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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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-- reach the wreckage. >> when you can expect the next round of rain. mornings on to starts now. >> good morning -- welcome to mornings on 2 -- i'm claudine wong and i'm brian flores a couple of days until christmas -- let's get started -- status here -- a little bit of a break this morning? >> still isolated showers coming in but tomorrow -- a cold the system. >> i think we could see some snow in the hills on christmas morning it will be that cold. today is a transition day -- cooler -- not as pretty but still some energy coming down off of dell north and humboldt and mendocino county. isolated showers were those areas. for us, mostly clear -- everything from yesterday has moved off that you can see a couple of showers there -- to the north some there and partly cloudy -- mostly sunny/activity
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from yesterday has departed. look at the lows -- 41 in santa rosa -- 40s yesterday -- a few 30s as well -- calistoga has checked in and it will be close for windsor and to limit -- noticeably cooler. what about the breeze? still there -- not as fresh as yesterday but still a breezy day. look at the energy coming down -- not a sunny day -- partly cloudy in the afternoon with breeze and cooler afternoon cloud build up in a few showers to the north. tomorrow will be a different system is the cold air moves in and a cold rain. >> sending it over to claudine. >> the time is 4:01 -- alameda county coroner will retrieve for the body of the pilot the died in the east bay and hills -- from the sacramento area to the oakland airport yesterday when it went missing. air traffic control lost contact between castro valley and some old -- we learned
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about the pilot. >> the weather and terrain combined to create a difficult search. dozens of firefighters and deputies and first responders hiked using atvs and a drone after hours of searching by ground the founder the wreckage and the pilot who perished in unincorporated alameda county. >> it looks like the plane may have clipped some treetops before crashing. it's a rough, difficult terrain. probably 3 inches of rain in the last 24 hours -- it's money and slippery. it's difficult to get to. >> the path of the plane east of sacramento toward oakland -- the faa conference the plane was a piper similar to this one and that air traffic control lost contact with the plane about 12 miles east of oakland
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international around 11:30 a.m. >> the chief said they found the wreckage after spotting a small amount of smoke. >> it was heavy timber and brush. a muddy slope -- steep. the debris was 100 yards or 200 feet -- spread out pretty far. it was a heavy impact. >> we learned the plane was registered to john sacco a businessman. family members confirmed he was the pilot. >> deputies say no one else was on board. 2 firefighters suffered minor injuries -- want to the shoulder and want to the need -- the fuselage wrapped around the base of the tree and burned the trunk and to the tree gave way while we were downhill from the debris area.
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>> the ntsb and faa will have investigators to determine the cause of the crash. >> a car crashed into a power pole and knocked out power last night in hayward -- it disrupted train service. >> the police said a car clipped several vehicles and hit a parked -- a pole. >> 2 lines became entangled and caused an outage. bart closed the hayward station and trains ran through without stopping. >> it took about an hour to restore the power. >> the driver was treated and the police are checking to see if alcohol was effective in the grass. >> a few hours ago caltrans finished repairs on i i8 80 -- three lanes were shut down for them to patch a sinkhole near the jackson street offramp. this is a video from the roof cam -- chp reports several motorcycles nearly crash because of the sinkhole. for a while big rigs were
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allowed on interstate big rigs were allowed on interstate 580 as an alternate route. >> a brain -- a break in the rain -- it is giving people a chance to clean up and reassess what they need to do to protect homes and businesses. >> this store had to deal with many problems -- there was a power outage and workers had to shovel mud from a storm drain. the manager says he is making sure that will have plenty of emergency preparedness items on the shelves -- the store ran out of flashlight and batteries last winter. >> we are working hard to make sure that we had almost batteries -- boatloads of flashlights. we are here to help people. >> popular items that the store included a tool that helps clear gutters and gutter guards. >> customers are taking as many precautions as possible with el niño looming -- one woman said
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she has an apartment to install new tires and brakes. >> the blustery weather and soggy ground caused some trees to topple -- the wind blew down several trees outside petaluma. one of them fell and killed a horse -- in marin county p gmt restored power after a large tree fell on power lines there. it happened on mcallister avenue and stabbed a telephone pole. he worked four hours to fix the damage. >> a san rafael woman was one of six members of the u.s. air force killed by a us suicide bomber -- major adriana brueggen is the first openly gay female service officer to be killed in the line of duty. >> shortly after they repealed the don't ask don't tell policy five years ago -- she married
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her longtime partner and they have a four-year-old son. >> the other victims are michael single of texas 30-year- old peter top of the philadelphia 30-year-old ta you be -- and chester mcbride and what a concept. >> relatives are expected to announce that they are filing a federal lawsuit against alameda county -- the 13-year-old had surgery on her tonsils in oakland. there were complications and she was declared brain dead. her family once that overturned. the lawsuit reportedly will claim alameda county violated their civil rights when it issued her death certificate. >> she is now at a facility where a machine keeps her organs functioning. >> some some disabled citizens are trapped in their apartment because of an eye broken elevator. >> the residents say the elevator has been out of service since november 20 -- we are being told that mercy
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housing which owns the building has provided other accommodations for some people that others remain trapped because of their disabilities and this makes it impossible to walk up and down the stairs. >> if a fire happened, how are they going to get her to say these people? it's appalling. >> we should be ashamed of ourselves -- to have this many families suffering like this. it's not right. >> mercy housing has responded to the complaints saying the elevator is 80 years old and as repair crews fix one thing something else breaks. additional crews have been brought in to address the problem -- the company says additional staff are available from 10 am-2 pm daily to help people get up and down the stairs. >> a driver missed being crushed by a massive tree in alameda -- i will show you the surveillance video that capture this. >> also, -- >> we wanted to surprise you guys with our $100 gift card.
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>> we wanted to say merry christmas. >> i love the story. the police spread holiday cheer -- up next, a big donation that made it all possible. >> a break today unless you are up north with isolated showers -- we are waiting on a system. we will give you the timing coming up. >>
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in an investigation called operation grinch this led to the arrest of gaining members accused of burglaries that in san jose, union city and hillsborough dating back to 2012. 16 of the suspects were charged in court yesterday. >> we will not stand by while criminals victimize our community and we will prosecute them to the fullest extent possible. >> prosecutors say some of the burglaries took place after people were followed on from a jewelry store. the suspects are being charged with felonies and if convicted they could face long as terms -- trial is set for february. >> in the meantime there will not be any local crab or -- for christmas or new years. it remains unsafe to eat. the test shows some crabs have high levels of a toxin and the tests must show that the levels are safe for two weeks before the crab is sold.
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>> levels of the acid appear to be declining. >> the police spread holiday cheer thanks to the help of a an anonymous donor -- they handed out thousands of dollars in gift cards. >> how are you? >> sorry to bother you -- can we come in? >> they knocked on doors, stopped people on the street, -- is this your family -- we want to surprise you today. >> sometimes they knew the story -- the woman robbed by a man who said he would buy her wedding ring. >> we didn't want to sell it but we were having money problems. >> the little boy wrote the chief a kind message. >> we have a special gift for you. >> sometimes they were just people going about their day. >> we wanted to surprise you with a $100 gift card. we want to say merry christmas.
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>> to you and your family. >> it was made possible by an anonymous donor. >> he said i want to donate $5000 worth of target gift cards -- he asked the officers to find people they thought the money would benefit. pass them out. >> they did just that -- operation cards from cops happened on a rainy day. >> you know your beat very well and you know who is in need -- try to target the individuals that we know are struggling out there. >> no matter who it was there was a bit of shock. >> it scared me -- i didn't know what to say or do. >> this is a $100 gift card from target. >> then there were smiles from what it would bring. >> barbie stuff. >> thank you. >> this is awesome.
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>> who will us go to? >> probably my little sisters. >> christmas gifts. >> gives in need. it was simply about giving. >> you're welcome. >> that is really generous. >> that is the spirit of christmas -- sharing with everybody. >> the gift card? amazing. >> i heard of this things happening but it has never happened to me. >> on this rainy day it brought smiles. >> thanks for your support. >> merry christmas from the police department. >> let me give you a hug -- thank you so much. >> sometimes it brought tears -- >> my heart is bursting -- i've never had something like this happen. giving like this -- you don't see this very often anymore. >> thank you.
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>> what we hope will be a happy new year. >> 4:15 -- the warriors also surprised some people. >> nice to meet you. >> he dressed up as santa to deliver gifts at the practice facility in oakland. the kids knew right away who was hiding under that white beard and red suit. >> did you expect them to recognize you? >> no -- my face was covered. they recognized me really quick. >> and eight-year-old boy was critically injured when he was stuck by two bullets in april. >> don't forget -- post your holiday photos using the hashtag ktvu holiday. >> we will choose our favorite
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to showcase on the instagram page. >> we love these pictures. >> 4:16 -- sallisaw today but the weather authority is here -- >> sal is off today but the weather authority is here. >> it's much cooler -- still some energy coming down -- even though it will be mostly sunny i think we will turn cloudy later on and isolated shower or two to the north especially mendocino county -- it is one of those between days -- cooler -- sierra nevada calming down -- it will pick up in intensity tomorrow -- you can see a lot of cold air -- humboldt county and points north -- mendocino county is in the mix for light shower activity and some of it comes over -- the cold air over
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the warm ocean and that will give a shower to santa cruz county or the mountains down to monterey. overall we are in a break today and it is much cooler. the next system will move in tomorrow. it will pack a punch as far as the cold air goes. speaking of cooler -- that's what we have. a lot of 40s -- yesterday was upper 50s to 60s -- the temperature difference -- -11, -10, -17 for santa rosa compared to yesterday at this time -- fairfield was 10 and napa 12 -- 40s for many including black hawk 42 -- i might see a few upper 30s to the north. the breeze is there -- not as bad as yesterday but still there. a breezy day. with these temperatures it can cut through you -- northwest 16 and more about north by northwest breeze. >> 32 in truckee and 30 get ukiah -- 39 in redding -- the
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cool air is on the way. it is starting to filter in in the next system will be here tomorrow and take the snow levels way down to 2500 feet by christmas morning. >> mostly sunny, partly cloudy -- afternoon loud buildups -- an isolated shower or two -- 50s and the temperatures -- now we will start a cooling trend. yesterday was the warmest day for a long time -- a cold rain is coming in and much colder with the possibility of snow in the hills friday and a cool patterning into the weekend -- 20s and low 50s. >> 29 for the low on saturday and sunday for the inland areas -- not the coast. >> that is cold. >> thanks, steve. >> christmas came early for some people in hayward -- a secret santa that teamed up with strangers to help shoppers pay off the balance is. >> first, google is making it easier to login -- no password required. how your phone can make logging on easier and more secure. >>
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the woman accused of deliberately driving her car into a crowd of people has been charged with murder. >> 24-year-old lakisha holloway has also been charged with child abuse -- her daughter was in the car when she drove onto a crowded sidewalk near the paris hotel. holloway had been living in the car -- she was stressed from constantly being chased on properties where she had parked the car to try and sleep. >> a jury has awarded a four --
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the shooting happened last year -- police received a call about a suicidal man -- the officer arrived and found a 36-year-old outside his home with a knife. she claims he advanced toward her and she fired and shot him twice. lawyers say he was pressing a knife into his own stomach and never used it to threaten anyone else. he is vietnamese and spoke to the reporters through a translator and for privacy reasons he requested that his face not be shown. >> i cannot stand up to cook -- i cannot ride a bike to school. i cannot drive. >> the jury awarded him $8.3 million in financial damages and an additional $3 million for emotional distress. it's the largest award in the history of the san jose police department. police chief larry esquivel issued a response calling the
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incident "unfortunate outcome for all involved parties">> a man from the hamas is accused of hacking into celebrities emails and stealing movie scripts and sex tapes. >> he is being held on suspicion of how to write infringement. he was arrested after investigators say you try to sell the stolen material to an undercover agent. >> company that owns hello kitty says the security leak has come my for personal information a more than 3 million people. >> san rio says it has fixed the link -- they say the data breach gave access to the name and birthdate of users but not credit card or other payment information. >> the source of the leak is being investigated. >> google is taking the next step in making it easier for you to log into your gmail account with no password required. the new feature is being tested on a small group of users. it allows them to log into
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their accounts using their phones for identification rather than entering a password. according to google passwords are often the weakest parts of security because many people don't use complex passwords or they reuse the same one for different accounts. google said that users can still enter their passwords if they don't have their phone or if the battery runs out. >> google and ford are teaming up to build a driverless car. it will likely be a while before we see one on the road. officials say they have many challenges to overcome before creating a car they can react on its own. other big companies like apple and tesla are already producing prototypes of driverless cars. >> 4:25 -- crashes that ended with an innocent man being killed in san jose -- up next to -- what we are learning about the suspected driver and what he was doing before he got behind the wheel. >> some thought it was a shooting star but we will tell you what the pentagon says as
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they solve a mystery of a fireball over california and nevada and arizona. >> traffic is light -- take a look -- 880 in oakland -- moving along just fine at 4:25 but we will keep an eye on it and check on the traffic coming up. >> the camera is bouncing around -- still up a little bit of a breeze -- this is an in between day -- the temperatures are cooler so far. >> ♪ this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last minute deals at target.
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♪ don't forget you can theorder on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! order by december 24th 6pm. welcome back -- wednesday welcome back -- wednesday, december 23. >> we will start off with a look at the weather -- a break from the wet stuff. >> correct -- you were listening. >> i've been listening. i will bundle up for the rest of the week. >> true. >> i am listening.
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>> 4:28 -- i'm impressed. >> we have a break but still it's the temperatures that are 150 cooler compared to yesterday. i don't think it's too tough to notice this -- coming out of the north northwest occasionally one of these could clip coast for a shower to the north but overall we were stopped are mostly sunny and a partly cloudy and wait for the next system which will be here tomorrow and a lot of cold air -- quiet in the sierra -- today would be a good day to travel -- probably your best bet dad tomorrow could be tough because the snow level is coming down -- still some cold air mass to the north turning to stone -- you can see along the coast -- san mateo and santa cruz could get a related shower -- we will keep that in the forecast. 40s and the temperatures -- a few 30s -- the breezes their bash the temp on the peninsula -- 47 san carlos, 40 with tie -- the breeze gusts to 22 -- holding up the temperature --
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the south west at 16 at san jose. not as bad as yesterday but it breezy, cool pattern -- mostly sunny to partly cloudy -- temperatures in the 50s today -- temperatures will start up lunch tomorrow and we will have more on that coming up at about 10 or 15 minutes. now i will go to brian for traffic. >> yes -- thank you. sal is off today -- we are keeping an eye on the roads -- a see of green on the map -- the bay bridge toll plaza -- it is moving nicely -- no problems -- 8 to 10 minutes -- it will be light today as it has been for the past couple of days -- here is a look at highway 24 -- no major problems going through their this morning -- finally the san mateo bridge -- things are looking nice and smooth all the way into foster city or san mateo. there is a high wind advisory issued by the chp -- we saw the


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