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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we've got some new optionsut cthat might interest you.ile, like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c, save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the 10:00 news on ktvu starts now . >> a truck driver shot and wounded. it happened after he was turned away from the oakland coliseum while trying away -- trying to make a delivery. >> he heard the truck shake and then he heard glass breaking >> good morning -- good evening.
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a truck driver is recovering from a gunshot wound in a bay area hospital. he said he was hurt -- he was turned away from the oakland coliseum and then shot by a man breaking into his big break. amber. >> reporter: julie, family members tell me the 72-year-old was the same -- stable condition after being shot in the stomach area. he's undergone three surgeries, suffer two infections, but that he is improving. >> he is heavily medicated as he recuperates from a gunshot wound that his family tells us nearly missed a meeting -- narrowly missed a main artery. what he went through he says is a scary ordeal. on december 15 he arrived at the oakland coliseum to deliver a generator for a football game the next day. >> he's delivered out there several times and he's always been able to park in the gated
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area. >> reporter: but this time the security guard wouldn't allow him to park inside the coliseum gates. while there was a concert underway. he said the guard directed him to come back the next morning and told him to park across i- 880 at 666 off coliseum property. his wife says he park there as instructed and went to sleep. it was around 10 pm when he was awakened. >> he felt the shot -- the truck shake and then he heard glass breaking. and he got up and it was somebody with a gun pounding on the driver side window. >> he said he recalled his training is a marine. he longed when the intruder broke the window with the butt of a 45 caliber gun. matson says the man fired one shot that left a hole in the driver seat. it struck the driver in the stomach area and traveled down to his spine.
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chris dobbins is a board member of the coliseum authority. he says truckers making deliveries are allowed to stay overnight inside the gates. access is not allowed only at the start or end of an event because of traffic congestion. >> our team will investigating go through and look at the video cameras and see exactly what happened. >> i'm a little upset. yes. because this wouldn't have happened if he'd been inside the gate. >> the mountains celebrated their -- the matson s celebrated their anniversary in november. she said he's -- she's just glad he's alive. >> i was sad and then i got mad and now i'm just excepting things. just going to take him home and loving. [laughter] >> reporter: home is a small farming community in indiana. it's unclear when they will be able to return home. police and crime stoppers are offering a $7500 reward for information leading to an arrest
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. >> let's hope they get something they can use. amber, thank you. a sacramento man was arrested today on terrorism charges. federal authorities announced the arrest late this afternoon. the man is identified as 23- year-old 23-year-old -- al- jayab . he came to the us in 2012. the criminal complaint holds details. prosecutors say he was going to visit his sick grandmother in turkey when in fact he went to syria and he used social media to tell others about it. the complaint also says he talked about fighting with various factions including all islam. the us is designated that as a terrorist organization. he allegedly wrote about the weapons used including a kalashnikov assault rifle. and it says he lied when he returned to united states -- to the united states. meanwhile the federal government is turning to the
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tech industry for help in fighting isis and other extremist groups. they are sending top national security officials to silicon valley tomorrow to meet with tech leaders in san jose to get briefed on how terrorists use technology, including encryption. they will also be discussing ways to make it more difficult for terrorists to recruit and radicalize people online. new at 10:00, reports that the 49ers management meant today -- met today with chip kelly. the eagles fired kelly last week after three seasons. before that he spent four years as the head coach of the oregon ducks. nfl insider jason says the 49ers started considering kelly and finalizing the decision to fire jim tomsula in the middle of last week. later in sports, the other name who interviewed today. opponents of the new arena in san francisco filed a second lawsuit today. the mother of a boy with a severe heart condition joined the mission bay alliance and
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tried to block the mission bay arena. the mother says game tray traffic could block -- game day traffic could block access to the hospital. the planning commission in -- ignored environmental and traffic impact when it improved -- approved the stadium. >> i'm really doing this to protect not only my own families rights but also their rights because this is something that's really going to make their lives much harder and they are already going through something that's very difficult. >> the warriors responded and said during three years of intense public scrutiny, the warriors arena one approval -- won approval from 100% of boards, agencies and commissions that considered the matter. they continued saying this frivolous lawsuit brought by a secretive group of wealthy donors will fail. it's been another tough day on wall street a stock markets plunged it in following volatilities -- again following
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volatility in the chinese market. >> the nasdaq lost 146 and it's been down six straight days. the s&p 500 dropped 47. so far this is the worst start to a new year ever. >> take a look at this weeks numbers for the jallo. on monday, it dropped 276 points. prices stabilized on tuesday. on wednesday another 250 point drop, and then today almost 400 points. that's a loss of more than 900 points in just four days. >> gionta joins us with how they are doing overseas. >> the markets in china have closed after another volatile day of trial -- of trading. but they did close-up 1.5percent. one financial expert tells me there was an important lesson every investor should take away from these wild market swings. >> the new year's precipitous
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drop in global stock markets had investors seeing red. >> i'm worried because i have stocks in where i work. >> i think checking your stocks every day is probably the best way to be an unhappy person these days. >> they say the concerns started with the slowdown in the chinese economy. the chinese trading market shut down twice this week. chinese currency has also dropped to a five-year low. >> that unsettled the market as well. that was taken as a sign that the authorities are concerned about the weakness in the chinese economy. >> reporter: add to that, oil prices have plummeted below $30 per barrel fueled by concerns over shrinking demand from china and instability in the middle east. for us factors, they drop is hard to watch. >> i'm not looking. >> i work for a startup so right now we just went ipo. >> i've become much more conservative as i've gotten older.
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>> you shouldn't react on the emotion. you should go back and make sure whatever your goals or needs are, that the investments are aligned to that. >> reporter: experts say there is a lesson from all of this. >> at the test of just how much risk you are willing to take on. -- it's a test of how much risk you are willing to take on. >> they said the feds will be watching what happens in china and those circuit breakers may have increased the volatility in china. china has now suspended the use of those and they say that could bring some help to bring some calm to the markets there. >> that could be good news. jeana, thank you. layoffs are looming at yahoo. the tech giant plans to eliminate 10% of its workforce. this comes as the company faces mounting pressure to turn its business around. yahoo has already decreased its headcount by 14% over the past
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year. more than 1000 employees should be let go starting as early as this month. jerry brown today unveiled his new budget proposal, it's a record-setting $170 billion spending plan. it calls for new transportation fees and taxes to repair state roadways. there's a new $1 billion tax on health insurers to replace the tax expiring this year. it also boosts public education and provides help for low income families. he warned of the dangers of a boom and bust cycle proposing to put an additional $2 billion into a rainy day fund. pieces improved tax revenues allowed the state to boost spending, but he says there is still not enough money for every item on his wish list. >> most of every program you will hear about in the next nine months will be good. and will help people. but we also want to look at, what's the capacity of the
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state, and the willingness of taxpayers to pay more? >> now the long debate over priorities begins in the legislature. the governors critics are worried about overreaching. >> my greatest concerns are that while we have this extra money, that the legislature will spend more on multiyear long-term plans that we actually think can come in in the next couple years. >> the governor plans to revise his plan in may with a vote from the legislature sometime over the summer. ktvu news christina went down spoke with -- >> reporter: california's highways and roads are in much need of repair according to the governor. his proposed budget includes the transportation funding plan, taking new fees and taxes to help. brown is suggesting a $65 annual fee on all cars including electric and hybrid
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and making changes to gas and diesel taxes to raise about $3 billion. they say that the breaks down to about $.25 per day. >> i'm generally fiscally more on the conservative side but when it comes to our infrastructure the united states has been lagging behind. it gets people at work and in -- increases productivity. >> i bet we can help out to improve our roads. >> reporter: they said -- but others pete -- feel it's too much even if it comes down to cents per day. >> this is part of the governors plan to raise $36 billion over 10 years for roads and highways. he says millions of cars driving billions of miles takes its toll. >> it's a lot of wear and tear.
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you have to deal with that in some way or another. >> if approved it would be implemented starting in january of next year. christina rendon , ktvu. the conditions they are and why the famous surf contest hasn't been called even though the waves are huge. and more rain in the forecast as we head toward the weekend. but first date about -- a debate
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there is growing debate over a huge flop -- plot of real estate considered an eyesore. tonight they shared plans for the santa clara county fairgrounds. ashton smith is their life were those -- is their big -- there live. >> reporter: this area has declined over the years and now only host small events here and there. the county wants to do something grand but a lot of people at tonight's meeting want it to stay the way it is. >> they have a long history in the south bay well known for its annual county fair but over the years this piece of land has lost its luster and quite frankly it's falling apart. >> the board has been very clear that they want to accomplish something that people will be really proud of.
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>> reporter: tonight they unveiled a new vision for the fairgrounds where half the land would be used for sports and the other half a park similar to new york central park on a much smaller scale. >> if they take this away we probably can't exist. >> she's with the gem and mineral society. her community group has used the space for 60 years. she's among the many people against change at two nights packed meeting. >> it would be cheaper to fix what they've got. >> a lot of people spend thousands of dollars on the animals. >> to that end the county is considering carving 30 acres for an event center to hold a fair or relocating it all together. >> we don't have a lot of public showing up anymore so i feel like it's important to keep what we have. >> reporter: one of the sports teams interested in the land, the san jose giants. unlikely to relocate here are any of the major professional
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teams. >> there were rumors some time ago about seeking the raiders but nothing came of that. it was nothing more than a rumor. you can see how long san jose has been working at attracting the a's. >> reporter: it didn't work out a few years back. the developer backed out. this is all still very much in its early stages. the board supervisor will hear about the plans later this month. police have released a sketch of a suspected rapist. he still -- he allegedly assaulted a woman on december 20. police say someone grabbed the victim on pit avenue, dragged her into a dark avenue and then raped her. he's described as white as -- white or latino, about six feet tall, his hair is slicked back with a big swerve in front. anyone with information should contact the police there. a woman is suing the san
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francisco police department for allegedly mishandling her rape case. heather marlowe says she was drugged and raped at a party in 2010. in her federal complaint filed today, she's his police quote failed to investigate diligent -- she says police quote failed to investigate diligently and failed to test her rape kit. the president and the city are among the -- chief of police and the city are among those accused. take a look at these boulders that came down on the road blocking the entrance to a park. no one was hurt. caltran doesn't know when this highway will be reopened. high surf made for an exciting but dangerous day long the bay area coast. we saw waves as high as 50'. and is ktvu's ann rubin reports some servers were there to ride the monsters of -- the monster waves. >> watch closely and you will
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see garrett mcnamara catching an enormous wave and then get thrown headfirst and crushed beneath it. he suffered what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder and he wasn't alone. one server called it a war zone out there. >> i caught one but nothing too difficult. >> nicks on april from la made a special trip for these waves which he estimates were as high as 50' on the bay. he says serving them takes equal parts guts and common sense. >> it's dangerous. you have to be very selective. >> reporter: waves this i draw a crowd but the harbormaster says they are best observed from a distance and only served by the provost. >> they will do what they do that for the general public and people who aren't aware of the conditions, they are beautiful to look at but stayaway is safe distance orioles things can go bad really fast -- or else things can go bad really fast.
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>> the conditions are tricky. you can see how messy it looks. even just a powwow will take an hour. >> reporter: this was just before the tight ends surf event which may still happen later this winter. >> this is i would say the biggest day we've had in a few years at least. >> reporter: the master says this is part of el niño and he's expecting more big waves out here through the weekend. in pillar point, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. and we have incredible pictures here -- how does mavericks and these huge waves relate to this system? >>these storms come out of the west. the mid-latitude el niño storms create these westerly swells
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like a very large but they also hit the beaches perpendicular. they don't come down from the north or up from the south. they go straight in and when they had the coast they jack right up. the reason they didn't hold the contest was that there is so much going on, it was so stormy that it was difficult to serve. that advisory will be dropped by tomorrow. it did pick -- peak today, and it was dangerous. not a lot of people out there challenging the waves but there will be more. this year will be productive for rain and snowfall and very productive in producing serve. when those waves hit the american plate they actually register on the seismograph at uc berkeley. they shake the whole western conference -- continent. isn't that crazy? so we've got a great opportunity for more showers friday night into saturday morning. when you wake up tomorrow valley fog and temperatures tomorrow in the 50s. a nice day but increasing clouds by tomorrow night and
10:22 pm
rain as we head into friday night and saturday morning. i will detail that next after a couple breaks. and the reason donald trump is taking aim at senator ted cruz, and why he says cruz is unfit to be president. and coaches being interviewed for the 49ers. but first developing news as police searched for a robbery suspect tonight. he may be responsible for crimes across the bay area.
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developing news from san leandro is, a serial robbery suspect may have struck again. he held up a chevron gas station on washington avenue. at this hour officers are searching neighborhoods near the crime scene looking for the suspect. investigators say he may be the same person who has robbed of the gas stations and
10:25 pm
convenience stores in san leandro, walnut creek and redwood city. a castro valley woman pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a confrontation with a group of muslim men. one of the men took cell phone video. 50-year-old denise later confronted him and then through coffee on him. the video ended up going viral. the men said they were praying on december 5 when the woman's rent began. slater told ktvu she's a christian and believes their god is the devil. she's facing trial in april for misdemeanor hate crime and battery. just 25 days until the iowa caucuses in the presidential candidates are ramping up their attacks. joe waldman has the latest from the can -- campaign trail including a new round of republican infighting. >> they've been buddy buddy for months but now republican trent -- front runner donald trump is calling out ted cruz. the real estate that -- developer is suggesting just like he did with obama that
10:26 pm
cruz himself may not be eligible to be president. cruz surging ahead of trump in iowa dismissed the controversy as a silly sideshow. >> as a legal matter the question is quite straightforward. as a child of a us citizen born abroad. >> reporter: and while cruz is his latest target, again the florida for -- governor dismissing the campaign promises -- trump campaign promises as preposterous. >> the idea that he would say, we are going to build a wall in mexico is going to pay for it. just let that settle in a little bit. i will let you noon on that for a while. >> reporter: the democrats taking no chances either as democrats -- clinton campaigned for his wife. the behind-the-scenes they are reportedly nervous that they are being outspent by bernie sanders, something hillary clinton ignored during a stop of her own in los angeles.
10:27 pm
>> i disagree with the republican front-runner mr. trump. you see, i think america is great, because generations of hard-working americans have made us great. >> reporter: first it was bill, now chelsea will hit the tree -- the trail for her mom beginning next week. in washington, joe waldman fox 2 news. later tonight, the rush to take home the largest powerball jacketed -- jackpot in history. >> our neighborhoods become neighborhoods with no neighbors. vacation rentals in san francisco. and critics asking when does a building become a hotel.
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?q ♪
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eynon the hill landlord renting to tourists for more than 20 years was told tonight, no more. her case has become a flashpoint in the bitter battle over housing and short-term vacation rentals. deborah is live with the action that planners took. >> [ null ] hill is known for big hotels but what this property owner wanted was a permit , a hotel permit for her three flats. trying to make them legal in the city changing -- city's changing landscape. >> reporter: on this site for 20 years and rented privately before that, the owner of this building has never lived in it and never had permanent tenants. instead making the three one- bedroom flats available as short or long-term rentals. >> nurses, doctors, actors, family of people in the hospital for a matter of weeks or months.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: the owners attorney made her case before city planners but even with new regulations on vacation rentals that ban landlords, the welcome mat at this property should and could remain. by reclassifying it as a hotel. it's an idea that had critics posting flyers in the neighborhood. >> 23 years, she's made a lot of money hasn't she? >> more than a dozen opponents lined up to speak pointing out the three units are three fewer rental units under rent control . >> this sets a precedent and a domino effect for others to decide this is a test case. >> short-term rentals result in fewer people who have a stake in the quality of life on our streets. >> it sound like this person has been renting out illegal for many many years, without being held accountable. >> reporter: while it's just one building, it comes in the wake of failed proposition as which would have -- f, the rules in place they say aren't
10:32 pm
enforced. vrbo has some 2000 current listings in san francisco, most unregistered as required. >> until the reinforcement is tight, you will have more attempts to try to convert housing into hotels and we just simply need to stop this so please establish a precedent here of saying no. >> there was a pause but the plan all did -- on the panel did rechecked the -- reject the hotel idea but the lawyer says politics won the day. >> this case has nothing to do with affordable housing. if she has to rent this property out long-term it's not going to be affordable housing long -- for anybody. >> jennifer solomon may sell her building her lawyer says since she has never had an interest in being a traditional landlord. some of the speakers and commissioners said they would like to see her find for rental -- fine but undercurrent is --
10:33 pm
procedures those fines are unlikely. >> does she have any other recourse or direction in which to take this fight? >>well, she could renter flat again as a traditional landlord. anyone who stays more than 30 days though has the right of a tenant. the unit would fall under rent control. the other option would be to sell her building. >> it's this -- become such a big issue in the city. thank you. tonight we know the name of the teachers aide accused of assaulting a nine-year-old student at a bay area school on tuesday. antioch police arrested her at her home yesterday. she is 26 years old and she worked at open world to. -- 2. video of the abuse was posted on social media two days ago. we start out the images to protect the victims identity. what we can tell you is that is
10:34 pm
nine years old and he's from oakland and he did not have any visible injuries or complaints about pain. the teachers aide is now facing felony child abuse charges. in san francisco a jury convicted him of hate crimes for racist graffiti. last september graffiti afeared saying no more chinese. it was seen in six different locations. he was arrested a few days later with the help of surveillance videos. he was found guilty of 13 misdemeanors. seven for vandalism, six for hate crimes. his public defender plans to appeal the verdict. they are looking for a female bank robber, here is a picture of her. they say she robbed the chase bank on fitzgerald drive just before 6:00 yesterday. the woman is described as white, in her late 20s early 30s, standing around 5'6" and weighing about 180 pounds. they were cleaning up today after a rare tornado touchdown. the national weather service confirmed it touched down near
10:35 pm
hollister yesterday morning. the tornado tore through an area between highway felt -- 156 and orchard road. it only lasted a few minutes but that was long enough to tear the roof off of two buildings. the last tornado to hit hollister was 30 years ago. time now for the weekend watch, rosemary tells us about some of the fun incidents in the bay area for everyone from carl buffs to pet lovers. >> grab your pet. the pet expo is back this saturday and sunday, you will find that-friendly exhibits -- pet-friendly exhibits, costume contests, and adoptions, nail trims and discounted vaccinations. admission is free both days. it's being held at the santa clara county fairgrounds. car enthusiast, the auto show is going on in san jose at
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the convention center. you will be able to take out a large collection of premier and high-end luxury vehicles right on the show floor with over 35 to test drive. get a slice of the deb life. it runs through sunday. it's that one day of the year when you're invited to leap -- the pants off and jump on b.a.r.t.. the idea is for hundreds to ride b.a.r.t. wearing interesting underwear all the while asking -- acting like it's completely normal. lego fans, the ligands -- living legacy is happening this weekends. -- weekend. it features creations of all types. the show is different every year, the display is in the frank livermore learning center in palo alto. it's open friday saturday and sunday and it's three dollars to get in. the warriors are on the road, the sharks host the maple
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leafs and that is your weekend watch. later tonight on the nfl's short list for the candidates of holland -- for hall of fame, several 49ers in the next. jason appelbaum will tell us who made the cut and who didn't. and more rain in the forecast. and new information on this daring daytime shooting. police have identified the man they need help finding. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey.
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they say they now know who fired the shots that were wounded in a nurse -- an innocent bystander on tuesday. they say this man, sterling bell does pulled out a gun and started shooting late tuesday morning.
10:40 pm
it happened during an argument on broadway literally just across the street from city hall. felt as was last seen wearing a light-colored coat and white pants. you will see him pull up again in just a moment. police say you can see him on the surveillance video when he fire several shots and runs away. police say they found they gonna block away from the scene and they think it's the one used in the shooting. the woman who was wounded is expected to recover. at a town hall in virginia obama iqc an array of spreading fiction for suggesting he wants to seize all firearms. >> this notion of a conspiracy out there and it gets wrapped up in concerns about the federal government. there's a long history of that. that's in our dna. the united states was born suspicious of some distant authority. they said they are not tate -- he said they are not trying to take legal weapons away.
10:41 pm
they want to expand background checks and if it stops just one person from being killed, it's worth it. part of their building evacuated because of a pipe bomb. fire crews responded to the call at brookdale seniors -- senior living on tuesday. a bomb disposal robot moved the garbage can that the bomb was found in and detonated it. no one was hurt and so far no word of a motive. super bowl l is one month away in the countdown is on. after 2.5 years of planning the committee says it's now executing the plan. haul the focus will be at levi's stadium, the week before the big game will be in san francisco. the market street and park -- market is being turned into super bowl l street. >> people have to be flexible. that's the one thing that we felt every plan on the basis of knowing, hey, something might need to shift or change.
10:42 pm
>> the super bowl is more than just football. it includes the best commercials and a halftime show and today beyonce announced she will be joining coldplay for that show. beyonce was the halftime act three years ago in new orleans. $20 million in change. a sneak peek at the upgrades of one of san francisco's park and bill martin shows us how the forecast will affect your weekend. and the powerball jackpot up to $700 million.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
the fox 2 weather report brought to you by alpine meadows . the powerball jackpot is growing after no one got all six numbers in last night trying so what would you do with 700. the powerball jackpot is growing after no one got all six numbers in last night trying so what would you do with $700? ktvu is noelle walker asked
10:45 pm
that question at a bay area store known for selling winning tickets. >> the thought -- the hottest selling item isn't the liquor -- it's the lottery. >> luck is something this place seems to have an abundance. >> it's the lucky liquor store. >> a virtual pot of gold. five past lottery winners bought their tickets here. >> it could just be the luck of the irish. irish owners. >> reporter: the next jackpot is estimated to be the biggest lottery prize in us history, at least $700 million. >> how's it going? >> same old same old. >> reporter: not winning doesn't keep people from lining up to buy a ticket. >> a cabin in the mountains with the lake. >> if i when i have to share with all my children. [laughter] took to put into perspective what $700 million is, it's more than the gross domestic product
10:46 pm
of nine small island nations. certainly enough to make more than a few dreams reality. >> almost no one walks out this door without one of these in their hands. the odds of winning are one in nine -- 292.2 million. the odds of winning if you don't play, zero. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. and tracking the next round of rain. you can see the system offshore now, this is a nice looking weather system. it gets here tomorrow night, shower start late in the afternoon, early evening and the all quote -- they go all night into saturday morning -- evening. sunday looks like the best day on the weekend. a chilly night, fog showing up at the napa valley. dew points -- cool overnight lows. we will see grounder valley fog
10:47 pm
tomorrow morning. on the reservoirs, about 11 feet on the shasta dam. folsom lake is up but the rivers and lakes are like this -- they are finals so it's easy to come up to the bottom. rivers are like that to go but the first few feet -- too so it's easy to come up early on but it's harder as you fill the top of the cup later on. the hits keep coming, we are set up with more rain in the forecast as we head into tomorrow night. here we are tomorrow morning, the valley fog, here we are tomorrow evening, showers, there's the overnight showers into saturday.
10:48 pm
through saturday morning, a lot like this morning and then saturday afternoon not that bad. sunday here we go, nice looking day but fog in the morning. clouds command and here comes your monday system. the five-day forecast sends more rain, we've got to show this again only because frank was asking about how big the waves were. this is garrett mcnamara. >> he looks like just a tiny little thing out there. >> that's over 50 feet. that's as big as it gets. >> i know the waves are offshore but do you really get a sense of how big they are from shore? >>we were at the pure today and they hit the north a bit -- north american plate today so hard, everything shakes. in the annals of surfing, that picture will be making the rounds. it will go viral. >> that's great except that he dislocated his shoulder. >> he will be fine. another boat was out there today and the guys on the boat dislocated both shoulders going
10:49 pm
over one wave. really rough out there. smaller tomorrow. the niners interviewing for a new head coach. and the changes that dolores park. to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up. ?q i work here at my namfive star auto care. in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change
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crews are putting the
10:52 pm
finishing touches on the renovations at dolores park in san francisco. there are new benches and picnic tables and improvements to the walkways to make the park more accessible for disabled people. it costs about $20 million and is set to reopen a week from today. the city is hoping park users will be more courteous now and leave less graffiti and trash behind. jason in for mark tonight, the 49ers have their first real meeting today for the head coaching position, first meeting that we know of, right? >>yes they are starting to have coaches in and they had two coaches if you believe the reports. the search has officially begun and based on the first two interviews, it's offense they seek. they were dead last this year so they met with former eagles head coach chip kelly and buffalo bills assistant anthony lynn according to two sources. both are offensive minded coaches. kelly known for the fast-paced know for -- no huddle offense employed by the eagles the first
10:53 pm
-- the last three years. they dropped off this year and kelly fell out of favor. he was fired with one game left in the season. former raider head coach hugh jackson now with bangles is believed to be next in line for an interview this weekend with the 49ers. the 15 finalists for the hall of famer announced today. roger craig not among them but his former boss is one of the finalists. he was selected in the contributor category so he will need to receive 80 percent of the votes if he's able to make the hall of fame, 49er -- terrell owens also a finalist and in just his first year of eligibility as well. some people forget how good he was because of some of his shenanigans but he trails only great -- the great jerry rice for all-time receiving yards. winners are announced leading up to the super bowl.
10:54 pm
the sharks had five days to stew over there lost in winnipeg last saturday. would they be rusty or arrested tonight? jim harbaugh in the house. i think he's reminding 49er fans of what they want back. the sharks won the face-off, to brent burns, with the shot recuperate -- ricochets in. it's the 11th goal for ward tied at one but the bridge -- red wings come back. a little fight here at the end of the game. the sharks are not very good at home, just five and 12, they lose 2-1 and they dropped to 18- 18-2 on the season. >> they got both today with the signing of denard span. he was in washington the last three years, did a little bit of everything. lots of hits, triples, walks,
10:55 pm
good number of steals. 32 years old. pretty clear the giants are going for it again this year. they've now committed $326 million this off-season with the sign of spam and two pictures. the nba all-star game has always been a popularity contest but kobe bryant more votes than stephon curry? wow. both will start -- and so will terry -- draymond green. and he should. slight edge for grain over the spurs kawhi leonard. the all-star game is next month in toronto. still time to vote. greens visit -- biggest fan doing her part to make sure he gets the votes he needs. >> my mom says we've got facebook and twitter rocking. everybody votes. [laughter] okay mom, keep it going.
10:56 pm
>> he's from saginaw michigan. kobe bryant farewell tour continues. tonight playing in sacramento for the 33rd and final time, pretty good game, 28 points for kobe but the lakers are 8-29 this season. college hoops for you, taking on -- ronnie price for the layout, 22 points off the bench. they went 73-65. -- win 73-65. kyle collinsworth -- you don't see triple doubles often but this is his ninth triple-double. -- as the cougars win 97-61. st. mary's improved to 14 and one with the easy win over loyola marymount.
10:57 pm
>> good night.
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okay, what is this? we're making sure i'm tall enough to ride all the rides at disneyland. without having to spike up my hair. buddy... (tape measure retracts) we are good to go. sweet! i have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your mom's womb and said, "either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy." okay, no. gross. oh. all right... (can hissing) i want everybody to eat a lot at home because "the happiest place on earth" is also home to the most expensive churro on earth. come on. this is gonna be awesome. who doesn't love a day at disneyland? can't you and mom go without me? you're the kid. i think we need you to get in. it couldn't come on a worst day. the technology sector is tanking. we're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. we all get a thousand fake dollars to invest, and as the market closed yesterday, i'm in the lead. i may not be the tallest or the most athletic,


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