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petaluma. also, bodega bay. a couple of stray goes. snow continues to pick up. boy, will it ever. it's going to be a tough drive because the snow level coming way down. toss on the temperatures or 30s which means a lot of these temperatures are going to get trapped. we'll be hard pressed to get above 51. fifty-two. there is a little bit of eyebrows. i expect that to pick up tonight, tomorrow, as get cold air. cloudy. rain. colderment. some of that rain will be heavy at times. low snow levels. highs today were host and low 50s p. brian. >> all right, steve, thank you so much. here is a look at top stories we're following for you this morning. a vigil is planned at 5:30 for grandson of the oakland city council president. seventeen-year-old torian hughs was walk being a friend near the west oakland bart station when he was shot and killed. family
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members including council presidentially net gibson will gather at the site to mourn his death. the number of op online shoppers this holiday season is coming close to overwhelming the package delivery system. the postal service says it has workers delivering cards and gifts az late attar as 10:00 and running operations around the clock to make sure gifts arrive onon time. ups will operate at full capacity through tomorrow night m. 15% of all holiday shopping will be done online which is slightly more than forecast. if you are drying or flying today, you're urged to be patient. bad weather could mean congestion on roads and airports as we saw it yesterday already. aaa projects more than 100 million americans will travel this holiday season, and that is a new record. some people faced traffic delays trying to driver to sfo because of a protest against san francisco police. a small group of demonstrators from the group black lives matter was arrested for blocking the
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exit ramp from southbound highway 101 to the airport. the chp says officers took eight women into custody. they were protesting the controversial shooting death of mario woods. he is a 24-year-old african american man who was shot and killed by san francisco police earlier this month. there is also a larger black lives matter ram rally in minnesota. four people were arrested at the mall in america. demonstrators later blocked a terminal at the minneapolis st. paul airport. they were drawing attention to last month's deadly shooting of an african american man by minneapolis police. it was a scary ride for passengers on a southwest airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing not oakland. the plane took off from oakland at about 6:00 heading to chicago. right away, there were problems. passengers say the flight crew came out of the cockpit to tell them there was a problem with the landing gear. many of people onboard already knew something wasn't right. >> i knew i was in trouble right away when we were taking off.
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i looked out to the side of the plane on the left, and there were flames, sparks, loud gunshot- like noises. >> i have thought at the end we were going down. but bedid not, and then we just flew in the air for about four hours. >> the plane circled over the central valley burning off fuel before returning to oakland for an emergency landing. most of the passengers were rebooked on to other flights. some say they were done with flying for the holidays and were planning on going on. -- on going home. investigators for the national transportation safety board and the faa are trying to figure out what caused the crash of a light plane. the plane's pilot and owner died in that crash. he was frying -- flying in the sierra foothims to oakland on tuesday when the crash happened. governor brown had recently appointed to a seat on the cal osha board. well, san francisco police are asking for the public's help top find a hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian. investigators released this image from a
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surveillance camera of the suspect's car. witnesses described the car as a black four-door sedan, possibly a vw passat. the car struck a man at mission and 26th streets last friday and then took off. the man later died at san francisco general hospital. well, friends and family are in mourning after he was hit and killed by a truck while crossing the street. ernie glave had been in the jewelry business for 45 years. he was a world war ii veteran and a leader of veteran's events. some say they were deeply saddened by his passing. hi can't believe he's gone. i used to see him every day when i would come to the office. he always in a good mood. >> blade was hit in san jose. police say the truck's driver stopped and is cooperating with investigators. the death is the 57th traffic fatality in san jose
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this year. that is the highest number in the past 20 years. time now is 4:34. you only have a four more -- a few more hours to get that last-minute shopping for christmas gifts which could make you a target for thieves. ktvu has more on what police say you should not do if you are buying presents in the last minute. we found plenty of people rushing around squeezing in some last- minute christmas shopping if. >> i have think we left all of our shopping to the last 48 hours and i got the last bag of bows from cvs. >> with many scrambling between stores and stuffing their cars with gifts, police say it can create an opportunity for crooks. >> there are two types of burglars. >> palo alto police shared this public service announcement reminding everyone an unlocked car door makes an easy opportunity for thieves. >> then there are the window shoppers. look for property that is left in plain view. when they find something they want, they find something and take it. >> by locking car doors and taking scrambles and keeping gifts out
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of sites. >> we get stories of people at the mall downtown doing their shopping who have gone to one store, brought their items back to their vehicle and secured them there in plain view and come back to claim those items missing. somebody is missing a christmas present this holiday season. >> many shoppers testimony us they are making a point to play it safe. >> whenever i go out shopping, i put my gifts in my trunk and i make sure that nothing is visible. i actually do it all year round, but during the holiday, i am extra cautious. >> so start that habit if you are not doing it already. >> that was cara lou reporting. police say car break-ins are an ongoing issue across the bay area. no city or neighborhood is immune to it. well, a suspected package thief is behind bars this morning. thirty-six-year-old portillo after a concerned resident call police. the caller saw a man who he thought had just stolen a package get into a white suv driven by a woman. well, he relayed the license plate number and police later found
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portillo driving that suv with a number of stolen packages inside. police have not been able to locate the alleged accomplis. ape north bay man was killed kayaking off the coast ate the mouth of the russian river. a sanoma county sheriff woman says the body of 63-year-old joseph patrick woods was recovered yesterday afternoon. another kayaker says he saw woods dump the kayak in rough wower waters and woppeds started trying to swim to the shore. after losing sight of woods, the kayaker called for help. and so far, it appears to be an accident. we are hearing from a babysitter who was jailed on charges of violently shaking and dropping a toddler. twenty-four-year-old gena bailey was in tears as she gave a jailhouse interview. she denied that she ever abused the 18-month-old boy who suffered a brain injury and later died at uc davis medical center. bay low claims the child started spitting up blood while she was driving him to his home in fairfield last thursday. >> did the baby fall in the
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floor under your care? as far as you know, the baby never fell? >> police arrested bailey after an autopsy showed the boy had suffered head trauma being held on $750,000 bail and is due in court today. a richmond man has been charged with a hate crime on suspicion of making threats against muslims and posting a photo of what looked like a pipe bomb online. the 55-year-old pleaded not guilty yesterday. police say he threatened to kill muslim worshipers outside the islamic society of west contra costa county. he was arrested sunday after police received a tip that he built an explosive device and prepared to harm muslims. the bomb squad destroyed that device and determined it was a fake. raymond chow had a heated exchange with process coupe or thes again during his federal racketeering trial. chow to be a stand for a third day, finished his testimony that brought down former state
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senator. now, the indictment alleges chow o straited dozens of crimes including money laundering and drug trafficking. government tapes show chow accepted envelopes full of cash from an undercover agent. but during his testimony yesterday, chow denied taking the money to commit crimes saying he believed e it was given to him out of quote love and respect. >> you get an envelope. it's part of the tradition of the chinese culture to give the elder people money gratuitously out of love and respect. those are the key boards. >> the day ended with chow's longtime girlfriend on the witness stand. his defense lawyer plans to file a motion for mistrial citeling bias and cross examination of an undercover officer. hyatt hotel found malicious software on the computer system that processes customer payments. the hotel chain says there is a possibility that hackers may have obtained credit card numbers or other
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sensitive information. hyatt is advising customers to review their credit card statements. they say they cannot confirm that nip data was actually stolen. other hotels that have also encountered similar problems include hilton, starwood, and trump collection chains. time is 4:39. and a family of six had their christmas wish granted. coming up in just 20 minutes, how they were able to find a home just in time for christmas. and i get to witness what i call miracles every day. >> calm her a stress reliever at a bay area hospital. what this longtime volunteer does that has so many people grateful. >> well, our next system is moving in. already reports of rain. some slower -- some lower snow levels and some thunderstorms. plenty going on here for this christmas eve.
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the tour bus company at the center of a new crash. the double decker bus careened out of control in union square injuring 20 people, seven of them critically. a surprise inspection conducted after the accident found city sight-seeing had an unfavorable safety record and houred unqualified drivers. the inspection uncovered a number of violence -- violations with the company's fleet. the chp found inoperable emergency exits on a number of buss and one with a potentially serious fuel leak. the company says it has corrected the problems and is making operational changes to same in compliance. well, she is a volunteer but plays an important role at a bay area children's hospital. both for the newborns and their parents. >> that's right. ktvu's claudine long dells aunts the woman who brings calm to sometimes stressful situations.
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line >> reporter: debbie lee considers each moment. >> go back to sleep. >> a precious picture, a gift. >> i get to witness what i call miracles virtually every day. >> miracles that happen when babies like isaac defy the hods. >> isaac expired. he diedment and the hospital revived -- revived him, and they brought him by helicopter here to children's hospital in oakland. >>reporter: for yores, debbie has worked as a volunteer at the children's hospital, sometimes taking pictures, and sometimes just holding the babies. >> there is nothing more pure than holding a baby. >>reporter: jose's mother says he loves being held. >> we'll cuddle on friday, okay? >>reporter: at four employees old, he has already traveled a long road. >> he has problems breathing. but he's doing better as he grows. >> desi to us, she's been a very special person. just like seeing her and the
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smiles. you just have to see debbie's smile. >>reporter: a smile through highs and lows. but there's more than that. debbie also gives them pictures. family pictures, moments, emotions. photographer captured. >> the way she expresses her feelings toward the babies, it's unconditional. and i am very thank. for that and straight leg raising, very blessed to have her in my life. the neurological disorder h. >> shep has been volunteering not our clinic for alonger than i have working there. >> she takes pictures bringing calm to a difficult and stressful time. >> for our girls, they have a lot of motor difficulties. it's difficult for them to respond to a command on cue. that makes it really hard to get a good picture. >> it is not always an easy job, but she does it all knowing how important pictures are in the heartbreaking moments .
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her close friend lost a baby yores ago. >> on his last day, they took a polaroid. that was their only fumarialy picture. it's faded now. so i am happy to do that for other families. it's a small gift i can give them. it's a gift i can't give my friend, so it is very emotional. >>reporter: she admit sea she cries sometimes tears of sadness, but also tears of joy. >> it's very humbling. it's very joyous. i get so much love out of this job, and i put in. it just doesn't seem fair u. >>reporter: joy for babies like isaac. >> she's a little miracle. who beat the odds and get the news they all want to hear. >> they have been here now ten days, and the good news is isaac is going home. >>reporter: in oakland. >> discharge day is my favorite day. it's the best. and being here to photograph it, all the better. >>reporter: claudine long, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> great story there. some newborn babies got a special gift this holiday season. yesterday the stuff at -- staff
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at st. joseph hospital in orange in southern california. they got into the holiday spirit. they wrapped up newborns and stockings. so cute. i like that. each family was given a decorative holiday stocking before they left the hospital. >> who needs this blanket? you have a stocking? >> it works just as well. >> we're going to have to get the plan kepts out. let's check in with steve now. >> it will be a three-dog, three-cat morning for christmas. it's going to be cold. snuggle up all together. already some reports of some hail. the last couple of reports. it looks like some rain and snow. some of the higher elevations. haven't heard from anybody yet. i'm sure i will. >> it's raining up there, but it's not that cold. kyle just had a hail had shower in petaluma. it looks like that has moved in
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to marin county. our system is on the move. it has some cold air. some of that looks like higher elevations. there's going to be some snow. if it is not, it's a cold rain there. you nothing too heavy -- nothing too heavy yet. parts near american canyon and around that area. hidden brook as well. and san jose. mount hamilton one of the leading candidates to get some snow. and our system is on the way. winter storm warnling is has already kicked in. maybe down to 2000 feet. the earlier you have to travel, i don't care if it is up toward tahoe, get her going, because this is a much colder system. thirtys and host to 50s. if you are in these 30s or 40s, it's going to be a tough day to warm up.
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it's just too cold. cupertino, 33. the heaviest action will be to the north. we'll still get a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch to take us into tomorrow morning. f that, it looks dry. not very coal warm. rain and colder. near 50. lower snow levels. that means upper 40s or low 50s to the north. a couple of low 50s. colder torrent. showers tomorrow. best opportunity for snow will be tomorrow morning. after that, it looks chilly, chilly, breezy, but dry. a weak system on monday. i wouldn't cancel nil plans for that one. that one may not do much, but this one will. and new year's eve looks dry. >> okay. you said probably for the next few days. >> maybe there are hints after this system for maybe seven or ten days. not uncommon. >> nothing as big as today. >> it's been a good month. >> very good month for us. >> i agree. >> in the sierra.
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kids will be able to track santa claus as he makes his way around the world. >> santa has been doing this for 16 centuries, and i don't think he's ever missed a good little girl or boy. >> and every year, the north american aerospace defense command is tracking soen at that and his reindeer. also put together a team of volunteer who is will take phonecalls from children around the world asking them where santa is. >> so typically, he'll hit the east coast first, travel up and down as he moves across the united states, and then high school probably hit alaska and take a much-needed vacation in hawaii before heading home which i think he deserves. >> packing not a lot in santa's 24 hours. now, in you want to check in on santa's progress, there is an app for that. log into the web so it to track santa. we posted a link on our website. just check under web links and we just checked them right now. and light now, it appears that
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santa is approaching rush hour. >> that's right. i am actually on it right now. he is approaching russia in five minutes and seven seconds. he's delivered more than 560 million gifts. my computer is too slow to track him. he's going too fast. >> and all the good little boys and girls out there. guiltying nary presents any minute now. >> that's right. stay tuned. looking to go to the movies on christmas. up next, we'll give you a sneak peak. the new movies in theaters this holiday weekend.
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well, starting today, you can see the beatles. spotify, apple newsik and amazon prime are some of the carriers. the deal includes streaming rights to 224 songs from the band's originallal 13 studio albums released in the u. s well, the holiday season means some of the biggest movies of the year. you have wookies, waves and wall street to chose from. what is new in theaters. no new movie will come close to shooting down star wars, the force awakens, from the top spot at the box
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office. in the spirit of the holiday, the stockings are filled with plenty of other choices. >> joy. the film is based on the true story of entrepreneur, joy, who created the miracle mom cling -- changing her life forever. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns the day of the week. >> concussion stars will smith and another true story of accomplished pathologist who uncovered the truth about brain damage in football players and eventually caused the nfl to take notice. >> i'm taking this movie. >> the hateful 8 bridges together kurt russell, samuel l. j jackson, jennifer gentleman i son lee and others in a postcivil war drama about bounty hunter who is find shelter during a blizzard with a bunch of shady characters. >> looks like we have a very
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old fashioned dad-off. >> "dadty's home" reunites will ferrell and mark wahlberg playing a step dad and a free loader father of two children both competeling for their affection. point break is a remake of the 1991 keanu receives, patrick swayze film. this time a story of an fbi agent who infiltrates sports criminals ups the action. and the "the big short" is get ago ward buzz and accolades starring christian bale, steve carell, and brad pitt, ryan gosling. they predict the housing bubble collapse in the mid 20000s. >> hey, here we go. >> adam housewood, fox news. >> okay. thank you, adam. well, coming up in our 5:00 hour. time is certainly running out. up next, we'll take a look at all the stories -- stores that are staying open today to accommodate you, you last-minute shopper. >> and bryan.
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>> dangerous conditions in the sierra. how much more snow is expected to fall today and what you need to know if you are headed that direction. >> well, already a line of moderate to heavy rain stretches from marin county. definitely over san pablo bay. and napa. than is just one of many today.
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more rain returns to the bay area. it's come being a powerful bunch. the full fore cast what you need to know. e. live in san francisco. on this christmas eve, this is a big push to collect toys. a live report coming up. it is thursday. >> merry christmas eve. i'm bryan flores. the rain is headed back to the bay area. let's talk about it. it is indeed already popping up. some hail in p oh,taluma. downpour. we can take a quick look at radar. it shows a pretty good little line. a little enhancement towards
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fairfield. back toward american canyon. hidden brook. in between napa. and over to nevado. so that cell has, i have had reports there of some pretty heavy rain. it looks like that as well e. marin heading towards over towards hercules. it's on its way. the whole system is on its way to be honest with you. greta is up in middletown. she said it just started dumping. raining. it's too warm for snow. it is right now. wait until tonight. 42 degrees, and temperatures, well, they're going to stay very cool to the north because there's a rain and snow mix already up into parts of lake county, out towards discovery bay and parts of eastern contra costa county. you can see some cells and also just around allen rock in the mills. i think mount hamilton is a slam dunk for snow on that. the bay area peaks. snow level will be going way down. winter storm warnings kicked in. fortys and 30s on a lot of these temperatures and north bay is going to be stuck. alread


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