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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the big story is the wet weather. it rained hard in many parts of the bay area. look at these pictures, the roads are wet. we have team coverage for you this morning. sal is closely watching the roads. but let's go to steve first. how long will the storm stick around? >> not much longer. not much longer. we went through overnight so that's the good news. there's rain and isolated cells that continue to want to produce light to moderate rain but not widespread. the best is the east bay, concord, walnut creek and lafayette. and that looks to be one of the stronger cells. the front was more of a wind producer. sonoma and heading to highway 29. not a lot there.
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concord to pittsburg. and rapping towards burlingame and san mateo. these don't last long. and the heaviest rain in the santa cruz mountains is just to the west of highway 17. and boulder creek and highway 9. mid-50s to upper 50s. the southeast breeze and the cloud cover kept the lows up. and we're getting gusts over 30 at sfo. morning rain, breezy, cooler, and still on the mild side. and we get lingering rain. and 50s to near 60 degrees. traffic is okay, steve. it's going to be a little bit wet as you know. some standing water. let's go outside and take a look at the commute into san francisco. this is a look at traffic moving along pretty nicely at
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the toll plaza even though there's a little bit of a delay. highway101, san francisco, you can tell it's been raining there. on the peninsula in case you're trying to catch a flight at sfo, the traffic here looked good on 101, 280 and 380. he was trapped for hours down deep in a trench in oakland. and rescue crews freed him. i'm talking about a plumber. he was stuck in there deep and they pulled him out. allie rasmus is in the newsroom now. >> reporter: the man was buried up to his chest in dirt in a trench 15 feet underground and he was pulled to safety and strapped into a harness this morning. that's 13 hours after the ordeal began. according to firefighters at the scene. the 42-year-old was conscious and alert when he was finally freed from the trench and taken
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to the hospital for observation. >> i want to say thank you to the police department, i want to say thank you to everybody. >> it was part of a four man crew. there was a problem shoring up the sides of the trench and the sandy soil collapsed on two of the workers. one of the workers was able to escape quickly but the soil trapped esparza. firefighters explained the challenges of the situation. >> we're unfortunately deals with loamy, sandy soil that continues to collapse in in a very confined space. so we have trouble accessing and working our way in. >> rescuers made sure he was not in distress providing him with food and water via i. investment and they everyone brought in a space heater. no word on his condition or
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whether he's been released from the hospital. but firefighters say he was in pretty good shape and they think he's going to be okay. >> wow. allie rasmus in the newsroom, thank you. raiders fans are happy because the raiders will be staying in oakland for now. nfl team owners meeting in texas rejected the bid to share a stadium with the chargers. in a 30-2 vote, the owners said that the st. louis rams can relocate to the l.a. area and approved the plan to build a stadium in englewood near l.a.x. >> very excited about the kind of facility that is going to be built that we believe will be extraordinarily successful in the los angeles market. >> meantime, the san diego chargers have until late march to decide if they want to join the rams and share the stadium
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in englewood next season. if the chargers decide to pass on the deal, the raiders would be next in line to be offered the chance to move to englewood. if the raiders stay in oakland, the nfl will give the raiders $100 million towards building a new stadium. the raiders are expected to play in oakland next season but the lease expired and davis told heather holmes he is looking at all options. >> reporter: what is your hope? >> to get a home for the raiders >> reporter: where? >> initially, we were trying to get something done in oakland. that didn't pan out. we made a commitment to try to get to los angeles and that didn't happen. >> reporter: he was noncommittal when asked about san antonio and san diego. the city of oakland hopes to keep the raiders. mayor libby schaaf is moving
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ahead with plans for a new ballpark for the a's. she's pitching the idea of a waterfront ballpark. and other potential spots would include a postal service facility in west oakland. according to a the paper. mayor schaaf likes the howard terminal waterfront proposal because only a quarter of the land would be a ballpark with the rest going for the development. power ball lottery ticket sales have pushed the jackpot to $1.5 billion. and it keeps growing because people have been willing to stand in long lines to get a chance at the biggest lottery jackpot ever. janine de la vega is in millipedes at a place that's had a big winner before. >> reporter: it's considered a lucky store. we're at the chevron station
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and a man won $425 million. that was the 6th largest powerball jackpot. they have the sign that says $999 million because the sign can't fit how much it's really worth. in the last three days they have been selling a lot of tickets. people are flocking to stores and trying thatter luck. the jackpot is worth $1.5 billion. if you take 30 payments over 29 years. if you take the lump sum, that's $930 million before taxes. not bad. but with all the money can come a lot of challenges. there are stories of past lottery winners who have not been prepared. they were solicited by family, friends, and stainers, and some ended up broke. many are advising waiting until you've hired a lawyer and figured out what you want to do with the money and how many
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people you want to gift some of it to. if you want to remain anonymous, there are only five states that allow that and california is not one of them. and there may be a way to get around that. keeping your anonymity if you live in california. i'll tell you what one financial expert says. that's coming up at 5:45. we need to know how to stay anonymous when we win. >> i'm not saying anything. >> okay. >> okay. 5:08 is the time. training airport workers on how to spot potential victims of human trafficking. coming up in 20 minutes, the training happening at two bay area airports. >> and president obama delivered his final state of the union address. up next, what he hopes for and his regrets as he enters the last year in office. we're looking at a morning commute where traffic is just okay on highway 24.
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we'll tell you more coming up. a couple of isolated cells around pleasant hill and concord and mill bray and burlingame. life... 3hcom7 is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:11. we're looking outside and your weather is what we're talking about. get ready for a busy commute and a wet one. 680 in walnut creek is already
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busy. and look at the radar. steve has all the information for you coming up in just a couple of minutes. president obama is heading out for the post speech tour today after delivering his 7th and final state of the union address last night. the address was relatively short in length but long -- the white house says -- on vision. doug luzader is live in washington with the highlights. good morning, doug. >> reporter: pam, good morning. and the word the white house kept using was nontraditional. and in fact, this was a relatively short state of the union address. it didn't have the whole laundry list of items we typically see with these things. but the president's vision was not necessarily shared by everyone in the audience. it was a slow walk down the aisle for president obama, the last time held do this. but he made it clear he still has work to do. >> equal pay for equal work. [ applause ] paid leave.
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[ applause ] raising the minute wage. [ applause ] >> the reality is that congress and the president are no likely to see eye to eye. >> some of you are antsy to get back to iowa. >> reporter: the president acknowledged there were hopeful successors for his job in the audience. >> let me tell you something. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth, period. [ applause and cheering ] period! >> one surprise, he spent almost no time talking about gun control. and the empty seat next to first lady michelle obama was meant to represent victims. he did out the success on climate change and the iran nuclear deal and syria and said he fell short in one regard. >> the rancor and suspicious between the parties has gotten worse. >> nikki haley delivered the republican response and took
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the president to task over national security and called for a new approach over politics. >> while democrats in washington bear much responsibility for the problems facing america today they do not bear it alone. there is more than enough blame to go around. >> reporter: the president is going to nebraska today and louisiana tomorrow. >> busy schedule. thank you, doug. >> the race for the white house is tightening in iowa with just over two weeks until voters go to the polls there. donald trump now leads in iowa by 2 points. marco rubio is in third place. senator cruz has held the lead in iowa in recent weeks and it comes as the republicans will be facing off tomorrow with the next debate. >> ted cruz has avoided
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attacking trump. now trump is bringing up the circumstances of cruz's birth and whether he's eligible to be president. >> the latest poll shows bernie sanders leads hillary clinton in iowa with 49% to 44%. senator sanders has taken a lead in new hampshire. that republican debate starts at 6:00 tomorrow night. and you can watch it on the fox business network. right now 5:15 and we want to check with sal for a look at traffic. i heard the elevated part of the nimitz freeway. >> and it shows up as a hazard in a lot of spots. as the rain stops it will get better. today you have to give yourself a little extra time. a 19-minute drive on the 80
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from the carquinez bridge to the maze. also looking at the commute if you're driving on marin county freeway, southbound 101 between novato and marin. slow traffic in some areas, and we have to worry about a lot of small accidents. small to the point where they are not causing any big delays but on the shoulder. people taking names and information. so just slow it down out there. >> let's go back to steve. we have a couple of isolated cells. one is on the peninsula between millbrae and burlingame. and probably around sfo as well. and there's been good rain around concord and pleasant hill. there you go. right in there.
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and also around crockett. that line is back to bay point. a line around hercules. and that looks like it's losing a little bit of punch. there are a few isolated cells. but the front was more of a wind producer. and the low is moving in to the north. santa rosa north. we still have isolated showers here. and not everybody is in on this. lake county is quiet. and over to mendocino county but there's a few little guys scooting through. same for highway 29 and back over to napa. that's pushed off to the east. not as robust as it was earlier. that's the line from in between concord and walnut creek and pittsburg. and this line from san leandro heading back across over towards the peninsula. that looks to be the next line of focus. and also coming in to the santa
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cruz mountains around boulder creek and the lexington hills. south of that not as much. the lows are up, up, up because of the southeast breeze and because we picked up the cloud cover. gusts 30 miles per hour for many. i don't think it will be as windy as last night but a breezy, blustery day and not really a cold system. this is a mild system. over to the santa cruz mountains, isolated showers, and looks like that line is favoring the peninsula to the east bay. there's the low as it begins to move through. it will give thunderstorm activity well north. morning rain, showery at times, breezy, and cooler, and we'll get more of a northwest breeze. 50s to near 60 degrees. we're at about 58 or 59 for some. there's not much of a spread between the highs and the lows. we'll get a break thursday. and then another north bay system. and rain for everybody saturday. >> busy time. >> most people are happy.
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>> i was looking at my facebook page. and i was telling people it was going to rain and a lot of people sent pictures like snoopy doing a happy dance. people are very clever and fun. thank you for the smile. it's 5:58 now. the effort to legalize the recreational use of marijuana has the backing of a civil rights group. the naacp in california announced they are endorsing the initiative. legalizing marijuana quote is an important civil rights issue. she says pot related arrests are racially biased and it disproportionately affects blacks and latinos. a similar measure failed in 2010. blacks and latinos oppose that measure at about the same rate as whites. $20 million was spent renovating delores park. why tomorrow's big grand
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reopening is being delayed. and we continue to follow developing news out of iran where 10 sailors were freed after being held overnight. what we are learning about their condition this morning.
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we are taking a locates the sierra because they are getting more snow. the latest storm is expected to bring 2 feet of new snow. the heaviest snowfall to date.
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it could lead to road closures, including in donner pass. be aware of the potentially dangerous conditions. experts are hoping the latest storm will continue to fill our state reservoirs and building up the sierra snowpack. 10 american sailors, navy sailors who were detained overnight by iran have now been released. they are free. the sailors, nine men and one woman spent the night at an iranian base in the persian gulf. there are no signs the crew members were hurt in any way while in custody. they were on two small boats in the persian gulf and one boat had a mechanical failure and drifted to iranian waters. an attack on a mosque left 10 people dead in cameroon.
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there have been repeat attacks by boko haram. today in turkey, police detained three russians in a raid on suspected islamic state terrorists. they were among 68 terror suspects detained in sweeps across that country. the raids come a day after an isis suicide bomber killed 10 foreign tourists at an attack in istanbul. the russian terror suspects -- new this morning, in financial news, there's a mixed message coming from asian stock markets now. china's shanghai index was steady for most of the trading day. and took a tumble in the last hour of trading, finishing the day down 2.5%. and other markets in asia closed before the slide.
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and they had gains on the day. japan's nikkei was up almost 3%. and we just checked on the european markets and they are all on the up side in trading so far today. a low cost airline that starts flying out of san francisco international airport in june is now selling take into accounts, offering one way fares to europe for under $200. the airline is called wow. it's based in iceland. it offers $99.01 way fares from sfo to its home base. and the tiets sold out quick. and tickets to other parts of europe cost another $100. if you want to bring a carryon bag that weighs more than 11 pounds, you pay $48 extra for that. >> the $199 flights will get you to several cities including
5:26 am
paris, london, berlin, copenhagen, or amsterdam. the founder of the airline says wow wants to give people the chance to travel on a budget. >> we repeatedly offer these super low fares so if you're flexible and willing to look a little bit ahead you should always be able to find great prices. >> they want to keep prices low with a simple operating structure. it includes just one office and direct sales to consumers. travelers should act quick. the $99 tickets to iceland were available on two dates in june and that was for 10% of the seats on board the flights. the wow airline also offers the lowest fares only when you buy two or more tickets on the same flight. time is 5:26. stuck in a hole for 13 hours in oakland. up next, the amazing rescue of a plumber overnight in east oakland. plus get ready for a wet
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commute as you head out the door. rain moving in to the bay area. we'll tell you about the strong storm cell we just had move through the west bay. and the wet commute that alex mentioned is going to figure in to all of the commutes around the bay as we take a live look at interstate 880. downpours around san carlos, millbrae, burlingame. and there's a few other pockets. we'll take a look at those.
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[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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wednesday, january 13th and i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook and our big story is the rain and the wet weather. we do have team coverage. alex savidge is out in the elements. we'll check with him in just a minute. and steve is here with the full forecast. sounds like the bulk of the heavy rain is through. >> but there's isolated cells with heavy rain. >> we see the orange. >> that's one of them. burlingame. san carlos, and sfo. and they're heading to parts of the east bay. reports around millbrae, burlingame, and san carlos, and dave shelton she has pouring buckets. and we'll take a look.
5:31 am
right there. that was it. and also over walnut creek, lafayette, concord. and there's been a decent line around crockett. they've had 44/100ths. have there's still some in the mix. and on the back side there's a little line. these are again hit and miss. most of what we had last night was rain. and back over to skyline and san agree gore owe -- san gregorio. >> and san leandro and san lorenzo. and another in the santa cruz mountains. some areas have nothing and others coming down pretty good. the breeze is the big story. it will not be as windy as last night. the low is punching in and that
5:32 am
could give buildups to the north. i would think santa rosa north. morning rain shower activity. not that much cooler. but the lows are way up there now. the highs today will be in the mid-50s to upper 50s for some. all righty, sal. what do you have for us? we have rainy conditions and some standing water out there. good morning to you, steve. we'll start with a look at the macarthur maze and the drive through the berkeley curve. and traffic is going to be moderately heavy coming through. there are no major problems as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. and we're looking at the toll plaza with our live camera. and that's taking 15 to 20 minutes. eastbound 580 at north livermore avenue has a crash. it's not affecting traffic much. and westbound 580 is moderate as you get into the east bay. for now we have a decent start to the morning commute.
5:33 am
5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> we have keeping an eye on the wet conditions. we have reporters out in the field. alex savidge -- >> reporter: we just got blasted here in pleasant hill. a big strong cell dumped a bunch of a rain and then moved on. it's not raining at all where we are. we are right next to 680 here in pleasant hill. and you can see from the headlights, you can see that the roads are wet. there's obviously still quite a bit of water on the roadways. and it was just a half hour ago when we had a heavy, heavy down in the area that lasted 10 or 15 minutes. cars slowing down just a bit. it was that type of a cell that moved through. and after that it just sort of moved on. and since then we have not seen
5:34 am
any rain falling in the area. obviously, the cells are scattered as steve has alluded to. but it's a good idea to be aware that you could encounter heavy rain, potentially, this morning. and the word from the chp is that you'll have slick conditions on the roadways. wet roads, and the possibility of flooding on the freeways is certainly something you could encountered. a good idea to take it easy out there. the first of several storms moving through the bay area today here. and a good idea to take it easy. it could be a wet ride into work for some folks in the bay area, pam. >> hopefully, people do leave extra time and take it easy. >> hopefully, so. we're all hear like a team of folks getting the word out. i think it's getting through. >> thank you, alex. we'll check in with you in a little bit. rescue crews in oakland pulled out a plumber trapped
5:35 am
for 13 hours in a deep trench. about 1:45 he was strapped into a harness and raised to safe to say after being trapped in that trench 50 feet deep since 12:30 yesterday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital and firefighters say he was alert and responsive. a foreman for the construction project is thrilled of course that the incident ended happily. >> we want to say thank you to you guys. i want to say thank you to oakland fire department and the police department. paramedics. >> the foreman identified the worker as 42-year-old -- esparza. and he was part of a four man plumbing crew installing a sewer line to a home on east 23rd street and 21st avenue in east oakland. they apparently did not shore up the sides of the trench and the sandy soil collapsed on two of the workers. one man quickly got up and the
5:36 am
soil buried esparza up to chest high. the soil kept collapsing and rescuers provided him with food and water and were able to check on his vital signs. >> good news there. there's a delay in the reopening of the renovated south side of delores park in san francisco originally scheduled for tomorrow. the parks department says the reopening is being rescheduled because of the weather. we don't know the new date yet. the project has cost about $20 million. there are benches, picnic tables, and improvements to the walk ways. airport workers at oakland and san jose airports will be trained on thousand to spot victims of human trafficking. a similar session was held earlier this week. forced prostitution, child sex, and coerced labor is a crime
5:37 am
that typically increases during events like the super bowl. airport and airline workers will be giving tips on how to spot the warning signs. >> are they frightened, ashamed, or nervous? are they afraid of uniformed security? are they under the control of a traveling companion? are they ravenously hungry? do they have wounds and bruises? >> a new app helps immediately report any potential traffickers or victims. people who travel are being asked to keep their eyes open. tell an airline worker if you see something suspicious. truck drivers at the port of oakland will be trained on how to look for signs of human trafficking. prosecutors will be hosting the event. truck stops are often targeted by sex traffickers. the goal of the training is to give drivers the tools on how
5:38 am
to spot pimps and victims and report it to law enforcement. a town hall meeting will be held in san francisco for food truck vendors who want permits for the upcoming super bowl celebration. they'll be cracking down on vendors. any without a permit will be shut down. the meeting is being held at the health department's office at 11:00. there will be another meeting january 21st. the santa clara sheriff's deputy arrested a deputy, accused of brandishing a gun at a fast food through true. he has been put on administrative leave and could face criminal charges. it happened at a jack in the box on lafayette street in santa clara. this was just before 3:00.
5:39 am
a law enforcement source told ktvu that deputy lee was upset about the long line at the drive through and lost his temper. the sheriff's department says he was not on duty at the time. an internal investigation is underway. the union that represents sheriff's deputies in santa clara county released a statement. they said they are saddened by the deputy's arrest and added that dui by anyone is unacceptable. doubly so when it involves a deputy sheriff. we are held to a higher standard and rightly so. sonoma county has settled a lawsuit cruising sheriff's deputies of excessive force after they tased a man 20 times. this is at the county jail in santa rosa back in 2013. 29-year-old lisa -- isa roth had been arrested on suspicion
5:40 am
of dui. roth was resisting. his lawyer says he suffered permanent damage to his wrist. the county agreed to pay one and a quarter million dollars to settle the lawsuit. the san francisco board of supervisors is calling for reform following the shooting death of mario woods. >> a resolution calling for an investigation of the shooting of mario woods. supervisor david campos introduced the resolution offering condolences to wood's mother. he was shot and killed by police on december 22nd. police say he was carrying a knife. his mother is upset that the officers are back at work. something please tell me why they're back at work. i don't get it. >> some community members have
5:41 am
been calling for police chief -- to step down. he has apologized and the police department has begun changing some of the procedures for dealing with armed suspects. a $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the damage of utility art boxes in san jose's willow glenn neighborhood. the money was approved by the city council yesterday. seven utility boxes were vandalized some time during the last week of december or first week of january. the vandals covered them in primer and it can't be cleaned off. if you have information, you are urged to come forward. san francisco could become the first city in the nation to require fully paid leave for new parents. right now california pays 55% of the salary for a new father or mother for six weeks. next week, supervisor scott wiener will introduce a proposal to have san francisco business was 20 or more
5:42 am
employees pay the other 45%. he says some new parents can't afford to take all of the time they are allowed. and early childhood specialists say it's important for new parents to have time to bond with their babies. >> >> coming up at 6:00, where the fugitive was tracked down thanks to tips and social media. what would you do with $1.5 billion? that's what a lot of people are thinking about. the powerball is tonight. we'll tell you ways to protect yourself in you win. good morning. we have delays on highway 24 right now. this is a look at westbound 24 in orinda. there's a crash approaching the tunnel and that's causing big delays. looks like widespread rain
5:43 am
and the front has moved off and now isolated cells. and there's one over menlo park, mountain view, and palo alto. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all d breakfast menu.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. if you've been to any place that sells lottery tickets there are probably more people than usual playing powerball. >> everybody is standing in line or joining the office pool. they want a chance to win the $1.5 billion jackpot. janine de la vega is in milpitas and that store where you're at has already been lucky. >> reporter: last year a man came on his lunch break to buy a sandwich and saw the powerball slips and he ended up buying one. and the $2 investment paid off.
5:46 am
he won $425 million. in the next 15 minutes, the cashier is going to be allowed to start selling the powerball tickets at 6:00. and there are some people already waiting. sales have been very good in the last three days because more customers are buying tickets. they sold $25,000 worth of tickets. these customers are hoping to beat the odds which are not good. one in 292 million. but if you don't play you won't win and the winnings are the largest in powerball history. $1.5billion. if you take the lump sum that comes out to $930 million. a lot of lottery winners wait before claiming the winnings because they are trying to figure out what to do. there are five states where you can stay anonymous and california is not one of them. some financial experts say you can set up a blind trust which allows you to create a trust or
5:47 am
llc or a trust within a trust. you would have to hire a lawyer from a big firm who knows what they are doing. we'll talk to some of these people who might be buying powerball tickets. and even though it's $1.5 billion, after taxes what that all comes out to. >> that's probably the best advice though. the first thing you should do is higher somebody, set up some kind of blind trust or something so you don't have to go public. like steve paulson was saying, you could afford to hire an attorney. >> you'll still tell me though, won't you? >> i'll tell you and sal is going to tell us about the commute. we have wet roads. >> wet roads and a couple of problems and spinouts. most of them have cleared to the shoulder, there's one on highway 24 that caused a big
5:48 am
delay. westbound 24 you'll see traffic here in lafayette looks okay. and just around the corner on the other side of the trees, highway 24 year the orinda crossroads there's a crash and traffic has been sloe in the left lane. slower than normal. give yourself plenty of extra time. another 10 or 15 minutes and there's a crash southbound 680 near 242. and 242 is backed up this morning. and 680 looked good getting to the walnut creek interchange. and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a delay. the metering lights have been on and the traffic is backed up for a 20-minute delay. and there's more time getting into san francisco. 5:48 and let's go to steve. we have a lot of isolated little cells causing pretty good little downpours. i can't keep up on these. right over the peninsula,
5:49 am
redwood city, palo alto. mountain view, los altos hills. we'll see if we can take a trip around. there was just a heavy cell in san carlos. but it moved off pretty quick. this system was pretty good in the north bay. southward didn't do as much. santa rosa, 85/100ths. and saint helena had an inch. mill valley and napa -- oakland, 41/100ths. and in occidental had 3/4 of an inch of rain. and right around highway 121 around lakeville highway and black point there's a good cell. and san ramon back to blackhawk
5:50 am
and in between danville and walnut creek and stretching over to san leandro and san lorenzo. and that cell just went by. that's pretty intense and heading to san ramon. and union city, fremont, nearby, the rain is picking up in mendocino county, it's gone from quiet to starting to pick up. and in marin county you can see there's another cell heading north of marinwood. and antioch, oakley, brentwood highway. and mount diablo, the east bay, that's the main line. and stretching into the santa cruz mountains, highway 35 and also to highway 9 and right over highway 17. scott valley. and there are a few pockets where it's coming down pretty good and other areas nothing at
5:51 am
all. the wind was roars last night and it's going to be a breezy, blustery day. we're getting gusts of 25 to 35 for some. maybe a possibility of afternoon buildups and most of the rain should be about done. there goes the low as it spins in. that may zip by in the north bay. truckee, 34. more of a wind event in the sierra. but there's a winter weather advisory. it's too warm right now. 50 in reno. but they'll get snow later on. morning rain, showers, breezy on the mild side with a possibility of thunderstorms to the north. 50s to near 60. not a cold system by any stretch of the imagination. friday morning another system in the north bay. and rain for everybody saturday and a break sunday. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> any time. it's 5:51 and officials are
5:52 am
calling it a reminder about fan sportsmanship. >> the crackdown on certain chants at high school basketball games. are we getting closer to seeing the self-driving cars on our streets? the tests on the prototypes and whether they passed the tests.
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that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. welcome back to mornings on
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2. apparently, self-driving cars still need some help from humans. seven companies had permission to test the prototype cars in 2014. and the google car performed relatively well. it did need a human driver to take over 341 times in 421,000 miles on the road. eleven of the instances would have led to crashes. google says the results indicate that the cars are not ready for the public. nissan reported that human drivers had to take control 106 times. starbucks is getting ready to expand in china. the company is on track to open 500 stores in china this year. they expect to have 3400 by the near 2019. they expect the market to some day overtake the united states. the golden state warriors play the nuggets in colorado
5:56 am
tonight. and tomorrow they'll host the lakers in what will be kobe bryant's last game at oracle. >> he's done so much for game. and he's had plenty of battles up here. i'm sure the fans will give him a great response and the game will go on. >> we don't know yet if kobe bryant will even play tomorrow. he left yesterday's game against new orleans. he's got a sore achilles heel. six flags is adding a rare attraction for thrill seekers and animal lovers. >> for the first time ever, they are raising a lion and tiger together. what makes the friendship unusual is that in the wild, the lion and tiger would most
5:57 am
likely never meet because they are indigenous to different continents. i guess both of the moms were not raising the cubs and so they're raising them together. a plumber trapped keep in a trench in oakland has been rescued after being down there 13 hours. how he became buried up to his chest and why it took so long to get him out. the relocation proposal.
5:58 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu.
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a plumber rescued in oakland after 13 hours trapped in a trench. how he became buried up to his chest and why it took so long to free him. rain has been coming down this morning. it's wet and we have live team coverage for the wednesday morning commute. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. oh, boy. we have rain this morning. grab an umbrella. we're tracking the rain as it moves through bay area.
6:00 am
we've seen downpours at times. we drove through it. and there is standing water on some roads and freeways and the surface streets. and in the sierra, the latest storm is expected to bring up to 2 feet of new snow. great news and it could lead to road closures, including donner pass so be careful if you're headed up there. and there are chain restrictions on 80 and 50 in the lake tahoe area. thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's go straight to the weather and traffic and steve paulson is all over it. >> we have a lot of cells here. one is over fremont and santa rosa all the way to the silicon valley. 262, highway 84, bake-back to the


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