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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the numbers say we are a long way from getting out of the draught. over the last week, it seems as if it can't stop raining or snowing. heavy snow in the see area -- sierra good evening on this christmas eve. >> i'm frank somerville. it was a wet walk to check in for flights this morning. when our for a few was there, it was absolutely -- our photographer was there, it was absolutely pouring. it's rained almost every day over the past week. this is what it looked like as we mentioned oakland international today. in some parts of the bay air, they have gotten for than six inches of rain in the past weak. i'll show you what it looks like on the traffic map. you can see the red part is a little slow going on 580 but for the most part, that would normry be much more business
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this time of night but look -- busy this time of night but it looks nice out there. this has highway 24 in the walnut creek air. you can see pretty holiday nights on this evening. 880 through oak land, we talked about this before. the raiders game tonight so you should expect slowing down the area around the coliseum. >> let's bring in the meteorologist to talk about the weather. let's start with the game. it's going to be cold. the showers are lingering. showers offshore now. what time does the game start? >> 5:30. >> there could be a shower the first quarter. the score is -- story is how could it's going to be when they left. it could get in the upper 20s, low 30s. rainfall accumulation, it's a cold storm. that's why the storm is so great. that's why there's a winter storm warning. we got such low totals.
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even though it rained hard for a time up on the water shed up there, not even a half inch of rain reported. not even a half inch of rain in san jose. still good. still happy to get rain but not like what we saw last week or a couple days ago with the heavy rain. live camera shot, the winds are blowing. the winds will die down. that will help things definitely stay on the cold side tonight. here's the system we're tracking. it's punchering cold air into the area. that means more showers. even this tornado that means -- that was spotted up towards the west of cameron park, here it is, there was a tornado warning in effect for the area. here are the current showers. these are the showers i was mentioning we were concerned about a little bit because the showers will be on and all belmont is getting wet. a few scattered showers. hit and miss showers tonight. tomorrow, things turn around with a cold start. when i come back, we'll dial it
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in and what you can expect for the rest of your holiday weekend. developing news from north carolina where a police officer shot and killed an armed man at a crowded mall. the gunfire -- gunfire erupted this afternoon in a mall in charlotte. they say a dispute broke out and multiple shot were fired. charlotte's police chief said an off-duty police officer confronted the shooter and the suspect was shot and killed after pointing his gun at the officer. shoppers were running for cover and even hiding in stores. . >> reporter: it was. >> it was pure pan da moanium. just the looks on people's face that is made me realize it was something serious. >> the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. the police officers was not hurt. you can follow the breaking news news on our website or the app available on the app store.
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there was vocal support to try to keep the team in oakland. stay in oak land. . >> the group set up there before the teams final home game before the season which starts in about 30 minutes with a possibility of a move to los angeles, there is a chance that this copoermly be the final home -- could potentially be the final home game played in oakland. the city's mayor who said she doesn't think the owner, mark davis, wants to move the team south. >> reporter: the move of a handful of rader's fans moved odd the has had quarter this is morning. what's in the name? >> this is gigger than football. >> reporter: it's pride, passion, and heartache that today isn't the end of the oakland raiders season but could be the rader's last game in oak land. >> what are you going to do to
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stay here other than just saying you wasn't to stay here? >> this is los angeles. >> reporter: team owner mark davis bought land in carson to work on a joint stadium deal with the chargers. libby is aware it's the end of the find out quarter. >> i'm determined it will not be the rader's last game here >> reporter: she told us she doesn't think davis want to move to carson. >> we recognize he's had years of frustration with the previous leadership in oakland and carson will be a plan b but we are convinced we can get to plan a if even the time. >> reporter: some fans aren't as understanding. >> if you look at the counter parent, they've taken the initiative to build their own stadiums, mark is waiting for other people to get he is stadium. >> reporter: they'll ask the nfl for more time saying the
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situation in oakland is complicated by the fact it's the only shared football, baseball stadium in the country and the land is co-owned by both the city of oakland and county of alameda. so today, raider's fans are soaking in the last days of the season. >> we will be here next year even if the raiders aren't here. >> reporter: there's still a party atmosphere. >> this is where it all started, this is where it's going end. there is in l.a.. it's all about oakland, baby. >> reporter: lots of oakland fans hoping the end of the season tailgate isn't the end of it all. >> the fate -- faithful fans. the teams will be back next year but one of the stars won't be. it's good-bye to mr. charles wouldson. >> emotions running high tonight. he's one of the facings of the franchise over parts of three
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decades in oak land. tonight, raiders nation bids fair well to charles woodson. the future hall of famer announced his retirement this week equity evafter the season. he's the oldest defensive player at the nfl but played at a high level with interceptions. tonight, woodson is a one to sub plots with one that's creating quite a buzz inside the raider locker room. >> search going to be watching. it's christmas eve. families are -- will gather around the tv and see the oakland raiders and san diego chargers playing in the coliseum. it will be fun, a great atmosphere for everybody. especially the young guys because it's the atmosphere they probably haven't felt. it's going to be special. throw the records out the window. it's christmas eve division rivals. and may be the last game in oakland, a lot going on tonight.
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>> speaking of the last game in oakland and whether it's really the last game in oakland, what do you think the changes are of the raiders sticking around? from tough question. if you asked me months ago, i would say it's 50/50. it's less than 50/50. i think if my gut they'll stay. i think the rams have done more to end kate they're dead set on moving the franchise. only two of three will go. i feel like the raiders fans would be the most upset of the three fan bases at losing their team if that matters at all. . >> and back to charles woodson. who fills his shoes? >> that's a good question. the raiders have holes to plug. defensively, it starts with mack and they get justin tuck back. >> they're on the right path you said. >> offensively, they r. defensively, they need work.
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they know now they can address it during the draft. >> they were better than they were last year no question. the raiders played in the coliseum in two different eras from 1966 to 1981 and again starting in 1995 until today. they have defeated and lost to all 31 nfl teams at the coliseum at least once. in chicago today k people gathered over the protest of a killing of a black teenager by a white police officers. >> -- >> more than 50 protestors gathered in the city's downtown shopping district. they're part of a group called coalition for a new chicago. it was mostly peacefully at a police officer arrested two people after a scuffle. it started after last month they release add video of van
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dyke shooting and killing laquan mcdonald. the justice for mario woods stormed city hall demanding they fire police chief greg sir. this month, he was shot and killed by police. he was shotner from 15 to 22 teams. you can see people gathered outside. tara tells us why the group tells them they needed to more in the wake ever the shooting death of woods. >> a young man was gunned down execution style. >> reporter: it's been more than thee weeks since police killed mario woods. >> the go has to make a position. the lieutenant governor has to take a position. >> reporter: the emotions are still raw.
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>> we're sick and tired of being trammeld on, disrespected and disposable. >> he says the chief should be fired for sending murder as a justifiable homicide. >> we want him to step down. >> reporter: they demanded the five officer us in the shooting of woods would be charged with murder. >> we're going to stand until we see justice rainy down on the black and brown communities of san francisco. >> reporter: they say police confront add knife we'lleding woods. today the rally handed out card that say we must redirect the pain and boycott christmas. >> we got to tell people at
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union square don't shop in san francisco, go to walnut creek. . >> reporter: after the rally, protestors marched upstairs. their anger directed at mayor ed lee. >> you don't take five days to speak to that kind of tragedy. >> we believe he's incensetive. he didn't give any condolences to the family. >> reporter: with the mayor out of the office. they'll be back next week. >> we need to educate the officers that they're up standing law-abiding african- americans and men and women all alike. san francisco police had no comment today. the woods family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. a man who admits he hated coffee years ago. we'll introduce you to a plaque meds, the -- black meds, a
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company that brews coffee even a coffee hater loves. >> a surprise check for a family that has overpaid their taxes for years. >> and let it snow, let it snow. coming up, the white christmas and great weekend ahead for people heading to the sierra. >> they're chaining up there. we got showers moving into the coliseum. the game getting ready to start. we'll let you know how much longer the stray showers will last.
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save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the clock is ticking for all the last minute shoppers. want to show you a live picture of the target store in alameda. you can see it looks like it's pretty crowded.
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maybe we can pan over in the parking lot. there we go. look at that. parking lot pretty crowded. a short time ago, we caught up with a few of those last minutes shoppers and they told us what they were looking for and why they decided to wait until christmas eve to do their shopping. >> we had last minute tows we forgetting for some relatives and lots of junk toed and alcoholic beverages. >> it's the spirit of the moment. there's a few last things to pick up. i'm here, might as well do it now. >> many stores staying open late on this christmas eve including the target in alameda which closes at 11:00 tonight. it started snowing earlier in the season and hasn't stopped in see area are a. another -- see area. mike is in blue canyon to show us what the snow is like now. >> reporter: what's better than a snow ball fight on christmas eve?
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>> i love it. all my kids. they're getting bad now -- dad now. >> reporter: the low snow, a challenge for many drivers, many were forced to install chance gist east of colfax. did you expect the snow would be down this low? >> i don't know this area very well, it's my first time here so... >> reporter: so live and learn? >> yeah. >> reporter: getting to grandmother's house required extra vigilance especially if you're not used to driving in snow. i'm figuring out how toput this on >> reporter: so first time putting on chains? >> yes. >> reporter: there's a bit of a learning curve here? >> yeah. . >> reporter: it's a change for chain installers like him. >> it's a good day. pays for all the christmas present.
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>> reporter: chain installers are make hundreds in a day. it turns out there is a proper technique for putting on chance. >> lay them on your tire instead of drying to drive over them. claim them over the tire, tighten them in the back and font -- front. >> reporter: once the chains are on, keep your speed under 30-mile-per-hour and stay safe. . let's talk more about the whether we. the rain we were getting today. man it was coming down. >> it was coming down at your house. >> yeah. depending where you were, we had hail in the east bay. >> i heard it. it came down in sheet it sounded like it. >> it was that coined -- kind of storm. it was a lot of cold unstable air so it created clouds that created down pours. and for a time. it seemed like we were going to get a lot of rain. but fortunately the rainfall accumulations didn't amount to much.
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it was a quarter of an inch in most areas. it was way down from the last storm which is a warmer storm. in terms of the mountains, they're loving in. because it's low snow el vacation event. they're getting up to a two and a half to two feet of snow. we're seeing snow in the grass valley area. there's a beautiful shot out from. you can see the clouds lingering. there are showers in the area kind of off of oakland add alameda -- alameda. the winds are up tonight. that's fog to keep temperatures warmer than #24er7. but it's going to be -- they were. but it's going to be cold out there. we're going to see near freezing. the showers all moving out to the south. you can see out here, showers some of them heavy in those yellow zones but it's very widely scattered right now. here we are in palo alto where the roads are wet. the showers are winding through the air.
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stray showers up by the richmond area but alameda. those showers will -- that foot print i showed you, that's the ething we're going see all night for the next couple hours anyway. that will keep temperatures from getting cold. it's chilly out there. but vir which you of the air mass that's moved -- vir which you of the mass moved in. chance of showers tonight. you're going to be down to 34 in napa. 48 in oakland, that's cold in the urban area. 6:00 a.m. you wake up at 40 something degrees. the sun comes out tomorrow afternoon. >> you go. the day time highs are there. instead of 58 or 57, you're at 52. that's the peak number. tomorrow we go back to the cold. i suspect tomorrow night we'll see a freeze warning or frost advisory for those areas. forest highs tomorrow upper 40s, low 50s.
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the five-day forecast and showers -- showers show up again sunday night into monday with more snow in the mountains. it's been every day, every five days for the last few weeks we've had rain to talk about. so it's encouragings in terms of making up the rain fall deficit. >> we were talking earlier in some parts of the bay area, they're gotten six inches or more of rain. last season, like around this time, how much rain had there been, do you remember? >> we had some rain in the fall. i want to say we were like 50% of rainfall. this year we're 55% 58% of rain fall. but it stopped raining after christmas. >> january was one of the best months of the year. well, he own as coffee company but it doesn't mean he lust coffee forever. >> i started plaque meds
5:22 pm
ultimately because i -- heated coffee. >> coupling up next, the -- coming up next, a coffee company seeing growth in a new way to brew coffee. >> and a popular holiday gift with a lot of restrictions. the reminder of drone owners where they cannot fly their new toys. >> plus, union city drivers getting ready for a headache. the construction that would be stopping traffic for months.
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it's a must have for a lot of people especially in the morning, sometimes at night for a pick me up. for others the taste of coffee turns them off. >> a local coffee maker told us he hated coffee a few years ago but his coffee company is booming. they found out the secret to his success and his new love of coffee. >> reporter: chris cooper is very particular about his coffee. the president and founder of this oakland based coffee company hasn't always been a fan. >> i started black meds ultimately because i hated coffee. i hated coffee because i had, as i found out later, always had bad coffee. >> reporter: then at the age of 58, something remarkable happened. he had his first really good cup of joe. >> as i found out, one place you taste a really good cup of coffee, it can change your world.
5:26 pm
then it became sort of a quest for me. the quest to see if i could develop a repetedly good cup of coffee. >> that's a long team to wait for a good cup of coffee. >> it is, so i miss add lot of good years, i supposed >> reporter: he's been trying to make up a lot of lost time. expertmenting with coffee. opening up a coffee bar. >> all the ways coffee can be made into a bad cup of coffee. >> reporter: he learned how to take a cup of iced coffee noun as plaque medicine. >> they take a bunch of beans, grind it up. stick it in a vat and let it sit oevent. strain out the ground and bottle it up. that's a very simple approach to making cold blued coffee. what we do is more complicated than that. .
5:27 pm
>> reporter: the plaque medicine -- black medicine team brews the coffee hot and under pressure which adds flavor. they before you it under nitrogen which improves taste and shelf life. then it's all chilled and bottle. cooper said no one else does it like that. >> companies have tried and in fact, there have been a few companies i know of talked to me and tried to duplicate our method, gave up and now they're doing cold brew. >> reporter: it's stronger than the regular stuff. >> i can only drink a half of bottle of ours. >> reporter: but it all seems to be catching on. >> we started out in my apartment. we moved to a warehouse of two 2,000 square feet and there for a year. we're now at a new location. our new location is in oakland near the coliseum and it's 18 18,000 square feet. >> reporter: cooper is careful not to grow too fast. it's only available at the
5:28 pm
stores in the west coast. it has to be refridge rated so transportation it tough and he won't compromise quality. >> we just want to make about coffee. >> reporter: he knows all too well a good cup can be hard to find. head injuries have been a huge issue when it comes to football. and tomorrow, a new big budget movie is opening about concussions and the nfl. >> if you get into football, you're putting yourself at risk. >> coming up next, we look at the concussion movie starring will smith and talk to a like el doctor about the risk the game has on your brain. >> it's not sclaus but he -- santa claus but he came bearing gifts. a check from the government. what this family did for more than a decade that meant they were owed this money. >> plus, it's been a well known union scare hang out for decades. tonight, it's giving back to the community that supports it. how you can still help to make a child's christmas wish come
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true. it's also a story about canals and the arficial heart, doers. electric guitars and rockets to the moon. in other words, this is the story of america-
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the movie a lot of people are talking about and hits theaters tomorrow.
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cob cushions -- concussions starring will smith. smith plays the pathologist who uncovered the brain called chronic traumatic also known as as -- the film looks at the conflict between the game and health of the men who played it. we talked to the brain doctor about the risk of brain injury in america's game e. return it's a window into the -- >> reporter: it's a window into the brain. the speck machine locks into the brain at work. it helps this doctor diagnose -- diagnosis mental illness. he work at the clinic treating patients when who suffer from head trauma including former novel players. >> if you get onto football, you're putting you're at risk. >> reporter: there are real life risk of repeated head trauma on the field.
5:33 pm
>> people tend not to connect that head injuries can led to functional deficits -- and mood deficits. >> deficits that led to a steelers great in 2002. >> we're heartbroken over the loss who had mental ill be sure and slipped into financial ruin. >> reporter: it's an office on -- autopsying on meek webster and effort to a length between the ---ling between a of his brain and the game he loved. now that it's coming to the big screen, will the league take steps to address the brain. he isn't so sure. from there are political aspects of that. there's a lot of finances and money that could get involved. but you can't fixing in unless you admit it. >> my head was my weapon. that's what made me a good
5:34 pm
linebacker. i consistently had a handgun near me. it was so tempting because it was so easy to pull. >> former lean back eriky ellison is sharing his story for the nonprofit one mind. it aims to find a cure for illnesses. he talk about the concussions we suffered during his ten years in the league which he said led to depression and suicidal thoughts. court papers filed in east bay charge two-day men with attempted murder in the shooting of two people in parking lot of east bay. 28 carlos cervantes of oakland and 28-year-old is a va door lopez aguilera were scheduled to be arained this afternoon. it happened early monday morning outside of club caliente. the three men and one woman, they made derogatory statement
5:35 pm
about the men being guy. the expects are housed in jail. all the verdicts are expected to recover -- victims are expected to recovery. they delivered a refund check to a family today. that family will be accidentally overpaying their property tax for years. as ann rubin explains, this check is one of many that will sent out in the coming weeks. . >> hey, larry stone. >> reporter: it wasn't santa, but rather the santa clara county assessor this christmas eve so he came bearing gifts. >> i'm very pleased to bring you a check for nearly $28,000 >> reporter: the check a refund, as it turned out. they have been overpaying their property taxes for 13 years. >> when the goth makes a mistake, we have an obligation to fix it to make it right. >> reporter: it was a mistake she uncovered and thanks to her per sis tans, they realized she
5:36 pm
is wasn't alone. there were 16 families that with respect getting the housebreaks that deserved. some residents were overpaying for years. >> with the emotionaling going up, i thought we night -- mortgage going up. i thought we night lose the home we guilt. i kept at it, contacting people and getting the word out we needed help. >> reporter: they took quick action and will refund the total amount. plus interest. >> it's beg blessing to come right on time at christmas eve and we oh it all to aaron for being the voice of our neighborhood. >> reporter: the refund will allow the husband to quit the second maintenance job and forker rent to pay off the med medical bills. >> i can cut up the credit card. i'm going to keep one, but i
5:37 pm
want to be out of debt. >> reporter: erin doesn't blame anyone for the mistake, she's grad it's getting fixed now. >> i have a feeling this is the time for everything and this happened to be the right time. >> reporter: most of the neighbors will receive their checks by male. about 60 of the checks have gone out. another to set to go out tonight. a spiderman suit has been making rounds across the country. coming up, how a dream has turned into hope for thousands of children. >> plus, last call means something different tonight. the christmas help you can provide for an if you more hours -- a few more hours.
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drivers crossiant are getting a nice -- across the united states are getting a nice gift at the gas pump the average is less than $two a gallon. that's the lowest since 2009. here in california, we have the highest price for gas anywhere in the country at two dollars $2.78. that price is $0.10 less than when was at the same time last year. gas prices are down an average of six had cent a gallon -- $0.64 a gallon. >> we're seeing things in
5:41 pm
general but fuel is the man cat at a list. >> as for people flying this season, airfares are down since last year. back to the gas prices specially the prices in the bay area, the average is $2.67 a gallon. expensive in san francisco at $2.77, and san jose, it's two $2.78 gallon. a long time bar and restaurant is making one least push to help every child in the city have a good christmas. they're hosting the annual toy drive for kids and teenagers. >> we found out people are standing by right now to accept donations. >> reporter: we're here inside and it is a party inside here. if you look behind me. you can see the piano going and chirp from a local church. they are carolling to get even in the mood and they're all here for the allen christmas
5:42 pm
eve toy drive -- allen christmas eve toy drive. this is the last push. they're going to be delivering them throughout the day. as you can see, some of the barrel es are empty. they'd love for people to come and give. i'm joined by the housekeeper. you've been part of the drive for years. how are we doing? >> we're going great. we were able to get out five 5,000 toy this is morning and two drops out to golden gate avenue to a church there and out in the bay view. kids -- to give them the toys they wouldn't have is just so rewarding. santa came, they were just fantastic and grateful for all the toy that is even's donating. but we've got 10,000 more toys needed and requested and we're getting them out as fast as people can bring them in. >> reporter: thank you so much. you're going to stay open until tonight. >> last last calling -- call.
5:43 pm
you can bring them in until last call tonight. www lefty' you can donate there as well. >> merry christmas to you. they've is set up odd. they have a snow machine outside just to make the atmospheres inviting. and elves are helping people so you can drop off a gift, and go on your way. if there's any way you can help out, they would appreciate it. police traveled across the country helping kids abparents getting through the tough times. how spiderman started as a dream. >> and homes destroyed and ten people killed. the dangerous weather across the counter as we head into the holiday weekend. >> i'm tracking showers right now in the south bay.
5:44 pm
getting wet in san jose. show you where, how long and where we night see snow tonight in the bay area. who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. announcer: ifis the staying awake part...y
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a group of muzes -- muslims giving back to the dmooupt christmas eve. their -- community. they're giving their time. they're helping with christmas dinners. it's something they do each and every year. >> our community doesn't celebrate christmas.
5:47 pm
but because we don't doesn't mean others shouldn't get a good meal on crystal. >> the group says it will help feed a thousand people tonight. at least ten people dead after violent storms race through the southeast and midwest. a number of homes were damaged, dozens of people injured and thousands more without power. jonathan is in atlanta with the latest. . >> reporter: the mississippi governor talking about the devastation in his state. >> we think there's over 100 homes that have been heavily damaged or totally destroyed. another 40 to 60 that have received damage. the worst part is we've had seven fatalities. >> reporter: the destruction is seen, homes damaged from mississippi. trees toppled in tennessee, all this after rare christmas time tornadoes hit the southeast and midwest. >> i'm thankful our lyes are sade.
5:48 pm
>> it sounded like ten leer jets. the roof came off and i was holding my dog and it was pecking me off the floor. >> reporter: heavy rain picking up in north carolina but residents in chapel hill know what to do. >> be ready in case it comes up. you not all your things up and have to leigh. >> reporter: a different stowe in nebraska and wisconsin -- wisconsin, it looks like a white christmas for some folks but not in upstate network. -- upstate new york. >> this is fantastic. i feel like i brought some of the warm weather from southern arizona, you can thank me for that. colder than it is here. we got snow on the mountains last week. it snowed in arizona >> reporter: winter weather is still in the forecast, a slow moving system heading across the u.s. and it's expected to affect thousands of square miles from new mexico to illinois.
5:49 pm
in atlanta, jonathan, fox news. let's talk more about our weather now. bring in the chorlgs bell marta. still -- our chief meteorologist bill martin. still raining out there? ? >> yeah, we got rain, it was a cold storm, lights amount of rain. nice to get rain as well. 11 tenths of an inch in san francisco. santa cruz mountains less than a half inch of rain. beautiful night out there in san francisco. you see the he had loits coming towards the burkle -- he had lights coming towards the berkeley area. the watches and warnings have been dropped. it's still strong with out in the atlanta area f. you have relatives traveling or if you're travelling tomorrow, you'll find this thing is moving offshore but the remnants will be lingering in the early morning hours. we got in front system.
5:50 pm
the main energy will be through this morning. that's when anti-depressantet rain and hail that was loud -- the rain and hail that was loud. since then, we've had shows lingering. san jose. the whole complex is moving this way. we have showers in san jose. campbell, sunnyvale. heavy area showers are moving in the every green area of san jose. hit and miss stuff. oakland is dry. but these areas of instability are going to slide through the bay area throughout the evening hours. 43 right now in santa rosa. it's going to get cold tonight. it's breezy out there and the winds are going to keep temperatures from getting crazy cold. it's going to be cold with a chance of sprinkle tonight. you can get down to 29 degrees east of santa rosa. napa get could down to 34. san jose, 31 degrees possible. just below freezing.
5:51 pm
here's the forecast for san francisco tomorrow. it's a cool 45 degrees in san francisco. the models want to pan in a chance for spripgles tomorrow. it's a possibility, but it will -- it would be hitt or miss. the chance of showers tomorrow morning light. somebody will but if any one of us, it's going to be mostly clear skies by lunchtime. the temperatures will be in the low 50s. and friday night, clear skies will lead to overnight lowe's. frost advisory wills go into effect tomorrow night and possible a freeze warning. low 50s, not upper 50s, low 50s, 52 in san oh say. and -- san jose. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. the nicest day will be on saturday. the mountains the winter storm warning stacy in effect through the morning hours -- stays in effect through the morning
5:52 pm
hours tomorrow. the driving is dicey to say the least. you got the low snow el vacations around abush -- auburn and grass valley. >> i think most people are there. >> yeah and but if you're coming out sunday night and monday, there's more know expected. all it takes is a spider suit and a child's imagination. . >>ive had parents break down e hug me and say, i haven't seen my child smile in six months. >> coming up next, the man that's traveled across the country helping kids and parents get through tough times in hospitals. plus. >> sometimes, there comes a point in life when you have to give someone a second chance. >> new at 6:00 how they're helping local flops find work -- felons find work. >> coming up, how she helped land this man behind bars.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
he puts smiles on the faces of children who are sick. all it takes a spiker man suit and their imagine in addition -- imagination. >> all of this happened to a dream. that dream turned into hope for thousands of children. . >> reporter: every time he puts
5:56 pm
on the suit. >> for me when i suit up, i feel like i'm suiting fun -- up for the super bowl. recky feels like he's doing what he's meant to do. >> i don't want to pull a ten to be. >> reporter: it all started last summer. mena was looking far new job and direction in life. >> i had a dream. >> reporter: a dream about his late grandmother and would you believe, spiderman handing out presents to children in hospitals. >> so i woke up and said, i've never dressed up. i have not dressed up for halloween for how long because i'm 32 years old. my first initial visit was for a boy named jeremiah. and my first suit cost 13 $1,300, i sold my luxury car it fund the begins what i thought at the time was a fie visits. but it turn -- a few visits, but it turned into much more
5:57 pm
than that >> reporter: it turned onto heart after hero. a nonprofit who is sole mission is to put smiles on faces of children who need it most. he's visited an estimated five 5,000 children. sometimes big groups, sometimes one-on-one. he met charlie last year, a little boy suffering from a terminal cancer. >> he was the first child we met that was terminal and he was the first child -- child that we had that pass away. >> i hope i can do this a lot. but char le will always -- charlie will be the special one in my heart. >> reporter: the toll cab hard but the reward -- can be hard but the reward greater. >> i have parent break down and say i haven't seen my child smile in six months >> reporter: it's the imagination for children that opens the door.
5:58 pm
what's special will children is they have their imagination in tact. they believe in san tax return and spayder man >> reporter: she -- they still believe in heros. >> my belief is i'm meant to do this. >> >> reporter: it may have started with adrome, but that dream is growing. >> i want their to be superheroes in every state waiting for the call for kids everywhere. >> reporter: if they call, they want to be there. fox news at 6:00 starts now. . it's been a wild day for the weather. we've see rain in the bay air and snow and an tornado touching down in some counters. it was pouring on folks trying to catch flights in oakland this morning. it's rained almost every day last week.
5:59 pm
those totals are starting to add up in some spots. >> let's turn to the chief meteorologist bill martin. the bulk of the storm is over but raining in some parts. >> it is and we've seeing showers in the san jose area. very cold there too. i wouldn't be surprised to see snow on hamilton tomorrow morning. snow levels are down three 3,000 felt tonight the winds die down, it's going to get cooler as well. these are current images, you can see the green. it's widely catered -- scattered, that's the radar returns. most of the activity has moved in the san jose area. these areas are purple and ping, they represent areas of freezing in the storm. perhaps seeing hail out of the storms. perhaps seeing snow at higher elevations. in san oshea -- san jose you can see heavier rain now. all the affecty is working its way.
6:00 pm
as we go through the 'ing -- evening, there's more instability pacts that go through the bay area. we have a chance for a scattered shower and thunder shower during the next eight to 12 hours. when i come back, we'll track the winter storm warning in the mountains, we have more showers to talk about. and we'll look for the next shot of rain which is coming in the five-day forecast. see you back here. >> as bill mentioned it started snowing earlier in season and hasn't stopped in sierra. a foot or more is expected in this storm. the snow is falling in lower elevations as well. mike is in plus canyon to show us what it -- blue con i don't know to show us what it looks like there. >> reporter: what's better than a snow fight on christmas eve? >> they love it. they're getting dad now. . >> reporter: the low snow a big challenge for d


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