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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 7, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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shall i review the statement? donald trump is calling for -- listen to this. this is heavy stuff in common sense. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump stirs up more controversy with his call
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for a ban on all muslims entering the united states. >> donald trump read from his own press release tonight during a rally in south carolina. >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our countries -- countries are presented halves -- our countries representatives can figure out what is going on. >> amber lee has been gathering reactions to what donald trump said in san jose where a vigil was held for the people who were massacred in san bernardino. >> reporter: we are just outside the county building where tonight vigil was held. the labor union organized this event. it was attended by a diverse group, united by a common message. the mood is solemn. candles are lit for the victims of the san bernardino attack. >> the muslim community
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condemns this and all acts of violence. >> reporter: a call on all americans not to scapegoat the muslim community for the actions of two attackers. >> make sure no one is vilified work >> reporter: lawmakers, religious leaders, the naacp and members of the muslim community stood shoulder to shoulder to condemn the terrorist attack and stand up to republican presidential candidate donald trump, who called for banning muslim immigration to the u.s. >> we have no choice. we have no choice. >> reporter: in response, presidential hopeful jeb bush tweeted donald trump is unhinged. a campaign of -- the campaign for hillary clinton said in a tweet, this is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. you don't get it. >> this is not about a boring
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muslims from this country as was suggested by a presidential candidate. >> reporter: the national directive of cair says trump sounds like the leader of a lynch mob. others say he is creating a culture of prejudice. >> when you turn people's fears into hate, people act out. it makes me very afraid. >> reporter: the bay area chapter of cair has received a dozen verbal threats since the attacks. messages such as we hate you, we don't want you here. >> it's not the right thing to do. i am really sad about that. >> reporter: these people say terrorists hurt all americans including muslims. >> terrorists do not represent me or my religion in any way shape or form. >> reporter: drum says his proposed ban would apply to immigrants and visitors but immediately raised questions about whether it's constitutional since the first
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amendment guarantees the freedom of religion. >> another republican presidential candidates, marco rubio was in san francisco tonight for a fundraiser at a home. tickets for the cocktail party started at $1000 a piece and went up to $5400. marco rubio attended a fundraiser at the mozart foundation auto museum as well. strike to developments in the san bernardino investigation. fox news is reporting a large sum of money was deposited in syed farook's account just two weeks before the attacks. the couple appears to embrace -- appears to have embraced radical viewpoints for a while. >> reporter: along with the bank deposits, there is also evidence the couple had practiced firing guns at local shooting ranges. the last visit was by syad farook two days before the massacre. this photo shows the couple
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passing through customs at the chicago o'hare airport and to 2014. syad farook was bringing his bride to be, tashfeen malik to the u.s. on a fiancie visa. >> we have learned both subjects were radicalized and have been for some time. >> reporter: the fbi says bomb experts have now identified 19 pipes from the couple's home that could have been turned into bombs. sources tell fox news there was a $20,500 deposit to syad farook's bank account two weeks before the bank account. it's unclear whether that deposit might have been a loan or used to purchase the rifles in the attack. those were originally purchased by enrique marquez, syad farook's childhood and longtime friend. officials say syad farook took a rifle and handgun to this target range last sunday and monday. >> we do have evidence that
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both of these subjects did target practice in some ranges within the metro area. >> reporter: about 30 miles south, reporters surrounded syad farook's father as he entered his home without answering questions. the family is said to be cooperating with investigators. and as a memorial scandals and prayers grew for the victims at the side, san bernardino county offices reopened monday with armed guards, additional security measures and tributes to the victims. >> they weren't soldiers, but they became the frontline in a battle against terrorists. tonight, 14 candles were lit for those victims at a vigil in san bernardino. the fbi says i have conducted more than 400 interviews and are partnering with international authorities in this investigation. >> is there anything more on the friend who initially bought those guns and how they came into contact with those guns?
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>> reporter: we know they were purchased 2-3 years ago in california. they are trying to determine if that money that went into the bank account might have been used to pay the friend for the guns just weeks before the shooting happened. that is all still to be determined. doctors say they have now discharged 11 of the 21 people injured in last week's violence. six patients are still hospitalwide -- hospitalized. two remain in critical condition. the department of homeland security is set to make changes to the national terrorist alert system in response to that massacre. the secretary of homeland security make the announcement not releasing any specifics. he did say the new system would remove quote some of the mystery about the global terrorist threat. the current terror alert system replaced a much could -- a much
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criticized color system created in the aftermath of september 11. the new system is expected to be unveiled this week. in france, the band performing at the bataclan theater was back on stage tonight in paris. >> we welcome the eagles of death metal. >> the band was greeted with thunderous cheers as they took the stage with you to -- with u2 . it's the first time eagles of death metal has been on stage since the attacks three weeks ago. demands merchandise manager was killed in that shooting. a law that would permit bicyclists in san francisco to roll through stop signs is headed to the full board of supervisors. the land use committee voted in favor for the bike yield law. .what was proposed in reaction to the tickets being issued to
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bicyclists for failing to stop at stop signs. supporters need eight supervisors to vote in favor. the board vote is scheduled for next week. hundreds of students missed school today at san lorenzo and many parents plan to keep their kids out of school tomorrow. noelle walker says families are showing solidarity with teachers who are trying to negotiate a pay raise. >> reporter: it's a parent's job to look after her kids. sonja decided the best way to protect her kids today was to keep them out of school. >> i fell like -- felt like we needed to take a stand. >> reporter: of the 11,500 students in the san lorenzo district, 700 of them were out of class today. >> this is the students parent set out. >> reporter: sonja organized they set out. herself on video shows parents and students who rallied at
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district headquarters this morning. it got the superintendent's attention. he came out to talk to them. >> of course, it's financial. it's not going to put us in a better position to offer increased salary or benefits. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district does not have the discretionary my some parents and teachers believe it does pick >> unfortunately, we are 42nd in student funding at the state level. >> reporter: the districtwide set out his plan for tomorrow as well but it puts teachers in an awkward position. >> we would never encourage students to skip school, but we certainly do appreciate the support and the sentiment. >> reporter: sonja says she is keeping her kids home for one reason. >> i am really scared for the teachers to go on strike. who is going to come to the classroom to be with my kids? >> reporter: her kids will be out of the classroom again tomorrow but sonja says they are still learning a valuable
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lesson. >> i am hoping it teaches her to take a stand and fight for what's right. >> reporter: there is another set out planned for tomorrow. if the teachers do strike, the earliest they could do that is the end of february. the superintendent is hopeful they can avoid a strike. a beach hazard warning is in effect tonight for boaters and swimmers. this is what it looked like along the san mateo coast. waves range from 30 feet to giant 50 footers. the warning advises people to take caution because of those strong rip currents and highways. the alert stretches from sonoma to monterey county. tracking the tuesday forecast, cloudy and similar to what we had on monday. i will let you know how warm it's going to be and when that rain will get here. hundreds of kids meet their
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heroes. a real feel-good story. the holiday party that transformed part of at&t park. new tools, new training for san francisco police after a fatal officer involved shooting. we take you to a seated meaning. -- seated meeting -- seated -- heated meeting.
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tasers are once again on the table for the san francisco police department as a nonlethal alternative to guns after a young man holding a
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kitchen knife was shot by police in a barrage of gunfire last week. we have new developments from debora villalon. >> reporter: starting today, they have shields in their cars. people are still outraged over the death of mario woods and dozens packed an and -- an and double -- and packed in naacp meeting. five officers opened fire on a staggering man, possibly impaired or mentally ill. he had this knife on him and had slashed a stranger with it earlier in the day police say. >> why did five other officers have to shoot? >> reporter: critics believe officers were too quick to kill after pepper spray and beanbags have failed, they should have stepped back. >> this community does not trust its police department. >> i saw the video.
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i found it very upsetting as many did pick >> reporter: mary lee is now ordering the department to add options so lethal force is a last resort. >> in san francisco, we are not that kind of city. that is not our values.>> every time he tried to use the knife, a shielded. >> reporter: these shields have been spread among stations as a barrier to someone with a blade and a way to overpower them. >> you can apply pressure, push them.>> reporter: in addition, firearm training will emphasize the escalating crisis situations. >> i am going to be asking for tasers. >> reporter: the police chief has been rebuffed on tasers in the past. >> once we exhausted everything, we don't have something short of a firearm. >> reporter: the chief said mario woods extended his arm toward an officer. some critics want the chief to go.
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this crowd was divided among those willing to work with the system and those who want to take protest to the street -- protests to the street. >> this could be a part of the conversation. we need to see how this fits into the whole rubric. >> reporter: the police commission next meeting is on wednesday. that will move this discussion forward. it promises to be heated. there are three investigations and we should know the names of the officers involved by the end of the week. >> assuming tasers are approved, how long would it be before tasers were on the streets? >>reporter: it sounds like an extended process. even if commissioners are more open to it now, the vice president of the commission says
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there would have to be a public input process so it would likely take months. >> thank you. the u.s. department of justice announced it is launching a civil rights investigation into the chicago police department. the probe comes two weeks after an emotionally charged a video showing a police shooting of laquan mcdonald. officer jason van dyke has been charged with first-degree murder. the investigation plans to target issues related to the use of force. >> we will investigate the use of force and deadly force. racial, ethnic disparities in its use of force and its accountability mechanisms. >> also today, chicago prosecutors no charges will be charged in the killing of ronald johnson. he was shot twice out of view of the camera and did.
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the death of a teenage boy is raising questions about the health of the trees that line lake merritt in oakland. henry lee tells us the 16-year- old was climbing on a tree last friday night when a branch snapped and crushed him to death. >> reporter: it has been several days since jack lewis was killed in a freak accident. he was with friends on an acacia tree when a branch broke and killed him. he died on the scene. in a statement, the city public works expressed deep sadness. in response to my questions about other trees, officials as a crews respond within 24 hours to reports of trees that are imminent hazards but it's an open question as to whether these hazards can be uncovered before it's too late. i have went from a family that other trees were indeed checked after his death. officials told the family that
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retrieve that killed the team could have been cut earlier but like many city departments, arborists have many trees to monitor. >> he was a really energetic kid, friendly, outgoing. he was a dedicated boy scout. this has been a really hard time in the world. we have had a lot of violence that was intentional and harmful and now we are having this random act of nature violence. it's very hard to fathom and understand. >> that has never happened to us that we had a scale who did. we always think would me go on a trip that someone will drown in a river or fall off a mountain. so, to get basically killed by a tree in front of fairyland is a total act of god.
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>> this is not the first time a tree or part of one has fallen near lake merritt. just before thanksgiving in 2013, a windstorm knocked over this eucalyptus tree. it was about 150 years old. no one was hurt. a mild evening out there as we head into the hours -- evening hours. there is clouds. there is going to be clouds all day tomorrow from the systems streaming in off the pacific. is very active pattern this weekend next and right into christmas. we have some rain in every five day forecast. how that all lines up is another story. as we look at the current rain showers showing up in the pacific northwest, we have showers around eureka. the showers don't get to us until the middle and of next week.
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mostly cloudy throughout the day tomorrow and you will find temperatures milder than you might expect. date time highs tomorrow low 60s maybe mid-60s. san jose, mostly cloudy tuesday morning when you wake up. about a 480. lunchtime warms quickly at about 630. partly cloudy and then clouds thicken tuesday night. you have 600 for an evening temperature. tomorrow is not the rain day. when i come back, we will talk about the chance for rain this weekend the chances beyond this week. a new arena for the war years up for another big test tomorrow. the crucial vote and what a new poll says about public opinion of the project. christian mcafee is a finalist for college football's biggest award. what he told us after he learned he is one of three players invited for the heisman finalist. the story this man used to
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try to get access to the cash office at a safeway store.
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police in san mateo are looking for this man who impersonated a sheriff's deputy and walked into a safeway store on november 24 and told eight clerk -- a clerk he was there to investigate a theft. he insisted on in interview in the cash office. it was later determined a man is not with the sheriff's office. investigators are trying to determine if he is responsible for another robbery at a safeway store last month. the faa is investigating a case where the pilot of a chp helicopter said he had to take quick action to avoid a drone. >> reporter: private pilot mark
10:25 pm
had rich used to look out for birds. now the threat is drones. so much so, he has to check every time he lands his plan. >> a bird tries to get out of the way. the drones don't have that sense. >> reporter: that's because those operating a drone are on the ground not aware of what is happening above. that is what happened after a drone came within 30 feet of a helicopter going 100 miles per hour. >> tell me how clouse -- close to got. >> it might have gotten under the rotor. >> reporter: the young man meant no harm. in all of 2014, the administration received 238 reports from pilots of drones flying in their airspace. in 2015, just through mid- august, the faa has received 650 reports.
10:26 pm
>> are you very concerned about drones flying near aircrafts?>> reporter: current faa regulations require drones to be operated below 400 feet. they also must be within operators eyesight and away from aircrafts. if drones file will -- if drones fly within 5 miles of any airport, the control tower or operator must be notified. the many -- the manager of drones plus has sold 15 drones a day. some fly above 6000 feet. >> educate yourself about the faa guidelines and absolutely follow them. at the same time, it's like flying a manned aircraft. you don't take your eyes off the sky. >> reporter: the faa has investigated two dozen illegal drone operations and in some cases, individuals could face fines of up to $1100. companies could face $27,000
10:27 pm
and in either case, there could be prison time. we are hearing today that a school board trustee and long time supporter of school music programs has died. rick richards died of a heart attack. he was the ceo of the keep rocking organization. it raises money to keep music programs operating. one popular fundraising event is the annual lenny williams golf classic. he leaves behind his wife and son. a bay area craft brewer files for bankruptcy protection. a war years arena in san francisco. they vote tomorrow as opponents release the results of a new survey. this is the greatest site for kids everywhere. >> that's because they got to hang out with some of their sports heroes like olympic gold medalist jonny moseley. i will
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take you inside this big bash and to you the purpose behind this party.
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at&t park transformed tonight as hundreds of young fans got to meet some of their sports heroes. not just baseball players but football players, basketball players and even an olympian were all at the party. >> heather holmes is live and tells us it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for underprivileged kids. >> the gates here opened up to hundreds of kids, many of whom had never been here before. catching a professional baseball game or other sporting event is out of reach for their families but tonight, these kids got special access to the ballpark to see some of their sports heroes. >> they are hanging their stockings --
10:31 pm
>> reporter: the war of giants fans was replaced by the words of dr. seuss. donning a santa hat, oakland raiders -- read how the grinch stole christmas. the defensive and told us he couldn't turn the eminent down. >> it's great to be a part of these kids lives and put some smiles on kids faces. that's easy to get me to say yes to. >>reporter: the event is part holiday party, part fundraiser. >> i got 25 autographs. >> reporter: proceeds go to organizations that help at-risk youth with about 300 kids from those groups invited to attend for free. >> they were so excited. >> truck among those given tickets, these members of the junior giants. >> we are from a neighborhood that is known to be a high crime area.
10:32 pm
some of these kids have never been out of richmond before. it's really nice to have them here and experiencing this. >> reporter: the experience left most of the kids speak -- speechless. aside from the cookie decorating, giovanni's favorite part of the night was meaning the giants pitcher. >> i see all these activities, i think they are having a good time. >> reporter: from posing for pictures to stuffing toy animals. >> this is the greatest night for kids ever. >> reporter: it was a chance to get up close and personal with sports superstars and for them to feel like stars also. >> it's just a great time of year to make sure everyone is feeling good about themselves and having a good holiday season. >> reporter: it's a lot of fun to see these athletes show their crafty side. it's not everyday you see a linebacker covered in glitter glue.
10:33 pm
>> and a great cause. and experience -- an experience these kids will probably never forget. a craft brewery has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the owner of magnolia brewing says it's too locations will remain open during the reorganization proceedings despite regular crowds. last year, magnolia overextended itself spending $3 million to open a new restaurant . it also has a location on aid street. a vote tomorrow for a proposed new arena for the golden state warriors. keba arnold reports the group that filed the claim says the city rubberstamped a flawed proposal. >> reporter: the mission may alliance released a poll showing a decline in support for the proposed arena on third and 16th street. it shows out
10:34 pm
of registered san francisco voters polled, fewer than half support the plan based on what they know about it. researchers say opposition rose to 59% when voters were told about potential regional impact. >> it's 1000 feet from the emergency door. we have proposed a site further down third street, which is between 101 and 280 with ample parking and could provide the solutions both the city, the war years and the mission be -- >> reporter: reporter say the project addresses key concerns about traffic by beefing up public transit and parking controls. mayor ed lee as well as the university of california say they support the arena. mission may alliance says it will continue to challenge the proposal. the santa clara district attorney announced criminal
10:35 pm
charges against 21 members of an oakland street game accused in a string of car break-ins. a grand jury indicted the suspects in connection with over 50 break-ins. prosecutors said quote there is hardly a city in the entire bay area the group didn't hit. the suspects are said to be members of the ghost town gang. they allegedly rented cars and then roamed mall parking lots where they would break into cars and steel items inside. the 21 suspects are facing felony vehicular burglary charges. we have also learned one suspect is accused in the armed robbery of a news crew back in july. 23-year-old michael jones has pleaded not guilty. the armed robbery took place in san francisco as the crews were reporting on a shooting death the night before. police would like help identifying burglary suspects in this video. it shows the homeowner leaving
10:36 pm
the garage followed by a suspect knocking on the door. when no one answers, two more suspects get out of a red suv. the burglary took place at a home on mattis drive in east san jose. the thieves got away with money and jewelry. detectives are now looking for as many as four suspects including the driver. how officers can best collect, process and use police data. the obama administration officials toured a crime lab. they are working with the department to improve police standards. opd is showing how it records and analyzes data on use of force, vehicle pursuits and internal affairs complaints. >> what we are doing is releasing, really unleashing, this data for the community to look at, study, and really ask deep, rich questions. >> oakland police is among 21 police agencies around the country working with the white house on the data sharing
10:37 pm
project. a promise of blazing fast internet speeds coming to more bay area cities. in less than 10 minutes, the bay area charities sounding the alarm after major donors withdraw their support. we talked about your tuesday, now we push forward into the rain forecast for this week and beyond. i will let you know what to expect and when. a beacon atop mount diablo. the mark of pearl harbor's attack.
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74 years ago today, japanese forces surprised the u.s. by pulling us into world war ii. veterans were among those gathered for a tribute to those who did. the remembrance was held on a navy.
10:40 pm
-- a navy pier. the attack killed it 2400 sailors, marines and soldiers. a handful of world war ii veterans mark the anniversary by lighting a beacon atop mt. diablo. the beacon is known as the i have diablo and is late at sunset every december 7 on pearl harbor day. an accompanying ceremony took place at the satellite campus in concorde. the beacon was originally installed as a navigation tool. it will remain lit throughout the night. a private equity firm has agreed to pay almost $14 billion to acquire couric -- keurig. the deal between keurig, green
10:41 pm
mountain and -- values stock at about 80% higher than before the deal was announced. on wall street, the markets had a rough day. the tao came in at 17,730. the nasdaq was down 40. strike analysts say the slump was largely a reaction to oil prices. u.s. crowed -- crude barrels hit a seven year low. opec could not agree on production cuts despite a glut of oil. gas prices in the u.s. good fall as low as $1.75 a gallon. at&t is promising blazing fast internet in 3b -- in three bay area cities. they will soon offer it in san francisco, oakland and san jose. at&t says the fiber-optic broadband service is so fast
10:42 pm
you can download a high definition movie in less than 36 seconds. the power service will cost $110 a month or less if you bundle with your phone service or tv. wet weather that will pack a punch. the first of a series of storms now lining up. up next, moving day for a charity called christmas for everyone. will it be able to meet the needs of the people it serves this holiday season? ule done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california.
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christmas is less than three weeks away. time is running out for charities that help the needy. one group is having an especially tough time after losing key financial support. >> reporter: this was moving day for everyone. all the supplies needed for a huge party had to be moved to the new hope church in
10:45 pm
concorde. >> it will be cool. >> reporter: but this year, christmas for everyone is short about $30,000 because three major donors pulled out. >> these people line up at 4 am. they are freezing cold, but they need. some of them live on garage floors. they don't have a bed. >>reporter: this is for the working poor, homeless and replaces meals on wheels that day and helps people in hospice. >> everything they want for christmas is homemade. we cook and everybody gets a present. everybody gets clothes. it's free. county links will pick you up if you don't drive. >> reporter: but most of the organization needs help. these toys are already donated that it's only a fraction of what the charity needs. this whole area will be stacked that high all the way to the
10:46 pm
camera for christmas. there will also be entertainment, people cutting hair and toiletry and kitchen supplies to take on. volunteers are needed including hairstylists. >> everybody should have something for christmas. >> reporter: stephen shepherd is providing muscle power as part of his recovery from alcoholism. >> i always had a desire to help people. it makes my heart feel warm. >> reporter: if you want your heart to feel warm, volunteer and donate. checking on your forecast. here are the highs from today. it was mormon some places. temperatures got into the mid- 60s in some places. 630 in san rafael. highs tomorrow will be about the same. tomorrow is very similar to what we saw today. that basically means temperatures in the mid-60s.
10:47 pm
lots of cloud cover. a lot of cloud cover today as well. here is everything that has happened in the pacific. the flow has become zonal. it just means all this moisture is streaming in a straight line. that is how the jet stream is set up the next few days. that will allow a lot of cloud cover and eventually as we talked about, some rain. right now, showers showing up around eureka. all the way in the pacific northwest they will be the beneficiaries of that zonal flow. they will get significant rainfall over the next five days. we are going to get significant rainfall over the next five days but maybe 1.5 inches over the course of wednesday into thursday. the current temperatures breakdown at 6 am, mostly cloudy.
10:48 pm
this active weather pattern is going to stay with us not just through thursday but probably into the next week and right up until new year. every five day should have some raindrops. right now, nothing massive. but, consistent rain and snow. that's what we need. wednesday and thursday, the system drops in. that's what me notice it wednesday night into thursday. that gives us the best shot for significant rain. may be 1- 1.5 inches. here is the model. tuesday, here we are tuesday night. here we are wednesday around lunch. here we are wednesday evening into thursday. pushes right through thursday morning. a what commute thursday afternoon. snow in the mountains. over the next five days, most rain up here but we could see anywhere from 1-1.5 inches. heaviest rain around crescent
10:49 pm
city. this encourages we get enough rain to potentially bring us some more wet stuff. >> that's some real rain and snow. good stuff. >> glad to see it continuing to lineup. sports is coming up.
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former usc head coach is seeking more than $12 million in a wrongful termination suit against the school. the athletic director fired him back in october. the former coach admits to having an alcohol problem that impaired his job performance but in his lawsuit he refers to his alcoholism as a disability. the suit claims the school has -- should have given him a chance to seek treatment and return to work. the last time i stanford player won the heisman but sam plug it could maybe do it again this year. >> reporter: you talk about a kid with the world on a string. he is an academic all-american, accomplished pianist and a good all-around guy. talking about christian mccaffrey. he is also a finalist for the heisman trophy.
10:53 pm
he is racking up some eye- popping stats all season long leading the cardinals to the pack 12 championship. he is one of three finalists for that trophy as well as consume quarterback sean watson. it would be a great honor but if you know anything about this kid, it's not about individual recognition. >> i think something the coach always harps on is individual accolades are great but they don't come unless you win football games. the season goes by so fast, especially in college football when you play saturday and you have sunday to recover and you are back at it monday. i haven't had a whole lot of time to decompress. it's been something that has definitely been talked about, but i haven't really tried to focus on that. i just right focus on helping my team. reporter: pro football had one of the best rivalries in
10:54 pm
must see tv. redskins, cowboys. there are plenty of reminders of the past on hand in washington. sonny jurgensen, once a redskin cornerback and doug williams, super bowl winner, dexter manley, all field goals until the final half. until deshawn jackson runs in reverse about 22 yards and finally will fumble under the pile and of all things, the punter, chris jones will recover. not happy at all. the turnover into a touchdown to former raider darren mcfadden . the redskins bounce back in a hurry. kirk cousins up top, redemption for jackson. deshawn has a touchdown for washington.
10:55 pm
again, the extra point. all tied up. but, dan bailey your all-pro kicker from 54 yards out with nine seconds left. dallas wins in the nation's capital. dallas is only one game out of first place behind washington. tied with philly end of the new york giants. reporter: the free-agent free for all and training frenzy that preoccupies baseball fans during winter meetings was interrupted by an alleged off field incident early in the day. it looked as though the doctors had retained one of the games great closures in exchange for two minor league prospects big later, the reds says the deal was not official as the dodgers evidently found out chapman reportedly fired his gun eight times in his garage and choked
10:56 pm
his girlfriend in an argument at his home in october. no charges have been filed, but major-league ace ball is investigating the incident. the trade is definitely on hold and could take months to settle in. i'm sure it doesn't get old, but the clutter at the -- trophy case is getting out of hand. this probably used to be a big deal, but he is the western conference player of the week. he is also the player of the month. more importantly, check out the reaction after steph curry signed a fans jersey in brooklyn last night. >> i am going to cry. i got his autograph! >> that just made my night. more athletes should see that kind of video. >> how excited.
10:57 pm
>> thank you for joining us. >> have a good night.
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claire: honey, do you need me to move the car? oh, it's not in the way. okay. oh, no! iron cross! she's going down! oh, god. phil... you okay? yes. i am. i am okay. honey, why do we keep this car? it's a classic! no, it just sits here. and the seatbelts don't work. the doors stick. it leaks fluids. we haven't put fluids in it in 10 years. well, i'm gonna fix all that anyway. and then, uh, it's gonna be haley's car. oh, we're not giving this car to haley. it's way too easy to fit a mattress in the back. remember? oh, no. we're selling it. what?! mm-hmm. unless you don't think you can. seriously? you can't. you honestly think that's gonna work?


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