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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 18, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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driving rain drenching thousands of cars in its path tonight. i am ross columba in for jeff [ indiscernible ] >> this system is the first in
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a series that will bring rain to us between now and christmas. let's get to chief meterologist bill martin. >> there is more rain. the head of this was two hours ago. most of us got 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch but the rain continues to fall. you can see the areas of red that represents the heaviest rainfall. around palo alto, the rain is coming down significantly. that's the tail end of the front dragging across the bay area. oakland has light, scattered showers right now. you are getting a little bit of a break. scattered showers over hercules. the heaviest rain has gone further to the south. if you go to the meetings, -- the mountains, it is raining hard. heavy rain moving into lake tahoe -- i-80 corridor and into the echo summit area. a
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winter storm warning is in effect. how much rain will we get? we could see up to 1/2 inch of rain in san francisco, 1/2 inch of rain in the oakland area. that's not a lot of rain. there is more rain behind us. we have another storm coming in, storm number 3. we will talk about saturday specifically, when you can get out and sunday as well. we have rain for both days. live in alameda, ever has been braving the roads. >> it's just a little bit -- cara has been braving the roads and the rain.>> the storm hit the east bay right in the middle of the friday evening commute.>> it's a lot of traffic. it is a lot of traffic. >> reporter: there was a sea of red tail light. traffic was slow going. >> there is a backup but i
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think it was worse this morning because of the paint spill. this is not as bad as that. it is definitely impacting us. it takes patience. >> reporter: the rain made for puddles and slick roads. this gas station attendant -- patron welcomes the storm. >> i think it's great because we have been in the drought and this is really helping us.>> i feel like we are getting a free car wash. we are happy about that. >> reporter: downtown alameda, a lot of folks are trying to stay dry. they are squeezing and some last-minute shopping. they came prepared for the wet weather. >> brothers -- umbrellas and wrinkled. i love the wet weather.>> we haven't seen much of it in the next -- last several months. >> reporter: a common sentiment
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, people are happy to deal with minor inconveniences when it comes to the much-needed rainfall.>> as you know oftentimes people underestimate the danger of a light rain. have you seen many accidents tonight? >> we saw a minor fender bender at a gas station but that was the worst of it work --. >> you can turn to the weather team all weekend long. rosemary roast go -- rosco and bill martin will be giving you updates. many gifts being left on people's porches this season, porch theft is rampant. >> reporter: she saw the delivery truck and what happened next was a surprise. every year it grows, a gallery
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of fees that to venture onto porches to steal holiday packages. 33 million americans were ripped off this season alone by one estimate. surveillance cameras do not faze them. here's an image we don't often see, a mug shot. >> everyone was so happy that they actually caught in. that is so rare.>> it happened here because a resident watching ups make a delivery saw the box snatched immediately after. >> there were stolen packages in the back of the truck>> reporter: they found four packages in the truck and more in the home. >> he has been busy because we have identified victims from different areas. >> reporter: at least 10 victims. some of the retrieved
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items could go back to the victims. >> everything from power cords to lotions to toys to pretty much everything you can think of. >> reporter: most weren't intact, the merchandise long gone, sold or if not expensive, trashed.>> we try to match things up with victims. >> it's too bad that had to happen. so many kids are looking forward to it.>> reporter: a woman came unto this man's porch earlier this month and took his box and then left a box of dirty close. he would like to see her caught even though no doubt it's a disappointment. >> she got a sewer cable for my trailer. >> reporter: a sewer cable? >> yes 35 bucks.>> -- >> reporter: she had fun with that. >> good luck. >> reporter: john [ name
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indiscernible ] was a suspect who was caught in santa rosa. he has already bailed out of jail. this is considered petty theft but it's not petty to the victims.>> it's amazing how much it's happening. is anything we can do to try to deter it? >> a lot more people do have cameras. at the same time, online shopping has never been bigger. more packages are coming to our homes and that is opening up the opportunity. >> thank you debra. one person is dead after a fiery crash in southern south -- southern san francisco. the pickup driver lost control while exiting highway 101 at more than 100 miles an hour. he went through a fence and then hit a tree and then the truck burst into flames.
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the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. and 88-year-old driver plowed into the side of this building on industrial boulevard. it is not clear why that driver lost control but they were going so fast that you can see it went all the way into the building. the driver was not actually injured. an all-out battle in the rain. thousands of people armed with light sabers are hoping to break a record. they gathered dust off the embarcadero in san francisco.>> jana katsuyama you -- is there armed with only a microphone. >> reporter: [ laughter ] people have not left yet. the rain is coming down slightly that people are having so much fun. people have come with their own light sabers. summer here in costumes. they are all to -- they are all here to break a record but
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also have fun. >> [ cheering and applause ] [ chanting ] >> reporter: in pouring rain the force confronted forces of nature. organizers say they headed out about 3600 light sabers. many people showed up with their own. >> i found this one deep in the cave on different parts of the planet. >> reporter: some flew in from out of state to join the events 40 43 battle party and they -- for a pre-battle party and a post party.
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>> the existing record is 730 -- 7000 which was at the san diego comic con. we are almost guaranteed to smash the record. >> i am really getting into it. this is better than a holiday company party. >> reporter: [ laughter ] this is how all of this works. they have 24 hours to break the record. tonight they are going to be worth -- moving to seattle in san diego to have other events and hopefully bump up the numbers. it's incredible all of these people having fun. whether or not they break the record, which we will find out tomorrow, it is about honoring star wars and the whole epic story and having a good time. >> i saw on the facebook page that they actually have a light saber academy. how serious are they?>> reporter: they do. it's like they studied the movie. >> some are just banging this was a run and others are
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showing their lives or their light sabers. >> thank you. they are out in full force tonight. "the force awakens" is already breaking box office records. it brought in $57 million for last night. the final filmed -- film of harry potter had the previous record of 40 previous record of 40 million -- $40 million. imaging having to store all of your worldly possessions and a storage locker. that is what one bay area family is forced to do as a search for a permanent home. >> -- checking the showers for your saturday forecast. i will give you a timeline on what you can expect. president obama in california, his private meeting with the families of the san bernardino
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shooting victims is next. great change comes from doing the rit thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause.
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your health. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. it has been 16 days since syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire at a holiday
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party. 14 were killed and 22 others were injured. the married couple who carried out the attacks died a few hours later in a gun battle with police. president obama arrived in san bernardino where he met privately with families that lost relatives in the shooting rampage. the president and first lady arrived just after 7:30 this evening and were greeted by local officials. is motorcade then departed for a high school 1 mile away were families of the victims and first responders waited to meet him. his visit to southern california was added to a scheduled trip to hawaii where the first family will celebrate christmas. just before leaving washington he held his traditional end of the year news conference. used the opportunity to hear what he considers to be this year's successes including a landmark climate change agreement and the legalization of same-sex marriage across the country. >> after decades of death -- defecated -- dedicated advocacy
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, marriage equality became legal in all 50 states. i want to point out, interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter and we are only halfway through. >> the president says the economy continues to rebound with unemployment down to 5%. he is focused on fighting homegrown terrorism he says and putting the trends continental partnership -- transcontinental trade deal as a priority. >> he signed into law a $1.8 trillion budget just in time to avoid a government shutdown. it passed by wide margins in both the house and senate and funds the government through september of next year. it includes $1.1 trillion spending and $680 billion in cats -- tax cuts during the next decade.
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there were compromises and victories on both sides on a number of appropriations bill. democrats managed to keep republicans from defunding planned parenthood. a refugee position will also be kept out of the veil. a 40-year-old ban of exports on american oil has been lifted in a democratic measure to prevent people on terrorist watch lists to buy guns was rejected. a suspicious white powder was sent to a bay area muslim group. it was sent to the council on american islamic it really -- relations. the fbi is still looking for whomever sent it. another letter was received the same day at international headquarters in washington dc in that was also not dangerous. in east bay woman who was
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caught on video insulting men who were praying and also hitting and throwing hot coffee on them, is now unpaid least. she was trying to tell them about jesus, jesus. she works for the state department and they are now investigating. they say discrimination of any time -- kind will not be tolerated. a holiday wish for a specific a family. a mother and 5 children are hoping to find a permanent home for the holidays. amber lee is live. >> reporter: this single mother tells me that 14 months ago she lost her home in pacifica when she split with
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her husband. on this dampen dreary night the family takes eight trip to their storage locker. -- takes a trip to their storage locker. it was almost like christmas for the children as a mother angelique shabbos -- chavez unlocked the unit. valuable possessions have been storage are since they lost their home. she has five children ages 6 to 16 did -- 16.>> we had been mostly in hotels. >> the single mom from pacifica says they have stayed in vallejo in hotel rooms because they are affordable. >> it scary because there will be people outside of our door. they will be telling. >> reporter: 11-year-old anna and gabriel were taken in by chavez after their mother died and father couldn't care for them. chavez supports a whole family with her full-time job at a large retailer but still comes up short each month.
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>> to try to figure out how to come to work and make sure everyone is fed three meals a day -- things like that. i get down to the last dollar. let's put it that way. >> reporter: they are now living in a homeless shelter, staying together in one room. six-year-old lena says he is uncomfortable with all of the strangers around. >> i don't recognize them and i have never seen them before. i want to go back into the room.>> reporter: she is receiving food and help with search for the housing. the nonprofit helped her get a non- -- a subsidized housing voucher which will help her pay rent.>> she did every thing she was opposed to do and everything she needed to do and she is still having a hard time.>> reporter: she says he hasn't been able to find anyone willing to rent to her because she has five children. she's paying a part with a government voucher as well.>> i have a full-time job. i worked really hard but yet i still have no place to go. >> reporter: her housing
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voucher requires her to find a place to rent in san mateo county. a former information -- for more information go to our website, amber lee ktvu fox news. showers continue to fall across the bay area. heavy showers are moving into the south bay, most of the activity around north end in the last -- around oakland in the last half-hour. this front has stalled out. it's near the central bay in south bay areas as well as sacramento. it will linger a little longer. this will result in more accumulations near san jose. this is great news. we can certainly use a. i see anywhere from 1/2 inch of rain to 1 inch of rain in marin county. we will continue to get rain over the course of this event. the front drapes across here behind --.
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behind the front is light showers. we have a few showers and ocean beach, half moon bay their kind of falling apart. you can see the front lingering, stretching all away from i-80 all the way back through here. it has stalled it. that is good. there is a winter storm warning in the sierra through tomorrow morning. they will be chaining up on 80 and 50. we will continue to see scattered showers heading into tomorrow morning. when i come back we will dial- in the forecast for your full day tomorrow and sunday go there is more rain on the way. -- sunday. there is more rain on the way. united in a magical performance. one of the horse trainers between -- [ name indiscernible ] the warriors are back on the home court. a search
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for a man who tried to kidnap, rob and sexually assault a woman.
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oakland police are looking for an attacker who allegedly kidnapped, robbed and tried to assault a woman. investigators released these photos. they say he attacked the 29- year-old woman late last night, just after midnight near piedmont. the man allegedly approached the woman from behind and pressed what she believed it to be a weapon into her back. we then robbed her and attempted to sexually assault her but the woman managed to fight him off and get away. thousands of protesters rallied in san francisco calling for the fire at police chief -- police chief greg suhr . members of the justice from a real coalition want the
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officer who shot and killed him to face murder charges. it was caught on cell phone video. they say that he had stabbed someone and was carrying a knife when they confronted and. the 26-year-old was shot by officers at least 15 times.>> i am very upset. to be executed like that, 21 bullet holes in him. >> in response to this, chief greg suhr has called for more taser training. the district attorney promised a transparent investigation. >> this will be out for the public to evaluate. >> protesters are urging him to file criminal charges against the officers who shot and killed would. -- wood.
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parents took their kids out of class to protest the decision made by the school board which canceled a filter for students to see santa at a local coffee shop. -- a field trip for students to see santa at a local coffee shop after a parent complaint. the parents took them themselves. >> the board said this would be a separation of community. here we stand together as one today for this field trip. >> i have no problem with anyone who wants to go practice a religious cultural tradition on their own time. i hope they have fun visiting on their own time and don't do it during school. >> they went forward with the tradition of walking to the coffee shop in writing letters to santa. they also donated toys to a toy drive for needy kids. pope francis is clear the
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way for mother teresa to be claris it. that came does that word -- a saint. that word came from the vatican. the miracle in question had to do with a brazilian man who was supposedly cured from a deadly brain infection. the pope attributed the qr to the prayers -- the qr -- cure to the prayers to mother teresa. her canonization is expected to happen next year. "the force awakens" for a very special audience coming up. a special screening for sick children who may not otherwise be able to go. meet the trainer of cavalia's odysseo who passed up a career in law. >> you train each horse on my one and then you put the horses together. close but --
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a dazzling display of horses and humans is wowing audiences in san francisco through the holidays. cavalia's odysseo combines performing arts, cutting-edge technology and a theatrical production. young woman who studies you become an attorney has instead decided to follow her passion to work with horses as they roam free on stage. >> [ music ] >> reporter: under the big white top a magical encounter is taking place.>> good boy. >> reporter: when she talks -- >> good boys. >> reporter: her horses listen. when she moves her body, they respond.
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she does what she likes to do. she trains with my arabian horses all at one time. one of the highlights is when the horses start to form a tight circle around her.>> [ music ] it's not that it is hard. it's just that it takes a lot of training to have the horses understand the same thing and react the same way when i ask them to do things. >> reporter: there are no ropes and no equipment. here the only thing guarding -- guiding these horses are voice commands and body language. >> you train each horse one by one and then you put them together, little by little. i train them to do more tricks because they understand my way of moving. >> reporter: it is a performance based on trust, respect, repetition in a deep connection. those who watch a lease inactions -- those who watch her in action say she has a
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special bond with the horses. >> they follow you and they are guided by you. >> reporter: she says her olympians -- arabians like to work as a team. they need to stay in a certain order on stage. just like people, each horse has its own personality.>> sometimes i just don't want to listen -- they just don't want to listen. they have a lot of energy and are curious. >> reporter: she says while patience is key to their success, above all she wants her horses to have fun. that is what she wants audiences to take away.>> horses can perform every day and have their own minds and keep playing on stage every day.
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>> it is beautiful. cavalia's odysseo runs through january 17 in san francisco. the international cast of horses and riders and acrobats etc. had to southern california after that. uber is now taking passengers to san jose minute it airport -- san jose airport. taxidriver satan uber and others do not operate under the same set of rules. the city councils -- council has still decided to allow ridesharing operations to work at the airport. it was a tough day on wall street today, stocks fell to their lowest levels because of weakness in the oil markets. the dow ended the day down 367. and the nasdaq lost 79. the s&p fell 36 points.
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star wars is the hottest ticket in town right now. for a critically ill child going to a regular theater is not an option. ann rubin shows us out some young vips and their families were able to enjoy the movie tonight on the peninsula with some wonderful help. >> reporter: they are regulars here at the ronald mcdonald house. >> i have lost count of how many times we have come here. three of our five children have all needed heart transplants. >> reporter: the seven-year- old is on a wait list right now. they focus more on real-life and fantasy. the only time that star wars crossed their mind was when the characters came to the hospital.>> it's hard to go on trips like this. >> reporter: when they found out that google adventures had rented out an entire movie theater showing "starwars: the force awakens" and that all of the ronald mcdonald families would get a chance to go, they were hard-pressed to keep their excitement and check. >> i am trying to not get too
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excited. i guess i am really excited. it's going to be us going as a family. >> reporter: concessions and transportation will be taken care of as well as a few surprises. they bumped it up a notch with storm troopers coming in.>> we are having a red carpet as well. it's like, i'm going to be a vip. >> reporter: for many of the kids going to a regular movie would not be an option. that is the case for luis garcia who is battling a brain tumor and has a compromised immune system. >> i couldn't go because of the germs i could get sick. >> reporter: this special screening presented him with an opportunity he didn't think he would have. >> when i heard they were going to give us an opportunity to watch the movie , i literally screamed like a little girl. i said yes. >> reporter: as if the kids weren't excited enough. --, they had storm troopers in a red carpet as well. they had no problem killing
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all 250 seats. what a great story. a special moment for them. let's go back to bill in the willie center -- in the weather center.>> now we are going to talk about sunday and beyond. more unsettled weather is heading your way. a troubling trend for lake tahoe. it's getting warmer and the implications for the future coming up.
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ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally.
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it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. new evidence that climate change is causing the water temperature of lake tahoe to rise. a new study funded by nasa and the national science foundation finds that the lake is warming .16 degrees every decade. they used satellite and measurements of 235 lakes lake tahoe at a temperature increase of .97 degrees and 1.28 degrees when measured by satellite. we are tracking showers in the bay area. it has stalled a little bit over portions of the central bay. that is good news. more rainfall is good.
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it hasn't been a heavy rain producer but the have had standing water on many of the freeways. on the 101 and 24 as well. we've gotten about 1/2 inch and in some areas on inch of rain. it goes across the south central bay right now. there's a winter storm warning in the foothills right now. livermore is getting some heavy showers, pleasanton as well. it's breaking up a little bit as we get closer to the city. the front will move to the south tomorrow. as it does there will be scattered showers behind it. that's where we are in santa rosa. the front has gone through. now we are seeing whitely scattered showers. we see a swath of moisture. the heaviest rain is east of sacramento. here's how it breaks down as you head into tomorrow morning. this is a computer model which represents the buildings of san jose. it's cloudy at 6 am but chilly, 42 degrees.
10:41 pm
we see light showers showing up around noon. whitely scattered showers will occur throughout the day. at lunch time this is what it will look like. you will see cumulus clouds in the distance in the late afternoon. the clouds will increase and rain will increase by saturday -- sunday. this is tomorrow at 5 am, tomorrow afternoon, that's mostly saturday. that's not a bad day. here come sunday morning, 6 am, clouds increase, sunday afternoon here comes the rain. that site out and then monday we get a few get it showers that linger and something else to the north for beyond that. the system on sunday is what we are like -- is like what we are seeing tonight. in the mountains they get ready of snow -- plenty of snow. they will lead 20 inches to
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that as we head into your next -- as we head into monday. afternoon will not be bad on saturday. in the morning on sunday it will be good but sunday afternoon we are looking at more showers. a nice-looking weather pattern. we are getting rain. we have more after this too.>> we are looking for it. >> happy skiers and snowboarders too.>> and happy water people. [ laughter ] >> thank you bill. jason appelbaum has all of the sports news. >> the warrior struggled against milwaukee. could the warriors back it up on the court? highlights tonight work -- tonight. he was a fan favorite in san
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francisco but we will tell you about his new team next. it's also a story about canals and the artificial heart,oers. electric guitars and rockets to the moon. in other words, this is the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. hard-working doers and smart-working doers. olds changed the way we put things together. and keepin'em together? that was walr's doin'. doers built this country. they built the dams and the railroads. ♪john henry was a steel drivin' man♪
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hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates anthe empire states. doers turn nothing into something. and something into something else. doin' got this nation done... along with the hula hoop, blue jeans and th little thing we call the interstate highway system. and all this doin'? it takes energy, no matter who's doin'. there'all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin'? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough energy to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do. to keep us all doin' what we do.
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hello everybody. the milwaukee bucks ended the warriors perfect season last saturday. they nearly beat them again the -- despite the fact that the warriors talked about how they would roll them. he knocks down the 3-pointer. the bucs were up by 30 seen in the second quarter. you will see the this block. the bucs go


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