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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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. palo alto police release new information in the last hour about a deadly officer- involved shooting christmas night. and the temperatures take another dip as freeze warning is about to go into effect for much of the bay area. good evening. ken and heather are both off tonight two palo alto police officers are on paid administrative leave after they shot and killed a man last night who they say charged at them with a knife. the man lived in a treatment center for the mentally ill. it now appears the man made a false claim to police and waited outside the center for officers to arrive. and we have more from palo
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alto. >> reporter: the crime tape lingers on this street full of neighbors traumatized to hear gun fire christmas night. it is the first for this man who has lived near downtown for 10 years. >> it was unquestionable it was gunshots and rapid fire, and i'm shocked really. >> reporter: palo alto police were called out to the home just after 9:00 in the eveningen a report a man was threatening to hurt someone. >> our officers were dispatched and our preliminary investigation indicates that very shortly after the officers arrived on scene, a single suspect charged at the officers while holding a knife. >> reporter: at least one officer opened fire outside the house. the suspect died at the hospital. according to several neighbors, the man lifed in a residential home run by the group, part of the non-property momentum for mental health. the home pictured on its web site is part of a treatment program.
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>> it makes me more nervous to live around here. >> reporter: a next-door neighbor who asked not to be identified has not had problems with the house. >> the cops are frequently at the house. there are no incidents, but i see cops there with their lights flashing and this is the first time there has been any kind of vie lent incident. >> reporter: the knife the police say the suspect was holding was a butter knife. that has not been confirmed with police. she says the man has only been staying there for a few days. no officers were injured in this shooting, and to give you some perspective, the last officer involved shooting in the city of palo alto, back in 2002. in palo alto, ktvu fox 2 news. well, in hayward, authorities are still trying to figure out how a body ended up in the back of a. haul truck. it was discovered yesterday at the bart station after the police tried to question a man who they say was acting a bit strange as he walked away from the. haul. police say when they confronted
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the man, he pulled out a gun and started firing. several hours later, the police discovered the body in the back of the. haul. the officers say the victim appears to have suffered a violent death. a chilly blast of winter weather prompted a freeze warning today for parts of the bay area. this is what it looked like this morning. frost ton pavement there. the drivers had to navigate over icy roads. and we have a look another those chilly temperatures. you could really feel it last night. >> get ready, once again we're talking about sub freezing temperatures across parts of the bay area. another freeze warning to talk about as well for the overnight hours. first, we'll begin with the overnight lows for this morning. all of these areas sub freezing, gilroy, 30 degrees. livermore, 30 and 20s, napo. petaluma, 28 degrees. you see the main reason why -- i traced the upper level pattern and you will see the flow from the north. that is cold enough where they had snow in el paso today with the storm system moving in from
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the north and the cold air in place. for us here in the bay area, we do have some pretty cold numbers out there already. showing you 44 degrees in santa rosa. san jose, 47 and livermore, 41. we are in the clear, but a few extra cloud also be on the increase as we do head into the overnight hours. actually it is not going to be much of a factor, as a result, the freeze warning in place for most of the bay area with the exception being san francisco. also right near the immediate coastline. this runs from midnight until 9:00 a.m. sunday with overnight lows back down into the mid 20s to the mid 30s. we'll take a closer look at the forecast. and also talking about some rain chances by later in the day sunday and into monday. more on that in your full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. a bit of shameless self promotion here. if you got a new tablet or phone, don't forget to download the ktvu news and weather app. you can find the app by
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searching for ktvu in the app stores. richmond police say a 2- year-old girl was injured christmas night in a drive-by shooting. it happened about 10:50 last night on florida avenue near 6th street. the shot spotter system recorded 18 gunshots. the investigators say as many as nine rounds hit a car carrying five people, including a toddler, who suffered cuts from broken glass. the officers say a woman in the car was grazed by a bullet. there is no word on any suspects or a motive. and we have some breaking news out in out of emeryville. this is a live look we're going to bring you of the elephant bar at the bay street shopping center where we're told firefighters are working ohen the scene to try to control a one-alarm fire. you can see a lot of flashing lights. authorities haven't said yet how that fire started or whether there are any injuries and we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you more information as we get it in. a center is scrambling to accommodate hundreds of patients after fire seriously damaged a clinic. and the fire crews say the fire at the west county health
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center started outside and then spread to the building. it was reported just before 2:30 this morning. several fire agencies had to work together to put that fire out. >> and the next one is objection dentsal and i believe there is one so it has pretty good claim and there are a lot of people that will be needing the services. >> reporter: a spokesperson. for the center says 300 people have appointments on monday at that clinic and she says they will now have to move those appointments to a different location. more information has been posted on the web site w. org. a dui task force is teaming up with police tonight to look for drunk drivers a dui check point is scheduled for hillside avenue from 8:00 p.m. to 2:30 in the morning. the officials say the check point doss help cut down on drunk driving and they lower the number of people killed or hurt in alcohol or drug- involved crashes. law enforcement all over the bay area are sample rating the
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roads through newier' day looking for impaired drivers. now to southern california where the firefighters in ventura county are battling a fast-moving brush fire. the so-called fire broke out at 11:00 p.m. near santa barbara. mandatory evacuations have been ordered. strong winds are helping to fan the flames and the wind advisory remains in place until tomorrow. more than 600 firefighters are battling the flames. the chp shut down parts of the pacific coast highway. highway 1 oh 1 shut down temporarily in both directions, but it has since reopened. the fire has burned more than 1,200 acres and is now 60% contained. at least 17 people are dead after tornadoes ripped through the southeast this christmas week. mississippi, tennessee and arkansas were the hardest hit. we have more on the storms' toll. >> reporter: the death toll now at 17 after two more bodies were found in mississippi, unseasonably warm weather across the nation this winter spawning severe weather all
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week. tornadoes and flooding from arkansas to tennessee to mississippi leaving dozens of families homeless on christmas eve. and it continued into christmas night through alabama. a tornado touching down, birmingham. three homes were reportedly destroyed. some people were trapped inside, trees down, several people taken to hospitals for minor injuries. but thankfully no deaths reported. >> it was like something just pouring down, havey rain, and heavy rain and then all of a sudden the glass in the windows just broke out and then it was like somebody was clawing the roof off of the house. >> when i walked out of the house, i just heard chaos and seen an old lady trapped in a car. there are a lot of trees down down the street there and i helped her out. >> reporter: today alabama governor robert bendly will tour parts of the state avenuaged after three days of heavy rainfall. 200 roads in the state are closed due to the flooding.
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flood warnings are in effect for northern alabama, but there is particular concern for el bay, alabama in the southeast where the river threatens to breach the 44-foot-tall levee protecting the city. in mississippi, there are now 10 people reported dead after tornadoes that hit the state wednesday and flooding that following afterwards. more than 100 homes and businesses damaged and more than 60 people injured. families spending christmas day collecting their belongings from the left over rubble. some good news, the members of the marine corps donating toys on christmas day to dozens of kids whose families lost everything in the storms. in new york, fox news. a much happier news story now. the golden state' warriors seth curry has been named the associated press male athlete of the year. and he beat golfer jordan spieth and he joins lebron james, michael jordan and larry bird as the only basketball
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players in the past 85 years to be named as the top male athlete. we'll have more on the honor and hear from curry about his win ahead in sports. well, coming up, a piece of naval history has sprung a leashing. hear why officials at the u.s.s. hornet say they want to fix this problem as soon as possible. >> i have it. my sister has it. >> and it is breaking records left and right. the mildstone the new "star wars" movie reached on christmas day. even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c, save even more on floor samples,
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into it has been a turbulent holiday season in the middle east. more violence erupted today in jerusalem, a day after pilgrims gathered there to celebrate christmas. rears at the vatican saturday, pope francis offering a message
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about the importance of forgiveness. through the forgiveness we can win against the evil. this after ongoing mideast violence clouded christmas celebrations in bethlehem where hotel bookings were down some 25% compared to a year ago, which was also a weak year. but this year christmas came in the midst of three months of violence. since mid september, at least 20 isrealis have been killed in attacks, as well as at least 127 palestinians. israel blames the palestinian incitement while the palestinians remain frustrated living under isreali military control. today alone the isreali police say they fatally shot a palestinian who tried to stab them in jerusalem. while in the west bank, the palestinian protestors clashed with isreali security after a funeral for a palestinian woman killed on christmas when the isreali forces say she attempted to drive a car into them. back in jerusalem today, the police used rubber bullets to
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disperse protestors demanding isreali hand over bodies killed by the troops. [ singing ] >> reporter: and now a new threat from isis, issued saturday, threatening an attack against israel, the obama administration weighing it as the president continues his christmas vacation in hawaii where he took time out to thank u.s. troops. >> we never take for grant -- take for granted what all of you do for the american people. >> reporter: it should come as no surprise that the mideast peace talks are weighing highly on the president's agenda. by the way, president obama returns to washington january 3. traveling with the president in hawaii, kevin cork, fox news. a lot of people reflecting on the end of the year as we approach new year's, but a new poll finds most americans felt 2015 was a bust. the associated press polled 57% of the people questioned felt 2015 was worse around the world
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than 2014. 37% said there was no difference. just 10% said 2015 was better than the year before. in terms of news, those responding to the poll ranked the top three events as, one, a string of mass shootings in the u.s., san bernardino, charleston, oregon and roseburg, oregon, and close behind the paris attacks, charlie hebdo and in third place, atrocities by isis. the poll also revealed almost a quarter of all americans have no plans to celebrate on new year's eve. this probably comes as no surprise to people living in the bay area, but san francisco made the list of the top 10 most expensive cities to raise a family in. a survey calculated the cost of living based on housing, child care, food and other necessities. washington, d.c. came in at number one followed by a few counties outside of new york city and new york city itself. san francisco is ranked the ninth most expensive city to raise a family. san francisco has one of the most expensive housing markets,
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but has relatively lower child care costs compared to the other cities on that list. well, the city of oakland is about to implement a higher minimum wage on january 1. lit go from $12.25 to $12.55 an hour. it is based on the measure which was approved by nearly 82% of voters back in november of 2014. that measure raised the minimum wage from $89 an hour to $12.25. the minimum wage is now subject the an annual increase. there are an estimated 48, 000 minimum wage workers in oakland. and the aircraft carrier u.s.s. hornet has sprung some leaks. the museum ship is docked in alameda and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. now there is word the huge wooden flight deck is leaking. the officials say they have hired a contractor to plug those leaks before any rains caused by el nino arrive in the area. they hope to raise some of the money for the project through this year's new year's eve party on board the hornet. >> the shoppers hit the stores early this emergency and walnut creek as soon as the doors
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opened. the shoppers filed inside, many of them looking for deep discounts and after christmas bargains. some retailers are offering as much as 70% off. today is also a popular day for returning items or gifts that just didn't work out. the force is with the latest "star wars" movie. >> i have it. my sister as the it. >> they raked in another $49 million domestically that is double the earlier record of $25 million from "sherlock homes -- holmes" in 2009. it is expected to finish the holiday weekend with as much as $140 million. the industry experts say the movie will surpass the $1 billion mark worldwide by the end of the christmas weekend. and in the sierra, ski reports are -- resorts are reporting the best conditions they have seen in years. skiers and snow boarders were taking advantage of the fresh
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snow. they say although it was windy, they were enjoying the fresh powder. the staff conditions call today a postcard perfect day on the mountain. and we want to write bring in mark. the weather here yesterday was almost picture perfect too. clear skies, blue, sunny, but it was definitely chilly. we definitely have to dress in layers, but temperatures really frigid out there, especially with a bit of a breeze. the northerly wind making it feel very cold with that wind chill in place. you can see what is happening. and showing you the upper level winds, and the winds -- actually traced in from the north here. that is the cold wind direction. with that we have the cold air across the entire state, but also generating some snow showers out toward parts of -- right around el paso earlier today and also significant snowfall and also severe weather toward portions of the midwest. right now, though, across the bay area, we are in the clear. current numbers, we do have napa, 43 degrees already lots of 40s for the 6:00 hour.
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hayward, mountain view, that vlado, 45. santa rosa checking in at 44. as i mentioned, we are in the clear. here is our camera looking out toward the san francisco bay. a nice, pretty shot for your saturday evening. get ready. basically the same story we had this morning, we're going to push it to it tomorrow emergency as well. with the overnight lows, the freeze warning in place. the exception being near the coast and also for san francisco. but take a look at these numbers. first you'll see our forecast generating clouds and rainfall, just up to our north, that will be a factor in our forecast tomorrow. not really for the morning hours, with the overnight lows chilly. and petaluma back down into the 20s. lots of 0s to start out your sunday. livermore, 27. and more very cold numbers, san jose, morgan hill and gilroy and san francisco, 40 degrees. half moon bay checks in with a forecast low of 39 so not too much has changed over the past few days. you can see here the cold air
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moving in from the north. once again, another freezing start four your sunday, at least freezing for us. later in the day, here is our next frontal system moving in. definitely more clouds by the afternoon hours, and by the afternoon we do bring in the chance of scattered showers, especially up in the north bay and that chance will spread to the south later in the afternoon and into sunday night. here is our forecast model showing you this, some clouds, 7:00 a.m. sunday. you'll notice by 6:00, the chance for scattered showers, even throughout the afternoon, up in the north bay and that gradually pushes to the south. sunday evening, we're going to hold on to that possibility for the early portion of the commute, and then we scale back on the clouds later in the day on monday afternoon. after that frigid start tomorrow morning, look at these numbers. some neighborhoods only in the upper 40s all day long. santa rosa, 4. san francisco right around 50. so very narrow temperature range. 49, 50, 51 or 5 #. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, and we're wrapping up the new year, five more panels, five more
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days left in the year so the chance of a lingering shower into monday morning. partly sunny skies into tuesday. if you're making plans for the new year's eve festivities, it looks like you can leave the umbrella at home. it will be cry with more sunshine and basically clear for most of the night as well. >> it will be good for everybody celebrating. >> perfect. >> and with the rain coming in sunday, maybe monday, it will warm things up a little bit? >> probably no more freeze warnings, at least for monday or tuesday morning. >> thank you. with that latest cold snap, it is a reminder that the need is great for donated coats. if you have gently used coats you no longer use, we'd like you to pass them on to those who can use them. you can drop off your coat until january 2 at donations bins across the bay area. those donation bins are located at santana row in san jose, bay street in emeryville, walnut creek and participating locations of big oh tires and ups stores. coming up, we hear from
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warriors' guard stef curry that he takes on an award that only michael jordan and lebron james have won. we'll tell you next in sports.
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warriors' guard stef curry teamed up to help east bay families. they joined the organization to provide support to about 400 oakland families. folk whose were at the cathedral on telegraph avenue got boxes filled with food and personal care items. curry says the warriors as a team make an effort to help out the community. >> and to, you know, give back and hopefully share some joy and some love to families in need in the bay area, so third year running, and i think we have made an impact and we want to keep it going. >> an event was funded by the stef curry foundation aened the warriors' community foundation. it sounded like it was a good week for stef curry, the win against the cavs, the good community work there and he gets top honors. >> a good week, a good month, a good year for stef curry. i couldn't find a better male athlete that had a better year than stef and neither could the associated press. curry named ap male athlete of
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the year, becoming just the fourth basketball my tore win the award following bird, jordan and lebron, pretty good company. an nba title and mvp award will do that for you and the accolades continue to pile up. >> and it is a pretty huge honor, one that, you know, i can hopefully be able to share with my teammates and everybody who helped make this possible for me out there on the floor, so just it has been a great year and just trying to keep the perspective but also enjoy it. >> and he went from household name to forgotten name in about two months, but jared hain is back with the 49ers. he never really left, but today the team activated hain from the practice squad where he has been stashed since november 2. the runningback isn't expected to play much, if at all tomorrow against the lions. also today the niners placed the guard alex boone on injured reserve ending his season. and it is the season, a lot of bowl games today, miami and washington state, sun bowl. i said sun bowl, not snow bowl!
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snowing in el paso, mark, really? and to gabe marks for the cougar touchdown. they win it 20-14, finish 9-4 and gatorade in the snow, never a good feeling. and the heart of dallas bowl, washington and southern miss. there is chris peterson. the huskies are a team very much on the rise. they're going to make some noise in the pac-12 north next season and this guy will be back. miles gas kin. 86 of his 118 rushing yards. he had four, four rushing touchdowns, and the huskies beat southern miss 44-31. and about to kick off down in santa clara, the foster farms bowl, ucla and nebraska. we'll have highlights of that coming up later. >> a lot of the players were helping out at st. anthony's. >> a lot of the fans roaming around san francisco, too. >> trying to stop them. >> not hard. powder blue in the crowd. >> and they're all pretty big guys. >> the players are tucked away, bro the fans were everywhere.
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>> thank you, scott. coming up on the 10:00 news, we're staying on top of the upcoming freeze warning across the bay area. mark will be back with us later to show us the latest models and what you need to know. thank you for making us your news source and we're always for you online and facebook and twitter and our news app have a good evening!
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