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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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two people are dead after an early morning apartment fire in oakland. and we are learning this is not the first time firefighters have been called to that building. . i'm pam cook in for gasia mikaelian. that fire started early this morning at an apartment complex in east oakland. ktvu's paul chambers has new details about how that fire may have started. >> i talked to neighbors and they told me they believed the home was used by homeless people and people who use drugs. but the people who are deceased may not fit that category. >> the call came out after 1
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this morning. heavy smoke and flames were seen upon arrival. upgraded to a second alarm quickly and it took about an hour to get things under control. investigators say this is the third time crews have battled a fire at this address this year. the first in may, the second earlier this month, mainly smoke from a small fire inside a bathtub. this fatal fire appears to have been accidentally set by squatters, possibly for heating or cooking purposes. two people were found dead. we know it was a man and woman, but race and age is unknown. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, fox 2 news. pg&e workers are busy restoring gas service to people who dealt with a night without
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heat. workers went door-to-door turning gas back on. a total of 6,000 people were impacted. about 1,000 people had service restored at last check. two warming centers were set up and several dozen people were able to use them. many others stayed at home, braced the freezing cold temperatures without heating. some gathered and built fires to stay warm. >> it was cold. we all stayed in the loft, blankets everywhere. we have a 17-month-old and my wife, so it worked out. >> you made it through. >> made it through. >> it was a little rough. >> cold shower this morning because i worked out and then i forgot. my wife said are you going to take a cold shower and i go it's going to be a cold shower. >> pg&e says the gas outage was caused by a broken regulator that led to a loss of pressure. utility is blaming the breakdown on the cold weather. workers will spend the day restoring service.
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cold temperatures are expected the to drop even lower. rosemary orozco has our forecast. soupdz cold, but -- sounds cold, but no rain. >> that's right. we are anticipating a cold arer night because of the rain clouds being moved out. early this morning temperatures weren't as bad because of the clouds in place. take a look at future cast. we get through the afternoon and into the evening, the clouds are going to clear out. by tomorrow morning, we start out with very clear, cold weather. temperatures are expected to dip as we get into tuesday morning. we're talking about low 30s in areas inland, perhaps subfreezing temperatures. low 30s to 40s around the bay, frosty conditions expected. it's going to be only a gradual change through the rest of the business week. i'll detail what you can expect for the afternoon and in the extended forecast whether or not we see any more rain. more on that in just a bit.
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>> thank you, rosemary. 43 people have died in a string of severe weather across the country. will reports 11 states are still under a winter storm warning. >> dangerous weather not letting up on folks in the country's midsection. driving in oklahoma dangerous due to ice and downed power lines. some areas received up to a foot of rain over the weekend. >> you've got to be prepared for it. if it rains hard in fayetteville, you know it's coming this way. those are decks interest somebody's cab -- from somebody's cabin. >> blizzard conditions hit the text panhandle, weather cutting off power and making roads impassable. still also on the ground outside dallas where this car service employee is busy helping motorists, but advising people to stay home. >> slipping, sliding everywhere.
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icy conditions and roadways very bad. >> the texans are dealing with powerful storms, among them an ef-4 that ripped through this area. the state's governor is asking residents to remain vigilant. >> we pray and support those that have lost a family member. we pray and support those who have have their homes destroyed and lives turned upside down. >> residents here aren't the only ones cleaning up. more than 70 structures were damaged in birmingham, alabama, on christmas day from another tornado. there are new developments this noontime in the cleveland police shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice. grand jury decided not to indict a rookie police officer for his partner for their roles in the
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2014 shooting. he was holding what turned out to be a pellet gun when he was shot. newly enhanced videos show that the it is in disputable that rice was removing the gun from his waistband when he was shot. speccing information from pal 0 -- expecting palo alto information ruiz to release information about a shooting christmas night that happened at a mental health facility. a man threatened to hurt someone. they say he was standing outside with a thief and charnled at police -- with a knife and charged at police. someone that works there said it was a butter knife. police in richmond investigating a deadly shooting from the weekend. officers got reports of a man shot on 26 and kuting just before 5 p.m. on sunday. they found the victim who has been identified as 40-year-old nicholas evans. he was shot multiple times and
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was pronounced dead at the scene. police are still looking for information. 15-year-old boy arrested after a huge fight at a stockton mall. that fight involving about 50 boys broke out yesterday in the sherwood mall food court. in this cellphone video, you can see security and police officers trying to stop the fight while shoppers tried to run from the area. >> during the fight, a group surrounded our officers. but we were fortunate that other officers responded quickly and were able to assist those officers and to get everybody outside the mall. >> yesterday's fight is not the first one at a stockton mall this holiday season. two victim were annoyed by long lines and started fighting when one of the women complained. police in tracy investigating a possible hate crime off a molotov cocktail was thrown inside a mosque early saturday morning. it was filled with a rag and ak
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sell rent, exploded, causing damage to the islamic center. investigators are analyzing evidence found at the scene. crimes targeting american muslims have been on the rise since the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. with just five weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, clint is about to someone campaigning for her she calls her secret he weapon, bill clinton. but that's garnering a serious warning from donald trump. >> bill clinton would be a force out on the campaign trail and hillary clinton is counting on his help in both iowa and new hampshire. donald trump is ready and willing to remind voters of bill clinton's history, however. >> and i hope you will vote for hillary. >> we know bill clinton can fire up a crowd, and that is what hillary clinton is counting on. bernie sanders is leading right now in recent new hampshire polls, and is there are signs clinton's lead in iowa may be
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narrowing. >> if she loses iowa and loses new hampshire, loses the first two, it would be complete chaos. the donors would get upset, the sanders support would skyrocket. certainly the financial part. and the media would have a feed frenzy, but the former president can help and hurt. hillary clinton is leaning strongly on gender issues, so had husband's issue of infidelity is fair game, says donald trump, who hillary clinton says has a pen chant for sexism. >> she's playing the woman's card. certainly bill clinton is not going to be the end all. he'll be coming under attack from many other people. >> bernie sanders is actually making a play for donald trump's supporters, will many of whom are less -- many of whom are less than happy with both parties. >> many of trump's supporters are working class people and they are angry. and they are angry because they're working longer hours for
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lower wages. they're angry because their jobs have left this country and gone to china or other low wage countries. >> both trump supporters and sanders supporters are disenchanted with the state of politics in the country right now. iraqi forces are claiming victory against isis in a key city taken over by the terror group months ago. commanders say the city of ramadi was taken back by government forces with the help of hundreds of strategic u.s. airstrikes, troops retook a compound used by headquarters oovr the weekend. troops raised an iraqi flag and celebrated, but pockets of isis fighters remain in the city, raising concern on whether complete victory should be claimed. >> after 15 or 16 months of era tacks by the u.s., it's had
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minimal -- >> government forces say the next target will be taking back the northern city of mosul, considered the largest population center for isis. still ahead, the san francisco city attorney is cracking down on justin bieber. what he's demanding from the pop singer related to what he calls a gorilla marketing campaign. sports director sits down with the golden state warriors star steph curry. with just your age, income, zip code,g for health insurance and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ if you haven't checked out covered california in a while,
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. welcome back. believe it or not, pop star justin bieber is in trouble with the city of san francisco. city attorney is taking action on what he calls gorilla advertising after these ads for bieber's latest album were spray painted on the sidewalks in the city. he says neighbors have been complaining about the graffiti and that it sends the wrong message to hung people. he plans to aggressively pursue penalties of up to $2,500 per incident. police in solano county are searching for a woman seen in a
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disturbing video throwing a dog on to a street. police say the woman is brandy chin and she threw the dog during an argument with her boyfriend. police think she may have abused the dog before. >> she was recently seen walking down the business districts in fairfield and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around. >> authorities think chin is hiding in the vallejo area. once she is found, she'll likely face felony animal cruelty charges. and the dog named ben will be taken from her. hundreds of new laws dwo into effect in california this friday, january 1st. janine de la vega reports they involve everything from transportation to schools and guns. >>reporter: we're here along the embarcadero and we've seen plenty of people riding bikes
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while wearing headphones. they're going to have to change that because starting in 2016, there is a new law where you can no longer where a head set covering or inserted in both ears while riding a bicycle. hover boards can be ridden now on bike path and bike lanes. but riding them on sidewalks is different because they're governed by city and county laws so it can change. >> i'm a little torn on that one. i think if they can go as fast as a bike, that would be okay. but i think you're going to fall easier on a hoverboard so i don't think it's as safe. if they're riding a bike on the someone and someone hits someone, the bike should not be there. but if a hoverboard falls, that's a hard thing to stop. >> concealed firearms will be banned from college campuses and k-12 campuses. high school seniors will no
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longer they'd to take the exit exam to graduate. and thechlt next thechlt year, full vaccinations required for students to enroll. schools will check status before the school year. students participation in sex education will be mandatory unless a parent specifically requests that their child be opted out. right now participation is voluntary. reporting from san francisco, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. the golden state warriors will be playing the sacramento kings tonight and steph curry plans to play despite being injured. he injured his calf last wednesday in the warriors victory over the jazz. but there was no rest for curry. he played christmas day against the cavaliers. he also hosted an important off
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the court event. he and family teemed up with feed the children to help 400 oakland families in need. and steph told us about how important it is to give back to the local community. >> this is a special time. obviously during the christmas holiday to have some time with family and be able to give back and use the blessings that we've been given and the relationships with my family and with the warriors who make the this possible. feed the children gives back and hopefully spreads cheer and joy and love to families in need in the bay area. third year running and i think we made an impact and we're going to keep it going. everybody who suits up in a warriors uniform understands that principle and i think it's important to and it's just grown since i've been doing this. seventh year i've been a part of
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the team that's been a huge priority. they made it happen. >> setting a great example. it was founded by the stephen curry foundation and the warriors community. it's cold and will we see any rain, rosemary? >> yes on the cold, no on the rain. good afternoon to you. partly cloudy skies, taking longer to clear in some areas. here's a live look at san francisco. partly cloudy skies early on and partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. portions of the north bay have fog, but the clouds are beginning to break. i want to give you a look into this sent in from nacho and it looks like snow on the ground at about 17 hundred feet. areas of lake county reported snow. mount hamilton received fresh snow early this morning. look at stormtracker 2, you can see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy over the north bay, inner east bay and down into the south
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bay. but we'll continue to see them break apart as we move into the afternoon. we'll be clearing out into the evening hours. the snow continues to fall, caltrans continues with on and off chain controls. if you're going this direction into the afternoon, expect that to be a little icy and a little slippery as we get into the afternoon before it finally moves out of the area. here's a look at rainfall totals. not a lot in the last 24 hours. santa cruz mountains a little more than .2 tenth of an inch. most of us a few .11 to a tenth of an inch. union city about .18 in your area. temperatures quite chilly. 4 sef7:00 land and san jose -- is 47 in oakland and 45 in san jose. low 50s in the forecast at best.
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we're talking 53 in oakland. 52 mountain view. 51 san francisco. 50 degrees antioch. 52 in april a. 53 dshs in napa -- 52 in napa. partly cloudy skies expected for the afternoon. overnight lows become colder once again with patchy fog expected tomorrow morning and temperatures in the low 30s in livermore, fairfield, santa rosa 33 expected for you. around the bay not as kaeld in areas like hayward, oakland and san francisco, but quite chilly. 33 degrees in redwood city. the extended forecast will show you as we get into the workweek ahead, at least for those of us that are working, pam, temperatures will continue to climb gradually as we get into the final day of 2015. upper 50s in the forecast. new year's day looks to be dry but cool. temperatures coming down just a little bit for the first weekend. but in any case, no rain in that
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extended forecast. >> a lot of people go to tahoe between christmas and new year's and they have fresh snow and good conditions. >> exactly and dry weather for new year's eve celebration. >> which is good for driving conditions. thank you, rosemary. >> you're welcome. this is definitely the kind of weather where you want to bundle up, but not everyone has a good winter coat. if you have gently used winter coats you know longer need, weed -- no longer need, we'd like to help you pass them along to people who can use them. you can drop off your coat until january 2 at donation bins across the area. san jose. emeryville, wall the nut creek and par -- walnut creek and participating big o tires and ups stores. after the break we're going
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to tell you where you can take your tree to recycle it and who is going to eat it.
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. welcome back to the noon news. we are keeping an eye on wall street. actually dow jones coming back. it's been down 80 or 90 points most of the day. still down about 30 points. good news on the retail numbers coming in so far. that should he help out stocks this week, but it is a short trading session because the
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markets are closed on friday for new year's day. a slight increase in crude oil sending stocks lower. we'll keep an eye through the day. the city of san francisco is reminding people to tree cycle. the san francisco department of environment held its 29th annual chipping of the trees event this morning. that was at city hall and officials say free curbside collection will be offered from january 2 through the 15th on regular trash days. all you have to do is remove all the ornaments, leave your un flocked tree next to your blue garbage bin. another option is to feed it to the coats. san francisco landscaping company is accepting trees to feed the goats. we have post a link on our
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website, just click on web links. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you online as well, you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. [ end of realtime captioning ] ioning ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> merry x-mass, everybody! [applause] here's what we're doing today. we're playing a game and the stakes are, you can get a bottle of champagne, a gift card and a dvd. what you need to do, you're going to attach the balls to your butt and then you're gonna knock santa claus off. if you do that, you get clues and if you get the clues in 45 seconds you get the prize. >> charlie's first. harvey: and go! ♪ >> oh, this is actually pretty hard. >> lower, lower! lower! >> ok! lower! kneeling! >> go,


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