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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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his hair in the elements. first let's go to steve paulson with the forecast. >> my hair is fine. >> perfect all the time. >> not going anywhere. thank you pam and brian. and we have rain. where alex is standing i doubt there's any rain. but it will be hit and miss and then we'll see decreasing rain. there's a cell over emeryville, hercules, and brisbane. the front has moved through and now we'll get the showery nature of the system. in clear lake, pretty good rain. not so much in mendocino county where things are a lot quieter. not widespread rain but hit and miss. petaluma and marin county. and over towards martinez and kensington. and that stretches from emeryville and oakland. the bay view district and
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brisbane. there are some -- santa cruz and also in the peninsula. mid-50s on the temps, and it will not be as windy but still breezy. the core of the low is moving to the north. the possibility of thundershowers. morning rain and then turning showery. and lingering rain in the morning and 50s on the temps. all righty, sal. not done yet but we still have some. and we are looking at a commute where traffic is okay. but we've had a lot of minor incidents. let's go outside and take a look with the morning commute. we'll start by looking at some of the commutes. 880 north and southbound looking good but a little windy. standing water in many areas and if you're driving on the bridges, be careful with the wind. and looking at the bay bridge approach, traffic is okay. there's a little bit of a backup in one of the lanes, but for the most part it's light.
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santa clara valley, traffic is moving well into the silicon valley with no major issues. 4:31 and let's go back to the desk. alex savidge is on 680 in pleasant hill. >> reporter: right now we have a light drizzle out here. we've seen heavier showers at times but nothing too intense. this is pleasant hill. and this traffic is coming south on 680 and you can see in the headlights there, a pretty decent amount of water on the roadways but no heavy rain falling at this location right now. this morning we did drive through some fairly heavy downpours this morning. and i want to show you video on the bay bridge earlier this morning. and this is intense rain and so you can see the conditions that folks were facing coming across the bridge early this morning. some very strong cells moving through the area this morning.
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there was also we understand very high winds on the bridge. high winds are something you may have to contend with as you head out the door this morning. we haven't seen any heavy rain here. and it's sort of spotty and heavy rain showing up in certain spots. we are not seeing that here at this location. this is pleasant hill and we are certainly keeping an eye on the conditions and in all likelihood as you head out the door. even if it's not raining heavy. the roads will look like that. there'll be slick conditions so it's a good idea to slow down and take it easy. we see a ton of spinouts when we have rainy commutes like this. >> thank you, alex. we'll check with you throughout the morning. and yes, sal is keeping a close eye on things. here's a look at the top stories we're following. first responders say a plumber is alert and doing well after he was trapped in a trench in oakland for about 13 hours.
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firefighters pulled the 42-year- old worker to safety some three hours ago. he was installing a sewer line yesterday afternoon when the soil around him collapsed. during the rescue, firefighters kept adding plywood to stabilize the trench. firefighters checked on the worker's vital signs to make sure he was okay. a loss for the raiders means a win for the fans. the nfl owners rejected the proposal of the raiders and san diego chargers to share a stadium in carson. the raiders are expected to remain in oakland for at least one more season. but the owner is looking at options. people in the bay area are hoping to hit the powerball jackpot which is now worth $1.5
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billion. and with hours left, the jackpot is expected to grow more. the odds of matching all six numbers are one in 292 million. so you have a bit of a chance there. the lump sum would equal $930 million. people are crossing the border from nevada to california to join in on the powerball action. nevada is one of seven states that don't participate in the lottery. workers are busy year-round since they are the closest ticket buyers can drive for hours to buy tickets and many say a shot at winning is worth a drive and the wait. also today, airport workers at oakland and the san jose will be trained on how to spot victims of human trafficking. human trafficking includes forced prostitution, child sex, and coerced labor. and it's a crime that's
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increasing during major events such as the super bowl. during the training, airport and airline workers will be given tips. >> are they frightened, ashamed, nervous. are they afraid of uniformed security. are they under the control of a traveling companion. do they have bruises or are they ravenously hungry. >> a new app helps people report victims. people who travel are asked to tell an airline worker if they see something suspicious. truckers at the port of oakland are also being trained on how to spot human trafficking. they'll host that event. truck drivers can play key role in spots potential pimps and victims because they are out on the roads. a town hall meeting will be held in san francisco for
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street food vendors who want to get permits for the upcoming super bowl celebration. they'll be cracking down on un- permitted vendors. officers will be out on patrol and will shut down those without a permit. the health department office will be at 11:00 and there'll be another meeting january 21st. a judge denied a temporary injunction to block the nfl from turning the soccer park. the youth league says the city of santa clara has not offered a suitable replacement. the earthquakes have offered fields but they will not be available for many of the
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games. sky fox flew over the stadium yesterday and the work to put the sod in place is just about finished. the field director is keeping a close eye on the weather because he says too much rain could affect the turf. the santa clara sheriff's department has arrested a deputy, accused of brandishing a gun at a fast food drive through. santa clara police arrested benjamin lee sunday morning on suspicion of dui. the deputy is no longer in custody and has been faced on administrative leave and could face charges. the incident happened 3:00 sunday morning. law enforcement tells us deputy lee was upset about the long line at the drive through and lost his temper. he was not on duty at the time but an internal investigation is underway. and the union representing sheriff's deputies in santa
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clara county released a statement saying they were saddened by the arrest and dui by anyone is unacceptable, doubly so when it involves a deputy sheriff. we are held to a higher standard and rightly so. sonoma county has settled a lawsuit over a tasing. the incident happened in 2013. the 29-year-old of forestville was arrested on suspicion of dui. he was resisting and had to be subdued. his attorney said he suffered permanent damage to his wrist. the county offered to pay $1.5 million to settle the suit. a resolution calling for an independent federal investigation of the shooting of mario woods. [ applause ]
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>> the supervisor, david campos offered a resolution. woods was shot and killed on december 2nd. police say he was carrying a knife and was a suspect in a stabbing. woods' mother is upset that the officers are back at work. [ indiscernible ] somebody please tell me why they are back at work. i don't get it. >> some community members have been calling for the police chief to step down. he has since apologized and the police department has begun changing some of the procedures for dealing with armed suspects. a $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of those who did the damage to the utility boxes. seven utility boxes painted by artists were vandalized in the
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last week of december or the first week of january. the vandals covered them in primer and it can't be cleaned off. if you have information, you are being urged to come forward. san francisco could be the first city in the nation to require fully paid leave for new parents. california pays 55% of the salary for six weeks. scott wiener will introduce a proposal to have san francisco businesses pay the other 45%. some new parents can't afford to take all the time they're allowed and it's important for new parents to have the time to bond with babies. the nfl's decision to send the rams to los angeles is having more than just an impact on the raiders. what it could mean for the future of the oakland a's. and driving on 80 are on edge. we'll have the latest in the investigation into another shooting on the busy freeway. good morning.
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we are looking at a commute that's wet and windy, and it's probably going to take a little longer to get there to plan ahead. not raining for all but there's a good cell over orinda, piedmont, back towards oakland.
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welcome back, everybody. we are keeping an eye on the weather which includes the rain and the wind. on the left is the highway camera looking at highway 24 near the caldicott tunnel, orinda, lafayette area. and on the right you see a storm tracker and it's tracking a pretty big cell of rain coming through the area as we speak. and of course, steve paulson will have the full forecast in
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a few minutes. no arrests in the latest shooting on i-80. there have been at least five shootings on 80 in berkeley, san pablo, since november. the chp is looking into whether the latest shooting may be related. a bullet went through the back window of a car with three children and two adults inside. a 2-year-old was hurt by shattered glass but otherwise okay. the family stopped at a gas station to ask for help. >> the first thing that went through my mind was that could have been me and my kids or my family or friends. and i'm just glad that everyone in that vehicle is okay. >> as for why the shootings are happening on interstate 80. the freeway offers gunmen a quick getaway. and while there are many potential witnesses it's often too chaotic to provide a clear
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description. oakland police are looking for new surveillance video of a sexual assault suspect they are calling a predator. this picture was caught on surveillance video. it's similar to a blurry photo we showed you yesterday. an armed man grabbed a 23-year- old woman sunday near broadway and 23rd street and took her to a excluded spot and assaulted and robbed her. a similar attack happened last month on piedmont avenue. often predators won't just pick one victim one time. it's a continuous pattern. our suspect approaching the victim from behind. he has a weapon or simulated a weapon. directs the victim to an isolated location. >> now chief sean went visited businesses yesterday in the area of the assaults. he is asking people to be vigilant about the surroundings while investigators try to make
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an arrest. it's 4:46 and we do need to check in with sal because it's going to be very critical where the trouble spots are. >> that's right, pam and brian. traffic is still okay. it's light but we've had a lot of minor accidents out there. and also a lot of standing water. if the you're driving around the bay area, this is northbound 101. it's not bad but a little windy. and on the bridge getting into san francisco, that traffic is light getting into the city. right now is a good time to go but don't drive too fast. this is a look at the south bay commute and the traffic does look good. and we're off to a good start on 101 and 280. let's go to steve in the weather center. the system will be a morning event no doubt about
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it. mendocino county northward, a decent cell. and then back towards piedmont that seems to be one of the strongest right now. the wind was roaring overnight. and now we're just looking for individual cells as the system moves through. the low is far enough north and mainly in the forecast zone. you can see how that swings in. santa rosa north could have shower activity longer than others. lake county is dealing with rain. not much in mendocino county. and there are some pockets where it's starting to pick up a little bit. but nothing too heavy in marin county. and over to concord, walnut creek, and then the line over martinez and stretching back to oakland. that seems to be the main cell. they are moving pretty kickback to oakland and the peninsula.
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redwood city, woodside, pa lowal toy and into the santa cruz mountains, nothing that shows up too heavy. the lows are up because we have that southeast breeze. that's a mild, warm direction and also the closure. it's going to be a breezy day. and the breeze is turning more west, southwest. so the westerly component is about to kick in. i think more of a wind system than a rain system. to the north some areas picked up an inch of rain. for the sfo peninsula, gusts of 36. a pretty good system wind-wise. generally less than a quarter of an inch of rain to the south. 50 in reno and the wind has been kicking in big time. there's a winter weather advisory for the sierra that started early this morning. and goes until 7 p.m. not a lot. 2 to 4 inches and higher peaks, four to eight.
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but the wind will be a big factor. morning rain and turning showery. breezy and cooler even though it's on the mild side. mid-50s, upper 50s. it will only take 4 degrees to get to some of these highs. temperatures on the mild side and nothing too cold coming in yet. late thursday to friday, a system in the north bay and rain for everybody saturday. monday and tuesday could be before for everybody. sunday looks okay. >> i might have some outside plans on sunday. >> book them. >> and it's also oakland restaurant week and we want to get out and about and try some of the restaurants. >> i'll be talking to the chef at the dock at 9:00 today. he has three restaurants in oakland, born and raised. >> okay. we'll look forward to that. and maybe you can bring back some samples. >> maybe. [ laughter ] it might not be a surprise
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but self-driving cars need some help from humans. seven companies received permission to test prototype cars in california in 2014. google says its cars needed human drivers to take over 341 times over 424,000 miles. eleven of the instances would have led to crashes. the results indicate that the cars are not quite ready for the public. nissan reports that the human drivers had to take control 106 times in 1500 test miles. >> it's still amazing technology. >> it has amazing. and i'm glad they are testing it. president obama delivered his final state of the union address. coming up in 20 minutes, what the president is hoping for this country in the future. first, we want to give you a sneak peek at the new exhibit in san francisco that features a man who worked on some of disney's biggest movies of all time.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 everybody. time is 4:54 and the warriors play the denver nuggets in colorado tonight. tomorrow they'll host the lakers in kobe bryant's final game at oracle. >> he's done so much for the game. and being in the pacific division he's had plenty of battles up here. i'm sure the fans will give him
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a great response and the game will go on. >> there was a time when kobe just torched the warriors quite a bit. it's not known if bryant will play tomorrow. he left yesterday's game against the pelicans with a sore achilles. a fascinating exhibit is about a man who has had a hand in some of disney's biggest movies. >> his name is mel shaw. you've no doubt seen his work. in the 1990s. he was an animater for the lion king. a producer on the movie went to shaw for ideas. >> i would always go to mel with a blank piece of paper. we're thinking of lions and elton john and he would come up with amazing visuals.
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but he started with nothing. >> reporter: shaw was a city boy from brooklyn with a love of horses. he was an expert rider and walt disney recruited him for a polo team. and he was also an amazing artist. >> his art tells a story. it's apparent when you see the exhibition that his drawings tell a very robust story. >> reporter: he worked on bambi, dumb bow, and fantasia, and beauty and the beast. he also painted fine art and was a sculptor and -- >> he's this forrest gump kind of character with all these sides to his life. >> reporter: shaw died in 2012 at the age of 97 at his home in san joaquin county. this is the first time that his work has been on display.
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and it's a chance to learn how much one individual can accomplish. >> it's like really? the same guy did all this? and he did. >> the exhibit opens today and runs through september. you have a while to see it. the disney family museum is open every day except for tuesdays. i love that museum. it's very interesting. >> i was out there yesterday for mornings on 2 and it's fascinating stuff. >> it's neat to see all the history. the rain is back. we are keeping an eye on the roads and we'll tell you what you need to know before you head out. and powerball fever is gripping the area. what you need to know if you want to play.
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good morning. he's free. that's after being trapped for 13 hours in a trench 15 feet deep. the dramatic overnight rescue of a plumber in oakland and what we know about his condition this morning. >> reporter: there may be a new billionaire crowned tonight that wins the powerball jackpot. we'll have a live report on what to expect and what to do if you win. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> i'm pam cook.
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>> and i'm dave clark. the big story is the wet weather. it rained hard in many parts of the bay area. look at these pictures, the roads are wet. we have team coverage for you this morning. sal is closely watching the roads. but let's go to steve first. how long will the storm stick around? >> not much longer. not much longer. we went through overnight so that's the good news. there's rain and isolated cells that continue to want to produce light to moderate rain but not widespread. the best is the east bay, concord, walnut creek and lafayette. and that looks to be one of the stronger cells. the front was more of a wind producer. sonoma and heading to highway 29. not a


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