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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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an odd sight on new year's eve. a massive fireworks display in dubai right next to a raging hotel fire. >> tight security in paris and brussels after terrorism concerns prompt major cities to cancel their fireworks. the bay area gears up for its own new year's celebration. the four on 2 starts now. welcome to the four on 2 on this new year's eve. i'm heather holmes in for keba. >> i'm mike mibach. the countdown under way and there she blows, the city of london, the london eye, basically the giant ferris wheel on the south bank of the river there in london. 2016 alive and well in london. they did call in a lot of extra officers out there as precaution in the central london area, 3,000 armed officers came in. >> that's something we've been seeing across the globe,
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obviously given what happened in san bernardino and of course in paris. a lot of stepped up security but look at this, nothing but fun and lots of fireworks taking place right now in london as they ring in 2016. >> i remember the mayor of london saying he wanted party goers to go out there and soak it up and get the atmosphere and celebrate the new year and they're doing that in london as we speak. they've been doing it across the world and over the last -- not australia, what's the first one? new zealand, australia, thailand, china, moscow all celebrating the new year here. >> and new year's eve of course bringing out big crowds, creating security concerns all around the globe especially as i mentioned in light of the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. as joe tells us officials in new york city are taking extra measures to keep its iconic ball drop safe. >> a million people are expected to ring in the new year
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in times square. along with confetti there's caution in the air. >> reporter: thousands of cops performing thorough searches of folks arriving early this morning to claim a front row seat. officials have assured the public there are no credible threats. >> we have a constant threat analysis stream that we're constantly reviewing but again we're not aware of any threat. >> reporter: the nypd not taking any chances though. at least 6,000 patrol officers are assigned to the times square festivities. that's about 800 more than last year. visitors are seeing heavily armed counterterrorism teams and bomb sniffing dogs. rooftop patrols and nypd helicopters also keeping an eye on the crowd. >> there will be obvious security measures you will see and a number of measures you won't see. >> reporter: partiers are being screened with handheld metal detectors twice. once when entering one of 14 access points and again in the pens where
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they'll be kept in the lead-up to the countdown. >> i think it will be safer. i think it will definitely help us more. more security check-ins. >> i feel safe, yeah. because all over you can see police officers. it's good. >> reporter: about 20,000 smart phones were handed out to nypd officers making it easier for them to transmit information in the case of a potential terror threat. in times square, joel waldman, fox news. >> and some places are not taking any chances when it does come to security in brussels, belgium, the traditional fireworks show was canceled after law enforcement uncovered a terror threat. two men were arrested for allegedly plotting an attack on the city center in the same style as the paris attacks. the mayor of brussels said it would be impossible to stream the tens of thousands of people who would gather for a fireworks display. the city is on higher alert but people still enjoying the evening there despite the scare. in paris, toned down
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celebration instead of the usual fireworks. parisian officials opted for a 5-minute video performance. police officers and french troops are on patrol. the city is also on heightened alert and has 80% of its police force in place. the city of paris has been under a state of emergency since the coordinated terror attacks on november 13th that wild con30 people. right here in the bay area big crowds expected along san francisco's waterfront for the annual fireworks display. that's where we find rob roth with some of the details of the big event preparations. >> the no parking signs are already up here along the embarcadero. we expect it to get more and more crowded the closer we get to midnight. earlier today we got a behind the scenes look at preparations for the main public event in san francisco tonight and that of course would be the fireworks show. pyrotechnic crews were still building the fireworks on
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barges on pier 50. those barges will get towed to just south of the building. we have good news for the hundreds of thousands of people expected to watch the show. it looks like clear skies. >> it looks to be clear. there's always a chance of san francisco shooting in to the fog and nobody likes that. we got really lucky. >> the police department has canceled off days for officers. they'll be out in uniform and plain clothes. they'll be on the look out for public intoxication or acts of terrorism. >> we'll have more officers compared to years passed because of the fact that we've had several incidents around the world, terror-related stuff in paris and san bernardino. we have additional officers, more than we've had in years passed. >> we want to remind you that
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muni will be running for free until 8:00. my advice would be to dress warm. >> certainly is going to be one of the coldest new year's eves in quite some time. i know police are stepping up patrols. are you getting any sense if this year's crowd is going to be larger than in past years? >> there's really no way to estimate. they range in hundreds of thousands, 200,000 people and up. there's no reason to expect that it won't be any smaller certainly than in years passed. perhaps even larger because it's coming toward the end of the week so it could be a pretty good crowd out here. >> that's what i was sort of getting at. i had spoken to some of the restaurant owners along the embarcadero and all of them were seeing an increase in people stopping by. i guess if you're going to be heading out there, get ready for lots and lots of company. should be a fun time. b.a.r.t. will operate trains till 3:00 in the morning new year's day.
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trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight. certain trains are going to skip some san francisco stations after 8 p.m. they do that in order to ease crowding. please check the schedules ahead of time. b.a.r.t. will charge normal fares and riders are encouraged to buy those roundtrip tickets to avoid long lines on the way home. as for other public transit, cal train, muni, samtrans, they are offering free rides from 8 p.m. tonight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. check their websites and station signs for times. people partying on new year's eve are being warned don't drink and drive. law enforcement are out in force looking for impaired drivers. everyone is encouraged to make use of the public transit, taxi cabs, lyft, uber, b.a.r.t. and joining us now is natasha thomas, thanks for taking the time. >> thank you for having me.
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>> i'm curious, this time of year and i guess i should start back from thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's, do you just kind of cringe during this time of year knowing how many people are out there drinking and driving? >> we definitely do. unfortunately as of 2014 between the times of thanksgiving and new year's, 945 people lost their lives due to impaired driving across our nation roadways. we do cringe but also make the time and effort to make sure you don't get behind the wheel intoxicated. >> does it frighten you more? >> they're both the same. at madd we try to stress if you're under the age of 21, not to drink. you have your whole life ahead of you. for adults, if they're over the age of 21, we want them to be responsible. they do have that legal right to consume alcohol but with that comes responsibility. we want to make that effort across the board to our community,
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nationwide, to make those right choices not to get behind the wheel intoxicated. there's no excuses to do so. >> something that caught my eye was from the national department of transportation. it said that 1/3rd of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving, they're repeat offenders. >> correct. we really try to get that word out there because 70% of those repeat offenders are those ones that are in most fatalities. it's scary but once again, we're really out there trying to make that effort, to get people to know you should not drive while impaired. >> you are making the effort and it's working because i know madd was founded 35 years now, and the number of dui deaths since then according to your website have been cut in half. so you guys are making an impact. >> thank you. we are definitely trying to make an impact. we always try to think one life is too many. we want to urge everyone have a great time. enjoy yourselves. if you're over the age of 21, that's your legal right to consume alcohol but please make
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the right effort and choice not to get behind the wheel intoxicated. >> natasha thomas, program director for mothers against drunk driving here in the bay area. thank you for taking the time and happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you and all your watchers as well. a raging fire ripped through a luxury hotel in dubai. this as fireworks go off nearby. the latest on this massive blaze at one of the united arab emirates' tallest buildings. >> and weather, our cold stretch continues here in the bay area. outside right now, mostly clear skies. we'll take a closer look at your new year's eve forecast. also talk about a freeze warning and the areas in the 20s. >> right now head over to our facebook page because we're asking today, what was your favorite heartwarming moment of the year? take a look back at a list of the moments people loved on our social media site. >> something a lot of people don't love. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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not too bad, although this is a little early for this kind of traffic. but not too bad as you head in to san francisco. i imagine a lot of people heading in to the city to catch the fireworks display. >> doesn't look too bad. >> there's a little more exciting photo. we give you that live picture back in london. my goodness, they're letting it rip when it comes to the fireworks display 11 minutes in as we look at the london eye, 2016, alive and well in england.
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the city of dubai ushered in the new year with the tallest display. crews installed 400,000 l.e.d. lights on the buildings and fired off an estimated ton and a half of fireworks during the 7-minute extravaganza. two years ago broke the world record for the largest fireworks display. while folks watched the fireworks display, just a short distance away, firefighters worked to put out a fire at a 63-story building home to apartments as well as a 5-star hotel. that fire started just about two hours before the new year and one of the most upscale residences in dubai called the address hotel. it's almost a thousand feet tall and with a clear view of those fireworks
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nearby, it was full of people who had to evacuate. dubai officials say as many as 15 people were slightly injured during the evacuation and one person did suffer a heart attack. there is no word yet if anyone was still trapped inside or any fatalities. there are reports of large explosions from inside the building at the time of the building. but it's not clear what caused those blasts or what started the fire. while there is an awful lot of talk tonight about new year's eve parties and celebrating with friends and family, for others the holidays can be a pretty difficult time filled with anxiety and loneliness. maybe you've seen this shared on facebook. it's a lot of text here but basically some people have put this status update to acknowledge those that struggle during the holidays. and part of this message reads, quote, some of us have problems during the holidays, and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not here with us.
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and many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. we all need caring, loving thoughts right now. that's certainly good advice. joining us now to talk more about this is dr. isaiah pickens, a clinical psychologist and founder of the eye openings enterprice -- enterprises. let's talk about depression because it affects a lot of people. >> thanks for having me because this is such an important topic. it's a public health issue. we know over 10 million americans struggle with depression that it creates severe impairment. over 2 million of them experience it as well because it causes significant impairment as well for teens. >> i did not realize so many teens were affected. let's bring up the issue of social media because when i'm scrolling through facebook and instagram and twitter i see lots of smiling faces out there.
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let's say you are a teen and you're looking at that and you say i don't have much to smile about, but in reality what we see on social media isn't really reality. >> absolutely. that's a good point. one of the biggest deterrents to dealing with depression is stigma. people think no one else is dealing with this and i'm weird for dealing with this. especially teens. when we're able to talk about it like this, it opens the door for people to start to get help. >> let's talk about the holidays because we're all kind of taught or the idea is this is a time when we're supposed to be happy or smiling when some of us might be struggling. what's your advice as they approach new year's eve? >> i think one of the important things is be aware what your triggers are. sometimes it's the loss of a loved one. sometimes it's people who are present who aren't giving you the support you need. sometimes if alcohol is a trigger, if you're able to do things like
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practice mindfulness, being aware of where you're at, as well as connecting with people who can encourage you and build you up in a lot of different ways. other important tips is sometimes when people are able to write or journal how they're feeling before they're connecting with people it really does give them clarity about what they're going through and one of the biggest things i think people leave out is giving back to others. sometimes we get so caught up in how we're experiencing things that we withdraw ourselves and don't connect with others and don't give to others and that can uplift our spirits. >> it can take you away from your moment and allows you to experience someone else's happiness or joy which can be an uplifting time. what about doing something different? i know that usually holidays are traditions but if those traditions aren't working for you, what if you try something different this new year's eve? >> especially if you've lost someone in the past year is creating a new tradition that allows you to really enjoy the time but also honor that person. so you might want to go to your partner's house instead of going
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home to your normal house. or maybe you decide to do a different restaurant that you normally don't do with your family or someone else. creating these new traditions can uplift your spirits. one of the key things is to honor the memory of the ones you've lost because it helps you integrate the reality. >> what about sweating the small stuff? it seems like in the holidays there's so much to do. there's going to be more in the new year, but how do you put the unimportant stuff to the side? >> i think part of it goes to what i was saying earlier about planning. think about the top two or three things that you need to get done. write those things down or share them with someone who can keep you accountable while at the same time encouraging you and not pushing you to do too much. from there say i can get the rest done during the next year and plan for some of those things in the next week or two weeks to come so it doesn't feel like so much pressure right now. >> pleasure to meet you. thanks for sharing your new
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year's eve with us. here's to a balanced and joyful 2016 for everyone. let's check on the forecast. >> i'm with the right guy. i saw a picture you took on facebook. >> big cargo ship. tom vacar had the gloves on because it was freezing out there. >> clear, clear, clear, and with that it's going to be cold, cold, cold. typically we're talking about rain. not a cloud in the sky as you can see looking out toward san francisco but temperatures, we've been in this cool spell all week long. it's going to remain chilly as we head in to the overnight hours. cold enough, we do have a freeze warning to talk about. first thing, friday morning. we'll take a look right now at the current numbers. stepping outside the door, this is what you're feeling. right now, 54 in santa rosa.
4:21 pm
concord, 52. hayward at last check in the lower 50s as well. here's the big forecast for tonight. clear and cold. inland neighborhoods in the 30s. this is for 9:00. around the coast , 40s. a lot of people heading out toward san francisco for the festivities and the fireworks there. midnight, it will be clear and cold. temperatures easing back down in to the lower 40s. definitely bundle up all evening long. it will be clear so you can leave the umbrella at home. more details on that freeze warning. this is for friday. this begins 10 p.m. today until friday. mostly for the inland valleys, down toward san jose. also down toward morgan hill and gilroy. overnight lows in the mid 20s to low to mid 30s. we have a few low 20s out there. projected low for napa, 22. santa rosa, mid 20s. more neighborhoods, more upper 20s out toward danville and livermore. oakland will be cold. 36 degrees. san jose, morgan hill and gill -- gilroy
4:22 pm
under the freeze warning. san francisco, upper 30s. coast close to the 40-degree mark. we're talking about a change in the weather pattern. first season could generate showers on sunday. this should say in to tuesday. there's a chance of rain on monday. but a better bet as we head in to your tuesday forecast. first thing tomorrow morning we talked about the freeze warning out there and then in to saturday we're going to bring in the chance of showers. along the coast on saturday. then we could be tracking more showers in to sunday. here's our forecast model showing you this and basically zipping on by but in to sunday, more clouds and the chance of scattered showers. you'll notice not too much coverage for the inland neighborhoods. the inland spots might not pick up much on sunday. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures for tomorrow, afternoon highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. san jose, 53. half moon bay, 52 degrees. tomorrow is january 1st, 2016. it will be sunny out there. it will also be very cold. possibly another freeze
4:23 pm
warning first thing saturday morning. chance of a shower for saturday afternoon, showers likely in to sunday, maybe more showers in to monday but we'll definitely have to keep an eye on that rain cloud tuesday. possibly more significant rain in to next week. the pattern we've been waiting for, looks like 2016 could be very busy in the weather department. some of the biggest names in tech had a very bad year on wall street. still to come, we'll tell you which tech stocks are the biggest losses in 2015 and some might surprise you because really they're so popular with the public.
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oakland is playing host to one of the largest containerships in containership -- container ships in the world. the benjamin franklin is the largest container ship ever to visit the u.s. it first stopped in los angeles before heading here to the bay area. the benjamin
4:26 pm
franklin is 1,310 feet long. that's longer, in case you were doing the math, than four football fields. 177 feet wide and capable of carrying 18,000 containers stacked 20 stories high. yes, indeed, a big ship. taking stock of tech stocks, some took the hardest losses on wall street. pam cook names names about this year's bad investments. >> there were some big swings up and down for the year 2015 but in the end it is a flat year for the major market indexes, the dow, s&p 500 and the nasdaq. however, some big popular names in business had a pretty rough year. tech crunch is taking a look at the worst performing tech stocks for 2015 and twitter is one of those very popular sites, successful companies that's seen a big drop in its stock price.
4:27 pm
twitter dropped 37%, marked by disappointing earnings and failure to attract new users. overstock has not proven to be a good investment. it's dropped from $24 a share to about $12, losing half its value for the year. the ceo places some of the blame on missing the mark in having products that consumers are looking for online. yahoo is another disappointing story this year. ceo marissa meyers promised a turn around. her future with the company may be at stake and yahoo stock down 33%. etsy, one of those business stories that turned out to be good for users, bad for investors. that stock now trading at just $8 a share down almost 71% since its ipo in april.
4:28 pm
and groupon makes the top five of some of the worst performing tech stocks in 2015. it's trading at just barely $3 a share, down 61% for the year. tech crunch reports the company has recently made management changes and layoffs but groupon, maybe the first, maybe one of the best known in the online deal business but has more competition than when it first hit the scene. bay area police on high alert tonight for illegal gunfire and fireworks. the warning going out and what you can do if you hear one of those going off. >> and the national guard working around the clock to hold back the flood waters as entire neighborhoods remain evacuated. the latest on the deadly flooding through the midwest.
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welcome back to the four.
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police officers in oakland on alert for celebratory gunfire and illegal fireworks that of course pose a danger to the public. >> joining us now is officer marquez from the oakland police department. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. happy new year. i had a question in the news room. i said is it really illegal if i have a gun and i'm a legal gun owner to fire it off up in the air? and some people said yes, some people said no, but it is illegal. >> absolutely it is. thanks for having us here on the show. we want to wish the bay area as well as oakland a happy and safe new year. but celebratory gunfire is absolutely illegal. poses so many dangers to the community and it's often believed that if you discharge a firearm and the rounds in the air that it's simply going to disappear but it will eventually come down. when it comes down it has the potential of just injuring somebody and possibly fatally taking someone's life. >> we also know it is taxing to
4:32 pm
resources because shot spotter goes off and thinks someone is shooting someone else as opposed to just firing the gun in the air. >> shot spotter is a great technology. we've been using it for the past couple years. it gives our officers out there in patrol as well as communication this advanced notice of where a shot is at. it pin points exactly where it is at and it gives us the number of rounds fired and can distinguish between a firework and a gunfire and allows our officers on the streets to respond quickly and to actually pinpoint the location. >> when you do that, let's say you go to a scene or intersection in whatever part of town that the shot spotter sends you to, the officer gets out of the car and does what? how do you exactly find the person who fired that? >> that's a great question. that's part of the patrol procedures for an officer. they're thinking of their own safety, the safety of the community, who's around, and really making that on scene presence and analyzing what's
4:33 pm
going on from there. obviously they're going to go based off of the information they get from shot spotter but from there they're going to continue their investigation, try to find witnesses and see if there's somebody that needs medical attention. >> it kind of goes back to what i mentioned. if you have all these officers responding to shot spotter, people firing in the air, that then takes away those officers from going away to real emergency calls. >> it does. there's distractions as far as having all those officer comes to that one scene but we're going to take each call seriously and once we've discovered that it's not as serious we're going to respond to the other priority calls. >> if you do find someone who's firing off the gun, what happens? >> absolutely. if we find someone discharging their firearm we're going to safely take that person in to custody and possession of and shooting it is against the law. >> is it compared to 4th of july when it comes to these
4:34 pm
responses? i'll throw in the illegal fireworks as well. >> it's a time of celebration. any time there's a celebration people are going to want to set off fireworks and possibly use their firearm. the difference, it is comparable. it's relatively the same but over the years we've seen it decline based on shot spotter data. >> i know that obviously our studios are here in oakland. you can hear it oftentimes on new year's eve. i've worked just about every new year's eesk and you can hear it and seeing the fireworks going off. >> in regards to patrolling the streets, on an average day, are you increasing patrols? >> absolutely. that's to in -- that's to ensure the safety of the community. we've deployed officers to specific hotspots. that's spread citywide. >> get in ahead of the game. >>
4:35 pm
exactly. so there will be a presence out there but the reason why we're out there is because we want the bay area to have a safe celebration. we know there's a big fireworks show going on across the bay. jack london is a great place to see it. i promise that big ship will not block the view. >> [ laughter ] officer marquez, thanks. happy new year. thank you for all you do. we appreciate it and be safe out there tonight. >> thank you for having us. in st. louis the national guard and army core of engineers are working around the clock to protect highways compromised by floodwaters. two interstate highways are shut down due to all of the rain. >> the floodwaters have reached historic levels after more than 10 inches of rain fell throughout the week. at least 20 people have died in illinois and missouri during the massive flooding. at least four people are still missing. many more remain evacuated as rivers throughout the midwest crest.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: the midwest saturated by historic flooding ahead of the new year. the merrimack river cresting at a level several feet higher than the record set in 1982. metal added to the top of the 8-year-old levee. it's holding but some areas are still flooded. >> i can't believe it's even happening. it's pretty scary especially how vacant this whole entire area is. >> reporter: the river also taking over this four-lane road in arnold. a business almost entirely underwater. police say 145,000 sandbags were used in the area but they're all submerged. missouri governor jane nixon urging people to keep away from roads. >> you have higher water which means this is very dangerous. >> reporter: the deadly flooding forcing parts of the major highway in the st. louis area to close. crews working through the night to clear roadways, erecting sand barrier
4:37 pm
walls on each side of i-55. >> we've also overnight been sandbagging our drain in the inside of the barrier wall and also trying to pump the water to the outside. >> this street behind me, one of the last main roads allowing cars to head north or south in the entire region but traffic problems aside, this traffic is creating a hazardous situation, releasing sewage in to the water. in arnold, mississippi, matt finn, fox news. an attorney for comedian bill cosby said the sexual assault case against her client was politically motivated brought by a newly elected district attorney to make good on a campaign promise. cosby was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman almost 12 years ago. cosby's lawyer said the sex was consensual. cosby was booked on assault charges and is free on $1 million bail. he faces a number of defamation and sexual abuse lawsuits filed in
4:38 pm
massachusetts, los angeles. 18-year-old ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teen left a detention facility today in guadalajara, mexico, reportedly on his way to mexico city. authorities say couch and his mom took off for mexico earlier this-month after a video surfaced showing the teen at a party where drinking games were apparently going on. they were reportedly afraid his probation would be revoked. u.s. marshals took couch's mother in to custody when she flew in to los angeles. when couch was 16 years old, he was sentenced to 10 years probation after being convicted of killing four people while driving under the influence. president obama may be on vacation in hawaii, butt everyone is talking about the web series he appeared on last night. what he shared about life as the president, coming up. >> the bay area in the clear, also very cold. we'll take a closer look at your new year's
4:39 pm
eve forecast, an update on the tahoe outlook this weekend and talking about significant rain on the long range weather map. >> golden gate in the distance. a close-up look at the golden gate bridge. 101 north and southbound perfect on this new year's eve.
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
it is absolutely paradise
4:42 pm
for skiers and snowboarders right now. the sierra simply covered in snow and more is on the way. we haven't seen conditions like this in more than a year. >> we'll check in with kevin, spokesman for resorts in tahoe. crystal clear skies down here. what's the vibe up there? >> it's the same thing. it's beautiful. the sun is just starting to set up here, looking across the top and setting to the west, you're looking at a beautiful sunset. temperatures right now, cold. this is colorado cold. you're talking to a 27-year-old kirkwood vet here, not 27 years old. i've been here 27 years. and it feels unbelievable right now. we've been getting a storm a week for the last month and all the way through the month of november. the snow total, 74 inches but december came in with 124 inches in december, getting us 198 inches to date. i just heard the national weather service forecast. we're looking at another set of systems mid
4:43 pm
next week coming in. it will be a little bit warmer but still snow up here. it's skiing so well. all the resorts, north star, heavenly, and kirkwood opened up 100%, and tonight, my friends, we're getting ready to celebrate new year's here at kirkwood, fireworks display, bonfire, and then down at heavenly, down in south lake tahoe they're going to do the gondola. couldn't be more excited. snow level tonight, 2016. >> it sounds like a lot of fun. i just want to remind viewers some of the video you're looking at right now was shot earlier so you have even more powder than what we're seeing right now. talk to me about the type of crowds you're seeing. it's been kind of a bummer the last couple of years. some friends of mine that have had places and skis, they said we're not going to go because the conditions weren't very good but now you've got these great conditions. are
4:44 pm
people indeed taking advantage >> oh, yeah. we're seeing great clouds at all three resorts. i will tell you it's unique. it's interesting. like today on the sunrise chair, was just skiing on up to the left. still plenty of room for people to enjoy it. the ski conditions are amazing. a lot of people are coming back. to imagine what we have, it is great skiing and riding. it's the best since '10-11, and '04-05. >> what are you doing tonight? >> tonight i actually -- this will be my 15th annual torch light parade. i lead that. 9500 feet. we've got 200 people then we serpentine down to zachary what i call the bottom. i get to go on the radio and
4:45 pm
tell my fireworks crew to light it up. we're going to light up the skies here. that's what i do for new year's. >> i'm not shocked you're the one leading the charge. happy new year, cooper. >> i'm a little jealous. that sounds like so much fun. >> thanks , kev. >> you guys have a great new year. happy new year to you all. let's turn to mark tamayo right now. does look nice up there. >> he's so stoked. he's fired up. >> i think next year for new year's i'm going to invite myself and hang out with coop. >> can i come too? sounds like a lot of fun. >> torch run. you can tell how happy they are in the mountains. they could not have asked for a better start to the season and things have been great. if you're heading to the mountains this weekend. looks great for friday and saturday, maybe a few extra clouds. you heard the possibilities of more snow next week. there will be more snow in the forecast as we head in to next week for -- looks like a chance on tuesday but a better bet in to wednesday so we'll
4:46 pm
have to keep an eye on that. tuesday, wednesday, possibly more significant snow in the forecast. back here in the bay area we do have clear skies out there. pretty cold numbers as you can see right now with the clear skies. a northerly wind. with that temperature s never really warmed up all day long and for the overnight hours once again we're talking about the coolest spots back down in to the lower 20s with that freeze warning in place for the inland valleys. right now we have 54 in santa rosa. 52 in mountain view. livermore, 48. and looks like concord checking in at 52 degrees. here's our live camera looking out toward san francisco in the clear of course. this will be a very popular destination for this evening. forecast for this evening, this is 9:00, showing you the temperatures spread out there. definitely bundle up. bring the thick coat, the swert out there -- the sweater out there. here's 12:00, we'll have clear skies and cold skies. 42 degrees. heads up once again.
4:47 pm
very cold air mass overhead. around the bay tomorrow morning we're talking about 30s. inland neighborhoods back down in to the 20s. that freeze warning in place. overnight low, santa rosa, mid 20s. concord, 28. san jose, 30 degrees and san francisco, 39. looking at these numbers, there's a pretty high chance we'll do it all over again first thing saturday morning so there's the chance of the freeze warning for saturday. back here in the bay area, you can see for the first system that lines up for sunday, another one for tuesday. there's a chance of showers for saturday then again in to monday as well. tomorrow for january 1st it will be dry with a freeze warning in place, mostly sunny skies for the afternoon hours. saturday we'll bring in the chance of showers primarily near the north bay, the coast. tomorrow we'll be in the clear for your friday. heerbz a chance of a few showers.
4:48 pm
south bay, completely dry. not too much happening for the inland area. possibly dry for a good portion of sunday. that's our first system moving in. wintertime storm on tuesday. temperatures for tomorrow mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. san jose, 53. san mateo, 52. after the frigid start tomorrow morning, still a cool afternoon. here's a look ahead, your 5-day forecast and temperatures, overnight lows once again very cold saturday morning. chance of a shower in the north bay saturday afternoon and then showers likely for the western half of the bay area for sunday and then a chance inland. maybe some more showers monday and then rain likely in to tuesday. heather and mike, if you're heading out tonight, i can't stress, just bundle up and dress in layers. >> when you pack in to establishments, restaurants, it's so crowded. it gets so warm. a lot of people are going
4:49 pm
to leave their coats and lose them tonight. thanks, mark. ross palombo live with a look at the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> it's new year's eve and security has been beefed up in cities around the world and country. new york city not the only ones concerned. san francisco celebration is also going to be a little different this year. rob roth is live along the embarcadero with what you need to do tonight. >> stanford fans, city of pasadena preparing for the big game. >> they're getting ready for the rose bowl, elaborate prep. scott reiss live with the latest plus all of the day's news coming up at 5:00. president obama opens up to jerry seinfeld, sort of. we'll show you what the commander in chief had to say about leaving the nation.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
taking a look now on what people are talking about on new year's eve. president obama did a little bit of this in a pretty unusual setting. >> he joined jerry seinfeld, comedians in cars getting coffee. seinfeld arrived at the white house in a '63 stingray corvette. security said the two could not actually drive away to get coffee so they chatted while taking a couple laps outside the
4:53 pm
white house compound. >> do you ever think about every person you talk to is putting on an act? a total show. >> it's a problem. >> don't you think every american child, you grow up loving the president? >> i do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic. >> oh, really? >> they love me. partly because i think my ears are big so i look a little like a cartoon character. >> i just love him driving, circling around. >> knocking on the window of the oval office. >> since security obviously wouldn't let them out, the president and jerry seinfeld went to the white house kitchen to make their own coffee. the president actually gave some lighthearted insight in to what it's like being president. >> there's a lot of crazy stuff that's happened in this house. does that ever enter your mind? >> sometimes it does. there are times where you think, okay,
4:54 pm
here's where kennedy was hanging out. here's where nixon was talking about whatever they were talking about. >> how many world leaders do you think are just completely out of their mind? >> pretty sizable percentage. >> you must meet them, you must be cheating and you look them in the eyes and go oh, this guy is gone. >> and part of what happens is these guys, i think the longer they stay in office the more likely that is to happen. >> of course. they lose it. >> at a certain point your feet hurt and you're having trouble peeing. you have absolute power. >> like the old cafe to me on the seinfeld show. him and george leaving out elaine and
4:55 pm
kramer. >> i love how jerry seinfeld is able to get the president to kind of relax a little bit. president obama is sort of a cool guy anyway but he seems very comfortable and was able to -- >> you never know when jerry is going to go off a little bit. >> a little bit of a surprise. >> not bad for an opener. >> how could you beat that? straight ahead on the four on 2, gun owners in the lone star state are counting down the hours till midnight because that is when they'll be allowed to openly carry their weapons in public. the limits the new law does include.
4:56 pm
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when the clock strikes midnight in texas, licensed gun owners will be allowed to openly carry their firearms in public. the lone star state becomes the largest in the nation to sanction an open carry gun law. turned new law a gun owner must be at least 21 years old with no history of mental illness, and they will have to show that they have passed training and a gun safety test. the law does restrict gun owners from openly carrying their weapons at courts, jails, and near young students, but they can openly carry at city council meetings, libraries, and parks. business owners must now decide if they will allow customers to carry guns openly, allow them to carry concealed weapons, or both, and if they don't want
4:59 pm
either, they must put up signs at the front door. business owners say it is a tough choice. >> as a business owner, you alienate one group, they stop shopping with you, you alienate another group, they stop shopping with you, and it's a lose-lose. >> 44 other states have open carry laws but california, florida, illinois, new york, and south carolina still ban it. heather, ross, aim out the doirn 60 seconds. have a great new year. >> you, too, mike. >> happy new year. we are just hours away from saying good-bye to 2015 and hello to 2016. >> officials making final preparations for celebrations tonight in san francisco. of course we're tracking your new year's eve forecast. good evening everyone. i'm ross palombo. >> i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off on this
5:00 pm
new year's eve. we're just about seven hours now away from the stroke of midnight. >> but celebrations are already going on across the world. >> in russia, thousands enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show there but many had to watch from a distance since officials closed moscow's red square. this is because of a terrorist threat. but we are told no incidents happened in the area. >> china rung in the new year with a spectacular celebration. thousands gathered at the imperial temple in the forbidden city of beijing to ring in the new year. the massive celebration included extravagant decorations, a light show and performers. >> here's a live look now at times square in new york city. the camera is going to switch in just a moment. a million people set to enjoy one of the largest


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