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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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an early morning bike ride turns into a sad scene in south san jose when a bicyclist hit by a car and killed right in her own neighborhood. i'm gasia mikaelian. police were called to the accident scene just after 8:00 this morning. the car and the bicyclist collided near chenoweth and box hall circle. the driver tried to save the bicyclist and gave her cpr, but she did not survive. >> it does not appear speed was a factor. it just appears to be a tragic accident. >> police say the bicyclist is in her early 50s, but had
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releasing her name. criminal charges are unlikely. we know the two parents killed in a crash along altamont pass were from oakland. two young children survived the crash. the driver lost control on 580 during heavy rain at about 10:30 yesterday morning. the car hydro planed and flipped several times. 5-year-old and 6-year-old taken to uc davis for serious injuries. president obama is sending defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to gather more military aid. >> coalition aircraft, fighters, bombers and drones have been increasing strikes, nearly 9,000 as of today. >> the president spoke from the pentagon after a briefing from the national security council. the u.s. and allies have already taken out many leaders, he says,
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financers and recruiters of the terror group. >> isil has not had a single successful operation on the ground in either syria or iraq since the summer. >> islam he can state fighters have lost about 40% of populated areas they once controlled in iraq and lost thousands of square miles in syria. secretary of state john kerry will be m russia tomorrow. here in al, a girl was walking a loaning sonoma avenue when a man in a parked pickup got out and tried to get the girl inside the truck. police say they put up a fight and -- she put up a fight and made a lot of of noise, neighbors heard her and called police. the suspect was described in a white truck in good condition with some items in the bed and
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that he was hispanic, in his early 40s, about 5-8 with dark hair and a short, stubble beard. a second person was in the truck at the time. today prosecutors described the baltimore police van where freddie gray was fatally injured as a casket on wheels. jury deliberations have begun. he's pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges in gray's death. he died in the hospital a week after he suffered a spinal injury in the back of the police van. the prosecutor told the jury there was no reason not to put a seat belt on someone in the police wagon. the death sparked rioting in baltimore and beyond. five others also face charges. san francisco's police chief wants to give his officers shields and tasers, two weeks after five officers shot and killed a man in the bay view district after police say he
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reviewed to drop a knife. the crowd control shields would be used when police confront someone with a knife. the report says the idea is modeled after police policies in london. a cargo ship near the golden gate lost a dozen shipping containers near the bridge this weekend. rough waters were to blame. we have new pictures here. we see debris still there on baker beach. it appears the waves pushed the crates against the rocks. there are people out there loading up and clearing the green boxes away. the beaches are closed for the cleanup effort. allie rasmus shows us the view from the ground. >>reporter: we are on baker beach where you can see debris are interest that shipping contain -- from that shipping container that fell overboard and broke. this is actually a piece of styrofoam. dozens of plastic crates were in
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the shipping container. an environmental company is back out here this morning. they tell us they are a local diving company based out of sausalito. they're in charge of cleaning up. they have been since this all happened on friday evening. now, a shipping vessel was leaving san francisco bay around 9:30 on friday on its way to hawaii. it tried to make a turn just beyond the golden gate bridge and 12 containers fell overboard. a coast guard lieutenant talked to us this morning about the conditions that led to the problem. >> it is definitely the seas. 20 miles an hour winds and 19-foot seas near the sea buoy at that time. when the vessel turned to leave the pilot vessel is when the containers fell off. . >> the company that owns the
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vessel is called matson. they hired a local company out of sausalito to be in charge of the cleanup. you can see them working on that out here this morning. they're in charge of also finding and recovering the other 11 containers that went overboard. this morning the coast guard had a helicopter overhead looking out for any signs of those other containers. we're also told volunteers from noaa are going to have people walking up and down the shoreline along san francisco to sought and keep an eye -- to spot and keep an eye out for the other shipping containers. allie rasmus, fox 2 news. twitter issued a warning to users that state sponsored hackers may have tried to access their accounts. it's reportedly the first time the company has put out this kind of warning. they sent notices to a small group of accounts that were are targeted. but no indication they were able to get sensitive information.
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drone owners got more information today. people will have to register them with the government. the new rules go for aircraft that weigh from half a pound to 55 pounds. 13 years and older have to register on an faa website. otherwise parents register for children. december 21st is the first day to register. on friday, a study was released that found 240 near collisions between planes and drones nationwide in the past two years. a near collision is when two aircraft are within 500 feet of each other. the study also found that most of the drones involved in near collisions were flying higher than allowed by the faa, above 400 p feet. gop hopeful carly fiorina is in town at a lunching fundraiser in palo alto. tickets are $500 a person and $2,700 to be a host and have a picture. she'll be one of the nine
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candidates on the las vegas debate tomorrow. a poll released gives donald trump a larger lead in national polls with 41% support. ted cruz comes in second with 14%. however, texas senator is leading several iowa polls. this weekend trump began taking aim at ted cruz, calling him a little bit of a maniac. some say ted cruz is hoping to pick up trump supporters. >> he'll win iowa. this has been building for a while and trump is going to have to deal with the fact that he's based his entire campaign on i'm leading, therefore i'm the winner. what happens when he loses iowa? >> the candidates faceoff tomorrow night for the final debate of the year. nine candidates will be on stage including senator rand paul who was on the bubble just days ago. promoting a new kind of bike sharing, electric bikes. the ceo of swift mile says he had had the moment when he was
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stuck in traffic and saw someone on an electric bike whizzing by. he discovered half of car trips are less than 3% and 30% are less than one mile. the electric bike is a perfect way to make that one mile trip more fun and easier than riding a conventional bike. >> hey, i'll just grab a swift mile when i get off the trainer the bus, so people can really use this as a true means to help kind of solve that congestion and smog and pollution. >> the epa and google are of testing it. he hopes they'll eventually be launch to the general public. wild chase in richmond this morning, chased by helicopter, car, and officers on foot and he was ditching evidence as he drove. the k-9 team that finally made an arrest. the change in policy that's letting 75% of paroled sex
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offenders live anywhere. and the busiest mailing date of the year. the important deadline to make sure your gifts don't come in late.
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. richmond police arrested a driver who tried to run over a chp officer. he took off after trying to run
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over the officer and threw a pistol out of the car he was pursuing. helicopter helped track down the suspect. the driver crashed into a light pole and then took off running. a richmond k-9 officer was able to track him down with the help of his k-9 partner. the 20-year-old suspect was arrested. police have yet to release his name. flags are flying at half staff in connecticut today on the third anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. a man killed 20 of the first graders and six educators. this is the first year it's falling on a school day. the town is not planning any events, but there will be an interfaith service at a church tonight. gun sales set a record for 2015. there was a big jump in firearm sales on black friday and the
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days after the san bernardino mass shooting. there were 1.5 million background checks this year, breaking last year's record. the bay area news group reports that gun sales on black friday were four times the average from other days in november. california congressman is hosting discussion on gun control at the state capital. a democrat who represents contra costa, lake, napa and sonoma counties is sponsoring the forum. he says the bill would enforce background checks on all gun sales at gun shows over the internet and through classified ads. he says his bill would close a major loophole. the event was scheduled a month ago, before the san bernardino shootings. 75% of california's paroled sex offenders no longer face
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housing restrictions. they were previously banned from living near where children congregate. more than 4,400 of estimated 5,900 parolees are no longer restricted. state officials say they can keep better track of offenders who have housing instead of living on the street. set to vote tomorrow on a law that would allow bicyclists to roll through stop sign. the bike yield policy was needed in september. eight supervisors need to vote in favor to override a veto by the mayor. the board is short two boats. it was proposed -- two votes. it was proposed in response to police ticketing a number of bicyclist. today expected to be the busiest mailing date of the year for christmas packages. janine de la vega has more. >>reporter: the main post office here in san jose opened up at 8:30 and there was already a
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line of people waiting to get in. it's going to be that way all day. now, during lunchtime and in the afternoon, that's when the lines get really long. now, here are some important dates. tomorrow the 15th, is the last day that you can drop your package off at the post office and have it ship standard so it will get there by christmas eve. if you mess that tomorrow, the deadline for first class mail is the 19th. for priority mail, it's the 21st and for priority mail express, it's the 23rd. >> they go to and go to click and ship. labeling and everything can be done online. they can schedule a pickup and we'll come to you and pick up your packages and bring them in. >> that's an option to consider. the distribution center in san jose is handling nearly 7 million pieces of mail today, a million more than a typical day. at the oakland facility, two million more.
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it puts a strain on the system, but officials say it shouldn't affect on time deliveries. many also using fed-ex and ups. the deadlines for those are also this week if you want it to arrive in time for the holiday. you can send it the week after, but it is going to cost you more. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. starting today, commuters have a new way to get from san rafael to emeryville. golden gate transit is running 5 buses westbound in the mornings over the bridge and 5 buses eastbound in the evening as part of a pilot project. if the program is successful, golden gate transit will keep the project going. it's funded by a measure passed in 2004 to deal with congestion on toll bridges. prefree wie -- free wifi on the buses. heavy storms this weekend left damage all over the bay
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area. in san pablo, a large tree crashed down on two homes and crushed a car. the storms also transformed one oakland road into a forest as a 60-foot tree fell, missing houses and parked cars. new video to share from san jose that shows the storm damage. this is a downed tree in san jose not far from city hall. a photographer says the downed tree damaged the hood of an suv. these pictures from the high tide in pacifica were posted to the ktvu by willy bee bee. crashing over the pier and even on to the cars. high surf advisory was issued for several areas along the coast. santa cruz saw waves reach 30 feet high. happy monday afternoon, everybody. happy chilly, cold, breezy monday afternoon.
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mostly clear skies. we had a meteor shower last night and probably tonight as well. there were a couple reports this morning, but i think we'll see more later tonight and tomorrow. the good news when that system went by, a series of systems left behind about two feet of snow. powder city in the sierra, good for the water content. there goes our system from sunday. that was a robust, vigorous system. now it's just the cold air coming down. i think tonight will be colder than this morning. we had enough of a breeze to stir things up this morning. occasionally clouds and light rain might hit coastal areas. we'll get buildups inland, but overall clearing fast and getting cold. water temps coming down. i think these will drop a few more degrees and you can see why. everything is calmed down in the sierra. a few isolated showers are
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possible. things continue to just drop down out of the northwest, after that things calm down and quiet the until the weekend when the next system is set to arrive. a few isolated showers tonight. very cold. temperatures drop into the 20s and also 30s. they're not going to get very warm and stay there. the days are so short, the angle of the sun is very, very low, translating into below normal temps and 50s. extended outlook is cold and into tuesday, wednesday, maybe tooly fog. start to increase clouds in the north on friday, then looks like rain arrives saturday, sunday, maybe again by this time next week. breaking news in san francisco, lease in the bay view -- police in the bay view district are on scene of a deadly accident. we're told this was a bike versus car accident in the 500 block of woolsey. the area is going to be closed
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for at least another hour. if you're not familiar, this is west of 101 and a couple blocks away from saliburton high school. police are at the scene of a fatal bike versus car accident. they'll be closing down the street. it will be that way for at least an hour. avoid that neighborhood. you see this car appears to have damage to the top right of the windshield. i'm assuming that was the car involved, but we're waiting for investigators' word. we'll have more coming up for you on the 4. coming up, $63 million lottery prize that no one has claimed. the important investment it becomes if no one comes forward.
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go?
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they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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. live look at the new york stock exchange. you see the dow is up by about a dozen points right now. all three indexes appear to be on track to finish flat today. about half an hour to go left in trading. today samsung filed an appeal of a multi million dollar judgment in the patent dispute with apple. they were ordered to pay $399 million for illegally copying aspects of the iphone. the company says the jury focused too broadly on the overall appearance of the phone rather than the individual aspects of the patent. the design spoons and carpets don't apply to modern technology
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is what they think. gas prices could be less than $2 a gallon before the holidays. the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.01, 55 cents less than this time last year. analysts expect the average to fall to under $2 before christmas. about half the states are below that already. cheapest in south carolina, average price in, $1.79. not that cheap in the bay area, of course we're paying more. average price in san francisco is $ 3. oakland it's $2.62. pen a less in santa rosa -- penny less in santa rosa and san jose. a ticket worth $63 million was sold in chatsworth, california, and unclaimed for the last four months. winners have six months to notify they are the winners and collect the jackpot and it's
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been four months. money from un cashed tickets goes into the fund for public schools. more than $7 million in prize money went unclaimed last year. the most anticipated movie of the year in theaters late this week. tonight some lucky fans get to get the force awakens before everyone else. three theaters in hollywood will roll out the red carpets tonight for the premier. people have been lining up since last week for the film. it opens in theaters on friday. coming up today on the 4, we're continuing to monitor the search for missing shipping containers. as we reported earlier, nearly a dozen containers slipped off a cargo ship just outside the golden gate on friday. now contends are washing up on bay area beaches. the latest on the cleanup effort
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and the search for the other missing containers. that's coming up on the 4 with mike mibach and keba arnold. have a great day, stay warm. see you back here at 4. [ end of realtime captioning ] ning ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> nice, ugly sweaters, everybody. speaking of ugly, anyone see ben affleck's back. >> look like the tattoo on his back is real. >> this tattoo's been there since the beginning of the mid-life crisis. >> god, doesn't anybody know about a porsche? >> kendrick lamar. they recently asked president obama what his favorite song of the year was and he said "how much a dollar cost." we asked about the song itself -- >> help as many people as you can. you don't live forever. >> when you see a vagrant, always give him money. you never know when jesus is asking for a dollar. >> the guy masturbating asking for a dollar could be jesus. >> nicki minaj is deep in love with meek mill. she went to court yesterday to basically testify on the stand.


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