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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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is friday, december 11. as we zoom in i am with my friend dave clark and i am brian flores morning -- i'm dave clark. the went stormy they area weather is the big story this morning -- starting with team coverage -- janine is in the south bay -- first let's go to meteorologist steve paulson to see where it is raining now. >> in many areas -- it is the gray suit day -- i got the memo. >> [laughter] >> a good thunderstorm overnight -- hill reports -- this is midwest weather -- wait five minutes right, dave? >> some of the pale can fall fast and some snow will continue for a while although the winter storm warning has ended. these cells are coming out of the northwest at -- that's the
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pattern right now. the temperatures are cooler -- this is the line that went over us at 2 am -- look at that -- it has moved off but there is another line moving over -- some snow in lake county -- reports at copper mountain -- i'm not surprised. >> a pretty good sell went over sand ramon -- pleasanton and livermore and dublin. also rain over in fremont and pleasanton and from sever toga into the santa cruz mountains highway 17 could get some brief heavy rain and hell reports -- the whole line from livermore to fremont back over to mountain view and sever toga and san mateo santa cruz -- 40s and the temperatures -- every chili -- sierra nevada will get snow throughout the day. we will have off and on rain showers -- >> a cloudy to mostly cloudy day -- off and on rain and
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chilly with thunderstorms. the highs will be below normal in the 50s. some of the thunderstorms have caused damage -- >> sal, back to you. >> a budget problems -- the weather has caused big problems -- several crashes reported on 580 -- >> in the lakeshore area all the way here there is a backup let's bring in gasia -- are you stuck in the traffic? >> i have been stuck here for the past 22 minutes -- we haven't moved at all.
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i take it for granted that i can usually get to work in seven minutes. >> i have been stuck for 22 minutes. >> lakeshore is three quarters of a mile ahead of me -- i can't maneuver my me back -- my way back. >> i haven't seen a total truck or emergency vehicle -- the activity must be in front of me -- nothing has come up along the shoulder of the road. >> it's interesting that you said that -- i'm listening to the police radio -- they are ringing people in -- that's what they are talking about -- they aren't coming by you -- it would take forever -- their coming from the other way -- a are making the closures to get to the scene of the crashes. gasia, there is more than one crash and they have called for
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several told trucks -- they don't see -- they don't say when they will open the lanes. >> i'm worried -- i'm supposed to be on the air in one hour -- i am not even five i am not even 5 miles away but i'm worried i will make it. >> keep us posted. there's nothing you can do -- they are making some progress so hopefully you will be out of there soon. >> thanks. i will send you a tweet when we start to move. >> thank you -- >> that was gasia she works here. >> she is stuck on 580 -- we will keep you posted. >> let's take a look at some other things -- the bay bridge toll pleasant -- things are moving along well. despite what you see here it's going to be dicey driving especially if you are driving
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near standing water. i have a feeling that is what happened -- standing water is reported in many areas. when the cars drive-through at they get in trouble. >> 5:043 >> all across the bay area -- we will pay close attention to the forecast -- also check in the sky for the rain we've needed. you probably got a wake-up call by thunder and lightning. >> i heard it, too. the storm brought rain and strong winds and hail to many parts of the area including hayward and oakland. it was raining in the south bay early this morning. >> janine is in san jose -- you are covered up -- what's it like out there?
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>> we are here near the airport -- i didn't have my coat on 32nd scope and it just started coming down. it's still light but it is -- it's something. >> the last time it started to come down was about 3 am -- it was coming down pretty hard and then it stopped. we've been waiting -- i'm not sure if this is it. let me show you some video that we took. a vehicle accident. a car traveling in the southbound lane of 101 hit a light pole and overturned and caught on fire -- they got the driver out. he was rushed to the hospital. the injuries are unknown. the officers don't know if the slick roads contributed to the accident. it has been busier than usual because of the rain yesterday and what is forecast for today. at midnight they responded to another accident which was a head-on collision at kirk -- the driver and passenger died
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-- it was also waiting at the time. another reminder to slow down -- we will be driving around to look for the rain to see if it is causing issues -- i'm not sure if you can see the rain drops but you can see that the roads are definitely wet. so we will check around and see if it is janinecausing problems and we will get back to you in the next hour per >> all right,. talk to you later. >> 5:07 -- if you are headed to the sierra make sure to bring the change as they are required -- chains are required. >> in truckee heavy snow has been falling and the roads are slippery and the winds are high. the forecasters say 2 feet of snow is expected above 6000 feet. the snow is expected to continue to fall to the weekend. make sure you are prepared.
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a reminder -- get forecast information with the weather app. it offers live radar and warnings for your location including the sierra. it is free -- search for the app store for ktvu it is 5:08 -- more rain is expected -- one lane has been reopened after being buried by a landslide. >> thousands were stranded yesterday. the main highway connecting washington and oregon was shut down. site being warned a lot of drivers drove through onto flooded roads. >> new this morning -- 4 were killed when a medical helicopter crashed. the helicopter was transporting a critically ill patient from order bill to the hospital in bakersfield when it crashed halfway during the trip. the 4 people on board including
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a pilot anderson paramedic and patient were killed. >> the cause is not known but there was heavy fog and rain. the bad weather prevented rescue crews from reaching the site for about one hour. >> also happening the family of a man shot and killed by the san francisco police will sue the city in federal court. the family of mario words hired john burris to represent them. >> he said he will present a new information and enhanced cell phone video of the shooting. police say they had no choice but to shoot woods was a stabbing suspect -- he ignored their orders to drop a knife. >> the fbi has joined the investigation into the discovery of a suspicious white powder in an envelope cairand sarah declare -- a worker at the offices opened the letter containing this substance yesterday. >> also the word infidel -- the
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hazmat crew responded and one dozen were evacuated and three were taken to the hospital. this was a precaution. it's not clear if this is in reaction to the mass killing but people involved say it is misguided. >> this is unsettling and depressing. knowing that there are hatemongers out there who would seek to intimidate people working in an office. >> cair the washington dc office also received an envelope yesterday -- the authorities found no hazard that with these things both happening on the same day police are looking into a possible link. >> 5:10 -- a nanny was pistol whipped to during a home invasion robbery in orinda. in 20 minutes, the clue that led the police to the suspect. >> the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino -- why the
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fbi investigation is focusing on a lake. >> looking at an east bay commute that is tricky because of the wet weather -- highway 24 at 680 -- the traffic is now moderate. >> up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale, ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2 -- the fbi investigation of the shooting is focused on a lake -- the fbi dive team is searching the waters of seccombe lake after getting
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reports that the shooters came here after opening fire at an office building and before they were killed by police in a gun battle. the divers be looking for the hard drive missing from a computer found at the couple's home. >> the reason we are here today is because we had the lead that indicated the subject came to this area. we have now put a dive team into the lake -- this is a logical part of covering the lead. >> in the meantime, funerals from -- for some of the victims began this week -- the family and friends gathered yesterday. >> velasco was an environmental health specialist. >> the attacks have fueled a run and gun stores nationwide. the owner of the petaluma gun shop said this week has been
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the busiest in 10 years -- one popular seller is begun used in the mass shooting. >> they are concerned about stricter gun control laws in the future. >> when you tell folks you want to take away their right to defend themselves and they will buy guns. >> this search is reflected nationwide. state records show that more than 30,000 guns were sold in the six days after the san bernardino shooting. that's about a 50% increase over the same period last year. >> tomorrow the police are holding a gun buyback event aimed at getting weapons off the streets. reducing violence. in the past four years 950 guns were surrendered at buybacks in the city. >> this will be held tomorrow at the offices of the community group united playa has -- it will happen from 8 am until
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noon -- they are offering $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. it can be turned in with no questions asked. >> it is 5:16 -- let's get you moving -- we have a lot of crashes including one -- gasia is stuck. >> there are several crashes here on 580 -- i will put it on the map -- several crashes -- in bad luck they opened up the lanes after one of the crashes -- the vehicle first in line took off and then they got into a wreck -- it's one of those things -- i would avoid 580 and use 880 instead -- the entire area between 35th and 918 -- 580 interchange is a big mess. give yourself extra time as you
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drive through -- one of our anchors have called them -- she is not moving -- she's sitting in her car. it's going to be terrible -- use 880 -- let's take a look at this on the live camera -- the camera is not focused well -- 880 is the alternate -- let's go to 280 in south bay -- it looks okay -- going through the interchange -- no problems in the south bay right now. >> 5:17 -- let's go to steve. >> thank you -- >> in richmond thunder and lightning and petaluma parts of the east bay -- numerous reports of hail and snow in the mountains. >> a winter storm warning has been dropped but from kirkwood mountain -- the stoke level is at 23, brian. >> i would expected to be
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higher. >> by monday it will be. >> all systems go in the sierra nevada -- this is as good as it gets for december. >> the system sunday and monday -- the snow level down to 2500 feet. a lot more coming in three >> still snow showers -- decreasing. things are winding down. there are still some chain requirements but the winter storm warning is over. >> embedded is a line that went to early this morning about 2 am -- thunder and lightning and hail. occasionally some areas don't get a drop in. >> that is the pattern -- everything out of the northwest. snow into parts of leica county -- i had reports of snow at copper mountain. >> some higher elevations are showing a mixed -- mount hamilton to be getting some snow. livermore back over toward this -- some of this again on the higher elevations seeing a
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mixed this a petition -- i'm not surprised. very cool air -- >> willow glen and back from saratoga and it looks like into the santa cruz mountains over the highway 17 could be tough. 40s in the temperatures -- a whole chilly pattern on the peninsula pacifica and san mateo 46 and menlo park -- lost altos -- cool at 45 -- >> 28 in truckee -- still some snow showers. 43 in you kia and 43 are can -- everything continues to rotate from the northwest -- living the coast. anything goes. we should start to see things calm down by tonight -- saturday looks like a break when than the cold system moves in on sunday. >> off and on rain showers -- every chili -- under storms and breezy at times.
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50s and the temperatures -- a day of below normal temperatures that will not warm- up for a while. >> a stray shower or two on saturday -- cloudy with rain and the cold rain -- we will see snow in almost all of the peaks by monday morning. >> look at the highs monday it's -- low 50s. >> tuesday through thursday. >> it has been a while since we've seen snow on the mountain. >> it's coming -- maybe today -- maybe hamilton. >> thank you. >> sea lions are in trouble -- what scientists believe could be putting their lives in danger. >>
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welcome back -- there could be more stranded sea lion pups in the coming weeks -- according to scientists the national oceanic and atmospheric administration -- from january through may they elected more than 3000 see lines that washed ashore along the california coast. the mammal center in sausalito treated a record number of malnourished sea lions. they expect and equal number of strandings based on the low weight of the pops. researchers who studied this found this to be the lowest average weight in 41 years of testing. they say the warming ocean is affecting where the fish are located that the see lines depend on.
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>> we are weeks away from the iowa caucuses but there is talk about what could happen at the republican convention if donald trump remains the front runner. >> the post reports gop leaders met yesterday to prepare for a contested convention with the party's establishment would push for another nominee. mainstream republicans think trump is a dangerous candidate who doesn't promote conservative values. >> some think the republicans might not just lose but it could hurt other candidates as well. >> it will make it difficult for republicans to maintain control of the senate -- it will make it tough for republicans in blue and purple states to hold onto governorships. >> some analysts say another risk is that trump will run as an independent as he is threatened to do. he could still enough of votes to act as a spoiler handing
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over the election to a democratic nominee. >> later today we will hear from the chicago family of the african-american teenager killed. >> police video of this was recently released -- mcdonald was shot 16 times by jason van [ null ] was been charged with first-degree murder. >> protesters have accused the police of covering up the shooting. >> today mcdonald's family will think the public and for pushing for reform. >> a 10-year-old from livermore got the chance of a lifetime -- it was initially put on hold by the paris terrorist attacks. in may jacob garcia was called up on stage at a u2 concert. last month the band staged a concert and the fans voted to bring back jacob to do it again. >> you to flu the family -- q 2
5:26 am
for the family to paris on the day of the attacks. >> we were on the plane -- the doors were closed -- we were taxiing to take off and we got the last minute phone call. >> they let us know what happening -- wasn't clear. they told us to get off the plane but it was too late. >> the family ended up traveling 11 hours to get to paris only to turn around and come back. >> u 2 made good on the promise and blue the family back for the rescheduled concert. >> jacob garcia led the line of fans as they joined the band on stage again. >> i'm sure he had a blast. >> 5:26 -- turning and underpass into a piece of art -- this is scheduled to debut tonight. >> plus, another wet morning in the bay area and a lot of
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things are happening -- we will take a look at some of the accidents caused by the storm. >> a bad morning commute -- a problem in oakland is taking a planes. avoid 580 -- the rest of the area and the golden gate bridge -- traffic looks good although it is very wet everywhere. >> pretty good thunder and lightning and hail overnight -- still a possibility today -- what about the weekend? we'll have your forecast coming up. >>
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good morning -- welcome back -- it is friday, december 11 -- i'm brian flores in 4 pm cook. >> steve is back -- you got a lot to do. >> overnight thunder and lightning inhale -- takes the the pictures around richmond there was hail stacked up -- we could still get more thunderstorms -- this is a cold unstable pool of air -- anything goes -- heavy rain -- thunderstorms -- this is the line that went in early -- including cold air. >> some of that might reduce snow -- more likely sunday but there are reports in the lake -- cobb mountain has had reports of snow. it is cold enough -- from altar not pass self of livermore and
5:31 am
san jose around evergreen area and southward toward gilroy and the santa cruz mountains could calls all sorts of issues. 40s and the temperatures -- chilly out there. the moisture continues to rotate -- the being the host and san francisco and san mateo coast -- look at all the cold air -- we would get a break tonight and the next system sunny. >> cloudy to mostly cloudy -- breezy at times -- cool temperatures -- they are in the 50s. >> 580, sal yes. they released some of the vehicles that were stuck in the back up -- the vehicles that were released ended up getting in a wreck down the road. >> i believe it. >> they were released and then they got into a crash -- a brand new wreck is reported.
5:32 am
a bunch here on 580 westbound at -- between lakeshore and 980 -- i will put it on the map to let you know -- there are several crashes coming in on westbound 580 -- use 880 as your alternate route -- 580 is backed up -- nearly out to high street. there are several people stuck in the back up -- including our anchor, gasia are you there? >> i'm here -- the traffic started to move in the past three minutes -- now i am almost on the 980 crash -- i can see blinking lights ahead -- now it is slowing down -- this is where it curves off -- i'm on the right hand signed -- the traffic isn't as bad as the
5:33 am
stand still -- i was stuck for almost a full hour. that has cleared up. the second one seems to be minor. >> absolutely. >> the big mistake that people make -- after being stuck for so long -- they hit their excelerator -- that's what happened. they got stuck and hit the accelerator -- they got into a wreck. passed slowly and you will get here. we hope you will make it five 6. is there anything else that you see?>> when i was passing the lakeshore mess i saw debris in the road and flares and a pickup truck on the back of a tow truck -- it looks like i am able to get onto 980 -- the lanes are open. i'm about to make the left
5:34 am
curve as you look to the right and see the bay bridge -- i think i will make it. >> i will see you in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, gasia she was stuck in the traffic. >> let's go up the road to the bay bridge. the metering lights aren't on because everyone is stuck on 580 -- >> this morning on 280 -- in san jose -- the traffic looks fine. so does the peninsula. >> let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. >> more reports about damage caused by the overnight storm. christien kafton is live in oakland were a tree fell on an apartment building. >> this court have been a lot worse. we will give you a look -- the sense of the damage -- the top part of the tree stretching
5:35 am
over the top of the apartment complex -- we thought it was a branch -- that's the top of a tree that collapsed. as we walked down here into the driveway you can see the whole area here filled with debris from the tree which collapsed in the area. a couple of minutes ago we saw a crew from the city arrive here to assess this. they have left and said at this point in time there's not much they can do. >>. video that we shot earlier -- this happened at 2:30 a.m. when they tree came crashing down. it is about a 50-70 foot eucalyptus tree that came crashing down on the home of tony wagner. >> we heard a lot of thunder and lightning. we heard a huge crash. i thought it was lightning. i thought it was thunder. i realized it was something
5:36 am
bigger. >> it was quite a bit bigger -- the tree came crashing down -- you can see the water here -- there was heavy rainfall in the area and wind. the neighbors told us he was concerned because there was another tree that fell earlier this year -- they didn't know this was going to go -- they say with the drought we've had and with the sudden bout of rain they were not surprised to to have a tree collapsed down -- they just didn't expect it to be quite this big. the good news is nobody was injured. the concern is that there are more trees in the area -- we are on the backside of the apartment -- they say there are more trees -- a whole stand of trees -- they wonder if another will be the next to collapse. anytime you have a drought like
5:37 am
we've seen and a sudden deluge of rain the trees can crash down. fortunately although this crashed into an apartment complex, nobody was injured. >> good news, christien. thank you. >> 5:37 -- major traffic problems on interstate 580 -- several accidents this morning. you heard gasia on the phone talking to sal -- she has been out there for about an hour trying to get here. >> joining us live in oakland, what's it like now? >> good morning. standing water is causing issues on on westbound 580 -- this is the lakeshore avenue entrance. as we push in maybe we can catch a glimpse of her -- a major backup is beginning to form -- this is because of a
5:38 am
couple of accidents that are near the interchange. here's a video that we shot from the scene -- there was a big pool of standing water in the fast lane -- we watched the cars coming through in a couple of cars lost control and spun out. chp has shut down all the lanes here to try and clear the standing water -- traffic is backing up on westbound 580. >> this comes after a series of crashes believed to be related to standing water on the roadway because of the strong storms. initially a lot of folks were backed up near lakeshore avenue coming up on westbound 580 and that was because of standing
5:39 am
water that caused 2 separate accidents involving a total of five cars -- no one was seriously hurt, thanks goodness. with the latest series of accidents no serious injuries but it is taking time for chb to clear the standing water. >> that is causing the backup up behind us. >> everybody has to be careful -- hydroplaning is a problem. >> alex savidge thank you. >> the power is out for about 700 homes and businesses -- we have a map to show you -- this is from p gmt -- scattered power outages mostly in the east bay -- we talked to pg&e -- there are 473 customers without power. there are a few dozen without power in the peninsula and the north bay. >> make sure to stay here with
5:40 am
us for all the latest information on the storm. we will have live reports throughout mornings on to -- you can send us your photo and share on the facebook instagram and twitter pages. >> 5:40 -- the police department is the focus of more allegations of racism. the defendants arrested in a drug case made a complaint against the officers at the tenderloin station. they claim they were sexually harassed and they broke the rules on body searches. >> 14 people made statements now a part of a court filing outlining the accusations. >> the defendants want the drug charges dismissed. they say they were singled out because of their race. >> a teenager has been arrested for a shooting on in oakland trail after chp caught him driving the victims car. >> the body of the victim was found tuesday along a shoreline
5:41 am
trail or the oakland coliseum. he had been shot. the issued and alert for his missing car. the officers spotted the car wednesday on 580 and detained the driver. he was booked into juvenile hall. >> police arrested a man on suspicion of a violent home invasion -- 18-year-old armani miller broke into a home and terrorized a five-year-old girl and pistol whipped the nanny. the family has hired a company to upgrade their security system. it shook up the girl that witnessed the entire attack. >> she gets upset. she shut down when we even talk about it. for now we will avoid the subject. >> the suspect kicked in the door and stole the porsche and suv and 2 ipads. a camera recorded images of the suspect being dropped off in the neighborhood in a white
5:42 am
lexus. >> police traced the license plate and eventually tracked down miller. >> give ready for life in downtown san jose starting tonight the city is kicking off the public art display -- take a look. >> one of the displays is located at the freeway underpass along santa clara st. at the highway 87 overpass. there are 35 different combinations with the display. the evening will kick off with an illumination proclamation by the mayor and the event will be held rain or shine. >> 5:42 -- east bay homeowners are accused of using too much water -- they are accused of violating the drought limits including buster posey and yamaguchi. >> first, can the warriors keep their winning streak
5:43 am
alive? >> we are looking at a commute that's going to be tough -- standing water -- a crowd at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. we will tell you more coming up. >> well you could have no rain at all or he could be pouring -- let's see if there is more on the friday forecast. >> and more time making room at the table. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. great change find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday comes from doing the rit thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us.
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which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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good morning -- welcome back -- it's 5:45 -- look at the pictures -- i know you heard it overnight -- rain and thunder and lightning. the rain came down hard. >> people are posting the pictures of all the lightning that lit up the sky -- you said you heard it. >> yes. >> in the sierra chain requirements are in effect this morning. steve paulson will have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> if you stay indoors you might want to watch the
5:46 am
warriors as they go for the 28th win. >> whether or not claim thompson place will be a gametime decision -- he went through a through drills a few drills yesterday -- he was about 70%. he sprained his right ankle tuesday in the game against the pacers. the interim head coach said if there are any concerns about his ankle -- he won't play. >> we are in game 6 of a 7 game road trip -- we are doing our best to have fun on the road. after tonight warriors have one more game and that will be tomorrow in milwaukee in the bay are back home at the arena wednesday. against phoenix suns. >> do think you play? >> i will say no. >> that's what i'm ticket.
5:47 am
>> sal is thinking about the commute -- we have all kinds of stuff happening because of the weather. >> that's right -- look at the commute -- we will go there -- westbound 580 -- several crashes approaching 98 see -- one it lakeshore and one near harrison. a bunch of the crashes have been cleared -- standing water me up in the reason for the problem here. >> 580 is backed up to 35th between their and fruit vale and you should avoid 580 -- use 880 instead. >> also looking at the toll plaza it is backed up from macarthur -- the metering lights are on -- this is the normal backup -- getting there they be tough. i would use 880 instead. >> in south bay we've had a decent commute -- getting off to highway 17 the traffic looks
5:48 am
okay. >> 547 -- let's go to steve. >> we are experiencing off and on rain -- there are breaks -- the snow continues even though the winter storm warning has been dropped -- there will be some snow showers there and if you are up there -- 18-24 inches of snow -- yesterday the snow was a disappointed -- i said wait for the cold air. >> then it turned into a great storm. >> you called it, steve. >> just wait. >> kerry brown says i believe the entire bay area is stoked. >> because of snow or rain. >> carry is clever. >> snow continues -- it is winding down but there is still some there -- the cell that went through -- parts of
5:49 am
richmond -- reports of hail are incredible. the system has moved off -- there is still more from the northwest. still some embedded -- some of the higher elevations could get a dusting of snow -- sunday or monday looks like a better chance -- inverness -- san francisco -- also along half moon they -- some snow has been reported. some other areas as well -- stretching from ultima and pass toward watsonville and the cantor -- santa cruz mountains and in scotts valley hwy. 17 and wrapping back over to coriolanus -- some of the rain could be moderate to heavy. north bay -- isolated cells and thunderstorms from bottega bay and a little bit inland. look at the 40s -- a cool pattern down south -- 4647 --
5:50 am
boulder creek 44 -- santa cruz up 49 -- san jose state 49. going along the coast that is what we are dealing with coming out of the northwest -- this cold air has to rotate over. that keeps us in the soup. more rain today -- a break tonight into saturday and then we cloud up again and a cold system -- this looks more dynamic -- sunday into monday -- that could be cold with snow around 2500 feet. >> clouds on saturday and sunday -- the wayne -- the rain returns. >> mostly cloudy may be a few breaks in the sun -- thunderstorms possible today. the breeze will kick in at times -- nothing like yesterday morning. 50s -- below normal. it will stay below normal for a while. the temperature trend is down into monday. a little rebound on tuesday.
5:51 am
>> record highs in the northeast -- maybe 200 above average. >> it's unbelievable. >> thank you. >> a major part of college basketball -- storming the court after a big win -- coming up, the dangers of this that one journalist found firsthand. >> one of the most popular concerts -- when next year's concert is expected to take place. >> where member, we want to see your photos -- dave clark is clapping. >> yes, i like the little girl on the bottom left. >> these are some we have received -- post them on instagram -- that's cute. >> we will choose the favorite to showcase on the instagram page. >> stay with us.
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>> life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell
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doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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welcome back to mornings on two -- a walnut creek police officer is recovering after being hit by a driver -- it happened yesterday before 5 o'clock -- the officer was directing traffic near buena vista and families road to --
5:55 am
hit by a passing driver -- the collision over onto the hood of the car and back onto the road. the driver that hit the officer said he never saw her while he was driving past the accident scene. >> football legend coach john madden is expected to make a full recovery -- he had open heart surgery -- they released a statement saying he had a procedure at a hospital to remove a blockage. he was released from the hospital wednesday. >> roger caddell talked to john madden and said he sounds great but he's frustrated about being on injured reserve and can't wait to get back to work. >> 5:55 -- one of the hottest gifts this season -- the airlines say don't bring your hover board to the airport -- delta united and american announced that they will not
5:56 am
announce -- not allow hoverboards as carry-on or checked baggage. it is a safety concern because the devices has a lithium battery. federal rules limit the batteries allowed on planes because of the risk of combustion. >> organizers of outside land announced the dates for the next music festival in the gate park. >> i love it when dave clark starts to dance. >> this year's lineup includes elton john and kendrick lamar and black keys. >> it will be august elton john and kendrick lamar and black keys. >> it will be august 5-seven. the full lineup will not be announced until the spring when the tickets go on sale. >> we have stuff to talk about -- we have been tracking all kinds of problems. including this -- a huge tree that crashed onto an apartment in oakland -- a live report
5:57 am
coming up. >> we are looking at the commute where the traffic is going to be busy -- especially in the east bay and also at the bay bridge -- we will tell you more coming up>> still some rain clipping the coast of -- off and on snow and a chilly pattern on this friday -- we will have your forecast coming up. >> there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that.
5:58 am
was. epic! [ bark ]
5:59 am
that is in the bay area -- the rain is pounding our area -- take a look -- we have seen hail and so the lightning and heard thunder as well. here is another problem in the storm -->> this is ktvu mornings on 2 his another problem -- i got ahead of myself there -- the problem is the downed trees -- at an apartment complex in oakland -- not far from 580 -- christien kafton will level
6:00 am
live report coming up. >> welcome back -- good morning -- friday, december 11 -- i'm brian flores and i'm dave clark. another story we've been following -- several crashes on interstate 580 -- also a lot of standing water and hydroplaning. gasia shot this video -- she was a stock on the freeway behind the crashes for almost an hour. we are inside your car -- looking at what is happening on the road. she was finally able to get moving and chp clear the crashes -- when she walked into the station everyone applauded. >> she has been working -- she let us know what is going on. >> talking on the phone. >> letting us know -- sh


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