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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PST

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looks like they are on time and we saw. the on the curb side. >> it is a busy day.
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as everyone is going back to school and life and work now that the holidays are over. >> look at all those people getting in line now to check bagging and moving through security. >> we'll be checking in on this all morning long >> make sure you give yourself plenty of time. >> good morning everyone, i am claudia wong. >> yeah, that storm number one is on its way. weare looking at a few scattered showers this morning. the main brunt moving in late in the even hours. >> if you are trying to get away from the rain a. look here at the mostly cloudy start of a beautiful view there as we sweep across the bay area. >> the cloudz are beginning to move unin clouds are moving in. the brunt of thesystem is still
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offshore. 6 degrees in napa this morning. >> 2 in livermore slightly cooler in concord. >> 42 in concord and 40 around the bay. we have lowto mid to upper 40s out your door. >> the north bay, we have 43 in in evidence right now. >> the winds will be picking up just a little bit. not as strong as for today as we offer tomorrow. more on that in just a little bit >> as we begin to see just the possibility of a few scattered showers over the north bay with the system still offshore. here is the center of the storm. this front we'll be moving through. >> what can we expect for storm number one. thewinds will pick up and especially breezy and along the coasts and over our hills. we have strong surfin stores as
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well >> temperatures wise will be in the 50s. 53 inlivermore and 54 in oakland and 53 degrees in napa. when i come back, i will have a look of what you can expect. scattered showers in the forecast bytomorrow morning. more on that and the extended forecast, coming up. thanks a lot, rosemary. >> two shootings in richland. both leaving victimsin critical condition and this morning, veft everies investigators are looking for abs. answer. someone openfire on another car hiting woman from berkeley. >> 52 years old claire dugan is in critical condition this morning. police don't believe she was the intended target. again, someone shot from onecar to another and leaving the man in critical condition. police are still shooting for
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theshooters in both cases. an investigation is under way for the fatal traffic of the year. >> two cars hit a cyclist. last both driversstopped and are cooperating with police. anyonewith information of the crash, is being asked to call san jose police. firefighters is facing animal charges after police say he killed his five years old puppy. nicholas joseph luiz was arrested. >> he was abusing his german shepherd puppy. he'snow on paid administrative leave from the santa clara department. the driver apparently tried to run. it happenedjust after 7:00 last night between fourth and fifth
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street. the sedan flipped over onto its roof. >> the chronicleses reporting that reporting that police took a suspect in custody after witnesses say he jumped into the car and tried to run from the scene there. the scene of a large sinkhole in san francisco is clear this morning. the three by ten hole hasclosed down. >> crews say a failing 18 inch sewer line was to blame. the rail line was shut down during the repair. that route is now back open this morning. the largest container ship ever to visit the united states. they made is way under tr golden gate bridge on thursday morning. look at that ship. the ship is 20 stories tall and 1300 feet long. >> longer than a super aircraft carrier. it canalso carry 18, 000
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shipping containers. the port ofoakland is one of the few ports hard rozzelle the handling that size. >> in 12 hours we had an explosion and moved out of our house. >> it happened on saturday morning. they receivedthe smell of natural gas on the air. the crew wason the scene when the home exploded. >> three people were hurt. two other people sufferfrom smoke inhalations. >> the you utility person says the cause of that is unknown. now, they want to stop the department of homeland security from kuking more raids that are expecting to start sometimes during this month >> the journey itself is a life and endangerering dangering
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journey. to most of the illegals being targeted have been ordered to leave by a judge. >> all right, well, the holiday season is over. with it the annual 17 days enforcement campaign against drunk driving. over night, several checkpoints were scattered over the area >> ktvu tells us alcohol is not the only problem officers found on the road ways. >> how are you doing? >> right here doing your dwi check point. it beginswith a greeting. officers use the sobriety test. >> when there is doubt, that driver is pulled to the side and evaluated and not just for alcohol impairedment but for drugs. >> five marin agency is taking
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part in this new year's eve check points. >> if they refuse to answer your questions, that's a violation of laws. >> many are ready to record the slurred words of the drivers who have had too much >> at least half the time, police are finding it is not booze, but it is marijuana or prescription drugs and the drivers admit it. >> you still have a 4000 hunk of metal that you are handling. >> the in california alone in previous years, about 100 people died and 1800 people are injured in dwi related crashes. >> 2015's numbers not tallied yet. >> the bay area saw the year and with several deaths linked
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to intoxicated drivers. >> in nevada, six arrests and two crashes so far in this brand new year. >> the goodwill of the holiday was not always mean good judgment. >> in community people feel like they are close enough to home and they could make it or they know the route and know the intersection and feeling more confident to take on some of those risks. >> check points catching few drunk drivers, drivers are measured by how many. >> we may see fewer check points in the coming years because the state and federal funds pay the overtime will go to the police department instead of regional campaigns. many departments decide to put officerson saturation patrol rather than columbus at check
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points. the golden state warriors kept their winning streak home alive but they need overtime to do it. stephen curry did play and he reinjured that leg and he will be reevaluated later today if he will be playing tonight. 17 rebounds and 14 assists for his 6th trouble triple double. >> the warriors got their 34th consecutive home victory. 111-108. the niners will host the rams this afternoon and san francisco mike davis has been activated for the game after missing the last seven games because of a broken hand. that happens when he faced the rams in st. louis. >> the rams are looking for a victory, something they have
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not done in 200 . the raiders are in kansas city. they'll finish with their first seasonin four years. >> the cheat haves won in the the cheetssp have won. right after mornings ontwo, there is a mercedes-benz sports weekend. freegame and nfl sunday show at 9:00. tomorrow's gameis washington verses dallas. >> kickoff is at 1:30 and when the game wraps up. stay tuned for the point after. >> that's a busy day. we ran out of music. >> san jose sharks going for their back-to-back win at home this season. >> winnipeg scored four goals and the sharks could only come up with one >> that was by defense. >> brett byrd scored his 16 goals of the season. >> san jose continues to have
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the worse. >> the lead with just five win and 11 losses. well, coming up, some say the rent is too high in alameda. at 7:30. what the city is now doingabout it. >> next, drivers on the golden gate bridge are going to notice a major change, mornings on two, we'll be back in just two- minutes.
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this is a video around memphis. the rivers is cresting at 41 feet. >> the 2011 floods that caused severe damage. >> all right t time now is 7:15. we want to headover to rosemary for a check of our weather. >> i took down christmas lights yesterday and tree. >> it is a good idea. >> temperatures are warmer this morning. a fewlight showers will be possible for the morning hours. really, it takes until the afternoon andinto the evening hours. good morning oakland at 45. livermore checking in at 40 san jose starting the day at 43.
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here is a look at storm tracker two. picking up a few returns. what i mean by that is the layer below the rain and clouds is very dry. >> we cannot pass the possibility of maybe squeezing out a few light scattered shower. the system isstill offshore. this is going to migrate close tous as we get into the around. we began to see therain moving in and as we get into the second half of the afternoon, it continues to shift east and bringing the snow to the sierra. >> here we are for you, the main dance is still off the coast. >> at noontime at 1:00, barely moving in. rightalong the shore and here we are now at 4:00. webegin to move across the east bay and down into portions o f the south bay. >> the inner east bay is going to be dry. >> 6:00, it begins to cube root
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scoot in further. tomorrowmorning, we get back to work and we do have scattered showers in the forecast and it is going to continue the entire day right behind me, do you see this line, this is storm number two getting ready to line up. >> we'll have the steady rain tonight and tomorrow morning. >> we'll break away the spotty showers for most of monday with storms number two on its hill coming in monday night and tuesday. >> anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch expected. this is what we are looking at between now and tomorrow evening and we are looking at a few inches of fresh snow. these are warmer storms. we tend toget lets snow in the sierra. >> be prepare for wintry driving from you a head inside that direction on monday. >> we are going to see several rounds of rain we have been talking about it sometimes. >> it is hard to pinpoint when the next is going to roll in. we'll take it one day at a time. we arelooking at one or two
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inches of rain more most areas of the bay area. >> you can see two to four inch of rain all set and done. >> we are living in "the now", right now it is a beautiful start out there. >> it is a nice start. >> and not cold >> yes, easy to tell. >> thanks rosemary. >> well, one east bay restaurant is opened again after being closed by a kitchen fire. >> managers say the fire was caused by a piece of kitchen gear that malfunctioned, it took more than a year to overcome the challenges of insurance and permit and construction. >> but, owner francisco flores told us on wednesday, he sent out an e-mail inviting people to open and two and a half hours, the restaurant is fully booked. >> i will be here and you will see my face here all day and
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everyday. this is what i do and i like what i do, everybody is excited. >> reopening his straupt restaurant is restaurant is a perfect new year's start. >> the vallejo firefighters raised money to buy some of the basic necessities. firefighters gave themtoys and target gift cards and even a check from anonymous donor. >> >> now, we got something to entertain the kids with. >> well a go fund me page has been set up for the family. we have a link on our website on >> more than $3700 has been raised so far >> the best winter this year, as the resorts are enjoying the big crowds and more storms on
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their way. coming up, we'll check in looifr. live. it is time forthe pet of the day, this is eddie, a two years old bit bull. she's suited for kids 8 years old and up. >> and for more information, go to our website, ktvu , onktv .com. what a cute little pit bull, look at her. >> cute fwas. face.
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new this morning, eye yan i don't know iranni-- >> saudi arabia officials say this shows how iran supports terrorism. developing story right now. it is been under attack for nearly two days now. >> government official in india say they expected to capture and killed the expected. >> seven are now dead and officials believe that the fungiing is an attempt to undo the improvements. amayor in
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mexico was shot and kill one day after taking office. police say several gunman killed the33 years old in her home. police shot and killedtwo of the suspects and arrested three others. >> mexican officials say it maybe linked to organized crime. >> she had vowed to clean up the city's problem ws s. he's done it by getting two and a half millions celebrate donations. his campaign says at thatpoint to his grass roots support. that's $4 millionless than front runner hillary clinton. >> clinton will be here in california for more fund raising. >> on friday afternoon, clinton will be at an event in san
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francisco followed by a reception in palo pinto >> this is the third time in the past six months that she had raised money here. >> more changes with ben carson staff. >> the community director have all left campaign manager. berry bennett says he quit becausedifferences. >> william is behind the new york times story that says carson is out of his depth on foreign parsons. >> carson has lost grown r ground in the polls. what president obama is expected to do and how candidate trump says he will undo it. >> and tesla is ready to go back to space. outside our doors a cloudy start with rain on the way and i am tracking storms number
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one, coming up.
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all right, our top stories at 7:30. richlandpolice continues to investigate two incidents that left two people wounded. >> this is near the intersection of cutting beloved and 23rd street. a man was haurt and police don't was hurt and crews don't know the motive of two of that shootings. >> damaged in 18 inch sewer lines early thursday morning. >> public utility crews had to wait until after new year's day to begin to repair because they did not have all the safety equipment. >> all is calm now. but it is expected to be a busy
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day at the airplane. already busy. look at those pictures. make sure you give yourself extra time ifyou are headed that way because it takes longer to check in. does it? >> we looked at this picture half an hour ago and there is barely anyone there and already, it is getting scrammed up. >> if you are traveling on sunday, you have to work tomorrow and you don't want to miss your flights. weather is coming later today, too. >> i have seen enough to discorrupt travel, disrupt travel. >> it does not look too bad. i think we'll be ingood shape. >> the dry weather is in place right now and that's the best time to be in the skies. >> your afternoon, we are going to see these clouds turning into rain clouds. we have got a fewsprinkles i am sure over portions of the north bay. . i will show you the radar in a moment.
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temperatures with the over cast skies. you probablynotice that we are just not as cold as we were. back on new year's day when we san income the 20s in areas like santa rosa and napa. >> 40 degrees livermore and 43 san jose. warmer airmass in place. take a look at some of these numbers. we'll take a broad view. >> 55 at half-moon bay. >> 55 at sfo if you are headed that direction picking up somebody. >> 40 degrees in areas right around livermore. >> we talked about upper 30s in fairfield. as wehead into the satellite and radar, we cover in clouds this morning and maybe picking up a few sprinkles over portions of the north bay. >> santa rosa and sonoma and polamalu ma and petaluma, we are not looking at any steady rain until we get in the
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afternoon. it looks like portions of the coastlineis going to see it first and it will shift. as wemove into the later part of the day and into the early part of the evening hours, temperatures will be under mainly dry weather for the start of the day. i will show you when that transition willoccur. we'll take a look at that the extended forecast, we are tracking several storms over the next several days. more on thatin just a little bit. thanks rosemary. >> developing news from the middle east. isiscontinue to launch attacks near ramada >> days after it was declared, it had taken the city back from the group's control >> soldiers said they are in the process of clearing ramada of explosives. >> they regained control on monday but in search. well, the captain of the container ship has collided.
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>> he has lost his latest appeal to give his mariners license back. >> a federal appeal court rejected john's claim that the coast guards turned down his renewal applications. the 68 years old man did not meetmedical or professional standards. the coastguards pointed to the buansan fill >> he was traveling too fast and was impaired by prescription drugs. >> it happened yesterday morning at china camp state park. >> a spokesperson says two men were going back from a fishing trip when the boat broke outline. . down. >> park rangers the men were able to walk to shore. >> they were fine.
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>> once they got to the rocks, they stepped off the vessels and no injuries of any of that major. >> it is likely that the engine stopped because it ran out of gas cht this week, the city council will take up the controversial of rent control and eviction. ontuesday, city leaders will consider three pose as proposals. >> the median is expected to draw a big crowd back in november. >> the meeting lasted seven hours and resulted in two arrests. tuesday's meeting will be held inthe autorium high school. this comes weeks after a
7:35 am
falcon 9 successfully launched. it was a first time any booster hadlanded back on the ground rather than fallen into the ocean. >> that will make it more practical to fly and more cargo missions. according to cina, a picture of the falcon nine was posted and they had no damage and it is ready to fly again. petaluma arrested a man on 22 charges. he hita park car and crashed into a business and hit across walk side cht sign. >> that was on marion street. the woman suffers minor injuries. he then reversed into a building. >> his blood alcohol level was. 13. a month after the deadly san bernardino shooting, the medical center is going to
7:36 am
reopen. 4 people were killed and more than a dozen people hurt in the mass shooting. >> an employee and his wife opened fire during a holiday party back in december 2&and they were &and they were killed by the police. washington is returning after his vacation. the president says he's fired up for the final turn of his presidency. he's ready to tackle unsh unfinished businesses. he's scheduled to meet with loretta lynch tomorrow and they're ready to discuss what action he can takes before he leaves office. >> it would mean an executive order because it would not need congestional approval. >> the candidate made that
7:37 am
announcement at a campaign, donald trump says, he will unsign that so fast, he does not want to have the second amendment changed. >> guns are not the problem but mental health of people who have guns is the problem. donald trump is responding to the news in paris recruitment video. >> yesterday, america was a land of slavery, segregation and ku klux klan and tomorrow it will be a land of con trags camps concentration camps. >> donald trump is calling for a total shut down of muslims. >> he said he's not the only public figure used inside terrorist recruitment videos and there is little he can do about it. the video uses a clipof trump's
7:38 am
speech. >> fan dual and draft king, the lawsuit says the company's games illegal under new york's gambling law. their games are based more on a player'sskills than random chance. both of the companiesfiled their own lawsuit to try to block the state from shutting it down. >> in 2015, it was an up and down year for the stock market. it did end on the low note noochlt. . >> the nasdaq took of a more than a one 1% drop of s&p. >> there were some big swings up and down for the year 2015. >> in the end, it was a flat year for the major market
7:39 am
indexes. the dow and the nasdaq, some big popular names in business had a rough year. >> twitter is one of those popular sites, successful company that has seen a big drop in its stock price. >> jack dorsey, and the cab evaluation dropped 37% of the year which was marked failure to atrack new users. >> the etailer have not proven to be a good good improvements. that stock lost half of its value. yahoo is another one of those disappointing stock story this year. >> ceo promised a big turn around and that has not happen.
7:40 am
her future with the come maybe at stake stake and yahoo stock was down for the year. >> a place for shoppers to pick up unique items. that stock is now trading at $8 a share and down to 71%. >> groupon makes top five. it is trading at barely $3 a share and down to 61% for the year. >> the company has made some changes. groupon has more competition than when it first hits the scene. >> all right, that was first pam cook reporting. more of the pattern we saw last year of 2015.
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>> pg&e be prepare for paying more for your gas here. >> the average of 2016 will jump 7% to $147. . that follow as 6% increase at the beginning of 2016. >> pg&e collect extra revenues from its customers for three years, 2014 through 2016. the moneywill pay for maintenance and upgrades with utility and electric grid and pipeline networks. the holiday break is soon going to be over which means you may need to fill up that tank before you head back to work and school. drivers around san francisco will pay around $2. 80. it is more depending in the south bay. >> north bay drivers you are maying paying $2.
7:42 am
70 for agallon of gas. >> aaa is going to remain low with 2016. theaverage cost of a gallon is hitting between $2. 25 and $2. 45. >> the average price for a gallon last year was $2. h 40. 40 >>. there is been maintenance issues at our localrefineries. >> however, those prices expected to go back on down. coming up, a group of protesters is hoping to stop federal officials from targeting illegal immigrants. the move that demonstrators say it isunnecessary. >> if you are headed to tahoe for the holidays, you probably found out you were not alone. >> more of that is on its way, we'll check in with coop at
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heavenly when we come back.
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yeah, this is how we do it in the bay area. take a look at the beautiful sun rise there. >> we have an approaching storm that's brought in the over cast skies and warmer temperatures. >> i am going to detail this first round coming our way coming up. thanks a lot rosemary. >> the encouraging news of the drought. the snowpack survey shows above the level at the time of the year.
7:46 am
>> it was 136% of average. >> boy, the snow pack stayed statewide. >> officials say it is an improvement compares to the last few years. this drought as they remindus is far from over. >> we continue to see some of the best skier skiers conditions. >> cooper is from vail resort at heavenly ski resort right now. what is it like out there? >> >> reporter: you know, it is a great start. theholidays have ben fantastic up here. >> yesterday, i got to get out to heavenly at 4800 acres of open terrain out there and it is fantastic. 178 inches here at heavenly and up atkirk wood at 198 inches. looks like we'll get another 8
7:47 am
to 18. it is going to set up another fantastic weekend of skiing and riding in tahoe. >> everybody is having a good time and the skiing again is absolutely fantastic. >> coop, we were talking about how many people heading to tahoe. i know you are down at heavenly village. the other thing that we don't seebalentine is snow at the base and people have to live through that. how different does it feel and how positive do you guys feel to come? >> i have not shovelled in my house in four years. the plows have been out. >> you can see the snow and the ice are still up around here. it really feels like winter where in the last winter it has been dry here.
7:48 am
>> it is a neat feel. when you are driving alongthe road and snow banks up along the side, it is beautiful. >> what about the deriving conditions, it seems pretty good now going up there and coming back >> 80 and 50 and there is no chain control. . justto trace an inch but they did put in some control. >> especially on sunday, totd today is the day where everybody deriving back to the bay and people start coming out on sdwepd thursday. definitely pay attention caltrans. >> one last quick question for you. this is theother thing that we were talking about with rosemary. >> january is when everything is turned off. >> december was good last year and january is turned off.
7:49 am
>> how relief are you seeing the storm system is coming your way? >> reporter: that's a thumbs up on that. >> remember, we were calling it junuary last year >> hopefully, consistently one a week as we go into february and march which is a mig months for tahoe. >> coop, thank you very much. >> turning now to our weather right here? the bay area, not as exciting. >> but, you know rosemary, we have talked about this before is that how we thought the sierra would be served by this and we thought it was so warm that they maybe miss it. it is blanketedeveryone. >> the storms have come through that far bringing in incredible snow through the sierra. >> these are warmer storms coming in. these aregoing to raise the
7:50 am
snow levels jaus bit and still going to bring snow but not as much. >> but, in any case, it is all good news and good news for us, we'll see a good amount of rain the next several days and we'll get breaks in between. that's good news as well. >> here is over mout dab mout diablo, it is a good bay. >> we have the warm air moving in ahead of it. here is storm number one. it is going to comelater today and increasing a few sprinkles out there. >> system number two, if i take you way back, i am going to show you storm number three. we are looking at the first system rolling in today and the second one by tomorrow and wednesday and no tomorrow night into wednesday. i am alreadygetting myself confuse. the third one comes in on wednesday. >> take a look at storm tracker two, let's talk about what's happening now. >> we have a little bit of light returning here over portions of the north bay.
7:51 am
>> we have some of this hitting the ground and a few sprinkles. >> down to clear lake. the dry air right here atthe surface of where we live, it is preventing us from being widespread. >> we do have the rain clouds in place and dropping the rain not necessarily hitting the grounds. it will, eventuallily. y. >> we are mainly dry and by 1:00 or so, it becomes a little bit wet. it is going to sweep across the bay area as we roll through the afternoon. wehave the niners game by about 3:00 and you may begin to see scattered showers. by the end of thegame, it could be a little bit wet. 5:00, it isin the inner east bay and widespread by dinner time. >> sunday night, the rain will be steady. we getgoing tomorrow morning and we are breaking away to scattered showers. the scattered showers aregoing to continue all day.
7:52 am
>> we could have scattered showers on the eeven evening drive and booipd this system, the next one moves in already. >> a quarter inch of three quarter of an inch or maybe an inch of rain with storm number one. >> how much snow are we expecting. >> so again, not as much snow but still going to get some. that's great news. >> temperatures 38 degrees in fairfield and 47 in san francisco and 43 in san jose. >> mid to upper 50s and 57 in livermore. >> 52 in santa rosa and 52 for pacifica. >> here it is really a lot to talk about the next several of days. >> the best way to take it day by day and each system is different. temperatures are rm waller are a lot warmer this morning as to where we started. >> look at that picture booipd you.
7:53 am
behind you. >> look yeah, it is nice. >> the accusations of the singer is facing, chris brown. >> thousands are seeing cirque du soliel. findout which company is planing tribute for the king of pop this week. pop this week. >> and we head to break, we want to remiepd you on what to come after fox news right after mornings on 2. the fox three game nfl sunday show at 9:00. the morning game is washington against dallas. >> kickoff is 1:25. when that game wraps up, stay tuned for the point after.
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the consumer electronic show starts in las vegas. >> hundreds of companies will be there showing off their gadgets. >> it is one of the tech industry's largest event. tlals something special happening this year. >> a bigotry butte concert is planned to honor the late michael jackson, "heal the world".
7:57 am
>> it will happen on thursday. magic johnson in scheduled to host the event. >> las avai gas police tmz is accusing brown hitting her in the face. the singer did notsay anything. brown was released from probation last year after attacking his girlfriend, rihanna. coming up a driver flips his car and tried to run away from the accident. what police did next >> the just hours away from departing. we'll tellyou where he's headed, coming up. coming up. >> the week ahead, i am tracking a several storms moving towards the bay area. the first onearriving later today. >> i will have a k loot a what you can expect for your workweek, coming up.
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the rush back home after the holidays. moomillions of people boards planes. >> two separate shootings, what investigators are doing this morning. mornings on 2, ku. , ktvu. good morning everyone, a live look at sfo at this moment. >> look at that. it is packed. >> hundreds of people all in there right now. >> look at those faces, too. >> this is the hard part of the travel time. because we would guess that most are headed back. >> when you are patient once on your way out because you are
8:01 am
excited seeing friends but now ru on your you are on your way home. >> the only thing you can do is stair forward and wait for your turn. >> these days it is a busy day. these folksheaded out, they got good weather for their flights. >> that's the best news we can giver you at this moment. welcome to mornings on 2. >> let's get right over to rosemary for a look at what we can expect here on the ground. >> yeah, so far is looking dry and few showers reported at portion of santa rosa. >>. we are get looking at that line, i could not help but to laugh. >> when you get in with your jacket and all the body heat and you are burning up but you cannot take off your jacket
8:02 am
because you are carrying your jackets. >> a live look here, a beautiful sky, we were commenting on how nice it is. it is a gloriousstart to the day. we have partly sunny skies. santa rosa is reporting a little bit of rain at the airport. the radar returns are showing thatwe may have some of these. maybe a little bitover the coast. the system is still offshore. >> the brunt of the rain is back in here. thecenter of the storm is back in here. >> when we get into the evening hours. this is going to be roll through. the low will movethrough on monday. that'll keep the spotty on and off showers going. once be we get going with the wet weather, it is going to be around not only tomorrow but for if next several days. let's takea look at what's happening this morning and notice we do have a nice patch of green over portions of the north bay. >> we have dry air lingering right off the surface. >> we may have a few sprinkles
8:03 am
and again, santa rosa reporting some and in areas north. >> along the peninsula, we may have a few sprinkles hitting the ground here at san mateo woo side. this is ahead of the main system as it is going to bring us rain. are you going out to levi's stadium later today, it could turn breezy for those of you in and around the stadium as well. >> temperatures today, mostly cloudy skies. 55 inoakland and 52 in santa rosa. >> upper 50s san jose and 59 at morgan hill. whenkoim back, i can detail with what you can expect from this system and how much we'll get and the extended forecast is more to come, more on that in just a little bit. two shootings in oakland. both are leavingvictims in critical condition. investigators arestill looking
8:04 am
for answers. one of those happenednear the information of 23rd street and cutting boulevard. >> 52 years old claire dugan is in critical condition this morning. police did not believeshe was the intended target. this was afteranother shooting on 570 again. one shot someone shot one car after another. police are still shooting for the shooters in both cases. an investigation is under way this morning of the first fatal traffic of the year. two cars hita cyclist, police say the victim was hitting the in opposite direction. anyone with information ofthe crash is being asked to call san jose police. a flip over a crash in san francisco, the driver apparently tried to run. it happened justafter 7:00 last
8:05 am
night on mission street. you cansee the sedan flipped over onto its roof blocking traffic. the chronicles reporting that policetook a suspect in custody who witnesses say jumped out of his car and tried to run from the scene. the scene of a large sinkhole in san francisco is clear. the 3 by 10 is hole is cleared. >> the failing inch sewer line was to blame. >> the rail line was shut down during the repairs. that route is back open this morning. the largest container ship ever to visit the united states is set to depart this afternoon. the cma benjamin franklin. that ship is longerthan a super aircraft carrier. it can also carry18, 000 shipping containers. the port of oaklandis one of a
8:06 am
few u.s. ports that can handle a vessels of tha size. it will head to asia tomorrow. they gatderred outside of al detention center in richmond where some are already in custody. now, they want to stop at the department of homeland security from kuking more raids that's expected to start sometimes this mopt. month. >> the journey itself is a life and endangering journey and many have taken that risk to come with to be with an aunt or uncle. >> most of the illegal immigrants have been ordered to leave by a judge. the holiday season is over and with it, the annual 17 day enforcement campaign against drunk driving. several check points were scatteredacross the area. >> alcohol is not the only problem that officers found. >> reporter: >> how are you doing ?
8:07 am
>> it begin ws ass with a greeting. >> when there is doubt, that driver is pulled aside and evaluated by officers and recognize not only for alcohol impairedment but drugs. >> five, marin agencies are taking part in this post new year's eve check point. >> they have to do that, that's a violation of the law, they have to answer your questions. >> many sports body warn cameras and we said ready to record slurred words of a driver who has had too much. >> they use to tell you. >> half of the time police are finding it is not booze in the driver's system but marijuana and prescription drugs. >> drivers admit it and it is okay. >> no, the doctor didn't say that you can drink and drive or
8:08 am
drug and drive. you still have a 4000 pounds of huck of metal. >> one of the deadliest months of the year in california alone in previous years about 100 people died and 18 were injured in dwi crashes. >> the bay area saw the year end with several deaths linked to intoxicated drivers. >> six arrests. >> two crashes so far in this brand new year >> the goodwill of the holiday does not mean good judgment. >> in the community where people feel like they're close enough to home where they could make it and know the route home and the stop sign and feeling confident to take on some of that risks. involving impaired driving. >> although, check point, drugs and drivers are measured by how
8:09 am
many they have. >> we may see few check points in the come year. >> the overtime paid will go to the police department. >> many departments may decide nor put officers on saturation control rather than clustering them at check point. >> ktvu channel 2 news, they needed overtime to do this. >> seth curry played only in the second half. >> he will be ree..ed today. >> draymond green step up with 29 points and 14 assist from his triple double of the season. that's the most for any players in season. thenugs kept it close to force it in their play time. >> donald trump is speaking out
8:10 am
on his appearance in a terrorist recruiting video. coming up, whyhe says that won't change his come pain. >> first, john fonzi, stay with us. announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale... get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! plus, same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:12 am
what do you think is going to happen? do you think the niners are
8:13 am
going to do something? >> i would be surprised because he's not here for a year or two. everybody knows that he was dealtwith terrible hands. >> the the retirement and the agency. in all fivehome grown first draft before the season started, vernon davis was traded later on in the season. he was pretty finished when the season started. iwould be surprise if they adopt give him a xekd chance. the thing that we don't know, we adoptknow given the hand that he was dealt exactly what kind of a coach is gym tom sulley is. >> the question and we have said this before, does he have the guys in the locker room and will they play for him >> the locker room is so thread there to begin with.
8:14 am
>> i would personally be surprised that they don't give him one more shot a it. >> he says he's going to talk about the 49ers after the season, what do you think he will say? >> what can he say? we are a mess from top to bottom. that's when he will speak, it does notmatter. you know, he did go on records this year and say i am not going to say anything about the team while this season is going on. >> so good for him for that for kind of figuring that out and sending out those tweets and things like that he did last yaer. year. we are disnungsysfunctional from top to bottom and we did not do a good job of drafting. 2012, there is not a single soul fromthe roster of 2012 jobs. >> from top to bottom, they got some flaring flares.
8:15 am
they did a good job on tp business sigh. they got a stadium built and the pack four championships there. they do all the stuff on the business side. >> they did have a lot of frustrated fans, joe. >> right, the football side and the business side are two completely side. >> hey, we got to move onto the raiders now. >> i want to talk to you about that. >> yep. >> every game they had with the raiders, is this one of the final games that we'll see. what doyou think? are they moving? it did not look very good with the city. in terms of fans trying tostay positive and the raiders staying here or going to carson. >> the league is truly about the fans then there is needs to be a demon in oakland. >> if team is purely about how much money can we make and
8:16 am
that's the on thing we care about then build your $2 million in los angeles and have two teams who have long standing fan basis in other city. >> try to move there and try to feel something that no one is going go to the game anyway. that's what it is about. there are so many movingparts still and there is st. louis. >> he owns the property where they want to build al new stadium. >> to me t idea of the chargers and the raiders sharing its stadium in the same conference and division is ridiculous. >> there are moving parts still. it is hard tofigure out. >> as you say, joe, so many moving parts. >> joe fonzi, thank you very much for joining us this is morning. >> no, thank you for waking me up this morning. >> of course, we would not have done it any other way.
8:17 am
>> 8:16 on the you can cl clock. clock. >> the flooding concerns. up next, what fishes officials are worried about. >> a few sprinkles following as well and what we can expect getting in the workweek ahead, coming up.
8:18 am
8:19 am
yeah, you get out there and do some running. we have wet weather coming our way several rounds the next several days. i will detail it the besti can. >> i love having that music with the crew people walking there. >> yeah, they're getting started. >> thanks a lot rosemary. >> bernie sanders is getting more and more financial support. he's getting it done by getting separate donations afternooning less than $28 each. >> his campaign says that points to his grass roots
8:20 am
support. that's $4 million resz less than hillary clinton. >> hillary will be here in california. on friday afternoon, clinton will be at the event in san francisco followed by a reception in palo alto. this is the first time in the past six months that she's raised money here >> donald trump is responding to a video of him being used of a terrorist recruitment people. >> yesterday, america is a land of segregation and ku klux klan and tomorrow, it will be a land of religious discrimination and concentration camps. >> so remember this. well, this morning on facethe nation, trump says he does not plan to change his message because of that video. >> he's not the only public figure used in terrorist recruitment videos and there are little that he can do about
8:21 am
it. he calls for a ban ofmuslims entering in the u.s.. >> switching gear right now. time for a look atthe weather and of course, we are all waiting for the rain. so far, it is not here yet. >> we are looking decent out there. >> still have a chance for gear up for that wet weather coming our way. >> i will go for a run immediately before the rain comes in. >> i know a couple of folks had basement flooded in. >> a look here at partly sunny skies and it is just a beautiful view. a good day morning to beout because temperatures are up and even yesterday. a lot of 40s out there and we'll check on your temperatures on the backside of this. let's talk about what's happening now. >> most of this the dry air below this rain clouds. it is not letting it hit the ground. inmy case, we may have a few
8:22 am
sprinkles and maybe getting around american canyon. >> san mateo, through woodside and maybe along highway 101 and a few sprinkles going on here. >> here is a look at storm number one. this isour rainmaker on sunday. once this low movesthrough, it is going to continue with the scattered showers. this will bring us inunsettled weather on monday. >> let me show you storm number two. it will notbe a steady rain for several days. it will besteady rain and scattered showers and maybe a dry period and steady rain and a dry periods. >> here we are as we get through 1:00 in the afternoon. notice it is moving along shore and there is the steady rain as we get into 3:00 or 4:00, it is moving to the east bay shoreline. >> be prepare of scattered showers tonight at the game.
8:23 am
>> as we get into dinner time, it is not fairly widespread and it will be light and widespread through the evening hours. >> tomorrow morning, steady rain is out of here. we could have some out in the morning drive and could have some in the evening drive. behind me,there are storm number two already. >> with this system here, we are looking at anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch of rain depending on where you are at. winds is gusty attimes especially along the coast, we are going avenue rough surf as well. temperatures thismorning, under mainly dry conditions. 4 # in7 in oakland. >> afternoon highs low to upper 50s. >> the extended forecast, these are warmer starts which means sierra is going to pick up some snow. >> sierra could feel a few inches of snow. we arelooking at eight to ten
8:24 am
inches and a little bit more by tuesday. these are the storms that are fuelled by el nino. >> we'll get snow but not as much as we have seen. >> it is a nice base there though. >> thanks a lot rosemary. >> in the midwest, 24 people have died frd the from the flood there. >> concerns is rising downstream. at least fivealong the mississippi have failed and in southern illinois, the weather is beginning to wash in. the governor is worried that the cold weather will only add to the trouble there. the illinois rivercould near historic crest later this week. >> well, up next, the changes drivers along the golden gate bridge will see along near commute this week.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
a live look right now, this is expected to be the busiest days of the year. >> things are busy at sfo, call ahead if you plan to travel today. >> the new year's is bringing changes to the golden gate bridge. starting tomorrow, the lanes will be reconfigured to the evening hours. >> now, it is going to be even with three lane in both directions. here is today's sport run down here on mornings on 2. there is the mercedes-benz show. >> the morning game is washington against dallas and followed by raiders and kickoff is 1:25. whenthe wraps up game wraps up, stay tune for the morning after >> it looks like it will be a nice day. >> pack the umbrella. >> all right, our next newscast is at 6 p.m.. have a great day everyone. ay everyone.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
they are not play-off team, but they are a lot better than last years 3-13. well, the question now is will the oakland fans get a chance to see if the raiders are better in 2016? one and done for coach jim? there are some very strong opinions on both sides of that question. and the democrat is here to give his opinion. the season is now complete. the goaden state warriors from the 2015 nba champions? and warriors and their nba championship top the 2015 year in review. stay tuned, the sports weekend is next.


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