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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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including this one on highway 101. it wasn't just rain causing issues. strong winds. a tree came down on a car there on highway 116. welcome to the four on 2. >> round two making its way into the bay area. rain falling in san francisco. over to meteorologist mark tamayo with the latest radar. >> we have seen more developments over the past hour with rainfall developing and spreading to the south. a look outside. san francisco, union square. snoopy getting wet. the camera was dry 20 minutes ago but things have been changing. light to moderate showers moving into san francisco. here is the radar. the first part of the storm, the cold front moved through this morning. here you can pick out the radar. development focused in the north bay. one band moving into the bay
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area. a look at the radar. we have seen thunderstorm towards calistoga. 128. pushing the maps to the south. you saw san francisco, down pours. this was in marin county today. across the eastbound, across the bay bridge, oakland, hayward. this is one wave of moisture moving in tonight. we are tracking multiple waves and talking about thunderstorms as well. more about and a strong storm in the five-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. ktvu's cristina rendon is live in san rafael. the rain stopped? >> reporter: yeah. that's right. we have been here for an hour and when we first got here it was cloudy. we haven't seen rain and then the last 30 minutes that started to change. cars are driving on a slick
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road. we are seeing the beginning of this part two of rain. part one did damage. it was lot of crews that were working around the bay area. the first video is of a fallen tree. a tree that came down on two cars. one of them a truck, it was damaged but no one was hurt. and we talk bowed rain, can't talk about it without talking about -- about the rain, can't talk about it without talking about the accidents. in the east bay, the city of pleasant hill says they are on storm watch. residents are concerned with large amount of leaves. they are concerned it will clog up the trains tonight. they have crews clearing out storm drains and catch basins. >> we have had a lot of wind
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and rain over night so there are a lot of leaves on the ground. >> reporter: we were on boyd road this morning, an area that is prone to flooding when the creek fills up so it is something residents will be keeping an eye on today. people have r driving on -- have driving on slick roads, if you plan to head out, play it safe. one of the biggest problems is people don't adjust to the rain. >> thank you. cristina rendon live in san rafael. council on american-islamic relations has been evacuated. this is the second cair facility in the universe be evacuated today. sky fox 2 over the offices
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right now. hazmat crews as you can see on scene investigating the report of a foreign substance inside the building. ktvu's azenith smith is live at the scone with more on this developing situation. >> reporter: the building has been evacuated for four hours now. we just got an update. authorities are still investigating this substance that was found and it isn't clear when they will let folks back in. according to cair after 12:00 p.m. this afternoon staff members here at the office of cair which stands for the council on american-islamic relations received a suspicious item in the mail. that mail contained a powdery substance. there was a later inside, they called authorities who evacuated the building. three staff members were evacuated from the cair office. here is what the cair
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spokesperson said over the phone about this incident to me. >> i am angry. [ indiscernible ] again, they believe this is a hate attack and she had a message that whoever is behind this they won't be scared off. earlier today -- back out here live we are waiting to hear from the authorities whether or not it is dangerous. they are still investigating. to give you perspective that cair spokesperson said it has
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been four years since they received this type of mail but since the paris terror attacks they have been getting an increase of hate messages. >> any connection made between the d.c. office and the santa clara office? the one in d.c. being cleared, any talk of that? >> reporter: right. we don't know yet. that is something we will ask about. whether or not there is a connection. i asked that cair spokesperson was there a return address, addressed to a specific person. it was addressed to care but there was no return address there. we will keep you posted if we find out more information on that. >> in d.c. we know right away immediately authorities found no hazard. that envelope will stay with the fbi to see if there was a danger to figure out more, who this is coming from.
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azenith smith live, thank you. today we learned more from the orinda police chief about the arrest of a man who pistol whipped a nanny and then took off with the family car. it happened tuesday afternoon. police chief says oakland police officers spotted the stolen porsche last night and arrested the man after a short pursuit that ended when he crashed into patrol car. a 5-year-old was home at the time and traumatized by what happened. >> she gets really upset and she shuts down when we talk about so we will avoid the subject in front of her. >> the homeowner said the nanny is upset and taking a few days off. police are looking for an older white lexus and a possible second suspect. the lexus was seen near the scene of the crime.
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a program meant to educate youth and build better relationships between the community and the police and tonight a supervised invested into learn your rights in california. she joins us now. let's talk about this $250,000, what will it look like for this program and what will it provide? >> there is a crisis of trust between the community and the police and it results in the unneeded arrests of young people. the program started 18 months ago and has been able to serve 2,000 young people. the additional 250,000 will expand the program to serve 5,000 young people. >> give me an example of what
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the youth are being taught by the use of the money. >> they are being taught what to do if they are approached by a police officer. being told what their rights are. what they have to say. what they don't have to say. it is interesting because the public defender who started the program was stoped in an airport in washington, d.c. and had to use the program there. >> who is doing the teaching? attorneys from the public defender's office -- >> yes. the public defender is involved and his staff as well. >> what does this -- what does the research show when it comes to understanding your rights and use of force by police. >> when young people or anyone knows their rights and does not act in a confrontational manner with the police and knows what
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the police can do and what they can't do many unneeded arrests are avoided. >> any law enforcement agencies that participate in the program that joined the public defender's office. >> it is done by the public defender's office but i believe the police would be in support of this. the point is to keep young people in school and out of the juvenile justice or police system. >> how do we choose these students? where are they coming from? >> my money will fund oakland public schools. we have been doing outreach to teachers. my understanding at this point 60 teachers signed up to have the training. >> all right. congratulations on the $250,000 donation. >> thank you. i hope it does a lot of good. >> thank you.
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protesters in chicago today wanting to be seen and not heard. angry demonstrators took to the streets over the shooting death of a 17-year-old but today was different. who was involved and what they protested for for 16 minutes. >> and with storms moving through get forecast information with the ktvu weather app. it is free, all i have to do is such for ktvu -- search for -- all you have to do is search for ktvu. >> 280, 87 interchange in san jose. nothing to sluggish right now. it could get worse as the rain starts to fall again in the area. the four on 2 will be right back.
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protests continue in chicago over the shooting death over laquan mcdonald. today medical students staged a die in. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> the die in lasted for 16 minutes representing the 16 times laquan mcdonald was shot by chicago police officer jason van. last night chicago mayor rahm emanuel apologized for the
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shooting and promised to over haul the department. the calls for his resignation are growing louder including a new effort to get him recalled. >> 51% of the citizens want rahm emanuel out. i am sure it is greater than that. we are going to work to get these petitions together. >> president obama has been silent on the back lash against the mayor. rahm emanuel is his friend and former chief of staff. he says president obama is limited in what he can say as president especially during a justice department investigation. he will likely speak about it when he is out of office. it was graduation day at san quentin state prison. a real career once they are released from prison. ktvu's john sasaki tells us how they learned computer coding
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without the internet. >> reporter: two inmates led the way into graduation for code 7370. the program has thought them to be software engineers. >> a way for me trying to be a better person, help other people. >> reporter: he has been behind bars for 15 years after a drug related murder but now he is a graduate and he developed a web application. >> an idea that stemmed from my story of over coming substance abuse. developing a passion for fitness. i created an online life coaching service. >> reporter: they had no experience with coding and some never used the internet. this work and learning happen inside the walls of one of the most famous prisons in american, they do everything they do, learning to code, creating web applications with no access to the internet.
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>> i owe it to my victim and society to come out of here a better man. >> reporter: the accomplishment brought out supporters. one of the biggest supporters is mc hammer. >> they are creating new start ups, building companies right here inside san quentin. that needs to be applauded. >> we enable them to get internships with companies on the outside. they will have a portfolio. the experience of working. >> as part of this group and program, and the learning, i feel like i have a chance. >> reporter: no wonder this program cuts residsump to under 8%. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. >> good to see them doing something positive while serving their them. weather now.
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>> sure. >> woke me up this morning. i could hear it. >> i got that rain gauge -- [ talking at the same time ] >> talking about the second wave moving into the bay area. happening right now, wet roads with developments. our chopper. lots of clouds. the rain showers to the north of this. we have moisture detected in the area. as a result wet roads as well. the next impulse moves in from the north. you can pick out on the satellite and radar. an hour ago. a quick mover. approaching the central portions of the bay and the south bay as well.
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radar loop. closing in on this activity right now. light to modern cells. san mateo. rainfall rate -- nothing too extreme. wet roads half moon bay, san mateo, redwood city, broadway. moving cross the bay, north as well, you can pick out for oakland and concord, yellows and oranges, more moderate down pours around orinda. 24. and moving the maps around. we will take a tour of the bay. ports of the north bay. started towards sonoma, marin county. rainfall totals guerneville an inch and a half of rain. mill valley 3/4. santa rosa half inch. san francisco quarter inch. san jose .04. this evening we are seeing another wave move on shore.
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we will keep the rain chances for tonight. especially some of the models 7:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. bringing in more rain showers and possibly, look at this, thunderstorms. the most unstable part of the system moves in tonight. that could trigger showers and thunderstorms. could be heavy at times as well. off shore we have big waves. high surf warning right now. current reports out there. high surf warning in place into friday. and also that with high hide, coastal flood advisory for friday as well. wavers 18-23 feet. a lot happening in the pacific. over night hours, showers, sunday we could be talking about a stronger storm. for tomorrow we will have scattered showers for the early morning hours and a chance all day long. best chance for the first half of your friday. saturday a chance of showers
4:21 pm
especially in the north bay. the next system moves on board on sunday. that could be a stronger one. tonight 7:00 p.m. rain showers a possibility. thundershowers as well. 10:00 p.m. then we hold on to shower chances friday morning. you will notice the more breaks in the activity by friday afternoon. 12:00 a chance of a shower. highs for tomorrow, in the 50s to 60 degrees. the cooler air arrived. san jose 59. half moon bay 56 degrees. seven-day forecast a lot to talk about here. we will talk more about the sierra. they have a winter storm warning. >> sunday looks nice. [ talking at the same time ] >> looks great to be inside. [ talking at the same time ] >> the rain could be coming down.
4:22 pm
urb small stream flood -- urban and small stream flood advisory. >> we are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of my storm in guerneville. [ talking at the same time ] >> 10 years ago. we will see -- >> amazing. >> thank you. nfl hall of famer and former oakland raider head coach john madden released from the hospital. why he had surgery and how he is doing now. >> where we rank the worse in the nation.
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jared fogle begged a judge not to let him rot in the landfill of lost souls today but the judge still sentenced russell taylor to 24 years in prison as part of a plea deal. he was the head of a foundation jared fogle started in 2009. facing 35 years in prison, prosecutors say jared fogle got videos from taylor and encouraged him to produce more. jared fogle was sentenced to 15 years last month. john madden is recovering from successful open heart surgery. the nfl released a statement this morning saying he
4:26 pm
underwent a procedure yesterday in san francisco to repair blockages around the heart. nfl commissioner roger goodel says he talked to him and says he sounds great. california is making progress when it comes to fighting obesity, smoking and infant mortality but we are ranked as the worse in the country when it comes to another health issue. ktvu's allie rasmus explains the surprising results. >> reporter: california gets high marks when dealing with smoking issues. >> california has dedicated itself to preventing tobacco abuse. >> reporter: low smoking rates and low infant mortality are related. 12% of the population smoke.
4:27 pm
fewer pregnant women are smoking and exposed to health. the study measures obesity rates in the 50 states. 25% or 1-4 people in california is obese. that number is good compared to other states. >> the 4th best in obesity in the nation. that is the good news. the bad news is, 24.7% of the population is obese. that is not good news. >> reporter: californians get a low grade for not being physically active enough. >> 21 in the number of couch potatoes in the country. that is related to the fact that you are 29th in the number of people who are suffering from diabetes. >> reporter: 10% of the population has diabetes. above the national average. other challenges, high levels
4:28 pm
of air pollution, the worse in the nation, and a high number of uninsured people. they take data from state health departments to put the study together. california's over all health was good. ranked 16th in the country. the state with the best ranking was hawaii, louisiana came in last place. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. the terror investigation in san bernardino movers underwater. the fbi just updated us on the investigation. divers scouring a lake, what they are looking for when the four on 2 returns.
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the fbi searched a lake today not far from the site of the mass shooting in san bernardino. a dive team was called in after investigators received a tip the couple was seen in the area. syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire during a holiday party at the inland regional center that was last wednesday, killed 14 people. >> we think this search will last for days. very possible. we would be remisnot to --
4:32 pm
remiss not to go into the lake. at the end of the day we may come up with nothing, we don't know yet. >> my number one concern is the protection of the integrity of the investigation because remember, if there is a prosecution it could be two years from now. the prosecutors and the agencies and the officers will be there to help present the decisions that we make in the initial days. it is important that we are methodical and think things threw in what we -- through in what we say to the press. >> authorities were looking for a computer hard drive in the water. the fbi said today a meeting was held yesterday with families of the san bernardino victims. u.s. attorneys, san bernardino sheriff, police chief and fbi and district attorney met with family members. they met with families of those
4:33 pm
killed as well as those injured. >> they are getting closer to bringing charges against the man who bought the guns. more from san bernardino. >> reporter: new revelations about the san bernardino mass shooting as the investigation moves forward. authorities looking at potential charges against metheme man who -- against enrique marquez, the man who bought two of the assault rifles used in the shooting. >> i find it unbelievable. they are our neighbors. >> reporter: investigators say enrique marquez who is related by new jersey syed farook. -- by marriage to syed farook. law makers are asking if the attack could have been avoided. >> if they had discovered the
4:34 pm
evidence then if they were apprehended before they went on the murders spree. >> reporter: 14 ceremonies planned in southern california over the next week. there have been a number of vigils in and around san bernardino. police, civilians and officials all working together to help the community heal. >> what this does is unify us. it creates an energy that we need. >> reporter: briefings held today for the house and the senate. the fbi promising to keep lawmakers in the loop as the investigation proceeds. in san bernardino, jonathan hunt fox news. the fbi said a woman checked herself into the hospital realizing she was injured from the mass shooting, that makes the number of
4:35 pm
injured now 22. major league baseball wants teams to extend the protective netting across the country. in june a woman in boston was struck by a broken bat. she was injured but has sense recovered. that was one of several incidents that prompted fans to file a lawsuit. this week they tackled new rules for fan safety. >> reporter: netting that shields fans in field level seats. >> if you are that close to home plate you should be protected by a screen. we are in compliance with that recommendation. >> reporter: warning signs are
4:36 pm
already in place the recommendationinizecourage teams to continue to -- recommends the mlb to encourage teams to -- >> flying objects. we will reinforce that program and make sure we have that well communicated. >> reporter: fans have mixed reaction. >> it is appropriate. people getting hurt with the foul balls. >> i think it is a good idea. safety first. i think if it limits visibility, yeah. 2015. [ indiscernible ] >> you want that foul ball.
4:37 pm
>> as for the teams in the bay area we spoke with the a's, they said netting is in compliance. coming up, no child left behind gets replaced with the every student succeeds act. >> and in weather, another band of rain showers across the bay area and thunderstorms. coming up where the heaviest rain is falling right now. >> and another look outside 880. coliseum. a lot of rain here in the last 30 minutes. the cell moving south on 880 towards hayward. traffic in the southbound direction slow at this time. the four on 2 will be right back.
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pg&e avoided having to pay $1.3 billion in fines if they were found libel for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the new fine they could face is now $562 million. that fine was calculated by doubling $281 million, the amount the company saved by not keeping the pipelines in compliance. the explosion killed 8 people
4:41 pm
injured 66 others anded dozens of homes. -- and destroyed dozens of homes. no child left behind act -- [ cheers and applause ] >> the every student succeeds act shifts control to states to determine how low performing schools need to improve and reduces the federal authority of the secretary of education. the bill reverses the powers of the no child left behind act. that was signed in to law by president bush. it reduces the pressure for standardized testing. >> the value that says education is a civil right. with this bill we reaffirm every child regardless of race, income, background deserves the
4:42 pm
chance to make out of their lives what they will. >> the president called the bill an early christmas present. the year is coming to a close, that means taking a look back. twitter broke down what everyone was tweeting about in 2015. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. >> global social issues playing big this year. most influencement -- influential moments. >> what happens in the real world every year unfolds on twitter. 2015 was no exception. we put together a list of the most influential moments on twitter and we took into
4:43 pm
consideration, volume, impact, engagement and significance. at the top of the list was the pray for paris hashing hash -- hashing it. twitter -- hashtag. twitter is a huge global community. there is a ton of support on twitter. it is where people went to come together. >> talking about the international events. closer to home in the u.s., black lives matter? >> it was number two on our list this year. it is something that started as a hashtag but it emerged into something bigger. we saw 9 million tweets using the hashtag. >> this caught my eye. this year it took one person
4:44 pm
four hours to reach a million followers. the story of caitlyn jenner. >> that's right. caitlyn jenner joined twitter this year. she sent one or two tweets, introducing herself to the world. and in a matter of four hours she reached 1 million twitter followers that broke a record as the faster person ever to reach a million followers and broke the record of president obama. that is why it made the list. >> the global conversation in february, a particular item. >> that's right. one of the more fun viral moments around #the dress. this was one dress that was seen two different way. some people saw it as black and blue, others white and gold. fun to see that conversation on
4:45 pm
twitter and see different celebrities to express the colors they saw. one of those delightful moments. [ talking at the same time ] >> white and gold? >> blue and black. [ talking at the same time ] >> what about retweets? >> every year we crown one tweet as the golden tweet. the most retweeted tweet. last year that went to ellen degeneres. this year one direction had a big year on twitter. harry sent a simple message to his fans of gratitude, thanking them for everything after their band member announced he was leaving. >> surprises about 2015? >> one fun trend is we saw were emojis. we looked up the most tweeted,
4:46 pm
the cry of delight. very popular. used 6.6 billion times this year. huge. >> big year for twitter 2015. 2016 we will see what happens. >> thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. [ talking at the same time ] >> let's talk weather. active day. started this morn. the colors of the dress, green and yellow on the radar -- [ talking at the same time ] >> rain showers have been pushing into the area. round two in the north bay this afternoon. moving to the south. more thunderstorms tucked in behind this. a closer look at the radar. you can see the activity over the past 4 hours. the coverage in the north bay. santa rosa, marin county as
4:47 pm
well. fairfax. we have been watching this one cell, reports of thunderstorms towards murogga -- 880. we have heavy down pours. increasing rainfall rates. that is happening from concord, to antioch. wet records highway 4, bay point as well. this activity is approaching the south bay. you can see the border approaching sunnyvale and fremont. san jose clouds. we still have cold air behind this. thunderstorms, more thunderstorms for this evening. south bay for tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. scattered showers out there. temperatures will be in the upper 40s. and then into the afternoon hours, a chance of a shower all day long. plenty of breaks. partly cloudy skies.
4:48 pm
and then same deal by 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. friday evening with partly cloudy skies. lots to talk about. over night rain showers, the possibility of a thunderstorm. a break friday into saturday morning and sunday possibly another storm approaching. it could be stronger than the one today with revier -- heavier rain and gusty winds. tomorrow showers in the morning. saturday the chance of a shower in the north bay. saturday night, sunday, next storm matches on -- marches on shore. lake tahoe today they had a winter storm warning in place right now. chains required on 50 and 80. snow fall 1-2 feet for the highest elevations. our forecast model, tonight the possibility of thunderstorms rolling across the bay area.
4:49 pm
between now and 10:00 p.m. tomorrow morning scattered showers. we will hold on to the chance all day long. the best bet is for the morning hours. saturday 6:00 clouds, scattered showers in the north bay. the next front moving to the south, that will be on sunday. highs for tomorrow, the cooler air arrived. we are not going to warm up too much. mid-50s. san jose 59. santa cruz 58. half moon bay 56. your five-day forecast, a very active weather week. we are getting the breaks which is good. chance of a shower for your friday. maybe light showers especially in the north bay by saturday afternoon and saturday night. heavy rain sunday and possibly another shower into monday. remember those days with morning fog, afternoon sun -- [ talking at the same time ] >> nice to track the changes. >> days where you had no idea
4:50 pm
where your umbrella is. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. julie haener live with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> in the wake of the san bernardino shooting and talk of tighter gun control laws the owner of a gun store says he has never been busier. the weapon he is selling the most of. >> we are not done with the wet stuff yet. >> more this weekend. right now another storm is taking aim at northern california and more rain falling around the bay area. our team is track it all for us. how much more we could expect. more on this and more coming up on the news at 5:00 p.m. familiar names on the list of the best places to work, coming up next, one of the top spots pogoes to an unusual -- goes to an unusual employer, a church.
4:51 pm
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jardiance is free for one year for eligible patients. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit look at the stories people are talking about on social media. every year glass releases its list of the best companies to work for. >> the list just came out. a lot of tech companies on the list. not surprising. airbnb took the top spot. they didn't make the list last year. some of the other unusual suspects on the list facebook, linked in and google. the mormon church made the list. ranked 22. employs 10,000 people. employees rave about working. >> the church outranked apple.
4:54 pm
they ranked 25 on the list. 82% of employees would recommend working there to a friend. 87% of those working for the mormon church would. 95% approve of the ceo. 99% approve of the president of the mormon church. ever tried to talk your way out of a ticket? >> so long. [ talking at the same time ] >> singing your way out, that is one man in florida did. [ singing ] >> singing. a singer son to the police officers -- sang to the police officers who would have gave him a ticket for not wearing a
4:55 pm
seatbelt. . >> the video has been shareload over facebook and he got around -- shared all over fluke and he got a round of applause -- all over facebook and he got a round of applause. -- with a break in the rain the northwest dealing with mudslide and a chance for tornadoes.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. floozing in the pacific north -- flooding in the pacific northwest. heavy rain and wind is blamed for two deaths in oregon and caused damage to homes and businesses in oregon and washington. plus flooding is making it difficult to travel for some people on roads underwater or blocked by mudslide. the national weather service is reporting a possible tornado in portland and more rain through the weekend. >> a lot of serious concern about what could happen if it is the perfect storm. >> anybody that has been through it can tell you it is not an easy process. one inch or 12 inches or higher, it is hard. >> the storm knocked out power
4:59 pm
to 100,000 customers and crews are working to restore service to residents. >> the governor declared a agent and mayict abivate the -- state of emergency and may active the national guard. the weather a big story today. another storm moving into northern california and taking aim at the bay area. >> live picture. the rain held off for most of the day. the latest as another round of wet weather is just starting to hit. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> i am julie haener. morning showers gave way to cloudy skies through most of the day. here is what it looks like right now outside. there is the bridge there. gray and drizzly. more rain moves in to the bay area. all the wet weather today played a role in a number of crashes during the morning commute. the roads got a brief chance to
5:00 pm
dry out but more rain is starting to fall. the san mateo bridge. the roads look wet out there right now. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the next storm system for us tonight. >> the morning commute is messy. over night rain made for a nasty commute. showers moved out and the afternoon turned out nice. sun came out. last hour or two another band of heavy showers moving through the bay area with thunderstorms reported in murogga and point reyes. we will show you where we are with the current radar. in this area we have had thunderstorms develop. i wouldn't be surprised if we are seeing a thunderstorm out of this even though the computer is not registering it. might bow cloud to cloud lightning. i think it could be a


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