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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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fans to blame him for the team's disappointing season. skiers and snow borders have a cable that breaks. so nice to be with you, frank. let's go to a story that everyone is talking about. it affects everyone and that's the weather. the first in a series of storms is hitting the bay area. it will be a wet week folks. thanks to the el niño conditions that we have been talking about now for several months we are tracking the conditions. what are you seeing rosemary. >> wet weather. the storms again fueled in part by el niño. let's look at the water vapor. i choose that because it shows you the circulation going on in the atmosphere. you see the action in this area. the mid latitude area and
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that's where the storms are rolling ashore from. in addition to that, the jet stream over southern california in the coming days and that is going to keep the storm right across california. in fact southern california will get hit harder than we do. storm number one off to the east. brought us rain and we will look at the rainfall totals in a bit. already tracking storm number two. i expect that to roll in by tonight. storm number three on its heels. let's look at the satellite and radar and we will get a better look at what is happening at this hour. a few scattered showers over portions of the bay area. picking up some over santa cruz. this is only for the moment. more is on the way by ten or 11:00. i think the storm moves ashore and looking at pretty moderate to heavy rain in the overnight hours. i will detail what we can expect with storm detail number two coming up in a bit. we love our country. we love the people in it.
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we know that we are struggling to be able to know what to do as a nation. we will not forget about how important each person is and how that person has the right to live here on this earth and have the right to live in liberty. they are calling themselves citizens for constitutional freedom. they are an armed militia and taken over property in oregon. the f.b.i. is trying to bring a peaceful end to the situation. dan spring has more. >> reporter: the standoff started over the weekend after a peaceful protest to support the hammon family, a father and son being unjustly locked up for arson. an armed militia has taken of near burns, oregon. seeking to end federal overreach on public land in the
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west. >> this is a circus. this is a circus. i think they learn from the bundy ranch. >> hammon and ryan bundy are among those occupying the refuge. their father had a dispute with grazing rights. they came prepared and will stay as long as it will take. >> we will come together and unite and making a hard stand against this overreach, this taking of the people's land and resources. >> dwight hammon and his son steven convicted of arson for a control burn on federal land and served their time but the judge ruled that the sentences were too short and ordered them back to prison. sparking the protest. the militia is trying to stand up for the hamman. >> we are standing up for the community. >> and have gotten a cool response from local members
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here. >> don't like the militia's message. >> it is frightening when people are making threats. >> dan springer is live in burns, oregon. how far away from the scene are you? i understand that you just walked down there a little bit ago. can you tell me what you saw and how many people are there and what kind of weapons do they have? >> reporter: yeah, frank. about 200 yards away from the compound where the armed militia are setting up camp. we saw a couple people outside of the cabins. a small museum and another is a couple of cabins, i guess you would call them a camping cabin where people would sleep and a handful of people outside the buildings and most inside and not showing the operation of what they are doing inside. we didn't see the weapons. although people said they saw a couple of people with the side arms. these are armed militia. not unusual to see them holding a side arm. you can see behind me a couple of people, militia from arizona
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who have set up a roadblock essentially. people can walk down there. i walked down there but you cannot get down there if you are a federal agent. that is what they said. they are keeping everybody, only the federal agents can't go in and everybody can. they say that the federal government is overreaching. land grabbing. has there been any response at all by anyone aside from the f.b.i. that say they are going to wait them out about whether they can get what they want which is the land return? >> reporter: yeah, the sheriff just held a news conference and he essentially said this is the group's intent to overthrow the federal government and local government. one of the ranchers turned themselves in.
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a goal was to have 187,000 acres of the national wildlife refuge turned back over to the local government and essentially back over to ranchers to ranch it and farm it and to have all of the resource development here. this is a not going to happen. the federal government won't hand it over. the question is what is the federal government doing to reach out to them and negotiate some sort of a settlement. the f.b.i. is working to end it peacefully. back to you. dan, do you get the sense that strategy here is that they are going to wait them out? we all remember what happened at ruby ridge. we all remember what happened at waco when authorities moved in. it got ugly very fast. do you think the strategy is just to wait them out? >> reporter: i think that's a good guess. i think, frank, that they would be wise to do that. we know that there are weapons down there. this is a very small rural
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outpost. this federal building down here is not really critical to the federal government. i think they can wait them out. they could cut power to them and do a lot of things. i don't see -- i don't foresee federal agents with guns ablazing. dan springer in oregon. thank you. well, now we want to turn to the future of the san francisco 49ers. and team owner jed york addressed the media apologizing to fans saying it has been frustrating for the team that finished five and 11. he is promising to use every source possible to find a new head coach, this after firing jim tomsula firing the game yesterday. we were at the news conference. we are live at 49 headquarters in santa clara. joe. >> reporter: yeah, guys it is very eventful less than 24 hours at levi stadium. they had a record of five and
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11 last year. but they would miss the playoffs. before the game jim tomsula heard unconfirmed rumors that would be his last game as the head coach and the guys played what could be described as gritty performance winning 19- 16 in overtime. and sending tomsula out a winner. he didn't know at the time it was his last game. he appeared in his post game press conference and didn't know his future yet at that time and a few hours after the media cleared out the 49ers made the announcement that tomsula is not coming back. for jed york he is where he was last year. a job search in place for a new coach. last year was the year that york made that comment about we only hoist championship banners and routinely criticized for that and a much different york that met with the media today. >> this season was not fun, it wasn't fun for me or the fans and i am sorry we had to go
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through the year. i was able to recognize mistakes that i have made in the past. even looking over the last few seasons, i think it is important to learn and grow from your mistake. i think i have taken things too personally. you know, interactions with the media. some of the criticisms from fans. i think i have internalized it too much. i have done things and we can get into tweets that i have sent and thank god you can't see the tweets i didn't send. it has not been helpful. as much as i would love to share how i feel about the team. it is not helpful for the club to talk about how i feel when we win or how i feel when we lose. it is ultimately a distraction. i want the team to win. nobody wants this team to win more than i do. and i'm going to work at it every day to make sure we get
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back to where we belong. so forth second straight year uncertainty for the players as they pack up to head up for the homes. maybe no more certainty other than kaepernick. he signed autographs before he went outside. he is on injured reserved and his status very much in question. but he did meet briefly with the media to talk about that. >> i'm under contract. i am preparing for next season. >> is it brand new? it happens every year. >> most difficult part is the unknown. not knowing who or what we will be doing when that person gets here. i guess that's the scariest part is not knowing. and i think another significant thing that happened is trent bulky is being retained. he has been criticized as much as the owner and the head
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coach. but he is the one that is going to lead the search for a new head coach and will lead the upcoming draft which jed york characterized as one of the most important drafts in the franchise's history. a lot happening here and for the second year in a row, guys, the 49ers looking for a new head coach on the day right after the conclusion of the regular season as the 49ers again not in the post-season. here we go again. the last comment, jed york admitted they didn't get it right hiring tomsula but bulky was part of the decision and leaving the search for a new coach. doesn't make sense to me. >> he was asked that question. what jed said is he is confident. i think the other thing he said that i thought was significant was he described his role as an owner. he said my role is to basically step back and write the checks and let the football people take care of the football operations. he does have confidence in
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trent bulky's ability. it was interesting to hear jed cite his uncle as such a thing as reference for an owner that is how 49ers fans feel about mr. d and he talked to him today and will get advice about who he should talk to as far as football operations. expressing nothing but confidence for the general manager, trent bulky that has had a spotty record for drafting in the recent years. joe, given everything that happened with the 49ers, do you think that seasoned experienced coachers would want to come to the 49ers? >> you know, frank, i do. they are only 32 of these jobs. and a lot of people say who would want to go here or who would want to go there? they are going to conduct a thorough search but if you had one of these jobs and you are going to want one again. it would be throwing darts. we have heard the names mentioned. i am not going to say there is a short list.
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didn't want to say who the names are because that leads to speculation. you know, there is only 32 nfl head coaching jobs and the san francisco 49ers still carry quite a bit of cachet even though they are not in the playoffs. the rains are over in the midwest but the danger remains. rain in the forecast. download the ktvu weather app. you get the weather forecast and you will find it in the apple or google app stores. interstate 80, not bad. >> looks good. only 4: 13 but the commute direction there on the left heading north. again it is real slow but not
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welcome back. it is monday on the 4 and we are talking about buying a home. as you know the bay area housing mark remains red hot. what is the most important thing you can do? joining us with the expert real estate experts matt fuller and brant jackson. first question, matt, what is the most important thing. >> thank you and happy new year. unfortunately i will say the best thing to do is probably the thing that people like to do the least, the most painful part of the process but the most important. speak to a real live in the bay
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area mortgage professional. >> okay. >> get preapproved. it is kind of like going to the dentist. nobody wants to go but it is one of those things because real estate deals move so quick when they do hand you want to find out in advance if you have any cavities. >> most people wait. >> people like to look at beautiful houses than mortgage rates. who wouldn't? you don't want to find the perfect house and fall in love wit and have a random surprise like an error on your credit record. >> and you can troubleshoot. let's talk about mortgage rates. seeing them inch up. how fast do you think they will go up and for how long? >> they have gone up a little bit from the rock lows. my crystal bowl is in the shop but i will say they may go up maybe we are hearing a little bit about maybe a quarter to half a point in the next 12
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points. >> okay. >> that's a big guess. >> yes. >> and we are really not so sure that it will have a huge impact on the housing market in the bay area. >> why is that? >> there is so much cash. so many cash buyers and people getting loans have a lot of cash for down payments. people are not so rate sensitive. >> some people are. >> but some won't be affected. >> matt we were talking about the mortgage melt-down it has been a few years since it happened. what has done to lending rates? >> it is a great balancing act. we are seeing the return of products once the mortgage melt- down happened. so people have ways of reducing their costs. and still getting a mortgage even as rates go up. for example, a local lender, san francisco credit is
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offering a loan for up to two million dollars for zero down. >> everybody celebrate. people like myself though in the market for a home, i certainly can appreciate that. we talked about what you want to do. what are the three things that we should not be doing if we are in the market for a new home. >> that's a good question. some things can ruin your chances of getting a mortgage. if you have a full-time job keep it. keep your job and don't go contractor or freelance. >> they want stability? >> right. >> if you do go freelance you will have two years of tax returns before you can use your income to qualify. you also don't want to rack up consumer debt. if you are in a contract wait until you buy the furniture and put it on your credit card. and the last thing is don't move your money around if you have money in stocks and money over here and money over here.
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just get your cash. put it in the savings account and show your bank statements to your mortgage professional and if you make any deposit is that aren't your paycheck document them because people want to know where it is coming from. fit is a gift from grandma or a bonus, you lent your cousin one thousand dollars, you will need to document that. >> five dollars on the sidewalk, they will want a letter of explanation. >> matt and britain thanks so much for sharing your expertise. let's head to frank and rosemary. the body of country singer craig strictland has been recovered from a lake in oklahoma more than a week after he went missing during a severe storm. the 29-year-old was duck hunting with a friend after christmas when their boat capsized. his friend's body was found the following day. strictland's body was recovered this morning on instagram. his wife thanks supporters for their prayers. strictland was the lead singer
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of the arkansas based country band back road anthem. in the midwest. the devastating floodwaters receding and people in the area are getting a clearer picture of how much damage was done. the flooding last week killed more than 20 people in missouri and illinois. that after storms dumped ten to 14-inches of rain. it could be weeks, even months before the situation returns to normal. >> i'm living day by day trying to help my friends out and they are trying to help us out and trying to comfort the ones that lost everything. their house and everything. the rain has ended but emergency officials say there are still a number of levees under historic pressure and it breaks your heart to see the losses. this is going to be a wet week. we got rain and more on its way. what time. >> probably by the 10:00 news and it will be heaviest in the overnight hours which is good news because by tomorrow
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morning we begin to taper off and some much-needed rain has fallen and is moving off to the sierra. i will detail that in a moment. let's look at what is happening at this hour. mostly gray skies for the entire day, a few spotty showers out there. here is a look at some of the rainfall totals. a weak system. san rafael less than an inch. oakland reporting .60 of an inch. storm tracker two shows the showers in the mountains and the system that brought us this rain in the overnight is in the sierra where we have scattered snow showers, levels down to 5000 feet and not widespread. it is pretty broken up. we are with the eyes on storm number two already offshore about 200 miles or so and i
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think by late tonight to early tomorrow morning, may wake you up because we are looking at moderate to heavy rain. here we are in the afternoon as we get to 10:00, notice the steady line of rain moving ashore up to portions of the north bay. as we get to two or 3:00 passing to the bay area on its way out and by 6 or 7:00 we could wake up with scattered showers for the early morning drive. as we roll through the second part of the morning we are breaking away to what we had for today. on and off spotty showers with mostly clouds. again to recap storm number two moving through in the overnight hours. we are looking at anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch of rain because of the moderate rain and we could see minor flooding and could see territory of the burned areas and the winds gusty and perhaps up to 30 miles per hour. and the snow will be dropping down about 4500 feet, could see anywhere from six to twelve inches of new snow for the sierra and that is great news.
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temperatures right now under mostly cloudy skies 55 in oakland and 54 in concord. overnight lows, not bad. mid-40s to mid-50s for most of us. 52 in oakland and 47 santa rosa and low 50s in san jose. afternoon highs tomorrow a lot like today. mid to upper 50s with just a few sprinkles remaining as we get through against storm number two. storm number three on its heels coming in on wednesday. looks like we will remain with scattered showers on thursday. we get a break for the start of the weekend and we may see another system coming by monday. rosemary, thank you. you're welcome. believe it or not ten years since hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast. more on that hurricane. the 4 on 2.
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we'll be right back.
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so take a look. this is the volcanoen guatemala. the ash is intensifying. there is no evacuations ordered. the monitor says the thick columns of ash reached four miles high and loud explosions were heard from inside. the last time it erupted was in february. in that case an alert was issued and the airport in the capital closed. closing arguments in san
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francisco and the racketeering and murder trial for raymond chow. prosecutors told jurors that chow ordered two murders and was involved in money laundering. and drug trafficking. it stems from under drug investigation involving many people. the closing arguments started hours ago. tony sera told the court that prosecutors have not proven the allegation. the powerball jackpot is worth $400 million. one of the biggest. no one won the saturday night drawing and the next one is coming up wednesday. you will have to match up six to take home the grand prize which works out to a cash value of about $244 million after taxes. could you deal with 244 more million, frank? the last time there was a pot this big was way back in may of 2013. that's when an 84-year-old
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woman from florida won. your chances of winning 1 in 300 million but you know what they say ... >> you can always dream. you can't win if you don't buy one. >> i will get tickets. >> are you really. >> yes. >> do you pick your numbers. >> i let the machine do it. >> if you were to win what would you buy? >> shoes. lots and lots of shoes. >> i'm kidding. a little bit. maybe one or two pairs. coming up. president obama is tackling gun control without congress. the new rules that could be put in place by executive order and why the president says he needs congress to pass gun control. trading in china halted for the first time. a big selloff in the u.s. we will ask our financial expert what is going on the stock market. i expect you would advise me not to buy a lot of shoes if i win the lottery. the 4 on 2 will be right back.
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president obama action curbing gun violence. speaking to loretta lynch and james qualmy, says he will take executive action to tighten the gun control laws. didn't get specific how but a few hours later the justice department issued new guidelines that require background checks for guns purchased from dealers even if they are bought online or at a gun show. president obama also said that
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the recommendations that his team is making will uphold 2nd amendment rights to own a weapon but he adds that action needed to prevent gun related violence like what we saw at sandy hook elementary school and san bernardino. it is my strong belief to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act. what i ask my team to do is see what more we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling in to the wrong hands. the good news is that these are not only recommendations but are well within my legal authority. and the executive branch. but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people including gun owners believe in. we will be rolling out these
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initiatives, they will be making sure that people have a very clear understanding of what can make a difference and what we can do. president obama says his initiatives will be rolled out over the next several days. some gun owners aren't too happy about the idea. the president enacting new rules. people attending a gun show in southern california were buying up the weapons and ammunitions. there is talk that executive orders will show gun show loop holes. >> they will take guns away from law-abiding citizens and the criminals are going to still have guns so look at drugs, drugs are illegal. you know? >> we have to abide by laws. those that carry weapons conduct themselves and they can't take that right from us and i don't think it is fair. i think the laws are too extreme. now that gun show took place one month after 14 people killed in san bernardino. the couple behind the massacre
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got two assault styled weapons from a friend that purchased them illegally. it was not documented by a federally licensed firearms deal are required by california law. tension continues to increase between saudi arabia and iran. they have cut off contact with them and other nations are doing the same thing. >> reporter: more countries cutting ties with iran after protestors attack the saudi arabia embassy and severing the relations with the republic and severing ties with tehran. >> these are a projected violation of all charters and customs. condemned iranian statements in the internal and sovereign affairs of the saudi republic.
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47 people were executed. among them a gihadist critic of the saudi family. condemning his killing and the embassy. >> reporter: since saudi arabia sees its interest and survival in the continuation of tensions it has used this issue has an increase tension. it is urged to calm the tensions. the obama administration expressing broad concern over human rights issues in saudi arabia while calling for peace. white house advisor ben rose saying we would like to see the steps taken by saudi arabia and others in the region to reduce the tensions. there are also other major implications and not just oil
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prices. it could affect peace talks and the pilgrimage to mecca. all right. the statistics are indeed startling. hurricane katrina responsible for 118 deaths and it left millions homeless. ten years later the impact continues and a new study asserts the devastation is bigger and longer lasting than many people realize. joining us is dr. mark clemons, professor from the university of southern mississippi and the editor of the new book katrina ten years later, you don't want to create a false story so what is the full story? >> one is that people don't understand this was an area devastated larger than the united kingdom. the mortality rates were higher than reported especially if you take it out six months. >> a lot higher?
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>> probably double. >> really? >> yes. at least double. and there is an element of booster. i love that area. i want to see it prosper and some wanted to keep it down to say it wasn't that bad. and the other thing i think in rebuilding any area this is a hit by a catastrophe you need people from all parts of society, not the politics. you need to have all parts of the city and the community get involved. >> well let's talk about helping people rebuild. there is so many people that have not returned to their homes. >> right. >> what is the biggest factor and in prohibiting people from returning. >> there was uncertainty what to do early on and some areas again, there wasn't participation so some people are saying we should turn this
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community into a parkland. while actually the communities were strong in the area and some may have been poor but they had a strong sense of community. they already owned their own houses even though they are under water but they didn't have big mortgages. they could have come in on their own and put it back together. but if you are not allowed to come in and retrieve things and get rid of the mold and the stuff that needs to get rid of, it will take longer to come back. >> there were very poor districts inundated. >> right. >> and wealthy districts affected. was there a difference in terms of rebuilding an allocation of federal resources between the poor and the people that had money? >> i think there was. and again, it is very easy. i think at times to pick those politically well connected contractors. some call this disaster capitalism. there is sort of predatory companies that come in. i come from a background in
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construction so i can understand you want construction people at the table but you also want people from the local communities to be there and say we want to rebuild this. it may take awhile but we want our taken to come back. and people came in with sweat equity and local businesses put a lot of extra effort in. and you know i want to say just this being a different part of the country. i love san francisco and lived here for a while way back. we are grateful for the country and we had millions of volunteers come in the area and that made a tremendous difference. i want to say thank you. >> it is amazing how disasters bring out the best in people. what can we do if this happens again. >> to have a plan in case what to do if it happens. all parts of the country something can happen. >> sure. >> and to bring all parts of the community together at the table. >> i was just talking to my family the other day trying to figure out if there was a big
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earthquake what would we do right now if we were upstairs and we had trouble answering the question. that's right. >> and we need to figure it out. professor, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. going to tell you about a sharp decrease or drop or decrease overseas turning into a tumble on wall street. what happened? we are asking our expert to break it down for us. outside our doors at this hour, a few showers falling over portions of the bay area with storm number two on its way in. tracking the next system for you coming up. and right now a look at the san mateo bridge, the commute direction coming east on the left. you can see it is a little heavy at 440 and still not that bad. we'll be back with more in a
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moment. it was a really rough start to the new year on wall street. the first day of trading of 2016 saw a steep decline in large parts because after slow down in the chinese economy. a new report showed that manufacturing in china fell in the last month. analysts say investigators reacted to oil-rich saudi arabia and iran. the dow dropped 276 points. at one point it was over 400 points do you and the nasdaq lost 104 points and the s&p 500
4:45 pm
and down 31 points. richard del monte the founder of the group. what is going on. >> it started in china. three things happened that converged in one swoop. the first one was the institution, there was a drop in the chinese market in the summer and dropping ten points a day for multiple days and the chinese leaders say you institutions that have big amounts of stock in the market can't sell for six months. that's ending this week. so some people were like trying to get ahead of that saying if the market melts down because they try to come in and sell we want to get out early. at the same time they were trying to for the first time in the chinese market use circuit breakers that we have had for 30 years. if the market drops we will take a break and if it dropped five percent, they took a 15 minute pause and two minutes dropped another two percent and that's it circuit breaker we
4:46 pm
are shut down for the day. it might happen tomorrow same thing or tonight. it may happen. even with this drop in manufacturing going on in china, they still have incredible growth. it is over six percent. we only have 2 percent. if we had six percent growth we would be going crazy and the market tumbles. >> it is where you set your view points. a few years ago the chinese market was growing at 10% a year which was huge and it slowed down to 6.4 and people are getting their hand wringing but a massive gigantic increase. how does this affect us? will it hurt obviously china is one of our economic partners and they buy things from us. will this hurt how much they buy from us? >> i don't think it will have any impact at all. >> really? >> it is just part -- what is happening the chinese economy is adjusting to being a consumer driven one. there are adjustments and going
4:47 pm
through that process. >> i heard one analyst say it will be a turbulent year. it is not a blip. right now the halting on the china stock market was halted. if the declines continue are we looking at another rough day on wall street. >> there is an indication that asian markets are down. we will see what happens. it is hard to tell. >> for people that have stocks, what do you tell them? >> the main thing, frank, the best thing is that people just divorce themselves from emotion. emotion is the poison to success. whatever you feel like doing at the moment, what your gut is doing, do the opposite. when you are panicking and want to sell, you should be buying and when you are comfortable and the markets are euphoric, you should be cautious. richard appreciate you coming in. my pleasure. great to be here. buy when i want to sell and sell when i want to buy.
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it is like wearing a swimsuit when it is raining. i don't know if i could pull it off but we definitely need the rain gear over the next couple of days. >> yes, we want to keep it handy. the next system will roll through when we sleep. waking up with scattered showers and so it could be a messy morning drive but i will show you the future cast model on storm number two. we have lingering showers and steady showers, we will call that system number one, steady showers in the santa cruz mountains and picking up in and around areas of san francisco and maybe saucalitta and timberron. and a heavier rain tonight. here is a look to santa cruz. you can see north portion of
4:49 pm
the monterey bay getting a little bit of light rain. showing you storm number two and getting ready to move in as we get to the evening hours. it looks like nine or 10:00 when the showers will move ashore and moderate rain the coast line at 10:00. as we get to midnight and 10:00 sweeping across the bay and maybe heavy enough to wake you up and the winds picking you up. as we get to the overnight and the morning, take a look at 7:00 tomorrow when everybody is on the roadways and it will be wet but perhaps not much falling any longer. scattered showers expected. the rain and snow in the sierra at this point and tuesday looks to be a day very similar to today where we have mostly cloudy skies and the spotty showers out there. i will show you storm number three. this is wednesday morning. if this remains on track, this one looks like it could get us
4:50 pm
right during the day. right during the morning because notice wednesday morning, it looks wet out there. this could slow down a little bit and speed up. this is what we are looking at. we do break away to scattered showers for the second half of the afternoon. that will be storm number three. storm number two, half inch of rain. this is a stronger storm and the winds will be stronger as well. for the sierra we have a winter storm warning lasting through tuesday night and starting tonight. it looks like 10 to 20-inches for the higher elevations and snow levels coming down to 4500 feet at some point. if you do have traveling to do and this is your route, please expect the wintery conditions. temperatures mid-40s around the region and 57 at sfo and as we get to the overnight, the steady rain falling overnight and breaking away to scattered showers as we get to the morning hours. here is a look at the numbers expected by sunrise. not bad, mid-40s to mid-50s. wasn't that long ago we were in
4:51 pm
the upper 20s to start the morning. cold and the airmass has changed. tomorrow highs in the 50s. we have storm system number two coming and get a break and friday and saturday could see more on sunday. you could not have scripted a better beginning to the winter. thank you, rosemary. we want to check in with julie haener in the newsroom with some of the stories for the news at five. julie more on the shakeup in santa clara. who is the next 49ers coach. big names showing interest in the job. gout good news on a poor little animal abandoned on the side of the road. we do, a kitten that lived through a nightmare is recovering well on a rescue mountain on the peninsula. the person that heard him dyed
4:52 pm
him purple. the outpouring of love for this little kitty. coming up in a few minutes. so glad to see that kitten is doing better. stay with us, folks, we will be right back.
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time now to go to what is trending. one year since the death of espn sports anchor stuart scott and his daughters posted an emotional tweet from the espy awards. >> my father said when you diet does not mean you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you lived. why you lived. and the manner in which you lived. that just gets you there.
4:55 pm
>> uh-huh. >> it is a three minute video. his daughter is taylor and sidney honored their father by spreading his message. after the video and letter were posted # dear stuwart scott, others tweeted in. such a talented individual and way too early to die. the video was moving and you need to check it out. switching gears. a 4-year-old pomeranian dropped off at the sacramento spca, take a look. there was a tweet for harrison,aka prince harry. i adopted the little guy. harry has aloe pee ya like jiggy. if you haven't seen the show.
4:56 pm
dressed up in sweaters and carrying purses. >> it has hair on its head. >> i'm not certain how the condition works for a dog like that. but i think it is just that the skin is a little bit sensitive. >> okay. >> vandermike was drawn to the dog after the spca put out the picture and she drove up from la and scooped him up and i bet harrison will have a jeweled color. good for her. absolutely. anytime a dog is adopted out of a shelter, it is fantastic. a chair out of a ski lift comes tumbling off from a ski lift. we will tell you more about it when the 4 on 2 returns.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
there are serious safety returns at heavenly ski resort where a a chair fell off of a cable. nobody was riding on it at that time. but the accident caused a scare for the 65 people going up the mountain on the lift at the time. now this is video of a skier that posted on instagram. it happened at 11:00 yesterday morning on heavenly's north bowl lift. the decision was made to keep the lift turned off and members
5:00 pm
of the resort ski resort evacuated those 65 skiers from the chair lift by lowering each ones from the chairs using ropes and pullleys. no one was hurt during the accident. the north bowl lift is shut down as the resort investigates what happened. heavenly said the safety of its guest is the highest priority and promising a thorough investigation. want to go to frank and julie with the big shake up in the 49ers. one year and jim tomsula is done. the 49ers are looking for a new head coach. the team's ceo, jed york, talked about the floors -- failures and we are looking at possible replacements. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> the off season started in a familiar way for the 49ers. the team fired head coach jim tomsula after the first and only season in charge of the team. the 9ers


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