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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm pam cook in for gasia mikaelian today. we start with the ongoing situation in sonoma county where the crews are trying to get an elephant seal back into the bay. rob joins us on the phone. can you tell us what they're doing? we know the marine mammal center volunteers and workers are out there? >> right. there are two volunteers out in. they've been trying to coax the elephant seal out of the mud and swimming. in the last -- they've been at this for over a half-hour now.
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in the last minute, maybe you can see the elephant seal is starting to move a little bit. and we're calling this progress because for the past half hour, it's pretty much just been laying there and barely moving. what the rescuers did is got in the kayak and approached the seal and began banging and making noise and splashing, kind of nagging it into some sort of movement. in the last minute or two -- >> we are looking at it right now, live pictures, just to in for a moment, rob. we have the helicopter overhead and we can see the seal moving in. the tide is certainly out. we can tell that. >> the tide is out. they say it's due in later this afternoon, somewhere around 3:00. perhaps that may make their efforts a little better. but this is twice now that the
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rescuers have gone out and kayaked to try to move it. earlier this morning they got it to move a little bit, made progress. but it then turned around and went to its original spot 20 or 30 yards from where it is now. they're in a creek. the seal is kind of washed up in a creek that feeds the san pablo bay. they want the seal to get through the creek, into the bay and eventually the ocean where it belongs. >> right. i would imagine this isn't a healthy situation. they're not concerned about the health of the seal immediately, but i would imagine this is not a healthy situation for her to be not only next to the road, but in that particular area, that small creek. >> that's exactly right. first of all, the seal was spotted because it did go on to the road yesterday.
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it hasn't made any attempts to go on to the road today. but you're right. yes, it is healthy. they don't know if she's pregnant. they haven't been able to tell that. but that is also a possibility. so it is healthy. they just want to make sure that they can keep her that way, keep her out of harm's way, keep her off the road for sure and back where she belongs. now, i should say that this method that they're using now, coaxing it up and trying to sort of push her towards san pablo bay, if that doesn't work, plan b is to sedate her and then move her and release her into a better spot. >> right. >> but they say they'd rather not have to do that. they will if they have to, but
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they want to try this. they want to exhaust all other possibilities because it's -- this method here is obviously less invasive than what we're talking about. they'd have to lift it into a truck and secure it. >> 900 pounds. that's no small fete. >> no it's not. >> thank you, rob, so much for your live report out there. i know you're going to be out there all day. we'll certainly be following the story through the day and into the evening. as you mentioned, the tide comes in at 3:00, so maybe they will have more luck then. but thank you for staying on top of that. we'll check in with you throughout the day. >> thank you, pam. san francisco firefighters are at the scene of a fire at a 3 story building near golden gate park. the fire was on the top floor. no injuries have been reported and the cause of the fire is not
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yet known. a disturbing story. he feared for his life. that's what the santa clara county sheriff's office is saying about a deputy brutally beaten by ten inmates on christmas eve. azenith smith just spoke with the sheriff about this incident, joins us live from the jail in milpitas. >>reporter: the sheriff said this is a horrible incident and it took a minute and a half for other deputies to step in and stop this attack. and at one point, that deputy who was injured was fighting for his life. all of this she shared in the last hour or so. the attack happened on christmas eve around 8:30 at night in one of the jail's medium security units where suspected gang members are housed. the jail guard noticed one inmate was hiding contraband, homemade alcohol. when the deputy asked for it,
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the inmate dropped to the ground. when the deputy went to p pick it up, the inmate started kicking and punching him. the sheriff's office says nine other inmates then jumped in and assaulted the guard. >> the inmates were punching him, kicking him, kneeing him in the head and everything. he's very, very fortunate, but did sustain injuries. it's terrible. >> deputy injured is a seven year veteran who was taken to the hospital and is now on medical leave. he's resting at home and being looked at for shoulder, head and neck injuries. the inmates are now housed in maximum security and could face criminal charges for the attack. i want to show you this picture, back out here live, that the sheriff just gave to me. she said besides alcohol, the sheriff's office also retrieved
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this homemade knife, long shank. and these are the types of items that the deputies are facing. they are now increasing security at the jail and also reevaluating their communication system. we'll have more on the news at 4:00. >> thank you. a san jose fire station and several homes were evacuated due to an explosive discovery. someone brought about 10 to 20 blasting caps and jars of black powder to fire station 11 just before 10 a.m. that p person wanted to now -- that person wanted to know how to dispose of them. fire crews called in the bomb squad as a precaution. they evacuate 3,000 homes. >> they're not illegal substances, but it was found in a storage unit by someone cleaning out the storage unit. it's sort of a non malicious
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event, but we need to mitigate it. >> the bomb squad took them away and issued all clear at about 10:45 this morning. severe winter storm is moving into the northeast after bringing nasty weather to the midwest and south. four counties in texas have been declared disaster areas. tornados and flash floods killed more than 40 people and the state of missouri is under a state of emergency right now due to heavy rain. people who live along the mississippi river in illinois are concerned about the rising waters there. as you can imagine, the storms definitely wreaking havoc on air travel. paul chambers shows that the impact at sfo has been great. >> there is a steady stream of people at sfo as passengers navigate through terminals to continue holiday travels. but with many parts of the country impacted with ever changing weather conditions, the ripple effect is being felt right here in the bay area.
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long lines at sfo are causing headaches for foreign travelers. >> i have no idea right now. we're waiting for the line to pass and and for more information. >> i had my fingers crossed that there would be no delay in houston because i'm trying to get to new orleans. my flight just got delayed two and a half hours. >> he's not the only one. online flight tracker flight aware says there are more than 3,000 flights delayed and 925 cancellations at last check in and out of the u.s. chicago, dallas, boston and newark are the airports most affected. if you have a layover or connecting flight in one of those cities, chances are you'll run into problems. >> we have to call to my wife to pick me up and look for another flight. they don't have nothing for this day. >> i guess he and his son will be back here tomorrow trying to get to miami. all three bay airports have reported delays and
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cancellations. currently most of the planes are on time with a few cancellations, but of course that can change through the day. the best thing for you to do is check with your airline before coming to the airport. a lot of homes in discovery bay still have no gas and heat. pg&e crews worked until midnight trying to restore service to customers. more than 4,700 homes now have gas service back on. one woman told us her family bundled up and used space heaters to stay warm until service was restored last night. >> thank goodness it happened. what would we do for another day? it's getting colder and colder. we were very, very happy. at one point more than 6,000 homes were affected by the outage, which started on sunday. pg&e says many people without service weren't home when crews came to turn the gas back on.
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those people should call to set up an appointment. hayward police are searching for a driver accused of hitting a woman crossing the street and driving away. it happened at about 6:40 yesterday evening in tahoe. police say the woman was hit by two cars, one of the drivers stayed at the scene. the other was in a dark toyota corolla. investigators say that driver stopped and got out, as well as several of the passengers in the car. and then the group got back in the car and drove away. we are learning more about a suspect in connection to a body found in a u-haul truck on christmas day a a hayward bart station. police tell us here that they believe 27-year-old suspect was trying to burn the body. officers spotted him holding a gas container near the u-haul truck which had a broken window. they learned that he was on probation for burglary, drug, and gun possession. bart police say the officers exercised their right to search
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him. >> we brought out the weapon. he shot multiple times at the assisting officer. as the assisting officer moved to cover, he took one round in his arm. >> a second officer then shot and wounded the suspect, who has been in the hospital, but is expected to survive. authorities have identified the body in the truck as 40-year-old jason anderson of bay point. investigators don't know how he died or what his connection might be to the suspect. could the city of oakland be missing an important effort to keep the raiders from moving? after the break, we're going to tell you what nfl requested and how the city of oakland is responding. also, another cold start to the day. our meteorologist, rosemary orozco, will be here to tell you what you can expect for tonight.
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. key deadline looming to keep the raiders from moving to southern california. the nfl asked them to submit a financing plan for a new stadium by tomorrow. city officials say they won't be able to provide that information, but they'll send a letter to league officials
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updating them on efforts to persuade the team to move. they could share a stadium with the san diego chargers in the city of carson. owners are scheduled to vote in two weeks on whether to allow the move. save oakland sports say now is crunch time for the silver and black. >> what i am asking is that every raiders fan pick up the phone and/or e-mail every nfl owner and explain to the owners why oakland is the best place economically for the raiders. it is in the nfl's best interest, in the opinion of save oakland sports, for the team to keep the raiders here. >> mayor is insisting that no taxpayer money be spent on a new stadium for the raiders. but owner mark davis is asking the city and county to give the raiders 169 acres of land at the
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coliseum site. in just three days, there is going to be a big change in the south bay that affects young smokers when the legal age to buy tobacco increases. janine de la vega tells us about the new law. >> we're are here inside a 7-eleven. the owner is frustrated, says he's going to lose customers because he can no longer sell tobacco products once the new year starts to 18, 19, and 20 year olds. he's going to have to take down the stickers because the age limit is being raised to 21. he says that the customers can just go across the street to the smoke shop. that's the city of san jose and they can legally buy the products there. that's because this was approved by the santa clara board of
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supervisors and only affects the unincorporated parts of the county. they'll need to put up signs alerting customers they need to be 21 instead of 18 to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes. employees will need to card people. if they violate the law, they could be fined and banned are from selling tobacco. the studies show that raising the legal purchasing age will decrease the smoke rate by 12% and may deter young people from starting the habit. the owner of the 7-eleven estimates he'll probably lose $200 a day from young customers who will choose to buy tobacco products in one of the 15 incorporated stores in the county that don't have to enforce the new law. a holiday wish by a former east bay community leader is being granted thanks to a neighborhood organization. of the home of lilly may jones is receiving a home makeover
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courtesy of the group christmas in richmond. she was running community youth council for leadership education. some of the people helping fix up her house say they benefitted from her programs. >> we were able to be exposed to a professional world. so that was her doing. otherwise we wouldn't have been exposed to it. through internships and conferences. [ indiscernible ] . >> christmas in richmond says it does need donations and volunteers to finish the job on ms. jones' home and for another
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project that's planned for oakland. we want to check in on our weather right now because it still seems to be very cold, rosemary. >> it is, but better than yesterday. it's a quiet, cool day. but a little chilly. you may need the jacket about you're out and about. what a beautiful start to the day. we're looking into the afternoon mostly clear skies and temperatures will remain just above average. even slightly cool for this time of year. 51 degrees in santa rosa right now. 52 in concord. upper 40s in oakland. 50 degrees for redwood city. the warmer spot on this graphic, 55, half-moon bay. these numbers are up by a few degrees over yesterday. livermore by 6. napa 5. santa rosa by 7. san jose by 5. mostly clear skies, not too bad out in. was a very, very cold start, freezing, subfreezing temperatures. i expect tomorrow morning will
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be just as cold. we are looking at mostly clear skies. there is a system right off the bc coastline that will be digging into california over the next 24 hours, bringing a very slight chance at a few scattered showers, especially over the north bay. here's your future cast models. dry, cool, temperatures in the 50s for the afternoon. by tonight, notice there is that line of rain that will continue to move a little farther south while we sleep. as we get going tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, maybe mostly cloudy over the north bay. we'll see how this all shakes out. this is the possibility here. you see it's not a lot. maybe a little bit of drizzle will, maybe a few sprinkles. it hangs around for most of the day. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, picking up a little bit of blue into the afternoon. not a lot expected. maybe a few 100th. nothing to really benefit from. today sunny and cool.
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tomorrow, partly cloudy, chance, slight chance. ex tepded forecast even including new year's eve and new year's day, dry and cool. afternoon highs today, 56 vallejo. low 50s in san francisco. south bay, 52 morgan hill. 55 san jose. 57 degrees in santa cruz. extended forecast, cold, cold mornings. cool afternoons. dry weather after tomorrow. our first weekend of 2016, we'll get a little rain come sunday. right now the models are looking at that possibility and opportunity. >> a lot of people heading up to tahoe for new year's, so they could have a tough drive coming back. bring chains. will it be windy? >> it could be windy at times, even tomorrow. definitely a good idea to carry the chains. >> we could certainly use it. thank you, rosemary. >> you're welcome. still ahead, nearly a dozen
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attractions at disneyland set to close for good. after the break, we're going to tell you why the park is shutting them down.
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. welcome back. big news for disney fans. officials announced plans to close ten attractions in just a few days to make room for the new star wars land. the newland is expected to take up 14 acres in the park. the last time they closed several attractions at once was between 1995 and '98 when
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tomorrow land was revamped. disney has not revealed what will be included in the star wars attraction, but fans believe it could drive up ticket sales. >> come twice a yooer and that's not going to stop me even if i have half the park to go to. >> i love the idea, just maybe not where it's going to be because of what we're going to lose. >> here's a run down of all the permanent closures. big thunder ranch. big thunder barbecue. the petting zoo. mark twain river boat and davy crockett elf mrorer canoes -- explorer canoes and sailing ship colombia. netflix is helping parents get the jump on new year's eve. >> the streaming service is offering count down shows from the care bears, inspector gadget and four other popular netflix programs. yes, you can set them up to
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count down to 2016 hours before midnight. netflix says they plan to get their count down over by 9 p.m. for parents. they're tricking the kids, but get them to bed on time. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you online, you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. [ end of realtime captioning ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> david spade has put it on the line and said president obama is just thirsty, thirsty, thirsty and so is his wife. >> what president is doing reality shows? >> referring to bear grylls. and another thing, michelle obama is on "ellen" more than i am. which i don't know if there's a little jealousy in that. [laughter] >> robert downey jr. no longer a felon. got a pardon from governor jerry brown. >> it's the holiday. i'm not throwing water all over it. >> are you talking privilege here? >> yeah. >> he had people he could call. >> did not do it. >> who you're saying this, this is very typical, his kung fu master wrote a letter for him. [laughter] >> so madonna and guy ritchie


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