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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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thank you very much. >> the backlash is growing, but donald trump is not backing down, despite concerns that he is dividing the republican party and could cost them the white house. >> it's not about the blow hards out there just saying stuff. that's not a program. that's not a plan.
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this is serious business. >> good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. donald trump is drawing fire from his own party tonight. jana katsuyama is here with this latest rift dividing the republican party. >> reporter: julie, one thing you can say is that donald trump has a knack for lighting fires under the most seasoned politicians, and today, he stood by his remarks. donald trump continued launching political fireballs tuesday, claiming to be the worst thing that's ever happened to isis and refusing to back down from his call to prevent muslims from coming to the u.s. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims serving in our armed forces,
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dying for this country, there are muslims serving right here in the house, working every day to defend and uphold the constitution. >> reporter: trump has drawn fire before. each time he bounced back. but this time his blunt talk could threaten to rip the republican party apart. >> there is not a clear break between the republican party and what done and trump has said, shame on that party. >> reporter: republican lawmakers did respond. >> it is time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> reporter: gop candidates distanced themselves. the white house dismissed trump, and warned his red rick could -- rhetoric. >> the offensive bluster that we hear from mr. trump makes it much harder to build and solidify that relationship.
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>> reporter: but what's undeniable, is that trump's comments play with voters who distrust washington. >> he's got 15 or 20% of the gop base, and that's what he's talking to. whatever the issue is, he's forcing the rest of the field to somewhat talk about his agenda. >> reporter: trump's comments came as they showed overwhelming bipartisanship that would tighten the visa waiver program, that currently allows travelers to stay in the u.s. without a visa, and stay for 90 days. the bill would require anyone who has traveled to iran, iraq, or syria to undergo an interview. >> you could expect this issue as well as trump's comments, that is scheduled for las vegas next tuesday. that's coming up on tuesday. >> you can bet we will see the
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true test coming up in the caucuses in the primaries. >> in the next couple of weeks, you're going to start to see that field narrowing. senator dianne feinstein is introducing a bill to require social media companies to alert law enforcement about terrorism related posts. the measure would require warnings if the companies come across a suspicious, or threatening post. over, it would not force companies like facebook, or twitter to actively search for them. you'll recall that authorities say one of the shooters in the massacre in san bernandino posted support for isis, just hours, our just before rather, she and her husband launched their attack. senator feinstein denied that her bill would limit freedom of speech, in a bill show wrote the bill requires warning of potential terrorist behavior. members of the muslim community have been speaking out about their concerns following an attack in san
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bernandino, and now donald trump's comments. amber lee is live in san francisco after speaking with muslims about how the backlash is effecting them. >> julie, i spoke with two muslim americans tonight. one is a san francisco police officer. the other a silicon valley entrepreneur. both are saddened that muslims are being looked at suspiciously, because of the actions of two people. >> i was 5 years old when i made the decision that i wanted to be a cop. i always wanted to be a san francisco cop, because this is the city my family immigrated to. >> reporter: he has served on the san francisco police force for six years, and patrols the tenderloin. >> a tenderloin gang? >> reporter: the 30-year-old is the first in his family to be born in the u.s. he says his faith has helped him build trust and relationships in the tenderloin, where there is a large muslim community.
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>> the terrorist groups are out there. it's not islam. it's the complete opposite. islam isn't doing what we do. serving people. >> reporter: other muslims will confide in him, if someone appears to be getting radicalized. >> the one step forward, four steps back. every time you're doing something really good, and trying to show people, we're good people, then you'll see something happen in the media, that kind of crumbles what you're working on. the message is to just do what is right, you know, and educate yourself, to go out there and show what a true muslim is. >> reporter: across the city in the presidio, a silicon valley entrepreneur tells me, she talked to her two sons about the san bernandino attack, and what she describes as hate speech from republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> sad and angry. to me, it's a little anger and saying why, why are we doing this? because we should be moving towards being one community.
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>> reporter: she says her 14- year-old is now hesitant to identify himself as a muslim american. >> until now, they never raised the question of not sharing who they are. to me, that's something that i'm concerned about. >> reporter: she came to the united states from pakistan to ateemed harvard business school, where she received her mba. a job offer in silicon valley, brought her to the bay area, where she married an american. >> the american dream is what we are after, and that's what we're pursuing in the united states. >> your brother's good? life is good? >> reporter: the beauty of this country is its diversity. both the officer and taren tell me they feel fortunate to call the bay area home and they have not personally experienced any backlash from the san bernandino attack. there are new details
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emerging about the mass shooting in san bernandino, that left 14 people dead, and 21 others injured. investigators say the three pipe bombs left behind at the inland regional center were likely meant to be detonated just as first responders arrived. they were wrapped together, and hidden in a canvas bag with remote control parts, but they didn't go off, possibly because of damaged caused when the fire sprinklers went off in the conference room. today, one of the detectives talked about his fears. >> i would be lying if i didn't say it wasn't difficult, walking up to those doors. once going through the doors, there was a lot of people who were hurt. it felt odd to step past some of them, knowing that we had to find the gunman inside. >> the fbi is still looking at recent $28,000 deposit in the bank account of the shooters. syed farook, and tashfeen
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malik. it's not known if he used that money to pay for the assault style rifles that were used in the attack. some of the money was apparently given to his mother in the past few weeks. there has been a spike of property crimes in danville that has residents there on edge. ktvu's john sasaki talks to one man who came face-to-face with a gun. >> reporter: danville is an affluent town that straddles 680. >> they stole my fiance, all her jewelry. all of my computers, laptops, every ipad. just ransacked the house. >> reporter: things got worse for casey, because he interrupted the burglary. >> there was someone standing at my front door with a gunpointed at me. i immediately ran down the street, jumped into the bushes. it was a game changer for me. lifestyle wise.
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just how, you know, i've liveninged here for 10 years, and always had kind of the open door policy with friends and family. no one ever knocked, just kind of came in, and it's not that way anymore. >> reporter: he has dramatically upped his home security system as well. danville police say property crimes are up 25% over a year ago. but another case they worked on last month was an armed robbery, around 3:00 p.m. in this posh neighborhood. >> a danville resident that was at his house and was approached by a subject with a gun, and they demanded his property. ultimately, he ended up giving them his rolex. >> reporter: a homeowner told me the robbers even stole the key to the couple's ferrari. >> he ran away from the two suspects and left his ferrari there. >> reporter: police have arrested no one in either crime, but did arrest two men with a gun a few days later down the street from the ferrari incident. >> there are these predators
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out there that will take your property, that will accost you. >> reporter: police have yet to tie the two suspects caught with the gun to any other crime. john sasaki, ktvu, fox 2 news. the cofounder of the north face outdoor gear company has died. authorities in chile say 72- year-old douglas tompkins died after capsizing in a kayak on a remote lake. he was rushed to a hospital where doctors said tompkins was suffering from severe hypothermia. the north face is now part of a company called vf outdoor. tompkins helped start the company in the 1960s, before selling his interest a few years ago. new at 10:00, the san francisco board of supervisors tonight certified the environmental impact report for the golden state warriors new water front arena. supporters gathered outside city hall before the meeting
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started. they said bringing the warriors from oakland to the mission bay neighborhood would create more vibrancy in the area. >> we're going to have an exciting sense of place in the mission bay for the first time ever. currently office buildings, nondescript apartments. where the community can really enjoy it, whether there's a game going on or not. >> reporter: tonight's vote was unanimous. it suggests public support for the project is declining. now to a big change in our weather. a series of storms lining up off our coast. >> bill martin is tracking it for us. this seems to be a significant storm headed our way. >> yeah, a series of storms, a we head into this week, and the next week, and the following week. perhaps beyond that, we've got an open door now that's going
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to allow them to get in here. look at all the lows. here's the jet stream down in here. the jet stream is down in this area, here, and running in this direction. not that straight of a line, obviously. but what i can show you is how this system, where all of these systems lie. here's a system here. here's another one here. here's another one here. and here's another one here. all of those weather systems focused right now on the pacific northwest. but they will continue to work their way south. we've got rain somehowing up now in the pacific northwest. they have had maximum flooding in portland, and seattle. they're going to continue to get rain. measuring it in 6 inches, half a foot, to a foot. our rain slipped south as we head towards thursday, and brings us rain for both the commutes. really, the big story here is the door's wide open. so now you see all of that activity in the pacific. it's coming our way in the next few weeks. >> bill, thank you. you can stay ahead of the storm
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with the ktvu weather app. it is available for smartphones and tablets. a long, neglected landmark reimagined. later tonight, heather holmes takes us inside an old bank in the heart of san francisco. the new lease on life after years of neglect. >> also ahead, a homicide investigation is underway in a bay area park. the discovery of a body, and evidence along a shore line trail. >> up first, why students and parents gathered in protest tonight, ahead of a vote on a gang resistence program at school. >> this is not the place for the police. not in our school classrooms.
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new at 10:00, a unanimous vote tonight to use police officers to teach a gang resistence course in two san leandro. the school board's decision, and why some parents are so against it. paul. >> reporter: julie, that meeting wrapped up a few hours ago, i will tell you, oakland, richmond, and hayward are some of the east bay schools that currently teach this curriculum. it's about 35, to 45 minutes. it was created by the department of justice, tonight, we found out unanimously, it will start being taught here in san leandro, starting next moment. before tonight's meeting, students, parents, and teachers
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gathered outside san leandro city hall, to explain why they don't want the curriculum in their classroom. >> it's taken away from the curriculum of the learning process. >> reporter: it is a six week federally funded course, which will be taught by the two san leandro school resource officers, currently working in the district. police say although gang resistence in the course name, there's very little discussion about gangs. >> they teach decision making. they teach communication skills. they teach recognizing and how to control anger. how to prevent bullying behaviors. >> reporter: the police instructors had to undergo 60 hours of training for the course at no cost to the schools. parents here say there is a cost. their kids education. >> we know it will have a positive influence, and to replace it with something that we do not know will have any benefit, other than quite
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frankly, pr for the police, i think is inappropriate. >> it's not about the police officers changing the image, it's really about us as role models in our communities, being able to instill these life skills. >> this is not the place for the police. not in our school classrooms. >> reporter: but everyone in attendance wasn't in agreement. some say having officers in the classroom, interacting with students at a young age is best for all involved. >> if it starts at an early age, i think they'll get it through their head that they shouldn't be doing these bad things. and it doesn't look cool to do drugs. >> reporter: again the course will start in january here in san leandro. from there, the board will decide if it will go to other schools in the future. >> all right paul, thank you. lieutenant governor, gavin newsom's initiative aimed at gun crime gained a bit of support tonight. they voted to support the so- called safety for all initiative. the proposed ballot measure
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seeks to ban large capacity magazines. supporters say it could help reduce the chance of an attack like the one recently in san bernandino. if it's approved by state officials and gathers enough signatures it could go before voters next year. the three santa clara correctional officers accused of beating an inmate to death pleaded not guilty today. matthew farris, and rafael rodriguez are charged with the murder of matthew tyree. the three officers are now free on bail. the judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for the last day of february. the east bay regional park police department is searching for a killer tonight after a body of a young man was found near a shore line trail in oakland. the discovery was made this morning on the west side of interstate 880. not far from the oakland coliseum. >> it's going to be near the
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foot bridge. >> reporter: yellow tape, blocking a well known trail in oakland today. a normally tranquil place, who instead had to be diverted or escorted past a crime scene. >> no, to get to the raiders stadium, you actually have to go over the freeway. >> reporter: around 9:00 a.m., someone at the martin luther king regional shore line found a body in a spot off the popular san francisco bay trail in the shadow of the oakland coliseum, and oracle arena. >> definitely had blood. >> reporter: and it wasn't just a body. east bay regional park police say it's a homicide. >> can you start code 3 and medical? >> reporter: police say the victim was shot once. they believe here in the park. possibly not too long before he was found. >> it's a huge shock, obviously. you know, murders in the park district are extremely rare. this is a shock to everybody, and you know, cause of great concern, obviously.
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>> reporter: it was a big shock to laront who rides along the trail every week. >> makes me feel a little unsafe. >> reporter: for park visitors like frieden, the police activity in a spot not known for such crime was a sign that something was wrong. >> i saw the tv car, so i thought there must be something going on. it's not because, you know the bridge is failing or whatever. so i think you get used to it here. i think for me to ride, it's fairly safe. it's okay. but i wouldn't let my kids ride here. a very active weather pattern, as i pointed out. look at all the little impulses. these are all potential weather systems. this is a big one moving in through. as we go through the next few days, these systems will work their way onshore, mainly in the pacific northwest. gradually, a lot of this energy
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works its way south and works its way thursday. currently outside, it's mostly cloudy, and tomorrow, guess what? mostly cloudy. a lot like today. tomorrow is going to be almost a duplicate of today, and there might be a drizzle or sprinkle. the forecast for tomorrow, there's the morning hours, cloudy, overnight lows will be in the 40s, because of the cloud cover. as the day goes on, it's cloudier, and cloudier, a few sprinkles start to show up north. daytime highs tomorrow, under cloudy skies. upper 50s, mid-50s, and a few low 60s. tomorrow is a transition day. after that, it's wet. when i come back, we'll dial in with the computer model, the rain forecast for thursday. a mid-market landmark with a new niece on life. >> there's not too many buildings in san francisco with the same gravitas as this. >> the historic bank building,
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set for a renaissance after years of vacancy. >> and the warriors extend their warning streak to 23, unfortunately, it came with a cost. >> up first, a victory for pg and e, the ruling ahead of a criminal trial connected to the san bruno pipeline explosion. cto everything from surfers welcomingto seals.ul home attracting visitors from around the world, around the year. along the coast, protected areas are set aside
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to preserve a fragile community of animals and plants. to protect these natural wonders, here's what to know before you go. stay at least 300 feet away from seals. this is their home. don't touch marine life in tide pools. take away your trash and your happy memories. always enjoy and protect our marine habitats. the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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new at 10:00, a federal judge handed pg and e a victory in capping -- prosecutors were seeking a $1.1 billion fine, but the san francisco chronicle reports that the judge cut that in half. pg and e is set to go to trial early next year accused of nearly two dozen code violations. that 2009 explosion left eight people dead and 58 ours
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injured, and many of those injuries were catastrophic. a debate is heating up in santa clara tonight over the use of a youth soccer park during super bowl l. there are rumors it could be turned into a giant media park. parents want to know where their kids will play, while the nfl is in control of that area. also whether the field will be damaged during that time, and how long it will take to repair it. councilmembers say they promise the park will be returned in good shape. >> nobody said that the super bowl could come in and destroy a world class soccer park for the kids. there's no agreement that says that. they can use it, but not destroy it. >> community members are expressing frustration saying negotiations have been held behind closed doors.
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they're demanding a more open, and transparent decision making process. a wave of selling put the stock markets in the red. the losses come as the price of oil is close to a seven year low. and there are reports that yahoo is moving away from its plan to spin off its stake in the chinese internet company alibaba. analysts say the ceo may also focus on increasing investments. a blood drive on december 22. organizers say donating blood is often overlooked as a way of given back during the holidays. the blood donations are used for premature babies in the intensive care unit.
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cancer parents receiving chemotherapy and surgical patients. hundreds of new affordable homes. the project designed to help teachers who are struggling to pay the represent. >> also making sure teachers aren't priced out of the housing market. great change comes from doing the rit thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause.
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so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. the open water paddlers. greenwood runners. the hike life trail club. for us it's not about running faster.
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it's about being out here togethe the feeling is hard to describe. you cant put put into words. but we d't have to. for friends who come together to reach for better. we brew a superior tasting light beer with fewer carbs and calories. michelob ultra. the superior light beer. in san mateo tonight, people pleaded to save a well known ice rink that's been closed since 2013. people want the city to save the ice rink at the bridge point shopping center, but the company that owns the property wants to turn it into shops and stores. supporters say that the rink has served the city well. in fact, olympic skaters including christy yamaguchi, brian boitano, and debi thomas all trained there. dozens of people rallied against plans for a coal export
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terminal along the waterfront. >> what do we say to dirty coal? >> no! >> they gathered at 5:30, and marched inside a city council meeting to express their concerns. developers are quietly soliciting a partnership with four counties in utah to move up to 10 million tons of coal through the port each year. the group says public land should not be be used for a project that will foul local air quality, and cause a threat to the environment. the cupertino school union says it's a way to stop a shortage of teachers due to the high cost of living. azenith smith with more on the proposal. >> reporter: in the last 29 years with the cupertino school district, he's seen many of his fellow teachers leave because they can't afford housing. >> as a teacher, i'm renting, and i can't afford to live in this area.
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when i retire, i will be moving out of the area to affordable housing. >> reporter: they announced a project to take the 10-acre plot of district owned land, and build 200, 1 to 3 bedroom housing units for educators at below market rents. the property is being leased to several private schools. >> there are fewer teachers coming out of our universities. we know that since the recession has ended, and the economy is on an up tick, we are now fighting with the private sector for support staff. >> reporter: according to the california teacher's association in santa clara county, the median price of a home is $970,000. the median monthly rents, $2,700. it doesn't help tech companies like the new apple spaceship campus are fueling costs. the district plans to work with the developers to help finance it. similar to what the santa clara
10:33 pm
unified school district did by renting out this apartment complex to teachers. as for dave, he says this needs to happen as he worried about new teacher who is want to raise a family, as well as seasoned teachers. >> when you lose seasoned teachers and teachers that have been here five to ten years, you're losing experience. >> reporter: the school district hopes to have a developer by next year, and if all works in the district's favor, they hope to have this housing project completed by the academic school year, 2018- 2019. in santa clara, azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. san jose city council members voted unanimously today to declare an emergency housing crisis. they voted to open more buildings to homeless people ahead of the winter rain. the city plans to use four facilities as overnight shelters, including community centers and a library. they also plan to allow churches to open their doors. all of this would be from december 15 to march 31. san jose estimates it has more
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than 4,000 homeless people, but there are only about 1500 beds available. >> with the approach of el nino and the possibility of flooding of folks living in low lying areas who wanted to make sure we could get people inside. >> the locations would only be available when forecasts calm for temperatures 38 degrees or lower, or when heavy rain is expected. the san francisco fire department had a chance tonight to recognize the bravery and courage of its firefighters. during an awards ceremony, chief joanne hazewhite honored those for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. the awards for merit recognized firefighters who saved lives, showed unusual personal initiative and courage. a legacy of fighting the internment of japanese americans during world war ii. coming up, the family of fred
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corelatsu talks about donald trump, and their fears that history could repeat itself. >> up first, the warning that has a bay area lake closed to people and dogs.
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park officials in the east bay have shut down a well known lake to swimming, due to a bloom of toxic algae. they closed lake dellvalle. boating is still allowed, and the park, marina, and campground remain open. it is the largest lake in the east bay regional park district. donald trump is gaining ground in new hampshire.
10:38 pm
the first state to hold a primary. 32% say they support trump. senator marco rubio is also moving up, and now has 14%. new jersey governor chris christie is the next closest with 9%. the other candidates are in the single digits. fox business network announced it would host another debate . the debate is set for january 14 in south carolina. that's two days after the president's state of the union address. rob ross spoke to a bay area whose family stood up against those camps and talks of injustice. >> reporter: she knows how her late father fred would react. >> he would be really, totally
10:39 pm
disgusted that we haven't learned our lessons of history. >> reporter: during world war ii, just months after the japanese bombed pearl harbor, he defied president roosevelt's work time order that all japanese americans on the west coast be removed from their homes and relocated to internment camps. he was arrested for histy phenes -- defiance. historians called it a stain on roosevelt's record, and decades later, coramatsu received a medal of freedom. >> what we didn't learn from president roosevelt's executive order is that we cannot racially profile and assume that everyone is guilty just because they are associated with one, you know, one religion, or one ethnic group. >> reporter: but coramatsu fears the country's past could
10:40 pm
be repeated. that the fear and paraphernalia of people of japanese dissent are played out against muslim americans. karen now runs a nonprofit organization named after her father and dedicated to educating people about injustice. she says now, more than ever, educating people about past mistakes is vital. >> so that when people are making these statements that totally go against all principals of being an american, that we all need to speak up. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. storm after storm, now taking aim at the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin lays out the timing for the wet weather ahead. >> and a historic building preserved. we'll take you inside a long abandoned bank, and show you how this 19th century landmark is being transformed.
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, bp! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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new at 10:00, a san francisco landmark is getting a new lease on life after sitting vacant for years. the 123-year-old hibernia bank building is up-to-date going a major renovation project and getting ready now to welcome a new tenant. >> heather holmes got an exclusive look today at the work being done to preserve and modernize that former bank. >> reporter: the old building has sat vacant, boarded up now since 2000. seven years ago, a developer scooped up the structure, and brought it to code. now the old bank is ready for new life. ♪ [ music ] it is a link to the past. an ornate artifact from another time. the hibernia bank is one of san francisco's first examples of
10:44 pm
the bow art style. it's interior was destroyed in the fire, two years later, the bank reopened. now the neighborhood is known as a haven for drug dealing and prostitution. but the owners hope to redefine the heart of the tenderloin by opening this 19th century landmark. it was bought in 2008 for a reported $3.9 million. since then, crews have been working to meet modern standards, while preserving the building's original characteristics. >> the main thing that we did with the being was to upgrade the mechanical, electric, and plumbing. >> reporter: it is the historic exterior that sets the building
10:45 pm
apart. we walked along the marble floors before staring up at the tiffany style skylight. >> this is another one of the executive offices. >> reporter: the mow hagny and walnut panels look as they did 100 years ago. chandeliers illuminating the rooms. the grand your of the main level. naughton says it is the combination of the old and the new that creates endless possibilities. >> the building itself is very flexible in its zoning and use. so it can be office, entertainment, or retail. so it's very flexible. >> reporter: the building was named a city landmark in 1981, and is now an important part of the city's plans to redevelop the mid-market area. >> it is a one of a kind property. >> reporter: believing one of
10:46 pm
the city's oldest buildings just might be the key to rejuvenating the area. >> we're the next big thing. ♪ [ music ] >> the lights lights illuminating the building. several tenants have been reviewing the place. including those possibly considering turning it into a nightclub. it has also attracted the interest of some tech companies, but so far, nothing official yet. >> that is a beautiful building. back in 1997, they filmed the movie metro there. i had a little teeny part, i was playing a reporter when eddie murphy came running out of the bank, i said inspectors can't you give us something? >> like so many landmarks, it has been attracted by movie makers. the sad thing, it has been neglected for so long, but as you see, it has been able to be refurbished. >> it brings back a nugget in
10:47 pm
time. >> and that ceiling, wow, that is just spectacular. heather, thank you. we're tracking the rain that's headed your way. take a look at the pacific. you've got 3,000 miles of moisture. 2,000miles down. just approximate, a couple thousand here, and a little more than a thousand. that's a lot of cubic tonnage out in the pacific. you see more white than blue. we're going to see all of that moisture streaming into the pacific northwest. then it starts to slip south, as we mentioned, and that brings us face-to-face with a little bit of rain in here. as we head into wednesday, tomorrow there might be a sprinkle or two, the game changer will be on thursday, when you wake up with a wet morning commute.
10:48 pm
pretty showery during the day. you can see the snow will be going up. a winter storm warning that will most certainly happen up there. as you look at the forecast model here, you can see we've got plenty of rain to talk about up north. 8:00a.m. on wednesday. there are the showers. here we go through your day wednesday. few light sprinkles there. and you see more showers here, that's wednesday night. here's when it gets in here, about thursday morning, about 4:00 a.m. you see it here. you see showers, that's early morning commute. then about 8:00 a.m., wet roadway, scattered showers there. mountains are going off, and then it opens up some more. you get 1:00, a little bit of a break, then more showers move in. you get the idea. these showers will be significant when they occur. and look at the moisture. just streaming in. it keeps coming. those showers continue, possibly into friday morning. in the mountains, it really never stops. it just keeps going. they're not going to see breaks. a little heavier, a little lighter. then we break off as we head into friday evening. then as we head into saturday,
10:49 pm
not bad. then sunday, clouds increase. rain, heaviest up in the north bay. you're going to see showers up there, around crescent city, from 4, maybe even 5 or 6 inches. for us in this area. half an inch in san jose, to an inch in san rafael, or san francisco. that's wednesday through thursday. so thursday is a wet day. it's a wet travel day for you. the forecast highs tomorrow, as we go to the day tomorrow, a lot like the day today. 64 in mountain view. 65 in san jose. these are the forecast highs. then the five-day forecast, tomorrow, you know, just a sprinkle or two. no big deal. then thursday is the day. friday, you get a chance, then a chance on saturday. but this is nothing. sunday it winds up again, we're definitely into a wet weather pattern, that's going to stick around. >> that commute on thursday. >> don't you think? >> anytime just a little bit of rain gets going, it messes things up. >> did you make the movie? >> i just had a little tiny part in it. >> will i recognize you if i see it? >> you would. it took all weekend to shoot a
10:50 pm
scene that went 60 seconds. >> he's reliving it all now too. coming up, another win for the warriors, but an injury to clay thompson. sports director, mike ibanez is coming up next, with what the warriors star had to say after the game.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
so it's come to this.
10:53 pm
all you can do at this point, state the facts, realizing all the time that those facts sound like some kind of bazaar basketball fantasy. second longest streak ever, try this one on. since the start of last season, 106 wins and only 20 losses. their 23rd straight to start this season. indiana tonight, the great indiana bird observing. andre iguodala on the field. he will take it himself, but it will go behind the back. a 22-0 run in the 1st quarter, and you know steph had a little something to do with it. he'll pop a 3. they got 29 points tonight. the warriors what they call a 50/50 ball. equal chance for those to get it. who want it is more? andrew bogut lays it ahead. unselfishly for clay. and thompson, with 39 points
10:54 pm
all told, 29 before the intermission. they were up 19 at the half. up top from bogut. they led by as many as 32 points, but the reserves would just say they relaxed a little. had trouble with indiana. paul george will bury the three, and at one point, they got to within 9 points. actually to within 6. but as the warriors were to get their 13th straight road win, a record to start the season, steph will drive, put them up by 9, and here is a little drama. they did not need as they had to put the starters back in, and of course clay thompson was one of them. he sprained his ankle. leaves for x-rays, which were negative, but you can see that clay is in a lot of pain there. he talked about the ankle injury after the game. >> it came down, i don't even know, hit the floor, or somebody's foot, and just
10:55 pm
rolled it. i'll be all right. just going to be sore for a couple of days, but i should be back in no time. meanwhile, here's what we do know about the sharks, a little over a quarter into the regular season. streaky. they'll go a week or so looking like they can't be beat, or like right now, no idea how to win. four straight losses. logan couturier back. 1st period, down 2-1 in calgary. a power play situation. shot on goal by couturier. but that is the end of san jose's offense. the flames will return a rebound out in front. 3-2 lead. they add another, 4-2 is the final, as the flames, tough to beat at home. seven straight victories in calgary. guess it's just not to be. ben zobrist, rumored to be coming to san francisco, not
10:56 pm
going to happen anytime soon. he winds up today with the chicago cubs who want him to play his preferred position, second base. the cubs willing to pay zobrist $56 million. the giants general manager, told the media today the team isn't out of the mix with regards to signing possibly another big free agent, for instance, johnny cueto who last pitched with the kansas city royals. the giants made it known, they still have some money to spend, if not on another big time pitcher, possibly a left fielder. that is the sporting night for a tuesday night. lots going on. most of it having to do with the warriors. >> so clay thompson is not going to be out that long. >> the x-ray's negative, and they have two days off before they play in boston.
10:57 pm
>> thanks mark. >> thanks for joining us tonight. good night.
10:58 pm
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