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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us, if you're just waking up it's tuesday, january 12th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. something is coming. should we take an umbrella? >> no, tonight. and tomorrow morning, yes. not this morning. >> some breaks in the clouds and increasing clouds. we'll end up near 60 for many. and the breeze out of the southeast will start to crank up. the system is well offshore and will slowly work in with increasing clouds. and increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. rain is already up north. and rainfall amounts tonight and tomorrow. a third of an inch to a half inch. and points north a half inch to an inch and a half. especially the russian river northward. the system is clipping crescent city. it's not in mendocino county yet. the main front is late tonight.
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40s and 50s on the temps, and there's the system. it looks pretty good. a development back here will slow it down and maintain the intensity. it will get here. and morning sun and increasing clouds and partly sunny for a while. the breeze out of the southeast will crank up later tonight. and almost a few mid-60s. here he is, mr. sal castaneda. we're doing okay but it's getting a little bit more crowded now that we're in the 6:00 hour. let's take a look at what we have. this is a look at the bay bridge, backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. very ordinary, nothing new. and once you get on the bridge it's moderate in san francisco. and traffic in san mateo is not bad as you drive to the peninsula. as we look at the maps and our maps are color crowd coded when you see a lot of green that's good. we see slowing in hayward and
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the dumbarton bridge looks good. and traffic looks good on all the freeways so far. 6:01 and back to the desk. this morning, the chp is investigating a car to car shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. there have been a string of shootings there since november and the latest last night. one of the injured victims was a 12-year-old boy. alex savidge at a gas station where the child's family went for help. alex-- >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. and along with that child, there were two other victims discovered late last night. a man and a woman who were both wounded by gunfire. they apparently drove themselves to the hospital and according to investigators they were the intended targets in this case. but it was this innocent family that was caught in the middle of all of this. a close call for them as the bullet came flying through window of their car last night. a 2-year-old child was in the backseat and hurt by shattered
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glass. this all happened around 7:45 as the family of five was driving east on i-880 near richmond park way. there were two adults in the front and three kids in the backseat. after the car was hit by gunfire they pulled off the freeway into a gas station looking for help. >> it's pretty miraculous that none of the occupants were hit, especially the three children that were seated in the backseat. so they should count they're blessings tonight. it definitely was pretty miraculous. >> reporter: initially, the chp thought only the war with the children -- the car with the children was struck by gunfire. later in the night, two other shooting victims showed up at that nearby hospital. investigators believe that those two were the intended targets in that freeway shooting. they were in another car. both the man and the woman are expected to survive.
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obviously, this has been an issue on i-80 since last year. there have been five shootings along this stretch of freeway in knowest of the cases authorities believe they were not random acts of violence and they have not drawn any connections between the shootings as of yet. obviously, as we have seen, innocent people get caught in the middle of the violence that plays out in the middle of a busy freeway. >> it's good that it's not random. and it's scary that it's targeted but it's certainly a busy freeway. >> right. and as we saw last night. quite a few shots obviously were fired. there were the intended targets, a man and a woman who were hit by the gunfire. and then you have one of the bullets that goes right through a family's car and obviously they were pretty shaken up and lucky that nobody was seriously hurt. >> hopefully, the investigators will get to talk to the people who were the targets and maybe
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we'll get more information. >> hopefully so. we are also following developing stories about terror attacks this morning in turkey and an explosion from a suicide bomber in a popular tourist area of istanbul killed at least 10 people. it was just announced that the suicide bomber was a 28-year- old from syria. most of those killed were foreigners, reportedly many of them german. in addition to the 10 killed, another 15 were injured. we're getting a look at the aftermath of an attack on a shopping mall in baghdad that killed 15 and injured 50. the attackers set off a car bomb and then gunmen stormed before setting off the suicide bomb vests. the islamic state terrorist group is claiming
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responsibility. football fans are focused on the nfl playoffs leading up to super bowl l at levi's stadium. today nfl owners are taking up another big issue. the possible relocation of the oakland raiders and two other teams. janine de la vega has the latest developments. >> reporter: something that could be a factor in the decision making with the nfl owners when they decide which team should move to l.a. would be levi's stadium. it's brand new and that could be a viable option for the raiders. three teams are vying to move to l.a, the raiders, the chargers, and the rams. the l.a. times is reporting that the majority of nfl owners prefer the rams and chargers moving to l.a. and sharing a stadium at a site in englewood. that plan leaves the raiders to build their own stadium or
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share levi's stadium with the raiders. it may be hard to justify relocating. they are hoping that the nfl and owners keep the raiders in the city. >> we are really hopeful that the raiders know that oakland is part of the raiders and the raiders are part of oakland. >> reporter: the chargers' owner has teamed up with the raiders and proposed building a new stadium in carson. nfl owners will review that plan and see which team or teams have the best chance to succeed in l.a. the vote is expected tomorrow. as far as the raiders possibly sharing with the niners, a lot would have to happen and a deal would have to be worked out with the 49ers. that's still very much in the infancy stages. it hasn't come up yet. but it may come up in the talks
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today. so we'll just have to see what happens. >> janine de la vega from santa clara, thank you. >> stay right here with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage of the nfl relocation meetings. heather holmes will bring us a live report from houston. and you can follow heather on twitter. get updates from the meetings at @heatherktvu. bart police continue to search for the suspect who shot and killed a man on one of the trains. the lead investigators are pursuing as they try to identify the shooter. and first a final state of the union address for president obama. we'll bring you a live report from the white house with what officials are calling a nontraditional speech. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is not too bad if you're driving around the golden gate bridge it looks good heading south. and we'll have sun and increasing clouds. rain is on the way but not
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:11. president obama preparing for tonight's final state of the union address for him. white house officials say he's planning a nontraditional speech. reporter doug luzader is joining us live from the white house with more on what that really means, doug -- >> they've no doubt spent a lot
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of time at the white house crafting the speech. the president doesn't have much time left in office so this state of the union address may focus largely on the president's legacy. [ applause and cheering ] >> reporter: this is the last time that president obama will make this walk down the aisle for the state of the union address. and the white house is trying to make this year's speech resonate. >> i'm working on my state of the union address. it's my last one. >> reporter: the white house released this presidential preview. aides say we shouldn't expect a laundry list. a push to expand obama care and a call for action on climate change and the trans-pacific trade deal. other issues are sure to cause consternation but the promise to close the guantanamo bay
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facility. and a single empty chair will represent the victims of gun violence. >> i think there's not a constitutional question. this is a question of protecting the american people, 30,000 died last year from gun violence. that's too many. >> it's raised constitutional concerns for congress, including for paul ryan who will officially host the president. >> i don't want to see us get distracted from doing what we need to do which is to focus on terrorism, not on frustrating the first amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. >> it will be delivered by nikki haley. >> reporter: we mentioned the guests of the first lady including that empty chair to represent victims of gun violence. also in the first lady's box -- whose partner was killed in the san bernardino attacks. >> doug luzader at the white
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house, thank you. among the high profile guests invited to tonight's state of the union address is spencer stone. he's the airman from san francisco who helped to stop a terrorist attack on a train in france. he and two dozen other guests were selected because they represent as americans as inclusive and compassionate, innovative, and courageous. another vip who will be there tonight, former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh. he and his wife will be the guests of two michigan congressman. he just wrapped up a successful first season as head coach of the university of michigan. he's met the obamas a couple of times. and you can watch the state of the union address right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 6:00. rand paul and carly fiorina did not qualify to appear on the main stage for thursday's
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presidential debate. only the top seven will be allowed to take part. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rob ye, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush, and john case itch. rand paul is bow coting the lower debate and calls it a mistake. the race for the gop nomination is increasingly looking like it will be between ted cruz and donald trump. >> they actually said if i win a 30le and she wins, it's going to be the largest voter turnout in the history of the country and that's a good thing. hillary clinton is looking to close the so called enthusiasm gap between her and rival candidate vermont senator bernie sanders. he continues to draw crowds. and a wall street journal poll
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shows sanders within 3 points of clinton in the iowa caucuses. watch the debate on the fox business network. let's get you out the door. hey, sal, i believe you can do anything. can you take care of highway 24? >> yes, we can. it looks pretty good. westbound 24 as you drive up to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland, it is not a bad drive at all. as a matter of fact, it continues to look very good and if you're driving to the oakland side it continues to be a nice drive. but you can tell by looking at the brake lights in lafayette that it's beginning to slow down. bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. and we've been looking at the commutes in the south bay. traffic on 101 off to a good start. it's been nice and quiet. this might change but for now. you're off to a good start.
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6:16 and steve, tonight for the afternoon commute, let's say from 4:00 to 7:00, are we okay? >> i think we're okay. i think it's late tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we'll be busy. >> you got it. >> we'll get right to the weather first. but we have a first. you have to go all the way out in the central park to find it. we have the earliest known hurricane on record. yes. now it's not going to impact the hawaiian islands although the swell did for the south facing beaches of oahu. p-a-l-i-- hurricane p-a-l-i. it's very early in the season. and it's very close to the equator which you don't get the core owe less effect. it's rare to get a hurricane down here. rare to get one that far south because the water is so warm. just like that. we already have our first one.
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the track is all over the place but it might drift back to the equator. it's interesting on many levels. we'll have a nice morning. and it will turn partly to mostly cloudy. and there's rain on the way. but it will be later tonight to tomorrow. not a lot until tonight. and then we pick up some of the rainfall rates and most will be to the north. and the pattern is favoring everything to the north over the next five to seven days. southern california is not going to get in on the mix but northern california is. over the next week, 11 inches of rain on the north coast. not as much here but hefty totals. more 50ings earlier. and we'll gets breaks in the clouds. santa cruz mountains 40s. morgan hill, 42. and cupertino at 44. the system will continue to work in but it has a ways to go. we have to wait for the front to get back here and that will be late tonight and tomorrow.
6:19 am
it's aligning itself north to south and it has more energy and more dynamics. and we'll increase the clouds and the breeze picks up out of the southeast and that equals a warmer pattern. upper 50s and low 60s. and santa rosa 58. the santa clara valley recovering from the low 40s. and maybe some mid-60s. rain tonight to wednesday and then off and on rain thursday and a break friday and another system on saturday. uh-huh. >> okay. keep it coming, steve. >> he's on it. well, the santa clara youth soccer league versus the nfl. today is the day a judge is expected to rule. coming up in 15 minutes, the new offer from the san jose earthquakes for an alternative field. a youth baseball team was vandalized in fremont. we'll show you the damage and the scramble underway as the
6:20 am
kids' season is just about to start.
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this is the picture of the day as far as i'm concerned. it's something you just have to see to believe. a frozen car. this is in buffalo, new york, the entire car is frozen and sitting on what looks like an
6:23 am
ice skating rink. the car was parked along lake erie and it turned to ice after waves crashing over the wall hit the car. it's completely frozen and no word on how long it's going to take for the owner to get the car back. it's going to be sitting there as an ice sculpture. >> damage to the car -- i don't know -- when it gets that cold. >> i'm not sitting in there. >> new this morning, firefighters in vallejo trying to figure out what caused two back to back fires on the same street. the first happened about 1:30 this morning. and the second started shortly before 2:00 at the animal advocates veterinarian hospital. this is the second fire at the animal hospital in just the past 30 days. both fires started outside the buildings and no one was hurt. mexico's military released video of when they raided the
6:24 am
hideout of escaped mexican drug lord el chapo leading to his arrest. [gun] >> this video is incredible from the helmet cameras worn by mexican marines during the raid. six of el chapo's gang members were killed in the shootout at the house. as the raid was happening, guzman escaped through a secret passage and was captured a short time later. he's back in the same maximum security prison he broke out of six months ago. in the meantime, actor sean penn has no regrets about his secret visit back in october to interview el chapo for rolling stone magazine. a mexican newspaper published surveillance photos taken by intelligent officials. mexico's attorney general says sean penn's interview with the drug lord helped lead to the
6:25 am
capture. a fremont baseball league had their field vandalized. someone broke through padlocks and through red paint around and completely destroyed the snack bar and that's the biggest source of money for the league. and they broke into the equipment shed and stole everything and take a look at the batting cages. they are twisted and bent beyond recognition. >> in two weeks we have our tryouts and the teams are picked and they have to start practicing and they need the equipment to practice. what value do you get from doing this to the league? >> the league believe it will cost in the thousands of dollars and that is money it does not have. parents are fundraising and fremont police are investigating. the san francisco 49ers will interview former new york giants coach tom coughlin. he resigned from the giants last week. and is still under contract
6:26 am
with the giants. the 49ers had to ask for permission to talk to him. he's a two time super bowl winner and has 20 years of coaching experience. the 49ers have interviewed former raiders head coach hue jackson. and former eagles coach chip kelly and several assistant coaches. 6:26 is the time. fans continue to mourn david bowie. what he told friends about his cancer diagnosis. and we're live in san francisco where the newly elected sheriff is proposing new policy changes for the department. we'll tell you more about what the changes are coming up. and we're looking at the east bay commute. and 680 southbound doesn't look bad. and this is a look at westbound 80, the macarthur maze, a little bit of slowing coming around to the bay bridge toll plaza. and not too bad. we're rain free and tonight
6:27 am
we'll have a system moving in which will give us rain. we'll talk about that and the next five to seven days rather wet in northern california.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us, it's tuesday, january 12th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us, it's just about 6:30. and you were talking about that car, steve. >> waves from lake erie crashing over sub freezing temperatures. once it hits that it freezes. >> december was very, very warm. >> so that car is not going anywhere for a while because the temperatures are pretty cold. >> in the old days you used to get out the credit card. i think you'll need a blow torch. >> a chisel. >> hammer and chisel. >> i'll share this anyway.
6:30 am
a long time ago when i lived in detroit and i worked for a contractor. his line was hammer and chisel and we'll fix it. we have increasing clouds throughout the day. it's okay for the morning. it's a little brisk but we're not dealing with any rain. sal asked a very astute question. what about the evening commute? i think it's okay unless you're up north. tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with rain. the system is on the way but it has a ways to go. for us, 40s and 50s, and mainly more 40s. a decent system. another whopper of a low off vancouver. and our system is slowing down and will maintain its strength. morning sun and slowly, slowly increasing clouds. a little warmer and the southeast breeze picks up and that equals a lot more 60s than we've seen for a while. it's 6:30. what can you tell us about the
6:31 am
traffic? >> it's more crowded but not all that bad. i think that tomorrow we'll get one of those days. hopefully, today will be easy. let's see what we have with the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been slow from 5:30. we're an hour in before you make it to the bridge. no problems on the bridge. and of course, we always watch this closely. and we're looking at a commute where traffic is okay on 880. and if you're heading to the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge we're off to a good start. and we're looking at commute on the santa clara valley freeways where we begin to see slow traffic as you drive on 85 and 101. getting word of a new crash northbound 17 near the summit. and that may be slowing traffic as you come down from santa cruz into the valley. 6:31 and back to the desk. days after being sworn in as san francisco's new sheriff. looks like sheriff vicki hennessy will change the policy
6:32 am
when it comes to dealing with federal immigration officials. ryan flores in san francisco now. so when might this change occur, brian? >> that remains unclear. but good morning to you. we spoke with vicky hennessy back in november as she was on the campaign trail. if elected she could instruct her deputies to cooperate with customs enforcement on a case by case basis. and it fares she's on the first -- the newly elected sheriff is working with legal advisers to rescind a memo by the former sheriff. the paper also quotes that she is working with the chief of staff and working with operational staff and other community members as well. as you recall, the memo issued in march of last year advised the sheriff's department officials not to cooperate with i.c.e. when undocumented immigrants
6:33 am
are released without a court order. it came under heavy scrutiny after the death of -- back on july 1st of last year. deported five times and also a convicted felon. at the time hennessy said she would prefer to look at the release of undocumented immigrants on a case by case basis. and it remains unclear when the policy would take place. and she's working on it. and we'll try to get in touch with the sheriff's department and possibly vicki hennessy. time now is 6:33. and ktvu has learned that bart police are investigating what is being called good surveillance video of the suspect in saturday's deadly shooting on the bart train in oakland. the bart police will not say whether the surveillance video came from cameras on the train or at the platform. a gunman on the train approached the victim as the train was pulling in.
6:34 am
the gunman fired twice, then left the train as the doors opened. >> we are pursuing all leads that we have regarding looking at our own surveillance video and looking at the surrounding businesses' videos in order to identify who the suspect is. >> the coroner's office is trying to identify is it victim. and they have not confirmed that he was a foreign national as we've been hears. witnesses say the shooter is an african-american man in his 20s or 30s. about 62 headlight or 6'3" with a slim build, broad shoulders and a scruffy face. he was wearing a long green trench coat, a dark hoody, dark pants and a backpack. fremont police are announcing that a teenager who disappeared 33 years ago may have been a victim of foul play. daniel mailer was 14 years old on october 5, 1982.
6:35 am
officers thought at the time he may have run away. fremont place are investigating leads which may indicate that he did not runaway. investigators have not commented on what prompted the change. several reports this morning saying david bowie died of liver cancer. the new york daily news decided a theater director who worked with him. friends say he told them about it a year ago and kept working. he cowrote an off broadway musical based on his songs. in the meantime, fans are leaving flowers, candles and other mementos at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. a santa clara county judge is expected to rule today on a legal battle between the nfl and a youth soccer league. the soccer league wants the judge to issue an injunction
6:36 am
for the nfl to stop work on the fields. they say the permit only allows youth soccer but the city offered up the fields for the super bowl which canceled two months of soccer games. the mercury news reports that the san jose earthquakes are offering their new stadium and a practice field to the youth league but no details have been worked out. super bowl sunday is just 26 days away. and some of the people who live near levi's stadium are anxious about what's going to happen in their neighborhood on super bowl day. the santa clara police chief held a community meeting talking about possible security and traffic issues. his department is working with the department of homeland security. the people we talked to in the neighborhood say the biggest concern right now -- they don't know what to expect. >> so i really don't know what's going to happen. i'm hoping for best. i'm hoping that everybody behaves themselves and don't trash the neighborhood and obey
6:37 am
the law and do the right thing. >> the police chief says problems with traffic may be the biggest headache. tasmin drive in front of the stadium will be closed beginning january 31st. and 400 nfl buses will use a specially designated lane on highway 101. levi's stadium is being transformed now into the home of super bowl l. one of the big concerns at any super bowl -- the field. that's really true at levi's stadium which has had problems with the turf during 2014. but the nfl says it's standard procedure to lay down all new grass. that's because the field will be in use for the about 30 hours not just the three hours the game is scheduled to last. >> the field will be in use for 30 hours during the week with the pregame shows, the halftime rehearsals and all of that. it has to withstand that before it gets to the game. that's why it has to be extra
6:38 am
tough. >> the field would be ready to play on today if it was necessary. now they just have to keep it maintained through super bowl game day. a placerville man is suing the 49ers, accusing the team of kicking him out of levi's stadium because of his service dog. james hill burn suffers from a neurological disorder and his service dog helps him when he has seizures. he was initially allowed in to a game in november and was later approached and asked to leave. according to the lawsuit, the stressful situation triggered a seizure and forced him to be taken to the hospital. he claims the team violated the americans with disabilities act and is seeking unspecified damages. the team has not commented on the lawsuit. the record jackpot continues to grow. the prize is $1.4 billion. that number is so large it
6:39 am
can't be displayed on many lottery signs. no one has won since november 4th. the next drawing is tomorrow night. the odds of winning are one in 292 million. >> i'm still going to be your friend when i win. >> i'd buy you a few things if i win, sure. human trafficking is typically a big problem during the super bowl. the training that workers at local airports are getting now so they can spot possible victims. if you missed it a thrilling national championship game. the gusty play that helped alabama roll to the win. traffic is going to be busy at the toll plaza. no major problems though as you drive on the bridge. clouds will be on the move and no rain this morning. it's on the way for tonight. we'll talk about that and what's in store for the rest of the week.
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welcome back. we are checking in on wall street. a much different day today. first few minutes in the trading session. a live look at the dow jones, up 1%. that's after another down day for the asian stock markets overnight. japan's nikkei was closed yesterday for a holiday and got the first chance to respond to what's going on in asia today, down 3% there.
6:43 am
analysts blame falling oil prices. hong kong and singapore continued slides. and china closed with a small gain and it's leading to strong gains in europe and the u.s. markets will be hit with a barrage of earnings reports in the next week or two. oakland police looking for a man who kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted a woman early sunday morning. this is the only photo police have of the suspect now. this man grabbed a 23-year-old woman, took her to a excluded spot and then assaulted and robbed her. this happened near broadway and 23rd about 1:30 sunday morning. police say he may be the same man blamed for a similar attack december 17th near piedmont and randwick avenues. oakland police are looking for help to solve a double murder that happened exactly three years ago.
6:44 am
edward childress was shot to death about 2:30 in the afternoon on january 11, 2013. 30 minutes later the body of his friend, larry lovette jr. was found near diamond park. they believe lovette was lured or taken by force to the place where childress was shot. his sister spoke for witnesses to come forward. >> this young man dying for no reason -- our family members die for no reason. they didn't get a chance to be adults. my brother does not get a chance to raise his children. he was only 22. >> his two young sons were wearing pictures of him on their sweatshirts. lovette left behind five children. up to $20,000 in reward money is being offered in this case. time is 6:44. let's check in with gasia and see what's coming up in the
6:45 am
next hour of mornings on 2. >> reporter: that's a heartbreaking story. coming up in the next hour, we've been talking about the capture of el chapo. there's a lot of attention on his fashion choices. how a southern california business is cashing in after photos of the shirt focused. and if you fall asleep scrolling through the iphone or reading on the ipad, you'll want to know about big changes coming in apple's new operating system update. the change is designed to help your fall asleep faster. what is happening that makes it tougher to transition to sleep. see you in a few more mornings on 2. more exciting news for the warriors, the 5th team in nba history to win 36 straight home regular season games. they beat the miami heat last night. it was a close game and steph
6:46 am
curry once again leading with 31 points. draymond green with 22. the warriors are 36-2 and head to denver to play the nuggets and back home hosting the lakers on thursday. and it will be kobe bryant's final game at oracle. the alabama crimson tide have the second team since 1936 to win four national titles in seven seasons. they beat clemson 45-40. a really gutsy call in the 4th quarter right here. nick saban called for an on sidekick off the team tied the game and alabama recovered. and two plays later it took the lead back for good with a 51- yard touchdown. alabama would score two more touchdowns. clemson got within 5 points but couldn't converge on the on sidekick. this is coach saban's 5th
6:47 am
national championship, one short of what bear bryant did, the most of all time. >> very exciting. college football. 6:46 is the time. let's check in with sal. right now we are doing well out there, pam and dave. i mean it's slow in some areas but not too bad. let's take a look at what we have now. this is a look at the commute if you're driving on the san mateo bridge. it's getting a little bit more crowded heading to the high- rise and the peninsula. and we're look target toll plaza and the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, and that traffic will be okay this morning. we might be having a little bit of trouble with the toll plaza camera. it's a 10 to 15 minute delay. traffic on 101 northbound, a little bit slow. northbound 101 after 280 they are clearing a crash and slow traffic heading to sunnyvale. let's get right to it. we have increasing clouds and a
6:48 am
little chill in the air. a few 30s up north. mainly 40s around here. oakland, alameda ferry -- [ indiscernible ] >> calm morning and the breeze is going the pickup and rain moves in tonight. first of all. we have a hurricane, what? it's in the central pacific. the earliest known one. water temperatures extremely warm. so it's pretty far away from hawaii but some of the swell has reached oahu. a question was asked. now it rotates clockwise, if it crossed the equator, would that change the direction? the answer is no. so the core owe less effect is weak. we have rain and increasing
6:49 am
clouds and a combination over low clouds and higher clouds. the system is going to continue to march towards us. the rainfall looks okay. maybe a quarter inch to a half inch south of san francisco. and then you go north and you'll find more. an inch and a half around the santa cruz mountains. and definitely up to the russian river. the rain is going to take a while to get here. 40s and 50s on the temps. they have cooled off in the last hour. north bay except for bodega bay is all 40s. mill valley is 44. and at the napa airport -- the breeze is going to turn easterly and southerly as the system gets closer. the breeze will pick up tonight and tomorrow. not a bad looking system. there's plenty of rain behind that. you must travel to the sierras, the earlier you go the better.
6:50 am
the winter storm watch goes through wednesday evening. higher peaks, 2 feet. a series of systems continue to work towards us and extremely wet for northern california. more rain thursday and a break friday and another front on saturday. morning sun and increasing clouds throughout the day. and we'll with a little warmer as the breeze picks up. and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s and not a bad start to the day. and by tonight we cloud up and usher in rain overnight into wednesday morning. and some hit and miss rain on thursday and a break friday and more rain on saturday. time is 6:50. more controversy over air b and bs. why 90% of e rentals are still not regulated.
6:51 am
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that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at it's 6:53 and new this morning, fire officials in ohio say a couple and their two daughters, ages eight and 12, they were killed last night. their house suddenly exploded. this happened 20 miles south of cleveland, ohio. neighbors tried to rescue them but the upper floor was engulfed in flames. one neighbor who lives across the street says the force of the explosion shook her house. the cause of the explosion is being investigated. a san jose security guard
6:54 am
was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a woman whose car broke down. he stopped to help a woman and her friend on saturday. they say he told them he was a police officer and offered to give the victim a ride home. police say it was during that ride that diaz attacked her. and now the victim's friend was given a ride by a tow truck driver. police arrested diaz near the woman's apartment complex. san francisco police are looking for a man suspected of injuring a 2-year-old girl in an armed robbery. the man jurisprudenced out of a car near courtland and prospect avenues. he knocked over a stroller and the child in the stoler hit her head on the ground. the man stole the woman's purse, hit her with a handgun and yanked a tablet computer out of a toddler's hands. the suspect got away in a black sedan. a san francisco supervisor
6:55 am
wants the city to offer a public apology to the family of mario woods. he was the man shot and killed by police last month. david campos will introduce the resolution proposing the apology. the resolution also calls for july 22nd, to be declared mario woods remembrance day. his mother is expected to attend the supervisors meeting. he was a stabbing suspect and had a knife with him during officers. later today, supervisor campos will introduce legislation to make gender neutral bathrooms mandatory in san francisco. people rallied in front of city hall supporting the proposal. the proposal would require businesses and city buildings to make all single stall
6:56 am
bathrooms for men and women. >> other cities have been ahead of the curve. and san francisco which you would think would be leading the way is actually many years behind. >> supporters say the gender neutral bathrooms would lead to shorter lines for women. and it would also help transgender people. parents with kids, and anybody helping someone who is elderly or disabled of the opposite sex. the law would not apply to multiple stall bathrooms. chips, chocolate, and other junk food may soon disappear from some vending machines in san francisco. the supervisor wants to ban sugary and fatty items from vending machines on city property. and that includes city hall and san francisco international airport. he'll introduce the idea today. his plan would require healthier foods at city meetings. the last known survivor of the 1906 san francisco
6:57 am
earthquake and fire has died. william delmonte was 109 years old. just 11 days shy of his 110th birthday. he joined the annual events to mark the quake's anniversary until a few years ago. he was three months old when his family escaped by ferry. he remembered his parents' stories. >> my brother grabbed a table cloth and carried me out in the table cloth. >> his family says he died peacefully and was in good health until just the last few months. and this april 18th at the 110th anniversary of the quake, when the memorial wreath is laid it will be dedicated to bill delmonte. we'll get an update on the investigation into the shooting
6:58 am
that injured three people, including a little child. and reports that it will be the rams and charger that will move to southern california. what this means for future of the raiders when we come back. are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, once again, investigating a shooting in the east bay, and this time a two- year-old child was injured in the gunfire. will the oakland raiders stay in the bay area, or moved to la? we will tell you how the levi's stadium may be a factor in this. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning, it is 7 am, tuesday, good morning, it is 7 am, tuesday, january 12. i am dave clark, and we have a lot to tell you about what is coming our way.>> we have rain on the way, and we will get


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