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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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traffic. >> you wanted to wait until it got over -- anything less, my goodness. >> a couple of million would be nice too. >> no kidding. thank you, dave and pam. we did hit the jackpot for the last couple of days. today is a quieter day. let's talk about the coast. a coastal flood advisory until 10:00 this morning. and a high surf warning. waves to 20 feet. high tide at 9 a.m. at the golden gate. speaking of much quieter, there's rain heading down and campbell and sunny vail a little bit of rain. and these just wash out and they are dropping down. the santa cruz mountains one we want over santa cruz. and we're on the waning side of this. everybody is getting rain there. and that looks to be the focus
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as we start to see more of a fog pattern. some of the tule fog inland. and a lot of 40s. just too much moisture in the air. and the fog is playing into the mix and a drier pattern. watch out for the morning fog north bay and east bay. cooler lows and below normal temps, 50s for everybody. sal, so far, so good? right now we're doing well. we don't have many accidents at all. and we'll look at the south bay starting with i 280 in san jose. and i'm looking at my chp list, and we don't have anything on it. by this time yesterday we had 30 or 40 dips. we have traffic moving well and this is 237 as you drive westbound on 237 it looks pretty good. 680 out of fremont and
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pleasanton looks good. and through livermore also off to a good start. back to the desk. we don't expect a rainy day today. but tomorrow get ready for a new storm. and some parts of the bay area are still under a high surf warning and a coastal flood advisory. alex savidge is in san francisco. tell us about the concerns about the weather. >> reporter: good morning to you. the rain has moved on. and we're not getting wet but there are dangerous conditions near the coastline today. anybody heading to bay area beaches is going to want to be careful. and we'll give you a sense of why. we're near the golden gate bridge and there's a high surf warning in place. and you have large waves crashing ashore. and swells up to 20 feet are possible. and obviously, the concern about coastal flooding as well. be quite cautious if you're near the shoreline. while the surf conditions are a
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concern, the cleanup continues after yesterday's storm. here you go. public works crews in san francisco were busy all throughout the morning as this system moved in and dumped several inches of rain in some spots in the bay area. many trees were toppled including one in the pacific heights park near lafayette park. that fell on top of several cars, including a porsche. the tree was uprooted because of oversaturated soil and high winds. flooding a big issue with yesterday's storm. many people put sandbags outside their homes and businesses hoping to divert any flood waters. the owner of a san francisco auto shop says when it rains hard like yesterday. the sewers tend to back up and flood his business. and he says he spent tens of
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thousands of dollars making property improvements while waiting for city to enlarge nearby sewer pipes. >> the word flooding is not correct. it's a sewer overflow because the pipes down here that collect all the water from twin peaks are too small. >> reporter: and yesterday's storm also kept the highway patrol busy on the freeways and roadways. there were a ton of crashes because of the slick conditions. the chp posted a video of a patrol car that had to push a stalled car out of the way. it was blocking two southbound lanes of i 101 near 280 in san francisco. and that car apparently hydroplaned and then stalled outs. that's a big concern when we get these storms coming in. and near the golden gate bridge we have choppy waters out there on the bay. and looking towards the pacific and that's because of the high
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surf warning that's in place. very large waves crashing ashore. and again as steve did point out just a second ago, the high surf warning is in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. be careful at bay area beaches. >> alex savidge in san francisco, thank you. san francisco homeless advocates are protesting against the city, accusing leaders of not protecting the homeless during the storms this week. homeless advocates tell the examiner that the city has not kept the promise to add 1300 beds when el niño hits. so far there's been no need for the more beds, the city says but they'll activate the homeless plan based on the severity of the storms. there are 1500 shelter beds right now. under the homeless plan, an additional 1300 beds would be spread out at 16 different
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locations. we have incredible pictures to show you. an 18-year-old woman suffered minor injuries and she was trapped inside that pickup trucked that gone off the road, overturned and ended up on its side in 2 feet of water. firefighters used air bags to lift the truck to pull her out. she was stuck for an hour and a half. she kept her head above water but the rest of her body was submerged. the man driving the truck was able to get out on his own. the storms have battered southern california. some areas received half an inch of rain per hour yesterday. people had to be rescued when they tried to drive through the flooded roads and became stuck. parts of los angeles experienced minor flash flooding. take a look at how fast the water is rushing. and that forced the closure of streets and parts of the
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freeway. stay with us and you can done load for free our ktvu weather app for updates when you're on the go. new this morning, a man suspected in several bay area armed robberies may have struck again. alleys are mustache is in -- allie rasmus -- >> reporter: a police sergeant says there's surveillance video but they want to make sure the detectives have a chance to look at the surveillance video first. walnut creek police got the call about an armed robbery. a man wearing a mask pulled a silver handgun on the clerk and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no one was hurt and the robber ran away. and k-9s were able to track the scent and couldn't find him. he may be the same person behind another armed robbery
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that happened at a valero gas station last week. this is a still picture from the surveillance video in that crime. walnut creek police are working with the department in san leandro. they have put out a description. 5'6", possibly asian, stocky build, he was last seen wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt and gray sweat pants and he was wearing a mask when the crime occurred. anyone who has information connected to the crime should give walnut creek police a call. now the parent -- french police shot and killed a man who was trying to attack a police station on the anniversary of the charlie hebdo attacks. a man had a knife and was wearing a fake explosives vest and he ran up to officers threatening them. the man was shot and killed on
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the spot. extra precautions are being taken today in france since it's been a year since islamic extremists burst into the offices of the charlie hebdo magazine. they killed 11 people inside and another outside. over the following two days an accomplice shot and killed a policewoman and stormed a kosher supermarket and killed four hostages. the three gunmen were killed. schools are on lockdown and a dozen police vans are on high alert where the original attack occurred. a shrine set up to honor the memory of a man who was shot and killed on a marin county trail has mysteriously disappeared. the independent journal reports that on tuesday when steve carter's widow went to the trail near fair fax, the small shrine was gone. the parks department told the paper the shrine was not
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removed by its employees. 67-year-old steve carter was shot and killed while walking on the trail with his dog back in october. three suspects have been charged in his murder. >> >> a teacher faces felony child abuse charges following an incidence at a school for children with special needs. this video seems to show a staff member attacking a student at to been world two. a nonprofit school for the special needs children in antioch. parents of other children at the school are shocked. >> when i saw it, it was heartbreaking.
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my son has the same issue. >> the school was notified of the incident at 4:30 tuesday afternoon. and immediately suspended the staff and called antioch police. northern california's biggest auto show will open this morning. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll get a preview of what you can expect to see at this year's show. and we're talking about macy's. big changes coming for people who like to shop there. the reason the company has decided to close several stores, eliminating jobs across the country. traffic is moving well on the east shore freeway, especially compared to yesterday as you head out to the macarthur maze. much quieter. i need it. it's been a crazy 48 hours. we're not done yet. watch out for the tule fog. more on that in the next report.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:13. and macy's, they're closing stores and eliminating thousands of jobs. no bay area stores are affected. and the sacramento store is the only one in california. macy's has been hurt by people shopping more online. and fewer international tourists are shopping at macy's because of the strength of the dollar compared to other currencies. some of the loyal customers say it's disappointing. >> i think they should try to keep them open. >> you can get anything that's stylish and quality. >> at a time when everyone needs jobs, what are the people
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going to do? >> the chairman said we're making adjustments to become more efficient and productive in operations. macy's hopes to save $400 million with the changes. and yahoo plans to cut 10% of the international work force or a thousand people. yahoo has made no comment but several employees have been concerned about layoffs since november. yahoo cut the job force by 14% last year. sources say the med business, european operations and digital magazines are likely targets for cuts. changes are expected throughout the company before the end of march. china's biggest stock exchange stopped trading early because of a huge selloff. the shanghai composite fell by 7%. the circuit breakers kicked in and suspended trading for the
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day. it was just about a half hour or so into the trading day. the emergency measures were put in place at the beginning of the year. and they were also used on monday. the big drop is mostly because of fears of the economic slowdown. and the fears of noh korea's claims of a hydrogen bomb test. and the european markets are down and our markets will open down about 2% across the board. republican presidential candidate ted cruz pushing back on claims that he may not be eligible for the white house. gop front-runner donald trump has been questioning whether cruz is a citizen. he was born in canada but his mother is an american citizen. >> the question is settled. the child of a u.s. citizen
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born abroad is a natural citizen. >> this is the first time trump has shown anything similar to fright or panic. he sees cruz running ahead in iowa. hillary clinton is still up by 20 points over bernie sanders. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, are you ready? you don't have rain. >> it's a much better commute. i have the chp board and there have been a couple of minor things going on. for the most part we're off to a nice start. let's take a look. and in the east bay commute, it's looking good. this is i-8 80 north and southbound. and it continues to move nicely. there are no problems reported on the concord or walnut creek freeways in the east bay. let's take a look at the east shore freeway, westbound 80.
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and that traffic looks good from hercules all the way to the macarthur maze. and driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light traffic. at 5:17. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sir. still a few light showers and they are waning fast. and we'll keep a couple of scattered showers in the forecast. fog is a bigger issue than rain. peninsula, santa cruz mountains, down to monterey. there's some holding on. and we'll see the whole system that swung in yesterday. and now drier air is on the way. but we're not completely done yet. the next system will be next friday to saturday. and it might persist to the 21st. we get showers today. and generally, a dry day. and next rain friday to early saturday morning. and sunday looks okay. today, showers mainly to the
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south and highs on the cool side, only in the 50s. and lingering rain, just may be ruining the party for a few. cam bet, saratoga, a little bit of rain. also on the peninsula and san mateo, and the santa cruz coast. and here comes another cell. capitola and maybe scott's valley. down to monterey is where most of the rain is taking aim. and that's the focus i would think for today. if you're heading down there that's the best opportunity for rain. 40s on the temps, and in fact there are a few 30s but a lot of 40s and some of that tule fog is rapidly forms. and we'll have mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies here. holding onto a few showers. and cooler lows by far. and 50s for everybody. low to mid, i doubt if there's too many upper.
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fog will be thick, thick tomorrow morning. and dry. and rain friday and saturday and a break sunday and monday. next rain tuesday, and then thursday, and then mlk weekend. >> catch your breath today, steve. >> i am. and tomorrow. >> and all of this is bringing snow up to the mountains as well. >> yes, december was better though. >> oh, okay. >> that was a colder pattern. >> these are warmer storms, you can feel that. >> thank you, steve. >> >> 5:20 and from an emotional tribute to a stage crasher. up next, the highlights from last night's people's choice awards.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. such a pretty sight up there. the recent storms dropped more than a foot of snow at the sierra ski resorts. and they are all reporting between 13 and 17 inches of fresh snow within the last two days and they are going to get more. ski resorts have seen more than 150 inches of snow for the season. >> it's been a long time. i need to go. new this morning, janet jackson is denying reports she has cancer. she tweeted out a two minute clip of the song the great forever. in the clip she wrote and i'm quoting i do not have cancer.
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i'm recovering. she didn't specify what her illness is but doctors will let her perform in europe as scheduled. all postponed shows will be rescheduled. actor vin diesel paid tribute to paul walker with a song during the people's choice awards in los angeles. ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend. and i tell you all about it when i see you again. ♪ >> vin diesel. his movie, furious seven, won two people's choice awards. in other highlights the women of the tv show, the talk won the award for the best daytime hosting team. and their acceptance speak was interrupted by a stage crasher. >> we say we're like a motley
5:25 am
crew. [ indiscernible ] >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up in here. no, sir, no, sir. >> they pushed him off and kicked him off. he was escorted and placed and handcuffs and released. ellen degeneres won for favorite daytime tv host and best humanitarian. she ties the record for the most awards with 17. tickets to the bottle rock music festival in napa may go on sale this morning. the festival is may 27-29 at the napa valley expo. the headliners are stevie wonder, the red hot chili peppers, and florence and the machine. and others include lenny t kravitz.
5:26 am
a new nevada state tax could -- nonprofits are no longer excluded from the state's live entertainment tax. promoters may need to pay an extra $3 million a year which would push burning man tickets as high as $429 a person. organizers of burning man are appealing. the nevada tax authority will address the issue at the end of the month. northern california's biggest auto show will open today in san jose. there'll be hundreds of cutting edge cars and the latest technology innovations to make driving safer. ticket prices are eight to $11. coming up later in mornings on 2, we'll give you a sneak peek at some of the cars on display. downed trees, flooding, we're taking a look at the
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damage caused by yesterday's big storm. the precautions you can take as the next big system rolls in. the power ball jackpot is now the highest it has ever been. we'll tell you how much that jackpot is worth. and about a local winner in the east bay. life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births.
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>> thursday, january 7th and i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. and it's just about 5:30. we want to check in with steve.
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it's a much different day. >> quiet today and tomorrow is quiet and saturday is rain. >> today is thursday, pam. >> i thought today was wednesday. >> no, it's thursday. >> oh, my gosh. welcome, thursday. >> it happens. happen thursday everybody. and we do have fog issues. north bay and east bay and still some rain. just try to hold on the a little bit. santa cruz mountains and much quieter than the past couple of days. it was rockin' and rollin' yesterday. a coastal flood advisory until 10:00 and high tide at the golden gate. still rain heading to the santa cruz mountains and santa cruz. just a cell that says i'll hang
5:31 am
out around saratoga. still some clipping the coast. and overall, a much quieter pattern. santa cruz, santa cruz mountains and down to monterey. 40s on the temps, cooler on the lows, and drier air will work in. and isolated showers under partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. the tule fog can be thick. sal, i haven't heard anything yet. >> i had time to get coffee for myself this morning. >> no. >> we don't have a lot going on. as i look at the chp website, we don't have a lot of things going on. we have a crash northbound before highway 101. no injuries there and yesterday we had 40 incidents at this
5:32 am
time. traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving out to the 880 freeway. this is a look at the freeway. it's not a bad commute at all. and traffic looks good all the way up to the macarthur maze. and looking at the commute on 80 westbound. traffic is getting busier and not stop and go as you drive through berkeley and to the maze. the traffic at the toll plaza -- much more normal for the commute. back to the desk. no big winner in the half million dollars power ball drawing. that will push the jackpot for saturday's drawing to a record level. we have a report from union city this morning where a store there -- someone bought a ticket worth some money. >> reporter: we're here at
5:33 am
carry's liquor and the ticket is worth $1.4 million. we don't know if the owner actually knows that because the store is closed. the customer missed the power ball number. that means the jackpot rolls over and is expected to be $675 million and that's the largest jackpot in u.s. history. and surpasses the previous megamillions jackpot in 2012. the power ball keeps on growing because there hasn't been a winner for 18 games. powerball fever is going to intensify. and people will be buying up tickets and dreaming of winning. and the chances of winning are slim. 1.292million. >> i don't do the powerball or the lottery at all. >> i know the odds are crazy. but if you don't play you can't
5:34 am
win. >> reporter: in case you haven't checked here are the numbers. two, 11, 47, 62, 63, and the power ball number is 17. and if you plan on playing, tickets will cost you $2. not bad if you really believe you're going to win. back to you. >> someone is going to win. we have some competition across the country though. >> sure. 5:34 and we do dry out today and prepare for the next storm tomorrow as steve mentioned. the break gives everyone a chance to clean up. we have seen trees down across the area. at lafayette park in pacific heights, a tree fell on several parked cars and you can see them right there. damage-- and the public works department says the ground was saturated from the rain and
5:35 am
that allowed high winds to knock down the tree. a patrol car had to push a stalled car blocking two lanes of 101 near 280. the car apparently stalled after high row planing. a man in the mission dragged the sandbags out because the sewers backup and flood his shop. he has spent tens of thousands of dollars making property improvements. >> the word flooding is not really correct. it's a sewer overflow because the pipes down here that collect all the water from up on twin peaks are too small. >> people living in san francisco can pickup free sandbags at public works operations yard at the corner of kansas and marin streets. it's open weekdays from 7 p.m. to 3 p.m. and outside of san francisco, check with the local county. all the bay area counties offer
5:36 am
free similar sandbagging. the coast guard warning boaters to be careful about sailing out during a storm. this boat partially sank in richardson bay. the coast guard says they will raise that boat today. another boat sank earlier this week while tied at the dock at the san rafael yacht harbor. many times the owners are nowhere to be found. the coast guard says no one was hurt and the boat did not leak fuel. boaters who sail out during stormy weather should bring safety equipment, including life jackets and radios. the steady rain is helping with the drought. but bay area water managers say look, we've got a long way to go. in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains, the lexington
5:37 am
reservoir is finally inches towards capacity. but the santa clara valley -- still well below normal. >> there's still a little less than 30% of the capacity of our reservoirs. and not only that if you look at the statewide reservoirs which are important throughout california he have half of normal for this time of year. >> but filling the reservoirs is one step. silicon valley gets about half of its water from underground. the water goes into ponds and seeps into an aquifer. most of the ponds in the south bay are dry. stay with ktvu and steve paulson for the latest on our storms. and you can download the app for spates when you're on the development a man may have killed his
5:38 am
father. this is maxim sukov. on tuesday, richmond police found his father's car with his body inside. they believe maxim had something to do with the disappearance. if you have any information, contact investigators. the families of two men killed by police officers met for the first time last night in a show of solidarity. >> the parents of the 26-year- old shot by officers almost two years ago marched from bernal heights park. and just outside the police station. they met with the mother of mario woods, the 26-year-old shot and killed by police last month. the two families and their supporters are calling for change. >> we want the chief, the city to take a serious look at the
5:39 am
policies and procedures around arrests or even interacting with persons. >> the san francisco police officers association will be releasing a new radio ad. the latest in a series in response to criticism of police officers use of force. and the police union president, martin halloran spoke about wood's actions. >> the deceased stabbed a citizen. he ignored all deescalation efforts and refused to drop his knife. >> mayor ed lee responded to criticism by calling for reforms to try to ensure that police use of lethal force is the last resort. the white house disputing north korea's claim that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. experts say a hydrogen is more powerful and harder to make
5:40 am
than the atomic weapons north korea has tested three times in the past decade. it may take weeks before they can know what kind of weapon caused that seismic activity in north korea. >> the initial analysis that's been conducted of the events reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> yesterday the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting and condemned north korea and started working on a resolution to respond. back at home, a private healthcare provider has fired dozens of nurses who work in alameda county jails. the union says the nurses who remain are working double shifts for now. the layoffs come after a lawsuit was settled with the county over the death of an
5:41 am
inmate. they agreed to have only registered nurses do certain work. the company is hiring more registered nurses and hope to have them on the job by the end of next month. we have new developments in the case of the woman who died in a texas jail. the reason a state trooper has been fired and what sandra bland's afamily is saying. a man with a gun robbed a 7- eleven in walnut creek. why police believe it's not an isolated incident. a commute that's better today than yesterday. still a couple of slowdowns like this one. compared to the beginning of the week, you'll like this commute. and the weather is quieter than the past two days, thank goodness. today we get a break. not completely done but just about. announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale.
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new this morning a man suspected in several bay area armed robberies may have stuck again. >> allie rasmus is in walnut creek. that's where the latest robbery occurred. >> reporter: walnut creek police believe that the man behind the crime here may have committed other robberies in san leandro. police got the call at 11:30 last night. a man wearing a mask walked in, pulled a silver handgun on the click. and ran away with an undisclosed amount of money. k-9s tried to track the man's scent and couldn't find him. police think he may be the same person behind other armed robberies, including one at a
5:45 am
valero gas station last week. this is a still picture from the surveillance video in that crime. and as i mentioned earlier -- they are working with other departments to see if he may be the one behind those robberies. he's possibly asian, about 5'6" with a stocky build and last seen last night wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt and a mask. >> allie rasmus in walnut creek. we want to check with sal. a much different start to the commute today. >> are you drinking coffee? >> i'm drinking coffee. it's not like it's completely light but it's more normal. there are slowdowns but yesterday -- the last two days were bad and today is good by comparison.
5:46 am
>> right. >> i'm show you what i'm talking about. let's show you the morning commute. it looks normal for a thursday. there's the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 15 to 20- minute delay. if you're looking at 80 westbound a lot of people drive through here. it's not a bad commute. it's moving along okay. and driving out to the macarthur maze. the traffic is moving along nicely. and on the freeways, this is a look at the san jose commute. a couple of minor ones. 87 at 101 there's an icon there, there's a crash that's been cleared to the side and not causing any delays. how is your calmer day going so far? >> just like you steve, i needed a break. >> we have some rain and it's
5:47 am
mainly parallel to the coast and working around santa cruz and the santa cruz mountains. the tule fog, north bay and east bay, watch out for there. there's some in walnut creek and brentwood. most of this is heading to central and southern california. we'll keep a few showers in the forecast. and drier air is on the way. the next system won't be here until late friday to saturday. does not look that strong but will give us rain. i got to tell you. the pattern all the way through the 22nd could be very active. next tuesday, thursday, and the weekend and beyond. we might be in the mix for a little bit of rain and a lot of rain. active pattern continues. just scattered showers and a lot more to the south. the next system is late friday night to saturday morning. and a break today and tomorrow. showers likely mainly to the south. and staying cool with 50s on
5:48 am
the temps. we had a bigger cell and it's disappearing. they do hug the coast on san mateo and santa cruz county. and there's not much happening. look for mostly cloudy, partly sunny skies. a chill in the morning. 40s on the temps, and a few 30s to the north. there's one at 38. a lot of 40s with the moisture in the air. and temperature and dew point is where the fog has no problem forming. quiet in the sierra. and central and southern california will get most of the rain. and we could get buildups this afternoon. cooler lows and below normal highs. 50s on the temps and they'll stay for a while. i don't see much of a change. if anything, they'll stay in a fine range here. the next system is friday and saturday. and looks okay sunday and monday and next system would be tuesday. >> the does the next system
5:49 am
look windy and rough? >> make wednesday and mlk weekend. >> a lot of people will head to tahoe, right? >> this will not be as big of a system. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> every day, pam. >> if you're out there, let us know how it's looking. >> thank you, steve. for the first time, she's talking about her little brother who was attacked and killed by her three pit bulldogs. why a woman in yuba county says she may never be able to forgive herself.
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it's 5:52 and the yuba county woman whose brother was mauled to death by three pit bulls is speaking out publicly. she told reporters there were a thousand things she should have done differently. she left her brother alone in her rv with the three dogs. when she returned she found tyler had been attacked. >> i will never forgive him. i promised him i would never leave him and i would protect him. and whether it's my fault or not i'll never forgive myself for it. tyler was in the foster care system and his sister had been
5:53 am
trying to adopt him after their mother died. child protective services knew about the living situation and they'll decide whether to seek charges. the dogs have been turned over to the county and will likely be euthanized. a woman accused of throwing a dog across a driveway after fighting with her boyfriend is now in police custody. fairfield police have been looking for brandy chin ever since they received the video showing her throwing the dog. officers took the dog to the solano county humane services where a vet says he's in good health. animal control released the video of her being arrested in vallejo. and she faces felony animal cruelty and abuse charges. a federal judge in san francisco will dismiss a copyright lawsuit filed in the
5:54 am
name of an indonesian monkey. peta claimed the monkey owned the copyright to the photos. the judge will issue a written decision but for now he agrees with the owner of the camera who says that animals cannot claim copyright protection. peta can file an amended lawsuit and they plan to do just that. same-sex couples may not be able to get married in alabama. the alabama supreme court chief justice calls on judges there to enforce a state ban. in an order issued yesterday. the chief justice says pro bait judges should not issue licenses to gay couples. he argues the decision only
5:55 am
covers five states. same-sex couples nationwide celebrated after the u.s. supreme court legalized marriage by striking down bans in those states. >> the supreme court, a federal court. the court of appeals, they have all overruled chief judge moore. >> some loophole or some unsubstantiated case law that's not going to stand up in any court. >> chief justice moore says he doesn't have the authority to prevent judges from issuing marriage licenses, he only wanted to provide guidance until the state supreme court reviews the federal court's ruling. reggie bush has filed a lawsuit over the season ending knee injury. this happened on november 1st. and bush was returning a punt and ran out of bounds. and then he slipped on the concrete that's around the
5:56 am
field there and that's when he was injured. he is suing the st. louis rams, the regional convention and stadium authority -- not the rams team. bush is seeking $50,000 and punitive damages. another player slipped a week prior and it was covered with padding for the rest of the season. alicia keys is scheduled to perform a free concert for super bowl l. ♪ this girl is on fire. ♪ >> she's set to sing february 6th at the justin herman plaza and it will be free to the public. organizers will announce additional performers in the coming weeks. [ applause and cheering ] a piece of super bowl art work was unveiled in santa clara.
5:57 am
it's a bronze statue of a football player passing the ball to a young fan. it's called anything is possible. and we talked about joe montana being named the best football player of all time. >> i can believe that. thousands of jobs cut and dozens of stores closing. the reason for job cuts by macy's, and how much money macy's could save. and after yesterday's big storm we're keeping an eye on the cleanup and the preparations for the next round. as we look at the east bay commute. a pretty decent drive approaching the bay bridge. it's slow but no wind of rain problems on the span. we'll give you a complete look the straight ahead. after a couple of days of rain we get breaks in the clouds and a for stars. and i'm talking about 3578 and dave. more on that coming up.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
surf warning in effect. video showing a teacher's aide attacking a student. the investigation that's underway into that incident at a school for children with special needs. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. it's thursday, january 7th and i'm pam cook. >> good. we're ready. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. and steve paulson does not have rain for the you this morning. >> maybe a little on the santa cruz coast. if you send me a total, send me a two day total and a january total. in marin county, five and a quarter inches of rain. and up to the russian river and santa cruz mountains, five plus inches. we'll see a little bit of a break. not completely done. the stars are out


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