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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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right and pursuit of happiness. the rights were stripped in santa barbara and san bernardino and high schoolers in columbine. and from 1st graders in new town. first graders. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happen on
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the streets of chicago every day. a tearful president obama tells the nation enough is enough. signs executive orders for new gun control rooms. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm can keba arnold. president obama talked about gun control and assured that likes can be saved as gun laws are changed. carolyn has more on the gun laws. >> reporter: president obama says congress is not doing anything about passing new gun control so he will go it alone. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> wiping away tears as he recalled the recent mass shootings. president obama layed out his plans to beef up gun control measures. >> we are the only advanced country on earth that sees this kind of gun violence erupt with
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this frequency. >> it requires more gun sellers to do background checks on buyers and promoting gun safety technology and stepping up enforcement programs and expanding mental healthcare. >> for those in cox that blames mental illness for mass shootings as a way of avoiding action on guns, here is your chance to support these efforts and put your money where your mouth is. >> reporter: republicans say the u.s. doesn't need new laws instead president obama should focus on enforcing existing ones. federal criminal weapon convictions are down 2,000 percent since 2005. >> he is obsessed with burdening law-abiding citizens that will follow the law no matter what. >> the national rifle association calls this political posturing and says if these proposals were in place in the last few years, they would have done nothing to prevent the mass shootings that
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the president mentioned today. with these executive orders are we talking about background checks even if a neighbor is selling a gun to a neighbor. >> that is an exemption. a hobbyist, if i had a gun and wanted to sell it to you, no background check but deemed by the federal to be in the business of selling guns and firearms, then you would have to get a license and a background check for the buyer. >> are we expecting congressional challenges to the president's actions today? >> congress is already gearing up. they haven't said particular attacks but they said they would be looking at the justice department, if you come up with anything that we deem to be new law and circumvention of congress, they have said we will challenge that. it is republican control and making those threat. legally there could be challenges, in fact if the legal challenges get caught up in the courts, then these
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proposals may not take effect until after president obama leaves office. thank you caroline. a closer look to the people on stage with the president for today's announcement. mark barden announce the protest -- announced the president was one that lost his son. >> and another woman lost her husband in june. and richard martinez was an advocate of gun control for a group called every gun for gun safety after his son michael martinez was killed in 2014 in the shootings in santa barber. it claimed the life of five others. >> and lucy mcbath, in 2012 her
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20-year-old son jordan davis was shot to death sitting in a car in florida after he and his friends got into an argument about the volume of the music in the car. four others stood on the stage. >> personally related to victims of gun violence including two women that were survivors of shootings. it is not surprising the national rifle association is not pleased with this. >> chris cox released a statement saying the proposed executive acts are ripe for abuse by the obama administration which has made no secret of its contempt for the second amendment. the nra will continue to fight the individual right to keep and bare arms as guaranteed under our constitution. meantime the f.b.i. asked for the public's health in its investigation into the san bernardino attack that kill 14 people on december 2nd. investigators are looking for information on what the two shooters were doing during an 18 minute gap in the time line between the attack at the
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inland regional center and the shootout with police where both attackers were killed. that timeline gap occurred between 12:59 p.m. and 1:17 p.m. authorities say that all of the other movements of the two killers have been determined. the second round of rain and wind is moving out of the bay area. but problems are cropping up around the region. take a look at this three story home in sonoma county. that hill slide is slipping away and all that is holding it up is a pickup truck. >> a large pine tree came crashing down and landed on top of two cars parked below. luckily nobody hurt. arborists took the afternoon chopping the tree up. rain may have been a factor in a solo car crash that sent the driver to a hospital. crashed into a tree near capulla park way. fire crews extracted the driver
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from the car and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. along with the weather can speed may have played a role in the crash. let's get the latest on the current conditions and check in with rosemary in the weather center. one of those cases we talked about, verifying that soils are saturated at this point and storm number 3 is expected to bring flash flood concerns. more on that in a moment. let's take a look at the rainfall totals from the last 24 hours. quite a bit of rain from a half- inch to an inch in many spots like san rapheal picking up two inches and the mountains here reporting 3 and 8, one hundredths of an inch. 3 and 8 tenths in the last 24 hours for the santa cruz mountains. this next system will be another healthy dose and here is a look at storm tracker two. late in the day, we have convenient scattered showers begin to taper off and let's take a look where we may have a
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few showers. we will continue with the on and off showers. into the east bay shoreline we have maybe a little bit of light rain over alameda stretching in along i-80 through richmond and hercules and american canyon and further north to sonoma. again a flash flood watch now issued by the national weather service will begin late tonight in the overnight hours and continue into wednesday afternoon. that means the possibility of urban flooding and stream flooding for our small creeks and the possibility of debris flow. it is fairly widespread. i'll detail what this means and detail storm number three in a little bit. a gun battle in the middle of the day injured one woman a few blocks from city hall. on broadway right around the corner. ktvu christina rendon live with the latest.
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what do we know about this midday shooting. >> the weapon was found by officers about a block away. it turns out good samaritans tipped off police about something that didn't look right. and that led officers to the area where the gun was found. so that is a really good clue for investigators as they continue to search for the suspect. and just taking a look at the video. you can see this shooting happened on the 1300 block of broadway around 10:30 this morning. police say one of the watch commanders was driving by and witnessed an argument and witnessed the shooting between two men on the sidewalk. and unfortunately a woman was caught in the cross-fire. she was hit in her arm and the good news is that she is expected to survive. the man that was targeted also was hit and fled the area and we're told the suspect himself did lead officers on a chase for a block and they say it is possible he may have huged barta as the get away. investigators will look at the surveillance camera to gather
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more evidence. this comes from a block from oakland city hall and in a couple of hours councilmembers will be considering gun safety proposals in an effort to make the city safer. a coincidence of the timing of that shooting and the meeting today. what will the gun measures mean for the residents of oakland. >> it would mean it would be illegal for residents and officers to leave guns and ammunition unsecured in unattended vehicles and require gun owners to keep the firearms secured in a lockbox. another proposal would mean a complete band on the possession of any large capacity magazine clips. those are some of the safety measures expected to receive anonymous approval at the city council meeting. what do we know about the investigation? daylight yesterday and raining and less people were out but you would think somebody would have seen something with a watch commander. do we have any tips. >> i think they do but police are not letting us know.
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people heard gunshots and the shooting was caught on surveillance video and they have it in their possession but they are not sharing those details but hopefully they will get more answers in the coming days. >> >> the person took bart there are bart there are bart surveillance cameras. arrests with the suspicious fires in the east bay. and now we are learning about the man responsible and what he told us when ktvu henry lee spoke to him inside the county jail. rain in the forecast for the week. make sure you down load the ktvu weather app for the forecast and live radar where you live. you will find it in the apple app store. traffic is not too bad and the road is drying up on this
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afternoon. a walnut creek man is
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under arrest in a bizarre case involving members of his wedding party. 33-year-old josh van burke is accused of several arsons in antioch from october to december and accused of throwing molotov cocktails be longing to his friends and many served as grooms men. henry lee learned that the crimes happened after he and his wife began divorce proceedings. we have an interview with the
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suspect and we will have that at six. it is not just a convention, it is the convention for electronics and technology and formally kicks off tomorrow in las vegas. the show features new products and draws enthusiasts from around the world. joined by rich out of las vegas. i understand you have been covering this. every year there is some big new thing that everybody gravitates for. what is it this year? >> you know, so far we haven't seen one breakout product but as you said the show opens tomorrow that is a day later than in the past. we are seeing hints of things. the companies did have their press conferences to reveal their new stuff. not one big breakout product but we have seen coal -- cool stuff like this all electric
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car that looks cool and goes fast and has parts that could be used in other cars. the chassis and the battery could be used in suvs. and wearable technology is what is being talked about. we have the fitness wrist bands and apple watches to track our health and going to our clothing and wrist and things like that. we have seen a wearable sports bra that is tracking all of your moment. >> wait, wait, stop did you say a wearable sports bra? >> yes, a sports bra that has the stuff inside that can track what you are doing. we saw smart shoes and these are sneakers kind of like back to the future. they have the laces that close through your app on the phone and track your steps and calories and you can heat them. if you have cold feet like i
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did this morning when doing the live shots i could have turned on the heat in my smart shoes. >> and televisions are evolving. we went from the big screen to the flat screen to now there is a curve screen. anything new in television technology? >> i'm telling you, i saw, ken, this display from lg, an 18- inch flexible rollable display so it looked like a piece of paper but a clear display that you can roll up. although it is only 18-inches, the company said it could make tvs as big as 50-inches. no joke you may be taping your thin to the wall. and there is two buzz words. one is hdr. high dynamic range. your colors look better and brighter on a tv screen and the blacks look darker and richer. knit, the higher the knit rating on the tv, the brighter
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it is. so apparently we now need tvs 4k and ultrahigh def and lots of knit and hdr. can't wait to roll out my tv and stick it under my arm and take it home and tape it to the wall. thanks, rich. let's talk weather. standing waters on the highway and a car just stuck in the mud. a tough ride for commuters. this morning and thanks to the rain. it could be this same thing in the weather center with our meteorologist rosemary. it is just going to be one of those weeks. >> right. round three coming and it looks like it will hit the morning commute. >> again. >> could it be worse than this morning? >> similar and maybe a little bit worse. we will have the wind with us and we are talking about now saturated soils in place so we are looking at a flash flood watch. that's a beautiful view there. storm number two winding down. actually moved into the foothills and the sierra. we will go there in a moment and take a look at the snow levels. let's talk about the flash
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flood watch. flash flood watch. i should take that a little slower. starts tomorrow morning at four a.m. when we do expect the heaviest rain to arrive. that solid band of rain. it includes the bay area excluding san francisco. if we head to the north bay from the coast to the valley and our hills included on this and for portions of central and south bay, our bay side community through san jose and morganhill and the santa cruz mountains. that means the possibility of urban flooding and small flooding and it could take place especially early tomorrow morning and the first part of the afternoon. here is a look. you can see quite a change from earlier today during the noon show wide covered with rain. it is now tapered off and we may have scattered showers along 580 and maybe 880 through san leandro and hercules and
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san helena. let's go to the sierra. all of the rain in the foothills and you can see a lot of snow falling over the sierra with the snow right down to 5000 feet about blue canyon and i-80 in areas east of pollock pines. here is a look at the next system. offshore and expected again to roll in as we get into the overnight hours. let's take a look at this as we get through the next few hours. we continue to watch the -- just a few scattered showers in place. this is 4:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at that band of rain. lit move through but by 7:00 we are looking at continued rain. so again, a lot like we dealt with this morning. looking at this falling right along the morning tribe. as we get in the afternoon we are at 5:00 and scattered showers continuing over the bay area. so storm number three expected to bring perhaps another inch to two inches of rain, more for the hills and the winds gusting and very similar to this
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morning. the winter storm warning, the first one for today expiring tonight. another one will roll into place tomorrow morning and levels are expected down to 4,000 feet. by tomorrow afternoon. outside our doors right now temperatures in the 50s. 53 san francisco. as we get to the overnight hours again the rain picking up once again early and may wake you up. 47 degrees tomorrow in hay ward and 44 for concord and the afternoon a lot like today. maybe cooler but partly to mostly cloudy skies and lingering showers with the brunt of the system coming tomorrow morning. scattered showers in the forecast on thursday. we do get a break on friday. but the possibility of scattered showers coming back our way for the bay area weekend, yesterday looking at sunday and now looking at saturday and sunday. even with that break it will be soggy and wet. at least wet outside. >> friday looks like the best dayton dry. saturday and sunday looks like the first part of the day or
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the second half of the day we may get scattered showers. thank you, rosemary. we will take a quick break and come right back. stay with us.
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stocks on wall street closed after yesterday's lack luster start. that was due to weak economic data coming out of china which
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drove u.s. stocks down charge sharply. it drove nine points higher. the nasdaq lost ground and down 11. it was another down day on asian markets. china markets were up one tenth of a percent and continued trading in a narrow range and ended with a quarter percent lost. japan started a trading day with small gains and up three percent at the beginning and started to slip and finished the session with a loss of less than half a percent. all of the asian markets with losses and the largest hong kong that lost 2/3 of a percent. scientists at lawrence laboratory part of a team to discover new elements on a periodic table. elements 117 and 113 and 115 and 118 were confirmed late last week by the international university of pure and applied chemistry and classified as
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super heavy elements because the elements are so big. they can be created in a lab. so you might remember the elements, livermore yum discovered by the national lab 14 years ago. it was adopted in the periodic table of elements back in 2012 and, yes, it is named after the city of livermore. it has the symbol lb and scientists uncovered the elements when they crashed calcium ions. presidential hopeful bernie sanders making bold statements about banking. the risk he says, the nation's largest financial institutions pose to the american public coming up.
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american soldier has been killed during a gun battle in afghanistan. a u.s. military helicopter landed to rescue the wounded. but it was struck by mortar rounds and there are reports it is still on the ground. jennifer griffin has more on the dangerous situation for u.s. troops there. >> reporter: the situation in afghanistan remains dangerous. even though the u.s. combat mission is officially over. >> earlier u.s. service member was killed and two u.s. service members injured while they were in an assist mission in their
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counterparts in marja. we understand that the afghan forces were injured as well. u.s. special operation forces helping afghan troops as the taliban makes a push to retake the area. the fighting comes after the taliban claims responsibility for a deadly suicide attack near kabal international airport monday evening. there was an explosion and some basis which belongs to the international forces there. a recent pentagon reports finds attacks increased and a bombing that killed 6 american service members late last month. the december attack, the deadliest day for american service members in more than two years. more than 2300 u.s. troops have been killed since the invasion began in 2001. 9800 u.s. troops are set to remain in afghanistan through most of this year. this number is supposed to drop
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to 5500 by january. the u.s. general will ask for them to stay as long as possible. at the pentagon jennifer griffin fox news. you probably heard the phrase the cloud that seemingly intangible place that data is stored and made assessable from your tablet and smart phone and convenient and allows you access anywhere where you go but it has security challenges. on tuesday we are taking a closer look on cloud computing and security and joined by tim pendergast founder of evidence, a cloud computing security company. tim, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. we heard the term cloud, can you make it simple? what is the cloud and what is the biggest misconception when it comes to it? >> absolutely. people should think about the cloud as a place where data and resources and assets are stored for everything from organization to the device and technology that people use every day. and traditionally companies
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would have their data centers full of servers and network equipment and each company would duplicate that and the cloud is managed by large companies using these services where many individuals can take advantage of them without making a huge investment. >> the cloud taking the place of servers and the rooms filled with the equipment, literally just out there in cyberspace? >> yes, a place where large companies can make large investments like amazon or google and servers and infrastructure can sell it back to other companies that want to take advantage of things. >> you have the companies managing and they own the clouds and when it comes to me and you, every day people using it, we have our photos stored. what kind of protection and what should we be concerned with? >> first, you should know who you are doing business with, if you are going to have your photos stored on the cloud or your financial records take a good look that none of us want to read. the documentation for a service
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or you get a new photo sharing service and read their commitment to security. sometimes there will be none and other detailed security to protect your data. >> if hackers get into that cloud, it is out there, right? >> absolutely. we all don't think about it much but cloud computing has been around for a number of years. and everything from our payroll data and employee data as businesses to our personal data and our personal lives and social media content and photos. everything is in somebody's cloud or a shared cloud. >> wouldn't you say the companies have a share in this because if it gets out there it is bad press for them. >> absolutely. they want to keep you safe and that is how companies are differentiating. we have seen companies make documented commitment to consumers and organizations on what they will do to keep their
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data safe and why you should buy their service rather than a competitor. they are planning to win hearts and minds of consumers. >> an excellent point. 2016 the cloud has been around for a while. hackers are getting smarter and finding new ways to get information. from your standpoint companies are committed to keeping us safe. >> i think the progressive organizations are planning for security as part of the product now. it is no longer this practice that happens after they built a product and sell it to customers. part of the value they are selling you as a consumer and everybody is getting competitive how they spend their money and planning the budget. companies want you to be investing money in their products and feeling comfortable you are getting a good value and consumers are taking a good look at. >> know where your stuff is. absolutely. >> we have tim pendergast, the ceo of evidence. thanks for being here.
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>> thanks for having me. >> it is called operations cease fire. successful at reducing crime and one bay area city. now a new uptake in violence has prompt the community activist to call a summit with officials and police. this is to close any gaps in the public safety plan. more on that coming up. outside the doors, storm number two moving out and storm number three moving in. what you can expect with this next round of rain coming up. >> taking a look outside. interstate 680, heavy trying to get out of san jose.
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operation cease fire is a coordinated citywide effort to reduce crime in oakland. police work with social services to offer criminals a way out and protect the process. it has been working but an uptake in gun violence. we are taking four minutes during the four to take a deeper look to combat the violence in oakland and learn about the community groups. >> we are here with bruce make oakland better now. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about this make oakland better. what is this group's role with operation cease fire. >> we were one of several
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community groups who strongly advocate for returning operations cease fire to oakland back in 2011 and 2012. and monitored the startup in 2012 after we were impressed with the startups. >> tell us what operation cease fire is. what do you do? >> it involves several components. one is data analysis to find out who are the individuals in the community most likely to be affected as perpetrators by gun violence and secondly is opening lines of communication with those individuals and their affiliates to tell them that there are alternatives and to keep in close contact with individuals which is a shifting group. it changes regularly and then in the worst case scenario that
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is not too often to be prepared with serious law enforcement action for those that continue with violence and refuse to accept the social services. >> off of the top there, we talk about operation cease fire, it has been working and things are changing, a slight uptake in homicide in oakland. how do you qualify it was working and now that you are noticing a change? the numbers of raw data? >> i can tell you what we can monitor now and i can tell you what we would like to monitor. right now, sure, we look at the gun violence and your right, there is a slight uptake in the past year in the murder rate and some of the murders have been particularly horrible and dramatic and have caught the public's attention. there has been a serious decrease in the amount of assaults involving firearms which is part of the process. that's a positive. i think the decrease has been about 34%. bare in mind the fact that oakland didn't get to this level of violence overnight. this is a 40 or 50 year process that got us here and we won
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solve this overnight either. but if you look at the trends since the fall of 2012 when the strategy was started the trends were gun in 2012 we were at 89 and this year 85. we want to see the scaling of the process and the expansion of the process that will have dramatic effect. i think everybody involved wants to see that. >> the police department has gone through major reforms but it seems there is more community trust in the police department. they are wearing body cams and have new protocol on the streets. that is a good thing. on the other hand is the community involvement as well giving the police information on some of these crimes and you mentioned these groups that you are monitoring. oakland has this reputation like a completely lawless city
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not the case but there are some specific individuals out there and it may not be that many who are causing a lot of problems. is that correct? >> the number we have heard, the focus is on 250 individuals in a city of 400,000 plus. so you are right, it is a small number and it shifts a little bit and data analysis is a really important part of that. the people involved know who they need to focus on. >> so people that know those 250 people can be a big help in getting the crime level down. >> there are analysts part of the problem and they know who most of them are. that's right. >> like if you know something, say something, speak up. what about saturday a big summit and who will be there and the importance of it and what is going to be discussed? >> it is very important and follows up on an element of the opd just released plan which is to bring more community engagement to the process. we have been planning this for months. it is interesting mesh that way. we are going to be holding it
4:43 pm
at lake shore avenue baptist church. the chief will be there and captain joiner that is very much involved in the process will be there. the director of the human services department who is heavily involved in the services part and the manager she works with, sarah bedford and peter kim will be there. the most active community group is oakland community organizations and one of their representatives reverend danitta howard. there's outside consultant that helps. >> what will happen saturday, what good will come out of saturday? >> we will have a public discussion and public commitments about the future holds for the improvement of what is already a good strategy to a better strategy that will bring us a safe city like no one has imagined. can any oakland resident
4:44 pm
come. >> everybody is welcome and i will be moderating and asking questions and we invite the public. >> and anybody that complains that lives in oakland about crime this is your chance to go and find out what can be done about it. >> this saturday at 2:00 at 3534 lake shore avenue. you saw that slide up a few minutes ago. the snow is coming down in the sierra. mammoth ski resort sent us this video of the conditions on the mountain there in the central sierra. you can see the powder is coming on down. and let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary orozco. snow in the area and more to come. >> you are right. not a bad time to be out. partly sunny skies and i'm seeing some pictures on social media where rainbows are out and giving you a live look to the east bay. martinez you can see mostly cloudy skies and a little bit of blue there and we can see a little bit of sunshine as we get into the next half hour or so. we will begin to see the
4:45 pm
sunset. looking at the rain falling light showers in and around the bay area getting in closer. you can see most of the freeways at this point. no rain falling and we are with damp roadways and nothing coming from the sky. a few light showers reported here and over portions of the east bay as well. as we get through the evening hours, we will continue to see this sort of just winding down as storm number three moves in early tomorrow morning. here is a live look at the sierra where all of that rain and now snow bringing it on over that area. and we will continue as we get to the evening hours with the winter storm warning for the sierra lasting until 10:00. another one is definitely slated for tomorrow. there is storm number two on its way out and storm number three for you. and it looks like it will come just in time for the morning drive. with saturated soils in place. the national weather service has decided it will issue a
4:46 pm
flash flood watch, it begins tomorrow morning at 4:00. when the heavy steady band etch rain is expected to move ashore and it will last all the way to the afternoon hours. it includes most of the bay area. if you go to the north bay, from the coast into the valleys and our hills and the central and south bay it's for the bay side communities in the south bay. santa cruz mountains included and the one area excluded is right here in san francisco. notice that different shade of green there. that's actually a coastal flood advisory and that will start at 4:00 in the morning and go to 10:00 in the morning. for the low-lying areas you could experience coastal flooding. here is a look at the future cast models. on and off spotty showers and not a big deal. there it is. the next round of rain at 4:00 a.m. stopping for you at 7:00 a.m. notice perhaps not as heavy but still steady and still widespread. the morning drive is expected to get hit hard once again with rain and wind. as we get to nine or 10:00 tapering off and stopping for
4:47 pm
you here at 11:00. notice the scattered showers and those scattered showers will continue for the course of the entire afternoon. as far as rainfall amounts just as much as storm number two, two inches for our urban area and two or three possibly for our hills. temperatures outside right now under mostly cloudy skies in the 50s as we start tomorrow morning with the moderate rain and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and in the afternoon a lot like where we have been in the 50s and slightly cooler for tomorrow than today. there's the extended forecast so round three coming in tomorrow. scattered showers on thursday. get a break on friday. with the chance of scattered showers actually moving back in the bay area on saturday. yesterday, it looked like we may get a break on saturday and those showers would move in on sunday but the new models bringing us a possibility of rain on saturday as well. ruining the weekend. for some. we are not complaining. we are not complaining. >> no, we need the rain. that's, rosemary. >> you got it. let's check in with the
4:48 pm
newsroom and the stories we are working on for fox news at 5. frank, we were talking about the rain is great news for everyone. >> careful what you wish for, after four years of rain the drought is great but rain can lead to problems like what is happening to this house. this house is in danger of sliding down the hill and that unfortunately could lead to more danger. and frank, a dangerous scary situation for someone just out. she was minding her own business. i know. the total disregard for life here is sometimes mind boggling. two men get into an argument in downtown oakland, you can guess what happened. one pulled out a gun and the next thing you know an innocent bystander, a woman in the neighborhood was shot and wounded. you have to wonder what is it going to take to get people to stop shooting at each other. frank, we will see you coming up at five. thank you. we got you on camera yesterday ... >> the confrontation caught on
4:49 pm
video as a starbucks customers accuses of barista of stealing her credit card information. the surprising reaction from that employee when the 4 on 2
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
returns. time to look at stories on social media. a starbucks customers and the barista. >> the customer says the employee stole her information. take a look. >> i came here to get coffee not to get robbed. >> this is video posted by brian espinosa. you see elizabeth confronting the woman and sarah says that barista took longer than usual
4:52 pm
to return the credit card. >> she learned that her card was compromised and she found out the barista was behind the fraud. >> we got you on camera yesterday for $212 and know that cops are coming up here and recorded everything. you took a copy of my credit card. you know what you did. >> i'm sorry that i took money from you and your kids. i'm sorry that you had to come up here and inconvenient for her. >> the 19-year-old barista admitted she did it and apologized. the barista wrote down the card number after she was going to get a receipt paper. starbucks has confirmed that she no longer works for them. >> i can't believe that. she is like i'm sorry. >> $212 racked up at ralph's. >> we see sometimes videos of teachers connecting with students. >> you may have seen this. this popular teacher dancing
4:53 pm
with some of the students, check it out. >> he has the moves. >> he does. >> that is ron clark. the cofounder of clark academy in atlanta. and features this with 7 of his features going can't you do it like me by a hiphop artist bill dillo. >> it has been viewed more than 3 million times. clark hopes that it will inspire teachers to have stronger bonds. american idol. kanye wes auditioning has been released. here it is. >> tell us your name and where you are from. >> kanye from the south side of
4:54 pm
chicago. >> i feel love. >> kanye performs gold digger in a surprise audition for the show's final season. the appearance is recorded in the fall with kanye's wife and then very pregnant kim kardashian waiting outside with ryan seacrest. >> he says he always wanted to rap and no one believed him and they gave him a golden ticket to hollywood. >> the final season premiers at 8:00 with a two hour episode and you can catch it on ktvu. i like the failures, the people that don't get in. >> the people that wait in lines for hours. >> and they are horrible. that's my favorite part. >> i wonder if they will end it the same way as we have seen in the other seasons. >> i don't know. we will have to watch. >> bernie sanders gives a speech. laying out his plan to take down the biggest banks in the country. the reason those financial
4:55 pm
institutions need to be broken
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
up into pieces. bernie sanders taking on wall street and promising to break up the biggest banks in the first year of becoming president. >> he promised the supporters in new york if wall street doesn't end its greed he will end it for them. >> within the first 100 days of my administration i will
4:58 pm
require the secretary of the treasury department to establish a too big to fail list of commercial banks and shadow banks and insurance companies whose failure would pose a catastrophic risk to the u.s. economy without a taxpayer bailout within one year. my administration will break these institutions up so that they no longer pose, no longer pose a grave threat to the economy. sanders sweeping financial plan includes capping atm fees at two dollars and interest rates on consumer loans at 15%. his plans for new legislation to separate commercial banking and investment banking and insurance services. sanders wants to turn credit agencies to nonprofits and band bankers from serving on the board of the federal reserve. time now to switch over to the 5:00 show with frank and
4:59 pm
julie. frank, a little too much rain causing problems. >> two storms have moved through and more rain on the way this week. >> we are seeing the power of the el niƱo storms as one home gets ready to slide. we spend the day following crews making sure that other homes and businesses don't end up under water. ktvu fox news at five starts now. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville the bay area got hit with more rain that began before darn and tapered off to showers. this was al ma dea. rain and slick roads may have caused this driver to crash into a tree on solonna avenue. the mon was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the highway patrol says it is easy to hydroplane on wet roads so drivers need to slow down. >> the best thing to do is
5:00 pm
don't freak out but take your foot slowly off the accelerator and don't make any sudden movements and let your car's speed reduce naturally until you get the traction back. the chp was out in force and across the bay area. officers say if you are in a crash and no one is injured, pull off to the side of the freeway and exchange information with the other driver. let's go to bill martin, our chief meteorologist. is there a concern with flooding. >> a flash flood watch that goes into effect throughout the early part of tomorrow because of the rain today. the ground saturated especially in the north bay with some areas getting over two inches of rain like san rapheal. 3.2-inches of rain there in the last 24 hours and san francisco 1.2-inches and san jose an inch of rain. so the ground is wet and system number three rolls in here. it has the same timing


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