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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. heavy rain and strong winds from this storm they are causing damage around the bay area this morning. we will tell you how much longer a downed tree will be blocking the variety in san francisco. and we are live in san jose where this wet weather has caused accidents and part of a tree falling on a popular south bay freeway. that's coming up in a live report. 7:00 hour. dave clark is next to me. your 7:00 hour starts with a live look at our stormtracker radar. the strongest of the three systems expected coming to california, hitting the bay area right now. an awful lot of green, even red and yellow on the radar. we are going to turn to steve
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paulson, who is tracking the storms. >> yes, we are, intently, because there is a lot going on. thank you, gasia and dave. we had a line go through that gave lightning, thunder, cazadero another line on san francisco, san mateo, highway 1. khloe in clearlake, buckets of lane coming down in clearlake. not rain. not drizzle. buckets in caps. so speaking of, let's go right there. clearlake you can see sometimes radar does not do justice, lake port also minor flooding as well. cobb mountain, hidden valley lake, middletown as well. some of the higher elevations might be getting some snow here. standing water and overflowing waters through cotati. things have calmed down. there is more to go. the first round went through. it's pushing off to the valley.
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here comes the second from marin county, san francisco southward. there are lightning strikes being observed there. looks like around half moon bay one. santa cruz mountains, socal right there. there is more to the west-southwest of them. they are not done wet. look at the rain to tiburon. we have had some heavy rain. mill valley as well. sar raffle embedded within that some thunderstorms. napa had a thunderstorm earlier as well. looks like there is a line there and pretty good rain now from windsor back to guerneville. oxidant. this system continues to send in waves or bands through the day. colder air and wind with this system. rain and wind. colder, showers. thunderstorms and brief heavy rain. 40s and 50s on the temps.
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urban and small stream flood advisories santa clara county. all right. and i want to get in, you and i watched air delays. they are expected at san francisco airport. could be three hours or more. likely maybe your flight won't be that much. check with your carrier. that's according to the faa. they put out a list in san francisco. today is at the top. let's take a look at the commute. traffic moving along slowly on 80 westbound at this hour of the morning. stacked up like that to the macarthur maze. a lot of it is standing water. westbound on 80, 43-minute drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. traffic is going to be slow this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is normally 30-35 minutes. we are looking at a bunch of slowdowns on 880 heading south. you heard janine talking about
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north 880. what we have had a lot of is solo spin outs. that means that the driver was probably going too fast for the conditions. so slow it down, even if you see a wide open stretch of roadway, you don't want to be hydroplaning and lose control. that has happened at least 50 times this morning. 7:04. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. now back to the breaking news we have been following for about 90 minutes now. >> a downed tree in san francisco is blocking mission street between 4th and 5th. alex savidge is there. i know they just finished chopping up that tree. there are other problems, right? >> reporter: there are, yes. we need to speak about this tree. it has been cleared up. the hard working crews from san francisco's department of public works made quick work of this ficus tree. this is what is left of it right here. you see some crews moving in it to try to get this stump out of the way as well. meantime, the other issue we still have, even though the tree
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has been cleared from the roadway, as we tilt up here and show you, those are muni workers and they are still working right now to try to repair one of the damaged muni lines. those overhead electrical lines that the trolleys run on through this area. obviously, no trolleys able to come through here this morning until they guess that line repaired the it's all because a huge tree cape toppling down during this morning's storm. and this was the scene shortly after 5:00 after this tree came crashing down because of the high winds and the heavy rain that we saw moving through this area. we had the workers out here. they fired up the chainsaws. they got the wood chippers going as well. and they chopped this tree up into small pieces and got it out of the way pretty fast. as the tree came down, again it brought down those muni lines. so now we have a situation
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where muni workers need to make sure the lines are properly aligned. it sounds like they were hoping to have this work wrapped up here sometime within the next hour or so. muni does not want to give an exact time when they may be able to get the trolleys coming back through here. this is impacting the 14 line. but i am told by a muni representative that they are simply running buses around this area, around this road closure. again this is mission between 4th and 5th that is shut down traffic and also blocking that muni line. if we can push in over here a little bit, i want to show you guy, i know it's loud so forgive me, but when we talk about the reason a tree likes this topples down, we have had a few storms in a few days. you see how saturated that soil is. you get strong wind gusts through the area, the soil is so moist and a tree like this comes crashing down. >> all right. alex savidge in francisco.
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glad no one was hurt. we will talk to you later. a similar problem in the south bay. tree barges in the road. a car ended up hinting that. janine del vega della vega. >> reporter: yes. cal advance just arrived here to the season. this is where a tree branch fell onto the two northbound lanes. it's quite a bit of debris. chip, my photographer, if you can pan up to this where this actually broke off from the tree. so a dangerous situation. there is actually a car in the discontinues there. we were told it was a female driver. i guess she hit some of the branches and she was the one that called 911. she is no longer in that car. we heard she ended up getting a ride and she is on her way to work. this is creating quite can a bit of backup on northbound 880 because caltrans again just
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arrived here on the scene. it's moving very slowly here in the northbound lanes. but if there is any way that you can avoid getting onto northbound 880, that would really help and improve the commute because this is going to be here for quite a while. i do want to show you some video that we took earlier of the solo spin outs that have been happening through the morning. it stopped raining right now, but the rain started about 3 a.m. the accident that you're looking at is from northbound 87 and kiterner. that woman hydroplaned. in injuries. that's been happening a lot when we have been monitoring the chp page. i also want to show you some video that we took earlier as well of caltrans that we're checking the pump systems. when the rain was coming down earlier they wanted to make sure that everything was running properly because they know this week that we have storms. back out here live i want to show you, this is going to be
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some slow progress here. a tow truck also just arrived for that car. we will stay out to see just how long of an estimated time they are gonna be out here cleaning u but right now it's still a mess. >> all right. janine della vega. it's ranging across the state. the several inches of rain fell in san diego yesterday and caused serious flooding. some of the streets and some of the parking garage were underwater. some drivers were trapped in their cars after trying to drive through standing water. >> there are dangerous road conditions in the sierra as well. a winter storm advisory in effect in a few hours here. snow could fall as low as 4,000 feet with many areas seen a foot and a half of new snow. another two feet of snow is still on the way. chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50 through the sierra. time now 7:09. californians are buying flood
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insurance in record numbers preparing for what is predicted to be a wet winter because of el nino. long time residents you remember the damage caused by two big el nino storms in 1982 and 1997. fema says since august, 28,000 californians have purchased new flood insurance policies under a special federal program preparing for this year's possible el nino. fema administers the flood insurance program by working with more than 80 private insurance companies to offer coverage to homeowners, renters, and business owners. if you are interested in the coverage you should know you cannot buy it at the last minute. it takes 30 days for a new policy to take effect. most standard homeowners policies don't cover flood damage. flood insurance covers floods along with damage from mud flows, but the insurance does not cover damage from landslides and other movements of the earth. make sure you stay right here with ktvu for all of europe to
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the minute weather information and when you're on the go the ktvu weather app is really valuable. it has live radar watches and warnings and also your local forecast. new this morning an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council is set for about an hour from right now on north korea's claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. north korea called the test an act of self-defense against foreign threats. hydrogen bombs are typically more powerful than a nuclear bomb. some experts are doubting north korea's statements saying the explosion was smaller than even what a failed explosion would make. south korea and japan condemned the test and so did the u.s. ambassador to japan. >> i understand that japan and our partners and allies, the north korea provocation, we will work closely together in the coming days. >> while hydrogen bombs are powerful, they are small enough to be placed on a missile.
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a successful test would put north korea on path to being able to strike even the united states. time is 7:11. republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio is criticizing both president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton after that report of the north korean nuclear test. senator rubio says this is the latest example of the failed obama-clinton policy and says he has been warning through his campaign that north korea is run by a, quote, lunatic who has been expanding his nuclear arsenal while president obama has stood by. we will have more on the presidential candidates and the 2016 race for the white house in just a couple of minutes. time is 7:12. federal agents investigating last month's mass shooting in san bernardino want to know what the shooters were doing in the 18 minutes after they killed 14 people. so far no one has been able to account for the whereabouts of
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the should thers between 12:59 and 1:17 in the afternoon on december 2nd. the fbi wants to know about any businesses, any homes or people they may have contacted. at the same time the fbi says there is still no evidence the attack was coordinated from overseas. time is 7:13. one of the biggest jackpots in powerball history. we will break down the numbers and tell you what you could buy if you end up winning. first, a superior court decision allowed san francisco police officers who exchanged racist text messages it to avoid discipline. now the city attorney is appealing. why he says upholding the ruling could jeopardize the ability to prosecute police misconduct. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be okay on some freeways and very slow on others. we will break it down for you straight ahead. well, one line after another coming through and that does produce some lightning and thunder and it looks like there
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will be more today. it's an angry sky today. very angry.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". time now just about 7:16. new developments in a child pornography investigation in petaluma. detectives want you to see this photo of an unidentified man who has dark hair and glasses. they say this man may be linked to an international child pornography case which led to the arrest of a petaluma woman in november. 42-year-old tanya hopper is still in custody at the sonoma county jail. she is being held on $600,000 bond. police say miss hopper committed an illegal sex act against a developmentally disabled adult. city attorney dennis herrera is appealing a superior court decision that allows police
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officers who exchange racist text messages it to keep their jobs. they contain racist and anti- gay remarks. the city attorney claims the court misintercepted the one-year statute of limitations set by the peace officer bill of rights. he said the police department was involved in a criminal investigation related to the text and had to wait until the conclusion of that investigation. our time is 7:17. there are reports san francisco's biggest cab company plans to file for bankruptcy as early as members month according to the san francisco examiner. the yellow cab co-op told the paper ridesharing companies including lyft and uber are luring away some of its best drivers. yellow cab says a growing number of lawsuits from traffic collisions are also costing it money. yellow cab says its regular taxi operations won't be effected
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and it has no plans to shut down if it can successfully restructure. 7:17. many people walk into bakeries, get a baker's dozen of doan it's. in new york city, that's true. even when the doughnuts cost $100 each. you are looking at a $100 doll nut. they are covered in 24-carat gold. the creator says they are works of art and that new yorkers have been buying them by the dozen. >> wow. >> my favorite shop of bakers dozen is $9. sal castaneda, i am a chocolate old-fashioned kind of girl. would you like one $100 doughnut for mine? >> yours. i don't know. even if i won the powerball, it's just weird.
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a $100 doughnut? come on. a $100 bottle of champagne, now we're talking about. let's look at the commute. the traffic is going to be slow in many areas. in some ways today's commute is a little better than yesterday because i think people have already kind of mentally gotten used to driving slower and spacing out the commute. the san mateo bridge is slow. it's moderately heavy over to the peninsula. when you get over there highway 101 at 92 is slow. we are also looking at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 to 30 minutes before you make it onto the spin. there have been a lot of slow low spin-out accidents. people going slower, that means you can't drive too fast for the conditions. we have had fewer solo spin-out type accidents. now more like a normal commute. 7:19. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. here comes another round of rain. the most intense was an hour or
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two ago. numerous reports of lightning, thunder all the way from the russian river, napa towards last gaddis, there was heavy rain. here comes another band that's moving through. kind of like spokes in a wheel. antonio pouring buckets here. i have heard that many times this morning. daly city 1.18 inches of rain. that's about what i have seen here. p town pans .97 petaluma this morning. it's about an inch of rain for everybody. a few isolated areas more than that. there has been very heavy steady rain in lake county from lake port over to clearlake. it looks like things are lightning up a little bit in mendocino county. but there is plenty of rain in there. there is a line forming. right there a lightning strike around casadaro to month rio. between windsor and healdsburg,
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santa rosa looks like there is very heavy rain there. that extends, lightens up in the last few frames. still some moderate to heavy rain around american canyon and southward along interstate 80. hercules, rodeo, martinez, crockett, venisha, richmond, berkeley, emeryville and back over into marin county. a slow mover. so from marin county to san francisco you can see some of that rain picking up again. the intensity. you see the orange. that's heavier. the peninsula has had numerous bands go through. one right now redwood city, san mateo, up to millbrae, burling tame, sfo and then over the san mateo bridge and then over to the east bay now. you can see walnut creek waiting along with the clayton, danville, black hack, concord, lorinda and mar ago a from berkeley and the caldecott tunnel back over to san jose,
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saratoga, los gatos, sunnyvale, mountain view los altos. santa cruz mountains, capitola, highway 17 has to be touch. within that you can get some isolated thundershower activity. maybe some hail reports. heavy rain. it will let up. heavy rain. there is colder air with this system. lowering snow levels. the temps in the 40s. yesterday the low-to-mid 50s. 5 degrees cooler. the wind was going bonkers. it's going to be blustery, rainy, cold day. and embedded within that thunderstorms. rain and wind. kind of a broad brush here. it's cooler. there will be scattered showers. some of those will produce heavy rain and within that you can get thunderstorms. 40 some of the higher evacuations. 50s for others. hunker down and enjoy. take it slow. one more system on saturday. then maybe a little bit of a break. >> you called it, man.
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>> thank you, steve. >> a big one. >> thank you. time now 7:22. treating kids with chronic pain is very challenging. we will tell you about a new study showing you a possible safe and effective plan. next, what a smart bra promises to do for women's health.
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welcome back. 7:25. the 2016 consumer electronics show opens today in vegas. 300,000 tech fans expected to
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come and see all the new gadgets. the virtual reality will make a big splash this year. i want that. experts say along with a lot of prototypes, there will be actual products hitting the market like the occulus headset. it will feature ultra high definition and oled television technologies and electric car models from volkswagen and chevy are set to debut. one of the items unveiled is a smart refrigerator. it lets you shop from your refrigerator door. i am not kidding. samsung's family hub refrigerator has a touchscreen. it contains a mastercard grocery app. users can put items in their virtual shopping cart and pay for them through the app and then the store will deliver the groceries to your door. there is no word on how much this smart refrigerator will cost. it's expected to be available
7:27 am
in the springtime. a san francisco company is introducing wearable technology designed for women at the consumer electronics show. it tracks fitness activity through sensors sewn in a sports fra. information on heart rate and breathing rhythms is better because it comes from the body's core. it can go for ten workout sessions before it needs to be recharged. it's splash proof. you can work up a sweat out any ready. it sells for $150 each. let's the dream a little. what would you do if you won the $450 million powerball jack jackpot? back in a minute with what's on your wish list and exactly how much money that can buy. >> reporter: we are not hitting the jackpot when it comes to the commute this morning. the wind and rain certainly making for a slow commute. we will look at the east bay
7:28 am
commute. bridge commutes are going to be a little bit slower today because of wind and rain. you can see the san mateo bridge not really a good commute heading out to foster city. well, if you have been waiting for cold, rainy systems you hit the lotto because that's what we have. we will see if there is more coming in or if this is it.
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7:30. another live look at stormtracker radar. you see an awful lot of green. that means your drive to work or school or whenever is going to be very wet. >> take a look outside in the east bay. these are live pictures. we are in berkeley right now. look at all the traffic and look at all the wet roads. be careful. in two minutes, brian flores is out there in that area right now. he will show you the effects of the rain this morning. at 7:31 we will bring in steve paulson. very busy guy this morning. and the bulk of the rain is on the bulk of the commute? >> i didn't do this one time last january. >> that's right. because you had nothing. >> not a drop of rain in san francisco january 2015. well, my, how things have changed. it is raining buckets. i am getting reports all the way up to the north and the south. i mean, little thunderstorms. had numerous ones. s
7:32 am
oquel1.75. >> santa cruz mountains, san francisco an inch of rain. sfo almost an inch of rain. santa rosa close as well. rodeo .60. and raining buckets in gushville is what i'm hearing right now. clearlake, hidden valley lake, lake port heavy rain. things have lightened up a bit in mendocino county. this hasn't stopped. a couple of lightning strikes around bodega bay to the russian river area. radar doesn't do this justice a lot of sometimes. north to windsor and then down towards napa they had a thunderstorm in napa an hour and a half ago. american canyon getting pretty good rain. this moves that the east bay. hercules, richmond, berkry, emeryville, and lorinda. where is brian flores? he is in berkeley. i get he is wet. back in san francisco, south san francisco and another line, we
7:33 am
have had thunderstorms the san mateo coast. that's across the san mateo bridge where it looks like it's pouring. same for the dumbarton bridge and east bay. that's going to continue here. the south bay in the soup, as we say. there is no letup. 40s on the temps or 50s. cold, rainy, and more thunderstorms coming in. sal, anchors. back to the anchors. >> i will take it. thanks, steve. the roads are slick and we are seeing a lot of spin-outs this morning. >> brian flores with the wet continues there. >> reporter: yeah, you called it, guys. i am certainly wet this morning from our vantage point here along in berkeley right along eastshore freeway interstate 80 from university avenue. pretty heavy commute from the bay bridge all the way to pinole. but we have seen many solo spin-outs and minor accidents. chp and caltrans crews making quick work along the east bay
7:34 am
from earlier accidents and spin-outs. we heard of one along highway 24 in solano county, 80 westbound at green valley road a car got stuck in water by making a right turn. highway 4 southbound 680 along walnut creek and pleasant hill. also heavy traffic on the approach to highway 24. but keep in mind there are reports of high winds as well as the rain across the bay area bridges. i would say within the past 10 or 15 minutes the wind and rain has picked up from our vantage point. i can certainly feel it from my back, actually, because my back is really getting with the right now. but still remains heavy traffic out there. but so far really not too bad considering the amount of rain and wind out there this morning. but definitely keep it safe out there on the roads this morning. we are going to talk with chp in our next hour, get an update on how bad the conditions are this morning. guys, back to you. >> all right.
7:35 am
right now, brian, we are looking at slow traffic in many areas. early this morning we had a spate of solo spin-outs. people are driving too fast for the conditions. the list includes roadway flooding, standing water. but the general commute, and that's what we're doing here, giving you generalities, the bay bridge is generally the same as it normally would be. you are generally waiting 25 to 30 minutes. speeds are about the same. not quite as windy and not raining hard at the toll plaza. certainly has been raining off and on. the san mateo is slow across. on the maps, too, the traffic on the san mateo bridge slows out
7:36 am
to highway 101 in san mateo. it's an adventure from south city to the san francisco. 101 is slow from capital expressway into sunnyvale. 85 and 280 are slow. 880 slow from hayward to fremont. 580 is surprisingly light. 680 slow out of pleasanton. walnut creek, concord, westbound 4 slow to concord. slow it down. don't drive too fast for the conditions. we didn't get to mar inthis time. i will give you a complete report what's going on in the north bay. 7:36. back to the desk. >> you have your hands full? a home looks like it might collapse any time. the county has red tagged this three-story house. they are not letting anybody living in there. the home has lost part of a lower retaining wall.
7:37 am
>> it looks to us like the whole house is going to come down. now, i talked to the contractor who put the plastic out and he says that, no, that the house is pretty table. but from what we can see, it doesn't look like it. >> the neighbors are worried because if the home does collapse, there are houses right below. the monte rio district has seen several homes like this. make sure you stay right here with us, ktvu for europe to the minute weather information. and when you are on the go the ktvu weather app has live raped, watches and -- live radar, watches and warnings. police are investigating the discover are you of a man and woman found shot to death last night. police got a call before 7 p.m. to check on the man and woman. the caller said they locked themselves in the room in the apartment for a long period of time and didn't answer repeated phone calls. when police got there they found a man and woman had died from
7:38 am
gunshot wounds. police say the man was a 35-year-old from santa cruz and the 23-year-old woman was from outside the area. we expect more details from the police later today. san jose police have arrested three people in connection with a deadly stabbing on christmas day. two suspects jonathan gonzalez and luciano he is which vel were arrested december third. time now 7:38. a san francisco jury deliberating the fate of accused chinatown gang leader raymond chow. closing arguments ended yesterday. prosecutors say chow ordered the murders of two people and ran his organization as a racketeering enterprise trafficking drugs and stolen liquor. chow mein takes he's innocent. his lawyer argued the prosecution did not prove its case and that it was based on
7:39 am
the testimony of informants who were not trustworthy. well, a lot of people around the country, they are lining up to buy those powerball lottery jackpot ticket. >> that's right. even people who say they have not played before want to get in on the $450 million jackpot for tonight's drawing. alley, the reason the jackpot is so big because it's been weeks and weeks since anyone has won? >> reporter: that's right. the odds much winning this powerball jackpot aren't great. it's a tough game to win. you are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the jackpot. that's one in a million. odds of winning the jackpot 1 in 292 million. there is no powerball jackpot winner during the last drawing saturday. in fact, as we mentioned, there has been no winner for the last 17 drawings going back to november. people in 44 states, washington, d.c. and puerto rico are rushing to buy up tickets. the odds of getting the exact six number combination are low. if you guess a couple of the
7:40 am
numbers or. so numbers correctly, they can still win a prize. [ inaudible ] $424,000 for getting five of the six numbers correct. now, that's not $450 million, but it's a significant amount of money. but if you did win that jackpot, what could you buy with $450 million? we did a little research on this. according to nasa, the average cost to launch the space shuttle was $450 million permission. so you could maybe send your own rocket into space. you could fund a film. the budget for avatar was $425 million. or you could buy a sports franchise or two. according to forbes, san jose sharks are valued at $126 million and the most expensive u.s. pro soccer team the seattle sounders are worth $175 million. so we put the question to you on our ktvu facebook page. if you won that $450 million jackpot, what would you spend it on? i will have some of those answers coming up in the next
7:41 am
hour. >> very interesting. okay. allie rasmus. last night the oakland city council approved a series of gun measures. one makes it illegal to have large capacity magazines. another requires owners to store guns at home in a locked container or have them outfitted with a trigger lock. the national rifle association opposes the measures. we will be talking with the police chief on the nine about these changes. an innocent bystander was injured by a stray bullet from a shooting. a police officer says he saw two men in an argument on the sidewalk and one pulled out a gun and started shooting. a woman was hit by one of the bullets. police say both men ran from the scene. a gun was found a block away. we are hearing reaction now to president obama's big announcement of executive actions on gun control.
7:42 am
he became very emotional yesterday when he talked about why he wanted to try to curb gun violence in america. he was surrounded by family members of shooting victims. one of the president's proposals is to plug loopholes that allow purchases of weapons at gun shows and online without background checks. it's a loophole that experts say makes it possible for even convicted felons to easily buy a gun. >> if you are a purchaser, what you're hunting for at the gun show is the people who still don't make background checks. >> republican lawmakers and the republican presidential candidates call the president's executive actions an overreach of his power and an aac on second amendment rights. california supporters of senator ted cruz are celebrating a field poll shows cruz two points ahead of donald trump.
7:43 am
cruz has 25% support, 23% for trump. the organization says declining support for ben carson and carly fiorina has benefited the texas senator. with such a large field of candidates, california could make a difference in the nominating process. although voters here don't go to the polls until june. >> california has 172 delegates to the gop national convention. that's a lot. it's 14% of what's needed to be nominated. >> the candidate who wins california will get all of those delegates in his or her corner since ours is a win or take all state. the next debate is set for january 14 in south carolina. fox business news is hosting the debate. the top six candidates in the polls will be on stage for the main debate. hillary clinton is due back in the bay area this friday to raise money for other campaign. clinton has two events in san francisco friday afternoon. tickets start at $500, go up to $5,400. then friday evening there is a reception set for a home in
7:44 am
palo alto. 7:43. a luxury car with no mirrors. at 8:00, how this bmw manages to travel safely without them. up next an alternative way to relieve chronic pain in children. the new research calling acupuncture a safe and effective strategy. it is going to be slow out there. the bay bridge has been a pretty steady commute despite the wet weather and the rain. it is still backed up the normal time. we will take a look at this and other commutes when we come back. a rainy cold day with more thunderstorms likely. certainly as this colder air moves in, i mean it's a day where rainfall will be with us probably into tonight.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". time is 7:46. in today's health check a new study out. >> it promises major changes for dealing with pain without narcotics. pam cook back in the studio. this is particularly important for children dealing with chronic pain? >> reporter: yes. the new study looks at a very old practice. acupuncture. the study leader practices acupuncture in illinois. she looked at it as an alternative to drugs. in children specifically because they experience pain and treatment differently from adults. and because doctors and parents are looking for safer ways to treat pain without drugs. >> in this country we have a major problem with prescription
7:48 am
narcotics and pain medications, and this is magnified in kids. their bodies are growing. their livers aren't able to metabolize as well as adults. and so, wow, what a great idea to use something safe and effective like acupuncture. >> reporter: now, chron ig pain is doo find as any pain that lasts at least 12 weeks. the study finds that an estimated 20 to 30% of children and teenages suffer from chronic pain. you need to find an acupuncturist who is experienced and licensed. >> i wonder how far the study goes in sort of bringing acupuncture to the mainstream? >> well, yeah, it's very funny because i talk to a lot of people about what they call alternative medicine, which is interesting because it's been around longer. >> right, right. >> so it seems to be definitely
7:49 am
more generally accepted. sop of these what's considered alternative treatments. >> in the past ten years even, i think, it has come into -- pam, thank you. time is 7:48. sal, some back. take over the whole show because you have got lots to talk about in our horrible commute. > >> yeah. you know, obviously, there is a lot going on. i am going to hit the runs and errors because i want to start off with highway 24. yesterday was a bad commute. today we will we had solo spin-outs early. right now it's slow. the bright side to the slow traffic is the number of solo spin-outs from reduced from walnut creek to oakland. it is slow to the tunnel. we had a couple of earlier problems and what happens is the problems are out there then they move to the shoulder. but then the damage is done. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a 25 to 30-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. getting there on 80 is slow after highway 4 through berkeley and the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to take a look at the maps because we talked about 80.
7:50 am
i promised you a check of marin. southbound 101 from roland to central san rafael slow. 101 northbound from the airport is slow and southbound 280 is slow from 19th avenue to san bruno. the south bay is lit up with the red, all the slow traffic getting into the valleys. a lot of slow traffic because of the wet weather. the only bright spot is we are having fewer solo spin-outs in the last few hours. 7:50. steve. >> i can only do a small recap. let's get to it. snow falling. where? cobb mountain. two reports of that. 2800 feet. so this system has a lot more cold air with it. there is also reports of very heavy rain. we will take a look at that. san leandro, hayward, hey, there you go, clean that windshield wiper off. there is a lot of embedded heavy rain. jen at cisco summit starting to get back up here in the sierra.
7:51 am
bad is good there. jim says quick up state. snowing on cobb mountain in lake county. watch in the last few frames, there it is. starting to turn over. there has been some. looks like towards the geisers, northern part of lake county. some of that heavy rain from oakland, san lee and he row, hey regard, fremont, that's one. heading back over towards sunol and pleasanton. towards dublin, lafayette, marinda, la rog a, and walnut creek. and then from martinez, pacheco, crockett, concord and on its way towards bay point and points east like anitoch, oakley and brentwood. knocking on the door. santa clara county is take ago lot of the brunt of this. santa cruz, santa clara, palo alto, milpitas, rain there.
7:52 am
back in the santa cruz mountains which has gone on and on and on. they have some lightning strikes. numerous. we have had some in napa up in the russian river as well. look at that line moving in. san mateo, santa cruz coast looks to me like that's where the core of the jet is. 40s and 50s on the temps. this is a much colder system and look at all this that has to swing in. within that you could get heavy downpours and i think some hail. would not surprise me later. rain and wind. cooler and colder. showers. heaviest rain will be here in the morning, but we could easily get some in the afternoon. and thunderstorms could drop rain. i am probably too high on the forecasts. some areas in higher elevations will not get above 49 degrees. rain in the mix through thursday. looks like somewhat of a break friday. another system on saturday. and maybe beyond, to be honest with you. >> how you holding up? >> i am fine. i love it. >> all right. >> beats no rain. >> this is why you're here. >> exactly. >> thank you, steve.
7:53 am
concerns have hurt apple's stock value this morning. and next what the malaysia of oakland says about the raiders now that the team's owners filed those papers to move to los angeles. for the new mattress models! it's time to make room during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale... get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! plus, same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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7:55 am
oakland's mayor is not giving up on a new stadium for the raiders. monday raiders and rams submitted application toss move
7:56 am
to the l.a. area. they are meeting this week to evaluate the petitions. they may vote next week which team or teams will be allowed to move. the mayor says we remain confident the raiders can build a new stadium in oakland without a direct public subsidy. 7:56. janet jackson postponed her world concert tour because of a serious health problem. janet jackson announced the postponement last month. she had to have surgery. there are reports a growth was found on her vocal chords and she is going to be tested for possible throat cancer. when janet announced that postponement, she asked fans to pray for her during this difficult time. 7:56. an emergency meeting is called at the united nations after north korea claims it tested a hydrogen bomb. up next, the reaction of some
7:57 am
republicans, what they're saying about president obama this morning. good morning. am i on television here? this commute, man, this commute. i am just looking at my computer screen. its not a good one. i have bright news. i have a little bit of the optimistic side of this commute when we come back. ♪ great change comes from doing the rit thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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7:59 am
this is ktvu mornings on 2. coming up on 8:00. we will start you off with a live look at our stormtracker radar. the strongest of the three systems coming to california this week is hitting the bay area right now.
8:00 am
we are getting tweets, lots of messages. people saying it's pouring outside. >> no one knows that more than steve paulson who has been warning us for days now. strongest in terms of cold air, dynamics, wind. this one packed a pretty good bunch. in the last 24 hours, there have been 458 lightning strikes observed. how about that? no, i am not kidding. i wouldn't make that up. this is a cold, cold rain. this is like the old days we used to get that cold rain. this is cobb fisher. snow falling at the 2800 level on cobb. i believe it. i could see it all morning long. it's turning over. so, i mean, there is a lot -- there is some pockets where the rain just keeps going and going and going. i can't keep up on it. heavy rain san leandro, hayward. jenny told me, we are not getting heavy rain.
8:01 am
oops, now we are. fremont as well. take your pick. from oakland and lafayette, pleasant hill over to walnut creek and points east as well over towards concord, clayton and towards much of season solano, contra costa county, back over to interstate 80, hercules, rodeo heavy rain as well. this is really lit up here. that's big time. all the way back towards the south bay towards santa clara, sunnyvale, san jose, a little bit less on the peninsula. the right back into the santa cruz mountains which is getting a jab across and a jab. that's the best way i can describe it. within that thunderstorms. talk about cold air. 40s and 50s. brr. chill out there. put a wind behind that. if you can, just hunker down. all right. sal, you have another tree down? that's right. one of our viewers actually sent me a picture that i re-tweeted. it is going to be a tree down on
8:02 am
11th street between mission and market. what is causing the traffic jam, the slow traffic because of the wet weather. people should drive slower. but this morning it is going to be pretty slow out there. this is a look at highway 24 westbound as you drive towards the tunnel. the traffic is going to be slow. and you can see this is 87 in san jose. so from north bay to east bay to south bay we have slow traffic everywhere. i want to show you on the maps one of the slowest communities is northbound 17 up to northbound 880. this commute, because there was a downed tree that we've covered, we were covering it early, you saw janine talking about it, that too is gone, but the traffic on 17 and 880 is there and it's gonna be there the rest of the morning commute. also, the traffic on 85 to 80 and 101, jokingly i'm wondering if these silicno valley workers will be so upset by the commute, they will invent something to
8:03 am
bypass traffic. 2530 minutes to the bridge. we showed you highway 24 in the east bay. 680 slow from concord to danville. 8:03. back to the desk. >> thank you. just about an hour ago san francisco work crews removed that huge tree, the one that toppled down this morning on mission street between 4th and 5th. it was a ficus tree. it was a big one. it fell about 5:00 this morning in high winds and heavy rains. look at it. the city crews chopped up the tree. they carted it away as quickly as they could. but the fallen tree also knocked down muni power lines. so the workers had to make sure those power lines were working properly. the mta tells us bus service in that area is now back up and running. if you are heading up to the sierra, be prepared for dangerous road conditions. a winter storm advisory goes into effect in a few hours here. snow could fall as low as 4,000 feet.
8:04 am
you are seeing up to a foot and a half of new snow up to 2 feet of snow is on the way. chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50 through the sierra. here is a look at the snow falling right now at blue canyon. this is up at 5,000 feet. snow is also falling at lower elevations and more intense snow is expected through the day. that's great news for skiers and snowboarders and the businesses that rely on that. >> yeah, gasia. sal has been telling us our commute has been ugly, kind of messy out there. >> that's right. ktvu's janine de la vega has seen wind and rain cause problems in the south bay this morning. tell us where you are and are the tree branches still down behind you? >> reporter: we left that scene. they were just about to finish cleaning it up. so i believe it may be clear by now. but the backup there is huge. we have moved since then from northbound 880. now we are near 280 southbound
8:05 am
near moore park and saratoga avenue because we heard there was roadway flooding near the freeway. we can't get to it yet because we had to go and be live on the air. we want to show you video of that tree earlier. and this was taken in the last hour. you're looking at that part of that tree that fell in the slow lane of northbound 880 between the bass couple and alameda exits. there was a car that hit it and it did have to be towed. caltranss was out there in the past hour. they worked very quickly to try to clear all the debris and were working on getting the lanes open. we believe that it is open now, or it should be very soon. as i mentioned, that backup on northbound 17 and 880 was very long. so it still might be there. now, through the morning the chp has been responding to
8:06 am
accidents, most of them spin-outs that involved one vehicle like this one that we have video of earlier on northbound 87 near kirtner. now, we have run into caltrans crews who have been checking their pump systems through the morning to make sure that it's working properly to prevent flooding in the areas. that's something they are going to continue to do since we have this storm system for the next few days. as you mentioned, the reason why we moved up here to 280 near saratoga is because we heard there was some roadway flooding here. we haven't got to it just yet, but that's something that's happening with this rain falling. it had stopped for about between 6:30 to 7:30, and now it's coming down again. so at least right now a little bit unpredictable and something to keep in mind, you know, when you are driving this morning. watch out for any water that's ponding and make sure that you leave a good safe distance between the car in front of you just because you want to make sure that you'll have enough time to brake.
8:07 am
that's what is happening this morning with the accidents. >> janine, before you go, is wind a concern where you are standing now? >> you know, right now it is not too windy. but there was a high -- there is a high wind advisory for all the bridges. and a lot earlier in the morning we could definitely feel it pulling our live van when we were driving on the freeway. it seems as though the wind at least where we are here in san jose in west san jose it's died down. >> all right. janine, thank you. time now 8:07. southern california had an earthquake this morning. it was a magnitude 4.5 centered near banning in riverside county 85 miles east of los angeles. that one hit about 6:30 this morning. there is no word yet of any injuries or damage. right here with us at ktvu for all of europe to the minute weather information and when you have to be on the go, the ktvu weather app has live radar
8:08 am
watches and warnings and all of your local forecasts. time now 8:07. new this morning an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council is set for about an hour from now. it's about north korea's claims that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. north korea called the test an act of self-defense against foreign threats. hydrogen bombs, they typically are more powerful than a nuclear bomb. however, some experts are doubting north korea's statements, saying the explosion, it was smaller than even what a failed explosion would make. both south korea and japan condemned the test. so did the american ambassador to japan. >> our departments and allies in solidarity to the north korea provocation. we will work closely together in the coming days. >> now, while hydrogen bombs are powerful, they are small enough to be put on a missile. a successful test would put north korea on the path of being able to strike even the united
8:09 am
states. republican presidential candidate marco rubio is critical injuries you size the president obama and hillary clinton after a report of the north korean nuclear test. rubio says this is the latest example of the failed obama-clinton foreign policy. he has been warning through his campaign that north korea is run by a, quote, lunatic who has been expanding his nuclear arsenal while president obama has stood idly by. donald trump alsoing weighing in on this issue this morning. >> i think it's, you know, something i have been talking about for a long time. you have this madman who would probably use it and nobody talks to him. dennis rodman talked to him. that's about it. nobody is talking to him whatsoever. and nobody is discussing it with china. >> to be clear, it was a hydrogen bomb that north korea said it tested. trump went on to say he believe china has total control over north korea, so china should solve the problem. he said if china doesn't solve the problem the u.s. should,
8:10 am
quote, make trade difficult for china. the markets are reacting in part to the news from north korea. checking the dow, it is down by almost 200 points losing more than 1%. nasdaq and s&p down significantly. almost 1% on those indexes of course, we will continue to follow the markets and this story through "mornings on 2". time is 8:10. lawmakers again trying to repeal the affordable care act. also always obamacare. at 8:30, what else lawmakers want to remove from what the president is saying about it. and rumors swirling about a major makeover to your tweet. how many more characters you might be able to type when you are composing your tweets. that's coming up. and before you get out there and think that the world is lost, the commute is horrible, all you really needed to is a little extra time. in some cases, a lot of extra time. but the number of crashes has actually decreased in the last hour. we will tell you where it's still very slow coming up. lots of tweets that it's
8:11 am
pouring. pleasant hill and concord to name one of many, or two of many that we're seeing heavy rain right now. we will take a look at it on radar coming up. ?q announcer: for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale. for a limited time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and same-day delivery. why wait for the new models?
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♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2" 2. time is now 8:13. driving has been really difficult this morning with the slick roads and lots of spin-outs. >> sal is telling us twice as
8:14 am
many incidents today. brian flores live at chp headquarters in oakland with more information on how we can stay safe out there. brian. >> reporter: yeah, guys, good morning to you. it has been quite a tricky commute this morning. actually, for the past few days since the storm has rolled in. as we take a look from the chp headquarters in oakland the rain haslet up for now, but keep in mind the roads are still slick. talk more about the rain this morning and the conditions out there. sean wilkin feld, good morning to you. we are talking about how busy it is out there. you had an interesting statistic to tell us. how many calls have you gone on? >> since midnight 7:30 this morning chp officers have responded to 144 collisions. that's quite a bit. that's before the morning commute started. >> reporter: what's a typical day? >> that's about double our typical calls for service. that's normal for rain day. >> reporter: what are you seeing? spin-outs? accidents? the whole -- everything about that? >> yeah, a lot of what we call solo vehicle spin outs. you are driving too fast, you
8:15 am
lose traction, hydroplane, hit the center guide, you end up facing the wrong way. that causes a lot of traffic. that's a lot of the calls we are seeing this morning. we i know we talk about it in the media in terms of what you need to do to be prepared. you are seeing a lot more, you know, spin-outs, as we mentioned. minor accidents. what do drivers need know? it's going to be raining for the next few days. what do people need to know? >> absolutely. first things first, if it's not raining like now, the roadways are still wet. all this applies. even if there is not rain falling from the sky. we ask for people slow down. turn on your headlights. make sure you have tire tread and your tire pressure is good. but really the biggest thing is just to slow down. another good thing is increase your following distance. if you slam on your brakes in the rain, it takes you longer to stop. the biggest thing is please slow down. >> reporter: what do we tell people? we were talking last week in terms of ten or two or nine and three on the steering wheel? obviously, windy on the bridges
8:16 am
this morning. what's the rule there? >> you want to keep two hands on the wheel. if you are not paying attention or holding the phone in one hand, you will get in trouble. with the high winds, it can blow your vehicle suddenly. if one hand is on the wheel, that's where it's going to catch you off guard. the biggest thing is to pay attention. i have seen a lot of people on their phones this morning. that's not acceptable. it's bad enough to be driving while talking on your phone and texting on a normal day. >> reporter: how does the chp prepare? i know the morning commute was a mess. we also are expecting rain in the afternoon. do you have more officers, chp officers on the road to keep track of that? how do you staff fo that. >> it's all hands on deck. we are responding to calls and clearing the traffic lanes. >> reporter: all right, thanks a lot. be careful out there. stay safe. stay safe for you commuters at out there. we have a break in terms of the rain. right where we are here in oakland anyway. the rain is not going to be stopping the rest of the day. be prepared if you are heading
8:17 am
home this afternoon, the rain is going to keep coming for the next few days. >> brian, since you have sean there, can you ask him, so many times we are driving and see someone who is spun out, a minor accident. what rises to the occasion of something we should call 911 and report to the chp, especially when they are so busy on days like this? >> that's a good question. gasia was asking, we see so many spin-outs. what warrants a call to 911 for emergency service? >> well, if you are broken down in a lane of traffic, call 911. that's a life-threatening situation. the freeway is not a safe place to be. you don't want to be stopped on it. if you are stopped, your vehicle is disabled or somebody is facing the wrong way, there is no way they can get turned around without having us stop traffic. >> reporter: so should we call 911 for a minor traffic accident? >> if you are involved in a traffic accident and there is no injuries and you can move off the freeway, please do. clear the traffic lanes. it's going to be safer for everybody. if you can't get out of the lanes, definitely call 911. >> reporter: hopefully that
8:18 am
answered your question, gasia. busy through the morning and afternoon. back to you. >> brian flores live. thank you. fly work this morning, sal was ten times more harrowing yesterday. i was coming in on 580 and 9 and three and going 45 miles an hour. >> yeah. i was talking to someone on the phone this morning and i said, just watch out for people driving too fast. and she says, yep. some guy just drove by me at 70. >> yeah. >> really? really. all right. that's what happens. you heard the report by brian. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is going to be a little bit slower than usual and you should expect it. if you get out there expecting slow traffic, i don't think you are going to be disappointed. you are not going to be all of a sudden saying, why is it taking me so much longer. highway 24 slower today again. we don't have as many crashes on the way as we did yesterday. it seems as if all it takes is just a couple of days and people start getting used to driving
8:19 am
in the rain. out to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up for about a 25 to 30-minute delay. the biggest slowdown in the commute is northbound 17 merging onto northbound 880. an earlier tree down blocking lanes. the tree is gone but the traffic is slow in san jose. 85, 280 and 17, 101 are slow trying to get into that west valley. 880 is slow from hayward south down to fremont. 8:19. let's go to steve in the weather center. sal, thank you. let's get right to it. it is coming down for some. breaks for others. and low snow levels up in lake county. about four reports now of snow on cobb mountain. so this is a colder system. kelsey cox was right to the point. it's the pouring in concord. let's take a look at it. i believe it. right there. pacheco, pleasant hill, martinez, bay point, highway 4. yeah, i'd say that's pouring. mark in pleasant hill said, hey, steve, yes, it's pouring in
8:20 am
pleasant hill. dogs said no way we are going out. i have had many, many pictures of that, cats, dogs say are you nuts? there is the snow in cobb and parts of lake county right there. right there, steve. also very heavy rain, looks like it's letting up a little bit for some. still very steady. try to take a wide shot. you can see this is the bands that we are going to get. you get one. it pours. then lightens up a little bit. each one of these tracking right behind the other. and within those you can get more thunderstorms as well. pouring in richmond. one report i have had. sausalito, timer ron, san pablo, raffle rafael, concord, arind a again. also some spots around san jose, los gatos, into the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill to gilroy reports of heavy rain and scots valley. i mean, they had thunderstorms earlier. speaking of marin county, this can really add up fast when --
8:21 am
i know it doesn't look ominous. when you get the yellow in marin county or rushing river, that's what they have. then over towards the east bay again heading towards the altamont past towards livermore out to tracy and stockton. this is going to be a tough one. back up to napa, yountville and napa. yountville has had a lot of rain the last two days. that's the lines that are coming in. again right there. another one on its way. this is very cold air. the core of the jet stream seems to want to favor, these little jet streaks from the san mateo-santa cruz coast. look at that. this cold arrowtating within that. we get little systems within the system and if one of these goes over, that could give us thunderstorms. this is a can't miss. a slam dunk? is that right? i think, dave? chick hearn, slam dunk? >> that is a slam dunk. >> that's what we're going to have today. 40s on some of the temps.
8:22 am
it's noticeably colder. the wind has gone bonkers for some. it tails off and picks up again. gusts to 30 for some. we have a long bay to go before this moves through tonight into tomorrow. i think the afternoon community will be just a bear as well. rain and rind. it's cooler, colder. heaviest rain in the morning. some of these isolated thundershowers could produce some very brief heavy rain rain. so these waves that go through will be with us through thursday. i am mentioning somewhat of a break friday. another system on saturday. >> you know, we didn't talk much about flight delays. there are flight delays, too? >> i would assume there have to be some. sfo. a lot of these are short flights like l.a., san diego. >> light. >> not necessarily international. but it looks like sfo is two plus? >> yeah, three and a half earlier today. >> all right. 8:22. chipotle has been hit with a subpoena as part of a criminal
8:23 am
investigation into a norovirus outbreak over the summer. the case involves a norovirus outbreak at a chipotle in simi valley in august. the company has struggled since an e.coli outbreak was linked to the restaurants in october and november, and then a norovirus outbreak at a restaurant in boston in september. the restaurant was temporarily closed after dozens of customers and 18 employees reported symptoms of norovirus. chipolte says it doesn't talk about pending litigation, but that the company will cooperate with the investigation. time is 8:23. twitter may increase the number of characters you can tweet. the company says they may raise the character limit from 140 up to 10,000 characters. report says your twitter feed would look the same but a message could be expanded to see the extra text. time is 8:23.
8:24 am
treating kids with chronic pain is very challenging. there may be hope. at 8:30 we will tell you about a study that shows a safe and effective strategy. fitbit may have changed the game for apple and samsung. we will tell you what's new in the line of fitness trackers.
8:25 am
8:26 am
we are checking wall street. markets are down across the board. you see here the dow jones losing almost one full percent this morning. also just checked apple stocks.
8:27 am
down three-quarters of one% right now. it had been down as much as 2.5% after reports that apple could cut production of the latest iphone models by 30% over the next three months. the reports are based on information from some of apple's asian suppliers. say they inventories of the iphone 6s and 6s plus have piled up since september. fitbit has a first smartwatch. they call it fitbit blaze. the company says besides the fact it looks great, the smartwatch has a deep focus on tracking fitness activities with all the same features of other fitbit devices. the blaze also integrates with an app and gives users instructions on how to finish up various workouts. it will be released in march. it will cost about 200 bucks. they are taking preorders right now. kia says it's developing self-driving car technology which it will unveil at the las
8:28 am
vegas consumer electronic show this week. ford has announced it's tripling its test fleet of self-driving ford fusions to 30 cars. bmw also has a new concept car coming out in vegas. it's a mirrorless car. it has three rearview cameras. they send images to a screen where the central rearview mirror usually sits. the computer takes those images, puts them into a continuous shot. it gives the driver a warning if there is a car in the blind spot. the question we have been asking you all morning. what would you do if you won the $450 million powerball jackpot tonight? go to the ktvu facebook page. allie rasmus is monitoring that page. we will bring her back in a minute with what is on your wish list.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
time is 8:30. one more time let's bring back that stormtracker radar. you are seeing an awful lot of green, yellow, even red on it right now. the strongest of three storm systems coming to california. this week hitting the bay area. et cetera made for a difficult and dangerous drive. let's get more from our meteorologist steve paulsen. boy, really hit the whole morning commute? >> michael is our observer in san francisco. keeps outstanding records. he just sent me an e-mail. in the first six days he has had 48% of his january rainfall. >> wow. >> last year not a drop. >> wow. >> in the first six days, 50% of where we should be, and believe me there is more on the way. this could be a very, very wet month. there are signs we will see another system on saturday and maybe more beyond that. i see signs even out to the
8:32 am
21st. so we'll see. we do have a lot of some brief heavy rain. it's coming in fast and furious here. napa valley chick, kathy, pouring again. i convinced the dog to wait for his walk. well, i don't think he had much to say about that. there is napa and yountville. 29 up there towards saint helena. and ski swim. light snowfall up in truckee. moy dog is not a big fan. our system moving through. heavy rain. that lights up. some heavy rain. within this week we get some thunderstorm activity. i am doing a broad brush here. from anitoch, discovery bay, fairfield up to napa, to vallejo, rich manned, sausalito, pent loom a, santa rosa. i have to lean to the santa cruz area is getting slammed today.
8:33 am
numerous reports of lightning and thunder. there is just more to go. we can't get around it. everything. the door is open and it is -- the barn door is open for crying out loud. and look at all this cold arrowtating in. and it looks to be a little development there. if that's the case, i think more thunderstorms are possible and very low snow levels had five reports up at cobb mountain. 40s an 50s on the temps. maybe some snow tonight. i would think on hamilton or diablo possible. wind cranks up and drops off the table. look at this. this is going to be a day of off and on rain. it's colder. i say rain. once in a while brief showers. some of these cells that come in this afternoon could dump heavy rain in a brief period of time. all right. sal, 8:33. you tell me. >> yeah. well, things are a little bit improved because when we got here, steve, it was raining hard and the rods were wide open. people were spinning out all over the place. we heard an interview with a chp officer saying speed is usually
8:34 am
the cause of that, and by speed we mean driving too fast. the commute on the, let's say, carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze 43 minutes. i have seen it worse on days when it wasn't raining when something bad happens. so this is just a slow commute without any major problems. i saw it up to 90 minutes once when we had an accident on the bay bridge the that's your reference point. you will get there if you are patient and leave yourself plenty of time. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are counting from the macarthur maze 25-minute delay before you make it on. i want to show you the maps. they are color coated. red all over the place. there is red in the east bay on 580. it's usually slow. 580 and 880 slow into downtown oakland. i want to mention the peninsula because san francisco usually doesn't do very well in the rain at all. northbound 101 is backed up out of san bruno up to the city. and 280 is backed up from 19th
8:35 am
avenue all the way down to the alameda interchange. the bay shore freeway is not doing very well. put that in the back of your mind as you are driving through the city or on the peninsula. 8:34. back to the desk. >> thank you. the powerball jackpot for tonight and the drawing, it is making people who don't normally think about the lottery think about it this morning. >> we even have an office pool going. >> yes. i am in. >> people putting in $2. it's worth $450 million. some people already have big plans for that money, even though clearly no one has it yet. >> reporter: yes. we have gotten interesting and creative answers as to what you would do with $450 million on our facebook page. first, no powerball jackpot win are on saturday. in fact, there has been no jackpot winner for the past 17 powerball drawings going back to november. that's part of the reason this prize has gotten so big. the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million.
8:36 am
you are more likely to be structural by lightning. despite the statistics, there are a lot of dreamers out there. people in 44 states, washington, d.c. and puerto rico buy up tickets. it's the amount of money you would get if you won the jackpot and greed to have it paid out over several years. the winning powerball is tougher. in october, lottery officials increased the amount of numbers people could choose to play, making it harder to match all of then. we posted the question on our ktvu facebook page, what would you do with $450 million? the majority of people said the usual things. travel the world, pay off debt, buy a new house. a couple other comments were different because they were so specific. robert campo says i live in half moon bay. if i won i would give enough money to the schools to bring back school buses for the kids. norma says if i won the powerball i would buy the raiders, build some property to build a new raiders nation stadium and keep them in the bay area. everyone's got a dream. >> right.
8:37 am
>> the drawing is at 8:00 our time tonight. >> okay. all right. $450 million. what would you do? >> you know, nothing very exciting. >> i know. >> it's hard to wrap your head around $450 million. >> right. >> so when you win, i am going to buy both of your houses. >> okay. >> that -- can i keep it? >> yes. >> i am going to take care of you. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> well, fingers crossed for everyone. the alameda city council debated the hot the button issue of rent control until early in the morning this morning. there are reports the meeting went to 4:00 this morning. people inside the meeting tweeted in the end the council decided to extend the moratorium on rent hikes over 8% and evictions for another 60 days. city leaders are under pressure from renters who make up half of the city's population to keep rents in check. alameda doesn't have rent control. the average rent is $2,300.
8:38 am
that is up 25% in the last two years. >> our concern was they could raise it to another. and frankly that's under state law. >> the council will continue working on a permanent ordinance to protect continue -- tenants from rent hikes. last night's meeting was long but peaceful. 8:38. this morning's storm system knocked down several trees around the bay area. >> remember earlier today on "mornings on 2", alex savidge told us about that. >> alex just arrived -- there is another spot along mission. another tree fell down, alex? >> reporter: yes. another tree. department of public works crews here in san francisco, they have been staying busy this morning. this is actually on 11th street just between mission and market. we will show you the scene here. they just finished chopping up what was a large tree branch.
8:39 am
it cracked off here from this tree on 11th street. it came crashing down. we will show you where it came crashing down if we can come over here. you can see it fell right onto the hood of this escalade. just a tough spot to be parked in for this person here. but you can see the damage to the hood not terrible. department of public works crews just chopped up this big branch that came crashing down. thankfully, nobody was hurt out here. this was not the only tree that came down this morning here in the city. just after 5:00 this morning this was the scene on mission between 4th and 5th. a large ficus tree was uprooted because of the strong winds and the heavy rain that we had from this storm. that tree was blocking the road for a couple of hours. it also took down muni lines. those overhead electrical lines came down.
8:40 am
so even after crews chopped up that tree and got it out of the way, after that they had to come in and repair those muni lines before they could get muni trolleys travelling again on that stretch of mission. so public works crews have been busy. as a matter of fact, the same crew we saw on mission this morning clearing that tree, same folks, the hard working crew back out here this morning after another large branch came down right on top of this suv. and, you know, this came down in a very busy area, guys. so really it's a good thing that nobody was hurt out here. >> is that suv behind you, i mean, does it have a lot of damage? it seems okay from what we can see. >> reporter: yeah, come and look. i mean, it does. you are going to have to get this dent repaired here. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: one of the workers said it certainly could have been worse here. let me see. is this -- not a ticket. oh, i see. i was going to say, we thought
8:41 am
nor a second that -- for a second they had a ticket as well. that will be insult to injury. it's just a notice that their car was damaged. >> thank you, alex. time now 8:41. last night the city of oakland, the city council approved several gun safety measures. one makes it illegal to have large-capacity ammunition magazines. another one requires gun owners to safely store guns at home inside a locked container or put a trigger lock on them. and it requires guns inside of a car to be kept in a locked box. the national rifle association doesn't like those ordinances. well, not far from oakland city hall an innocent bystander was hit by a stray bullet from a shooting. a police officer driving near 13th and broadway saw two men arguing on the sidewalk. one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. a woman was hit by one of the
8:42 am
bullets. police say both men ran away. the gun that may have been used by the shooter was found about a block away. time is 8:41. today the house of representatives expected to vote on a bill meant to overturn the affordable care act and republicans say this one's different. this will be the first time a bill to enact a full repeal actually makes it to president obama's desk. now, many previous bills have been blocked in the senate, but this time the legislation passed the senate under special rules blocking a filibuster by democrats. now, the bill also cuts federal funding for planned parenthood. the white house says the president will veto it. well, in other news this morning, the 2016 consumer electronics show opens in vegas. 300,000 tech fans expected to come out and see the new gadgets. virtual reality should make a big splash this year. experts say along with a lot of prototypes, there will be some real products hitting the
8:43 am
markets like the oculus rift headset recently bought by facebook. it features new ultra high definition and oled television technologies. and electronic car models from volkswagen and chevy are due to debut. 8:43. the show also draws celebrities interested in the latest technology. that includes basketball legend bill walton. part after high-tech sports innovation company. >> what i love about ces is this is the ultimate meeting place. the smartest guys in the world come here. the greatest businessmen. the greatest financiers. this is where it's happening. technology is the reason why we have the greatest life that anyone's ever had in the history of the world. >> gadgets that help athletes with training include a sole for shoes that send signals to your smartphone. now, walton is, of course, the father of warriors interim head coach luke walton. as you might expect he is one
8:44 am
proud papa. >> i have met their coach. oh, my gosh. i am a very proud lucky and happy dad. what could be better? thank you golden state warriors. >> just like every dad out there, dave. warriors record under luke walton 33 wins. two losses. the latest victory last night at the staples center against the lakers. draymond green this 9 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists, including this pass to andrew for the mighty duck. curry reinjured his left shin. the coach says he will continue to play as long as he is cleared by trainers. >> klay thompson 22 points in the first quarter. wow. 8:44. she is not giving up on a new stadium for the raiders. on monday the raiders as well as the st. louis rams and the san
8:45 am
diego chargers smithed ap -- submitted applications to move to the l.a. area. the relocation committee is meeting in new york this week evaluating the petitions. the owners may vote next week on which team or teams will be allowed to move. now, oakland mayor issued a statement saying, we remain confident the raiders can build a new stadium in oakland without a direct public subsidy. she says it needs to work in a responsible way for the team and for the taxpayers. one of the most popular pop stars of our time may be dealing with a serious health scare. coming up on "mornings on 2", what doctors are reportedly testing janet jackson for. an alternative way to relieve chronic pain in children. the new research calling acupuncture a safe and effective treatment. we are looking at a commute that is finally beginning to improve as the rain has stopped in some areas. there is 880. not raining now.
8:46 am
slow traffic past the coliseum. well, the rain has stopped in some areas and picking up for others. especially in san francisco. we will look at that and what's in store for the rest of the day. .
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". 8:48. there is a new study
8:49 am
highlighting a very old practice. pam cook came back in the studio to talk about acupuncture. this could be important for some parents to think about? >> reporter: yes. the new study looks at acupuncture for treating pain without narcotics. and it specifically looked at children who are dealing with chronic pain. the study leader practices chinese medicine at rush university medical center in chicago, illinois. she looked at the effect of acupuncture as an alternative to drugs, and in children specifically, because they experience pain and treatment differently from adults. and because doctors and parents are looking for safer ways to treat pain without drugs. >> what the research shows is that acupuncture, when used in children, actually dramatically reduced their pain and these were kids that had chronic pain syndromes. these are kids that have pain for over 12 weeks. >> reporter: now, he points out that not only do we have a big
8:50 am
problem with prescription narcotics and pain medications in the u.s., but that kids are still growing and that their bodies don't metabolize medications as well as adults. so the idea that acupuncture, it's an interesting one for people looking for an alternative to prescription drugs. interesting that they found that this was very successful. >> you know, i have heard people -- i have never done it, but people swear by acupuncture. >> it's getting to be more and more mainstream. >> yeah. pam, thank you. time is 8:50. back to our big story this morning. all of the rain we have and all the trees that are toppling over, take a look at this photo. we have this from fremont. this was posted on social media. now, that's a big boy. and that toppled down on that car right there. someone got a big surprise. hopefully, no one was hurt. we just saw this on social media in fremont. wanted to show this to you. this is what is happening around the bay area andalusite places. sal is watching our commute all over the place. quite a morning? >> sure has been, dave. things are beginning to improve
8:51 am
a little bit now as you get up to speed on some of these commutes. but it has been slow from the get go. we he go on the air at four. that's when there were the most collisions. this is 880 north as you drive past the coliseum heading northbound on the right there you can see traffic is busy. that's looking normal. it's a little windy out there. but that's the way it goes. now let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. that's about the same. 25 to 30-minute delay. the key today is you need an extra 15 or 20 minutes, in some cases a half hour extra from what you normally would just to get to work at the same time. one last thing. the south bay continues to be the slowest traffic. 17 and 880 have not recovered after there was an earlier tree down at baskum. if you are driving to san jose airport, don't miss your flight. if you have to use 880 or 17 allow 25 or 30 minutes for that drive. 8:51. steve. >> anything going on this morning, sal? just kind of hanging out with my feet up. >> feet up on the desk.
8:52 am
thank you, sir. we are getting breaks for some. it has been just wild this morning. heavy rain that moves off. it's colder. we are getting some reports of snow in lake county, cobb. there have been, oh, about i think 458 lightning strikes the 24 hours. not all of them reaching the ground. lightning thunder napa, los gatos. up in the russian river around cazadero to to monte rio. reports of snow at cobb mountain. the main band is moving off for now to saint helicopter, santa rosa. nothing too heavy in pent loom a. i don't i don't wantville --
8:53 am
yountville. hercules, he will sorerito, richmond. san pablo bay. this can be deceiving in marin country. you get a cell over there and it can brick copious amounts of rain. san rafael, mill valley. a break it looks like for the east bay, unless you are pushing east out towards anitoch, brentwood, stockton, oakwood and tracy. over the marina district and golden gate bridge. still within this we can get heavy rain. get a break. then another cell or another line forms and comes in. that's what we're going to have all day. couldn't even get a few sun breaks. i'll tell you there is so much that is swinging inland. look. i mean, it's just the core of the jet might be a little bit favoring santa cruz mountains. but it's close enough where it's just going to be a widespread area of rain off and on today. 40s and 50s. it is much cooler. the breeze has gone calm,
8:54 am
livermore cranks up to 30 miles an hour. that's in the mix as well. and you know what? i think we're in this pattern here for a while. the saturday system is now looking stronger. i am not surprised. once it gets into this pattern, it can lock in for a while. rain and wind. cooler. colder. turning more showery in nature later. some of those could be heavy. 50s on the temps. higher elevations have been talking about, i doubt they get out of the upper 40s up in lake county and areas down towards santa cruz mountains. more rain or thundershowers possible thursday. a break friday. here comes another system saturday, dave. >> we will be talking all month about this. >> i think you're right. >> steve, thank you. time is 8:54. he is one of the biggest "star wars" fans you will ever see. his room covered with all the memorabilia from the movies. but sadly he has a terminal illness. in a moment the online campaign to give him his final wish.
8:55 am
even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c, save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:56 am
welcome back. efforts underway to give a terminally ill northern
8:57 am
california man his wish. 30-year-old mitch vol wants to see the new "star wars" movie. he and his mother started a facebook campaign to try to bring the movie him. now, mitch has an illness. it has deteriorated his muscles. he is bedridden and on life support in citrus heights. "star wars" memorabilia and his passions in life are around him because he is too sick to leave his bed. he hopes his social media campaign will reach the creators of "star wars." >> i won't be here much longer. i last thing i want to see, i want to be able to see "star wars." >> i would give anything if he could have that dream fulfilled. it would give him something to, you know, be happy about, you know. thankful for. >> yeah, his mom says also seeing "the force awakens" would be an escape for mitch. a final chance for him to forget about his reality even for just a couple of hours. well, music superstar janet
8:58 am
jackson postponed her world concert tour because after serious health problem. >> ♪[ music playing ]. >> janet announced the concert postponement last month. she said she had to have surgery. there are reports now a growth was found on her vocal chords and that she is going to be tested for possible throat cancer. when janet announced the tour postponement, she asked her fans, pray for her during this difficult time. >> wishing janet jackson the best. this made its way through. glad to be back. i may still be contagious. maybe not. >> i will stay closer to you. >> time to play a round in the ring. "mornings on 2" at 9 is next.
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