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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'll just back away. >> it has arrived. the system, really heavy rain, especially up in the fort bay. two to four inches for some. those were isolated areas, but there is a lot of rain up stream that has to move through here. the first part of the system has arrived. areas around lake county and napa county moving into marine county. taking a look at the rain totals. totals. santa rosa, three-quarters. napa, a third of an inch. we can add to tease as fast as fewerrous as we can, greta up in middletown, on an off, but the front arrived at 4:01 to be specific and it's dumping now, the system is moving through, wind advisory, higher elevations, howling southerly breeze this advance of that, gust of 45-miles per hour. north bay hills.
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we can see some areas right there, moderate to heavy rain. and into parts of sonoma county. it looks like american canyon, as well, that can produce very heavy rain. the system slides by and then the colder air arrives, 50s and 60s, really mild with the south wind in advance of the system. it will be a blustery, windy day, already that's in place. look at the whopper of a system, cold airup stream. it all has to move through. rain and wind, turning kohler, a few breaks later on. some of the rains light, occasionally, heavy, highs and lows, two to three degrees sal, wind and rain out there, how is the traffic, is it getting worst? >> it's actually holding steady. i'm pleasantly surprised. there are some crashes we are going to talk about. there is a crash on highway 4. the crash clear, but traffic will be backed up on highway power four heading west out of
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pittsburgh and getting to the concorde area. live pictures. i want to show you traffic will be busy out there. a look at highway 4, as you with can see from the earlier crash, already, big backup cupping west out of pittsburgh, as i mentioned. give yourself extra time. this is barely moving. they are getting rid of this crash. people have been taken away, a couple of people were taken to the hospital, now, the damage is done, highway 4 will be slow. it's not raining right now. this is a look at highway 4 commute on the maps. i want to show you here. this area we just showed you, it will be very slow where the accident was. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. this commute looks okay as you come up to the pay gates, but usually at 5:30 is when the metering lights go on. now, let's go back to the desk. >> >> right outside of our doors, we have light rain outside of the studios here. at this hour, we are starting to get the effects of the storm
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steve has been telling you about. lit rain started to fall in the north bay an hour ago, this is individual yes from nevada the staple is starting to make its presence known along the peninsula. jane, what is it like where you are? >> it is windy. we have light rain. i don't know if you can see it because it's very light. what is making we cold are the winds. i know there is a wind advisory, supposed to be gusts up to 50-miles an hour. it doesn't like that, yet, but, you see, the -- i done know if you can see the wet pavement there and the cars traveling across the foot of the bridge. we haven't seen any signs up warning people of the wind, but, we did feel it while we were crossing the bridge. we did drive up from san jose and we do have video of that
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from northbound 880 and we started to see the rain start in freemont, they were just sprinkles, but it is eggs effected to get heavier as the morning goes on. continuing across 880 and over the bridge, wondering if we would feel the strong wind as we crossed, but it wasn't too bad the, at all the wet roads you see will make for a very slippery commute. i did check chp's website for any accidents, so far, at least in the last hour, we did not see any, yet, but know, things can quickly change, so, we'll be monitoring san jose as well as the peninsula, because we know it some areas, water pools up and sometimes, that can cause flooding. there are no reports of that, yet, but cal-tran is ready, pg and e is ready incase there are any downed lines or we are dealing with any lines coming down. at least right here at the peninsula, rain is still light,
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but, again, it is supposed to pick up. dave? >> before you go, i know the rain is light and i'm just looking over your shoulder, the cars are moving pretty fast, but i think you would you advise drivers to be careful. kind of slow down, particularly as the commute picks up. >> reporter: absolutely and i think it's because -- windsheild wipers are not on fast pace, more on the slower pace and i think it gives drivers the sense of its light "i don't have to slow down " blew of coarse it's a good idea to do that. >> >> also, be careful around the beaches and the coast areas, high surf warnings will be in effect from 4:00 in the afternoon to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow those waves could be huge. up to 30 feet high. national weather service issued coastal flood and wind advisories for parts of the bay
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area. they say wind gusts could top 35-miles an hour. >> >> it's often the case when there is rain here in the bay area, it means snow, sometimes in the the sierra. up to two feet, possibly more is expected. we could see a dusting of snow in the high areas in the bay area. national weather service is telling people not to travel in the sierra if they can help it. if you do head that way, carry chains, patience. you can expect forecasters say this is a preview of what is coming in the months ahead because of el nino. there are is disaster response plan in case el nino is as bad as some believe. yesterday, a drill at the emergency services headquarters in sacramento to learn how to handle possible flooding and landslides. >> this is the first time since
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the '97-'98 el nino. >> the land is very, very hard of we are very concerned about flash flooding and localized flooding in the communities. we had some catastrophic fires this summer. >> from state and emergency officials say if you live in a flood zone, you should consider buying flood insurance to protect yourself. there have been predickions this el nino will be stronger than the two biggest on record, 1992 and 1997. >> >> the first for the funerals of the victim of the san bernardino mass shooting set for this afternoon. one of the youngest victim, 27- year-old female. this is a go fund me page set up by her family. her family said she was looking forward to getting her official
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health inspector badge at the very event where her co-worker and his wife opened fire, killing 14 people. memorial services for the other 14 victims are expected to take place throughout the next week. there is anger over a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco. the anger boiled over at last
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night's police commission hearing. hearing. . protesters called for the firing of the police chief. dozens crowded into the meeting. others that couldn't get in chanted from out in the hallway. right now, mario woods body lays with 21 bullet holes. 21. in his body. >> you can hear those folks in the hallway that want to be heard. sheriff's department will be coordinating that process and i want to let you all know it's my goal we get to hear from everybody. >> police said they had no choice but to shoot woods when he ignored officer's demands it drop a knife he was holding. the commission is reviewing -- hoping to draft a policy by
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early next year. >> >> a muslim man woe was praying with his friend said is he overwhelmed with support from people who saw the cell phone video he recorded. he said a woman approached him talking trash about religion -- >> your mind has been taken over, >> the woman is denise slater. she told ktvu, she was discussing religion with the men when one of them came at her with a camera. she said she was the victim in this case. >> the self-defense part of me and i hit the camera with my umbrella. i can you not hit him. he got in, saying all of these words in his language to me, very hateful. >> reporter: a park ranger separated slater from the men. the report was turned over to the prosecutors office and there was a recommendation of battery or assault charges be
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filed, by the ranger slater works for the department of corrections, the agency released a statement saying -- time now, 5:11, new this morning. san francisco firefighters report 10 people are displaced after a two-alarm fire in the city's mission district. that fire on mission street near the intersection of mission and cesar chavez broke out about 4:00 this morning. fire crews were able to quickly control the two-alarm fire, but not before 10 people were displaced. the cause of the fire, not clear, yet, fire crews say they will stay on the scene, cleaning up for awhile, we'll keep you posted. >> >> time now, 5:11, coming up, a man tries to grab a police officer's gun in brentwood. coming up in 20 minutes, the struggle in the busy downtown area. >> >> no signs of giving up, the look at the latest flood damage
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in the pacific northwest, forcing the entire state of washington into a state of emergency. >> >> good morning, we are looking at the east bay commute, right now, it's wet all over the place and windy as well, there is a live look at interstate 880. you can see traffic is okay. just a little windy out there, though. >> >> rain and wind, two forecast words that will be with us for the next few days, we'll add cold to that mix later on. today, it's all about the system moving through. more coming up. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me
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>> >> welcome back to "mornings on 2". we are still tracking the wettable. give yourself extra time to get to where you are going. meteorologist steve paulson is busy. he will have your full forecast coming up shortly >> meantime, a state of emergency declared across washington state. heavy rains bringing severe flooding this week. in southwest washington, 80 people were evacuated. they were taken to higher ground, some leaving behind everything. including completely destroyed homes. in portland, one woman was killed a tree crashed into her home while she was in the bed. another woman died when her car became completely submerged, swept away because all of the severe flooding. more rain is expected in the
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pacific northwest today through the weekend. >> >> next week, san jose city leaders will consider installing two memorial freeway signs to honor fallen police officer michael johnson. johnson was shot an killed in march while responding to a call about an armed suicidal man. johnson was a 14 year veteran of the police department. according to mercury news, department is asking the at the to approve the signs before the outgoing police chief's last day january 16th. >> >> in chicago, protesters are demanding the city's mayor step down immediately. about 1,000 protesters marched there downtown chicago yesterday, blocking traffic and at times, clashing with police. tensions in the city are running high, police dash cam video of a deadly shooting a year ago was recently released. a white shot an african-
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american teen 16 types. the mayor apologized yesterday and promised more police accountability. >> >> our time is 5:16, in case you are just waking up, we have rain, high winds, wet roads, sal, i'm going to get out of the way and let you talk, because be have a lot to do. >> >> -- >> it's going to be rough out there, southbound 101, a crash -- we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza to see if it is getting busy. let's look at these live pictures, traffic will be slow this morning in many areas, right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, it doesn't look bad. 5:30 is when they usually turn the metering lights on. people are preparing for the rain, traps someone will not be driving today. most people don't have the option of having to go to work.
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this morning, we are watching all of that, so far, not too bad. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. we have a live picture of it as the traffic is a little heavy but it's not stop and go, and it's will go a little windy. it's not windy everywhere, but you will feel winds specially as you are crossing the bridge. southbound 101 in marine. there is a crash. highway 101 southbound, there is some slow traffic there traffic is going to be okay -- it's still light enough for you to get a decent drive-thru marine with the moan meant airily slow down. 5:18, let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. sal, here our system is barreling through, it looks ike it has gone through, a front over the bay area, giving us a burst of rain our system, pretty good line stretching from fairfield to marine
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county. american canyon, also vallej o, moderate to heavy rain as it slides through. marine county, thicker than that. just off san francisco, beginning to move into the sunset district there. -- -- , so, embedded within that could be some pretty quick downpours rain in the north bay has been good. two inches plus. santa rosa, three-quarters, one inch amounts around lake county. there will be more than that, steven up -- 54, showers this morning. windy, last night, you sleep right through it? almost a buck of rain with .97. a wind advisory for the north bay hills, going until 10:00. gusts, easy in some of the higher elevations, we have a
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high surf warning out. some swells exceeding 20 feet. water temperatures between 58 and 60 degrees. sierra nevada has a winter storm warning, it starts at 9:00 am. some of the rain you can see is letting up a little bit, but still our system is there. a lot of cold air upstream and it has to come through. rainfall amounts, i could say double these as you go into the weekend, but also sunday as well. there is going to be realliy totals to the north, mild, 00s to near 60 degrees. but the wind is the huge factor here. gusts 25-30-miles per hour. it will turn northerly later. that's a mounter system, look at all of the cole air screaming towards us. our next system, windy at times, here comes the cold air, off and on air into friday. rain and wind turning colder later, right now, really mild. light, moderate, heavy rain. 60s on the temperatures, but a
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lot of the temperatures will be set in the next hour or two. i don't think it will be much of a spread between the low and the high. don't forget, we have our weather app for you to get updates on warnings, watching. >> the weather app is really good. download it free. >> handy -- if you are a weather feind -- -- >> it goes wherever you go. >> all right, steve. >> thanks, steve. >> >> changes are coming to some major league ballparks to help protect fans before and after the games. major league baseball issued a statement about netting. several fans were injured last season and the netting would be along the wall within 70 feet of home plate. >> >> our time is 5:21, plans for
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foreemissions scandal up next, how volkswagen said they will now test all of their cars.
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time is 5:25. soak is saying it will change their emissions procedure. to avoid another scandal. they are introduce universal real test in on road driving it is believed a small number of
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employees were involved in manipulating emissions test and they say no top managers will be spared. the diesel scandal affected 11 million around the world. considered the biggest crisis in american history have you eaten at the elephant bar hesitant. check your credit card statement. -- illegal software was noticed on the elephant bar's payment system. it appears hackers may have accessed personal information. the elephant bar is your honoring their customers to look for suspicious activities and your credit card statements. there are nine elephant bar restaurants around the bay area. high-tech skills, but no access to the internet. inmates at san quentin prison are being taught how to code. >> >> plus, wet weather, it has arrived in the bay area.
5:27 am
we are in marine county, this morning, a light rain falling, right now, but it is expected to get heavier as we move into the morning commute. road conditions, coming up. have >> good morning, right thousand at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a wet commute and traffic will be busy as you come up to the pay gates. we'll tell you pour about how long it is taking you to get places. >> >> rain and wind, the only thing missing is the cold air, but that's in the mick as well. we'll talk about what will be an active pattern here over the next three to five days. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". >> >> it looks like the system has gone through, but not before about two to three inches of rain fell. the russian river and into northern napa county. the system is moving through, embedded within that, moderate to heavy rain. now -- fairfield. also, in san francisco,
5:31 am
stretching from daley city to the bayview district. an inch of rain in 10 minutes. there are some embedded cells -- right over the san mateo area. kristin nelson loved waking up to the sound of rain -- bring it on." well, we will be. it looks -- it is still some in lake county cold air, very mild right now, upper 50s for some. look at all of this taking aim at us, that gives us more rain than what we have, right now, some of the wind is prompting advisories up in the north bay. rain will be light, all of a sudden, it will pour. temperatures, mostly set by 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. difference between the low and high will be that much. >> all right, sal, some rain out there. alex, alex, you are up in
5:32 am
nevada, has it let up a little bit or what? >> as a matter of fact, it has, steve, you know, it's very light, right now, barely -- we have had heavier rain. let me show you, right along 101. alameda exit, all of the headlights you see, traffic coming southbound. we are beginning to see all of the traffic pick up this morning. obviously, you can you tell the roads are wet. they are slick this morning, hazardous driving conditions and chp worries about an increase in crashes when you have these conditions, it's awe good idea to drive cautiously as you head out the door this morning. rain may not be as heavy as it is, right now, but roads do remain wet this morning. take it easy out there. this storm expected to pick up as we move through the morning hours and the heart of the morning commute. it's awe good idea to be careful as you head out the door. the system, of course is
5:33 am
expected to hit here in the north bay. we should see the strongest rain up in this area, a couple of inches expected here throughout the day, so, it's a good idea to take it slow, out there on the roads, obviously, along with the rain, the other thing we are expecting and i know steve has touched on it is the winds. we are expecting strong winds, i heard janine speaking a short time ago. she is seeing some strong gusts on the peninsula. that's the other concern with this system is the strong winds. we have seen a few strong gusts in this area,ing to to speak of, but that's an issue, potentially when you talk about the concern for downed trees and that could keep public works crews busy in this area as the storm system picks up throughout the day, so far, mostly light rain, pockets of heavier stuff. we'll keep an eye on things up here in marine county as the storm system arrives. >> alex, i know you have all of
5:34 am
your gear on, but you say it's letting up a lit bill, like -- a little bit, as of right now. >> at this time, i probably don't need the hood, how about that. that. >> i think steve touched on it, but you will you get the cells, the little pocket, it will pick up all of a sudden, that's why i keep the hood on, just in case. >> we'll keep checking back with you. thanks, alex savage, make sure you stay with us. for updates on the storm. you can you get the latest information on ktvu. com as well as our twitter and facebook page and make sure you download the ktvu weather app. her app.
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mr. we are going to check in with sal for a look at the commute. >> i done need the hood, either. i think i'll take the hood in fact, i don't think i need the jacket. jacket. let look at what we have, traffic is moving along okay if you are driving around the bay area. despite the wet weather. it will be he wet out there. you will see the crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza is about the same. moderate drive into san francisco. by the way, in case you are you going to the sierra, so far, no chain rements for 50, 80 or highway 88. steve said about the snow
5:36 am
there, we'll keep watching it, you about the meters lights are on here at the toll plaza so you can see let's move along and look at the commute. traffic is moving along okay. a little windier on barrier causeways and bridges. right now, traffic is kind of calm here on interstate 880, an accident southbound 101. lincoln exit is closed. i want to thank janet riley baker on my facebook page who said that is a truck accident. i drove by it on the way to work. at the time, it was blocking the off ramp. we love getting your information on social media. we are on all of the platforms, hit us up, let us know if you can do it safely. 5:36, let's go back to the desk. desk.
5:37 am
a construction worker was hurt after he fell off a scaffolding in ardent hills. -- police say he was hurt, but he was talking with them as he was transported. >> >> police arrested a man in connection with his wife's murder. family and friends asked police to check on her and police did
5:38 am
and the victim's husband, a baby and a young child were also in the residence. police arrested kim on a murder charge and the children were taken into protectedtive custody. >> >> -- >> -- this is such a big threat and i totally understand how people feel scared. >> i see a lot of students of different races being invested in this sort of program and i really appreciate that as an african-american student. >> the student that posted a threat has been transferred to
5:39 am
another school. berkeley high school said they are looking for changes they can make to ease racial tensions on the campus and they hope to have more programs like this one. new this morning in three hours, president obama will sign a law to replace the no child left behind law. the program will require students across the country to take statewide reading an math tests, but the new law encourages states to limit the amount of time spent on testing. states will determine how to evaluate teachers, schools and school districts. >> >> time is now 5:39, a former navy nurse that served in vietnam has given the gift of education to future students at the university of san universe -- calling her a pioneer. in the 1950s. a time where nurses were not held in the same esteem steam
5:40 am
as today. -p before she died, she made it clear she wanted her $8 million fortune, most of which came from real estate investments in the area to go to her alma matter. >> >> now, there were no specific instructions on how the $8 million gift should be spent, university officials decided to set it aside for scholarships for students from the central valley where she grew up >> clay thompson listed as questionable for the warriors game against the celtics. he did not take part in practice, but did participate in a shooting drill. he sprained his right angle after scoring 39 points in the previous game. it's not clear woe would start
5:41 am
in place of thompson. it will be more minutes for different guys to step up. we will rehe prepare the same. we will be confident we can still compete and win games. >> tomorrow's game will a reunion of sorts. former warrier david lee. he said he loves his former team and has no regrets. >> >> that will be interesting. >> >> time 5:41. confrontation between a woman and a group of muslim men praying at a park in the east bay. all of it caught on video, coming up at 6:00, hate crime investigation that is underway. >> >> mark zuckerman takes to his own platform, the statement of solidarity he issued on facebook >> we keep watching the bay bridge toll plaza. it is about normal, backed up
5:42 am
for 15-20 minute delay. something more about the commute, up canning up. >> >> very strong cell stretching from fairfield, heading toward pittsburgh and concorde and right back towards san francisco as well. the system is here and there will be many systems in the next few days.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". you rain is here this morning, you can probably hear it outside of your door. give yourself extra time to get to where aphid to go. steve paulson will have your full forecast coming up. >> >> new this morning, security officials in switzerland said geneva police are activity searching for suspects in connection with the paris
5:45 am
attacks. police have increased their countedder terrorism vigilance level. they are also working with international and national authorities to find those suspects. the november 13th terror attacks in paris leftish people dead, hundreds more were wounded. wounded. >> see the woman in the middle of the screen, she's madonna. she staged impromisetu show -- madonna, right there, just finished her show in paris last night when she tweeted her fans to come join her in the plaza for some songs. songs that included john lennon's iconic song "imagine."
5:46 am
this has emerged as an unofficial an them in the face of the terrorist attacks. ttacks. attention will hold a gun buy back event aimed at getting weapons off the streets and reducing violence. >> violence distracts you from everything and the trauma that goes with it. lasts for generations, unfortunately for families and for the communities that are involved. >> the police say in the past four years, 950 guns have been surrendered at buy backs across
5:47 am
the city. they are offering $100 for guns and $200 for assault style weapons. the gun buy back is scheduled to be held on saturday -- on howard street between 6th and russ streets from 58 am to noon. police say guns can be turned in with no questions asked >> time is 5:47, sal is coming back, we are going to get out of the way, let sal talk. roads are wet. it's kind of dangerous in our morning commute. >> reporter: it is, one of the things people don't realize, people are drying slow for a reason. accidents happen, collisions happen when you are driving too fast, when you can't stop in time because of the wet roads. let's look at what we have, we'll start off with highway 24. you can tell it is raining here, now, traffic will be moderately heavy, but i'm actually kind of impressed by how careful people are being. we have crashes out there. more crashes than usual, but it
5:48 am
hasn't been all that bad. highway 24 eastbound before the exit, there is a crash there. southbound 68, 680. i'm going to start to read some of these of -- northbound 6680. we had a crash come in a few moments ago, give yourself plenty of time. bay bridge toll plaza, backed up as it should be, no problems in the upper deck by the bay bridge. we mentioned the east bay. we do have a look at the traffic here. it's not all that bad on the livermore commute 680 and we just had a crash reported at highway 84 in the noncommute direction, but it is there. we also just had it looks like we have a crash reported northbound 280 at truesdale avenue on the peninsula. this one just came in, so crashes are beginning to come in, please give yourself extra time. if you can't -- if you can, use
5:49 am
public transit. 5:48. let's go to steve. >> we are just getting started, sal. let's get to it. we have a lot to get to, fast, the first of many systems is beginning to move in, right now. it has moved through parts of the north bay. there are areas where it's pouring. the door is wide open, storm series, as far open as we have seen in a long time. we are going to get rain, then a break and colder rain brick friday night into early saturday. i think saturday, sunday, monday, when the really cold air comes in. not only that, but a lot of moisture tapping in. it looks very active for awhile, we'll go north to south, there is a lot of moisture streaming in off the coast, i'll show you that in a second. rain line very intense around fairfield.
5:50 am
very heavy rain for awhile. bayview district. sunset, some of the rain now moving south toward the peninsula. right over san mateo bridge. rainfall is coming in fast and fewerrous, furious kristi, one of our friends -- the wind, a lot of reports coming in, wind has been roaring. rainfall ams, they are going to change so fast. lighter amounts to the south, heavier amounts to the north as
5:51 am
the cold air comes in, we could see some heavier rainfall amounts than what we are getting, wind advisory for the north bay hills. you might as well include everybody, gusts easily to 45. high wind warning. swells every 15 seconds, some exceeding 20 and in the deeper water, 30-foot waves. there is a lot going on here from the heaviest rain, wind, snow is starting off high. a winter storm warning is out. that will turn to snow later on. quieting down here comes the cold air, 50s and 60s on your temperatures, south wind. that's the low, moisture sources feeding into it. look at that. look at the line there, the cold air, diving toward us. that's going to give us a wide variety of weather. the cold air is not here. rain and wind are. once that comes in, possibility of thunderstorms. 60s on the temperature, i a lot of the high temperatures will be set now. cold air comes in our
5:52 am
temperatures will plunge. municipal colder air. taking us into friday. sunday, monday, another very cold system. . >> thanks, steve. >> >> you have heard of test tube babies, but what about test tube puppies? how researchers have made a major breakthrough with the birth of these cute doggies you are looking at. >> mr. we want to see your holiday photos. here are some we have received so far. post your holiday photos on insta-gram using the # ktvu holidays and every day, we will pick our favorite and show case them.
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life... is unpredictable.
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life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". would you look at this, or rang tan at the barcelona zoo. the way it reacts to a magic trick. there is a chestnut in the coffee cup. -- -- all right, you have to laugh.
5:56 am
when the orangutan realizes the cup is empty and he goes -- wherever you have, you have to laugh. more than two million people have seen this video and we laughed, too. you can find it on our website at ktvu. com. >> >> for the first time ever, vets performed in-vitro fertilization in dogs. cornell university said you are looking at the first seven test tube puppies. the vets have not been able to use in-vitro until now because k9 pregnancies are different from other species. the single litter of puppies shows that ivf works across several breeds of dogs. >> this is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a beagel. where as this one over here is a beagle. they came from the same litter, different moms and dads, they were born at the same time, raised together.
5:57 am
>> they say this offers new options in treating genetically transmitted diseases and possibly preserve endangered species of dogs. ogs. time is 5:57, the big story, today, rain in the bay area. we have been tracking the wet and windy commute. just look outside, more coverage for you, "mornings on 2" at 6:00. how the weather is affecting your morning.
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good morning, it's thursday, december 10th. >> >> our bay area reporters are all over with regard to the morning commute and the storm. >> >> some lesser amounts to the north, but everything will be very, very fluid. but the front is moving through, pockets. moments of very heavy rain. some of the rain up to the north. don't let that fool you, a lot more on the way. some of the rainfall in the north bay, impressive. that's the line to pittsburgh, barreling through concorde, right now and into walnut creek. it probably looks like it's about to move into alamo and clayton. that's the line. some of


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