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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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here we are on the first saturday night of 2016. and we're tracking rain. parts of bay area expected to get a good soaking during the first week of the new year. good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. cool temperatures are hanging around. rain is on the way. but there are no freeze warnings out there tonight.
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we begin tonight with meteorologist mark tamayo has been tracking the changing conditions. mark? >> that's right. a big change in the conditions for the past few months you've been hering a lot about el nino. so far not having a huge impact on the overall weather pattern but that will change in january. right now you can see the first system approaching the coastline producing a lot of clouds and even reports of shower activity out toward stress froze and even a -- santa rosa and even a few sprinkles south to the soft that -- to the south of that area. not all rainfall reaching the ground just yet. it's pretty dry closer to the surface. so could be evaporating before it reaches the surface, but still a sign that things will be changing. we still could have a few spotty showers and light sprinkles in the areament first system will move in tomorrow afternoon primarily. rainfall about a quarter inch to an inch and winds up there about 30 miles an hour and then look at the waves, pretty sizable waves and still up there around 10, 12 teat. so here's -- feet. so here's the forecast model showing the approach of the
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system for tomorrow afternoon. it will gradually make its way inland but this is the key. over the next few days we have a very active jet stream out there. and that will help transport multiple storms to the bay area coastline. we talked about the first system that's -- for sunday. later in the day monday into tuesday morning, second one and then a very strong one this could be for wednesday and into thursday. look at these forecast accumulations throughout the week. parts of the bay area the north bay coastal hills we could have amounts approaching five inches so very significant change setting up on the next few days and talk about the first system and also more about those other ones lining up offshore with the timing and your full forecast in a few minutes. thank you very much mark. for all of the very latest bay area weather news, be sure to tune to the fox 2 weather team for the updated forecast and also get weather information anytime on the go with the fox 2 weather app. we have developing news from richmond tonight where police are investigating two separate shootings. these are pictures from the second incident. which happened around 6:00 this
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evening near the intersection of cunning boulevard and 23rd street. a police spokesman tells us someone in a car opened fire on another vehicle wounding a woman. she was hospitalized and there's no word on her condition. but officers say it appears she was not the intended target of the shooter. police say this incident appears unrelated to an endier shooting that -- earlier shooting that happened about 2:45 this afternoon on the 580 freeway. police say a man was critically wounded in that attack which also involved a shooter in a car. firing into another vehicle. there is no word yet on any suspects or motives in either case. there's been another traffic related fatality in san jose. two cars hit that bicyclist at 7th and reid streets around 7:00. both drivers cooperating with investigations and we're told it is not appearing drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. the latest incident 2308 lowings the -- follows the death of a man on a san jose last night. the chp says the honda ran into
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the man on the 280 and 101 interchange. just before 8:30. the driver stayed there on the scene and tried to help. it's still unclear tonight why the victim was on the ramp to begin with. a -- meantime new figures show san jose traffic deaths are at 20 year high. the "mercury news" reports there were 59 last year. that's an increase of 35%. police believe it may be because of distracted drivers and distracked pedestrians. the mayor is pushing for flashing lights at crosswalks and speed cameras on some of the city's busiest streets. a fairfield high school teacher has been arrested on allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student. police say they investigated -- started investigating 27-year- old eric hankins in december. after the school district was notified about the allegations. hankins is a science teacher at fairfield high school. he was placed on administrative live during the investigation and he was arrested thursday at his home. a double stabbing in san jose now turned into a homicide
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investigation. the police say a group of men attacked a woman and man last tuesday night. near carl's jr. restaurant. a woman died yesterday from her injuries. the man remains in the hospital in critical condition. police are not saying much about the investigation but police sources tell us that two people are in custody in connection to the stabbings. tonight, bay area faith based organizations are protesting the announcement of proposed deportation raids across the country by the department of homeland security. they gathered outside a facility in the east bay where some immigrants are housed. as ktvu's cristina rendon reports they're calling on the president to halt the plans. ♪ >> reporter: in the land of opportunity, this group of faith based leaders and community members gathered outside the west county detention facility in richmond to support immigrants speaking a better life. >> for all immigrants in the country we just asked to reform
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the immigration laws. >> call the white house. >> reporter: they're calling on president obama to stop what they say are massive deportation raids proposed to start as early as this month by immigration and customs enforcement. >> stop the country's fundamental values of safety and protection and family unity. >> reporter: according to reports, i. c. e. would target families from central america that have come to the u.s. within the past year and have been ordered today leave by an immigration judge. reverend debra lee says many don't know they've been ordered to be deported because they missed court appointments. >> to be with an aunt or uncle or family member. >> reporter: oscar led central america -- left central america three decades ago. >> central america is always been a struggle you know. but now it's worse. >> we should not be deporting people especially children, especially women and children back to dangerous conditions.
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>> reporter: the group says families shouldn't be torn apart. ♪ through song and prayer, they pledge to protect those who face deportation no matter how different they may be. >> we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all ekely created than to -- equally created on this earth. >> reporter: in richmond, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news news. a santa clara county firefighter is facing animal cruelty charges. authorities say that nicholas joseph louise was arrested at his home. he was abusing his german shepherd puppy. while serving a warrant there at the house, police say they found the dog dead inside the home. and they say luiz admit today killing the animal -- admit today killing the an -- admitted to killing the animal. a car crash shut down traffic on mission street in san francisco tonight for more than an hour.
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it happened just after 7:00 tonight on mission between 4th and 5th avenues. the sedan actually flipped on to its roof and there were no injuries reported and the cause of the crash is under investigation. the commercial fishing boat ran aground today in the waters off marin county. it happened this morning at china camp state park. a state park spokesmen says the men welcome returning -- were returning from fishing when the boat broke down. the rescue boat didn't arrive until after the fishing boat drifted upon the docks -- the rocks rather, the men were able to then safely walk ashore. >> the fiberglass hull. and it stayed intact. and so we have no oil leaks or anything of that nature. we're just going to have to wait until tomorrow morning for the next high tide to come in to get it off the rocks. >> the coast guard says it's like think boat's engine stopped because it ran out of fall. a family of eight burned out of their homes got new year's cheer today. the vallejo firefighters'
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association rallied to support the valencia family. the family lost everything they owned in an early morning fire and the parents are grateful for gifts the firefighters got for their children. >> them they were left with nothing, all the christmas presents that we had got them were gone. and now they at least got something to entertain themselves with. >> in addition to the presents and a gift card to target, firefighters passed along a personal check written by a member of the community who wanted to remain anonymous. a go fund me page has been set up for the family. the link is on our website. about $3,100 has been raised so far. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton heading back to the bay area. when and where she'll be fundraising. >> protests sparking across the globe after almost 50 people are executed in saudi arabia. the ripple effect and backlash
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the saudi arabian government is seeing after the incident. >> the search continues for a gunman in israel. police say they know who the suspect is, but they still don't know why he committed the deadly act.
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the government of dubai today rereese it had first video showing the damage from the new year's eve fire at a 900-foot tall luxury hotel and residence. the footage shows debris and also interior sprinklers that
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are still spraying water. 14 people suffered minor injuries. there's still no official word on what caused the fire. but investigators are reportedly looking at electrical problems. the fire started about two hours before midnight, sending flames shooting up the side of the 63 story building and there are conflicting stories about where the fire began. some people saying on the grandiflora. others on the 20th -- ground floor. others on 20th floor terrace. after 47 people were executed by the saudi arabian government. [ chanting ] among those executed today a prominent muse limb cleric named nimr al-nimr. he drew international attention by leading rallies against the saudi government and charged as a terrorist. protests broke out outside the saudi arabian embassy in london. protesters also took to the streets in india and the executions are leading to official condemnation in iraq. >> i think saudi arabia made a
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big mistake when it executed al- nimr. they have poured oil on the fire. this will spark new unrest in the region. >> those put to death, 45 are saudi citizens, one was from chad. and another was egyptian. well, israeli police continue their manhunt for a gunman who killed two people and injured eight others in a shooting outside a pub in tel- aviv. as ryan yennis tells us the shooter has been identified. >> the search continues rice nows for both a man and a motive in the mass shooting at an israeli bar. two people are dead and several others are wounded after a gunman walked into a tel-aviv pub and opened fire. >> he just came in and the whole idea was just to kill jews and unfortunately i guess he got the answers i understood maybe from facebook. people were advertising they're having a party here. and he came and next door
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there's some grocery store. and he came out and started shooting everybody. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visited the scene of the attack on saturday. >> the brutality was incomprehensible. young people whose whole lives were ahead of them. the same ages as my children were innocently celebrating a birthday when they were murdered in cold blood. >> reporter: the gunman is mel hem. he's an israeli arab. his father went to police to tell them what he knows about his son. >> i heard that my son did what he did in tel-aviv. i didn't educate him this way. i'm sorry for what he did. but i got to know about the incident i went to the police station by myself and i helped the security forces. >> reporter: relatives say melthem is mentally unstable and has had trouble with the law in the past. israeli arabs make up a fifth of that nation's population.
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they have full rights but complain that they are treated unfairly when it comes to employment and housing. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. >> police are hunting for as many as seven people in germany suspected of plotting suicide attacks in the city of munich. the attacks were planned by isis and targeted at least two major train station, there were no reports of violence after the stations were shut down. they were tipped off to the plot by foreign intelligence agencies. >> germ j made a great move with intelligence that came from not only the french and the hours before from the u.s. in the days before. it was a victory for german authorities and really international cooperation and intelligence sharing. >> new year's eve celebrations in brussels were canceled because of fears of terrorism. belgian police arrested a number of people there earlier in the week who are suspected of being involved in those threats. well, stock in a mexican jail. that's the situation for a
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wealthy u.s. teen after running from u.s. authorities. and he may not be returning home anytime soon. >> with one month until the iowa caucuses, the pressure is on. presidential candidates and new polling shows a new top dog on the republican side. >> and in weather lots of clouds approaching the bay area, even a few showers just offshore coming up we'll talk about the timing of the first examine your sunday forecast. -- system and your sunday forecast. outside right now lots of clouds but big rain showing up on the long rain can be -- cig can't rain showing up on the -- significant rain showing up on the long-range weather map.
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president obama spent the last day of the holiday vacation at an oahu beach with his family and visited the grave of his grandfather. a motorcade took the obamas to a north shore beach around noon today for an hour and a half of sand and surf. later this afternoon, mr. obama visited his sister maya sew forking and took her, her daughters and his daughters to
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the national memorial cemetery of the pacific which is also known as the punch bowl cemetery for a brief visit to his maternal grandfather's grave. the first family is set to fly back to washington, d.c. tonight. on the campaign trail, there's less than ammonate to go until the iowa kaw -- a month to go until the iowa caucuses. in iowa, republican front runner donald trump seems to be legal causing a little bit -- losing a little bit of steam. molly henneberg explains texas senator ted cruz has a slight lead now. >> reporter: gop senator ted cruz is set to begin a 36 county week long bus tour in iowa on monday. to try to build on his momentum there before the february 1st caucuses. before christmas, cruz took the lead in a few polls in iowa and now the real clear politics average of polls in that state has cruz leading donald trump by 3.6 points. >> that's why somebody like cruz who is able to talk openly, honestly, and easily about his faith is resonatings there and by the way you're
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going to see in the next several weeks, a group of evangelical leaders endorsing ted cruz. what's amazing is that trump, who let's face it has never been accused of being overly pious is still polling so well in iowa and beyond with evangelicals. many are attracted to trump's strong leadership and they are going beginning to believe that trump may have the best chance do beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: cruz may be on top in the average of polls in iowa, but trump still has a commanding lead in national republican polls. the real clear politics average of such polls has trump leading his closest competitor cruz, by 15.5 points. trump has said that he's preparing for a major tv ad buy in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. possibly spending up to $2 million a week. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton appears to have a comfortable lead in iowa. the real clear politics average shows her up by almost 13 points over senator bernie sanders. also when it comes to money her
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campaign says it raised $37 million in the last quarter of 2015. sanders' campaign also put out its fundraising numbers. for the last quarter of 2015, his campaign says it raised $33 million. and while clinton leads in iowa sanders has just over a four point lead in new hampshire in the average of polls. in washington, momly molly henneberg, ktvu channel 2 news. according to several sources clinton will attend two fundraisers thursday in southern california before coming to the bay areament on friday afternoon the former secretary of state will attend an event in san francisco followed by a reception in pa low although. this is the third -- palo alto. the low pump prices will stick around in the new year. with the average cost of a gallon of regular hitting
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anywhere between $2.25 and $2.45. now the expected drop is due in part to a new report showing that crude oil prices fell 35% in 2015. by the way, the average price for a gallon last year was $2.40. here in california the average was much higher though at $3.16 a gallon. traffic is open on a san francisco street tonight after repairs to a sinkhole. the three foot by ten foot sink home closed church street between 24th and jersey streets and damaged an 18-inch sewer line early thursday morning. public utility crews said they had to wait until after new year's day to begin repairs because they didn't have the necessary safety equipment. the j. church lightrail line was shut down during the repairs but that is now open. a bay area business owner celebrating more than the new year tonight. the long road to reopening his restaurant after a devastating fire. >> we're hearing from an attorney for ethan couch. that's the wealthy teen accused of violating probation in a
10:23 pm
deadly dui crash. what may delay his return to the u.s. for months.
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now mexican lawyer for the wealthy texas teen who fled the u.s. to avoid a possible investigation is raising the possibility that the 18-year- old might seek asylum to avoid deportation. ethan couch and his mother left the country in late november. after a video surfaced that appears to show the teen at a party where people were drinking. that would be a violation of his probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. will car now explains the deportation delays. >> reporter: we reached out to the mexican attorney on record for couch and he tells me that couch is spending his new year's weekend in an immigration holding facility which means that he's in a common area eating and sleeping with the other detainees. he doesn't have a cell of his
10:26 pm
own. the attorney's name is fernando benitez and he also represented one-time jail marine andrew tap reese and denies that couch had a gun at the time of his detention. pointing out that couch has not been charged with any crime. you may remember the reason why there's so much controversy around all of this is that couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash used the affluenza defense and got off with only probation. he then took off to mexico with his mom after video surfaced not too long ago, a blatant probation violation. >> we are not here to delve into the past. we are here only to make sure that this young man is not mistreated according to the mexican constitution. and the human rights guarantees that he's afforded under it. >> reporter: his mom tonya yea is in custody in los angeles in weekend. she should head back to texas
10:27 pm
in the near future. her attorneys maintain she didn't commit any crime but members of law enforcement in texas disagree. they charged her with a felony and if ticketed she faces up to den years behind bars. as for ethan his attorney tells me it could be weeks and months and potentially even longer for the mexican legal system to play out. interesting because ethan couch only faces a maximum 120 days in jail. when he comes back do texas. in los angeles, will carr. fox news. las vegas police are investigating a battery case against r&b singer chris brown. according to "tmz," the woman is accusing the singer of striking her in the face. brown is denying any wrongdoing in the case. the 26-year-old was freed from felony probation last year more than six years after attacking then-girlfriendry hanna. --ry rihanna. in a new york city apartment building where a 25-
10:28 pm
year-old man was crushed by an elevator say they're frightened. that ill stray door got stuck between floors around midnight and steven hewitt brown pushed a woman out of the doors to safety and that was before he got pinned between the car and shaft. records from the building's department show a string of complaints and violation notices over the years. >> it's like always stuck like every time i come in the building it's either off or stuck. >> i'm scared to even use you know, the elevator. >> now the building management company issued a statement late today offering condolences to the man's family. and east bay restaurant is reopening tonight. 14 months after being closed by a kitchen fire. staff at the popular pear street bistro inpy knoll made last-minute preparations this afternoon. managers say the fire was caused by a piece of gear that malfunctioned in the kitchen and it took a year to navigate the challenges of insurance, permits and construction.
10:29 pm
owner francisco flores told us he e-mailed invitations to reopening on wednesday and the restaurant was fully booked in two and a half hours. flores is clearly enthusiastic about tonight. >> i'll be here every day probably i mean, you guys wan to come here you will see my face here all day every day. highlight excited. everybody is excited. >> reopening the restaurant is a perfect way to start the new year flores says. massive flooding in the midwest. the extreme measures people are taking to not only try to save themselves but their belongings. from the rising mississippi river. >> a change here in the forecast on the way. mark will be in with your full bay area forecast that's going to include rain.
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almost two dozen people are reported dead after a massive flooding in the midwest. missouri and illinois are taken the worst of it in recent days with little end in sight. reporter matt finn is in illinois along the bankings of the mississippi river where the water continues to rise. >> reporter: figures here say -- officials here now say they are five breaches along the mississippi river. the family built their own levy along their property and it's working. it's keeping the mississippi river off of their a land and to show you how effective their work is, in comparison look at their neighbor. unfortunately, taking on several feet of water probably going to be a very large loss. across the street here what appears to be maybe a river or a lake is typically all dry land. it's typically farmland. now it's water as far as the eye can see. rivers churches and businesses in the area are already underwalter. the illinois governor has been touring the state to assess the damage. and to visit with flood victims, he is saying that the
10:33 pm
cold weather is adding to the concern here. >> hypothermia is a big risk. and we've got folks you know wading around their homes in knee deep water, you can -- you know, you can have a huge health problem and it's a major risk. >> reporter: state police say they went door to gear to 500 homes here asking people to get out but several hundred stayed behind and over 22 deaths have been blamed on the historic flood. in olive branch, illinois, matt finn. fox news. and the coming week be l bring significant rain here to the bay area as we are tracking series of storms offshore. you've been hearing a lot about the el nino over the past few months and finally, it looks like we have the el nino influence out there with the overall pattern setting up the jet stream. right now lots of clouds out there. a lot of the green not reaching to ground just yet on the radar. it's pretty dry if the low level -- in the lower levels and we should have a few showers across the region. with the clouds in place, not nearly as cold as last night at
10:34 pm
this time. we don't have any freeze warnings out there. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s across the bay area. except half-moon bay checking in 55 degrees. the entire state through thursday and you can get the idea not just a few sprinkles, significant rainfall not only leer in the area but up to our north and especially down to our south and santa barbara possibly los angeles and san diego and these numbers will be changing quite a bit over the next few days. but gives you an idea we are expecting a big change in the overall weather pattern. outside right now we have this. lots of cloud cover and looking out towards san francisco. and a few showers nearby near the chance we could have a few sprinkles right now but nothing being reported just yet on the network out there. but still some of the moisture is hitting the ground right now and in fact that pot increases for the -- probability increases for the overnight hours. overnight lows in the 30 toss 40s out there across the bay area and most spots starting out the day in the 40s. here's san francisco, 7:00 a.m. mo mostly cloudy skies and 47. this forecast model did a great
10:35 pm
job showing you the clouds moving in from the south. and then by 12:00, 1:00 the chance of a few showers as we head into the an hours, the chances -- the afternoon hours, the chances will be going up. tomorrow evening 6:00 rainfall likely expanding across the bay area, not only in san francisco but across a good portion of the region. active storm pattern developing out here in the fa pick, not a strong one but that sets up for tomorrow. another one for later in the day monday into tuesday morning. and then possibly wednesday into thursday. most areas picking up between about an inch and a half to three inches of rain. but some areas for the coastal hills, santa cruz mountains we could have amounts approaching five inches. tomorrow here's the front on the approach. system one mostly cloudy skies and rainfall develops primarily during the afternoon hours. or the chance of a shower during the morning. in fact here's the forecast model 9:00 a.m. just lots of clouds out there and some showers offshore although there's a chance of a shower for the morning hours. the rain chances go up later in
10:36 pm
the day throughout the afternoon hours, by 5:00 and then still tracking some rain 10:00 tomorrow night. and then monday morning, some clouds possibly a few scattered showers there. another wave of rain pushes into the region later in the day on monday and monday night and still some lingering rain showers, in fact that will be the second system monday night into tuesday. forecast highs for tomorrow. lots of 50s for afternoon highs. hayward 55 and antioch 56. and brentwood 54. san jose will go up to 58 degrees. and the 49 ertz playing tomorrow i think kickoff will be dry. but showers could be developing especially after halftime. especially toward the fourth quarter. temperatures in the upper 50s. here's a look ahead the five day forecast, lot to track here with some rain showers developing into sunday. showers into monday and then once again monday night into tuesday morning, looks like we could be tracking some more rain and i think if you want to plan on a break, that will be later in the day tuesday afternoon. the breaks are very important and possibly have a system later wednesday and into
10:37 pm
thursday. but i sound like a typical weather pattern. there's a lot that can change between now and then. want to keep an eye on the forecast. >> and i expect know in the sierra the higher elevations this will be warmer. >> these are warmer systems for sure. kind of like the el nino setup. it's kind of developing out there. >> really the first one. the first el nino of the year. >> absolutely okay. get ready. >> thanks mark. petaluma police arrested a 22-year-old man on felony dui charges after they say he hit a parked car then crashed into business and then struck a crosswalk sign. police say jeremiah catawbe of roaner park first drove his truck into the vehicle this morning. a woman loading things into the car suffered minor injuries. officers say he then drove off and stopped the look at the damage in a apartment and reversed -- parking lot and reversed into a building. his blood alcohol level was .13. well, social media has
10:38 pm
certainly become a huge part of daily life for a lot of us. and for the 2016 presidentable candidates. will all the like translate to actual votes? here's peter due see. >> reporter: this year, the path to the white house goes through your pocket. because social media feeds on your phone or on your computer are where presidential hopefuls trying to pick up traction like on instagram with 15 second ads that can direct the dialogue for days but cost almost nothing to distribute. [ laughter ] trumped commands the most -- trump commands the most attention on twitter too. sometimes with content considered controversial but everyone tries to make a splash there. like when hillary clinton and jeb bush confronted each other this summer. just about everybody running has used some form of social media to chat -- >> i'm taking a facebook change. >> reporter: with potential child supporters. sometimes it's stuff to -- supporters. sometime it's tough to tell who is actually doing the typing at
10:39 pm
the other end but sometimes it's pretty obvious. >> the third most popular question from google is rand paul still running for president? i don't know, i wouldn't be doing this dumb [ bleep ] live streaming if i wasn't. >> reporter: the experts say the real impact doesn't happen when a user sees it for themselves but instead, when a user reads how people they know in real life are reacting to it. >> i think what your friends say, your friend's recommendation, tends to carry more weight than a politician. >> reporter: that's for better or worse. the quick and cheap medium backfires easily. carly fiorina learned that earlier today when a tweet about iowa in the rose bowl was panned by some as pandering. still experts see a lot more benefits in social media because it lets candidates spread out. instead of spending so much time in early states. >> it's hell. certainly. and -- helpful certainly. and it's not all. it's not the only way to reach
10:40 pm
meme. >> reporter: ultimately though only one thing matters. trump has guarded incredible -- garnered incredible media attention simply by tweeting. the question that everyone needs is ask themselves is are the tweets going the translate into actual votes? >> reporter: nobody knows if the candidate with the most posts on facebook or twitter will get the most votes but not wait long to find out because the iowa caucuses are one month from today. in washington, peter ducey, fox news. coming up, the warriors get steph curry back. for a little while. >> yeah, still struggled in one of the most thrilling finishes of the year. "sports wrap" with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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good evening everyone, welcome to saturday night "sports wrap." to say the warriors were shorthanded tonight would be the under statement. they started the game with nine healthy players and then saw steph curry sit out the second half and had andrew bogut foul out. after missing two games, curry back in the lineup tonight against denver with the injuries to both legs. vintage warriors here with egg egg egg passing -- andre iguodala passing to green for the jam. curry deeing the three point streak going and played though just 14 minutes going for five points -- going for five points. iguodala, down the lane to jam down a pair. curry was again bumped on that sore leg and he sat out the second half. and down the stretch, the nuggets witness on an 18-8 run and fareed with the hoop plus
10:44 pm
the foul. that was bogut's sixth. and the warriors were down to just seven players. now it's golden state by two. will barton. makes a nice move down low. that ties game at 102 with less than a second left. that was the score as they headed to overtime. clark with the pretty little hook and he had 15 points. then klay thompson drove to the lane for two. that put the warriors up 110- 108. he later made one of two free- throws, fareed was injured and had to leave the game after getting hit in the head. the nuggets had one last possession to try and tie it with the three. the warriors putting up food defense and barton's attempt to tie not close. the warriors hang on for a 11- 108 upping their record to 31- 2. 34 straight wins at home. green is the first player in
10:45 pm
history to have back-to-back triple/doubles in the team's history. >> there's a lot of talk over -- actually after the dallas game about me being out and what that means, everybody has confidence in themselves to figure it out and they did that. that's the big win on the back- to-back you know short turn around and shorthanded obviously. to -- to battuta team like -- beat a team like that. tonight may have been the night in which steve core returned to the bench. that's not the case, kerr was again at practice today and has been providing continual input and he continues to recover from the two back surgeries. the next possible game is monday night when the warriors host charlotte. well, the very difficult to figure san jose sharks werelying up to their reputation again tonight. mcclairen honored before tonight's game with winnipeg in his 25 year an verse industry season. sharks


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