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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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attention -- should she go home and get an umbrella? >> i always pay attention. >> yes, i would. >> in the north bay for sure. not a lot but a little bit -- a sign of things to come -- it will work its way, south throughout the day -- later by this afternoon when it is this kind of a pattern it can stack up -- it's on the go in the north coast -- seven date projections near crescent city over 16 inches of rain -- that flood line is dropping south -- very mild ahead of the system -- tease with a southerly breeze. it will begin to crank up -- black hawk at 53 -- the morning trifecta -- pittsburgh antioch and brentwood at 52. >> a lot is on the way -- a warm system and the cold air will work its way in on friday. we will have more rain than. cloudy skies -- patchy fog -- don't forget that. not too bad but low to mid 60s
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and a few upper 50s if you are stuck in the fog. >> at 5 o'clock we are okay? >> yes. yesterday you told me that by wednesday night we would have rain. >> is that still the case? >> yes. >> tomorrow we will have a front. >> anywhere in the bay area? >> correct. >> i'm going to bed early tonight. >> it gets dark at five -- why not? >> good morning -- he's right. this is an easier time for those of us that wake up early. >> let's look at will be have -- the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. julie by 5:30 we have the crowd show up -- war people are showing up at the toll plaza. no problems on the bridge. this is a look at the interstate northbound and southbound and is not a bad drive. on the peninsula san mateo and south city -- it looks good on 101 and 80 through daly city.
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>> 5:01 -- let's go back to the death. >> the warriors keep winning. they beat the pacers last night. they are now tied -- the second longest winning streak. a beat pacers 131-1 to 3. 27 straight wins. 23 and zero. clay thompson went crazy -- 39 points -- 10 three-pointers -- he got hurt, though. he came down and rolled his ankle. the warriors held on to win despite losing the big lead in the fourth quarter. he left the game -- x-rays were negative. the warriors have a couple of days off and you can rest of the ankle before they play the celtics friday. >> there was another win for the warriors -- this was off the court -- they picked up major local support for the plan to build a new arena in the mission bay neighborhood. >> alex savage will tell us
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about the new support for the arena and also like critics say they will not stop fighting. >> good morning. >> the warriors move across the bay looking or and more likely this morning after the san francisco board of supervisors last night a the go-ahead from the team to build its new arena. that vote happened during last night's board meeting. it was a long meeting. it went for several hours. in the end the supervisors unanimously approved the environmental impact report for this one billion-dollar arena -- it set to go up in the mission bay neighborhood. the board dismissed an appeal by a group called the mission bay alliance trying to block the arena over concerns about traffic congestion and the impact on the nearby you see as app hospital. >> those that back the arena were outside city hall and they made it clear the project will have a positive impact on the part of the city.
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>> this will revitalize the area -- it will be a hub for entertainment and sports and businesses and restaurants will sprout up a. will become a vibrant area. >> the fight will head to the courts. the alliance is made up of donors and board members -- it is promising to file a lawsuit to block construction of the new arena here in separate cisco. it appears the opponents will take one last shot and hope for a buzzer beater. city leaders in san francisco are already calling last night vote a huge victory for the warriors and what they see as clearing one final hurdle for the team makes the move across the bay that many expect. >> interesting -- alex savage in san francisco. >> south bay city is try to make it safer to walk across the street -- it is setting up
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flags -- live in los gatos with the tools. >> is what we are talking about -- these bright yellow flags that you see in the buckets -- they have reflective tape. the idea is to pick one up and walk across the crosswalk with it. >> this is going to be at 15 different crosswalks in the los gatos area -- most are along santa cruz avenue. as i mentioned the concept is to waive them at the cars and get the driver's attention -- they stop to the car. this is along the main strip where there are stores and restaurants and businesses -- a popular area -- it gets jammed with cars and people walking. will it be effective? we don't know. neighbors in the willow glen area started their own program
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but they had problems with people stealing them -- the program is funded by the chamber of commerce and the leaders wanted in place before the holiday shopping season started. flags are in areas where there are no shots -- they are at los gatos high school and the civic center -- they are both high traffic areas. we are to sure if this will work -- we plan to talk to the locals and see if people have been picking up the flax -- we understand they may have been here for a week or so -- the unveiling will be today. >> we will get back to you after we hear from some people in the next hour. >> sounds good. >> 5:06 -- donald trump is drawing fire -- the republicans vast -- blasted his suggestion that muslims should be banned from the us. >> there is no indication he will back down -- despite push back. >> gop leaders blasted their
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front runner. >> what was proposed is now but the party stands for and more importantly is not but the country stands for. >> he issued a threat and noted that his supporters would back him as an independent. most analysts believe this would ensure a democratic victory next year. >> meanwhile the house of representatives approved new restrictions -- it signed into law the legislation would alter the current visa waiver program. that system allows system -- citizens to travel for up to 90 days without getting a visit. the measure was prompted by the terroristic attacks in california in paris. some lawmakers oppose the change. it passed overwhelmingly with only 19 no votes. >> it requires nationals from other countries and of those who have traveled to these countries since 2011 undergo an
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in person interview with a us official and more rigorous security screening processes prior to traveling to the us. >> a different version of the bill includes a new biometric requirement that is pending in the senate. >> 5:08 -- new details about the mass shooting in san bernardino the let -- left 14 dead. the 3 pipe bombs left at the regional center were likely meant to to go off and be detonated as the first responders arrived on the scene. the pipe bombs were wrapped together and hidden inside a bag with remote control parts. a bombs did not go off. possibly because of damage caused when the fire spread was one off in the conference room. >> the fbi is looking at a recent $28,000 deposit into the bank account of the shooters.
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it is not clear if the money was used to buy the rifles used in the attack. >> some of the money was given to farook 's mother. >> diane feinstein passed a bill to require alerting when there are posts related to terrorism. >> benny's like a spoken to her would have to report a threatening post but the bill would not force the companies to actively search for the posts. >> this comes after one of the shooters in the massacre posted support for isis. >> just before she and her husband launched the attack. >> senator. feinstein said the bill would not limit freedom of speech . in a 28 she wrote the bill does not come and allies free speech. it requires warning of potential terrorist behavior. >> police officers doing the jobs of teachers -- 20 minutes this program has been approved but upset some parents.
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>> a new development in the investigation of the paris attacks -- new information just released about the third attacker that opened fire inside of the concert hall. >> on the freeway we are doing okay -- as you head out to the macarthur maze the traffic looks all right heading to the toll plaza. >> cloudy skies, misty light rain. aside of things to come. it won't be her today by it but by tonight and tomorrow -- more coming up. >>
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new this morning word from friends that the third person that attacked at the bataclan concert hall is a french citizen that left for syria in 2013. the latest information means that all the attackers were french or belgium. in all 130 died in the attack on paris with 90 the concert hall. all three of the bataclan attackers were killed -- 2 by suicide vest in one shot by police. >> the us is continuing to show its support in the fight against isis. the defense ministry least a video showing the defense minister holding a meeting with the head of the us federal command. a meeting took place in baghdad. the envoy of the international coalition in the us ambassador to iraq were also there. in a statement it said that "military cooperation between a rock and america was renewed.".
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>> today in colorado the suspect in the shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic will be formally charged -- robert lewis dear is accused of killing >> people and injuring nine others. he will be charged with first degree murder. prosecutors are deciding whether to seek the death penalty. >> police have not disclosed motive for the shooting but they say he expressed antiabortion and antigovernment sentiments. one of the people killed was a college police officer who rushed to the scene to help a. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel has called a special meeting this morning to talk about the controversy surrounding the police department. he is trying to restore the trust and confidence of residence after the release of 3 videos of deadly incidents involving the police. the latest shows a 2012 incident where officers repeatedly used a taser on a detainee inside a jail cell. >> he later died at the hospital. >> other of you shows the
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killing of ronald johnson, an african-american man by a white police officer. a third video shows mcdonald being shot to death by a police officer who is charged with first-degree murder. >> 5:15 -- time to go to sal castaneda at 5:30 -- metering lights go on -- the time has switched over the last year or so -- it keeps getting earlier. just remember 5:30 -- the traffic will be easy at the bay bridge approach. we will look at other things for this morning's commute to -- we will start in the east bay where the slow traffic is coming in over the hill to the livermore area. from tracy 205 into livermore it is a slow. once you get to the main part of the bay area it looks okay
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-- no major problems. the kinetic of the toll plaza not all that crowded. >> 5:30 is when the metering lights go on -- if they don't come on at 5:30 we may be having a light day. >> southbound 101 to the airport looks good and beyond that all the way to palo alto has a nice-looking drive. >> let's go to steve. >> cloudy skies with some fog -- a little bit around concord and napa and santa rosa. santa rosa has light rain -- there are some pockets of light rain and fog but generally cloudy skies and we are waiting on the system -- the impact over the next three days -- 0.5- 4 inches of rain. the snow level will start high at eight dozen -- 1-2 feet of
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the passes and eventually dropped to 4000 it will be windy over some of the higher crests in the past. >> the cloud cover is in place and the rain is on the north coast beginning to dip south -- they will be plenty -- arcata and your regard 10 days in a row of measurable rain. the longest stretch since 2011. it will continue for 11 or 12 days -- some of that is beginning to move into parts of mendocino county. we can find anything on the santa rosa rain -- it is below the radar beam. rainfall is on the way -- some of that will be -- just through early friday -- heavy rain friday morning. you can double the totals. about 0.5-one is to the north. that's until early friday. friday afternoon there could be more. in fact, doubled. >> 50s on the temperatures -- d1 in woodside 54 in palo alto.
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half moon they and san mateo r) the rain is moving in -- it will sweep by late tonight into tomorrow and the next system roles in and it has a cold air associated. plenty going on in the next three have been five days -- like rain to the north -- cauti and mild -- south breeze will crank up and thursday and friday rain off and on and colder as we going to friday. sierra nevada's waiting for the snow -- it will start off by -- 8000 -- eventually dropping to 4000. 6-12 feet at lake level -- >> colder system will drop in sunday. how do skies with patchy fog -- south reese beginning to pick up -- some 50s or 60s -- if you are stuck in the fog it will be tough to break through -- generally only mild conditions toward san jose and santa clara valley. >> rain on the way tonight into thursday and colder friday with a break saturday in the next system sunday. >> thank you. >> get your umbrellas ready.
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>> rescue operations are underway after a heavy rain they are -- this week it caused major flooding and more bad weather is on the way. the rainfall caused sewers to backup and is open up singles. many drivers are ignoring the signs. not only is this dangerous but it can be expensive. >> the pictures of people driving to the water -- it's not just the car they will lose -- it's the whole car. >> officials are warning people to stay away from the beaches -- high winds are expected to reach 70 miles an hour and waves could reach 40 feet. >> the weather has forced amtrak to called its service because of high water -- buses will face amtrak service -- the service interactions were expected last until tomorrow afternoon. >> bay area cities are taking note chances when it comes from
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potential problems with el niño -- they will announce preparations for a fax -- it includes additional winter shelter for the homeless. >> scientists predict it could be one of the strongest on record. >> new information about a fema el niño drill -- the oakland fema office has established a task force to handle weather- related disasters. it involved representatives from california and other states preparing. the oakland task force said the objectives include identifying flooding areas and at-risk populations and coordinating emergency responders. >> one east bay community -- people are on edge. coming up rising crime in the city of danville. for the thieves are targeting. >> more than a week away of the latest star wars will be but people can't wait. you will believe it -- maybe you will -- of next we will show you where there are dozens
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the cofounder of the northeast -- north face gear company has died it -- he died after capsizing in a kayak in a patagonia. he was rushed to the hospital where he was suffering from hypothermia. north face has a presence but it is part of a company called
5:24 am
bf outdoor -- he started north face in the 1960s and went on to create a clothing company with his first wife, susie. >> the yahoo board of directors is not talking about the new direction of the company but there are reports they have decided not to sell its 20% chair of the chinese online retailer that would've put several billion dollars in cash back into yahoo. there are reports saying they will sell off some or all of its internet businesses including search, flickr, yahoo mail. one thing that everyone agrees on is that the ceo is having a hard time turning the company around. she is under pressure from investors. >> the annual survey about the best places to work is out -- live at the top 10 are based in the bay area -- as usual a local company is number one in the survey -- this year it is
5:25 am
airb&b on top. live wire, -- guide wire is based third and they spoke is five -- linkedin is number six and google which topped the list last year dropped to number 8 this year. >> google continues to grow -- employees are talking about less personal impacted -- some are not dealing like their work mattered as much as it used to. >> google is one of 4 company that has been on the list every year. other companies of the top 50 include apple, two, salesforce, chevron, and solar city. >> the newest movie premieres in los angeles a week from tomorrow. some people had to be among the first to see it -- people were lining up outside the chinese theater in hollywood to see the
5:26 am
force awakens. the first couple of people set up camp on saturday outside the theater. more than 100 are out there now. they know they could have bought her preserver tickets online but they say spending the time with other fans is an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. >> 5:26 -- the search for a killer in the east bay -- questions police have after a body was found along a popular east bay walking trail. >> east bay school district approved a plan to put the police officers in the elementary schools -- the idea that brought parents out to protest. >> good morning -- we are looking at the bay bridge and it's getting a little more crowded.. good morning -- a lot of cloud cover and light rain. it will turn into a heavier
5:27 am
rain -- this is the christmas tree in my backyard -- it took forever to get the star of a. >> great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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good morning -- welcome back -- it's wednesday december night -- the middle of the week. i'm dave clark and i'm claudine wong -- >> steve paulson brought me an
5:30 am
umbrella today. >> would you lay your code over the rain puddle for me? >> [laughter] >> you are going to need it -- it's on the way -- it's not here yet -- light rain -- santa rosa north -- put it in the car or the backpack -- by this evening we will move south and tomorrow is everybody's in on a -- the rain line is beginning to push into mendocino county and it's a sign of things to come as the system drops south -- a lot of cloud cover and could rain on the north coast -- over 1 foot -- we aren't expecting that -- light rain but below the radar -- the rain will pick up later tomorrow morning -- later tonight and tomorrow is the meantime -- another system friday -- be advised -- we will double the amount. the cloud cover -- southerly breeze -- the next system is drying in a lot of moisture and it is driving southward.
5:31 am
cloudy skies, patchy fog -- east bay and north bay -- light rain to the north and the south reese will pick up -- a few 50s and a lot of low 60s -- a couple of low 60s because of the wind. >> 5:31 -- what do you have? >> more traffic -- like clockwork more people are on the freeway. we will start with i 80 driving from hercules into the richmond area and down to the macarthur maze -- not a bad commute but it's getting more crowded. 18 minutes -- not bad. when you get to the bay bridge toll liza the metering lights are on -- a delay before you make it onto the bridge and traffic continues very well. >> driving to the peninsula the traffic looks good to the airport through san bruno into san francisco. in san jose the traffic looks good. >> 5:31 -- back to the desk.
5:32 am
>> breeders in san leandro will receive a lesson from those on the front line -- they approved a controversial plan turning police officers and to teachers -- allie rasmus is live to explain the opposition from paris. >> a six week long course bringing the police officers and to talk about gangs and other skills -- teaching kids skills. the goal is to become role models with kids they interact with. a lot of parents disagree and they were not happy that it was approved yesterday. >> [shouting] >> the program is called great -- gain resistance education and training -- they voted unanimously to implement the program into of the elementary schools. some parents opposed say it's great is too young to have the
5:33 am
students talking with police about the subject of gangs. other parents worry that the course would take away from learning other more traditional subjects and skills. >> is taking away from the curriculum -- the learning process -- that's what they need. children are having difficulty reading. >> it's not about the police officers changing the image is about us as role models in the communities. in still the life skills. >> the program does not focus on only talking about gangs but emphasizes teaching kids social skills like how to communicate with their peers and how to control anger and prevent bullying. it's paid for by a federal grant. the school district will lament this at garfield and mckinley elementary before deciding whether to expanded to other schools. >> today berkeley high school is holding events examining
5:34 am
racism. the student that posted a racist mentioned last month mentioned to today as a violence against african americans. the student was identified in the school says there is no threat but it was decided to use the day to have a discussion about racism. when the message was first discovered daily half of the students from berkeley walked out of class in protest. >> 5:34 -- highway 101 is back open after a deadly accident shut down part of it for hours. about 7:30 p.m. a woman swerved into traffic at san antonio road. near petaluma. she was driving north and swerved into the traffic southbound. her car was hit by one of the cars and she died at the scene while the other driver suffered minor injuries. >> highway 101 we opened up about 11 pm. >> a popular walking trail along the oakland shoreline is
5:35 am
a crime scene -- the body was found there. the regional park police say the body was found at the martin luther king jr. regional shoreline on the west side of interstate martin luther king jr. regional shoreline on the west side of interstate 880 near the coliseum. this is about 9 am yesterday. police say he had been shot once, probably in the parker, not long before his body was found. >> it's a huge shock. murders in the parking district are rare. -- the park district are rare. this is a shock and a cause of great concern. >> the shooting death was latino and in his 20s. the rest of the park state open and the bay trail was closed as investigators look for evidence. >> the police are investigating a spike in crime -- it is putting the residence on edge -- property crimes are up 25% compared to a year ago. in a recent robbery a home was ransacked -- no one has been
5:36 am
hurt. in recent cases homeowners came face to face with armed robbers. >> there was someone standing at the door with a gun pointed at me. i immediately ran down the street. i jumped into the neighbors bushes. >> no arrests were made in police have yet to link the armed suspect to any other crimes. >> fremont police said it was a close call for a homeless man.- - tossed into a garbage truck. he went through 2 cycles inside the truck before he climbed out. >> he was taken to the hospital to be checked and authorities say he has several outstanding warrants. he is on a mental health hold. >> a berkeley pretty owner is taking action to stop people from using an alley along shattuck avenue as a bathroom. >> the property owner painted the area with paint that repels water.
5:37 am
it is designed to make your in spray back on the person. we told you about a similar paint used in several areas in san francisco. the berkeley property owner said that he has put up a warning sign letting people know about the pain. the location of the nearest public bathroom. he said it is making a difference. >> with the colder weather you may not be think it about going swimming but in case you are there is a warning about a lake in the east bay. park district has chuck closed lake del valle -- there was an algae -- people and dogs are advised to to stay out of the water but boating is allowed. the marina and the campground are open. del valle is the largest lake in the district. >> the city council voted to declare an emergency housing crisis to open more buildings -- city plans to use 4 facility
5:38 am
says overnight shelters including community centers in the library and churches. san jose estimates it has more than 4000 homeless and there are only about 1500 beds available bold -- the facilities will be open when the forecast calls for 38 or lower are winning heavy rain is expected. >> in yuba county family got an early christmas present. >> the chief spotted an internet post of this family -- he has set of tuft time finding a job. someone offer to sell them a used car but he couldn't afford appeared with the blessing of his children chief easton used the money he saved for his own family and bought them a used car. >> i started it and i am in the career field to handle the moments when you can help someone else. >> my kids are my life -- he helped me provide for my kids.
5:39 am
that's it -- my kids are everything. >> chief easton invited their family to walk in the christmas parade. >> easton's wife died a few months ago and he makes it his mission to show kindness to others as she did. >> the time is 5:39 -- parents confronted council members over the fate of a soccer park during the super bowl. >> the parents say they have been kept in the dark about what will happen to the soccer field next to levi stadium. there are rumors it could be turned into a giant media park. the parents want to know where the kids will be able to play while the nfl is in control of the area -- whether the field will be damaged and how long it will take to repair it. >> council members say the park will be returned in good shape. >> no one said the super bowl could come in and destroy a
5:40 am
world class soccer park for the kids. there's no agreement that says that. >> they can use it, but not destroy it. >> the community members say that negotiations for the use of the park have been held behind closed doors and they demand a more open and transparent decision-making process. >> as san francisco landmark is getting a new lease on life -- it sat vacant for many years. we got an exclusive look inside this building. it is one of the earliest examples of the art style. a separate cisco developer bought the building in 2008 for a reported $3.9 million. it has taken years to restore the interior from the marble floors to the stained glass ceilings. >> the building is flexible in the use due to the nature of the space. it can be used as an office or
5:41 am
entertainment or retail. it is very flexible. >> where told potential tenants have viewed the space including some people interested in turning it into a nightclub. >> 5:41 -- strange stories of the day -- a high-tech way of resurrecting the dead -- the research in technology that would allow you to generate a 3- d talking head of someone who was passed away. >> these flags have started popping up in one s. bay city -- we will take the plan behind them. >> good morning -- a look at the east shore freeway -- at the end there is a crash at the carter mays. it is affecting the east shore -- traffic is slow coming out of berkeley. the fire department is there -- will tell you more about this coming up. >> a lot of out cover and patchy fog -- on the mild side
5:42 am
-- rain moving in. on the way -- we will give you an update. >> are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here.
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go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, bee this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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new this morning time magazine has revealed the person of the year for 2015 -- german chancellor merkel. they chose her for the way she handled the economic crisis and how she was handling the refugee crisis in europe. her management of the crisis has people calling her europe's conscience because she opened their doors when other basins refuse. >> if you are drive through los gatos you are likely to see more yellow on the street. >> it is part of a safety program -- janine is there -- what is this? how will it work?
5:45 am
>> let me tell you -- right now we are on the main strip -- santa cruz avenue. it's quiet right now -- no cars and no pedestrians but a lot of shops are here and it gets very congested once people start to shop and come to the restaurants. what has been done is you can find these buckets on the street -- they put yellow flags about the pedestrians -- the concept is to have them pick up a flag and wave it and cross the street with it. they hope it will cause drivers to stop and pedestrians can get across safely and the buckets with the flags are as 15 crosswalks in the downtown area. they were placed in high traffic areas with shops and restaurants but they are in front of los gatos high school and the civic center. >> this was funded by the chamber of commerce.
5:46 am
they wanted to make sure it would be in place for holiday shoppers. will it be used? here's what one person told us. >> i personally would not use them. >> why? >> people drive quickly through here -- is usually enough traffic that people are paying attention and i felt comfortable walking across the road. >> the concept of flags isn't new -- other cities have tried it -- in willow glen a are used -- they've had problems with people stealing them. it is yet to to be seen how this will play out -- will people be respectful? the gentleman you heard from their -- i asked him, would you use them in you heard them he said no. he said people have been begin them up and marching across the street -- they haven't taken it seriously. >> we will keep talking to
5:47 am
people and see if that's the case. our people with children using them? we will have this for you in the next hour. >> i imagine it's getting used to the idea -- whatever they are doing -- if it is attracting attention -- it is serving its purpose. >> yes. true. we'll see. i'm curious to see once the traffic picks up a people ignore them or if they use them. but the drivers thing. we will have to see. >> thank you. >> we need to go to sal -- something is happening that's not good. >> a backup -- westbound on 80 -- right there at the berkeley curve -- right around the curve there -- they have cordoned off one of the lanes -- traffic is going to be busy as you come through the area.
5:48 am
if you are driving down the east shore freeway it made a big mess of things. everyone is slowing down at the mays the way they normally do -- it's not good -- pretty thick a coming in from golden eight field racetrack down to the crash -- it was in the lanes and that maybe the reason it is heavier than normal -- they pushed it to the side. it was at the macarthur maze. the toll plaza may be a touch lighter -- still a backup 10-15 minutes. we are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge -- no problem. the peninsula looks good. the traffic is a bad. westbound 580 looks good in livermore over to hayward and the valley area. slow traffic on the altar monde pass. >> let's go to steve in the weather center -- cloudy skies and patchy fog -- light rain -- a little bit around santa rosa of two windsor.
5:49 am
the main band is in the casino county. we have a ways to go. san jose, international airport, southwest flight 1522 -- it is coming in now. >> is on time. >> -- here is a message -- william tweedy --'s. it says hello steve -- >> he put my name there. >> current conditions are 53 with light winds from the south -- barometer 3010 and falling -- low and high clouds. >> the systems are on the way. there will be a couple -- about 035-4 inches of rain from monterey north -- 20 22 2250 mile-per-hour gusts.
5:50 am
>> the snow will start out high -- 1000 feet down to 4000 feet by friday and again sunday maybe 3500 feet. it starts tomorrow morning. today is a good day to go if you can -- rain is on the go -- humbled county and eureka all the way down to about fort bragg and it will start to work its way southward toward ukiah into lake county. >> the radar is too far below -- the system is beginning to plow in and as it does the rain will pick up but more likely this afternoon and evening north bay overnight into tomorrow into thursday and friday and other piece of energy comes in -- probably around seven or 8 am. look for quarters inch but we will see more than that we get to friday. >> 50s in the temperatures -- a few 40s -- scotts valley, santa cruz -- gilroy. other locations on the mild side. the activity -- moisture is being tapped into -- light rain to the north moving into
5:51 am
friday. that is when the colder air moves in. snow in the sierra -- the winter snows watch is tomorrow morning into friday morning. lake level 6 to 12 inches -- passes 1 to 2 feet. >> cloudy skies and patchy fog -- south breeze picking up later on -- equals a few 50s and a lot of low 60s -- except san jose in fremont. mid 60s. >> cloudy today -- rain moves in overnight into thursday and again friday a break saturday and another system sunday. >> looks good. >> thanks, steve. >> video going viral -- next -- how a police officer came to the rescue of a young man. >> remember, we went to see your holiday photos. all of them. >> take a look at some we have received -- i'm loving them all. post yours on instagram using ktvu holiday. we will use our favorites to
5:52 am
showcase. >> get up to 48 monthsw interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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after years of failed attempts congress is nearing the passing of an education loan -- today they will rewrite the landmark no child left behind law -- the building require -- keep the
5:55 am
requirements of reading and math but encourage states to set -- set cap -->> now a plan to provide affordable housing for teachers -- announced a project to take a 10 acre plot and build hundred 1-3 bedroom housing units for educators a below-market rent. one said the property is being leased to to several private schools. >> there are future teachers -- fewer teachers -- since the recession has ended and the economy is on an uptick we are fighting with the private sector for support staff. >> according to the teachers association median price of a home is $970,000 -- the median rent is $2700 and they plan is not to use any taxpayer money
5:56 am
but to work with the developer to finance it. the district hopes to have a developer by next year. >> 5:55 -- a police officer is learning a lot about the power of social media after his kind gesture to help someone. >> the officer was on duty at the door of the uc merced winter ball and salt a student with his necktie dangling -- he found out the young man didn't know how to tie his tie. >> his girlfriend said can you help him tie this? i tried to tie it around his neck -- >> when that didn't work they -- he took the tie and tied it around his own neck and give it back to the student. >> it had almost 100,000 views on the facebook page. the young man said this is embarrassing. his date throat it was super cute. we will never forget it.
5:57 am
>> -- his date throat -- wrote that it was super cute. >> the warriors racked up another win -- did it come at the expense of one of the stars health? >> what the status is this morning after that happened. >> he heard his ankle in the fourth quarter. >> this season get ready for the event you don't want to miss. the season>> ♪ ♪ spend less time chasing sales and more time making room at the table. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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5:59 am
a school district approved a plan to put police officers in the classrooms -- many parents were not happy about the program. >> the warriors got the green light from the city of san francisco to build a new arena -- what the opponents are bowing to do. >> -- bowing to do. >> -- vowing. >> good morning -- talking about the weather and traffic and why you need to have a novella -- steve paulson said
6:00 am
so. >> i would for later today -- >> the rain is on the way. >> it's coming. >> cloudy skies -- patchy fog -- mild in the low 50s -- light rain north -- pretty light. later tonight into tomorrow and it may be here for a while. . >> cloudy skies -- the system is on the way -- they are moaning about the lack of cold air back east -- it's about time things were active on the west coast -- take your medicine -- seriously. we have had dry weather for three or four years. >> there will be heavy rain -- can't find it yet -- 50s in the


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