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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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man walk up to another passenger on a packed bart train saturday night and open fire. many people ran when the doors opened at the west oakland station because they thought it was a possible terrorist attack. police are looking for the gunman. ktvu henry lee joins us at the west oakland station with the latest developments. henry. >> reporter: julie we are hearing new information from a witness on the platform and learning about the victim. according to the coroner's office they are having problems identifying him. once they do that, they will determine whether or not he perhaps could have known his assailant. here at the west oakland bart station and why the victim was allegedly armed with a knife. let's go back to 7:45 saturday evening. this san francisco bound train was enroute pulling to the west
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oakland bart station when witnesses say the gunman was wearing a long trench quote and fired numerous shots at the victim and as the doors of the train opened the gunman fled and stunned witnesses tried to perform cp rand paramedics but he could not be saved. we caught up with a woman on the platform saturday night. let's hear what she had to say. >> i heard three rattling banks in succession. i noticed the train should have pulled out and was not and i saw a bunch of people running, running towards the door. i thought they were excited about something positive or happy. but then it became apparent within a matter of about two minutes that something in the realm of gunfire had happened and people were running for safety. i took cover immediately beneath a concrete wall and
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ducking. i do not feel good about riding bart. without security stationed in the car, there is not a lot that the passengers can do. people in the other car were running very scared to get out of that train and to get out of the station. there was no communication from bart or the station agent or the police insofar as what we -- all of the passengers were to do. >> now, bart police have also been tight lipped about the progress of their investigation if they have surveillance video or pictures of the assailant they are not sharing it. officers did detain one or two potential suspects but let them go after determining they were not the gunman. let me give you the description. a black male in his 20s and 30s, 6'2", slim broad with broad shoulders and a scruffy face and wearing a long green trench coat and dark hoodie and
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pants and had a backpack. if anyone has information about this person or perhaps saw them running away. you are asked to call bart police. live in oakland, henry lee. ktvu, fox 2 now. can't imagine how scary it was for the people on the train. the shooting on the bart train ug raising questions about security on public transit with so many people taking buses and trains every day and a superbowl coming to town that will make mass transit more crowded the question is what can be done to make sure buses and trains are safe. here is noel walker. >> reporter: when the west oakland bart station closed saturday night after one passenger shot another passenger dead and escaped into the crowd, it got this response from some regular bart riders. >> oh! wow. that's scary. what are they going to do then to try to prevent it? >> reporter: it is a challenge. we spoke to security expert by
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phone about how the transit system handles security with lots of people getting on and off buses and trains with great frequency. >> it can be every block. certainly we can't put airport type screenings at every block that a train stops at. >> reporter: with the superbowl coming up mass transit will be more crowded and beady that has consulted for muni and bart and the superbowl in the past says the big game can be declared a national security event opening it up to more funding. >> that allows local law enforcement to provide more security. >> there is risks. the terror bombings on the madrid bombs more than a decade ago show there doesn't need to be a big event for security to be vulnerable which is why beady says there will be more officers visible during the
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superbowl. >> it is just time to wake up and smell the roses and realize that a police state is not what we want to have but we do want to have the best security that a threat level dictates. >> reporter: since the paris attacks calls to add metal detectors at public transit stations, not something proposed in the u.s. instead there is a push for riders that see something to say something or in the case of last year's paris train attacks, three friends from sacramento who actually did something to stop it. >> so let's not be in denial. it starts to unfold recognize it and take the best course of action for your own safety and survival. >> in the end, public safety often rests on the public. noel walker. ktvu news, fox 2 news. and an autopsy shows a mentally ill inmate hit with
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bullets at the santa clara jail back in september died of natural causes. 32-year-old walter roach died as a result of a severe blood infection from a chronic urinary tract infection. he died a week after that confrontation with deputies. after that the sheriff banned guards from use plastic bullets and chemical sprays when dealing with mentally ill patients. a second teacher's aid charged with child abuse in antioch after there was video shown. a senior attorney said 26-year- old woman is charged with misdemeanor child abuse. arrested wednesday. another aid, 22-year-old chad corbin is failed with failing to report it. police say corbin has said that he didn't realize core was going to hit the boy.
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some big changes happening at levi stadium in preparation for the game. that includes a big sign that is five stories tall that is put up on the side of the stadium. ktvu maureen naylor is there tonight. a lot of work under way. >> reporter: it is. let me show you the billboard. it is about as tall as the stadium is high. we watched workers put it up. a big change with the superbowl less than four weeks away. this is what it looked like entering levi stadium today where workers were turning this field of dirt into a field of dream. >> george thomas was dubbed the nitty-gritty workman. he has worked on 50 superbowls helping to install new grass. >> it is a great honor and privilege. >> reporter: sky fox is over
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levi stadium. they are aware of any turf problems. >> the 49ers have addressed everything that they have done and they have done a great job. >> the nfl's field director showed us a piece of the turf that the players are playing on. it is real grass but grown on plastic which he says makes it a thicker tighter surface. >> the players will be out here for three hours but the field will be in use for 30 hours during the week with the pregame shows and the half-time rehearsals and all of that. it has to withstand that before it gets to the game. that's why it has to be extra tough. something you may not know about the grass they are bringing in. it is heavy. this little piece alone is about 40 pounds and more than an inch thick. outside the stadium superbowl preps are reaching new heights. look at the framework for two giant tents going up in the parking lot. no parking signs have been changed to no stopping signs. will you find rows and rows of
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metal barriers. on the stadium itself today, the team of three worked piece by piece to install a new billboard of the lombardi trophy. >> here is a huge infrastructure for the tents. the nfl will have practice fields and for the main field at levi, they have tarps ready to go in case of rain or freezing conditions. the parking lot is not that big to begin with and now when they are putting the huge tents up, where are people supposed to park if they are coming to the game or i imagine they are telling people to take mass transit. well mass transit is definitely a push. they will have a parking plan in place but we have seen a lot of security increase. several parking lots are closed off. barriers are to get in the stadium. we had to show an id. since the nfl has taken over the stadium. security has been increased and
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there will have a plan in place. that is a big point. you saw how big the tent is. maureen naylor outside of the stadium, thank you. a decision on the raiders moving to southern california could come this week. over the weekend nfl commissioner roger goodell rejected oakland's plan to keep the raiders at the coliseum. he says the same about efforts by st. louis and san diego to keep their teams. the city of oakland along with raiders fans have made it clear they want their fans to stay but the city says it is not willing to spend taxpayer money for a new stadium. the raiders and chargers have talked about building a new stadium and sharing it and the rams owner wants his own stadium in englewood. nfl owners will meet in houston to discuss the possibilities for a move by one team or two teams. and ktvu heather holmes is in houston and will bring us a live report on the 10:00 news. now to the 49ers. and their search for a new head
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coach. mark ibanez is here now and another name linked to the job. >> that's interesting. when jim tomsula was let go a lot of names surfaced and nothing has been done but a new name did surface today. that would be tom coughlin. interesting because last season he was the oldest coach in the nfl. 69 years of age. he actually resigned from the new york giants and not fired so is not totally a free agent. which means if some teams sign him to be coach some compensation owed to the new york giants but the 49ers have received permission to interview the very experienced and two time superbowl winning tom coughlin. also of note, hugh jackson the offensive coordinator with the cincinnati bengals eliminated in that crazy game saturday night against the pittsburgh steelers spent five hours with 49ers top brass. the interview went extremely
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well reportedly. however, hugh jackson was not offered a job. he is currently interviewing with the new york giants who had tom coughlin as we just mention resign. it is very much a carousel of nfl coaches. where anybody is going to end up is anybody's guess. interesting to note that hugh jackson interviewed with the 49ers. everyone said it went great but they did not offer him a job. obviously they are still entertaining other ideas. one of the things about jim harbaugh, he was a strong coach. you could probably argue that jim tomsula was not as strong. and we saw the results. do you think that 49ers will go for a more experienced, strong coach as opposed to giving someone his first head coaching job? >> when you say strong, i think what you mean is strong personality? >> exactly. >> which could be translation for difficulty to get along with, tough personality. it is up to the 49ers to decide whether or not they can handle that kind of a guy that is
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strong willed. >> and gets results. >> and puts his imprint on it. and you hope that they have grown from the jim harbaugh experience and let the egos settle down. it seems like they will take their time and go through the process because they want to get it right. >> if you were going to give me a timeline i would say it would be done before the superbowl, they want to be in the spotlight a little bit with them basically hosting the superbowl. i think we will get a decision in the next couple of weeks or so for sure. but they have got to get this right and i think it will be a big name like hugh jackson or tom coughlin. all right. mark thank you. developing news from the east bay where police are warning drivers about an intersection closed because of a sinkhole. this is the view from sky fox 2 of the intersection of krissy and el brayo street. it opened up because of a sewer
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main break that happened saturday morning. crews are working on an advisory but it is told that the intersection is closed to at least tomorrow night. it is the dark side of hosting big events such as the superbowl. and it happens all around the world. the hands-on training airport employees here in the bay area started today to fight back against human trafficking. plus remembering david bowie. the haunting songs and images he released last friday only days before he died. changing the signs on public restrooms restrooms in san francisco making them gender neutral. i will let you know when the rain returns in the five-
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day forecast.
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a san francisco supervisor is introducing legislation to make all restrooms gender neutral and to make the bathroom lines shorter for women. we learn why the new law would help those in the transgender community and people with disabilities and seniors. >> they rallied on the steps of city hall. >> this is common sense legislation. >> women transgender and seniors and those disabled. >> i am advocating for the commendation of the people and community that historically have not been given the time of day. >> showing support for supervisor david coppic's legislation to require san francisco businesses and city buildings to make single stall restrooms gender neutral. >> transgender folks are being demonized and use the to spread hate to the public at large. >> the law will be introduced
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at the board of supervisorrers meeting. it comes down to change signage to reflect signs that one is available for men and women. >> washington d.c. and north hollywood are ahead of the curve and san francisco you would think is leading the way is actually many years behind. >> for women the move means shorter lines. for parents with kids of the opposite sex, for seniors, those that are disabled with caregivers of the opposite sex, it takes the guesswork out. for those in the transgender community it could be potentially life changing. >> i am always on the edge. always ready to fight if i need to. >> vanessa was born a male but but identifies as a female. >> she what harassed using the restroom. >> you may have your parents telling you that you can't and students picking on you. that's something that i don't want to happen to kids to deal with. >> the law would not apply to
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multiple stall restrooms and be enforced through the human rights commission and building inspection. >> no one should feel threatened. no one should have to make the choice of not going to the bathroom. that's a choice that no one should be making. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty. fox 2 news. the last survivor of the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire has died. bill del monte passed away at a retirement home in morin and 109 years old and was just 11 days shy of his 110th birthday. del monte joined the annual events to mark the earthquake's anniversary until three years ago. he was three years old when it happened. they moved to san leandro when it hit. the city will dedicate the 110th anniversary on april 18th to him. the lottery officials say the jackpot for the upcoming drawing will be the largest in
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history. it is now estimated that the prize will be 1.4 billion dollars. the number is so large it can't be described on the lottery billboards. no one has won the jackpot since november 4th. the next drawing is on wednesday night. i was reading at its peak on saturday they were selling 1.2 lottery tickets per minute. >> my son wanted to get tickets and we got some. >> i told the kids we are going to be multimillionaires, they were so excited. >> you have to be part of it. >> let's go to bill in the weather center. how about rain. is that coming tonight? >> yes. later tomorrow afternoon and evening. we will get showers back in here. rain on that wednesday morning commute. you can count on that. there is a couple of systems staring us down. the one on wednesday will bring maybe an inch of rain. a significant system. very well el nino looking sky.
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tomorrow it will look like this all day. maybe a light sprinkle but cloudy like it was today. temperatures on the mild side. you will like that because you bring in temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s from the mid latitude storms. lined up in the pacific. there is three of them. not super strong and the next system on wednesday, the one you see right here. this one has got a pretty good one. look at the moisture. that is a good wack and that's going to be on tuesday night into wednesday morning. there's the system now kind of lingering offshore. tomorrow will be that transition day with more crowds. so dry tomorrow and wet our wednesday morning commute and wet again as we head to your friday. we got more showers. we will talk about that. radar spinning doesn't show anything. tomorrow i will be back here and they will be green around santa rosa i suspect. san francisco tomorrow morning cloudy, 48 degrees, mostly cloudy, we will call it and the
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day goes on. the sun comes out. 58 degrees. not bad for san francisco. as you peek at the afternoon, 55, 54 degrees, clouds thickening up and showers developing north of the morin headlines where we see the showers moving in for our rain event tuesday and wednesday. here we are tomorrow morning. there is rain. look at where it lingers up north. there we are tomorrow afternoon. you can see the leading edge. here we go to tomorrow night. this is midnight moving to wednesday morning and it is raining. the ground is wet. the commute, the ground is wet. 7:00 a.m. the ground is wet with scattered showers. not a lot of rain but this will change as we go in the next 12 hours. the next model will have more rain in the mid-morning. wednesday at 2:00, showers lingering and the mountains, a winter storm warning will be hoisted. and the winter weather advisory now and evening showers. on wednesday or evening on
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tuesday to wednesday. and then a little break and we get to it on friday and there is the brakes that we need and this wednesday is pretty good. not a good storm but a half- inch of rain what we need. >> and a break afterwards. >> doing about 90% of rainfall. this will push us to 97% of it. >> that's great. bill, we will see you in a little bit. remembering a musical icon after he loses his battle with cancer. >> look up here, i'm in heaven. >> up next, a look back at the impact david bowie has. also these haunting images from the album he released a couple of days before his death. coming up later. new at six, a youth baseball field targeted by vandals.
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what value do you get doing this to a league?
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thousands of people joined together to sing david bowie's song in the london neighborhood where he was born. a celebration of his remarkable life. stunning news of his death broke last night. his family says he died of cancer which bowie had not revealed publicly. mourned around the world. an innovator and his music was
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won constantly evolving. >> reporter ben hall says his final album for his fans. haunting images from his album. dying after an 18 month battle with cancer. his death two days after his birthday. >> he was a singer, actor and composer. he was an artist. he was a poet. >> born as david jones in london. bowie's recording career spanned five decades and known for his look and his ziggy alltar ego and married in 1992 and survived by two children. >> it is a struggle to understand how i am no longer 20. i don't know anybody else that
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this has happened to. most people, they get to 20. and they stay 20. it didn't happen for me though. i just went on and on and on. >> reporter: fans around the world mourning bowie's death. folks in london leaving flowers. he was paid tribute at his hollywood walk of fame star. >> musicically and artistically david bowie was a genius. for someone of my age, he provided the soundtrack of our lives. >> and perhaps fitting with his stardust persona being mourned from space where an astronaut saying he was an inspiration from many. in london ben hall, fox news. the downside of hosting a massive event like a superbowl. human trafficking. >> it is all over the world. it is the second largest
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industry in the world. very close to drug trafficking. this specific thing that all airports are being on the lookout for to fight back against human trafficking. >> how sean penn led authorities to el chapo and how it make take a year to bring him to the u.s. for trial. and the battle at the soccer field located right next
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to levi stadium. we have breaking news to tell you about. a small plane has made an emergency landing on highway 23 in moore park north of los angeles. there it is on your screen. it landed in the southbound direction. it is a lance airplane, a small, light plane. no word on how many people were on board and no report of injuries. it landed as precautionary measure. we don't know what went wrong. we are looking for more information and when we learn them, we will bring them to you. bay area airports will be a point of entry for human trafficking. it always happens during major events around the world. and one gentleman went to a training session where they are teaching specifically what to look for. >> we are talking to you about how we equip you to be the eyes
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and ears. >> airport and other personnel at sfo were trained to spot those people that may fit the profile of being a human trafficker for someone being trafficked. oakland and san jose airports get training wednesday. >> it is all over the world. the second largest industry in the world. very close to drug trafficking. >> we know that this type of activity increases during major sporting events like the superbowl and that's why we chose to timing to get off the latest round of training. >> human trafficking the politically correct saying of child sex. coerced labor plus every illegal abuse of nonconsenting defensive people. >> are they frightened, ashamed or nervous? are they afraid of uniformed security or under the control of a traveling companion. are they hungry, do they have
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bruises. >> it aids employees to identify and support suspicions to authorities. >> so people are coming in from out of town. they come in with the superbowl state of mind and they are looking to party in an area where they don't have the kind of accountability that they would if they were partying in their hometown. >> the training pulls no punches. >> and i was afraid. >> human trafficking instructor and flight attendent donna lynn hubbard knows what she is talking about. spent years as a single mother being sexually trafficked and beaten by a gang threatening her children. >> it is easy to identify victims because i see the look in their face and i understand them and see those individuals not in control of their own life, not in control of their paperwork. not in control of when they go to the bathroom. what they are allowed to say or who they are allowed to talk to. >> reporter: with hundreds of folks in all three airports educating thousands more, those engaging in human trafficking
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will get a much closer look. tom vacar, fox 2 news. a superior court judge heard final arguments over the nfl use of the soccer fields next to levi stadium during superbowl 50. keba arnold has been following this dispute and joins us with more. >> julie representatives from the youth soccer league or suing the nfl and the city of santa clear for use of the fields during the next two months. the judge will decide whether to issue a preliminary injunction. the nfl has other fields to use but not providing a hard and fast solution. >> it is not enough to say oh, we talked to this facility or that facility.
5:36 pm
is it available for the times and games scheduled. >> the soccer league attorney argue that replacement fields being offered would cost millions of dollars to rent which is not feasible for the league to pay. meanwhile the city and nfl have begun construction on the sign which will serve as a medium village and parking area at least in the time leading up to the superbowl. during the final arguments attorneys representing santa clara saying the youth soccer league had not offered the games that were scheduled for january and february and march. >> why would they schedule games? they have known for two years that the superbowl would be takes place and that soccer fields were going to be used by the for the superbowl. of course there aren't games scheduled or no schedule they can produce. >> this soccer park is adjacent to levi stadium. lawyers argued that keeping the park open to the public presents a security risk.
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both sides agree that they want the superbowl to be a success and hoping to come to a solution in this case. julie, the judge says he will release his decision tomorrow. let's hope they can find agreement one way or the other on this. thank you. a new plea for leads in the killing of two oakland men exactly three years ago today. 22-year-old edward childress was shot to death in the 2300 block of east 17th street at 2:30 in the afternoon. about a half hour later his friend 30-year-old larry lavet, jr. was found. they were seen together shortly before killed. childress' sister is asking for anyone with information to come forward. she says it's important that people help solve this case to get the killers off of the street. >> young men are dying for no reasons. our family member did not get a chance to be an adult.
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my brother has two sons that he doesn't raise because someone took his life. he was only 22. childress young sons were at the press conference. lavet left behind five children. up to $20,000 reward money being offered. the regular price of gas has dipped below two dollars. the national average price is at 1.97 a gallon. analysts says the price could fall to under a dollar. the average price for a gallon 2.86. and in the bay area it costs 2.83 and in san francisco 2.73 in san jose and 2.71 in oakland. bernie sanders making a run in the democratic race for president. the new poll that is giving him a chance of winning in both iowa and new hampshire.
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also ahead, new details about the arrest of mexico's drug king pin known as el chapo. how intelligence used sean penn's access to him to track him down. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area
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buick gnc dealers. >> acttor sean penn has no regrets about his meeting with el chapo. in a brief email exchanged with
5:42 pm
the associated press. he was asked about images published in the news media that showed images of penn and el chapo in a visit. legal authorities have started extradition to bring el chapo to face trial in the united states. the mexican attorney general's office says it won't be a simple process. >> he is in custody but getting chapo guzman to the u.s. will be more difficult than anticipated. the notorious drug pin is fighting extradition. under mexico's complicated legal system, that means getting him to an american jail cell could take a year or more and experts say time is not on their side. this is a guy who has had a network and bought and paid for and has a contingency plan and this is why extraditing him is
5:43 pm
important. god only knows who has him backed up again. another escape to endanger the partnership with the u.s. >> we have been embarrassed frankly. the last time they tried to bring him to justice he escaped. learning more about sean penn's role in guzman's capture. there was photos of the academy award actor taken by intelligence officials monitoring it and some criticized penn for meeting a criminal. others holding judgment. >> i wouldn't do it. it is personal. i wouldn't like to meet a criminal. >> i'm sure he was pursuing something creatively and thought of meeting with him would be valuable. he did it. >> guzman's defense now has three days to present arguments against extradition around 20 days against supporting evidence. penn is not commenting with his meeting with the world's most
5:44 pm
wanted man. authorities in philadelphia say they are still trying to determine if the man suspected of shooting a police officer at point blank range last week has ties to a group with radical beliefs. investigators say 30-year-old edward archer ambushed an officer and shot at him a number of times through the window of his patrol car. incredibly officer jessie hartnett survived even though he was shot three times. video of the attack shows a man in a long robe as he opened fire. archer confessed to the attack and said he pledged allegiance to isis. he is facing charges including attempted murder but currently none of the charges involve terrorism. >> we have to find some kind of direct or indirect evidence to support what this guy says. in other words. we just can't charge him with that because he said it. investigators are trying to look into the remarks. two months later on the
5:45 pm
run. there are new images of the man that likely orchestrated the paris attacks. where the terror suspects were just hours after the attack. plus hillary clinton has long been thought to be the democratic nominee but could the tide be shifting to bernie sanders. what a new poll is suggesting weeks before. tracking the rain in the five-day forecast. we have a couple of them. i am breaking them down for you
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after the break. isis is claiming responsibility for a mall attack in baghdad that killed 18 people including 4 police officers. iraqi authorities say there were seven gunman that launched an attack with a car bomb at the entrance and storm the the mall. iraqi forces killed four others and a 7 attacker was killed with a suicide vest. isis claimed responsibility for an attack north of baghdad that killed 23 people. new surveillance pictures of the main suspect in the paris attacks in november emerged. they show salah abdeslam. walking with a friend at a gas station. the images were taken a day after the attacks that killed 130 people. there is a warrant out for salah abdeslam. president obama will
5:49 pm
deliver his final state of the union address tomorrow. expected to focus on long term goals for the country and build on accomplishments he has made during his two terms in office. gun control is expeed to be a highlight. officials say a chair and the first lady's box will be empty. left empty to honor victims of gun violence. following the speech, cabinet members following around the country to promote the president's proposal. you can watch tomorrow's primetime address on ktvu at 6:00 p.m. the crowded field of republican presidential candidates have dominated the headlines but with three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses. the race on the democratic side is getting more interesting. >> reporter: despite a series of scandals including the use of a private email account while second of state hillary clinton has long been the overwhelming favorite to win the democratic nomination but now the tide may be turning. as a new poll shows bernie
5:50 pm
sanders maintaining his lead over clinton in new hampshire and pulling to within the margin of error in iowa. >> i think it is ironic that in the midst of all of the contrary evidence secretary clinton is running suggesting that she would be the most electable. >> reporter: clinton remains focused on her campaign. hitting back at two go p candidates relentless in their attacks to her. >> donald trump and ted cruz and their powerful friends may be trying to drag us back to the stone age but we have got our sites set on the future. >> reporter: donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tight battle with iowa republicans with cruz at 28% and donald trump at 24%. still in the margin of error. the billionaire real estate developer says the reason cruz has got close in iowa is that the texas senator has adopted some of donald trump's own campaign platforms.
5:51 pm
>> he has changed what he has done. he said we have to build a wall. >> reporter: of the four senators in the presidential race, only ted cruz is going miss the presidential debate while campaigning. let's talk about the weather and bring in meteorologist bill martin because we will get more rain and that picture behind you. >> beautiful. frank is looking at a live camera shot from emery looking at san francisco. that's the shot, right? >> yes. look at the new bridge. >> i swear it is the prettiest city. i get letters when i say that. there may be some that are close. >> you are not going to get an argument from me. >> not going to argue with you. >> here is what we got. clouds out there and folks driving home and roads dry and roads dry tomorrow too.
5:52 pm
drizzle but dry. as we head to wednesday, back to the wet. rain on the wednesday morning early commute with scattered showers in the afternoon. got a couple of storms lined up, 1-2-3 and they are not -- this one tomorrow has got some pretty good gain. maybe a half-inch and that gets here tomorrow night and into wednesday morning. the main event really is going to be between midnight and four a.m. in the morning. so there will be wet roads. if you get rain you can have standing water and the high waters won't be on the road as they were last week for the drive but it will be wet. wednesday's commute you may want to carpool or take an alternative route. 55 in concord and right now it is 55 in santa rosa on the mild side. we are in san jose cloudy and nice day. when i say nice day, i mean dry, we got a lot of wet days under our belt and we will get
5:53 pm
more. anytime we get a day with clouds and mild, upper 50s and mid-50s. not a bad deal. some sunshine tomorrow at lunchtime. as we head to tomorrow afternoon, nice. right? clouds starting to increase as we head to the evening and we get rain by midnight. model does this. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. rain north of the valley, fog right there. contours to the valley. we get into tomorrow evening. still stays north and drizzle in here. now we get to wednesday, one a.m., two a.m. it is wet and all counties are wet. and the wednesday morning commute a half-inch of rain in the heavier locations at 8:00 a.m. wet on the ground and maybe showers in the sky in santa rosa. five days rainfall and maybe an inch to two inches of rain in the bay area. none are slam-bang big storms
5:54 pm
but definitely going to keep us wet and keep the commute moving slow. wednesday morning commute wet and wednesday afternoon dry. a pet store wants people to be on the lookout for most unusual snake theft. interesting story. the video that shows how far a person was willing to go to get away with a $200 python. and an active vandalism leaves a youth baseball league scrambling. a look at the damage and the efforts to clean up before the season begins. >> there will be a team. i
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will promise you that. thousands of sacramento residents being advised to boil their water before they drink it. this cafe owner under a boil advisory and boiling the water for one minute before it is called and iced for his customer. chemists detected bacteria in the water last thursday. a dangerous bacteria but it can be a warning about others and testing is ongoing. water officials believe the problems in the pipes. >> the pipes tend to build up bacteria on the surface. any sudden changes in water flowing through can loosen that and you can see positives.
5:58 pm
>> the effective area is between the sacramento river and interstate 5. state officials are expected to issue an update on the testing and the advisory tomorrow. a very unusual theft at a pet store in oregon. these video images, watch closely, they show a man tucking a two foot long python down the front of his pants. it happened in portland. the owner of the store says she had no problem finding the theft on the store's video security system. >> you will see him put it in his pants, yuck. >> he is lucky it was not feeding days. that is on monday and they are hungry. >> lucky it was not feeding day. she has seen the man at her shop but this time with a woman with blue hair. that snake is worth $200. superbowl 50 now less than
5:59 pm
a month away and levi stadium is being transform. the rush is on to make sure it is ready for one of the biggest events in the world. >> we always plan for the worse and hope for the best. >> one of the biggest challenges making sure pass problems at levi stadium don't come back. we are now less than 27 days away from the superbowl. take a look at the official count down on the nfl website to kickoff. ktvu's maureen naylor shows us the preparations being made before february 7th. this is what it looked like entering levi stadium where work is under way to turn the field of dirt into a field of dreams. >> it is another day at the office. >> sports illustrated george tomia the nitty-gritty dirt man, the 86-year-old has worked on many superbowls installing new grass. >> a great privilege.
6:00 pm
>> sky fox is over levi stadium as the crews started to lay down new turf. they are aware of the turf trouble in 2014. >> we are ready for anything and have a backup. 49ers have addressed everything. they have done a great job. >> this afternoon the nfl's field director showed us a piece of the turf the players will be playing on. it is real grass but grown on plastic which he says makes it thicker and tighter surface. >> the field will be in use for 30 hours and has to withstand that before the game. >> something you may not know about the grass, it is heavy. this little piece alone is about 40 pounds and more than an inch thick. and 25 truck loads are brought in. if all goes as expected it should be ready to play by tomorrow. outside the stad


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