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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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meteorologist steve paulson is also back from his holiday vacation. he'll tell you why you might need an umbrella -- every day through thursday? >> i would say so. friday looks to be a break. >> we're all back together. except for -- now he's taking a couple of days. >> he'll be back. >> we have the first system coming through that won't do much but it's a sign of a pattern change. and as we go from a cold to off and on rainy pattern to what looks to be a warmer and wet -- at least the first seven to 10 days are looking that way. it's losing a lot of energy. this will not do much in the sierra. it's what is coming in behind this. the first season is losing a lot of bunch. 40s to 50s and that south breeze. and the heavier rain continues
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to be offshore. really, it's just a light rain. coast and bay more so than inland. there's a decent cell by san leandro. the next system is coming. this is the energy we're waiting for. the next couple of systems will have a lot more energy. cloudy, mild, off and on rain. and we're looking at 50s, upper 50s for some. a far cry from what we had the last two weeks of december. we're going to be the rain brothers, aren't we? >> very much so. >> i'm ready. thank you, steve. a commute on the east shore freeway is looking pretty good. 17 minutes. that's not bad. i don't think it's going to stay that way. a lot of people are back and the commutes will not be like last week. it's going to ramp up and it might ramp up a lot today as
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you can see this morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up. and for the most part it's okay as you drive there with no major problems. 680 through walnut creek and concord. and highway 4 showing a little bit of slow traffic. but the rest of it looks good. at 5:02 back to the desk. >> the jim tomsula era is offer. the head coach was fired jed york is scheduled to meet with players this morning. and he'll then address the media. the 49ers finished the season with a 5-11 record, last place in the nfc west for the first time in 10 years. before word came down, safety ed reed hoped he hasn't played
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his last game for the coach. >> there are few coaches that actually care about the players. at the end of the day it's a business and we all understand that. but he genuinely cares about his players. >> tomsula had been part of the coaching staff since 2007. before being promoted to head coach after last season. jed york said jimmy has been a valuable member of the 49ers organization for the last nine years. we know he's a man of high character and his contributions on the field and in the community have always been greatly appreciated. this is what former coach jim harbaugh tweeted after tomsula's firing. do not be deceived. you will reap what you sow. >> ouch. the 49ers beat the rams yesterday, ending the season
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with a win. the 49ers took a 7-3 lead in the 2nd quarter, blaine gabbert hit ant juan bolden. >> the 49ers kicked two field goals, tied up the game and sent it to overtime. with five minutes left. the rams lined up to kick the game winning field goal and it was blocked, picked up by the 49ers. and the 49ers had a chance to win. and phil dawson hit a 29-yard field goal. and the 49ers won 19-16. >> the oakland raiders were not able to send charles woodson into retirement with a win. the raiders lost to kansas city, 23-17. ending with a losing record with a 7-9 record. but it was a promising season and a big improvement over the
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3-13 record of last season. we have new developments in a deadly crash in pleasant hill last night. pleasant hill police say two people in their late 60s were killed after the van drove off an elevated freeway ramp. the van drove off the contra cost that boulevard ramp. and fell to the ground 25 feet. the victims are a 68-year-old woman and a 69-year-old man who was driving. the 78-year-old woman was also in the van and she survived but is in the hospital in critical condition. pleasant hill police are still trying to figure out exactly why the van drove off the off ramp. a police officer opened fire yesterday morning killing a dog. the dog's owner called to report that her daughter's father didn't bring her back home as scheduled. when the police officer arrived, police say the family
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dog was aggressive and charged so the officer shot him to protect himself. she says the officer should have used a taser. president obama is diving into gun control. dug luzader. >> this is the first in a series of -- >> reporter: the president landed around noon and he'll get down to business later today. sitting down with his attorney general loretta lynch, and james comey. but the meeting may be for show. the president hinted he already has ideas in mind. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence.
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what if we tried to stop even one? >> the president is expected to announce more measures to classify more gun sellers as federal dealers. critics argue that most of the recent attacks that have grabbed headlines have involved guns legally purchased with background checks. and there are legal questions, whether the president can bypass congress and do this on his own. >> i am absolutely convinced we can have gun safety measures consistent with the constitution. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders were quick to support the president's moves. >> this president is a petulant child. whenever he can't get what he wants -- the american people have turned the house and senate over to the republicans and gone from 21 governors when he came into office to 31
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republican governors now. now he wants to act as if he's a king, a dictator. >> reporter: the president has a prime time town hall event scheduled later in the week. and next week he is expected to press gun control during the state of the union address. in washington. a man is caught on surveillance video robbing a gas station. take a look at the video of the gas station on la playa street. . you can see him point the gun at the clerk when she opens the cash register. if you have information about this. call san francisco police. meantime, closing arguments will start today in san francisco in the raymond chow racketeering and murder trial. prosecutors say chow used to run a criminal organization in san francisco's chinatown. he's accused of being involved
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in two murders, money laundering, and drug trafficking. the charges stem from an undercover investigation involving leyland ye and a dozen other people. lanes on the golden gate bridge will be reconfigured during the evening commute hours. the current configuration has four northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. it made things worse for people heading to san francisco. now it will be even with three lanes in both directions. a study of coastal fog finds that it can carry with it pollution from power plants and other sources. the san francisco chronicle reports that bay area researchers took samples from fog condensation along the coast. they found mercury likely from burning coal. acid in the fog causes a
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chemical reaction in the mercury particles before they are deposited on the land. they say the low level of mercury does not pose a health risk. we have an update about that 900-pound elephant seal that caused a traffic jam on highway 37 last week when it tried to cross that road. the seal gave birth to a healthy pup. officials at the seashore posted these photos on facebook over the weekend. tulay made national news when she tried to cross and wildlife officials were able to move her to the marin county coast. she delivered her pup and both are doing okay. >> good to see that. it's 5:10. what the city and county may do now that the jungle has been closed. devastation and destruction in india right now after a
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major earthquake. we'll take you there. we'll show you the damage and the frantic search for survivors. we're looking at the san francisco commute. and right now, northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split and so does southbound 101 heading down to the peninsula. we'll tell you more about the commute coming up. the first of what looks to be many systems here. it's not going much but there's a
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we are following breaking news from maryland where there's been a big fire. it's right now at a home in prince george's county. the fire started an hour and a half ago. you can see where the home is completely destroyed. we're trying to find out if anyone was inside the home at the time of the fire starting. we'll continue to follow this story. again, this is in maryland. a house fire. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. a big earthquake, a magnitude 6.7, hit india overnight. at least six people were killed. the quake hit the northeastern part of india. in addition to the six people killed. more than 100 others were hurt. look at the damage. it was a powerful quake and made several buildings collapse. witnesses heard screaming and seeing people running in the
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streets. over the weekend, at least seven indian troops were killed in an attack on an air base near the pakistan border. the attack is seen as an attempt to undo recent improvements in the relationship between india and pakistan. this comes a week after india's prime minister became the first indian leader in 12 years to visit pakistan. indian authorities say the troops were able to kill five of the attackers, and they're searching for one more. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. several countries have announced they are scaling back ties with iran. sudan and saudi arabia are completely cutting ties. and the united arab emirate is scaling back. it comes during a crisis after
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saudi arabia executed 47 people on saturday. among them a prominent shiite cleric executed for speaking out against the royal family. both republican and democratic presidential candidates criticized saudi arabia's actions. >> executing a shiite cleric which i think will erupt into more problems. 36 i don't think it was a smart decision and i will criticize them publicly about this. >> protests continue in front of the saudi arabian embassy. demonstrators burned flags and chanted slogans. and it's affecting the stock markets. a lot of uncertainty. time is 5:16. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is back. welcome back. >> thank you, dave. >> and you brought rain with you? >> i think steve and i can take
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equal blame. >> good to have you back with the rain. >> the rain affects the morning commute. let's take a look at the pictures we have for you if you're trying to get around. and monday back to work. this is 880 north and southbound. volume is okay. it's not raining right here in oakland near the coliseum but it's wet. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see the traffic is going to be okay. westbound traffic is all right. and we'll see what it looks like at 5:30. and we're looking at the road centers. the maps change colors and when you see green it's mostly good. hayward on 880 down to free month. let's go to steve. the first of many systems coming in. one here now but not doing much. it's opening the door for a system on tuesday and another one on wednesday. and those will have a lot more energy. an inch and a half to 6 inches.
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and this pattern may go on for a while. there's rain in southern california and in the north and it's running into a little bit of resistance. and the system behind it will not have as much of a problem. light rain today and heavier rain tuesday and wednesday. the next four days, take your pick. you can go from eureka to san diego. l.a. will have two and a half. and maybe five to six for the usual suspects. santa cruz mountains marin county northward. the first system is producing light rain. i would favor areas closer to the coast and the bay. a little bit of the southeast breeze means mild conditions. we are much warmer than a couple days ago. the rain is not that heavy. there are pockets with a burst of heavier rain. right now san leandro and hayward, some rain. you can see there's a little bit of enhancement on the back
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side. later today, the rain rates will pick up. temperatures up in the sierra are 18 at truckee and the winter storm warning doesn't start until tonight at 10:00. for us, 40s and 50s. and we're running two to 5 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. first system is not doing much but there's good jet stream support. tonight 10:00 until tuesday 10:00. that's when the winter storm warning kicks in. the best time to go would be today. tomorrow will be a lot tougher. cloudy and mild and off and on rain and more towards the coast and bay. and some inland areas i doubt get that much. we're in the 40s. but not this week. it will be warmer and also much more rain. so rain heavier at times tuesday to wednesday, everyone probably some parts of thursday. and a break friday, saturday, and more on the weekend. >> what we wanted, right?
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>> it's here. >> what we need. >> steve, thank you. >> any time. along with listening to steve paulson you can get up to the minute forecast information with the ktvu weather app. it has live and future radar. and forecast details and the warnings for where you are as well as the sierra. it's free for phones and tablets. search the app store for ktvu. doctors are not urging preteens to get the hpv vaccine. an fda approved vaccine has been on the market for 10 years. the vaccine works best if kids get it before they become sexually active. researchers found the most common reasons for not recommending the hpv vaccine included young patients not being sexually active and parents objecting. a third of young people have
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had sex by the age of 16. 5:20 is the time. the new year is off to a shaky start. on the asian markets, we've been talking about this. the step one market took for the first time to try to control the panic.
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china's major stock exchange closed after the shanghai index fell 7%.
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the index dropped after weak manufacturing reports and because of increasing tension in the middle east. we've been talking about that all morning. certainly going to affect our markets as well. this is the first time china has used the circuit breaker mechanism to prevent bigger losses. and authorities have been trying to restore confidence in the chinese stocks after a big selloff last june. and looking at our numbers, looks like a pretty big drop. maybe 300 points for the dow. the consumer electronics show starts wednesday in las vegas. hundreds of companies will be showing off all the new gadgets. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend. one of the tech industry's biggest events over four days. printers, drones, and wearable technology were big items last
5:25 am
year. there's something special this year. ♪ [ music ] >> makes you want to dance. a tribute concert is planned to honor michael jackson. >> the jacksons, members of aerosmith will be performing. magic johnson is scheduled to host the event. mark zuckerberg has made a major new year's resolution. his goal is to create an artificial intelligence system. he wants to build a simple a.i. to run his home and help with work. he vowed he would learn mandarin in 2010. and he recently gave a 20 minute speech in that language. last year he said he would read a new book every two weeks. with lottery fever hitting
5:26 am
the bay area, the power ball jackpot keeps growing. the next drawing is wednesday night. and it's now worth $400 million, one of the biggest power ball jackpots of all time. an 84-year-old from florida won the biggest jackpot, $590 million in 2013. what are your odds of winning? >> the officials say the chances of someone picking all the winning numbers are one in $300 million. time is 5:26. water is rising in parts of the midwest. and we'll show your damage and also the cleanup underway following a deadly couple of weeks of storms. >> reporter: after a losing season, the 49ers, they have let go of head coach jim tomsula after one year. the morning commute will be wet today as we look at a live
5:27 am
picture of highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. not a bad commute and traffic is doing well. cloudy, light rain. and it's warmer. this first system won't do much but the second and third ones will. we'll show you that coming up.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all d breakfast menu. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's monday, january 4th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve is here to talk about a
5:30 am
lot of rain. >> very rainy. today is not much, you two. but i would take the rain gear for the most of the week. >> keep it in the car. >> we do have cloudy skies and light rain and this is really just the first system that's giving itself up for the others and the others will be much, much stronger. this one is giving us light rain. a couple hundredths to a quarter of an inch. it's knocking the ridge of high pressure out of the way. rain will be more towards the coast and bay than anywhere else. and the next system is racing along. 24 to 36 hour rainfall won't be much. by the time we get to tuesday night, it's going to pick up. this system has stretched itself out. and it's elongating which takes a lot of energy out. isolated areas could pick up a quarter inch or so.
5:31 am
tomorrow and wednesday looks to be much, much stronger. the temperatures are up. that's for sure. and we're getting the cloud cover and the southwest breeze. and the energy is tapping into moisture. and the stage is set for a very rainy week. cloudy and mild and off and on week and nothing too heavy. warmer temperatures which translates into 50s. are people back? are you noticed anything? >> i was typing on twitter. and some of the regular twitter people are back. they've been tweeting this morning. and facebook, and i think people are back. let's go to the toll plaza just to answer steve's question. i think people are back. traffic is going to be backed up at the toll plaza at 5:30. we didn't get this at all for the last two weeks now here it is. 5:30 on monday. and the monday that everyone comes back to work. and we have a backup of five to six minutes before you make it
5:32 am
to the bridge and get into san francisco. and of course, it's wet. and steve and i will be working extra hard this week. bart is recovering from earlier delays. a 10 minute delay between aurin da and rock ridge. and there was an equipment problem. let's take a look at 237. looking good for the drive into the valley. no major problems into the silicon valley. and we're looking at the east bay. 880 from hayward to freemont looks well. and on the peninsula looking good. back to the desk. one of the worst seasons in san francisco 49ers history is over and the head coach has paid the price. we have a report from san francisco with the niners' next
5:33 am
step now that they've fired jim tomsula. it's not a surprise though. >> probably didn't surprise him. he did not live up to expectations. the 49ers had a disappointing season and wound up in last place for the first since 2005. and of course it was a losing season for the team. they wound up with a record of 5-11. and they had an overtime win yesterday over the st. louis rams at levi stadium. and after the end of the game, the announcement was made that the 49ers were parting with ways with tomsula after just one season. he was promoted from defensive line coach and right off the bat put in a tough spot. a number of key players left the 49ers. kaepernick went down in the middle of the season. tomsula was well liked in the locker room. >> he's a fiery coach and provides the energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis
5:34 am
that the players thrive off of. the competitive nature that we try to take to the field. i'm thankful he gave me an opportunity to start for the 49ers. >> and york issued a statement about tomsula's dismissal that said in part jimmy has been a valuable part of the organization for nine years. he's a man of high character and his cakes on the field and in the community have been greatly appreciated. the entire organization is proud and grateful to have worked so closely alongside jimmy. and york will hold a news conference this morning to talk about the end of the tomsula era and the name that's swirling out there. one of the names is new orleans head coach sean payton. that's the one name being floated thus far this morning. as you pointed out.
5:35 am
more rumors will continue to circulate as we move throughout the day. >> that's an interesting one though. >> great coach, great coach. we'll see where that goes. >> we'll stay on it all morning. time now 5:34. the san bernardino offices were the scene of the deadly terror attack last month. it will reopen today. 600 employees at the inland regional center are expected back to work. it's been closed since december 2nd after two shooters. the conference center will stay closed indefinitely. counselors will be out today to help employees and there will be extra security. a father and son whose court case set off an armed standoff -- they are expected to surrender to federal authorities. dwight and steven hammond were convicted of arson three years
5:36 am
ago for fires on federal land. the ranchers served their original sentences and an appeals court judge ruled the terms were too short. on saturday, armed men took over a wildlife refuge building outside the town of burns oregon. members of the bundy family were among them. they were involved in a standoff in 2014. >> it's the people's facility. owned by the people. and it has been provided for us to be anal to come together and unite and making a hard stand against this overreach, this taking of the people's land and resources. >> an attorney for the hammond family says they don't want the help of the bundies. they say they can speak for themselves. the sheriff is working with
5:37 am
federal authorities to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. a suspicious device turned out to be a false alarm. a man found what looked like a grenade and showed up at the police department to turn it in. and the building which includes city hall was evacuated. several blocks were closed and the bomb squad was called in. it was actually a cigarette lighter made to looks like a grenade. >> no malicious intent. somebody tried to do the right thing. the right thing is to leave it in place, wherever you found it, and call 911 and have the proper authorities come out. while the building was evacuated. san rafael police were able to forward all their 911 calls to the marlin county sheriff's office. las vegas police have arrested two people in connection with the death of a
5:38 am
software jury. megan hippie and kyle stats have been charged with first- degree murder and armed robbery. the mercury news reports that gendler was in las vegas for the consumer electronics show. firefighters in san jose investigating what sparked a house fire that injured two people. >> people were in the home when the fire started at 12:15 yesterday afternoon. two of the people were taken to the hospital with injuries and a third person was treated at the scene. >> at this time it's difficult to ascertain where exactly it started but it appears it started to the rear of the house. >> reporter: one firefighter fell through a staircase but was not hurt. flood waters are starting to recede but many families are out of their homes in missouri
5:39 am
and illinois. at least 31 people have died because of the flooding in illinois, missouri, arkansas, and oklahoma. mostly as a result of drivers trying to make it through washed out roads. in high ridge, missouri, the high water shut down a water treatment plant that serves 20,000 people. >> you can't wash your hands and you're not supposed to drink the water and you can't shower. it's just really inconvenient. >> there are still evacuations in some areas, including alexander county, illinois where local officials used a drone to assess the situation. more flooding is expected in the southern states along the mississippi river in the next few weeks. the city of san jose is considering opening a tent city for homeless people this winter. last week they voted to declare an emergency housing crisis. that's opened up more
5:40 am
buildings, but there are only 1500 beds available for more than 4000 homeless people. the mercury news reports the tent city idea faces a number of significant hurdles including where it would be and who would manage it. will democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is coming back to california to raise more money. in the afternoon she'll take part in an event called a conversation with hillary in san francisco. and friday night a reception in palo alto. tickets for the event are $2700. this will be the third time in six months mrs. clinton has been in the bay area raising campaign money. on thursday she'll attend two other fundraisers in southern california. it's been almost a year since 11 people working at a french satirical magazine were killed. coming up in the next half
5:41 am
hour, how charlie hebdo is marking the vary. and how some san francisco police officers help a mother and her autistic son who were turned away from several homeless shelters over the weekend. a wet morning commute this morning. and we have a tree down in menlo park. this tree came down and is now causing other problems in the area. find out what's happening now in menlo park. >> i wouldn't say it's a stormy monday but it will be a stormy week. not so much today but tuesday, wednesday, more on that coming up. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see
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♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. >> it's 5:43. and san francisco police officers pitched in their own money and time to help a homeless woman and son. that included finding them a hotel room. the two were turned away from
5:44 am
several homeless shelters on saturday night because the 15- year-old boy is autistic. the shelter said they were not able to accommodate minors with disabilities. an officer did what he could to help find a place for them to stay. when he could. officers paid for a room at the hilton downtown. >> we exhausted all resources. there was no shelter for them for the night. and i felt, we can't let them be on the street. it was just not going to happen. >> the officer paid for the mother and son to stay at the hotel saturday night and last night. and his fellow officers pooled more than $400 to chip in and groceries for them. and the officers plan to take the mother and son to the department of human services to help them find a place to stay. sunday services at one church in antioch were happier than normal. the church just opened its
5:45 am
doors a few years ago. they celebrated by surprising a single mother. heather holmes has more on the surprise that will warm your heart. >> reporter: in church on sunday a message of faith, hope, and the importance of helping a neighbor. to mark one-year in the neighborhood, the church at antioch decided to give away this ford taurus to someone who could really use it. >> the family was chosen after going over many applications of families in need and struggling. >> reporter: one letter was especially moving. >> this particular family was chosen not just because of the need but because of the sacrifice the mother makes on behalf of her six children. >> reporter: the single mother talked about the difficulties of getting her children where they need to go, including
5:46 am
doctor visits for her daughter with special needs. >> it's been hard to get on public transportation. >> reporter: she said that a letter would be life changing and the church decided to change her life. >> i don't know what to do. thank god, i thank god for everything! >> reporter: she wasn't sure how to react when presented with the keys. a sunday surprise that she came close to missing out on. >> when they announced me, i fell out. i'm just so grateful for everybody. you know, i almost didn't just write the letter like okay but i still did because genuinely, we really needed a car. >> my kids are gonna be crying! >> we're all crying just watching that. >> by the way, the church pastor wanted to give away a car to instantly improve
5:47 am
someone's quality of life and he's hoping to make the giveaway something that happens every year. >> great story. love all these good heart felt stories. 5:46 is the time and sal is covering the traffic for us. >> and we have something to talk about in menlo park unfortunately. a tree came down and you'll start seeing a lot of this during the wet months, the wet weather. and we have a tree in menlo park and this caused a gas leak. and it's blocking a lane of traffic. these are pictures now. and one of the lanes of traffic is blocked. menlo park police are asking drivers to avoid the area. bg and e is on -- pg&e is on the scene. and it's a good place to avoid. we're not sure when the gas will be turned back on but pg&e
5:48 am
is on the scene. i want to show you the east shore freeway. it's already getting slow west of highway 4 between hercules and richmond. at 5:57. let's go to steve with today's weather. >> i think that's a sign of things to come, that downed tree. i think that's going to be an issue later this week. we have what looks to be a very active week. the pattern has changed from a very cold one in december. there were a couple days around christmas, oh, baby. that's gone. and the pattern is changing and this will be much warmer and wetter. december was fantastic for the sierra. it was okay for us. we have three systems here through at least wednesday into thursday. and there could be more after that. an inch and a half to 6 inches and a rushing river in parts of marin county. the first system is here.
5:49 am
it's arrived and it's not doing much. and it will give us light rain. and the system witness stand that, the first system is coming in and barreling in. and trying to get things going. and it's going to lose a lot of punch. light rain gives way to heavier rain. the next four days doesn't matter if it's up in eureka. look at san diego. 4inches of rain there. and i would think two to six around here. and the heavy rain will be tuesday and wednesday, wednesday. not so much today. more closer to the coast and the bay. the system is like a rubber band. it gets weaker in the middle. but there's some holding on. and it needs a kicker. and moderate to heavy rain on san mateo, santa cruz coast. and we had one around the san mateo bridge. and one over hayward. and san lorenzo and san
5:50 am
leandro. and to the north. not a lot. but-- it's just hanging around a little bit. the sierra nevada is quiet. but look at southern california. san diego and l.a. are about to. winter storm warning starts at 10:00 tonight. today is a good day to head to the sierra if you can. it's a lot quieter there. 40s to 50s on the temps. it's much warmer and the energy coming across the pacific is much better. this system will barrel in late tonight into tomorrow. the winter storm warning starts tonight and goes until tuesday night. so tomorrow could be really, really dicey getting up to the mountains. cloudy and mild and off and on rain. nothing too heavy but closer to the coast a little bit more. temperatures are up. in the 50s. mid-50s for some and a few upper 50s with a south breeze kicking in. goodbye to the 20s and 30s.
5:51 am
rain on the way tuesday, wednesday, probably into thursday. and a break friday and saturday. and another system saturday and sunday. >> wow. okay. >> through the middle of the month looks pretty wet. >> are we worried that it will be a little too much at one time because of all the wildfires. >> the burn areas for sure. southern california, very concerned about that. l.a. and san diego are talking about that. that wouldn't take much as you know. >> up here we should be okay. >> for a while. but if you get 6 to 7 inches of rain. once the ground sucks it up -- which hasn't happened yet. >> then it starts running off. a purple cat named smurf continuing his road to recovery. look at this. the emergency surgery over the weekend and what veterinarians are saying about his progress.
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we're getting a first look at the el faro cargo ship that sank three months ago in the atlantic ocean. the national transportation safety board released these images. the images show a breach in the hull of the el faro. the navigation tower is
5:55 am
missing. the u.s. flag ship disappeared in october during hurricane joaquin. it was found a month later east of the bahamas. none of the 33 crew members were ever found. the biggest container ship ever to visit the united states will sail back out to sea today. you're looking at the cma benjamin franklin. it's going to leave the port of oakland this afternoon heading for asia. the ship arrived here thursday morning. it's 20 stories tall, 1300 feet long. and can carry 18,000 shipping containers. the port of oakland is one of a few american ports that can handle a ship that big. we have an update to a story about a kitten rescued after possibly being used as a chew toy for dogs being trained to fight. the kitten was nicknamed smurf because it was dyed purple.
5:56 am
the eight week old was rescued in san jose, with bite wounds all over its body. the times reports said they were able to repair the hind legs. the san francisco spca's annual holiday display at macy's in union square wrapped up last night. the 259 animals found new homes this year. the spca says donations are on track to match last year's $90,000. there are plenty of animals still available for adoption. the warriors are closing out against the charlotte hornets. steph curry is questionable. he was kicked in the first half of saturday's game. but harrison barnes may come back after missing 16 games,
5:57 am
he's listed as probable. after tonight, the warriors head out on a three game road trip to los angeles, sacramento, and portland. the 49ers are searching for a new coach -- again. jim tomsula was fired. we'll have a live report. and driving on the golden gate bridge will be different today. the change being made for the evening commute to reduce traffic jams for some drivers.
5:58 am
5:59 am
welcome back. boy, just a horrible story. a van goes off an elevated freeway, crashing to the ground below. the crash in pleasant hill killed two people. the 49ers have fired head coach jim tomsula after just one year. we'll tell you about some of the coaches who may replace him coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning and thank you
6:00 am
for joining us. monday morning, january 4th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. and let's talk about your weather and traffic. and steve paulson has plenty to tell you about. >> december was cold. and this looks rainy and warm. we've shifted gears. the 30s are gone until we can clear the cloud cover. and that may not happen. the first of what appears to be many systems, at least three and probably four or five after everything is said and done is moving in. and it runs into a lot of resistance. there's kind of a split, more energy to the southern branch of the jet. so it loses a lot of punch and it's giving us bursts of rain. maybe a quarter to a half inch. it's tonight and tomorrow and the next system comes barreling in. right now it's light and i'm standing right in front of it. that's what


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