans people on the no-fly list from buying wells. bay -- buying weapons. the white house says it was intended to reassure a nervous nation but critics say it fell short. >> i know there are some who reject any gun safety measures. but the fact is that our intelligence and law enforcement agencies no matter
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how effective they are, cannot identify every would be mass shooter. >> we need a strategy much more intense than what he's suggesting, a no-fly zone. a safe zone if we want to deal with the refugee problem in syria, create safety inside syria. >> president obama also called for muslim communities to speak out against extreme ideologies from groups like isis. he also asked for tech companies to work with law enforcement to pinpoint suspected terrorists. the investigation into the internal shooting is now -- san bernardino shooting is now expanding overseas. the interior minister of pakistan launched his own investigation and says he'll work with federal authorities here in the u.s. the female shooter was born in pakistan before moving to the u.s. last year. and marrying syed farook. the couple was shot and killed by police in a gun battle after the shooting rampage. the san bernardino shooting has caused concerns for many communities but larger muslim populations. community leaders in fremont organized a candle light vigil for the victims last night to
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honor the first responders. they say it's important to acknowledge what happened and not to give up or feel hopeless even in the face of such senseless violence. >> it's for peace as well as call for action that enough is enough. we need to do something, stand up as community leaders and get the community together. >> they say that community leaders will challenge politicians to do more. saying even small steps can help lead to larger ones. more on the shooting of course throughout the day and now to news much closer to home. the close encounter between a helicopter and a drone has some pilots here in the bay area concerned. the drone came within 30 feet of a chp helicopter this weekend during a search for a stolen car near martinez. ktvu's janine de la vega has the details. >> reporter: anyone can go into a store or online and buy a drone. but they're not required to
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know the restrictions. and on saturday, a drone came within 30 feet of a chp helicopter in martinez and the pilots say that is way too close. the crew saw a red light outside the aircraft and quickly veered to avoid hitting it. the crew beamed it light and -- its light and tracked the drone to a home in martinez. the young man flying it is an international student from china attending college and his host family said he meant no harm. with the helicopter going over 100 miles an hour, the two and a half pound drone could have gone through the wind shield or into the rotors bringing it down. we spoke to a private pilot over the phone this morning who says the faa needs to regulate drone use better because many people who buy them see them as toys. >> caller: what pilots see it as is a flying machine that you can purchase that can do damage to other aircraft that you can buy and fly with literally no training whatsoever. and incidents like this one that you just spoke of, i think those are going to become more
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pre will not. >> reporter: authorities say the drone operator was flying too high and supposed to stay a few hundred feet off the ground and he left the drone get too far away and out of his sight. he wasn't cited or arrested but could depending on what the investigation shows and this is going to continue being an issue because christmas is just around the corner and drones are expected to be a very popular christmas gift this season. >> raising the cost of parking your car at b.a.r.t.. coming up the four stations parking lots that are seeing the price hikes today. >> also a live look outside. it is cloudy and cool. up next, our meteorologist rosemary orozco will let us know if we can expect any more rain this week.
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checking weather, rosemary, what a great start to the day. yes? >> cloudy, foggy and patchy drizzle out there still at this hour. and our temperatures on the cool side although it feels a little bit humid out there. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s and low 60s at this hour. 56 degrees sight now santa rosa upper 50s san francisco and oakland checking in at 57. 61 livermore as well as san jose. that storm rolled through yesterday in its wake, still a lot of lingering moisture. and that's why this morning, and into the afternoon, we'll continue with the partly to mostly cloudy skies and the fog as well as even some patchy drizzle. take a look, storm tracker 2 not picking up on any green.
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we have to actually pull back in order to see that. for the week ahead, the storms are going to continue to to the north of us, they'll be with us monday, tuesday and wednesday. they'll just continue right about here as we get into wednesday though, they will shift and by wednesday morning and into the afternoon, we have the possibility of scattered showers in and around portions of the north bay. and then it's going to slide south and bring us all some rain by thursday. right now the visibility looking better and better. concord reporting 7 miles per hour -- i should say seven miles ahead. you have no trouble there. down to two and a half miles for oakland and seven san francisco. and down to about five at san jose. so a little bit foggy out there and you shouldn't have any trouble if you're going to be on the roadways. here's a look at what's going on right along the coastline. we have high surf in place for today. right now the waves anywhere from 13 to 15 even 19 feet. and those breaking -- waves could actually be anywhere from 15 to closer to 20 as we get through the second part of your afternoon. this going on for your entire
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monday. i don't foresee a lot of folks at the coast today but if you are ned in that direction, something to be aware of. a look at the futurecast model and i'll show you what i mean. ridge of high pressure keeping the storm track to the north for monday and tuesday. but by wednesday, things start to change and notice we just have a lot of cloud cover in place for most of the week. and then by wednesday, there's that rain moving into portions of the north bay. could shift as we get into wednesday afternoon and evening. but thursday is the better chance and we're looking at anywhere from perhaps half inch to three quarters of an inch over portions of the south bay and more than that the further north you into. anywhere from an inch and maybe two and maybe more than that for the north edge of sonoma county and -- sonoma county and farther north into lake county. for afternoon highs today. 65 redwood city and oakland and 64 napa. the extended forecast here, temperatures not changing a whole lot. we'll creep up just a little bit for tuesday. mostly cloudy on wednesday. again the rain arriving on thursday. could have some wind included in that rain as well. few showers as we get into
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friday and then we're mostly cloudy on saturday. but more rain could be in the forecast for sunday. >> bring it. yes. thank you rosemary. see you on the 4. starting today parking fees going up at four b.a.r.t. stations. prices will jump to $3 today at millbrae and $2 a day at concord and also up to $1.50 at the coliseum station in oakland. the price hikes will be in effect at least six months. b.a.r.t. leaders say they evaluate how many a parking lot is used and determining the parking fees and say the lots that are usually full will most likely see their prices go up. well, it's no surprise a pop megastar is leading the pack for the 2016 grammy nominations. ♪ coming up though, find out who's actually bumping taylor swift to number two with 11 nominations. etic,isn't i [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you...
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layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day.
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hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. a group critical of the golden state warriors arena in san francisco says opposition to the project growing. the mission bay alliance released a poll saying 42% of likely san francisco voters now oppose the project. they say 49% do approve the plan. they claim the city rubber stamped the environmental report for the arena. the supervisors will consider coo challenge to the arena tomorrow. >> the warriors aren't addressing serious problems with traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods and also big impacts on the regional transit like b.a.r.t. and caltrain. >> backers stay project does
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address key concerns about traffic by beefing up public transit and parking controls. mayor ed lee as well as the university of california say they support the arena. today warriors' fans all over the bay are celebrating as the team just keepings on winning. now 22-0 starting the season after beating the brooklyn nets 114-98. receive curry a kind of slow start here but did end the game with 28 points and even had the brooklyn crowd chanting mvp at one point. warriors' road trip continues tomorrow when they play the pacers. almost 2,000 children enjoyed a holiday tradition in san francisco this morning. ♪ san francisco's similar tony welcomed the youngsters for what's called deck the halls community day. every year, the symphony hosts young children from preschool through elementary school for a holiday concert. for many of them, this is their first experience with a live orchestra and the symphony tries to make it a very special one. >> we have selected for their
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first visit to dicey's symphony something called a very, very necessary i setting during the holiday -- festive setting during the holiday season. >> even some fun before the show. you see here the giants' mascot lou field was there to greet students when they arrived. the nominees for the 58th annual grammy awards were announced this morning and a popular rapper topped the list. ♪ rap music star kendrick lamar has 11 nominations and leads the way including album and song the year, he's followed by taylor swift and the weekend. they each everyoned serve tom nations -- seven nominations, going up against chris stapleton and rock group alabama shakes for album of the year, they take place february 15th at the staples center in los angeles. and the fbi just wrapped up its investigation -- the update on the investigation into the mass shooting in san bernardino. we brought you part of the live at the beginning of the newscast and now we're learning more about the man and woman. husband and wife, the fbi says is responsible for the shooting.
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investigators are discussing the radicalization of the couple and say they participated in target practice as soon as one day before the attack. more on this and other news coming up on the 4. see you then. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> giancarlo stanton. huge player from the marlins. >> he missed his flight. i said he can come to the "tmz" offices and host "tmz sports" right now. >> unbelievable. >> he's like, how am i going to get there? charlie says, i got a car. >> he asks if he can charge his iphone on my charger. first song comes on, like theme music to "aladdin." [laughter] >> lana del rey. she's had some serious security issues. while lana was out of town, this woman made herself comfortable in her house. >> a squatter? >> she stayed there about a week and then got caught squatting at another house. >> it's actually brilliant. it's like a b & b, but better.


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